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The 187th Hunger Games


The 187th Hunger Games

The Arena

The arena is a tropical rainforest with two lakes and a river.

The Rules

You must put your tributes name, age, gender and district. I will pick the training scores.

Each person can only create one male and one female tribute.

The Tributes

District 1 Male

District 1 Female

District 2 Male


District 2 Female


District 3 Male

District 3 Female

District 4 Male

Name: Nick Lovizio


Token: Dad's old District Pin

District 4 Female

Name: Alanna Tewie


Token: None

District 5 Male

District 5 Female

District 6 Male

District 6 Female

District 7 Male

District 7 Female

District 8 Male

District 8 Female

District 9 Male

District 9 Female

District 10 Male

District 10 Female

District 11 Male

District 11 Female


District 12 Male

District 12 Female

The Training Scores

The Training Scores will be made when all the tributes have been created.

Day 1:

I will start Day One when all the tributes have been created.

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