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    Here's a continuation of my Super Games. Read the beginning here..... User blog:District10male/The SUPER Games!!!!

    • Capitol Nabby Hoodwink - Control Fire
    • Capitol Olivia Piece - Read Minds
    • 1 Jason Diamond - Weather
    • 1 Dani Diamonds - Invisibility
    • 2 Chester Bricks - Strength
    • 2 Sherry Maxery - Speed
    • 3 Kronice Hays - Control Earth
    • 3 Macy Lands - No hunger/dehydration
    • 4 Kodiak Flasheart - Electrocution
    • 4 Megan Shard - Control Water
    • 5 Ssithes Prophane - Element control
    • 5 Shiraz Mohandas - Change into animals
    • 6 Hadix Maven - Invisibility
    • 6 Daniella Permanganese - Steal other people's powers
    • 7 Hawk - Flight
    • 7 Mia Wintery - Teleportation
    • 8 Ricardo Reyes - Fighting
    • 8 Katelyn Rivera - Steal other people's powers
    • 9 Brick Hein - Steal other people's powers
    • 9 Ryana Noelle Era…

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  • District10male

    The SUPER Games!!!!

    December 11, 2012 by District10male

    HI!!!! my lastgames was sorta a failure and nobody joined so I made a more interesting games. IT's the thirteenth quarter quen, and the twist is every tribute will be infused with a superpower! Please join and read below....

    1. Capitol thru 13; capitol is career
    2. No profile thingy cuz i dont get it :/
    3. Four tributes max- no brother-sister thing or anything like that.
    4. Here's how the superpowers work: Below is a list of powers you can choose from. It's first come first serve, so if all three super strengths are taken nobody will get them anymore. Got it?
    5. That's all :)





    Power: See below



    Game strategy: (run and hide, find water, kill everyone, ect.)

    Anything else you want me to know?:

    Capitol female - Oli…

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  • District10male

    The Christmas Games!!!

    November 29, 2012 by District10male

    Hi!!! Well it's almost advent so i thought i'd write a christmasy hunger games for my first ever games!!! In between the 63rd and 64th games the Capitilians where getting bored. So Snow decided to make a holiday themed games they could re-run every christmas to shake things up! Now read the rules...

    1. IT's before the second rebelion so standard 1-12 tributes
    2. Two tributes per person
    3. I'm just doing reapings then games. I'll tell you training scores but nothing else in between
    4. Dont leave a kabillion comments if your tribute dies.
    5. A tribute can be sponsered up to 3 times. I will count. They can get anyting you if it is aproved by me
    6. This will include all holiday traditions so don't be mean or racist
    7. Just dont do stupid things that sorta sums the rest u…
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