Hi!!! Well it's almost advent so i thought i'd write a christmasy hunger games for my first ever games!!! In between the 63rd and 64th games the Capitilians where getting bored. So Snow decided to make a holiday themed games they could re-run every christmas to shake things up! Now read the rules...

  1. IT's before the second rebelion so standard 1-12 tributes
  2. Two tributes per person
  3. I'm just doing reapings then games. I'll tell you training scores but nothing else in between
  4. Dont leave a kabillion comments if your tribute dies.
  5. A tribute can be sponsered up to 3 times. I will count. They can get anyting you if it is aproved by me
  6. This will include all holiday traditions so don't be mean or racist
  7. Just dont do stupid things that sorta sums the rest up.






Weapon/Special Skills:

5-star rating: (of how good they are at the weapon or skill)

Game Strategy: (kill mercilessly, hide, find water, you get it.)

Anything else you want to tell me:


1 Male:

1 Female:

2 Male: Neon Lakes

Gender: Male

District: 2

Age: 18

Personality: A friend of Blaze, nearly twins. Mean, on the dark side. A ruthless killer. Is a Career, and acts like one. Very good at fighting. Most feared from other tributes.

Weapon: Sword, Spear, Throwing axes.

Special Skills: Slicing, cutting. Killing. Fighting.

5-star ratings: Definently a 5-star with weapons.

Games Strategy: Kill weak tributes, then meet up with the Careers. Lead the group, and make campouts. Kill anybody that comes into their path.

Appearance: Tall, muscular guy. Blond spikey hair, considered handsome or attractive to all the girls he known. He has sea green eyes, that catch anybody's attention easily.

2 Female: Blaze Everest

Gender: Female

District: 2

Age: 15

Personality: Kills automatically, mean, bully-like, a killer. Most likely feared. 

Weapon: Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes, Sword

Special Skills: Aiming, throwing, cutting, carving, dodging, flexibilty.

5-star ratings: 5 stars with her weapons. 

Game Strategy: Head up with the Careers, start killing tributes left and right who try to run at the Bloodbath. Then, hang out with the Careers. Either wait for them to try and attack her, or wait for them to die on their own. She wont fight unless they attack her.

Appearance: Sunset orange hair, chesnut brown eyes that sparkle in the moonlight, skinny, small. Very attractive. She has a few freckles, that are quite noticeable.

3 Male:

3 Female:

4 Male:

4 Female:

5 Male:

5 Female:

6 Male:

6 Female:

7 Male:

7 Female:

8 Male:

8 Female:

9 Male:

9 Female:

10 Male:

10 Female:

11 Male:

11 Female:

12 Male:

12 Female:


will be comming soon!!!

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