HI!!!! my lastgames was sorta a failure and nobody joined so I made a more interesting games. IT's the thirteenth quarter quen, and the twist is every tribute will be infused with a superpower! Please join and read below....

How it works

  1. Capitol thru 13; capitol is career
  2. No profile thingy cuz i dont get it :/
  3. Four tributes max- no brother-sister thing or anything like that.
  4. Here's how the superpowers work: Below is a list of powers you can choose from. It's first come first serve, so if all three super strengths are taken nobody will get them anymore. Got it?
  5. That's all :)

Tributes and template





Power: See below



Game strategy: (run and hide, find water, kill everyone, ect.)

Anything else you want me to know?:


Capitol female - Olivia Piece - Ms.finnickodair - POWER: READ MINDS*

Capitol male - Nabby Hoodwink - Aniju Aura - POWER: CONTROL FIRE

D1 female - Dani Diamonds - HGClatoLover - POWER: INVISIBLITITY*

D1 male - Jason Diamond (no relation to Dani Diamonds :) - CoolCato - WEATHER*

D2 female - Sherry Maxery - HGClatoLover - SPEED

D2 male - Chester Bricks - HGClatoLover - STRENGTH

D3 female - Macy Lands - CoolCato -NO HUNGER/DEHYDRATION*

D3 male - Kronice Hays - EXellent - CONTROL EARTH*

D4 female -  Megan Shard - Augsp - CONTROL WATER*

D4 male - Kodiak Flashheart - Aniju Aura - ELECTROCUTION

D5 female - Shiraz Mohandas - Aniju Aura - CHANGE INTO ANIMALS

D5 male - Ssithes Prophane - Prezziesnow9704 - ELEMENT CONTROL*

D6 female - Daniella Permanganese - Prezziesnow9704 - STEAL POWERS*

D6 male - Hadix Maven - EXellent - INVISIBILITY*

D7 female - Mia Wintery - HGClatoLover - TELEPORTATION*

D7 male - Hawk - EXellent - FLIGHT*

D8 female - Ricardo Reyes - CoolCato - FIGHTING*

D8 male - Katelyn Rivera - CoolCato - STEALS POWERS FROM OTHERS*

D9 female - Ryana Noelle Era - Wikia Contributor - TELEPORTATION*

D9 male - Brick Hein - EXellent - STEAL OTHER TRIBUTE'S POWERS*

D10 female - April June - Write46747 - HEALING

D10 male - Lutrius Sommerville - ~PopTart~ - CONTROL FIRE*

D11 female - Jay Sparrow - TheMysteriousGeek - CHANGE INTO NON-ANIMALS

D11 male - Benjamin Jackson - TheMysteriousGeek - WEATHER CONTROL

D12 female - Mystery - Write46747 FLIGHT

D12 male - Marcus Reid - CoolCato - CONTROL WATER*

D13 female - Sadie Williamson - TheMysteriousGeek - TELEPORTATION

D13 male - Alexander Du Winter - TheMysteriousGeek - STEAL OTHER TRIBUTE'S POWERS

A tribute with a * has NOT submitted their training score performance.


Lunaiis were optional but some people made 'em


  • Capitol: Caesar Flickerman (all of my escorts are IMMORTAL)
  • 1: Ornament Glitz
  • 2: Roxo Morado
  • 3: Chloessa Cleave
  • 4: Aqua Marine
  • 5: Faleena Leaf
  • 6: Ricardo Molinicross
  • 7: Eert Killr
  • 8: Elenor Sneed
  • 9: Leena Spitzielai
  • 10: Kannen Kolendan
  • 11: Sjoh Smokestack
  • 12: Shadow Missingstar
  • 13: Feebee Johos
  • Head Gamemaker: Klendric Kleev (He's IMMORTAL also)
  • Assistant Gamemaker: Brijh Kleev
  • Muttmaker: Picine Ekatina

Sponser Gifts

Okay I've looked at all the people's weapons and stuff and this is based on what you said. You can sponser any tribute even if it isn't your tribute. for every tribute you have you get 300$. So if you have 4 tributes, you have 1200$. For every day in the arena things get 10$ more expensive, like in the real games. It says their current price in the items list.

This is how many moneys everyone has left so far:

  • Aniju Aura: 1000$
  • Augsp: 300$
  • CoolCato: 1500$
  • EXcellent: 1200$
  • HGClatoLover: 1300$
  • Ms.finnickodair: 300$
  • Prezziesnow7704: 600$
  • ~PopTart~: 300$
  • TheMysteriousGeek: 1300$
  • Wikia Contributors: 300$
  • Write46747: 700$



  • Spear - 250$
  • Knife - 125$
  • Nunchucks - 200$
  • Throwing Knives (6) 150$
  • Scythe 200$
  • Slingshot - 90$
  • Bow and (12) arrows 225$
  • Axe 250$
  • Sword 250$
  • Dagger 125$
  • Sickles 125$
  • Blowgun 100$
  • Mace 200$


  • Candies - Fills up tribute for 1 day - 25$
  • Soop - Fills up tribute for 2 days - 75$
  • Turkey - Fills up tribute for 3 or more days -125$
  • Rope 25$
  • Water Bottle - 40$
  • Sleeping bag - 190$
  • Coat - 150$

Tell me if you think anything else should be on this cuz i cant think of anything :/


  • Heal medicine - 75$
  • InstaHeal - 120$
  • Hunger pills - 100$
  • Power Boost - Makes powers stronger - 200$


Capitol: Caesar Flickerman (Escort's) POV

Smile maker! Whenever anyone asks me what my job is, I say smile maker! But nobody ever asks me what my job is because I'm on television throughout all of panem! But that's not all I do. I am also the Escort for the beautiful Capitol City! It's time for me to do my jobs, all three of them!

All of the Capitolites rush into the large square. I see happy faces, nervous faces, devious faces. Everyone is exited for the start of another exillarating hunger games! And not to mention the 13th quarter quell. I was there when President Sleet picked the card "In reminder that the Capitol is the only authority that can control all it's neccicary powers, tributes will be given superpowers in the arena." How original! How new! How entertaining!

I peek out of the curtain. The sheer numbers of the Capitol is enerjizing! In my earpiece, I hear the camera man tell me "Your on, Caesar." 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

From behind the curtain I present myself to the residents screaming at me. "Caesar! Caesar! Caesar!" I smile as big as I can and wave my hand to my fans. Gosh I just wish I could hug every one of them in a huge superhug. "HelLOOOO everybody! Are you ready for this very special Hunger Games!?"

They roar in agreement. Of course they're ready; why did I even ask? "It has been such and honor to be hosting and escorting for 325 years!!!" It's great of be immortal, y'know. "It's the best job a guy could ask for. Now, I'm gunna skip over my normal boring reaping-talk hooey and get straight to the picking of the girl's name!

I made about a million smiles with that one. All of the capitol people where dead silent, all wanting to hear the girls name. One of them will probably die of lack of pacience, so I go to the lady's bowl and pick the very first name off the top. After clearing my throat, In a loud, audible voice, I annouce that the tribute for this's quarter quell is...



Near the middle of the croud, A blond teen pushes and shouves her way to me. "Hello," I say awkwarly. She's the perfect steryotype of Capitol girls in the districts. Mean, overconfident, and rich. "What's your name, miss?"

"Olivia PIECE!" she yelled, loud enough for everyone to hear, which is millions of Capitol citizens.

"Great! Don't you feel lucky to be in the games?"

"No, I'm more just really awesome like that." She says, which seems strange to me. "Now let me spin the wheel."

Olivia gets the read minds power, which I should have predicted by how she looked. Now it's time for the boys! I go the the boys bowl and and pull out a slightly crumpled piece of paper and say...

"Nabby Hoodwink!"

Out of all the colors in the capitol croud, a blue-and-pink boy emerges from somewhere in front. He has a smile already made for him, but it's sorta wrong. Nervous. Well, as Panem's desegnated smile maker, it's my job to change that.

"Hey, Nabby!" I greet when he gets the the stage. "I love your names! And your scarf!"

"Uh, thanks Caesar."

His voice sounds like it has the smiley emoticon after it every time he speaks :)."Did you make the scarf yourself?"

"Yeah. I'm sorta an art person."

"Cool! Maybe you can make me a scarf sometime!"

"Uh, sure, Caesar." A little half-of-a-smile grows upon his face. Yup, i'm a smile maker!

The Hoodwink Kid gets control fire for his power, but it doesn't fit his personallity much like Olivia's did. I'm happy to be these guy's escort. I'll have lots of smiles to make!

District 1: Jason Diamond's POV

Ever seen Wicked? That Dancing Thru Life song, that's all about me. Everybody says to be less shallow and self-absorbed. But why not? It's not like I care about the feelings of other people, of course. That's why I'm volenteering for the games. I'm finally 18 and practicly a man. Well, I guess I'm not completely careless. I've been training for this moment for years. I'm ready to knock 'em dead.

Of course I volenteer. That's the cool thing to do, isn't it? I wish that they'd let more tributes be reaped. I walk up our diamond-paved streets for the last time, ready for my destiny "Hello, Jason!" screetched Ornament Glitz. "Are you and Dani related?"

Dani? My stepsister? What? I must have not been listinging to the girls name. She'll steal my thunder! Whatever. I'll kill her eventually. "Yeah, she's my stepmom's kid."

"Cooleo!" Ornament exagerates. "We have the Diamond kids, Dani and Jason! Lets spin the Power Wheel!"

Dani gets Invisiblility, and I get Weather Control. What am I s'posed to do? Spin up a house to fall on the tributes? "Happy Happy Hunger Games!!!" says Ornament. This is it-- the moment I've been waiting for for-like-forever. With, Dani, it may not be as fun as I thought it would be, but I just keep dancing through life.

District 2: Third Person POV

It was the perfect reaping day. The blue sky promised a sunny day. Mockingjays chirped the Panem National Anthem. And the people of District 2 couldn't be happier.

All eyes where on him, a jittery man dressed in a purple suit crossed the stage to the podium. "He-hello, District t-two..." he stuttered. "How nice it is t-to be in the mountians again."

The croud screamed at the top of their lungs once again, which is why Roxo has to get new hearing aids every year after Reaping Day. "As you know, I'm Roxo Morado, your e-escort. are, are you listening?" A peacekeeper shot a bullet in the air to get the croud to shut up. "Now, it's time to pick the tributes.... if-if that's all right..."

The population of two screamed in agreement.

Anticipation flooded the district as Roxo approached the bowl tinted pink. "PICK IT PICK IT PICK IT!!!!!" yelled the district, as they do every year. To get it over with Roxo picked the first name off the top, for saying the name was the only way to get the district to shut up every year. Silence was the only thing to be heared in the mountians today. Even the birds stopped chirping. 

"And the girl tribute is--"


"Oh, a volenteer... what a suprise..."

A proud teen with brown hair and a sickening glare walked up to the stage like a supermodel. "I'M SHERRY!" she screamed, making sure everyone could hear her.

"She- sherry who?

"Sherry Maxery. The victor."

"Um... I guess we'll see that soon.... Now it's time for me to introduce this new thing. The-the Power Wheel!"

From behind a big red curtain, a huge Wheel-Of-Fortune type wheel, containing all the powers in the games. "okay... are you ready to spin?"

The people screamed their lungs out as the needle landed on Speed. Sherry made a silent OH YEAH gesture, and all the Sherry fans blew their vocal chords out in exitement. "Now-ww-w its time for the Boy tribute."

With the same reaction to Sherry's reaping, Roxo stuck his purple-tatooed hand into the boy bowl. "Ch-Ch-Chester Bricks."

"I VOLENTEER FOR MYSELF!!!" A frenzy of screams, mostly from teenage girls, crouded Chester as he strutted to the stage.

"He-hello, chester" Roxo said nervously, since he was afraid of popular people.

"Hey loser escort"

The district burst into laughter. With nervous laughter, Roxo went to the wheel without another word. Spinning and spinning, until it finally landed on...

"Super Strenth!"

Chester grinned in agreement and took his place next to Sherry "Well, folks, thats it... and I hope you have a fabulous reaping day and--" 

But the district was already gone to watch the recap of the other reapings.

District 3: Kronice Hays's POV

It's weird.... The factory is empty. I used to watch them hustling and busling while I played minecraft on my laptop. No need for me to work, my family doesn't need to make cameras in this smelly factory like most people in this place. So I just keep tinkering on my computer until it's time to head to the square.

I watch the tiny children with their homemade wind-up toys go into the viewing area as I go into the Twelve section. It's a beautiful place, more beautiful than anywhere in this industrial place. One of the only places you can breathe without gaging on factory fumes. It's a shame the reapings have to be here. "Welcome!" says Chloessa, our escort, who thinks the world revolves her. I like her, because she doesn't say much, just looks at that weird pocket mirror. "Now lets get this over with. I have a facelift at 3:30."

Hand approaching the bowl, she carelessly yanks out a slightly ruffeled card. "Macy Lands!"

From behind me somewhere I here a small whimper. A cuteish, slightly nerdy girl walks upto the stage, embarresed. Chloessa doesn't really care about addling suspense, so she goes to the boys bowl. "Kronice Hays. Can I go home now?"

Time stops. Why me? I want to scream every fowl name I know, but how can I change it now? Meekly, I walk to Chloessa, who doesn't even look at me, and stand next to Macy. "NOW can I leave?" A man came up to her and whipered something in her ear. "But I dont WANNA spinn the wheel!... then why don't YOU do it, stupid?.... Whatever!" Stomping, the escort spun for us, fastly. "Macy, no hunger. Konrose, control earth. Bye!"

Chloessa said my name wrong, but I'm glad she got it over with quickly. I say my last goodbye to my district.

District 4: Kodiak Flasheart's POV

Lightning crackeled and thunder clapped. Its the perfect weather in District 4. The only downside of today is it marks the first day of blood and gore on television. Some guys are exited at my school, but to me, it's discusting. What person in their right mind would be willing to kill someone for fame and fortune?

Kids my age walk in mobs exitedly to the square. I like to walk alone however. Not many kids seem to want to befriend me, and that's fine with me. In the 17-year-old-boy's section, Aqua Marine goes up to the stage with her blinding bright-blue skin. She's as skinny as a rail but she must have at least 10 extra pounds with all that jewelry. "HELLOOOO EVERYBODY!!!!"

Some people clap of say hi back, but most people cover their ears "Its SOOO great to be back in District 4 again!!!" In order to stop from getting a migrane, I ingnore the rest of Aqua's high-pitched words, until I hear the softest "I volenteer" I have ever heared. A tiny girl from the twelve section toddled proudly to the stage. 12? She can't be older than 10.

"Why hello, young lady!" Squeaks Aqua. "What might your name be?!"

"Megan." she says, in a tough voice for a twelve-year-old. "And don't treat me like a baby. I have a knife in my pocket, y'know."

I decide to like this kid. She's great at shutting Aqua up.

Megan does the power wheel thingy and gets the Control Water power. Now it's time for the boy to be chosen. Aqua's stubby little blue fingers reach allll the way to the bottom of the bowl. Pulling it out. Unfolding. Reading.

"Kodiak Flasheart!"

Sh** sh** sh** sh** sh**. I don't wanna go. I just stand there with my arms crossed until some stupid peacekeepers grab me in the armpits and throw me onto stage with the blue lady. "Hi, Kodiak!" she chirped. "I love your jewelry."

I hate hers but I don't say anything. She tells me to spin the wheel, but I don't wanna so I just put it to the next power after Megan's. "Um... your supposed to spin the wheel, lad."

"Is it against the rules to do that?" I intimidate

"Er, I don't know, but--"

"Do you have it written down?"


"Well I guess I can do it then."

Aqua looks confused and defeated. "Whatever." she says. "Electrocution is a lousy power anyway."

Me and Megan look at eachother. What horrible additions we will make to the Career Pack. A little kid and a weido with a million piercings. She has blue eyes like the sea. Is she thinking what I'm thinking?

Because I have a plan.

District 5: Ssithes Prophane's POV

Like my eyes, the sky is blue and deep. Like my hair, the sunrise is orange and.... well, sunrisey. When I looked out the window of my bedroom, it felt like nothing could ruin this day. Until I looked at the calender, I felt invincible.

But turns out I forgot it was Reaping Day, the worst day of the year. The day all the people in the country are dragged to the square to watch kids cry when they get picked and then watch them die on TV. Squeezed into our small City Center, we stand and waint paciently for our new escort to arrive. A woman dressed in all green, coat, nails, skin, and every other body part imaginable, comes up with her microphone "HellOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" she yells in a deep voice. "I'm your new escort, Faleena Leaf! Are you guys ready for a AWESOME hunger games!!!"

I can tell she's a new one, because i think she was waiting for a response. "Well, I'll just stop all the small talk and get right to the tributes. Ladies First!!!!!"

Choosing carefully, Faleena takes her favorite slip of paper from the bowl. "I have a good feeling about this one!" All eyes are locked on her as she reads the girls name. "Shiraaaaz Mohandaaaaaz!"

A small whimper comes from somewhere in the crowd. Pretty soon, a yellowish-haired girl is kicking and screaming against two peacekeepers, being literallly tossed upon the stage. "Well, we know she's a fighter! During all the commotion, I already chose the name for the boy! Ssithes Prophane! or at least I think that's how you pronounce it..."

My heart stops for a minute. But what can I do? I might as well just accept my death now. Gingerly, I walk to the green lady and the weird girl. "Hello!!! Did I pronounce your name right?"

"Yes." I reply. I would have said yes even if she pronounced it wrong, but still.

"It's okay, we'll get out of here together. Don't you worry at all."

I'm a bit taken back by the offer from my district partner. "Um... what?"

"I wasn't talking to you." she spat back at me. That's okay, I don't really want her to talk to me anyway. I get the elements control power, and Faleena, Shiraz, me, and whoever she was talking to (who must be invisible or something) get on the train and leave the district for the last time....

District 6: Third Person POV

District 6's not a career district, but they are very proud of their district. They aren't anti-hunger games, but they aren't pro eather. They just go with the flow. It was a bright and sunny morning in the transportation district. People where riding their cars and trains and homemade go-carts to the reaping. It'll be hard to find a parking spot today, folks.

Reluctant to leave their vehicals, everybody filed into the square. As the last person scrambled into the square at the nick of time, Ricardo Molinicross waltzed up to his mic and said his famous "HELLO HELLO HELLO!" line, "Hello to all of you and happy hunger games everyone!!! Thank the lord it's that time a year again! It's a great time to reflect on the year, right, guys?"

Ricardo always gives the longest speaches. A million words later, he finally aproached the pink-tinted bowl. Some kids crossed their fingers, some closed their eyes, others prayed to god they wouldn't get picked. "And the district 6 female tribute for the 325th Hunger Games is...........    Daniella..... Puh... Puh... Per-man-gun--"


"Oh, thank you. Daniella Permanganese Stupid, please come to the stage."

A dark haired girl in a red shirt and crossed arms came up to the podium. "I don't like you." She said flatly.

"That is okay, you don't need to like me. Next tribute!"

A small slip of paper, slightly crumpled, was removed from the bowl and put into Ricardo's hand. "Hah-dix Mahven."

"It's HAAAdix MAYYYven! You really need to work on pronoucing the reaping names."

"ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE, OKAY? Now please come up here, Hadix."

Ricardo was stunned by Hadix's strangly green eyes. He took his place next to Ricardo and smiled. "Okay, so we have Daniella and HAAAdix. I'll see you on TV! Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye!"

District 7: Mia Wintery's POV

I paint my stupid Shop Class project green with blue dots. Normally I'd give all my shop projects to my friend and make them finnish them for me but I haven't seen them all week for out Reaping Day break. The stupid box makes my day even more boring. I have to stand in a croud full of girls for an hour.

I give my stupid wood thing to one of my boy friends (not boyfriend, boy friend) on the way and stand in the girls section of the square. I don't have many friends here since I'm a boy person. Girl talk isn't my thing-- I never understood the art of fashion or earings or other weird stuff like that. Feeling out of place, I stand awkwardly and silently.

Eert Killr is the District 7 escort. Are escorts specificly designed to intimidate their districts? Eert wears a wooden tuxedo every day and orders a new one every day. What a waste of our trees! "Hello, everyone." he says in his ultra deep voice. He seems extra exited with his new oak-tree suit. As he says about a zillion meaningless Capitilian words, I pretend to listen until he finally approaches the girl bowl. Not me. I whisper in my head over and over. Not me not me not me not me...

"Mia Wintery!"

It's me.

I walk up to the stupid escort and he gives me a stupid too-hard-fatherly pat on the back. I might be hiding my emotions on the outside but I'm weeping on the inside. On the wheel, I get Teleportation, and i'm pleased with that at least. The next guy is Hawk, who doesn't seem to have a last name. He's bigger than me; and he can fly. I will be no match for him.

But I need to look at the positives. I got the power I wanted. I might come home with millions of Panem dollars. I don't have to finnish my shop project......

Nothing else comes to mind. ~

District 8: Ricardo Reyes's POV

The sun comes up on the most miserable day in the country. From my window I watch the droopy dreary people make it to the square before I go. Who cares if I'm late, I'm late for everything- and other than school, this is the only thing I want to be late for.

Headphones in my ears, I boom music into my head as I walk to the square. The Blood Lady makes my take 'em of, and now everything sounds really quiet compared to my Bowling for Soup music. The official emo barbie Elenor Sneed starts her annual annoy-people show before she calls the names. She starts with the boy names, because she's a weirdo like that, and I cross my fingers and pray to god.....

"Ricardo Reyes!" Oh dang. My head held low, I hold back the hundreds of tears in my eyes that want to woosh out onto the street. "Hey, Ricardo! Happy Hunger Games!"

I give her a fake-half-giggle and she escorts me, as she is the escort, to the wheel. Fighting sounds like a good power until my district partner Katelyn Rivera, gets steal-powers power. She's one of those valley-girl people-- she'll steal all the sponsers from me. Nope, the odds aren't in my favor today.

District 9: Brick Hein's POV

I've heared the rumors. Why does everyone think i'm gunna volenteer? I mean, I've been lifting weights and working out, but can't a guy keep in shape?! I can hold a spear, but does that make me a Career Tribute? Those guys discust me, just like they discust everyone in this district.

Leena is our escort, like every other year. She has a huge orange afro that's about twelve times the size of her head. I start to think about what she can fit in there. Maybe she keeps dead bodies in there. Her first name is a snivvling girl who walks up to the stage in tears, and I can see Leena laughing at her. Now it is time for the boy's bowl. I feel all eyes on me. They still think I'm gunna volenteer? Something new shoots through me. An urge to show everyone. To show them I am greater than those gossipers and that they should shut up.


Leena looks at me weird. I doubt she ever had a volenteer before. In her chimpmunk voice if I am mental or not, and I say no. "Well, okayyyyy" she squeaks. "We've got Ryana and Brick. Happy hunger games and may the odds be ever not in in your favor." Yeah she's weird like that. I get the steal-powers-power, and the Ryana girl gets teleportation. And, feeling nervous, but strangely exited, we get of the Capitol train and speed of to our destination. ~

District 10: April June's POV

Ever since that day December died I haven't felt the same. I used to love snow, but now I have mixed feelings about it. We don't normally have snow in hot District 10, so that blizzard was really weird\. The Upside is you can make snowmen and snowballs and snowangels. The downside, it killed my brother. Stupid pnemonia... and  I don't usually use the word stupid. The warm red ground of 10 melts my memory of snow out of my head for the moment while Jan walks me to the square.

Kannen Kolendan's accent is too foreign for me to understand, so I just awkwardly in the square, pretending to listen. Because he's disorented because of a head injury as a baby, he always starts with the boys. A large man-looking boy walks up to the stage. What a emmbaressment I would be next to him-- He would beat me to shreds in seconds, and his power is fire. I take my listening ears out to listen for the female's name....

"Apreel Joon! Wow, two months!"

My blood runs cold. First January, now me. I slowly walk up to the stage, savoring my last steps on the warm, red ground of my district. A missing-tooth smile from the escort brings up my spirits slightly, but it's not enought to reverse this horrible day. I know clearly what's going on.

The capitol tried to kill Jan. And now they want to kill me.

District 11: Third Person POV (thrid person limited to Jayy Sparrow)

The train moved like a bullet towards the sunny district of 11. People put down their shouvels and rakes to go to the square, which they believed was worse than the demanding farmwork they are forced to do every day. Today, two kids would be picked to die.

The sunshine through Jayy's window splashed onto her face and awoke her. After her vegetarian breakfast, she walked to the city center alone, other than the bird siting on her sholder. "Hi, guys." Sjo, the escort, said casually. "Are you reaaaaady to meet this years tributes!?"

Nobody was ready, but she went on anyway. "Well, ready or not, here I come!"

His hand gently touched the top slip in the clear bowl. Apprehensivly, he read the name in a clear, inmistakebal voice "Jay Sparrow!"

Jayy's heart dropped. Her stomach tied itself into a knot. Her skin began to leak. Nervously, she skidded up to the stage like a startelled cat. "Hey Jay." flirted Sjo. "I like your bird names"

Discusted, Jayy skidded to the power wheel. Even though she loves animals, she got the Turn-into-other-things-besides-animals power. "And now, for the boy.... who is apparently Ben Jackson"

Ben, a older boy with dark skin and eyes walked up to the stage. Jayy reconnized him from school but had never known his name. He gave her a little half-smile. And that was all the hope she had that day. ~

District 12: Marcus Reid's POV

Everything here is black and white today. Well, I mean, more colorless than usual. The sky is a cloudy, blueless day. A thick grey haze has come over us because of all the rain we had in the last few days. Coal dust is scattered over the ground like frost-- as always, but on such a grey day, it is a lot more noticeable.

The faded cloth huts of the Seam make the day even more ashen and pale. So does our escort, Shadow, who's goth and wears all black every year. Normally I feel upbeat and fun. But this day has everything turned around.

"Good evening." Shadow read lazily. "I am so happy to be here in district name here. Our reaping is now starting, after our three-hour rain delay. I'm your host, your name here." That's Shadow's cue to throw the paper on the floor and kick it into the audiance. "B*llsh*t lets just get this over with."

A young girl who is called Mystery is thrown onto the stage by a peacekeeper. What's her last name? I guess it's a mystery. Her superpower for this cheesy quarter quell is Flight. Now it's the time I've been dreading.

"Marcus Reid. Now can I leave?"

I don't wanna do the drama. I don't wanna try and pretend I'm confedent. I don't wanna do anything I'm just too tired to think. Emotionlessly, I walk to Shadow, ready to leave. "Can we leave now?" I echo. I get the Control Water power. Water is colorless.

Yes, today is a colorless day.

District 13: Sadie Williamson's POV

The dark, plain depths of underground District 13 is darker on this sad day. Only one thing on my scedual today. 9;00: Reaping. I mean, District 13 always has better chance of winning than the other districts do since we're trained for the military so hard, but I always bump my scedual. Maybe I have a better chance from the years of hunting and gathering. But all of the classes I missed, what if I am picked?

Fat-Escort-Feebee is the girl who will lead us to our slaugterhouse today. Her corset doesn't work all that well. "Welcome, citizens of 13!" She says with her oversized lips. "You all know my name! Are you ready for this year's Hunger Games?!"

Lots more boring words go through my ear... and out the other one. Bored. I imagine myself in the woods, where real sunlight rather that artificial LEDs. Where real plants spew oxegen into the air rather than 13's special Oxegen makers. Where you can eat as many berries as you want rather than having a "desegnated food amount"

All my daydreams are shattered when a girl next to me tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the stage. A strange mixture of anger, fear, and greif came over me. "Hi, Sadie!" Perky Feebee said, her fat and evil lips looking fatter and eviler than usual. I wanna kick her in the shins but a peacekeeper would probably shoot me or something so I just imagine me doing it. On the wheel I get the Teleportation power, a lousy power if you ask me. My district partner is Alexander Du Wither, a kid a grade under me who seems very optimistic. His stupid power is stealing other powers, which I wish I had. As the subway goes back up into the surface with all of us, sunlight bathes me. Not LEDs.

I think it might be better this way. ~


These are alliances I thought up. If you want your tribute to be in a different alliance or a new alliance then tell me!

  • Career Pack: Olivia Piece (C) ~~ Jason Diamond (1) ~~ Dani Diamonds (1) ~~ Chester Bricks (2) ~~ Sherry Maxery (2) ~~ Megan Shard (4) ~~ Hawk (7) ~~ April June (10) ~~ Alexander Du Winter (13)
  • Anti-Careers: Kronice Hays (3) ~~ Kodiak Flashheart (4) ~~ Daniella Permanganese (6) ~~ Hadix Maven (6) ~~ Mia Wintery (7) ~~ Brick Hein (9) ~~ Lutrius Sommerville (10)
  • Alliance 3: Shiraz Mohandas (5) ~~ Ssithes Prophane (5) ~~ Ryana Noelle Era (9)
  • Alliance 4: Nabby Hoodwink (C) ~~ Jayy Sparrow (11) ~~ Benjamin Jackson (11) ~~ Sadie Williamson (13)


  • cherry tree forest.
  • bamboo forest
  • indonesian rainforest
  • autumn forest
Okay I cant wait any longer. The arena is an east asian wilderness, Surrounding the cornicopia is a large Cherry Tree Forest, the largest region in the arena. It's the safest part of the arena, but concealment is hard.

To the west is a tall bamboo forest. The bamboo is thick, which makes it hard to move fast in it. You can easily get lost. There aren't many animals there

To the south east is a indonesian rainforest, and it is warmer and wetter than the rest of the arena. Tigers and orangutangs live there. Also, there are poisonous snakes and butterflies. To the norteast is the autumn japanese forest.

There are two lakes, one to the south and one to the east. They are good for fising for kois. If you look to the northern sky, there is a tall, purple mountian named Murasaki Mountian, but it is outside of the arena.

Surronding the arena is a strange, green mist that keeps the tributes inside. If one of them goes in, it's not pretty. They cant go into the mountian because there is the mist around it. 

Training Scores

Yeah happy MLK day!!! IT's time for training scores! The chariot rides have been delayed by rain delay because I just decided to do them, I thought I woul'dnt but I changed my mind so if you want to design one tell me.


10-12 scores are AMAZING!

8-9 scores are great!

5-7 scores are accepable.

0-4 are meh.

  • Capitol female - Olivia Piece 8
  • Capitol male - Nabby Hoodwink 5
  • D1 female - Dani Diamonds 9
  • D1 male - Jason Diamond 10
  • D2 female - Sherry Maxery 10
  • D2 male - Chester Bricks 9
  • D3 female - Macy Lands  4
  • D3 male - Kronice Hays 4
  • D4 female -  Megan Shard 9
  • D4 male - Kodiak Flashheart 8
  • D5 female - Shiraz Mohandas 8
  • D5 male - Ssithes Prophane 6
  • D6 female - Daniella Permanganese 7
  • D6 male - Hadix Maven 6
  • D7 female - Mia Wintery 8
  • D7 male - Hawk 8
  • D8 female - Ricardo Reyes 7
  • D8 male - Katelyn Rivera 4
  • D9 female - Ryana Noelle Era 6
  • D9 male - Brick Hein 6
  • D10 female - April June 2
  • D10 male - Lutrius Sommerville 7
  • D11 female - Jay Sparrow 7
  • D11 male - Benjamin Jackson 7
  • D12 female - Mystery 6
  • D12 male - Marcus Reid 6
  • D13 female - Sadie Williamson 6
  • D13 male - Alexander Du Winter 12

Chariot Outfits

Okay i skipped this at first but decided not to, so let's just say there was a rain delay. I'm not doing all of them, just some and if you want to request or design one then tell me

The capitol is made by me and Aniju Aura. Nabby is in a green and blue suit, drawn by Aniju. I drew Olivia but I didn't do the colors bright enough like Nabby's o I tried to fix them.

Megan and Kodiak are in roman-type costumes. Design/Drawing by Aniju Aura\

Shiraz and Sstheis are another design by Aniju. They are in black suits and have glowing cyan-blue belts and such.

Lutrius and April have griffin costumes. Poptart never gave me his lunaii, but the stylists put so much makeup and lion hair on him that im sure it doesn't really matter.

Sadie and Alex from 13 are in black jumpsuits with green glowing antennas on their head. The stylist figured out how to make a greenish glow around them.

Discarded ideas

Interview snippets


C: So, how's life, kid? Aren't you soooo exited for this new games!?

N: Er, well, I'm a little nervous...

C: Oh, of course, I can expect that. How's your--

N: Do you want this? *gives him a scarf as he blushes a little*

C: Oh of course!!! =D *smells the scarf* Blue and purple, my favorite color!!! You just made my day!



C: So, miss Olivia, you live-

O: On the North Side of the capitol. Yup.

C: Ah, yes, and you live in the mainsion on-

O:18th street. I know.

C: Ah, yes I remember.. You-

O: Have the mind reading power. Can ya tell me something I don't know?!.... hey, your mind sounds really annoyed right now... is someone stressing you out?

C: *fml*



C: Well, Jason, good job on your score!

J: I deserved it. I tried to at least give the others a chance

C: Haha, good one!

J: I was serious.

C: Oh.... uh...



C: So you and Mr. Jason are step-siblings?

D: Yup. He sorta hates me though.

C: Aw young love.

J: (from the crowd) EWWWWW!

D: OH that's okay, I hate him more.

J: No, I hate YOU more!

C: So, are ya going to get him in the arena

D: H*ll yeah!




C: Can I call you Cherry, Sherry?

S: Well-

C: So, Cherry, I understand you won your school track meet 3 times in a row.

S: Of course. Also, I won the knife throwing competition twice.

C: Goodness! How do you mannage to be such a double threat?

S: It's simple, Caesar. I'm just the best.



Ca: So, Bricks, your good with a sword, a great listener, and I hear you good with the ladies.

Ch: Yup yup and yup.

Ca: Anyone special back home?

Ch: Well, are there? *winks into the cameras and a hundred girls in the audience squeal*

Ca: What a crook! Wait until they catch you red handed?

Ch: What color are my hands now? Blue?

Ca: XD!!!!



C: Kronice, so many great names this year!

K: Well thanks...

C: So what do you like to do, kroncie. Swim... write... video games...

K: I do good with games.

C: Really? What systems do you play?

K: I have a wii and playstation... but xboxes are my favorite...


K: Yeah awesome!!!!



C: Hello, Miss Macy. What have you been doing in training these days?

M: I'm pretty okay with the knife and I love to do the brain exercise games.

C: Fantastic! She's very studious, people! A real catch!

M: *blushes*



C: Love the jewelry, Kodi.

K: Uhh.... don't call me that-

C: You know what, that' a fake smile.

K: Whu-

C: I know how to make a real one!!!!! *Caesar starts tickling Kodiak until he's crying and laughing and he is smiling really big*

K: Aw man! xD

C: I'm a smile maker, Kodi :)

im sorry that one is a little weird :/



C: Miss Megan, are you aware you are the youngest Career tribute to be in the games for 11 years?

M: I don't care. Don't you dare treat me like a baby.

C: Of course, I would never even think of it. But just so you know, a twelve year old has only won the games once in about every hundred years. How do you feel about that?

M: Look, I know I'm younger.  I have less of a chance. But promise you won't count me out?

C: Cross my heart, meg. *megan gives caesar a big hug. Audience goes "awwwwww"*



C: So, double S, made any friends over the past 2 weeks?

S: That shiraz girl is pretty nice... she's a little coocoo though.

(Shiraz rolls her eyes backstage.)

S: Also Ryana is cool.

C: Oh this guy's a ladies man! Look out!

(Ssithes blushes)



C: Shiraz and Ssithes- great names!!!

S: Thanks.

C: So youve been to the Capitol before?

S: Yeah, me and my family traveled alot. I was homeschooled.

C: Where else have you been.

S: All but 2 of the districts.

C: Wow, almost as much as me! Strange for a districter to travel soo much.



C: Dixie,

H: God your nicknames are annoying.

C: What is your weapin of choice?

H: Mace. I've used it forever.

C: You've trained before? Your from District 6, correct?

H: Yup.

C: Awesome! You have an advantage!



C: Daniella Permingansss

D: PermanganESE

C: Sermanganesh?


C: Oh, sorry miss Permishmangeez.




C: So your in the Careers, Hawk?

H: Yeah, how did you know?

C A little bird told me. :)

H : XD!!!



C: What is your weapon of choice, Miss Winter?

M: Axe.

C: Throwing or regular?

M: Either.

C: I hear your pretty good.

M: Me too.

C: You don't talk much, do you?

M: Nope!



C: Rickster, how do you feel anout the Hunger Games? Aren't you SO exited!

R: Er, sure.

C: I can smell fear y'know.

R: You can?

C: Yeah. Your fear smells like Escarcot with a side of french frys.

R: Oh, actually, that was my dinner.

C: Oh. Sounds good.



C: With a name like that, you should be named Nile or Sippy or Ganges or something. By the way, nice dress.

K: Thanks, I do look awesome to day, don't I?

C: How could I say no?! Anyway, Mrs. Sippy, how do you feel about the games? Ready? Not-so ready?

K: I'm ready!

C: Now that's the aditude!



C: Brickster the trickster. Anyways, what have you been training with for the past two weeks?

B: Well, I already am pretty strong.... so i started off with a mace even though I already know how to use that.

C: Ah, prior knowledge. Those tributes always have an advantage. Remember Katniss?

B: Yeah, but I hate history.


C: Uhg, your mom just liked the name Ryan and put an a on the end.

R: Is that why you give people nicknames... cuz you don't like their normal names?

C: Well, sometimes... like in this case. I like your middle name though. And I'll rename you Milly.

R: O.O......



C: So, LuLu...

L: *rolls eyes*

C: I don't know you very well since you don't really talk much, so./...... what your favorite food?

L: Chicken Feed.

C: HAHAHAHAHA, this kid cracks me uP!! Hahahahahaha

L: I was serious.

C: Ohhh...



C: Oh yeah! Two months! April June! Yah!!!

A: hehe...

C: Ah yes, april! I remeber your brother! A victor! Wat was his name.... February, January...

A: Uh huh!

C: Ah it's all comming back to me now! Any other siblings? March? July? December?


C: Woahwoahwoah... sorry..... what are you gunna do when the games start?


C: You go girl! *thoughts: woah sorry I asked*



C: Mr Benjamin, to my understanding, you're allied with Nabby, Jayy, and Sadie?

B: Uhhuh.

C: Dont you think Nabby's really fun to give nicknames to? So is Jay!

B: Uh... sure.



C: Jay is wearing a blue dress! It's a BlueJay!

J: hehehe!

C: So, Jay, I have to ask you a very important question... what's your favorite kind of bird?

J: Aww I love all birds how can I choose just one?

C: Yeah! My favorite is angry birds.

J: Yeah I love that game!



C: Yeah I love the name Marcus and Reid!

M: Er thanks.

C: Are you nervous? Don't make me tickle you.

M: NO.... I'm not nervous, you dont need to tickle me!



C: Yeah! Two tributes without a last name this year! Do you know it?

M: No I just don't have one.

C: I guess it's a mystery, then...



S: ...So since I am in perfect heath and have lots of military training, I think I have a chance of winning.

C: What a convincing speech! So... are you allying with Alexandie? He got a 12, can you believe it?

S: You mean Alexander? He's sorta mean.... he's with the careers.

C: Oh he is?You lean something new every day I guess. But that doesn't mean he didn't get a 12! He's definately Career material.

S: Yeah... in some ways.


C: Lexi, I cannot get over the 12 you got!!!!

A: Lexi?

C: Yeah, lexi, you don't like it? I have lots more nicknames... Ali, Lexus, Xandie, Ander-

A: Don't like any of 'em. Capitol people are stupid and fat.

C: Oh..... so howed you get that 12?! Brij the gamemaker diedduring your thing.... she must have died of shock!

A: You could say that....

C: Yeah, good thing she came back to life cuz she's immortal!

A: Yup, another stupid fat lady comes back to life.

Games are starting!

Click here ------->  User blog:District10male/The super games CONTINUED!

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