Here's a continuation of my Super Games. Read the beginning here..... User blog:District10male/The SUPER Games!!!!

Who's still alive?

  • Capitol Nabby Hoodwink - Control Fire
  • Capitol Olivia Piece - Read Minds
  • 1 Jason Diamond - Weather
  • 1 Dani Diamonds - Invisibility
  • 2 Chester Bricks - Strength
  • 2 Sherry Maxery - Speed
  • 3 Kronice Hays - Control Earth
  • 3 Macy Lands - No hunger/dehydration
  • 4 Kodiak Flasheart - Electrocution
  • 4 Megan Shard - Control Water
  • 5 Ssithes Prophane - Element control
  • 5 Shiraz Mohandas - Change into animals
  • 6 Hadix Maven - Invisibility
  • 6 Daniella Permanganese - Steal other people's powers
  • 7 Hawk - Flight
  • 7 Mia Wintery - Teleportation
  • 8 Ricardo Reyes - Fighting
  • 8 Katelyn Rivera - Steal other people's powers
  • 9 Brick Hein - Steal other people's powers
  • 9 Ryana Noelle Era - Teleportation
  • 10 Lutrius Sommerville - Control Fire
  • 10 April June - Healing
  • 11 Benjamin Jackson - Weather
  • 11 Jayy Sparrow - Change into objects/non-animals
  • 12 Marcus Reid - Control water
  • 12 Mystery - Flight
  • 13 Alexander Du Winter - Steal other people's powers
  • 13 Sadie Williamson - Teleportation


  1. (Day 6) Ryana Noelle Era - 9F - Hypothermia during sleep
  2. Jay Sparrow - 11F - Hypothermia during sleep
  3. Hawk - 7M - Cut his leg in the snow, then hypothermia
  4. Mia Wintery - 7F - Hypothermia
  5. (Day 5) Dani Diamonds - 1 female - attacked by bunnies (feast)
  6. Oliva Piece - C female - poisoned by Kodiak's fish
  7. (Day 4) Nabby Hoodwink - C male - swarmed by origami
  8. (Day 3) Ricardo Reyes - 8 male - killed by Olivia
  9. Chester Bricks - 2 male - accidentally killed by hawk
  10. Marcus Reid - 12 male - slashed by Sherry
  11. April June - 10 female - killed by Marcus
  12. (Day 1) Jason Diamond - 1 male - shot by Dani
  13. Macy Lands - 3 female - lost in flames
  14. Daniella Permanganese -6 female - lost in flames
  15. Hadix Maven - 6 male - Shot by Sadie
  16. Alexander Du Winter - 13 male - electrocuted by Kodiak
  17. Katelyn Rivera - 8 female - killed by Chester with cracked open skull.
  18. Lutrius Sommerville 10 male - stabbed by Mia in the back.
  19. Brick Hein - 9 Male - Killed by Hawk throwing his token on his tribute plate (boom)

Sponser Gifts

This is how many moneys everyone has left so far:

  • Aniju Aura: 935$
  • Augsp: 300$
  • CoolCato: 1500$
  • EXcellent: 1200$
  • HGClatoLover: 1300$
  • Ms.finnickodair: 300$
  • Prezziesnow7704: 690$
  • ~PopTart~: 300$
  • TheMysteriousGeek: 800$
  • Wikia Contributors: 300$
  • Write46747: 700$


Remember, every day things get more expensive by 10$.


  • Spear - 260$
  • Knife - 135$
  • Nunchucks - 210$
  • Throwing Knives (6) 160$
  • Scythe 210$
  • Slingshot - 110$
  • Bow and (12) arrows 235$
  • Axe 260$
  • Sword 260$
  • Dagger 135$
  • Sickles 135$
  • Blowgun 110$
  • Mace 210$


  • Candies - Fills up tribute for 1 day - 35$
  • Soop - Fills up tribute for 2 days - 85$
  • Turkey - Fills up tribute for 3 or more days -135$
  • Rope 35$
  • Water Bottle - 50$
  • Sleeping bag - 200$
  • Coat - 160$
  • Fruit - 40$
  • Bread - 30$
  • Pizza - 110$
  • Energy drink - 50$

Tell me if you think anything else should be on this cuz i cant think of anything :/


  • Heal medicine - 85$
  • InstaHeal - 130$
  • Hunger pills - 110$
  • Power Boost - Makes powers stronger - 210$

Sponser log

Aniju Aura: 1 regular heal medicine for Nabby (day 1); 3 water bottles for each tribute (day 2); breads to all tributes (day 3); fruit for Antis, sickles for Shirax, and matches to A4 (day 4)

TheMysteriousGeek: Bow and arrows for Jayy, Mulalov bottles for Nabby (a half dozen; day 1); sword and bread for alliance 4 (day 3)

PrezziesNow: 1 axe for Ssithes (day 3)

Day 1




My tiny elevator raises me into a pink dream.  The trees look as if they are covered in cotton candy for leaves against the vast cerulean sky. Bright, Kermit-green grass cascades over the long expanse, past the supplies and into the cherry blossoms. A huge purple mountian pulls it'self away from the horizon and into misty, cirrus clouds. Think, Katelyn!, I command myself. Where are you? Everything tells me East Asia. The boy from District 12 is to my right; and the girl from 7 is on my left side. Both could easily kill me in one punch. BLAST! I swerve my eyes to my right, startled, and see Hawk laughing his butt off, and he apparently threw something to blow up another tribute's mines. "No, Brick!!!" somebody yells to the pile of ashes remaining. Not much to burry there.


5.          4.                                           3.                                                          2.


I launch myself off the plate, finally free of the trapped feeling it has given me. Kill, survive. Kill, survive. I seize the closest knife to me and zoom to a brown haired girl. I don't see her face. I raise my knife, but all it slices is air. What?! She was right there! How could she disapear out of thin air? I was just thinking how big of a rippoff this was as I felt a shadow behind me and the light faded away....


The brown haired girl from 8 dies quickly as a throw her onto the ground. The breath is knocked out of her and her head is cracked open. Eww. No, focus! I snatch up a sword and next to it is a orange tent set, which I grab too. Don't want anyone else to get it. With my adrenaline rushing, I take the backpack off the sorry girl's back and run to help Dani with something.


I run like an ostrich- wait, oh yeah, I am an ostrich. Find Ssthies! my animal instincts tell me. Find Ryana! I dash around the cornucopia looking for them. Nobody attacks me, they sorta just stare at me with that where-did-that-ostrich-come-from look. Ryana! "SQUACK!" I gobble, forgetting that I don't have my human vocal chords anymore. She looks at me funny, but then sees my green necklace and hops on my feathery back. "SSITHES! SSITHES!"

"Ryana! Shiraz! Help!!!"

Ssithes! The kid is running and dodging from Jason from 1's spears and fists, sweat covering his body. Before knowing it, I gobble up to Jason and kick him square in his backside. "AWW MY BALLS!" he screams. He's not dead but he falls to the ground clutching his crotch. Ssithes has gone from screaming to laughing his lungs out. He climbs on my back and we flee to the pink wood.


The bad thing about being the littleist is that people are always looking after you. Can't people understand I can take care of myself?! Here I am, running around the big horn when Alexander from 13 grabs me by my shirt. I squirm and try to bite, but he pulls me up higher. "Ah, the littlest of my alliance!" he taunts. "I;m sure we could do without you... and it would be just one less kid to kill, soooo...." I fall to the ground unexpectedly. Alex is twitching and sizzling, and little blue lines are rushing around him. I look up... KodiaK! I cant help but smile. He gives a little half smile back, but I don't know if he did it because he hated Alex... or because he liked me. He couldn't possibly like me, I'm a carreer, he's not. Maybe since I'm from his district, he likes me more than the other careers. But for some reason, Dani, Sherry, and Chester need my help...


"EXTINGUSH HIM! EXTINGUSH HIM!" Dani screams. The pink haired boy is on fire.

"What happened what happened?!" Megan screamed

"Well this kid was running away... and then I shot him in the hand.... and then he went on fire and started trying to touch me!!! so I shot him again in the foot and he couldn't walk, but now all the stuff is getting on fire!!!"

It's true, all the supplies are flaming. Megan uses her water to deflame the cotton candy kid, but she cant extinguish all of the supplies in time. What used to be the horn of plenty is the horn of nothing. Smoke hangs in the air filling our lungs. Cough! Gag! Make it stop!


Blood, fire, and tears. It's exactly how it sounds like. This place is a madhouse- everyone is gagging on smoke and crying their eyes out. Smoke can blind you. Me and Ben run like motorboats, screaming our alliance's names. "JAY!" I hack. "NABBY!!!"

"Help! Help!" The boy from six is next to Jay. With a club. Ben makes a wind and blows the club out of his hand and I blow shoot 'em with my brand new gun."Jay!" I stutter. She has a gash on her leg and a scratch over her eye. "Turn into something small!"

She shrinkens into a tiny pebble. I stuff her into my pocket. That's when I hear the shuffling on the ground. Great, more babysiting. The sorry kid is crawling on the ground with an arrow through his food. "Ben, carry him!" Ben scoops up Mr. Pink-head and puts him over his sholder. Finally, the four of us run into the forest like no tomorrow, because there might not be one, yknow.


Flames surround me, but I'm so close to death I can't even feel the heat anymore. I look to my clothes, which are burning to a crisp. I see Daniella through the orange. I know she's crying, even though the tears evaporate off her face instantly. The fire keeps getting brighter... and brighter.... brighter......


The careers are left sifting through charred rubble at the cornocopia, since the careers normally pick up all the stuff after nobody is there anymore, since people don't wanna mess with the big kids. :P Ony one career died, Alexander from 13. Dani has a few burns, and Jason is still sore but otherwise they're all good.

The anti-careers are mostly dead, with Lutruis, Brick, Daniella, and Hadix dead. Kronice still hopes that Kodiak will come ally with him even though most of them are dead. Mia is with him, but Kronice is a little scared of her.... Kronice fleed from the bloodbath. Mia has her axe, cupcakes, and a bigger bag. They aren't hurt. Kodiak is waiting till night to run away from the careers

Alliance 3 goes into the forest unharmed with nobody dead. Ssithes grabbed a pack of apples, Ryana took a crossbow and sleeping bag, and Shiraz was a bird so she picked up nothing to share with everyone.

For Alliance 4 miraculously nobody is dead. Nabby and Jayy are hurt, but Aniju said she'd send them medicine. Sadie has a awesome gun that she loves, Nabby has a little backpack, and Ben has a knife and a batch of brownies :D

Ricardo Reyes was lucky to get a knife and spare coat. He is unharmed.

Mystery flew from above and watched the whole thing happen. She grabbed a sword that was a little dammaged by fire but otherwise okay,

Marcus Reid is alive, but has cuts on his leg and is bleeding. he didn't get anything but a cookie that was by his plate


For the rest of the games, remember that Italiced words are what Caesar says, narrating the games.


It's amazing how high you can fly. I'm so glad I got it on the Power Wheel. Up. Above the ground, treetops, birds....

I rise into the sky, the sun slowly drooping behind the purple mountian. A orange-brown forest is beyond my feet, and a reflecting lake is to my back. To the edges of the forest, the land of pink trees and orange land meets. I can practicly see everything from uup here. I turn around. The reflection on the lake ripples. I zoom into the disturbed lake to see a pinkly-dressed tribute. Pink- that's the district 8 color. So it's either the boy or the girl, but I'm pretty sure I saw the girl get killed at the cornicopia, so I'm guessing it's the boy, but I'm not entirely sure.

I wonder who else I can spy on. I wonder where Marcus ended up. He was a pretty good roommate, but I can't say i really care. I rise up and look for more people. In the orange forest, I see a green speck and a red and blue speck. Ah, yes, the boy from District 3 and the girl from District 7, I think her name is Mia. They're trudging through the woods with a reasonably large pack of stuff to carry. I should have grabbed more, but I can find some food somehow.

I decend nto a tree. Flying shure takes a lot out of you. Even though it's probably only 5 o'colok or so, I blanket myself into it's pink flowers and go to my dreams, even though I'm still trying to wake up from this one. ~


Ben isn't that strong, but I'm not that big either. Our trek through the pink forest is almost neverending, it's pink that goes on and on and on. I mean it, I'm starting to get sick of the color. Why is my hair pink again?

I mean, it's nice that Ben's carrying me and Sadie's continually asking how I'm doing, but I hate being so pitied and helpless. I also feel bad for Jayy. She has a huge gash on her leg, a lot more painful than my arrowed foot. Good thing she's a rock... and rocks don't have nerves, so I hope she doesn't feel it. "Here's a little clearing." says Ben. "We're far enough away from the horn now, why don't we stop here?"

I can tell he's tired of carrying me.... poor Ben. We settle down for the night and lay out our stuff. Sadie's fallen in love with a handgun that's probably bigger than my head.... Ben got a knife and some brownies, I'll make note of that for later, and I got a little, empty backpack. "We did good." commented Jayy, back in human form.

"Wait a sec," I pause. "What are those things?"

Lanterns, that's what those are. Slowly, they decend towards us, illuminating the sunsetty sky. They had strange markings on them, some kind of writing. "Yeah, A bow!" squeeled Jay. There where two lanterns marked "资本", and they had a subtitle that said "Capitol". "Cooleo, Nab, you got something that you can blow stuff up with!"

"Yippee!" I say, sorta sarcasticly, since I have no purpouse in blowing things up. In the other lantern was a medicine, I guess for my foot and hand. 

"Wow, Nabby, you must have lots of rich Capitol friends." said Sadie. "Boatloads for you."

We started settling down. I share my foot medicine with Jayy for her leg, and then we lay down to rest. The ground is still warm from the day. You know what, I'm not as sad any more. I got a ton of sponser gifts, have brand new friends, and, hey, I'm not dead yet!!! My scarf is under my head, looking at the sky. Sleep comes quickly, and I'm taken to a dream about a faraway land filled with cotton candy....


This arena seems endless. We start to slip off the ostrich, so when we've gotten far enough away, she changes into a horse and speeds off. We must have been running for three hours or so.... and the game started at 3:00, so I guess it's about 6 o'clock.

Once we stopped and Shiraz finally fell on the ground, we are at the edge of a rainforest. It's amazing how many shades of green are entertwinded in there. I really want to go explore, but we all agreed we need a rest before any more action can take place. But Ssithes wants to see what's in there, so he goes out there so we can maybe find some food. Me and Shiraz start to make camp. There are two cherry trees that we can conceal under."I'll start making some traps tomorrow," decides Shiraz. "Do you remember any?"

"Only a few." I say back. "It wasn't really my main focus though."

"That's okay. I already know lots. I can teach you." For the rest of our setting-up, she lists all the traps and snares she remenbered. Most of which I cant pronounce.

Soon, Ssithes comes back with a huge melon. Yeah, melon balls! We dig in like no tomorrow. But the sun is coming down, and we all agree to sleep. We all need it. "Shiraz, why don't you use the sleeping bag tonight. You worked hard."

"Hey, maybe I want to use it." bosses Ssithes. "After all, I'm the one who got you the melons-"

"Kid, if I didn't save your butt back there you'd be crowfood by now."

"C'mon, guys, we can't fight now. You can use it tomorrow, Ssites. Let's just all rest for a while."


To celebrate their first day in the arena, the other Careeres have a cookout. Apparently, all of the fire heated up some food in the pile of stuff. All of them have had WAY to many cupcakes, I can tell you that.

But I don't want to be with them; and I;m pretty sure none of them would mind if I where missing. i wipe the ashes and dry blood off my new scythe I found in the ashpile. Ha, it was fun to watch the Careers sift through all that. But the fun is over. I watch them have there fun. Sherry is working the grill, cooking burgers. Dani just killed Jason, and she's laughing evily over his dead body. Olivia and April are drinking soda.... and Olivia is scaring me a bit; she's a little too happy. Chester and Hawk polish off cupcakes and laugh about old times. Okay I think that's everyone.... wait a sec, where's Megan? I scan my surroundings and try to find her, but when I look away from the Cookout, there she is, under the horn of the metal stucture. Why isn't she in the cookout? I thought she was a career. I seems to be doing some type of lanyard. Yeah, go Megan, be antisocial like me. I saved her life, she owes me. Isn't the saying if you save someone's life, then they are in your debt until you save there's? Whatever, I'm too tired to think right now, or try to run and find Kronice. I'm sure he's fine with Mia.....

Day 2


I have to get outta here.

I mean, i have nothing against Mia. Well, maybe a little bit. It's jsut that.... she so..... well, vicious sometimes. I would feel okay if Kodiak was here, he was my friend and I trusted him to protect me. Turns out I can't survive even 1 night away from him. I'm sorry MIa, but I gotta go.

The sun will start to come up any minute now. Let's make this quick. I take a little bit of everything. One cupcake. The rope out of the backpack. A few band-aids. Just enough, but not too much to throw Mia off and make her think I stole from her. Sunrays begis to rain orange onto the trees. Quietly, I slip away from her and go to find my real ally.


Wipeing the crub out of my eyes, I crawl out of the tree  I sheltered in. Man, this sure is different from District 12.  The air is so weird... I guess it's the absence of the coal dust that is different. 

Hunger bangs against my stomach and moans like a dog does when he wants you to throw his bone so he can fetch it. I remember from training, when the Gamemaker visited us, that 30 percent of all the tributes die of hunger; and another 10 percent from lack of water. That must be why they call it the Hunger games. Well, I guess my first step is to find some food.

I didn't get nuthin from that firepit, just a little cookie. It's chocolate chip and was still warm when I got it, but I don't dare eat it now. I'll save it for a special occasion. Maybe I could make some snares with vines around here. I remember a knot that can leave someone hanging by the foot from a tree. I make it and cover the knot in some fallen flowers. I'll come back and find it later. Water is my first pryority now.


I wake up later than I usuallu=y do. But I can't blame myself for sleeping too late- I have to admit, yesterday was a little eventful.

When I rise from the ground, Sadie is already up, picking berries from a strange tree. Wait a sec....

"Sadie, those are yewberries."

"What no Good Morning, Sadie?"

"Good morning, Sadie. Those are yew berries."


"They cause vomiting and abdominal pain. You could maybe die."

"Oh. Well I guess we areb't eating them then" She throws the deathberries out into the wood. "what do you want to do now?"

"Lets wake up everyone and keep moving. We can find food on the way,"

I tap Nab and Jay on the sholder and they slowly rise. We head northwest towards a green mob of sticks. I wonder what we'll find.


Ryana decided to leave us alone while we make traps, so she can maybe shoot some lunch. What a horrible idea. Ever since last night Shiraz has been getting on me for every little thing I do. And she's been as annoying as heck, I can tell you. I mean, I don't hate her, at least not a lot, and Ryana hates arguing, so she's make loud noises to try to drown us out. I really don't want to make her frustrated, so I try to like Shiraz, but believe me, she's a little cookoo. She talks to herself, and whenever I tell her to stop she'll say that I'm being rude and interupted her conversation. Lord knows what goes on in that girl's head.

"No, you doing it all wrong." she tells me as I attempt to make a type of trap she showed me. "You're supposed to make the whole after you tie the net."

"Yeah, yeah."

Until Ryana came back we started to make jokes about eachother> I really wanted to punch her inthe face, but I started to regain control when she stepped over our traps. "Hey guys." she cheers. "No luck. I'll try to find some after I help you a bit."

And she did. My stomach begs for food, but I'm sure I can hold off until tomorrow. Shiraz obtains a little bottle of water, which she shares with us. I thought I would have a horrible day, but I start to laugh when Shiraz turns into a termite and starts to eat a tree.


Soon after another lantern comes down for Nabby, the pink forest morphs into a land of green sticks. Ben calls them "Bamboo". I maybe have seen them in a picture book. Perhaps they're grown in the District 11 Climatrons- where they grow exotic plants. "Kay, guys." Sadie calls to attention. She's pretty much been leading us. "Our priorties right now are food and water. Nabby's gift won't last long."

"Um..." Nabby chirps. "Why doesn't Ben make it rain to have water?"

"Great idea, Nab." As if we're in a horror movie, a dark cloud  condesates above us and soaks our clothes. I haven't had water since breakfast yesterday, it feels great. 

"Okay, that was fun." Sadie admits. Now let's focus on food.

Squinting through the green, I see a white and black blob. Address. Draw. Aim. Fire. I hit it straight int he heart. "Nice, jay." complements Sadie. "Let't take it with us." 

Dripping wet with a panda on my back, We continue to journey into the endless green land of bamboo.


I return to the place where I put my traps. I feel very energized from swimming in that lake. My stomach is jealous of my full bladder- and it hopes to find something in my snare. Sadly, I see nothing. Although hunger makes me moan, I hav eto keep going. I move away from my trap, hopeful it something will catch at night. The moon is very big and soothing. I feel like I could fall asleep right now...


The careers like to hunt through the night, so they left the weakest of us, Megan and I, behind to watch the stuff. Megan proves to be pretty talkative... but she's sorta moody. A blue lantern comes down for me, a bottle of water. I don't really see why I need it; water doesn't catch our fire from the supplies-burning, but thanks anyways sponsers. Megan and I share it. We don't want the other careers to take it.

"So that's why blue is my favorite color."

"Wow..." I say. I never thought there could be so many reasons to like the color blue. Suddenly, i hear a russle. I squint into the woods to see a yellow-dressed thing lurking around. Yellow is the district 3 color. "Megan, go get me a cupcake. I want it."

"Strange time for a cupcake, but sure." She skips to the pile and I jog over to Kronice.

"Kronice!! Bad Time!" I hiss

"Sorry, I just wanted to find you... I was lonely!"

"Where's Mia?!" I whisper harsly.

"Well... uh tell you later. Come with me! The career's'll be back anny minute!"

"Kronice, a girl is right--"

"Kodiak, who you talking to?"

Panic. I push Kronice into the pink conceilment of the woods and spin around. "No one."

"But who's that?" Megan grabs Kronice by the hands and pulls him up. Gagging cherry blossoms, there is a strange gleam in his eye.

"Hey, what's your name?"

"Uh, hi, I'm Megan."

"I'm Kronice."

"Stop flirting, Kronice. " I yell, offended. "We're leaving, Megan."

"Hey!" she moans. "I wanna come!"

"Wy would you wanna come? Your a career!"

"I want an adventure!" she squeals. "Plus, all of the other careers are airheads."

"Can she come, Kodi?" pleads Kronice. "Please? She's a lot nicer than mia."

"Of course not. She'll probably kill you in your sleep. And I told you not to call me Kodi!"

"I mean, if you two leave, I guess I could tell the other careers where you went, or maybe follow you and push you in a lake..."

"Pleeeeez Kodi!?"

"Hell, fine! Whatever! As if I care! You owe me for saving you, anyway!" I storm off into the forest, and Kronice and Megan follow close behind. Hell, what did I get myslef into?


Day 3


I sure am tired. The careers hunted all through the night. When do they sleep?! Everybody has to sleep sometime, right?! I was able to get in the careers by lying and saying i got a 12... when I actually got a two. Yeah, yeah, I left the training room crying... what if I'm not Carreer material? I've been alive this far. I can say that...

The careers have had no luck today. No deaths. Now, I'm guessing it's about 5 in the morning. All of us tired, we trek through the pink forest, headed back to the cornicopia. We we're too eager to get someone we didn't get any food. My stomach rumbles like thunder.

But I hear another unpleasent sound. Whimpering. I squint through the sea of trunks. Stripes cascades over the white animals lean body. It hangs by a foot from a tree in some kind of snare. A snow tiger in troubel! "Guy's just a sec!"

I rush over to the injured animal. It whines as I cut it free. The leg it was hanging by is swolen and cut by the sharp, pointy vine. I slowly heal the animal, reversing th cuts, unreddening the bruise. THe anmimal gives me a greatful gaze. "GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"


I rush to April as soon as i heared her scream. Blood and a tiger's growls fly everywhere. The boy from District 12 has attacked her. "April!" I spring to the rescue and dig my knife into Marcus, right into his heart. A boom comes right after, but I'm not sure who's it is. With that taken care of, the tiger springs upon me. It digs into my leg, but a throwing star in the nick is enough to silence him. But it's too late. April is gone.


How dare he! Running away from me like that! That scrawny kid from 3 thinks he can stand me up?! Steal my food?! Nope! I mean, he stole the last cupcake! Now give me a reason to not be mad. Who does that? Agh! What a whimp. No matter, I will find him and get my revenge. I'll find him...


We venture through the forest together. Kodiak leads the way, as Kronice and I stay back and talk. Kodi want's to find Mia- he's disapointed in Kroncie for abandoning her. I didn't really picture Kronice as a talkative person, he was sort of a loner, but something has him talking to me. His favorite color in apparently yellow and he likes computers alot.

My lanyard is finally done; it's blue and green with a little aqua mixed in. I think about giving it to Kronice, but I think that would if I did things would be a little too friendly. I walked up to Kodi and show it to him. "For you."

"Megan, I'm not in the mood." he tells me tiredly. He's been through a lot.

"Do you miss the Careers?" I ask him.

"Of course not." he says. "I'm just irritated. It's not the way I wanted it to be."

"I understand." I lie. After a moment, I notice something. "Oh, no I lost my earring! They where my mom's... can we go back and look for them?"

"Here, kiddo." Suprisingly, he takes one of his many pieceings and encloses it into my hand. After that, not another word. 

Kodiak was definately different from other people from my district. Most people would encourage me to train and volenteer for the games. But he has a different mindset. There's lots of things I'm learning about my friends today...


One thing about this place I love is the birds. We don't see many birds, besides pideons, in District 8. Probably because of all our cottom fumes. Such elaborate and wonderful sounds they make. High notes from a bright red bird. Low hoots from a chunky owl. There's something majical about the wild.

As I wade in the lake, my eye catches a white and red bird with really long skinny legs. So tranquil. But for some reason, all of the birds seem to be flying south. Don't birds fly south during the winter? I thought the hunger games where during the summer. However, it certainly does feel a little chillier than the day I got here. Uhg, I'm going paranoid. It's not getting colder. It's the middle of summer. Nothing to worry about, right?


Even though pandas are an indagered species I'm glad Jayy shot it. I was hungry. No wonder they call it the hunger games. Who cares about the panda; it was probably raised in captivity in the capitol and lived a soft life. Shame to pandas everywhere. I'm glad Nabby can't here my anti-capitol thoughts. I don't hate him, i just hate every one else. Pandas are sorta creepy anyway.

We are very recorseful with the panda. Nabby heats up the meat with his fire and takes the skin to try to make something out of it. Ben takes the claws off and makes a weapon of sorts. Apparently we have lots of fans, we get 2 loafs of bread and a sword. We are having a full meal today. Bread and panda, delish. Ben has finally perfected the skill of making miniature clouds that rain in our mouths. We will never go thirsty again. We save one loaf of bread for later.

"Sadie?" asks Jay the after early dinner. "When do you think one of us is going to die?"

I'm quite taken back by the question. "Wuh, why do you ask?"

"Don't you think we've been lucky so far?" she explains. "The games are a quarter done and we haven't been attacked once. How long do you think it's going to stay that way?"

I haden't thought about it. It's practicly been sunshine and rainbows so far. How long will it last, or should I say we last? Why haven't I realized I would eventually loose my new friends.. or even my own life. "We'll cross that bridge when we get there, Jay." I tell her. "C'mon guys, lets keep moving."

And so we keep moving. 


Life hasn't been as good for careers as in previous years. Normally we get all the stuff but it's all burned up now. However, we managed to find 2 walkie talkies in the remains. So therefore we spilt into two groups. Hawk, Olivia, and Chester are somewhere by the lake looking for Kodiak and Megan, who stood us up, and the rest of us are looking for more kills. We put all the airheads in the search group; It's getting a little annoying to have to listen to Hawk's nonsense for so long.

"Hawk! I. Don't. CARE!" I say for the bajillionth time. "Just tell me where you are."

"Oh, we just got to the lake." the walkie talkie muffles. "Hey, look! I think that's Kodiak!"

"What!? Go get him!"

"Naw, I'm just kidding! JK, LOL."

"What the heck, Hawk?!"

"No, it's just that nerd kid from District 8."

"What are you doing! Kill him NOW!!"

"Oh, yeah, thanks for the advice." I hear shuffling and shuffling, then high pitched screams. I am exited when I here the cannon, but then I hear another one. Why was there two? "hehe, Sherry?" he calls to attention/ "I have good news and bad news... good news is Olivia killed the 8 dude..." he pauses. "Bad news is that I killed Chester by accident..."

"WHAT?!" Chester! My friend! How could he? I guess I'll have to bring pride to my district on my own...


The day is winding down. The sun sinks into the countless cherry trees in the west. Ssithes has ventured into the forest again, but hasn't brought back any melons or food. Luckily, we have new bread for us, and we still have that sack of apples. Bread and fruit. We chow down on our good dinner.

"So guys." I say. "Let's wind down. Who wants to take watch first?"

"We can do it." Shiraz morphs into a crow and flutters into the nearest tree.

"Wait a sec who's we?" Ssithes asks.


"Who's the heck is Merlot? What kind of name is that?"

"It's a meerkat name. And she's my friend..."

"I don't see her...

"C'mon guys, lets just drop it." I say. "Mira isn't your buisness, Double S.


"Merlot. You going to sleep, S? I'm going to say up a little and practice teleporting."

"I'll practice with you." For the most part, there is no more fighting for the rest of the evening. Ssithes uses his new axe to channel his element control. It's pretty to see the dew fly off the grass and air spin around like a tornado. Eventually Shiraz decides to join us and she changes into a blue butterfly, a snail, a lion with a scatch over his eye, and countless more. This is the happiest I've been for the whole games.


After we've been walking for a while, I hang with Kodiak. Megan hangs back making another lanyard. She apparently mastered lanyarding and walking at the same time.

"So, you're staying?" I ask Kodiak with hope.

"Naw," he replies. "I'll stay for the night, though. I'm not quite done with the Careers yet..." he adds a malicious pause. "I'll invent some kind of lie to tell them to explain my absence."

"Kay." I approve. "I just get lonely, that's all." Secretly, I'm a little scared of Mia, just because I know that she could kill me in one hit, but Kodiak doesn't understand how it is to be small and shy. "Plus, i'm girltrapped."

"Ha," Kodiak forces. "Don't worry kid. The careers will be finnished and I'll be back soon."

Moonlight glints onto a strange structure that has been built into the orange trees. "Mia?" Kodiak hushs. He uses a bit of electricity to illuminate it, but boy this is creepy. "Miiii-aaaaa..."



"Kronice, stop screaming, I didn't even do anything, yeesh,"

There she is. Brown hair, green eyes, green District 7 outfit. Lord, I knew she would have jumped me if she didn't see Kodi here. Praise the lord for Kodiak. "Hey Kronice." Mia greets. "Hey Kodiak."

"Hey Mia." says Kodiak. "Before you kill her, this is our new... friend... Megan. From District 4."

"Gross, a career."

Megan seems a little taken aback, but puts it aside. Career districts and outer districts are like Cubs and Cardinals. "You don't kill me, I don't kill you." Proposes Megan. "Deal?"

"Deal." Mia agrees.

"Mia... I thought you'd be in bed by now."

"So you thought so." she states. "You guys are probably exousted from walking, why don't you sleep while I take watch?"

"I'll take first watch..." Kodiak decides. "I thougt youd be mad."

"So you thought so."

"No, I mean that Kronice left you so abruptly."

"Why would I be mad." She says, through gritted teeth. Girls are sorta confuzing sometimes. What was that supposed to mean?

"Megan, Kronice, go to sleep, get your rest. Mia and I are taking watch." Kodiak orders. I sorta feel like Kodiak and Mia are my parents and Megan is my sister. Do your chores, Kronice. Make your bed, Kronice. Hahaha, too bad I miss my real dad...

Contest #1

Now that people are running out of sponser money, it's time for contests. There will be three. They might be a question, contest, or something else I can think of. No one "wins", whoever participates and gets the question or whatever right will get the sponser money. This first one is an easy one cuz almost everyone knows this...

Who is my profile picture and what movie is he from???

Participants: Aniju Aura, TheMysteriousGeek, and PrezziesNow. Reward: 100 sponser moneys!

Contest #2

Okay, there will be a feast on Day 6. I know it's early, but I want to not have to wait for people to tell me stuff at the end of Day 5. So answer these to get 150 sponser points!

  1. Will your tribute(s) go to the feast OR do you wish for your alliance to go there? Yes, no or let me choose (that is different from not choosing at all) If you don't respond there is a likelyhood your tribute will die at the feast, depending on what I need for the story.
  2. What does your tributes need the most? 
  3. When are all your tributes birthdays? It will make sense later.
  4. Because I like to be intertaned, if you where a cookie what kind would you be? I'd be macadamia nut :3

Participants so far: Aniju Aura, PrezziesNow, MysteriousGeek,

Day 4


Luckily, I figured out how to sleep and fly at the same time. Now nobody can kill me while I am not awake, unless they can fly too.

I wake up and look to the purple mountian. Talk about a view. I can see the entire arena from up here. Hey, I can even see every individual person. In the silver cornicopia, I see pink, red, and silver specks, the colors of districts 1, 2, and the Capitol. I wonder where the district 4 people are. In the bamboo, the outer districts alliance is still sleeping, but one boy with colored hair is sturring. To the south is two blue-and yellow specks with a tan speck. That one's the District 5 alliance.  I realize that I'm the only loner left. Is that to my advantage or disadvantage?Hm... I guess I'll find out soon...


Wiping the sand out of my eyes, I look upon my alliance. People always look so at peace in their sleep. Like there is no problem in the world. However, Sadie still has her gun cluched in her arms like a teddy bear, ready to spring to action at the slightest noise.

I am so in debt to my alliance. They've been so nice to me, not to mention keeping me alive. In graditude to them, I decide to start breakfast. I'm not really a good cook, but I love art, so maybe I could at least try to make the food look good. I venture around, looking for something to eat. Lucky for me, I make my way into a meadow filled with fruit trees of all colors. Wow! I've never seen so much fruit in my life! I really have the urge to frollick through this place, but there's work to be done.

Looking for the ripest fruit, I come across a tree with lots of green and yellow ones. They look like lemons but bigger. I don't think we learned about this in training. Fo r a minute I'm reluctant to try it. What if it's poison? One arena was one were it was really beautiful, but it turned out everything was toxic. But I'm hungry! I jab a whole into one and sqeeze the juice in my mouth and... Sour! Ah! I spit and hack out the foul juice and start to look for more fruit to rid myself of the taste.

After looking and looking, I hope my alliance isn't awake and worrying about me. But something catches my eye... Kiwis! Finally a decent fruit I can reconize. I pick as many as I can hold and run back to my allies. Once I get back, everyone wakes up and we eat a good breakfast. I feel pretty proud of myself.


I'm up before anyone. It's still early, but the sun graciously inches up the sky. It's red, like the one on the Japanese flag. "Hey, Guys..." Ah! A voice from the sky! Wait a second, it sounds like Caesar! "Hi!!! It's me, the game's announcer! Sorry if I woke you up, it's like 7 in the morning! How are ya all doing down there?!"

I'm sorta spooked. Ryana and Shiraz bolted right up when they hear Caesars belowing voice. As if Caesar wasn't loud enough before he had his voice on the intercom. "So, I have good news! Tomorrow is my birthday! March 11th. Yay!" Caesar starts to make clapping sounds. "Hey, why are you guys not clapping?! Clap!!!"

We all start to clap, slowly and confuzedly. "Good, I got everyone to clap now!" He rejoices. "So, to celebrate, we are going to have a feast tomorrow!" he exclaims. Great, a feast, just what the world needed. Personally I think that feasts are becoming overdone. It used to be ever two or three years there would be one, but now almost every game has one. I used to like 'em cuz we could get off of school, but not anymore. "Whoever comes gets a piece of my birthday cake sent to them afterwards.They're be lots of party favors, like food, weapons, and lots more stuff! You're all invited, but if you have other things to do that's ok. It's tomorrow at 12:00. Bye!"

We look at eachother. "Good morning, guys." I tell them."

"Morn." Ryana replies.

"Do you think we should go to his party?"

"Let's decide later." Ryana says. "Wanna have breakfast?"

"I'm sick of apples, and we already ate our bread." Shiraz points out. " I wanna explore the rainforest and find more of those yum melons."

"I haven't really said this yet to you, Shiraz," I say. "But I agree,"

"I don't know..." Ryana says with nervousness in her voice. "The sun's not all the way up.. what if night animals are still out?"

"We can scare 'em off." I comfort. "And why not?"

"Mmm... I s'pose." she agrees. "Those melons where good. Let's get some."

Shiraz turns into a blue butterfly and flutters into the woods, with me and Ryana running after her. Out to explore the great unknown...


Caesar was a very affective alarm clock. I planned to leave before sunrise, because Kronice probably wouldn't be able to say his goodbyes, but apparently I slept late. "Morning, guys." Mia says, towering above me.

"You where already up?" Megan asks.

"I never went to sleep. I stayed up alll night!" I realize I must have fallen asleep while I was watching. Night is sorta boring. My arm is still asleep and I'm sore from sleeping in a weird way.

"What did you do that whole time?" I asked her

"I found breakfast!"

Mia holds up 4 green and yellow fruits. Kronice is happy "Oh, yeah I'm starvin Marvin!"

"Marvin?" questions Mia. "Want one, Meg?"

"Naw, I'm not hungry right now."

"Mia, those are Kabosu." I tell her. "Japanese lemons. They're really, really--"

"SOUR!!!" Face puckered, Kronice tries to untaste the Kabosu lemon. "puh, puh, puh! X*"

Mia cackles. A half-smile crosses the left side of my face. "Oh, haha, I knew that!" She throws the death lemons away into the woods. "What do you guys wanna do now?"

"I'm goin' back to the Careers now." I state. "I have a little something for them."

"Can I come?" asks Megan. "Not that I like the Careers anymore, but just cuz I can?"

"Sure, kid." I reply "You two stay safe. We'll be back tomorrow morning."

"Tomorrow's the feast, Kronice remembers. "Can you be back by 12? Before it starts?"

"Yeah, we'll be back by then." I promise. "But there's no way we;'re going"

"But it's a birthday party!" Megan pleaded. "Kmon, Kodi, why not have a little adventure in your life?"

"Ugh, don't call me Kodi!" I order. "It's dangerous. Don't go, guys."

"Let's decide later." Kronice says. "So....."

"Bye, Kodi-bo-bohdee!" Mia says her fairwell. "I'll take goooood care of Kroncie!"

Somehow, there was a hint of anger in her voice. "Okay, Mia." I reply. "And just remember, if anyone touches Kronice, I'll be back here ASAP to kill them back..."

"Er, okay." Mia says. That was the end of the conversation. I grabbed my new sponser gift and left, Megan skipping behind me.


I learned a very valuble lesson from today. This is the Hunger Games. Always expect the unexpected.

After we sucked on some kumquats, we went through the bamboo and came across a beautiful, sweet-grass meadow. Two cherry trees elegantly sat yards away from us against the cerulean sky. Colors were intertwinend into the grass, making it like a rainbow. Somehow, it was menacing and beautiful at the same time. Jay began to giggle and ran into the field. She picked up one of the colors, and it flew out of her hands. "Eek!" she squeeald. "What was that?!"

I take a closer look. It was... paper. I pick up an orange paper. It was an animal. A frog. The rippable animal made a sqeaking sound, a whistly, high pitched squeak. What are these called. "Jay," I call. "These are... origumis?"

"Origamis!" Nabby smiles. "Living origami!"

The whole thing seems like it is out of a dream. I carefully step through the field, cautious nto to step on these little miracles. That's when it went wrong. 

"SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!" A red origami crane flew up into the air and screetched a signal-squeek. And WHOOSH, all the origami animals fly into the air, coloring  the sky like a rainbow. Sadie's mouth is dropped open, looking at the new ceiling. Then they all started squeaking.

All I can see was paper. It's swarming us! Paper cuts! Paper cuts! Jay and Nabby scream. Think quick! Think quick! I summon a storm cloud and drench ourselves, the paper sogening up and falling to the ground."Everyone okay?"

"Yes" Sadie calls.

"Here," Jay yells


Oh no. Laying on the floor, Nabby is sprawled on the ground covered in paper cuts. Ashes surround him. No. He must have been trying to burn off the origamis, but I made it rain and washed him out. Nabby... was gone. Jay puts her face in my shirt and sobs. Sadie just looks into his unmaching, unblinking eyes....


"Ah!" Hahaahaaa!!! Yeah! I shocked Kodi! "What was that for?!"

"I felt like I had to shock somebody." I answer. "And I did!"

"You know I could shock you a LOT more than that." He reminds me. In the disdance, I see a large body of water, passed a few cherry trees. "Look, its a lake." Kodiak points out "This is phase 2 of my plan."

"What was phase one?"

"Running away from the Careers. You can fish, right?"

"Of course!" I yell. What a silly question.

"Then let's get fishin'"

We get fishin'. Not to brag, but once Kodiak managed to catch one trout with his homemade rod, I already was on my 11th koi. "Er, that's enough now." He tells me. "Hand me that bottle."

There's a little red bottle marked with an x next to Kodi's bag of extra bread. It comes out black as tar on the fish. "Hey, what's that?"

"Our weapon against the Careers." he tells me. "Don't eat it. You'll probably die."

I stare at the fish. I mean... I've learned Careers are snobs, but poisoning them? "Can you cook it with your electric powers?"

"M-hm." he hums. Soon, the fish smells good and crisp-- and we make our way to the Careers' nest.


As monkeys, Merlot and I swing across the trees and look for fruit, while Ssithes and Ryana look for melons below. Once you've been to the rainforest, your whole view of things change. I only have seen the rainforest once, I havent been in it before now. When I was in District 4, outside their gate was a big tropical jungle. However this is a different kind of forest. There are no palm trees like in District 4, there are only tall and slender trees with all their leaves at the top. It's amazing that they support both of us monkeys.

"Merlot?" I call.

"Right here." Merlot is a monkey with blue eyes, on top of another tree. "Did you find any food?"

"Naw," I reply. "Just leaves. Now... about the feast..."

"Shiraz," Merlot swings down to me. "I know what you're doing."


"You're doing that thing where you ease me into a conversation to get me to say yes. No feast, it's dangerous. I don't want to loose you."

"C'mon, Merlie!" I put my arm around her hairy neck, pick a bug out of her hair, and pop it into my mouth. "It will be fun. And exiting!"

"What part of death is fun and exiting?"

"Merlot, why do you always have to be such a downer? Why do you always have to thing things through? When was the last time you had a little thrill?"

She ponders for a moment. "Remember in District 6 when we rode that roller coaster?"

"Yeah! That was awesome! Remember when it made that loop and the guy next to us puked?"

"I don't think I'll ever be able to forget..." Her hand goes to her stomach. "But no feast. You'll die and I'll die. We can do lots of fun things here."

"Pleeeeeeeeeese Merlot? Plus I want those sickles, I never got any."

"Why don't you be crafty and make one." she says. "Now please promise me you won't go, for goodness' sake."

"Okay, I promise." I agree reluctantly. But a promise is a promise. No backin' out. 

"Shiraz!" I here from below. It's Ssithes. "We just found a whole patch of melons! Come see!"

We change into birds and fly down to the surface, filling our bellies with huge, orange melons.


Right now, Dani and I are sitting on a barrel that suprisingly survived the bloodbath fire. We found an eraser in the barrel and now we're making eraser puddy. "Why aren't we killing people right now?" I ask.

"Why should we?" asks Hawk., laying in the grass. "I'm already gunna win anyway. I might as well sit back and relax."

The careers are real boring this year. This wasn't how I dreamed of it when I was a kid. Just as I wished for some exitement, I see shadows in the forest. As fast as lightning i pull out my knives and pull them back. "Wait!" screams the smaller shadow. Is that... Megan?!

"Megan! Girl!" I rush up to her. She and Kodiak are together, holding a bag filled with bread, fish, and fruit ."Where've you been?"

"Er," Kodiak stutters. "We went hunting... and fishing."

"For a whole day? Why didn't you tell us?"


"We fell in a hole and couldn't get out!" Megan finnishes. "It was deep and we were stuck in there for hours until finaly we found a way out."

"Really?" I say.

Megan winks at Kodiak. "Also," He continues. "We caught a fish for you guys. Koi."

Olivia, Hawk, and Dani come back to greet the two and he shows us the fish. "I've never had Koi before." comments Dani.

"Mm! I'm gunna eat the whole thing." With that, Olivia shoved her face into the fish. Megan has her mouth dropped open and Kodiak has a hey-that-was-supposed-to-be-for-everyone look on his face.

"Olivia!" I yell. "Why? That's gross!"

"That's fine," Kodiak says. "We caught more fish."

"Hey... what's this?"

I pull a little black bottle marked "X" out of Kodiak's pocket "SOY SAUCE!" He panics as he steals it back from me. "It's marked with an x because..."

"It's X-tra yummy!" Megan giggles.

"Oh, okay then," I agree. "But let's save the rest of the fish for after the feast, when we're hungry. It's almost night, lets get reddy to rest.


Everyone is quiet. Nobody wants to eat tonight. Ben goes to sleep right away, to escape his problems. I had a next-door neighbor who did that. She had 6 kids, one away, and she couldn't feed them all. She would sleep all day to escape reality. Ben still feels guilty about it.

A few hours ago we lifted Nabby into a tree. A pink one. We wanted to hide his body from hungry animals to preserve his beauty for as long as we could. As we lift him up, a song called "Chandelier" popped into my head. We take the bottles out of his pockets, we could be able to use them. An hour later, a lantern marked "火柴" with matches in it came.  And now, me and Sadie are sitting against a bamboo cluster, watching Ben sleep. "HEY GUYS!"

Ah! I jumped back, but realized it was Caesar... again. "Hey!!!" he greeted. "How are you guys doing down there? Just to remind you, tomorrow is my birthday! Make sure to come to my birthday party! It starts at 12 o'clock. To help you remember, I'm putting a clock in the sky, just cause you guys don't have watches. Cue the clock!" Silence. "Brij! The clock! Put it on! Yes, I mean NOW!" After that, the numbers 9:07 illuminates the sky "Good! It's about 15 more hours til my birthday party! March 11th, guys! Bye!"

Caesar's voice fades out as he continues to yell at the girl who put on the clock. Next on the Caesar Channel is "The Fallen", staring Nabby. Only Nabby. Uhg, now I'll never get to sleep with all that noise.

Feast stuff

These are the tributes who have decided not to go to the feast:

  • Kodiak (4)
  • Shiraz (5)
  • Ben (11)
  • Jayy (11)

These are the tribute who have decided to go

  • Ssithes (5) - Needs another weapon - Birthday is July 10th
  • Sadie (13)  - Needs better weapons and food - Birthday is August 3



  • Olivia (C) - Going - January 30th
  • Dani (1) - Going - April 15th
  • Sherry (2) - Going - July 3rd
  • Kronice (3) - Going - November 30th
  • Megan (4) - Not going - October 27th
  • Mia (7) - Going - August 22nd
  • Ryana (9) - Not Going - Sept. 1st
  • Mystery (12) - Not going - December 12th

Day 5


A cannon awakens me during the night, but I dose back off to sleep. But when I wake up, Olivia wasn't there. Was it her who died, and the hovercraft picked up her body? What could she have done to die? She's not dumb enough to hurt herself. Maybe it was something she ate. Who knows... perhaps she had a seafood alergy from the koi she stuck her face in. Rest in peace, crazy, funny Olivia.

An hour or so after waking up, Sherry calls us together and draws a map of the couricopia and surrounding forest in the dirt. She had sorta been leading us "Okay, guys," she says. "I figured out a plan last night. Ready to hear?"

We all nod our heads. "Okay, so Dani, you're going to be the guy who actually gets our stuff. I want you to go first. That way the other guys will think we're already gone and their safe to go." She drew a 1, reprisenting me, running to the cornicopia. "Meanwhile, me and Hawkie are going to be hiding in the horn, so we can jump out unexpectingly to the people trying to get their stuff. Kodiak and Megan, I want you guys to circle around looking for people waiting to go, or going away from the horn. Got it?"

Kodiak and Megan look at eachother and nodd. Sherry has it all figured out. I start to figure out who is left and who we have to confront at the feast. Me, Sherry, the boy from 3, Kodiak and Mia, both from 5, Hawk and his district partner, the girl from 9, both from 11, and the girls from 12 and 13. Looks like it's a gunna be a big birthday party.


I wake up with crust in my eyes. I had a weird dream about me at home. I was eating a donut. We almost never get any type of pastry in District 9, because we aren't aloud to eat what we make. All of that goes to The Capitol. It was a good one, the chocolate kind with purple icing and sprinkles. But sadly no matter how hard I try I cant remember how it tasted.

As soon as my vision unblurs, I see another lantern has come to us during sleep. Although the other lanterns had strange symbols on it, these kinds where different. It had "낫" on it. "Hey, Shiraz?" I call.

I hear a chirp from up in a tree. She must have been sleeping there. "I think this is for you."

She humanizes, opens the lantern, and smiles. "Yeah, I wanted this! Thank you, sponser! If I survive I hope I can meet you someday!"

A little grin slides across my face. "Where's Double S?"

"Here I am." He says "I'm leaving, for the feast."

"Already?" This reminded me of back in the day, when sometimes my dad would have to leave early for work. It would feel silly to be at home, so alone.

"Yeah, we're pretty far out, it'll take me hours to get there." he clarifies. "Are you sure you don't wanna come?"

"No thanks, I need to watch over the camp." I say. "Have fun... i guess."

"Seeya, Ryana." he winks. "Shiraz."

Then Ssithes disapears with his axe in hand, into the pink. I start to think about my donut again. I wish it could have been a pink one.

The feast will start NOW!


"Hawk!!" screams Sherry from the Cornicopia. "Get over here! The feast starts in less than a minute!"

Personally I think that Sherry expects a little to much of me. By now I thought all the careers would be following my terms. But nooo, Sherry comes up with a super cool plan and now she's leading the group. Everyone is in their position but me. I am sposed to hide in the cornicopia with Sherry. Maybe if a big tribute comes to get their supplies I can push her out. But whatever, I just go with the flow. I hear the mechanical screechings of the table rising out of the ground, bearing supplies. I creep into the shadow of the golden horn, until I hear "Yeah, it's time to party!"

"Caesar?!" Sherry and I both yell, suprised.

There he is with his purple party hat atop his head. "Oh hey guys! Aren't you SO exited for my birthday!?"

"Caesar, you're aware that somebody could kill you, verdad?!" Sherry says in a hoarse whisper. "You shouldn't have came!"

The host of the games gasped. "What? And miss my very own birthday party?! How do you imagine something so horrible!?"

"Stop talking to us! You'll blow our cover!"

"Oh, yeah, your plan. " Caesar uncrookeds his party hat and shouts "Let the feast begin!"


I watch the table come up with the stuff on it. They're all white and the same size, their only difference is the big red numbers on them. One for the Careers, 2 for Mia's alliance, 3 for the alliance with the 5 kids and 9 girl, and 4 for us. There is also a smaller package for the last loner marked with a 12. Hmmm now I'm realizing that there are so many alliances these days. Back when the games started there were only one or maybe two alliances in the whole games. But now there are four. Strange how times change. Wait... I have been focusing so much on the numbers that I didn't realize the table... There are poorly drawn animals on the table. And they all have names of months under them. A tiger with March under it. June with a snake above it. A dog is partnered with November. Now I'm realizing they are all zodiak animals. Hm...

I'm trying to wrap my head around it when the girl from District One comes out of the forest. Sprinting, she dives for the pack for the Careers. "Oh, goodie!" Caesar smiles. "Now I get to press the button Klendrick gave to me! Time to find out what it does!"

With the press of a button, a dozen bunnies rage out of the table and begin to tear apart the girl's flesh. Blood flies around as she tries to get them of. She turns invisible to throw them off, but they can smell her. Stupid girl, she should have invisiblilized before she even came running in. 

It's so complex. Why did bunnies come and attack her?! Bunnies are one of the pictures on the table, under the month of april...

I get it now. Depending on your birthday, you will be attacked by the zodiac animal that corresponds with your birthday. The girl's birthday must have been in april. My birthday is in August, so if I go out, I will be attacked by goats. They'd eat me alive... what do I do?!


"Kay, Kronice." I tell him from in his tree. "I'm teleporting in! Hold these rocks, and If I don't get outta there fast enough and the goats come, throw them at the goats." The rocks are so huge that he can barely lift them "I'm goin in!"

I conjure all my energy on teleporting and zap. I'm on top of the table, but bad idea. The girl from 13 decided to drop in at the same time. I slip try to run but trip backwards, slapping Caesar in the face. "My face!" he yells, the remote flying out of his hand and landing button-down. No, anything but goats! They eat at me and the girl's shirt. Soon a the boy from my district and another girl come, and goats start to eat them too. A big rock comes flying in, but it hits me in the foot. And zap, I teleport into Kronice's tree. "What is wrong with you?!" I yell, not able to control my temper."

"Sowee!" he says timidly. "At least you have the stuff!"

"K'mon, lets go." I took his hand and we teleported meters by meters out of the area.

"Kodiak and Megan will meet us there, right?" he assures

"Soon," I tell him calmly. "Soon."

In the distance, I hear the loud, Caesar voice saying, "Hey! You forgot to give me a present! How rude!!!"


Shiraz and I got bored with all this waiting. We tried to look at the clouds and tell what they look like, but that was really boring. But eventually I saw that orange haired kid come through the forest.

"Ssithes!" I call. "Did you get it?"

"Yup!" He screams back. "I came in at the end and took it when nobody was there. Smart, huh?"

"Lucky, too. In my opinion we need less luck and more strength. We have depended on too much luck during this games." I take the giant soup can and untwist the top, revealing a new-and-improved axe, bandaids, a coat, and a piece of cake. "You did good" I told him.

"Thanks." he thanked.

The sun is setting. I lick a little icing from the birthday cake bag and doze off.

Day 6


"Caesar, wake up!"

Klendrick pushes on my arm and I awake from my horrificifying dream. "Wha wha what?"

"You fell asleep." He informed. "again."

"Oh, yeah, uh sorry dude." I say grogily. "It's just that I've been having reccuring dreams!"

"Really? Facinating! What about?"

"They where all about fire." I tell. "And paper... and death!!!"

"I minored in psycology in the Capitol University." Klendrick gives me a half smile. "Dreams are often based on the thoughts and actions that one does during their day. Maybe you've been thinking alot."

"But how do I get rid of them?"

"Hm...." he ponders, thumb and pointer finger on his chin. "Since dreams are based on what you did during the day, why don't we put some cold into the arena. You'll be watching the games all day, so maybe the cold will reverse the fire."

"That's confuzing, but yeah! I'd like to see some snow in the games! Can you make it blue?"

"Blue? Okay, blue snow."

I can't wait to see what happens!


My eyes opened to a day that was unusually cold. This arena was warm and humidish yesterday... what event in weather could change weather this fast? Cold front? I don't know much about weather or the seasons. One because I had better things to do than learn about it in school, like hunting and just sneaking out. And two, in District 13 we don't need to worry about storms and stuff. We're underground. One day it stomed on me while I was out, and I had to make a lie to my teacher Mr. Good about why I was late and wet. I am not really fond of storms. But it feels cold enough for snow...

But who cares. Chances are I'm just overreacting. But still, the clouds are an unusual shade of blue. I put my jacket over Ben, who has been snoozing against a tree. Don't want him to get hypothermia or frostbite. Jay is in a sleeping bag, making tiny bird noises in her slumber. I want to do something, but I don't know how to prepare for a storm. I guess its best to wait for the others to wake up. Lord, I wish Nabby was here to warm us up.


First snowflakes begin to fall upon the grass. I have never seen snow before, District 4 is in the south of Panem, near The Great Jungle. Our winters are rainy and summers sticky and humid, I have never been this cold. The clouds are so blue... I think Megan and I should get back to our alliance. I remember telling Kronice I would be back after the feast, and I admit it, I feel a little guilty. A little. But I should get back to him and Mia.

I poke Megan and ask her if she wants to come, and she drowselly arrieses. Before we leave, I dab a little of the so-called soy sauce onto some of our sponser gifts: a pack of rice, some various nuts, and some giant cookies. Some other non-food stuff we got was a blanket that Sherry's using and a sword. Megan also was lucky enought to get a dozen knives. Our sillohettes blend in with the forest dark.

As more snow falls, the more our footsteps are masked. Blue snow... I never seen snow and I don't think Megan has either, so I don't wanna ask her a stupid question like 'is the snow supposed to be that blue?'. I've seen snow in pictures, but you can't be sure. I The sky lights up and the clouds yell in booming voices. Thundersnow, my new favorite kind of snow. But I can't be destracted by all this: my job is to look for my alliance. I whistle into the wind, and here no reply. But the softest "Kodiak! Help!" emerges our of the pink-blue trees. "Kodi!" I rush into the trees and find Kronice, his hand rummaging through the feast container, and Mia, bloody foot sprawled out onto a rock. Her nose is as red as a reindeer's, and she's as pale as an cloud. "I accidentally threw a rock onto her foot!" Kronice whines. "And now she has a cold!"

Aw shoot! I rush to the container and fish out what we might need. But there's nothing but band-aids. Those are no good, the blood is already freezing to her foot.


Cold.  It’s like I was never cold before. We’ve had regular-colored storms like this in my district, but there was always the mayor to let strays stay until the weather cleared up, or sewers with warm pipes running  through them to take shelter in. Now, in the wild, there was nowhere to hide.

I don’t fly up into trees; I’m afraid the limbs might break with all the blueness piled up on them. So I just float in the air to escape the frozen rain on the ground, surrounded by nothing but flying bullets of snowclumps and icy air. I’m surprised there haven’t been any cannons yet. But surely one tribute at least will be eliminated as the little warmth the sun gives us falls into the horizon. Could it be me? God will do what God wants. Let Him choose. Maybe it’s meant to be.


Kodiak struggles to heal the wound on Mia’s leg. I have never been this cold, ever. I miss the soft, moist air of the sea, the fabulous rainbow of fish in the clear waters. But all this air has in it is death.

Mia is moaning as Kodi and Kronciey try to wipe away the frozen blood. The nail-polished green of her fingernails now is accompanied by blue. Kronice keeps trying to help, but he’s doing everything wrong. Kodiak’s yelling at him, getting louder and louder each time. I look down at my feet, luckily shielded by my terrain shoes. Mia seems to get quieter and quieter each time I hear her. Pretty soon, I don’t hear at all.

Stop her pain. Let her die. She doesn’t deserve this. Soon she’ll be out of the cold and into the light. Let her die. I don’t want her to suffer anyone.

  • boom*

A tear escapes from my eye, and it is warm for a minute, but as it trickles down my cheek, it leaves a frozen trail behind it.


My limbs are to the point where I feel like they will break off. I keep trying to think of animals with more furr than a snow leopard, but the cold has frozen my thoughts. Ssithes, Merlot, and Ryana snuggle up to my semi-warm furr, like it makes a difference. Before, Ssithes tried to make a fire, but it's so cold that it keeps dieing out. I feel cramped and want to keep moving to keep my blood moving. But everyone's so comfy, I can't disturb them! 

I was just getting into a conversation with Merlot about what would be a better death, freezing or burning. Freezing is definately worse. When you get reallly cold, it starts to feel hot, so just I'd rather just take hot rather than cold then hot, especially now. Just then, I hear muffly sounds behind us. I turn my head, careful not to disturb my allies. Oh no. Not them, The two remaining careers are unknowingly heading right for their next kill, or kills. "Why are we even moving? We should have stayed in the horn!" The boy from District 7, who's name I forgot.

"People are vulnerable now." Sherry, the district 2 girl, says with a grin. "We are well prepared. Nothing can stop--"


"OMG!!!" The boy yelled. "It's a-a-a WOLF!!!!!!"

"Dude, calm down, it's just a stupid--"

"WOLF!!!!!" The idiot boy slipped on the ice and blood poored from his leg, turning the snow purple instead of blue.

"What is wrong with you?!" Sherry yelled. "What a stupid weakness!"

Merlot giggled at me in wolf form. I smile. Who knew Hawk was scared of wolves?! Sherry carries him away back to the safety of the horn. I doews off to sleep.

Day 7


Light floods my eyes, and to my suprise, there is no snow in sight. Not even evidence of snow. Just a kabillion green sticks pointing out of the ground like normal. Sadie is already up, and equally astonished. Jay was still asleep, her face covered by the sleeping bag. Hm... she's normally awake first, and she's not making any animal sounds in her sleep like I've heared before. "Tributes! Listen!"

Yes, that is unmistakably Caesar. "Hi! Thanks for all waking up so that I could give you this message. Oh, and we got ridd of the snow, your welcome. It's so 4 hours ago, you know? So since it was cloudy last night and we knew more people would die we didn't show deaths. But now you can see them! They are comming up right now. Bye guys!"

The fallen is the District 7 boy and girl, nine girl. I think they are done, but there is one more. Oh my gosh, Jay. Both of our mouths are dropped open. Sadie lifts the cover on Jays bag. She is not sleeping. She is dead.


Shiraz and I are sad to find Ryana blue-in-the face dead from hypothermia. Last night we where laughing at Hawk freakin out about a wolf., and now we're crying over her stupid blue cold dead body. I force myself to push the thoughts out of my mind. I don't want to hurt like that anymore. I knew that at least two of us were going to die. I was ready to take it. But now that I'm actually experiencing it, I realize I wasn't ready. I just pretended I was.

Shiraz turned into a worm and went into the ground so I couldn't see her cry. Just let her be. She'll get over her and get back onto her feet. Nothing is happening, the sky is blue, the birds are singing, and the clouds are drifting across the sky. I think Klendrick and his minions are running out of ideas. God, why did you let this be invented? Sometimes things happen for a reason to make us stronger.

I ponder about that for an unknown amount of time. Minutes, hours, who knows. "I'm done with this."

Shiraz is behind me in human form. "What do you-"

"I'm tired of just waiting for everyone to die. It's ten left, Ssithes. What are we going to do? Wait to die?!"

I havent heared Shiraz get this angry. "Whu, what do you want us to do?!"

"Let's go get someone."


I can imagine my alliance doing lots of things. Sometimes when I'm bored here in the arena I imagine my friends doing things that they would never do. One day I imagined Kodiak singing opera, and another, Megan being a vampire out to get me. But there is only thing I can't imagine Kodi do: cry. I can't paint a tear onto the image of him stored in my mind. If he does cry, he would probably do it alone. He wouldn't let anyone see.

When Mia died last night, he said he was taking a walk. Neither me or Megan asked to come with him. But today the sorrow's over. No time for mourning in the Hunger Games. Someone will just die again and you'll be mourning twice as hard.

Early in the morning Kodiak claps us awake. "Get up. " he says sternly. "Todays going to be a productive day."

"Sir yes sir, drill sargent Kodi" Megan giggles.

"That's Kodiak to you, soldier!" He smiles "Now, today we have to find some food. I think we're running out. And I think i remember seeing a lake way-back-when. Lets re-find it."

We follow Kodiak in a line like little ducks in search of the lake. It takes us about 3 hours of walking and walking and walking, but we finally find it. It's like a mirror with ripples going through it from the elegant cranes that wade through it. We see a antelope, and that solves our food problem. For the remainder of the day, I splash around in the water with my friends like there's no tomorrow.

Contest 3 (optional)

I'm afraid that nobody's looking at this anymore. OK that's my falt for not updateing a lot. But yay contest 3!!! If you want your tribut'es family to be interviewed in the final 8, leave it in the comments. Include there name, personality, and anything you want them to say about your tributes. If you do, you'll get unlimited sponser gifts!!!! I'm doing that cuz I'm lazy and don't want to keep track of it anymore. Thanks, kovu

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