The 250th Hunger Games: The Greek God/Goddess Games

History: The time when Paylor was President of Panem was not long. She took over Panem in the time of the 2nd Rebellion, but as soon as everything was calm and orderly, once more, she was thrown out of office. She was replaced by President Remedy who wanted the Games to be hosted again, not once, but three times, every year. She, also, demanded that the Capitol have total control as they did before. The Capitol would elect a new President every five years. President Remedy was replaced by Presidents with the same wishes. Panem was a cruel society until one woman lied about her ideas to run the nation; her name was President Leise, and she wanted everything ran as it was with President Paylor. Once President Leise took over Panem, all districts were so happy and treated equally with the Games promised to never be held again. The citizens of the Capitol, though, did not like this at all! The Capitol residents hated being on the same equality level as the Districts! They no longer had as much money to spend on themselves! The Capitol was outraged! So, one night a group of Capitol men disabled all cameras and murdered President Leise while she was asleep. The Districts could only pray that the new President would be as gracious as President Leise, but, of course, this did not happen. A strict and commanding Capitol woman, President Ivory, took over the nation of Panem. She insisted that Panem will be run as it was in young President Snow's time. Therefore, the Hunger Games were held annually once again, with District 13 a Games-participating district, and each Games promised to be extra horrific and torturous to the tributes which only made the Capitol feel even more powerful.

What Happened After The 228th Games (My Last Games):  Peral Jaca (the Victor) murdered President Ivory at the Capitol-hosted party that concludes the Victory Tour before her district. Peral tried to take over, but was overcome by Peacekeepers. They didn't kill Peral, but threw her back into District 4. Zuess, a god, became ruler with ease, but other gods and goddesses were jealous. They fought Zuess to gain power and the loyalty of Panem's citizens. There was a war between the gods that raged on until the year of the 10th Quarter Quell. Each of the fourteen gods or goddesses who were fighting received the loyalty of a district. The god/goddess of a district provided its tributes with special powers or skills.


  • I will change minor things about your tributes and if you aren't happy please, calmly discuss it with me and I'll explain why I made the change and maybe I'll change it back.
  • Some tributes will behave differently than you wanted in the arena. Please, remember that the Games can easily change a person.
  • You are the tribute's mentors, but they might not obey your directions or do what you want them to.
  • No cussing.
  • These Games will be appropriate.
  • Every tribute gets a POV in the bloodbath, but after that I will choose which tributes get the POV's of that day.
  • Don't get mad if your tribute dies.
  • Only put in the information I need which will be shown clearly in the chart.
  • Please try to avoid doing "on my profiles"
  • When you create a tribute, please check frequently for updtes and remain active. Nothing annoys me more than when someone creates a tribute and then just abandons the Games.
  • Have fun and enjoy the Games! :)

District, Gender God/Goddess, and Name Age Appearance & Personality Provided Skills & Powers

Natural Strengths & Weaknesses

Capitol (Zuess) Female: Coture Vay 18

Nice and Girly

Blonde hair, golden eyes, white skin, tall, skinny

She is the half sister of Athena, Artemis, Ares, and Apollo. She prides her self in being the half-sister of those gods and godessses. She tries so hard to be like them. When she was reaped she knew that she had a time to shine.

Leadership, Levelhead, and Weather Control

Half sister of Athena, Artemis, Ares, and Apollo. 

Building is her strong point, but she does have a few godly powers.

She isn't strong or fast and anything else physical.

Capitol (Zuess) Male: Ultimate Capitol 14

Mean, coldhearted.

Blonde Hair. Blue eyes. White skin.

Son of Zuess and step-brother of Syv Seven.

Leadership, Levelhead, and Weather Control

Knows everything about the Capitol and its technology.

Son of Zuess.

Good with daggers. Can't swim. Terrified of water. Hated by Poseidon.

D1 (Hera) Female: Ruby 14

Chocolate brown hair, hazel eyes that change colors. Really dark skin.

Typical Career attitude.


Sneaky, intelligent, but maybe not street smart.

Not good instincts. Too quick to act.

Weak and breaks down easily.

Bow and arrow.


D1 (Hera) Male: Dymento Lights


Long blonde hair that he puts in a loose ponytail. His eyes are silver. He is pale and small.

He is very protective over his sister, Dymentia.

He likes everyone until they insult or hurt someone he loves.


Great with an axe. 

Trained since he was old enough to walk. 

Loves and misses his sister to a point of nonbelief. Loves her like Katniss loves Primrose.

Very protective of his sister.

The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
D2 (Ares) Female: Makayla Lewis 15

Blonde, straight hair. Blue, gorgeous eyes. Tanned, freckled, skin.

Is hard on herself, but toher than that she is a typical Career.

Best Fighter and War Strategies


Her looks can kill.

Is really hard on herself and is terrified of heights.

She knows how to use her  god-given skill very well and it is definately an advantage.

She is deadly with weapons.

Best with swords.

D2 (Ares) Male: Josh Eagleye 17

Short dirty blonde hair, blue green eyes. A strong muscular build.

Josh is funny and likable. He is clever, and nice, until you get on his bad side. If you get on his bad side, he is ruthless. He is pretty calm and cool otherwise.

Best Fighter and War Strategies

Funny and clever and likable, but when he's angry, he is ruthless. 

Strong. Fast.

Incredible with weapons and hunting.

D3 (Hecate) Female: Geisha Mad 13

Shy and nice.

Child of Hecate. Not cared about.

Red hair, blue eyes, short, skinny, white skin

Plans to destroy cornucopia at bloodbath.

Magic and Decision-making

Hecate wants her to be killed.

Tries to prove Hecate wrong.

Good with knives.

Can't swim and isn't strong.

Plans to destroy cornucopia at bloodbath.


D3 (Hecate) Male: Henry Wright       

Credit goes to the game, League of Legends.


The Child of Hecate.

He has dark brown hair that almost looks black, during the night is has an unnatural, silvery shine. It flops to his right to cover his left eye. 

 Personality: He mocks death in a way, he celebrates it; people think he's mad.

Terrifies others and refuses to speak.

Magic and Decision-making

The Child of Hecate.

Good with swords.

Can use limited magic.

Dark and depressing.

Refuses to speak.

Expressionless always.

D4 (Poseidon) Female: Peral Jaca 36

Very Sexy and bold. Likes black, but isn't goth. Pitiless. Ruthless.

Short, spikes black hair that she pulls to one side. Green eyes. Tan skin. Flawless skin.

Water and Sea Creatures

Great with knives, but can use any weapon (except spears)

Good instincts. Good character judgement. Judges people by appearance.

Strong. Good liar,

Not good with spears.

Judges people by appearance.

Lies too much.

D4 (Poseidon) Male: Shark Storms 18

Spikey brown hair, Sea blue eyes, muscular.

Shark is a leader, or wants to be at least. He is ruthless and a know it all. He is not afraid to play dirty, and certainly isn't afraid to kill. He is cunning, and knows how to get a job done.

Water and Sea Creatures

Strong. Ruthless. Incredible swimmer. Fast.

Nearly impossible to overpower.

Likes to be mean. Not nimble and a loudmouth. Bad with plants.

D5 (Athena) Female:   17

Mean and vicious, but when you get to know her, she is nice.

Her sister, Sovereignty, went insane and died in the 228th Hunger Games. She is here to avenge her sister.

Black hair, that she wears in a wavy ponytail. Her eyes are dark gray with black and gold flecks.

Planning and Strategy

Great with knives and Axes. Evasive.

Can't swim and doesn't have much upperbody strength.

:~*Golden Viper*~:.
D5 (Athena) Male: Veto Magnate  13

Icy colored hair. Forest green eyes. Small.


Hates girls and kills them on sight. 

Planning and Strategy

Uses nunchucks.

Rather small so he is a good climber. He cna do incredible things with technology and inventions.

Small so he is easily beaten in physical fighting.


The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

D6 (Hermes): Nina Phillips 


Tall, brown hair, brown eyes. Wide face. Skinny, though.

Funny, likable, sweet, and shy infront of a lot of people, but loud with just a few.


Strengths: Fast, Climbing, Good with medicine, Smart, Edible plants 

Weaknesses: weak, can't swim.

Weapons: Dart gun with poisonous darts

D7 (Pam) Female: Syv Seven 17


Daughter of Zuess.

Loved by Pam.

Blonde hair with green highlights, tall, skinny, green eyes, white skin


Loved by Pam.

Knives. Bow and Arrows.

Flexibility. Dodging.

Can't swim.

D7 (Pam) Male: Maris Jead 12

Easily frightened. Scared of the Games. Shy.

Black hair and eyes, white skin, short, skinny



Can't do anything physical.

Has a head injury.

D8 (Aphrodite) Female:  Antoinette Paris 18

Flirty to men, but very motherly to younger people. Girly.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin. Tall and pretty.

Fashion, Good-looks

Deception. Axes and knives.

Persuasion and trickery.

Not a good climber and can't do antyhing physical very well. A little too girly.

.:~*Golden Viper*~:.

D8 (Aphrodite) Male:  Beau Flickery 18

blond hair down to his shoulders, tan skin, blue eyes

Nice, funny, very smart

Fashion, Good-looks

Strenghts: Knives, stealth, bow and arrow. Very smart, trickery, very fast

Not very strong, paranoid

D9 (Apollo) Female: Dagger Winters 18

Dark hair, hazel eeys. White skin.


She wants to avenge her aunt and uncle (Sovereignty and Scythe).

She was put in the Games with one of her aunts so she critisizes herself.

 .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
D9 (Apollo) Male: Drachma Dornus 14 He is quite smart, but very nervous. He likes to keep to himself, though prefers the company of others. He is quite funny, but prefers to keep it to himself. And is very secretive. Healing

Good with a sickle.

Strong. Smart. Fast.

He doesnt like caves, not due to the space but due to the prescence of spiders. He can also get flustered, and make bad moves. He isnt that good a climber and is only average at swimming.

The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
D10 (Artemis) Female: Revolution Militia  14

Shy, friendly.

Her hair is tied up into a ponytail with light pink highlights, tall, blue eyes, skinny

Power over Animals

Bow and Arrow or Spear are her strong weapons.

Plant knowledge. Climbing.

Not strong. Isn't very physical.

:~*Golden Viper*~:.
D10 (Artemis) Male: Osprey Pionus 17

Can't be trusted.


Quiet. Likes to be by himself. Tries to be perfect,  but always makes mistakes.

Brown hair, tan, brown eyes.

Power over Animals

Good with knives.

Fast. Strong.

Can't be trusted.

Careful, but always seems to mess soemthing up.

Always critisizes himself.

The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
D11 (Dionysus) Female: Selene Dawn 16

Nice and outgoing.

Daughter of Selene who was killed during the war even though she chose not to participate.

Was sent to Dionysus who was her mother's best friend.

Hazel eyes, skin, and hair.

Vines and Optimistis

Cared about by Dionyus, because him and her mom were friends. If she dies, he will feel like he failed the goddess, Selene.

Good at using nature and plants to her advantage.


D12 (Hestia) Female:  Amanda Hawks 16

Smooth, straight brown hair. Blueish eyes, sometimes with gold or green in them. Wears her hair in a ponytail. She has fair skin. 

Is very funny, and likable. Likes and demands respect. She is pretty social, but can recognize untrustworthy people. Won't stand for younger people in her way.

Family, Fireside, Trusted

Smart, knows when things are dangerous, and has great instincts.

Strong, good build, Can stand a variety of climates. She can swim well. She has great hearing. 

Not a great climber. Not a long distance runner.

Won't stand for younger people in her way.


D13 (Melinoe) Female: Claudia Graphite


Elusive, Sneaky, Vicious.

Great Liar.

Easily mistaken for a sweet and funny girl.

Skin that has been died a silvery white color. Thick, midnight black hair that she wears in pigtails.

Can Speak to the Dead

Great with a Bow and Arrows. Good grip. Good aim.

Has trained for a long time.

Can't swim. Weak. Scared of not coming home so nothing will stop her from fighting.

D13 (Melinoe) Male: Jack Anderson  14

Black, messy hair. His hair gets a purple-ish hue in the moonlight.

His skin is as pale as a ghosts.

Very tiny and skinny.

Murderer. Emotionless and doesn't feel pain.

Can Speak to the Dead A murderer. Emotionless. Doesn't feel pain. Ask-Teemo

Some gods/goddesses refused to get two tributes so they will have only one tribute.


Coture Vay: My name is called at the Reaping and I know that it's my time to shine. I get to show off my skills and powers. I also have the benefit of being related to so many gods and goddesses. Watch out; here I come and I will be the victor.

Dymento Lights: I walk to the Reaping with my sister's hand in mine. She's so excited about her first year at the Reaping. She is already talking about volunteering, but I won't let her. I told her that is she does, I will kill her. She laughs because she knows it isn't true. I wouldn't be able to handle her gone. I can't lose someone else. I've already lost my mom, dad, brother, my best friend. No one else can be taken from me. It's too hard already. Well, we get to the Reaping and I watch the girls' with extreme attention. I can see in Dymentia's eye that she won't volunteer. I smile, knowing that she was trying to seem stronger than she is and that's okay. Father taught her to be strong when Mother died. But when he left, too, she could only pretend to be. It doesn't even make a difference, because I know that I can be strog enough for both of us. I have to be. My name being shouted interupts my train of thought and I feel my eyes bulging. No, I can't! No! What about Dymentia? "No!" I yell out loud, showing weakness and Dymentia answers back with a terrified yelp of my name. She repeats it over and over until it is louder and more drawn out. She runs over the Peacekeepers to get to me. I am fighting to get to her. The next thing happens too fast. I see the Peacekeeper pull out his gun and train it on Dymentia's head. I scream for him to stop and her to run. Dymentia does run, towards me. I start to cry. I hear the gun fire and Dymentia crumples to the ground. No! Then, I hear Hera's godly voice bless me with the skill of being manipulative. The rest of my day is spent replaying the sight of Dymentia's death. The only person left that I loved. The light of my world. No, she was my world. Now, my world is broken and shattered, like my heart, to a point way beyond repair.

Josh Eagleye: I am at the Reaping and I can't take my eyes off of the menacing Ares standing behind the escort. I shiver when we meet eyes. Then, almost instantly, something draws me onto the stage and Ares slaps a hand on my shoulder. He chose me as tribute.

Geisha Mad: My mother, Hecate, laughed when my name was called at the Reaping. I shook at the sound of her voice even though I tried to seem strong and fierce. Mother wanted me to die and thought that I would. I have to prove her wrong.

Henry Wright: Being the son of a goddess is already hard enough, but being a halfblood amongst the humans is already harder. I was put down here when mother was at war with the rest of the gods. All she wanted was for me to be safe and ti fit in, but I just couldn't fit in. At first I tried, but failed. After a few years of fruitless atempts at being normal, I decided to embrace my differences. I became completely seperated. I practiced magic and took to myself. Mother rarely visited me and when she did it was only in my dreams. I sometimes am found talking to a her that only I can see. Anyway, today is the Reaping. I get there and hear my name. I am onstage with only the wind offering to take my place. I can see a look of pain on mother's face. I wish I could tell her that it's alright. I'll be okay.

Peral Jaca: Some girl name Kristeena was drawn at the Reaping and I was craving to go back into the Games. I know, I'm overage, but ever since I found out about the whole god thing, I would kill to go back in. Once Kristeena's name was yelled, I leaped forward. the escort and several others argued that I was too old, but Poseidon overruled all of them. He said, "Let her back in." I saw a gleam in his eye and I liked it. 

Shark Storms: I woke up and snuck into my little brothers room with a knife. He pushed it with my girlfriend last night. I pull my arm and back and just before I bring it down, Peacekeepers file in and catch my arm. The knife is taken and i am tasered. Cruel. Then, they illigally make me volunteer.

Sevona Song: I think I am ready. I think I am strong enough. I think this is my year. The escort stands on the stage and reads the lucky tribute's name, "Vivianna Stone!" I had this huge, impressive volunteering scene worked out, but I didn't use it out of fear that it would offend our goddess. Instead, I wait until the escort says, "Do we have any volunteers?" That's when I raise my hand and take the stage. I bow to Athena who is sitting on a throne behind our escort. Athena's hair seems to be shifting between the colors of brown, blonde, black, and a silvery shimmering mist. Her skin is as white and flawless as snow and she's radiating a white light that illuminates the stage. Her eyes bore into me, but they aren't threatening. They remind me of my mother's before we were seperated into different districts. I smile a little at her. After the male is selected, too, Athena bestows upon us the skills of planning and strategy as our blessings in the arena. "A lot of tributes are recieving powers of the immortals, but I believe that my skills of strategy, intelligence, and planning is of power beyond anything of magic or godly blessings." I nod and bow alongisde the male of our district. This is the year I will avenge Sovereignty.

Veto Magate: I stood behind the library with a cigerette in my hand. The Peacekeepers rouded the corner so I chucked it in the back door of the library and fled. The burning cigarette sent the building up in flames, killing the librarian and destroying all of the books. It was put out, but not quick enough. I didn't know any of this until the Peacekeepers caught me at the Reaping. They forced me to volunteer, or be killed. 

Syv Seven: I am the daughter of the all-powerful Zuess. I moved to Seven so I can see my mother, but Pam fell in love with me and tried to steal me from my family. I resisted and this angered Pam, I was forced to join the Hunger Games. Once my death sentence was final, Pam wanted to undo what she had done, but it was too late.

Maris Jead: The birds sung and the air was warm, but one thing ruined my birthday, the Reaping. I cried when my ame was called. I didn't move until the Peacekeepers tried to move me and even then I resisted. I fought back until I was beat in the back of the head with a club. I blacked out and woke in a clean, white, padded room on a speeding train to the ruins of the Capitol.

Antoinette Paris: There was a little girl walking beside me. She was scared and it was her first year at the Reaping. My boufriend who was holding my hand beside me pointed her out. I bend dowa nd talk to her. She tells me all about her fear of being a tribute and about how her sister died in Games before. I felt really bad for her and promissed that if her name, Violet Magnolia, was called I'd volunteer and, of course, that's what happened. Violets named was called and I volunteered just like I promised. She hugged me and told me that I had to win.

Dagger Winters: I hate the Games. I've lost so many family members to it. I sigh and drag my feet tot eh Square. My name is called and my worst nightmare comes true. I am at the foot of an immortal and I'm thrown into the Games. When I'm on the train, I watch the other Reapings and see that my aunt is a tribute, too! How will I ever kill her? Maybe I should just do it first.

Revolution Militia: My home, along with many others', was destroyed in the War Between the Gods. Those of us who were homeless could either remain that way or join the Games. I was the only one who chose to become a tribute. I thought I could win and then get a house in Victor's Village. The others could stay there, too. I walk to the Reaping and just before the escort reads the name she called, Artemis takes her place at the microphone. "Revolution Militia will be the female tribute!" Every looked puzzled for a brief moment, but didn't dare question or volunteer out of fear of a goddess.

Osprey Pionus: Revolution Militia was the female tribute and Artemis herself announce dit. I couldn't help, but wonder why. And then, it happened. It was like being hit by a ton of bricks. "Osprey Pionus!" I will fight alongisde so many others in the Games.

Selene Dawn: When my name was called, Dionysus yelled out for everything to stop. He tried to think of a way to get me out of this position, but he couldn't. I knew that he would protect me like my mother told him to.

Claudia Graphite: The escort's knees hit together and her hands shook violently. I can tell that she is frightened by the powers of our goddess. It would actually be very cool to have contact with the dead, I think. "Claudia Graphite," It almost sounds like she's scared of me when she wimpers my name into the microphone. I guess I'm the tribute. I wonder what it'll be like since the Games are hosted by gods! I smirk and fantasize about the arena. Cool! The male escprt is called and we are forced to shake hands. Our goddess, Melinoe, then takes the stage. She look similar to me. Her hair is midlight black and floats around her with gaseous tips of silver. Her eyes look like black holes and her skin is as white as snow. It shines. There's an eery feel around her, but I refuse to show how uncomfortable I am. "Tributes, District 13. You two will be blessed with my power to speak to the deceased when you enter the arena." I catch my breath ad my heart starts pounding. Melinoe makes us clothes our eyes and jooin hands with her. Her hand feels like water. It feels like a liquid, but it keeps its form. That's the only way I can describe it. Melinoe chants and mutters under her breath. I feel a jolt of electricity run through me and I see white whisps and outlines and shadows and even nearly real people surrounding me. This could be a plus in the arena or it could slowly drive me insane. Either way it will have a huge impact of my life.

The Interview Host

The Interview Host is Titus Ryker. He took over once Piper was fired and executed.

He points out the negative and is funny, but at the tributes' expense. He snaps back at them and tries to embarrass them. He does this because the audience finds it funny.

Titus has skin that he died a pale blue color. His hair is midnight black and he wears it in a low, messy ponytail with bright blue highlights. His suit is baby blue with a hot pink tie. 

Head Gamemaker

Ziva Alexa is the Head Gamemaker. She is just like Seneca Crane. She likes an underdog and has a bold fashion taste. She wears a lacey, pale yellow dress that is skin tight. She wears a purple dress that is the same shape and fits under it perfectly, but it is solid so no skin under the first layer shows. Her hair is in a pixie cut and it is hot pink. She wears purple makeup, a lot of it.

Ziva isn't mean or vicious, but she is evil and her evil is in her ignorance.

The Games Announcer

Exton Zion is the Announcer for these Games! His phrase that announces the beginning of the Games is the same as Alexander Barry's from my previous Games, "Tributes, welcome to the 250th Annual Hunger Games! Remember, only one tribute may be crowned victor! So, best of luck, and let the Games begin!"


The arena will be mainly the ruins of Olympus. There will be ruined temples and colluseums and other things of the sort. All of this will be ontop and on the sides of a giant hill. The cornucopia will be be directly on the hill's crown. All along the foot of the hill will be a replica of Harry Potter's forbidden forest with giant spiders, pixies, ponds full of grindylows, and lakes filled with merpeople. Stuff like that.


"Tributes, welcome to the 250th Annual Hunger Games! Remember, only one tribute may be crowned victor! So, best of luck, and let the Games begin!"


There was no traditional bloodbath. Every tribute was on their platform and their eyes scanned the land for the cornucopia. they saw it on the crown of the hill, but there was nothing there. That didn't stop Peral though. She strangled every single one of the 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 tributes. The cannons fired and she wasn't ready to stop. Peral leaped ontop of Josh Eagleye and wrapped her cold fingers around his neck. He screamed and Sevona threw Peral off. Sevona jerked a rock of gold from the Earth and pulled back to kill Peral. Veto Magnate jumped on Sevona and tried to fight her off of Peral. To him, Sevona looked too easy to kill and he had to go for it. Peral saw her chance and threw Sevona into Veto. Veto stumbled backwards into the arms of Claudia who's eyes bore into him. He started lashing out and clawing at his face, but the entire time, neither one of them broke eye contact. He was thrashing on the ground, screaming while Claudia started to smile. The moment his cannon sounded, Claudia was knocked over by Shark who pinned her down until Makayla came to his aid. She held Claudia down while Shark started chanting mysterious words in Greek. He raised his arms and in the background, a tsunami started to form. Then it's shape shifted to a stright line of water that grabbed Claudia and pulled her out into the lake that was full of merpeople who were leaping out of their scales, just itching to have a turn terrorizing their victim. Shark stooped down to help Makayla up and she took his hand. She smiled like she was grateful and then pulled him down beside her. They rolled around on the floor with Ruby standing over them, trying to stab Shark when a chance appeared. Finally, she made the kill and his cannon souded. Josh high-fived Ruby and while her back was turned, Dymento grabbed onto her hair. He pulled her neck back and then, BOOM, it snapped.

Nobody ran from the fight. Something was calling and pulling them in and once they were in the middle with no escape, they had no choice but to fight. Finally, when all that was left was Makayla, Henry, Peral, Jack, and Sevona, the curse or charm was lifted and they ran off in opposite directions, but Henry sorta floated off. He was levitating!

The Rest of Day 1

Peral paced in circles for hours until she dropped to her knees in exhaution. She vomitted acid and still got back up. She stumbled off into the woods with her fists balling and uballing themselves. She foamed at the mouth and brushed a few wild strands of hair from her face. Peral hunted for next victim.

Eventually she came upon Sevona who was curled up against a tree. Sevona was breathing and her face was twisting. She was saying somehting a breathy tone that was barely audible. Peral's lips shifted into a smirk that she couldn't wipe off her face. Then, she descended on Sevona and killed her justb as she did most of her bloodbath victims.

Peral staggered a little further and then decided that she had done enough. She went to sleep surrounded in the evil sounds of mythical creatures (and other tributes) that roamed the dark forest land around her. She thought she was all alone except for the mutts and animals. She didn't know Jack Anderson was watching the whole thing from just nearby.

He listened to the sound of her breathing to know when she was asleep. He strained to hear when her fast, short breaths ceased only to be replaced by the deep, steady ones that could only mean sleep. Finally, has was sure she was asleep. He silently and slowly turned her over and stared at her with fascination. He knew she was a fighter and he found it funny that she would be so easy for him to finish. He didn't even have to touch her. One of the skills, Melinoe had secretly blessed him with, was the power to torture and eventually kill someone with only his eyes. He knew it would be quicker to just choke or suffocate her, but he was eager to make her suffer. He opened her eyes which were, even in her sleep, narrowed to slits. For a moment her breathing quickened and she stirred as if she was awakening. He leaped backwards and froze, but she calmed back down and her breathing was evidece that she was asleep. He sighed and stepped forward. Jack spread his eyes wide and took a step closer to Peral. He grinned wickedly and watched her twist in turn in her sleep. Peral woke up and was now fully aware of Jack's powers. He knew that if she knew, he's definately have to finish her. He focused harder and Peral screamed louder. she had the same reaction as Claudia who also had Jack's power. Jack was honored by his power and thought it was only him who possessed it, but he was entirely wrong. If only he knew. BOOM! Peral's cannon sounded and her heart stopped, but her muscles were still twitching and jerking.

Day 2

Jack's face was as expressionless as ever as he murdered Makayla even though she put up a strong fight. She howled and came closer than anyone to breaking the gaze. She almost survived, too, but there was really nothing anyone can do to survive Jack's powers once the connection is made. Jack searched and searched, silently for Henry just as Henry was silently following Jack.

Day 3

Jack was furious, there was no other tribute that he could find. He hubted and hunted and he eventually went insane. He was murderous as always, but he discovered things about him that would have never been guessed. Whenever his temper rose high enough, anything he touch got really hot. He hasn't been able to get anything on fire yet, but he can make them smoke. Jack has been awake for days, not daring to sleep. Not that he's scared, but just because he doens't want to miss his chance if Henry goes by.

Day 4

Another sleepless day of fearless huntig for Jack, but Henry found himself a little cove to rest. There he practiced his magic until he could conjur the departed spirit of President Snow. Snow was hissing through his bloated lips somewhat like a snake. His very presence was enough to make even Hery shutter. Snow glided around the room, in and out of Henry. Every time he passed by, an icey, freezing sensation touched Henry's skin. Snow seemed to refuse to speak or he couldn't except in a hoarse, indestinguishable hiss-like voice. Henry couldn't take anymore. He had to get Snow away. He thrashed his arms through Snow's ghost and it momnetarily disappeared only to reappear in a different corner. Henry was prepared to scream, but instead of a terrified shreak escaping his lips, an ancient chant to send away spirits was released. This astonished Henry. He had never heard this spell before and it was immediatly forgotten once spoken. In a flash, Snow was gone and Henry blacked out. The shock killed him and Jack was crowned victor.


The gods and goddesses were disappointed in the performance of the tributes. Therefore, they killed Jack and left no living victor of the 250th Hunger Games.

Soon, they lost interest in Panem, all together, and abandoned the nation. President Ivory was magically brought back from the dead by Melinoe and Zuess's powers unified. 

The gods and goddesses had a thought just as they were about to leave, and erased the memories of every citizen. They didn't bother bring back the murdered tributes and the cause of their death will forever remain unknown to the people and their families will forever, fruitlessly search for the cause.

Everything in Panem eventually retured to normal and the Games were proceded. Amazingly, the memory loss of days was long forgotten along with the mysterious, unsung deaths of over 25 children.

                                                         ~THE END~

I'm so sorry about how disappointing these Games were. I sware that if I ever make another that they will be better. Just read my past Games for proof, please. I hope you guys don't see me as an awful, unreliable creator because of one failure. I'm so, so sorry.

By the way, I'm not planning on making another Games for a while, because I have been way too busy lately and just can't keep up anymore. It was really hard to write the pathetic 4 days in these.

Again, I am so, so sorry and I'm just as disappointed in these Games as you all are.

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