The 225th Annual Hunger Games (9th Quarter Quell)

Intro: The time when Paylor was President of Panem was not long. She took over Panem in the time of the 2nd Rebellion, but as soon as everything was calm and orderly, once more, she was thrown out of office. She was replaced by President Remedy who wanted the Games to be hosted again, not once but three times, every year. She, also, demanded that the Capitol have total control as they did before. The Capitol would elect a new President every five years. President Remedy was replaced by Presidents with the same wishes. Panem was a cruel society until one woman lied about her ideas to run the nation; her name was President Leise, and she wanted everything ran as it was with President Paylor. Once President Leise took over Panem, all districts were so happy and treated equally. The citizens of the Capitol, though, did not like this at all! The Capitol residents hated being on the same equality level as the Districts! They no longer had as much money to spend on themselves! The Capitol was outraged! So, one night a group of Captol men disabled all cameras and murdered President Leise while she was asleep! The Districts could only pray that the new President would be as gracious as President Leise, but, of course, this did not happen. A strict and commanding Capitol woman took over the nation of Panem! She insisted that Panem will be run as it was in President Snow's time! Therefore, the Hunger Games were held annually once again, with District 13 a Games-participating district, and each Games promised to be extra horrific and torturous to the tributes which only made the Capitol feel even more powerful.

District Number & Gender Name Age Strengths & Weapons Weakness(es) Appearance Other
District 1 (Female)



16 She is beautiful and fast so she attracts sponsors. Overly confident and underestimates opponites Wavy blonde hair, tan, tall, pretty, blue eyes She is rich and a Career.
District 1 (Male) Calico Shimmer 14 Strong Hates the idea of killing anyone so refuses to Red hair, freckles, short for age One of few people in District 1 who are scared to be in Hunger Games and is not a Career.
District 2 (Female)



17 Good at camoflauge and is great with knives Finds it hard to kill Jason Tompre. Black hair that is wavy with silver highlights, tan skin, and green eyes She is related to earlier Hunger Games tribute, Clove. She is deadly and sinister.
District 2 (Male) Jason Tompre 16 Good at camoflauge and with swords Will kill himself before killing Shamrock Harrison Blonde hair that he puts red highlights in using berries in the arena. Gray eyes with specks of gold. Tan. Is a tough tribute to kill and he falls in love with Shamrock Harrison.
District 3 (Female) Mallory Debut 15 Spear Not specifically strong. Auborn hair. Green eyes. Freckles Her token is a golden coin with the seal of her district engraved in it.
District 3 (Male) Cale Silverado 17 Speed, strength, knives

Underestimates opponents.

Brown hair. Blue eyes. Pale. His token is a black and green, leather belt.

District 4 (Female)

Airlia Romaine 15 plant knoweldge and hand-to-hand combat and swords and spears Is deathly afraid of water. She nearly drown before and has been terrified of water ever since. Will not kill Arlen Odair. Violet eyes, brown hair with blonde bangs, tan skin. Beautiful.

Stays with Careers but avoids killing anyone unless completely neccessary. She is determined to win at all costs. She is brave and strong, too. Her token is a home-made bracelet from her boyfriend.

She creates an alliance and relationship with Arlen Odair.

District 4 (Male) Arlen Odair 17 Handsome and quick-thinker. Trident and spears, too Not good at fighting mutts. Will not kill Airlia Romaine. Handsome, sea-green eyes, tan skin, brown hair

He gives the impression of being kind. He, also, loves and misses his sister. His token is a picture of his sister. He will stay with Careers and near the end, trick them into eating poison. He is related to earlier Hunger Games tribute, Finnick Odair.

Creates an alliance and relationship with Airlia Romaine.

District 5 (Female) Havana Io 14 Knives Not good at hand-to-hand combat. Blue-tinted skin. Light gray hair with rose petals in it.

She was originally living in the Capitol but was forced into District 8 because her father and President Ivory are in an argument. Her token is a rose.

Her brother, Spore was sent away from the Capitol a long time ago and she found him in the woods outside of District 5.

District 5 (Male) Spore Io 12 whatever he can get in the arena is his weapon. Does not have any special skill. Pale skin, light hair. No left arm.

Found by other District 5 citizens in woods surrounding their district. He was running from the Capitol for unknown reasons. He was gladly welcomed into District 5 but had to be hidden from Peacekeepers.

Discovered when he was found in the woods that Havana was his sister.

District 6 (Female)

Sierra Palette

17 Bow and arrows, spear. Sneaky, fast. Good at camoflauge. Physically capable. Not a great swimmer. She can't climb very well. She, also, is not a fantastic hunter. Scared of fire. Light, brown hair which is straight but somewhat curled at the bottom. Vibrant, ice-blue eyes. Slim figure. 5'11'.

Abandoned as an infant and adopted at the age of 6. Her time in the orphanage caused her to develop an odd personality with strange mood changes.

She has never been popular because of her awkward mood swings and personality. Even though she is normally alone, she doesn't seem to care. She has a silly sense of humor, and everything she does has something weird about it; even the way she walks, her posture, and her way of talking is unusual.

District 6 (Male)

Weston Lotely

18 Climbing, swimming, fast. Spear and Machete Doesn't have plant knowledge. Bad temper. Has a hard time staying still. Brown, curly hair. Green eyes. Light skin. Tall.

Always teased about being tall. Called "Giraffe".

Token is a coin.

Would rather a younger tribute win than someone older like himself.

Falls in love with Sierra Palette

District 7 (Female)

Zara Vinland 14 Traps and knives and axes. She is very quiet and sneaky. Can leap from tree-to-tree. She is extremely fast. She, also, has a vast knowledge of edible and healing plants. Very strong. Not very trusting. She is afraid of water. Was friends with Kyler Homes back in District 7 and alliances with him in the arena so she will not kill him and does not want him dead. Tan skin and freckles. Black hair with blonde and silver streaks. Her eyes are pale green.

Her and Kyler were best friends at home. Her and Kyler are often mistaken as relatives because of their similar appearances but aren't related at all. She learned methods with knives and axes at home. And learned all about plants and herbs from the woods surrounding her home.

Token: Golden-Chain Necklace.

District 7 (Male) Kyler Homes 16 Bow and arrows, knives. Strength. Steadiness. Speed. Climbing. Not good with axes. Doesn't know a lot about plants. Doesn't know how to swim. He will not kill Zara Vinland because they are friends at home and alliances in the arena. Sun-tanned skin and freckles. Black hair with blonde in his bangs. His eyes are a shimmering, pale green. He is handsome and likeable.

He always offends the Capitol and Gamemakers so he is a target for the Gamemakers. He is good with words and has outbursts against the Games and the Capitol. He also threatens to kill President Ivory in his interview.

He is friends with Zara Vinland.

District 8 (Female)

Nikk Yardley

14 Machete. Good at hiding. Adorable. Really intelligent. Not fast. Bad hunter. Not strong. large, round, olive eyes. Long eyelashes. Blonde hair that is in two pigtails. Always smiling.

Very naive and inexperienced. Has a child-like demeaneor. Is devoted to all friends/alliances she makes. Optimistic.

She lives with two parents who are always at work. Her sister ran away. She was kept company by her pets and grew fond of animals, especially felines.

District 8 (Male)

Kenton Fuller

13 Climbing, plant knowledge, great aim. Bow and arrows. Deathly afraid of water and extreme darkness. Blonde hair. Hazel eyes. No parents. Has no token. Falls in love with Maizie Hawthorne so is an instant target for Aaron Hawthorne.
District 9 (Female)

Allianna "Allie" Whittle

16 Knives, bow and arrows. Fast, agile, and cunning. Great aim. Creativity. Not the strongest. Bad a making large decisions. Long, brown hair. Full lips. Tall. Pale skin. Blue eyes. Pretty. 5'8'.

She is very friendly. Not very social so enjoyed expressing her creativity through writing and painting.

She was so inseperable from her notepad, that a notepad and pencil was her token.

District 9 (Male)

Alex Donaque

12 sword, ability to judge character, strength, speed Him or his family being bullied. He has a tough time processing that the object of the Hunger Games is for people to kill him. Dirty Blonde Hair. Blue eyes. 4'11'.

He is funny, kind, and can judge character very well. He is an avid reader and writer. He has a passion for story-telling.

Grew up in poor part of District with his sister, Katy, and his mom. His dad works a lot and is almost never home. He was very defensive of her. He was bullied a lot.

District 10 (Female)

Serina Frostswords.

15 Crossbow. Fast. Flexible. Sneaky. Good at handling mental and physical pain. Not very strong. Not good at hand-to-hand combat. Doesn't trust anyone. Dark blue eyes. Blonde hair.

Not scared to be in the Games.

Is an orphan and lives in a house on her own.

After school she hunts fox and other predators on the outskirts of town. And by selling her mom's necklace, she got enough money to buy herself a crossbow.

District 10 (Male)

Matt Treaty

18 Knives. Extremely strong. Fast. Very quiet. Climbing. Doesn't talk much and doesn't show emotion so only Serina always knows what he feels or wants or needs. Brown hair. Tall. Muscular.

Lives by himself. Is a Foxhunter, like Serina. He met Serina while hunting. Serina's partner had hurt her leg and Matt didn't have a partner so they were forced together. They, at first, didn't get along, but soon became great friends.

Is only understood by Serina because she has known him so long. He shows no emotion and doesn't talk much.

He is threatening to other tributes.

He will not start a fight but will fight back.

In his interview, he answers only in yes, no, or silence (Like Thresh).

District 11 (Female)

Maizie Hawthorne

12 Knives, bow and arrows. Traps and plant knowledge. Always nervous and is scared easily. 4'8'. Long straight blonde hair. One of few people in District 11 with Peachy skin. Aaron Hawthorne is her brother.
District 11 (Male)

Aaron Hawthorne

17 axes, spear, blow gun. strong. skilled hunter Will do anything to protect little sister, Maizie. 6'4'. Short dirty blonde hair. One of few people in District 11 with Peachy skin. And he is very handsome Maizie Hawthorne is his sister
District 12 (Female)

Eileen Shade

18 Knives. Snares. Plant and animal knowledge. Sprinting. Climbing. Survival skills. Super fast. Not social. Not trusting. Can't swim. Short. Black hair, and gray eyes, like most people from the Seam (where she lives in District 12). Has scar above right eye. She always looks scared and weak, but is a natural-born survivor.

She used to live with only her aunt and sister who wouldn't feed her so she was forced to learn to hunt.

One day, she ran away from home. She made home in the forest and only left its boundaries on Reaping day, so she would be accounted for and nobody would go looking for her in the woods.

Doesn't talk much. Rarely smiles. Always thinks of her own survival first.

At the interview she seems sly and elusive like Foxface.

District 12 (Male)

David Goutis

14 Climbing, swimming, plant knowledge, hunting. Good at being hungry. Hand-to-hand combat. Knife. People talking about families since his is gone. Black hair, gray eyes, skinny.

Looks like any other Seam kid. Hunts in the woods like Katniss and/or Gale.

District 13 (Female)

Fern Gallows

14 Bow and arrows, and spear. Plant knowledge. Hunting. climbing. swimming. Good at making weapons. Good at lying. Can be arrogant. Feels sorry for Maizie and Aaron Hawthorne. Super skinny. Wavy Auborn hair that she puts in two braids. Tan.

Has 2 older sisters and 1 older brother. Will not ally with Careers, but prefers to be in some sort of alliance.

Token: A dried fern plant on a necklace.

Hard for her to kill, but she will kill to save herself.

District 13 (Male)

Nicholas "Nick" Greatuse

15 Weapon: Anything he can get in the arena. Perfect aim. Swimming. Plant knowledge. Hunting. Fear of heights. Too trusting. Tends to argue a lot and wants things done his way. Muscular. Sandy Blonde hair. Brown eyes. Tan skin. Very Handsome.

He is was orphaned at age 3 by an explosion that killed his parents.

His token is a shell that belonged to his mother.

Volunteered so a 12 year old wouldn't have to go in the arena.

Doesn't want Fern to die.

The Quarter Quell Twist:

President Ivory slowly took her posistion in the center of a glimmering, metallic stage. She cleared her throat which seemed to be the signal for the box of Quarter Quell cards to be presented. Her gloved hand rummaged through the wooden box until finding the card marked with a distinguished 9 in the middle. Each Quarter Quell twist has promised to be a horrendous contribution to the already bloody and terrifying days in the Hunger Games' arena. She straightened her posture and smoothed a nonexisting wrinkle from her uniform, navy skirt. President Ivory wet her tongue slightly with her lips before announcing the deadly addend to the 225th Annual Hunger Games. She started speaking with a strong and powerful voice."Every three days spent in the arena, a battle between two tributes shall be called! The two tributes participating in the battle shall be drawn from a round, glass bowl. Only one tribute shall survive the brawl." President Ivory's eyes glanced up from the card to the large, Capitol audience. She continued without hesitation. "This is proving that we, your rulers, can control the way you play our Games. If you do not wish to bring upon the death of another tribute, you will still be forced to kill in the bloody battle, meaning your death or another's."


District 1 Reapings-

Polyester Romano: I woke especially early this morning; it was nearly 10:30 AM! I had a good reason for getting up so early, too! Today is reaping day, and I know I will be fabulous today!

Anyway, I was standing beside a group of other sixteen-year-olds. I knew that I looked way better than almost all of the people here! Even if my name wasn't drawn, I would volunteer, because I am going to the Capitol! I waited impatiently for the tributes' names to be called. I was just getting tired of waiting, when a bubbly Capitol man took the stage in a neon, green suit. "Hello, District 1! I won't keep you waiting longer, so let's get going, shall we?" He smiled at us and didn't wait for an answer. "As always, ladies first!" His white-gloved hand slid into a large, glass reaping bowl. I was giddy with anticipation. "Polyester Romano!" Great, I won't even have to go to the trouble of volunteering! I thought.

Calico Shimmer: I am one of the few people in District 1 who dread my name being called at the reaping. I hate the idea of killing another living, breathing person; it's just not right! Due to my opinion, I do not dress up for the reaping. I do not treat it special. I hate the Hunger Games; I miss our few years of freedom with President Leise. I hate our President who took over after President Leise's Death, President Ivory, who insisted we return to Panem's laws and customs from President Snow's time.

Well, when I get to the Square, where the tributes' names will be called, I catch my best friend, Rex's, eye. He is, actually, three years younger than me, and we share the same opinion of the Hunger Games and the reaping. I can tell he is nervous, so I give him what I tried to make seem like a reassuring smile.

Soon, a man wearing a neon, green suit and an orange, curly wig steps up onto the stage. "Hello, District 1! I won't keep you waiting longer, so let's get going, shall we?" He pauses a moment and gives us a large, fake smile. Then, he continued, "As always, ladies first!" He grabbed a piece of paper from the girls' bowl and called out the name, "Polyester Romano!" A beautiful girl walked up beside the escort and grinned with a confidence and determination that I admired. I took a deep breath as he started to the boys' bowl. He plucked up the first name his hand touched and yelled the name, Rex White, out into the croud! I let out a sigh of relief, but soon realized who the name belong to. Rex! I couldn't let him go into the arena! "I volunteer as tribute!" I cried, before I knew what I was doing. "Oh, and your name is?" the escort asked me. I didn't reply, and he looked offended by my silence. "Well, then," he said and exited the stage indignantly.

District 2 Reapings-

Shamrock Harrison: I wait in the Square with the cheering crouds of District 2. The rush of excitement floods through my veins as I wonder what will happen today; a volunteer no doubt.

Suddenly, the escort is onstage and the people behind me give out a loud roar, then are completely silent as the escort, I didn't bother to listen to her name, plucked a simple slip from the glass bowls. She opens her mouth, but desperate screams of girls overcome her voice, even with the microphone. I sigh; I've had enough of this. I grab the knife I keep in my boot and throw it at the stand. Girls shriek, and I step up. "I think that I'm your tribute," I say with a mischievous smile.

Jason Tompre: I wait my turn and fidgit with my hair, hoping that I will look okay when I volunteered.

Shamrock is looking at the crowd of boys, trying to decide on her District partner. The escort plucks the boy's slip, but no one listens. Shamrock's gaze lands on me, and she takes the slip from the escort. She directs the Capitol woman to me and whispers to me. The woman nods fearfully and motions for me to come up. I do a jumping flip and land on top of the stage, smiling. Shamrock grins at me. We will win, her smile tells me. And I believe her. I will soon realise that I shouldn't have ever trusted her,

District 3 Reapings-

Mallory Debut: I was watching all of the girls in the District hug eachother and wish one another good luck. Nobody came to me, though, and I didn't care. I just stood rigid in the Square waiting for the name of the unlucky tributes to be called. Okay, it probably won't be me. There is so many names. It probably won't be me. I kept trying to reassure myself that I would not be picked. I was so absorbed in my own thoughts, that I didn't notice the escort step onto the stage and grab a name from the reaping bowl, but I did hear who she called. Can you guess who's going into the Games? Of course it's me. No one volunteers, and I stomp onto the stage with more anger and annoyance than fear.

Cale Silverado: I really don't want to be picked for this year's Games; I really, really don't, and I couldn't process anything around me except for those thoughts. The whole world was a confusing blur of thoughts and sights. I got really dizzy and the sun's rays seemed to be blinding. The world was moving in waves under my feet. I nearly fainted like most girls when their names are called, but I pulled it together long enough to hear my name escape from the escort's lips. My body moved up onto the stage in jerky motions and stopped beside the escort. I heard her whisper hello, and my mouth responded in a robotic fashion. I am most likely going to die within the week.

District 4 Reapings-

Airlia Romaine: I love the feeling of the sand between my toes, but why when there's sand does there have to be water? I sigh and walk to the reapings. My silvery blue dress wraps around my skinny legs as a large sea breeze flows through the square. The escort with his bright pink hair smiled as he went through the Dark Days and such, I really didn't understand it at first, because I moved to Panem from Greece, but I learned soon enough what was going on. The escort stopped his little speech and went immediately to the girl's reaping bowl. He plucked a name that sounded familiar, and the fourteen-year old girl walked to the stand. I did know her! It was Kajama Odair, Leah, my sister's, best friend! So I did the unthinkable to save Leah from volunteering and Kajama from death.

Arlen Odair: My little sister was up there. She was sentenced to death. But not for long; another girl volunteered. She was Airlia Romaine, the prettiest girl in District 4. Even I was moved by her, and I am the famous Finnick Odair's son! I make a silent promise to protect her because she saved my little sister. No sooner did the escort pick out a name, did I shout: "I volunteer!" I didn't know the kid, but he looked glad that he wasn't going to the arena. I couldn't blame him one bit. Airlia looked at me with a bit of untainted curiousity as we shook hands, and we, right then and there, created an unbreakable relationship and alliance.

District 5 Reapings-

Havana Io: As I walked into the Square I felt people staring at my oddly colored skin and hair. I always found the blue-gray tint to be attractive, which it was in the Capitol. I simply have to learn how to ignore the names and the faces people make behind my back.

Well, today it seemed that as soon as I walked in that everybody's eyes were on me and my name hadn't even been drawn yet! I just hang my head low to avoid all of their rude stares and take my place with the other 14-year-olds. Just as I look up, I hear the name of this year's District 5 tribute. Me.

I'm not even on stage yet when someone yells out my name. They start to volunteer but someone grabs them from behind and throws them to the ground. At least I know that someone cares about me and will regret watching me die, but who is it?

Spore Io: I am terrified today. I don't want to go into the arena. I don't want to fight to the death with 23 other tributes. I know that the chances are slim that I will get picked, but my heart is already beating too fast since my sister, Havana, was just picked for the arena. I draw a deep breath as the escort picks the unlucky tribute's name, "Chance Coleman!" she yells to the audience. I was so relieved that it wasn't me but couldn't ignore the pang of guilt I felt when I knew that I wouldn't be there to protect my sister. "I volunteer!" The words escaped my lips without a tremor of fear. To protect my sister I would give my life, and I am prepared to do so.

District 6 Reapings-

Sierra Palette: Everyone is speaking of a horrific incedent that takes place today, the Reaping. It has been described as dreadful, exciting, memerable, horrendous, and treacherous; Because of the mixed remarks, I am not sure of how to look at the Reaping. I can't even explain fully what it is, though, people say that it is a time when 2 people from each district are drawn from a glass and are forced to kill or be killed in an event known as the Hunger Games. I have a hard time processing the purpose of this cruel and unusual torture, but I do know that a dreadful woman, President Ivory, is supporting a child's murderous end.

I have lived in District 6 for 17 years and still can't entirely comprehend Panem's customs, but I have been able to understand the main points of our traditions. I've had my name entered to be tribute multiple times for 5 years without being picked to participate in the Games, and I have started thinking that maybe I should be what is known as a tribute volunteer. Entering the Games myself will save a child of District 6 that is most likely loved and cared for by so many people, while only my parents unconditionally love me. I may even have a chance at winning for I am sneaky, quick, great at camoflauge, and am physically capable to perform spectacular feats; I could even learn to use multiple weapons in training! I have high hopes of returning with numerous riches and countless goods for my district. Participating in this years' Games will be an honor that I am willing to accept.

As soon as I work out my senario of being a volunteer, I hear a name being shouted across District 6 by our escort, Franny Descit. "Dandelion Lovegood!" I don't hesitate to volunteer.

Weston Lotely: I stood in a group of other kids my age. I was staring unblinking at the stage, quietly waiting for the male tribute's name to be called. The female was a beautiful girl name Dandelion Lovegood, but another girl, Sierra Palette, volunteered. Sierra had an accent in her voice that sounded unfamilier, and I couldn't place what it was. Sierra had a strange jump to each step she took and her arms swung in an odd fashion at her sides. I couldn't stop staring at this unique girl. She was a year younger than me and had something about her than I couldn't turn away from. She was, in a strange way, attractive, and I simply couldn't keep my focus on the escort, but I did hear a name called. "Giraffe Lotely!"

Did she mean me? No, she can't mean me; my name is Weston. I didn't move, because I thought it was someone else, but hands were pushing me from all sides toward the stage, and I heard people laughing and the escort urging "Giraffe" to the stage.

The realization hit me like a ton of bricks. Those awful kids in my year at school have somehow gotten my name in the Reaping as Giraffe! I take off running to the stage so I can correct the embarrasing prank that has been commited. "My name is not Giraffe! I am Weston Lotely, and I will be the victor of the 9th Quarter Quell," I yelled once I was standing beside Sierra.

Of course, I new that I would not be a victor; I would protect someone younger who hasn't had as much time to live as most of us.

District 7 Reapings-

Zara Vinland: I silently stood in the Square with my head held low. My knuckles were white because of my iron grip on my golden chain-necklace that hung loosely around my neck. I stole a glance at Kyler as District 7's escort stepped onto the stage and spoke in her funny, Capitol accent, "Good evening, District 7!" She opened her arms as if to embrace our district's entire population. "Are you all just as excited as me?" Everyone in the district was silent, and she seemed not to notice. "Well, let's get going, shall we?" She walked to the female reaping glass in tiny, perfectly timed steps. Her hand slid into the glass bowl and removed a single slip of paper. She opened it and without hesitation cried out into the croud, "Zara Vinland!" My body went rigid as I walked to take my place as tribute. As soon as I touched the stage the croud went wild. People protested; people pushed over Peacekeepers. I guess District 7 did care about me. I struggled to find Kyler in the croud and suddenly saw him with his head in his hands. Was he crying for me?

Kyler Homes: I was standing with a bunch of other kids my age when I heard Zara's name called by our escort, Bethia Kyndell. I felt a scream boil in my stomach and work its way up to my throat, and even if I could release the tense muscles in my throat would it be heard over the croud's screams and protests? The escort totally ignored the croud. She yelled out the male tributes' name, "Kyler Homes!" This time, I did scream. I yelled at the Capitol, the Gamemakers, and everyone that promoted the Games. I may have even included a death threat to President Ivory. The Peacekeepers had to force me onto the stage.

District 8 Reapings-

Nikk Yardley: I waited for the escort, Frez Frongal, to take his place in center stage before ducking behind another 14-year-old girl. I hide behind her as if hiding will protect me from the Capitol's cruelity. But that was too much to ask. I am slowly peeking over the girl's shoulder when the escort yells my name to be tribute. "No!" My parents cry in unison. I am a tribute in the Games, and there is nothing I can do about it.

Kenton Fuller: My name is called before I even have time to process who the female tribute is! I am horrified! I can't believe it! I'm not ready! The Peacekeepers start pushing me on stage, closer and closer to my certain death. I finally am beside the female tribute, and she looks vaguely familiar. "Our tributes from District 8, Nikk Yardley and Kenton Fuller!" We both go into the Justice Building, and she gives me a reassuring look. My life is going to end before it even begins, I think.

On the train I watch the other Reapings, and, then, District 11 comes on... She is beautiful, I think when Maizie Hawthorne goes onto the stage with her older brother.

District 9 Reapings-

Allianna "Allie" Whittle: I hate Reaping day! instead of going out into the fields to write, my dad forces me into a blouse, cardigan and a pencil skirt, all of which has a baby blue hue...disgusting. I know, I've never been one for fashion and such, but I have to be aware of certain rules, for example, no skirt can be higher than the thigh.

I walk down the street, the smell of grain and flour is in the air, its one of those smells that gets in your nose, eyes, and hair, and it sticks there. Most of us radiate stinking fumes of it; depending on how much we farm, of course. I don't farm myself, but I spend a lot of time in the fields; it relaxes me, helps my thoughts flow easier than in my stressful house. I clutch my notepad and pen close to my chest as I walk to the blood taking. A gruff, grotesque Peacekeeper sits on the chair, pricking each finger. The girl in front of me leaves, and I step forward. He grabs my hand a little too rough and slams the needle into my finger. I wince with the pain, and he releases. I walk into the crowd and stare up at the stage where the escort, Emma Stewart, stands. Unlike many of the escorts, Emma looks natural, with creamy blonde hair and brown eyes. She's honestly quite pretty.

Emma walks over to the ball marked girls and pulls out a slip. My name is in there the miniumum amount possible for a girl my age. I don't take teressa, so my name is in there 5 times because I'm 16. "Allianna Whittle." the escort says clearly into the microphone. Oh no, that's me; well, it's my real name. I hear people snicker as I walk onto the stage. Why am I named Allianna?

Alex Donaque: Allianna just was reaped, so now its the boys. My name is only on one of those slips, only one; there is thousands of names in there. Emma walks over to the ball and places her hand in. Not me, please not me!

"Alex Donaque." she announces. My throat is dry, my eyes start to squint as tears form. Why isn't someone volunteering? I'm only 12! This cannot be happening!

I walk onto the stage, and I can hear several cheers for my bravery, awws of sadness for me, and boos of shame to whoever didn't volunteer. Quite a mixed reaction, but only one comes from Emma. Sadness. No one likes it when a 12 year old is reaped; it means certain death for the young tribute. And I'm going to die. Before I can grow up, get married, have kids, have a job. All that seemed years away, nothing I needed to worry about. But it all flashes before my eyes. I see my body stabbed over and over by Careers. I see me being chased through the woods; the reality is all too real. My legs buckle and darkness surrounds me. If I'm going to die, I'm gonna die right here. My legs collapse and I fall to the ground, the rapid rise and fall of my chest scares everyone. Allie screams and Emma runs for me! Then, the darkness swallows me. I hope I am dead. A painless death. But, of course, reality can't be that kind.

District 10 Reapings-

Serina Frostswords: I walked to the Square with my friends, Joann and Matt. It was Matt's last Reaping; lucky him. Because of this stupid day, I will waste a whole morning of foxhunting!

I slowly walked over to the stands, and they took some blood from me. It's always the same Peacekeepers who take the bloodsamples. I can see by the looks on their faces that they enjoy it. I hear somebody call Matt's name while we are getting our bloodsamples taken, and he doesn't reply. Some people think that Matt is weird because he doesen't talk. Well, If Matt is weird then the Peacekeepers are physcos; I've never heard them say a single word!

Anyway, I looked at Matt. We smiled, nodded, and then parted to our own age groups. "You guys are so weird!" Joann complained about me and Matt's unspoken communication. "lt's like you read each other thoughts!" Then, we walked to the area for fifteen year olds. Next, our weird escort came up on stage. We went through the same old routine. The only thing new and important each year is who is picked to be tribute.

The escort walked over to the ball of names. She took a slip up and read it. "SERINA FROSTSWORDS!" Most people are shocked when they get picked, but I just walked to the stage. Joann looked at me. I knew was thinking of volunteering for me. I shook my head sligthly. Then, the escort walked over the boys.

Matt Treaty: No! I refuse to believe that Serina was picked! Serina! Why? Why her? I looked at her. Her facial expression made it look like she could not care less about being a tribute. But I knew Serina. I can tell that she is already thinking about her cornucopia bloodbath strategy. Our escort walked over to the the ball with the boys names. She picked one and read out loud: "MATT TREATY".

District 11 Reapings-

Maizie Hawthorne: I woke up this morning in a panic, which is understandable considering that today is my first reaping. My older brother Aaron is trying to comfort me, " Don't worry, Maze you won't get picked you're only in there 1 time," he says to me in a cooing voice, the one that calms me. So we get ready and me, being only 62 pounds, have to pin my dress in several places. Off to the Center we go.

I wait in a line of all the other 12 year old girls. I am so nervous, something just feels wrong and I've learned to trust these feelings... "Hello, District 11! Well, here we go for our female tribute!" Plator, our escort fishes her hand around a little before pulling out one perfect square sheet of paper. "Our female tribute is... Maizie Hawthorne!" I am in shock! I slowly start to walk up to the stage adjusting my dress a bit. Everyone looks away in pain and horror as the polite, selfless, and tiny, twelve-year-old, Maizie Hawthorne, takes stage with a single tear running down her face.

Aaron Hawthorne: "No!" I scream as little Maizie, my little Maizie, makes her way to stage. "I volunteer!" I scream before the male tribute's name is even drawn. I'm running on stage; I realize what I've done, but I don't care. I will do anything, ANYTHING, to keep Maizie safe, and I will make sure she wins!

District 12 Reapings-

David Goutis: I slowly make my way to the Square as I examine everything around me. I notice that almost all boys from the Seam look exactly like me. Once I reach the Square, I overhear some boys talking about how they musn't go into the Games because of their families! "Shut up," I snarl at them. They look at me with stunned expressions as if I had just hit them. "Not all of us have families!" I say with tears threatening to spill over my eyelashes. While I am trying to regather my emotions, an escort takes the stage. "Okay, everyone, let's get started! Today, we'll switch it up a bit and do boys first!" The bubbly escort shouts out the name, "David Goutis!" Me! I walk up to the stage and try not to cry. First my family and now me...I think.

Eileen Shade: I woke up when I heard a single bird sing. Mockingjays repeating other birds songs. From my camp I could see the sunrise on the horizon. I was alone in woods, sitting in my sleeping-bag and watching the sunrise. I wish I could stay in woods. The woods are my home now. I knew where game was, where all of berry bushes were, and where all of the lakes where located. This was one of the few days where I had to leave it. The day of the Reaping was one of the only days I left the woods. When I left my aunt's house, I brought a Reaping day dress with me. It would be suspicious if I showed up in my dirty, old forest clothes. I got dressed and walked througth the woods. I never understood why people would think this place was scary. These woods are fantastic! I crawled through a hole in the fence and walked to the square. They took my blood, and then I walked to the area for 18-year-olds. Our escort made her silly entrance, then, the movie was shown and she walked to the ball of girl tributes. She took one slip and read, "EILEEN SHADE!" It took me a second to understand that I would never see my woods again.

District 13 Reapings-

Fern Gallows: We make way to the underground Center for reaping, my third time and it's still as scary as my first. "Well lets begin with our female tribute!" The escort, Lila Greenwood sways her wrist a little before sinking in and grabbing a slip with the tribute's name, "Lyric Gallows!" I close my eyes as my 16 year old sister makes her way on stage with her shiny bald head, from her earlier session of chemo therapy for her cancer. "No!" I say "I volunteer" My sister gives me a pained look that I guess can only mean I hope you don't die. I walk up and silently stand on stage.

Nicholas Greatuse: I watch with interest as Fern volunteers for her sister, "Oh well," I sigh. "Now the boys!" says the escort, "Frankie Rodrigues!" No, not a 12 year old! "I volunteer!" The words escape my mouth before I even have time to think it through. Frankie hugs me tightly and runs to his mother. I try to swagger to the stage but end up sulking. Well at least you won't have to worrry about grades anymore. I think to myself.

District Name & Gender Appearance Personality Other
District 1 Eldon Lo've (Male) Always wears a neon green suit and an orange, curly wig. bubbly, excited. And extremely cautious about manners, schedules, rules, following directions exactly, etc. He is one of the older escorts at the age of 66.
District 2

Liliya Dragonus (Female)

She looks pretty normal except for metallic blue dye at the tips of her hair. Wears a knee-length dress that is the same blue as her blue-tipped hair.

Very generous, kind, and enthusiastic, but she secretly objects to tribute participation in the Games. She bonds with the tributes every year. Hates the really crazy, Capitol clothes. She is almost 30-years-old.
District 3 Leise Talbot (Female) Wears a silvery knee-length dress and black high-heels that have straps that spiral up her legs. Very, very short hair that is died hot pink. Very gentle and sweet. She is understanding but doesn't object to tribute participation in the Games. She is about 35-years-old.
District 4

Sargio Topuer (Male)

Hot pink hair. Blue skin with gold swirls. Very tall and skinny. Gold teeth.

15 piercings up and down each ear.

Carefree and outgoing. 26-years-old.
District 5

Leksi Dragonus (Female)

Brown, curly hair with hot pink highlights. She wears a pink dress that is tight at the top but is fluffy around the waist. She is easily frightened and impatiant. A younger escort, 21-years-old. Loves the Hunger Games. She is the younger sister of the District 2 escort. She is the complete opposite of her sister.
District 6

Franny Descit (Female)

Peachy skin with blue and green spots. Teal glittery hair. Long eylashes with crystals glued to them. Short. Always seems bored. 24-years-old. Always smells like lavender.
District 7 Bethia Kyndell (Female) Dark brown hair with a purple hue to it and silver, teal, and lime highlights in it. Blue eyes. Pale. Young. Perky. And obsessed with parties and celebrations. Every year to the District 7 Reaping, she wears a lime pencil skirt and teal long-sleeved shirt that has wooden cuffs.
District 8

Frez Frongal (Male)

African-American. Red hair with a single yellow stripe down the back. Gray eyes with silver eyeliner above and below eyes. Cool, calm, and collected. 29-years-old. Doesn't speak much.
District 9

Emma Stewart (Female)

Long, silky, blonde hair. Warm coffee-brown eyes. Looks more like a normal person than a Capitol person. Doesn't insult the Games and doesn't have much of a problem with them, but she feels bad for some tributes. She is 23-years-old.
District 10

Freezea Jaybresk (Female)

Icey blue hair that is spiked up like ice-cycles. Blue-tinted skin. Short and plump.

About 2 inch nails.


She is 24-years-old.

She keeps her nails exactly 2 inches and 1 centimeter.

District 11

Plator Sceenric (Female)

Pink tinted skin. Long hair died rainbow colors. Wears 10 inch high-heels. Bubbly. Not that smart. Can be annoying but means well. 22-years-old. She doesn't have a favorite color, because she says that if she picks favorites it will make the other colors feel bad.
District 12

Dephila Starus (Female)

Pale, glittery skin. Blonde hair with sparkles and gemstones scattered throughout. Shimmering eyeshadow. Fun, silly, and always positive. 21-years-old. Seems to dance when she walks.
District 13

Lila Greenwood (Female)

Green and pink hair. Always wear green and hot pink lipstick and eye shadow. Very cautious. Graceful. Elegant. 26-years-old. Always looks over shoulder before speakin as if she is being followed.

District Name & Gender Personality Chariot Design Parade Outfits Interview Clothes Other
District 1 Cain Hummer (Male) Always seems tired and gloomy. The sides are made of plush, red velvet and have shimmering golden edges. The front is covered by a large, ruffled, golden bow.

Male: Deep purple pants. A formal jacket made of denim with a gold shirt underneath.

Female: A long, strapless, formal gown made of denim with specks of gold mixed in. A large, deep purple bow is placed on top of her head.

Male: A pale pink suit with a light purple shirt underneath. And he wears a faded yellow bow-tie. Golden flecks litter his hair.

Female: A short, strapless gown that falls to her-knees. It is a faded green and she has a tiny, pale, pink bow in her hair.

He is the youngest stylist at only 18-years-old. This is his first year as stylist but he showed so much talent that he was immediatly placed as the stylist for the most desirable district.
District 2 Selma Finnigan (Male)

Is very kind. Sometimes loses his focus and tones out during conversations.

People think he is weird. That is why he started designing clothes. He felt that when people saw his brilliant clothing designs, they saw how normal and steady he really was.

It is solid and a shiny golden color. It is very plain and has no designs on it except for the curved handles that the tributes grasp as they ride.

Male: A black ninja suit with the hood down so that his head is showing. A golden belt filled with many knives made of pure gold hangs at his waist. He has golden swords crosses in an X on his back. He wears short gold-colored boots.

Gold highlights in his hair.

Female: A black ninja suit with the hood down so her face shows. At her waist is a golden belt. She has a knife made of gold hanging on her belt. Two golden swords cross on her back to form an X. She wears knee-high golden boots.

Her hair is highlighted with her normal silver and a new golden color.

Male: A midnight blue suit with a pale blue tie.

Female: A plain, knee-length, fiery red dress that is very fitted. A pale pink color replaces the golden highlights in her hair and look interesting with the silver she always wears. Several baby pink bracelets go up her arm.

He is only 19-years-old. He started designing clothes at 13-years-old.
District 3 Quincy Flora (Female) Perky and, in a way, idiotic. Seems so clueless most of the time and has an obsession with parties. A polished metal box with visual electricity running up in down it in a lightning-like pattern.

Male: A skin-tight, silvery unitard with several wires moving in a circular movement around his body. The costume has silver sparks on it that, after a few seconds, die out, and then relight in a different spot of the costume. He wears a large, cubic headpiece that has lights on it that illuminates his face.

Female: A skin-tight, silvery unitard with wires circling around her legs, forming a dress-like article. Moving wires, also, circle up and down her arms. She wears a headpiece that has lights that illuminate her face.

Male: A gray metalic suit and shoes.

Female: A gray metalic knee-length dress that is sort of tight. Wire bracelets and knecklaces.

Older aged.
District 4 Horace Jay (Male) Very encouraging. Has confidence in his tributes. Sometimes arrogant. Sea-green and is decorated with bright pink sea-flowers. Models of dolphins positions on their back fins are on the back and spit sparkles and glitter onto the tributes.

Male: A fitted, solid, bright blue outfit that covers his entire body from his chin to the tips of his toes. He wears silvery gloves, a tight necklace, and a belt that all appear to be made of fishing-net. He holds a silver trident in his right hand. He is covered in glitter from the dolphins on the chariot.

Female: A bright blue, fitted outfit that dips low at her chest and covers the rest of her body to the tips of her toes. She wears a loose, fishing-net dress with tiny pearls scattered on it over the unitard. She holds a silver trident in her left hand. Seh is covered in glitter from the dolphins on the chariot.

Male: A sea-green tux.

Female: A plain, sea-green, dress that falls to her knees with long sleeves.

He is around 60 years old.
District 5 Venus Maritime (Female) Feisty. Easily offended. Always angry. Harsh. The sides are covered by solar panels and the front is covered by a large sun.

Male: A plain gray unitard with a solar panel headdress.

Female: A plain black unitard with a solar-panel headdress.

Male: A gray suit with a shiny, silver tie.

Female: A silver, flowing dress.

Is 45-years-old.
District 6 Queena Dagger Always bored and doesn't like designing clothes. Looks like an airplane

Male: An orange astronaut suit with green jet-wings on his back.

Female: A pink astronaut suit with purple jet-wings on her back.

Male: A bright orange tux.

Female: A short and bouncy dress that is deep purple.

In her late 20s.
District 7 Ainsley Darnell (Female) Feels bad for tributes but doesn't object to the Games. Very intelligent and creative. Patterned to look like tree bark. Canopy of leaves hangs over tributes that changes from green, to autumn colors, then falls off and bursts into glitter that showers the tributes (cycle repeats).

Male: An outfit that changes its pattern to mimmick a sunray shining through a canopy of leaves that are shifting in a breeze. A headress made of leaves that that covers all of his hair. Short, brown, leather boots.

Female: A very short dress that changes its pattern to look like the sun shining through a canopy of leaves that is shifting in a slight breeze. A half-crown made of leaves. Knee-length, brown, leather boots.

Male: A dark-green suit with a tree bark-patterned tie. Brown, leather dress shoes.

Female: A long, glittery, lime-green dress that constantly shifts its position as if a continous breeze is blowing on her. A green vine with tiny leaves wraps up both of her arms. Skin is tinted pale green. Her hair is braided with shimmering ribbon that is different shades of greens and browns.

Very gentle.
District 8 Xandy Garner (Female) Perky and upbeat Hot-pink and covered in multicolor polkadots.

Male: A very bright blue jacket with a denim tie. Silky, orange pants. Velvet gloves. Ribbons in his hair.

Female: A dress with several layers made of different fabrics.

Male: A bright yellow suit with a denim tie.

Female: A short dress that is made with three layers:

Top= pink silk

Middle= yellow and blue polkadotted velvet


In her 20s
District 9

Robin Glenn (Female)

Creative. Perky. Painted to look like field of grain.

Male: Brown suit with several yellowish flecks. Whenever he turns, it looks like he is standing in a field of grain. Halfway through the parade, grain flies out of the suit and covers the audience.

Female: Brown dress with yellow specks that gives the affect of grain. It, too, shoots grain into the audience about halfway through the parade. She wears a small tiara.

Male: A dark brown suit with yellowish glitter on it. A pale yellow bow-tie.

Female: Pale yellow dress that is silky and falls to her her feet. A shimmering silver hairclip. A glistening silver bracelet that wraps up her left arm like a vine.

25-years-old. Blonde hair. Blue eyes.
District 10 Sage Miller (Male) Neutural. Green grass at bottom. Fake cow head on the front.

Male: A cowboy hat with a cow-patterned rope tied around it. Cow-patterned pants. A red, plaid shirt.

Female: A cowgirl hat with a pink rope tied around it. Cow-patterned pants. A purple, plaid shirt.

Male: A black suit with a cow-patterned tie.

Female: A long, silky pink dress. A tiny, cow-pattrned bow on the side of her head.

In her 30s.
District 11

Katrina Galley (Female)

It is light green with dark green vines and flowers that open and close on it.

Every few minutes, it shoots flowers.

Male: Green overalls with a white shirt underneath. Wears a headdress made of grass.

Female: Long, light, green dress that flows and is covered in green jewels that create a pattern of vines encircling her. Larger pink and purple jewels create flowers on her.

Hair is elaborately done in a complex braided updo with daisies stuck in it.

Male: Light green suit with vines and yellow flowers patterned on it.

Slicked back hair with green streaks that look like vines.

Female: A white dress that flows along the floor when she walks. Decorated in colorful jewel flowers.

Hair is curled and has streaks of color that shimmers.

Jewels on the sides of her eyes sparkle.

Is 23-years-old.
District 12

Annie Bellend (Female)

Always happy. Usually she loves the tributes, not only from her district but other districts as well. Jet black with realistic flames painted on it. Pulled by four white stallions.

Male: Black t-shirt and black jeans. Wears a crisp, white cape that looks like flames when touched or blown. His hair is spiked up.

Female: She has a dress made from the exact same material as her partner's cape. She wears little makeup. She has a cape made from beads and strings of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white fabric. It is attached to her wrists and the back of her dress. She has on a single raindrop-shaped ruby necklace.

Male: A simple black jacket over a white dress shirt. He has dress pants that are also black, and a flame design around the edges of his sleeves that are made of very small particles of orange and yellow and blue gems. The design is very small but you are able to see it.

Female: She has on an orange dress that gives the impression of fire, but doesn't flicker like the white fabric used in the chariot design. There is a black belt around her waist, that has orange, white and yellow gems around the top and bottom. She has a necklace exactly like the one on the chariot.

District 13 Salter Myles (Male) Always smiling and loves talking.

Shiny and silver with sparkles all over it.

Male: A baggy jumpsuit with a large 13 on the back.

Female: A gray, baggy jumpsuit with a large 13 on the back.

Male: A black suit with an orange bowtie.

Female: A bright orange dress with a glittery, silver bottom.


The Interview Host

The interview host for these Games will be Piper Bristol. Piper is a female who was extremely sad when the Games were cancelled in President Paylor's time, but she eventually saw how cruel and barbaric the Games really were. That realization made her want to be the interview host when the Games started again with President Ivory. She felt that as interview host she could help encourage the tributes and keep them as hopeful and optimistic as possible.

She tries to be as fantastic as Caeser Flickerman and she exceeds beyond expectations. She is wonderful and can coax a conversation out of almost any tribute. She only makes jokes at her own expense and puts a positive spin on anything the tribute says. She always puts on her most stunning smile while she is on stage so the tributes feel more welcome. Piper always says the right thing at the right time. She is a perfect host.

Piper has long, way hair that is brown and has pink, purple, and blue highlights. She is actually pretty, in a way. Her eyes are a deep blue, and she has long eyelashes with tiny butterflies scattered over them. She wears purple eyeshadow and lipstick. Piper dresses in a long, white, sleeveless gown with a purple belt around her waist.

The Interviews

Polyester Romano-

Piper: Welcome, citizens of the Capitol, to the tribute interviews of the 225th Annual Hunger Games! Today, we will discover the tributes' real personality, opinions, and much, much more!

(Croud Cheers)

Piper: Now, it is time to welcome our first tribute of the night, Polyester Romano, from the spectacular District 1!

(Polyester walks onto the stage and sits beside Piper)

Piper: Polyester, it's such an honor to have you as a tribute! I am sure your district is absolutely thrilled to have such a capable young lady represent them in this years' Games!

Polyester: Oh, I'm sure that District 1, along with the rest of Panem, knows that I will definately be an excellent contender in the Games. I mean, I am most likely going to be a victor!

Piper: I sure hope you do spectacular!

Polyester: I surely will!

(Croud shouts approval and a bell sounds)

Piper: Well, Polyester, it appears that our time together is up. So, good luck, and we all expect you to put on a great show in the Games!

Calico Shimmer-

Piper: Wasn't Polyester just delightful?

(croud cheers)

Piper: I cerainly agree that she was, and I am sure that our next tribute will be just as wonderful! Please welcome, Calico Shimmer!

(Calico sits nervously in the chair beside Piper)

Calico: (whispering) Hi...

Piper: Wow, Calico, look at you! You look so strong and so prepared for these Games!

Calico: (quietly) I'm not so sure.

Piper: Oh, my! Why not? You appear to be a definate contender!

Calico: (louder) I won't be a victor.

Piper: Well, why not?

Calico: I can't do anything.

Piper: Calico, you appear to be so fierce and strong! You just need to put yourself out there and you will find plenty of hidden talents that will help you greatly in these games.

Calico: (silent)

Piper: (whispering) Are you alright?

Calico: (shakes head)

(bell sounds)

Piper: I'm sorry, Calico, that we cannot converse further, but our time is out. Good luck.

Shamrock Harrison-

Piper: All of our guests so far have been marvelous so let's continue to meet out contestants! Here is, our female tribute from District 2, Shamrock Harrison!

(Shamrock sits beside Piper)

Shamrock: Hello, Piper, and all of my friends in the Capitol!

Piper: My, you certainly aren't shy or quiet!

Shamrock: Why should I be? I mean, if I die in the next few days, people should know who I was! If I am quiet and secretive people won't remember me! I am worth being remembered!

Piper: You certainly are, Shamrock, and remembered you will be!

(croud cheers)

Piper: Anyway, will you please tell all of us what went through your mind at the Reaping? We all want to know what encouraged you to throw that knife at the escort?

Shamrock: Well, Piper, first of all, I didn't throw a knife at the escort; I threw it at the stage to make all of those desperate girls in the District shut up! They yelled when the escort called the female tribute's name and I couldn't hear who, from our district, was gonna die!

Piper: Are you saying that whoever is sent into the arena is going to die?

Shamrock: I believe I am!

Piper: So, do you think you will die?

Shamrock: Wait, allow me to correct myself: Any girl from District 2 would, most likely, die in the arena...except me.

Piper: Oh, that must be why you took the stage even when it was not your name called!

Shamrock: Yes, Piper, it was. I want to be tribute because I know I will win!

(bell rings)

Shamrock: Oh, my time is up.

(she walks of stage without waiting for Piper's good-bye)

Jason Tompre-

Piper: Shamrock will certainly be the one to beat in the arena!

(croud cheers)

Piper: Now, let's give a warm welcome to Jason Tompre!

(Jason stands awkwardly beside Piper)

Piper: Jason, make yourself comfortable have a seat!

(Jason sits in chair beside Piper)

Piper: Well, let me ask you the question that has been killing me since your Reaping!

Jason: Ask away, Piper.

Piper: Do you like Shamrock Harrison?

Jason: (startled) Huh?!?

Piper: Oh, c'mon, Jason, we all noticed the look on your face when Shamrock stepped up on stage!

Jason: Truthfully, I, uh-

Piper: Tell us! We are dying to know!

(Shamrock stomps onto stage and interupts the interview)

Shamrock: Piper! Can't you tell he doesn't wanna be pounded to reveal his feelings!

Piper: I-I-I-

Jason: Shamrock, stop, go sit. It's fine.

Shamrock: Shut up, Jason! I'm not asking for your approval!

Jason: Shamrock!

Shamrock (to Piper): He's not in love with me. We are not star-crossed lovers like Katniss and Peeta!

Jason: Stop! Shamrock! Leave!

Shamrock (ignoring Jason): Just mind your own business, Piper!

(Guards step onto the stage to pull Shamrock away)

Jason (yelling): Why do you even care if I'm in love with you!

Shamrock (fighting guards): Becuase if you say that you are in love with me, we will be forced to play that whole romance thing in the arena, and I just can't afford to protect you!

Jason (trying to pull guards off of Shamrock so they can talk): What makes you think we will have to play a romance in the arena?

Shamrock: Because if you say that you love me and I don't pretend to love you back, sponsors will think I am heartless and I won't get any help in the arena!

(buzzer sounds)

(Shamrock and Jason stop fighting the guards and let them pull Shamrock away)

Mallory Debut-

Piper: I'm not sure of what to say after that performance. Um, let's just, um, meet Mallory Debut.

Mallory: (skipping onto stage happily) Hi, Piper! Can you believe Shamrock! She is totally barbaric!

Piper: She's just defensive.

Mallory: Defensive? More like heartless, cruel, sinister; I could go on and on.

Piper: Let's not go on. You've said enough.

Mallory: Why do you think I've said enough? Panem deserves to hear my opinions of my fellow tributes!

Piper: Some things are better to keep to yourself, Mallory.

(the time's up buzzer sounds)

Mallory: It hasn't been 3 minutes yet!

Piper: No, but, uh.

Mallory: What?

Piper (whispering in Mallory's ear): We want to stop you because what you are saying could be offensive to Shamrock. By insulting her you just made yourself a target. We are trying to save you.

(Mallory leaves)

Cale Silverado-

Piper: (lying) I regret sending that lovely young lady away so soon, but our buzzer has been messed up so her's was very short and the rest have been too long.

(croud yells out "aww")

Piper: Yes, yes, well, the difficulties have been resolved. So, now our buzzer is back on time and I am prepared to host a fantastic rest of the show!

(croud screams excitedly)

Piper (yelling over croud): Please welcome, Cale Silverado!

(Cale walks to chair beside Piper and sits comfortably)

Piper: Hi, Cale! How have you been handling the sudden change from District 3 to the Capitol?

Cale: Oh, it's been incredible! I adore all of the people here in the Capitol; the've all been so friendly! I mean, every time I look out of my window, I see so many kind and smiling faces! Just the sight of people trying to be encouraging really helps me a lot. In that arena I know that every smiling face I've seen here will replay over and over in my mind; it will greatly help me stay optimistic.

Piper: Oh, that's fabulous. I'm so glad that the citizens have improved your attitude this much!

Cale: They, really, really, have been helpful in my several days training to fight to the death.

Piper: Cale, the way you said that makes it sound like you are against the Games? How can that be?

Cale: Oh, no! No, Piper, I absolutely love the Games! I simply referred to it as "fighting to the death" because that is what it is!

Piper: That makes a bit more sense, but-

(buzzer interupts her)

Piper: That means our time is up! Good-bye and good-luck, Cale!

Airlia Romaine-

Piper: So far we have met some magnificent tributes! Wouldn't you all agree?

(Croud yells and cheers)

Piper: Let's welcome Distirct 4's female tribute, Airlia Romaine!

(Airlia sits beside Piper)

Piper: How have you been Airlia?

Airlia: My, I have been, uh, fine, I guess.

Piper: You don't seem so sure.

Airlia: No, you have the wrong idea! I love it in the Capitol and I can't wait for the Games; it's just that I can't stop thinking about home.

Piper: You miss the ocean. The rolling waves and the feel of the salty water.

Airlia: Sorry, but no. I nearly drown when I was little and have been petrified of water since then...Anyway, what I really miss from home is my sister. I can't shake the thought that she doesn't want me to be here, even though we all know that I am very capable of-

Piper (interupting Airlia): Wait, wait, wait, go back to the story of when you nearly drown. I want to hear that.

Airlia: Okay, um, I was about 10, and I was onboard the ship that I worked on, the Sarah Maybel. That day, a massive wave approached and threatened to sink the ship. Captain Potter was trying to anchor the ship so it wouldn't be washed away. He wasn't paying attention to his 4-year-old daughter who was standing at the edge of ship. His daughter was holding the railing when the wave crashed down, but the wave's force threw her over the side. Nobody noticed the little girl being pulled beneath the water except me. I tried to get someone's attention but everyone was frantic and unfocused. I was sure that the little girl couldn't hold her breath much longer so I stupidly jumped into the water to retrieve her. The girl couldn't swim and she had been in the water a while so she would be deep in the ocean.

Piper: Oh, my, that poor girl.

Airlia: Yes...well, I hit the water which was awfully rough, and I concentrated on saving the girl. I went under water and swam deeper and deeper without feeling the girl's body so I kept going down. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't return without the girl. I was beginning to run out of oxygen but I ignored my instincts and went deeper still. My lungs felt as if they would burst when I touched the girl. I started swimming towards the surface, but I knew that I wouldn't make it. Despite the thought that the girl and I were as good as dead, I kept fighting to get above water. Eventually, I felt myself break the ocean's surface only to meet another massive wave that pulled me under again.

(Buzzer sounds)

Piper: Oh, that's it for our time. Sorry we didn't finish your story! I would ignore the buzzer and have you continue, but our time already has been extended.

Arlen Odair-

Piper: Wow, Airlia had such a fascinating story! I hate that we didn't hear the ending!

(Croud boos and yells agreements)

Piper: Now, it is time for us to say hello to District 4's male tribute, Arlen Odair!

(Croud cheers)

(Arlen sits beside Piper)

Arlen: Hey, Piper.

Piper: Welcome, Arlen! I am so excited to have one of the famous Finnick Odair's relatives here with us tonight!

Arlen: It's an honor for me to be on your stage.

Piper: Oh, you're so polite and handsome just like Finnick! I believe I am starstruck!

Arlen: Well, Piper, I am no big deal. I'm only famous, rich, and handsome. (Grins and poses for the camera) (Laughs good-naturedly at his joke)

Piper: Wow, Arlen, none of us had any idea you were such a comedian!

Arlen: I try to appear foolish and self-absorbed when I am really observing each and every move of my competetors.

Piper: Now, Arlen, I wouldn't go telling your secrets! Remember, the other tributes can see our interview, too!

(Arlen and Piper laugh)

Piper: Anyway, Arlen, we all would love to hear-

Arlen (interupting Piper): Wait a moment, Piper. There's something I would like to say to the wonderful citizens of the Capitol.

Piper: Go right ahead.

Arlen: I want to thank all of you for your friendliness and hospitality and-

(buzzer goes off)

(Arlen gets up and leaves)

Havana Io-

Piper: I am having a great time with our tributes tonight! I can't wait to talk with District 5's female tribute, Havana Io!

(Havana sits beside Piper)

Piper: Hi, Havana! How do you like the Captol?

Havana: I feel more at home here than I did in the district.

Piper: Why is that, dear?

Havana: Because nobody points and laughs at my style. I don't get teased because of my accent. I belong here!

Piper: Havana, you certainly look like a Capitol citizen!

Havana: Really? You really think so?

Piper: I do. You are gorgeous.

Havana: You have no idea how much that means! I adore the citizens here! They are so unique and, in my opinion, beautiful!

(croud cheers)

Piper: What a flattering choice of words!

Havana: Well, the people here greatly deserve my compliments, and every word that I speak is true!

Piper: I wish that you lived here in the Capitol with us! We would all get along so wonderfully! You would be eagerly welcomed!

Havana: I don't think so.

Piper: Why on Earth not?

Havana: Because I lived here as a young child and was forced away because President Ivory and my father didn't get along.

Piper: Oh, that's awful!

Havana: My brother was sent away long before me and we found eachother in the woods surrounding District 5. Both of us were hidden from Peacekeepers.

Piper: Why were you hidden?

Havana: Because Peacekeepers would publicly kill us because we hunted on Capitol land.

Piper: They would understand that you had to eat, right?

Havana: Oh, no! Peacekeepers are unforgiving and cruel just like President Ivory.

(Everything is silent)

(Someone in the audience shoots Havana in the arm)

(Havana falls to her knees and is dragged off the stage by guards)


Spore Io-

Piper: (Frozen in shock)

Spore: (awkwardly walks up and sits beside Piper)

Piper: (Still frozen and gripping sides of the chair tightly)

Spore: (Sweeps a piece of his hair from his eyes and locks his gaze on the ground)

Piper: (stammering and slowly beginning to move) I-I-I'm done. This is absurd. (Stands up and walks off stage with jerky movements)

Spore: (hurries off stage behind Piper)

Guard: (Walks to center of stage and announces loudly-) The rest of the interviews have been cancelled and the Games will begin a day early, tomorrow. I repeat, the Games begin tomorrow. (Leaves stage)

Head Gamemaker

The Head Gamemaker for these Games is a 23-year-old, Jennifer Ellie. She is easily offended, and when she is angry she can be murderous. She is very harsh and demanding, and if you catch her in a good mood, you've obviously been extremely nice to her or you know her very well. Also, she will do anything to make the Games as bloody as possible. She adores mutts and will contribute as many deadly additions to the Games as possible. And because of her love of a tribute's bloody death, she will make the arena extra harsh, dangerous, and, of course, deadly.

The Games Announcer

Alexander Barry is the Announcer for the 225th annual Hunger Games! His phrase that announces the beginning of the Games is, "Tributes, welcome to the Hunger Games! Remember, only one tribute may win! So, best of luck, and let the 9th Quarter Quell Begin!"


Mutt 1: Tribute Mutt

Takes the form of any living tribute, appears to be normal, but if you step to close, it turns into a vicious monster, rather like a zombie.

How to kill it: However you kill a human

Mutt 2: Hawk Mutt

Looks like a normal hawk, but if you step within 15 feet, it's wing feathers turn to knife blades, and it's body turns metal, and it will attack, and try and kill you.

How to kill it: You can't; just get it to fly away.

Mutt 3: Minnow mutts

Just normal minnows, until you stick your hands in water with them. They will nibble your skin, at first it tickles, but then it hurts, and then they eat your flesh until you die, or escape.

How to kill them: That would be really hard, because they are tiny.

Mutt 4: Python Mutt

A 20-foot python with huge, poisonous fangs. If you are bitten, you die instantly.

How to kill it: Stab it, slice it's head off, slice it in half, etc.

Mutt 5: Wolf Mutt

A black wolf, appears to be injured, if you get to close, it will attack.

How to kill it: Stab it or shoot it in the head or heart

Tribute's Arena Outfits

Female: The girls will wear dark, skinny, jeans with their district's number written clearly in large, pink numbers on the back pocket. Brown, leather boots with black laces rise up to their knees. The girls have on a fitted, pale, pink tank-top. A brown belt made of leather rises from their hips to the middle of their stomach.

Male: Straight-leg jeans with short, brown, leather boots underneath. They have a black t-shirt with their district number written in huge, red numbers on the back.


The cornucopia that is filled with desirable supplies is placed on top of a giant plateau in the corner of the arena. The tributes stand in a circle around the plateau and have to climb it's side which have simple supplies scattered over them. Around the plateau that bears the supplies is a scorching desert stocked with python mutts. In the desert that encircles the cornucopia is a large salt-lake that is filled with minnow mutts.

Beyond the desert is dense jungle. A huge, fresh lake sits in the center of the jungle. Parts of the lake is ruled by minnow mutts and one bank is ruled by hawk mutts. Just 1/2 of a mile to the left of the lake is a thin stretch of desert that encloses a gorgeous orchard that has a fresh stream and waterfall flowing through it. The orchard is home to wolf mutts and tribute mutts.

Touching the desert around the orchard are mountains with snowy peaks. The tips of the mountains are the secret territory to a Gamemaker's trap: flying arrows. The jungle continues past the mountains and throughout the rest of the arena.

At the far, right edge of the arena is a freshwater creek that barely reaches into the arena. The rest of the creek flows behind the forcefield which electricutes a tribute at touch. The shock will not kill them but will slow them considerabley with dizziness, blurry vision, and sore musceles. It will, also, make them extremely tired.

Northwest of the rightside's forcefield is a deep pit concealed by underbrush. The sides are made of slick rock and it will fill with water after a day. Eventually it overflows and empties itself (the cycle continues).

Let The Games Begin!

"Tributes, welcome to the Hunger Games! Remember, only one tribute may win. So, best of luck, and let the 9th Quarter Quell begin!" ~ Alexander Barry

The Cornucopia Bloodbath

Polyester Romano- I am standing beside Calico Shimmer, my district partner, and the District 13 male. I am listening to the countdown- 59, 58, 57, 56, 55. I am smoothing my ponytail when an idea crosses my mind. I feel my lips form a small smile which I can't hide. The countdown- 48, 47, 46. Then, I pretend to lose my balence. I lean backwards and release a small, fake squeal. My arms spread out to the side and touch Calico and Nick Greatuse. They both shoot me looks of surprise. I know that my time is running low. 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22. I try to pretend to lose my balence again. I still can't reach them! Finally, I give up my pretending idea and push both of them off of their platforms. I hear explosions on both sides of me and fight to keep my hair smooth. That's when I decide that I didn't think my plan through. Debris and blood is blown at me with serious force. I shut my eyes. I know that the near explosions and/or debris will kill me. My life is taken by fire that engulfs me in burning flames.

Calico Shimmer- Polyester Romano stands beside me and keeps looking at me and the 13 Boy. She seems to lose her balance but it is obviously done on purpose. Her hands barely touch my side the first and second time. Suddenly, her face hardens and she pushed me and the boy from 13 before we can react. The last thing I see is Polyester and the boy from 13 engulfed in flames.

Shamrock Harrison- I just watched Calico Shimmer be blown to bits. I should've closed my eyes, but I didn't react quick enough. Debris was thrown into my face, resulting in a blind right eye and a deep gash along my left cheek. My hands instinctively fly to my face, but I quickly drop them back to my sides. I know that I have to be prepared to run when the gong sounds. I focus myself again and hear the countdown finishing- 6,5,4,3,2,1. The gong rang through the arena and I charged to the plateau that held the cornucopia. As I run, I feel bodies in my way, and I shove them to the side. Nobody is going to stop me from getting choice weapons! I thrust myself at the rock wall and feel for a place to hold on to. I find a gap between to rocks and pull myself upwards. I repeat this over and over. Suddenly, I get a sharp pain in my left hand. A knife is lodged between the rocks where I closed my hand. I remove it and continue to climb with it tucked in my leather belt. I fight through the extreme pain in my hand and face. I, finally, reach the cornucopia and grab, at least, 10 deadly-looking knives and shove them in my belt along with the other. I was, soon, met by the other Careers: Jason Tompre, Airlia Romaine, Arlen Odair, and one very unlikely tribute; the District 9 male, 12-year-old Alex Donaque. He was accepted to be one of us because he received a 10 in training and showed extreme skill with a sword. Then, we turned around and destroyed anyone who crossed our path. I knived the District 12 female in the back and killed her. Alex killed the guy from 5 with his sword. The rest was a blurr, but I saw the girl from 13, the boy from 6, and the guy from 3 fall to the ground beside me in a pool of blood.

Jason Tompre- Three tributes have just been destroyed by an explosion. Shamrock has been injured and I can't reach her. I have minor cuts. My heart is racing, but I am as focused as I can be on the countdown. 5,4,3,2,1, GONG! I charge to the side of the plateau and force myself up its walls. I climb. I climb. I cimb. I ignore the supplies around me; their must be better ones at the top. My head turns from side to side, searching for Shamrock. I am a slower climber so I have been passed by several tributes. As I reach the top, I feel the bottom of my boot come in contact with someone's face, and I turn just in time to see the little girl from 8 hit the rock floor of the arena. I felt sort of bad because she was so young and innocent, but I quickly reminded myself that she had to die if Shamrock or I was gonna live. From now on, I will kill mercilessly and protect Shamrock. Just as I met up with the other Careers, they began swinging their weapons and killing tributes. I immediatly searched for Shamrock in the mess of moving blades. Once I found her, I stood beside her and started to kill like everyone else. The boy from 6, the girl from 13, and the boy from 3 died at the hands of me.

Mallory Debut- The nearby explosions have distracted me and I am not ready when the gong sounds. I am last to get on the plateau and last to reach the weapons. By the time I get to the cornucopia, I figure I should have never come. All supplies are taken and dead tributes lye on the ground. Then, something catches my eye, a broken, but useable, wooden spear. I grab it and leap over dead tribute's bodies. I toss the spear to the ground and climb down the plateau to it. When my hands close over the spear, it crosses my mind that I may have a chance at winning. Next, I speed into the desert that blocks my view of anything.

Cale Silverado- I listen for the gong and when it comes, I jump to the wall and start to climb. I grab several small bags and a mini knife from the sides but continue to climb so I can reach the good supplies and weapons. I am not on the top for a minute before a sword lodges itself in my chest. I whisper a silent good-bye and fall asleep.

Airlia Romaine- My fingers play with the bracelet my boyfriend gave me and I think of my original home in Greece. I should've stayed there! I think to myself. I faintly hear traditional music from home playing in the back of my mind. I see the friendly faces of neighbors and family and friends. When I think of home, I don't think of District 4 with its deadly ocean currents; I think of Greece. I am drowning in my own longing and sorrow when the gong rings. The sound snaps me into reality. I race alongside 25 other tributes and fight to meet up with the other Careers. I grab the hand of Arlen Odair who seems to be lost in daydreams and pull him to the plateau's wall to climb. His senses sharpen and awaken, making us seem powerful and deadly. I knew right then and there that we will be the team to beat. We climb the side with incredible speed and are the first to reach the top. We both get choice weapons and supplies. Now, all we can do is wait for the other Careers. As we are shoving our weapons into our belts, the duo from District 7, Kyler and Zara, fly at us with axes and knives gripped tightly in their fists. Kyler seems more defiant than Zara and doesn't slow down as he nears us. Arlen and I hold our ground, though. Arlen is blocking us with his spear held in a defensive position. Zara throws her knife at me, but I react readily. I block her knife with my sword, and then swing it towards Kyler. He ducks before it can decapitate him. That seems to have startled him, so he grabs Zara and pulls her away. The two decend down the plataeu's side with choice weapons and supplies in their hands.

Arlen Odair- I was standing beside Airlia and the girl from District 5. I don't know how I could let my mind wander while I am about to fight to the death, but I somehow manage. I lose myself in thoughts of the past when their were no Games and we were ruled by President Paylor. I didn't hear the gong sound and would've stood there like a fool if Airlia didn't pull me back to my senses. I am suddenly extremely aware of everything around me. I have never met this person I have become, but I am vicious. I am unstoppable. I will be a victor. That's when I realise that if I was gonna win, Airlia would have to die. I shake that thought from my mind and continue to climb to the cornucopia. When we reach the top and the supplies, me and Airlia stuff our pockets and belts. Then, the two from District 7 charge to attack us. I block them with my spear as Airlia goes in with her sword. Airlia nearly beheads Kyler. That sends the two into a panic and they retreat down the plateau, but not before they get supplies. Soon, we are met by the other Careers and begin to strategize.

Havana Io- It's hard to believe that three tributes have died before the countdown has even finished, but I have seen four tributes die before the gong in earlier Games. Anyway, I have decided to not even go to the cornucopia. I want to go, immediatley, to the hills I see in the distance. So, when the gong sounds I grab my brother and start to run, but, to my surprise, Spore refuses and heads straight to the plateau. In the back of my mind I know that he can't survive the bloodbath but I let him go anyway, because I don't have time to argue. I, then, charge into the desert and begin my search for high ground.

Spore Io- The countdown involved three deaths and one minute of horrible anxiety. My stomach twisted itself in knots. When I heard the gong I felt a hand grab my wrist. I paniced and tried to shove the person off, but I soon saw that it was Havana. She tried to pull me into the desert, but I was sure that we wouldn't survive without water. Our only chance was to get water from the cornucopia. Then, I started to climb. Much to my surprise, the Careers had already gathered and they included a 12-year-old from District 9. The boy had extremely quick reflexes and spun around when he heard my distinct footsteps behind him. Before I had time to draw another breath, his sword pierced my heart. I regretted not going with Havana.

Sierra Palette- I was playing with my hair and listening to the odd bird calls in the distance, when I heard the loudest noise ever. I turned to the source of the noise and saw a horrendous sight; a giant fiery explosion consuming three tributes, the friendly boy from District 1, the pretty District 1 girl, and the handsome 13 boy. I was sad to see the boy from 1 die. Him and Weston were the only ones who were actually kind to me. Well, when I think about it, the girl from 5 wasn't awful. She was laughed at like me. We might become great friends. I am smiling and happily thinking of a chance to make a friend when I hear a deep, unfamilier ringing sound. I see everyone else running. Weston runs to a large rock wall and climbs with entrancing speed and grace. I consider following him, but see so many people fall and die. I end up chacing after the girl from 5, her name was Havana, I think.

Weston Lotely- The countdown is finishing- 3,2,1- and the gong sounds. I race to the plateau and use my climbing skill to get myself to the cornucopia. Along the way I see many small, but useful, supplies. I grab every one of them. I am close to the top when I see that I have been beaten by the Careers. They are tearing through anyone who crosses their path. I try to sneak around them to the supplies, but I am caught by the boy from 2. He ends my life at the cornucopia.

Zara Vinland- An explosion killed three tributes before the Games even began. The loud boom blocks out the sound of some of the countdown. A ringing is left in my ears that I must ignore. I barely hear the final numbers being announced. GONG! I charge alongside Kyler to the plateau. I wanted to retreat to the desert, but he felt that we needed supplies. Every bit of sense that I had screamed for me not to go to the cornucopia, but Kyler won't take 'no' for an answer. We climb up the rock walls, grabbing smaller weapons and supplies along the way. Once we are getting over the edge to climb upon the flat part, a hand grabs my leg. My eyes dart downwards and see the girl from 10, Serina Frostswords, gripping my calf. I franticaly try to shake her off, but her grip is iron. Serina's face is twisted into a wicked grin. She pulls a knife from her belt and just before she can lodge it in my leg, Kyler stomps her face. She releases her grip and her hands instinctively fly to her face. She plunged towards the Earth. She hit with force that killed her. The girl from 10 was dead. Then, Kyler and I pulled ourselves ontop of the plateau. I started to the cornucopia but he was going in a different direction. I was confused until I saw what was in that direction...the Careers-or what of them is there, only the two from 4. Kyler must be trying to get us killed! I have no choice but to follow. We are in close combat with two Careers. I glance at Kyler who is fighting with Arlen Odair. Arlen is holding him back with a spear. Airlia catches my eye, pulling out her sword. I throw a knife at her and she cleverly blocks it. She swings her sword and nearly kills Kyler. That is when i know that I must take charge or one of us will die. I grab Kyler's arm and pull him to the edge. We climb down but not before grabbing a few choice weapons.

Kyler Homes- Zara looks startled at the sound of the explosion. She keeps throwing her hands at her ears even whe the sound has stopped. I am beginning to worry, when the gong sounds. We dashed to the plateau. Zara wanted to head into the desert without supplies, but we would be dead in a day without water. Zara and I climb the sides. I am ahead and my fingertips are touching the top. I, suddenly, see Zara below with Serina Frostswords clinging to her leg. I stomp on Serina, trying to get her off of Zara. This works and sends Serina free-falling to her death. We get to the top of the plateau and charge at two Careers. Zara is in combat with Airlia Romaine and I am pushing back Arlen. Airlia pulls out her sword just in time to block one of Zara's knives. Zara throws several more which are blocked as well. The two girls are evenly matched. Meanwhile, Arlen will not put down his spear and fight. He continues to block himself. I spit several insults and point out his coward. At that moment, Airlia sends her sword right over my head. That was too close. Zara and I get supplies and we leave the plateau's top.

Nikk Yardley- I am frightened by an explosion, but don't let it throw me off my game. I am a competetor and i am a fighter, though, I am small. GONG! I speed to the plateau and start to climb. I am near the top and behind a Career. Suddenly, his boot "slips" and sends me plunging to my death. As I am falling, I catch a glimpse of Jason's face as he looks back. I may be mistaken, but I believe I see a pang of guilt flash across his face. Right before I hit the bottom and die, a silent tear slips down my face.

Kenton Fuller- The explosion caused by Polyester distracts me. My strategy was to beat everyone to the cornucopia, but I can see now that this won't happen. I just spin around and rush into the desert to find some form of concealment.

Allie Whittle- I hear an explosion happen somewhere on the other side of the plateau, but ignore it. I squint my eyes, trying to block out some of the sun's blinding rays. My notepad and pencil form a lump under my belt, where I keep them. My fingers linger towards it. Suddenly, I am reminded of the peaceful fields at home. The sound of the countdown awakens me from my moment that I was resting in a safe haven. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. GONG! I immediately turn backwards and dart into the desert.

Alex Donaque- My mind is focused on the cornucopia upon the plateau. The moment the gong sounded, I started to climb. I threw my arms apart as if to embrace it and dug my fingers into its rocky wall. I climb and climbed. I went about half-way up and noticed a dart was stuck into a crevice. I pulled it free and dropped it ebhind me, hoping that it would kill any tribute gaining on me. Soon, I was at the top and strategizing with Careers. Then, I heard someone behind me. Seeing them as a threat, I spun around and drove my sword through their heart. I felt unexpected pride at my first kill. The Careers congratulated me and we went down the side of the plateau to find our camp.

Serina Frostswords- I entirely ignored the countdown and only listened for the gong. When I heard the sound, I charged to the plateau and started to climb. Soon, I saw my chance to take out a tribute. I grabbed the leg of Zara Vinland and attempted to throw down. We struggled for a while, and I discovered that I would never pull her down. So, I took the blade of my knife and planned to dig it in to her leg. But, before I could accomplish this feat, her partner's foot smashed my nose. My hands instinctively flew to my face. I regret that action most of all. I plunged towards the Earth and received an impact that killed me.

Matt Treaty- After the gong, I saw Serina go towards the plateau. I don't want her to but there is no way to change her mind. I follow. She was much quicker than me and was falling before I could even get halfway up. I stretched my arm out to catch her, but she was too far away. Then, the impossible happened. The only person who understands me died. I loved Serina and could barely process my thoughts. Tears started to cloud my vision and I started back down the plateau. I dashed blindly into the desert.

Maizie Hawthorne- I am frightened. I am panicking. Will I die on the first day? Then, I decide that if I beat everyone to the desert, they can't kill me. I look at Aaron and see that he has had the same realization, but he probably wants to go into the desert for my sake. Then, the gong. The Games have begun. Me and Aaron race against the other tributes into the desert. He is faster than me so he scoops me into his arms and runs with me clinging to his side.

Aaron Hawthorne- With one glance at Maizie, I see that she will burst into tears at any moment. I try to silently comfort her. I gesture for her to come straight to me when the gong sounds, and she does. We run into the desert that surrounds the cornucopia. She can't keep up with me and I don't want to turn my back on her for a moment. It only takes a moment for another tribute to slit her throat. It only takes a moment for her heart to stop. It only takes a moment to die. I take her in my arms and we run faster.

Eileen Shade- The countdown, 3,2,1. GONG! I race to the plateau, and begin to climb. Soon, my hands are aching and I want to stop; I don't. I climb higher and higher. I can barely pull myself over the edge of the plateau. I end up crawling a few feet, before I realize that this will make me more vulnerable. The second I get to my feet, a knife burries itself in my back. I am dead before I can draw another breath.

David Goutis- I hear the countdown- 15, 14, 13, 12- I take a deep breathe. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5. I try to strategize. 3, 2, 1. GONG! I take off to the plateau, but have second thoughts. I change my course as I reach the wall that towers above all of the tributes. The desert looks scorching, but I charge into the dry desert, anyway.

Fern Gallows- The beating sun makes my tank-top stick to me. A piece of auborn hair fell froom my braid. A blow it out of my face just as the countdown finishes. I hear the gong ring out, and run to the plateau. I climb and once I reach the top, I jog to the supplies. Suddenly, the boy from 2 takes his sword and swings it at me face. I dodge it, but he stabs my heart before I can recover from the original shock of my near death. The last thing I see is his face turning away. I don't blame him for my, and so many other's, murderous deaths; I blame President Ivory and the citizens who killed Paylor.

Nick Greatuse- I see the arena and take in hw massive it looks! It's huge! A desert stretches for miles, but is met by dense forest and snow-peaked mountains. The technology that must be used to create such a complicated setting simply blows my mind. Suddenly I feel someone's fingertips brush against my side. I draw a sharp breathe just as the hands come back and shove me off of my platform. I am engulfed in furious flames. I am destroyed by a massive explosion. Right before I die, I see the girl who pushed me die the same way I did; she was swallowed by blazing fire.

The Rest of Day 1

Jason Tompre- Me, Shamrock, Airlia, Arlen, and Alex are walking through the desert. We refuse to make camp here because of the rapidly changing weather and dryness that could kill us all in a day. "I want him out." Shamrock hissed in my ear, "him." She gestured towards Alex. I felt obliged to agree, but I had to say something. We shouldn't kill him now, "not now. Wait until later in the Games. He could still be of use to us." She sighs loudly and causes the others to look backwards. "What?" she snaps at them. They turn around and only Alex still looks at us. This seems to push Shamrock's patience. She draws her knife and sends it flying through his heart. Alex Donaque drops dead in the middle of the desert. Then, a hovercraft decends and retrieves his motionless body, but not before Shamrock dives in and heartlessly robs him of all supplies and weapons. Ever since then, Airlia and Arlen made a point of staying alert and watchful of Shamrock. Soon, we made it to the edge of the forest and we came to a a large lake. Arlen dove into it and gulped down the water without purifying it. Suddenly, he came up and spit the water into the air. He had a disgusted look on his face. "Salt water," he explained. We wanted to go on but none of us had the energy. We made camp right there in the open.

Mallory Debut- I am trudging through the desert with nothing but a spear. I am drowsy and need water. Water...the thought makes me draw a deep breath; if only I had water. I am nearly sure that I will die of dehydration, when I remember something I saw on the computer at home. Cacti can survive in the desert that has so little water, because the plant can store water in its stem. Up to 90% of the cacti's mass can be filled with water. I was suddenly extremely proud of my odd memory talent that I was frequently teased for. I dashed to the nearest cactus and stabbed a hole in the main stem. A few drips of water slipped out of it, but not enough to calm my overpowering need for water. If anything, the cactus' water enlarged my desperate thirst. I fell over in exhaustion and desperation on the sandy desert floor. I thought i was dead. I just closed my eyes and fell asleep, not remembering the desert's extreme temperature drops during the night.

Arlen Odair- All of the Careers are dragging our exhausted bodies through the desert. We want ot reach the forest that we can see starting in the horizon. We need the dense trees to hide us. Suddenly, I hear Shamrock exhale dramatically. We all turn around and see her walking beside Jason. "What?" she demanded. She's so dramatic. I think to myself. I glance at Airlia and see a look on her face that suggests she thinks the same about Shamrock. As I become aware of Airlia slipping her hand into mine, I hear the sound of impact between a blade and flesh. Then, there is a thud. I spin around and shove Airlia behind me to guard her from possible danger. Alex is lying on the ground and Shamrock is dislodging a knife from his chest. Jason stands back with a look of shock displayed upon his face. Next, Airlia dives at Alex and retrieves every weapon or supply that he had. Soon, a hovercraft appears and grabs his body in a metal claw. The Careers are down one member.

Havana Io- I am absorbed in strange sounds: odd bird calls, distinct hissing, and so many more unfamilier animal cries. I never thought that I could find a place filled with hidden horrors so remarkably beautiful and fascinating. I am taking in the breathtaking scenery of the arena's desert when i hear footsteps charging towards me. My heart rises to my throat. I have been caught defenseless with nowhere to run. Then, I spin around with readiness to face my violent end. I expect to see the Careers charging towards me with swords and axes positioned to kill, but I am shocked to see a desperate tribute with no weapons hurrying to catch up with me. There is something odd about her that can't exactly place. She stumbles to me and stops beside me with an awkward grin. "Hi," she says. "Hello," I answer back with a hint of caution in my voice. "I'm Havana," I add. "Sierra" She gestures toward herself with a sweeping arm movement. "Hello." I repeat. "Al-al-allies?" Sierra seems to have trouble pronouncing the word. "Yeah," I reply. Suddenly, I recognize this girl. She is the District 6 female; the other female tribute who gets teased and whispers behind her back. We then, stroll through the desert. "Aren't you tired or thirsty?" I ask her. "No." She looks backwards with a puzzled expression on her face. "Why, are you?" She is odder than I at fist thought. Then, she takes off into the desert at a surprising speed. I chace after her and we reach the forest fairly quickly. We explore and search for a safe place to make camp. I eventually lose interest in finding higher ground and search for water. After walking through the forest for a while, we reach a thin stretch of desert. We both see a bunch of trees bearing fruit and a waterfall in the distance. We race towards that and make camp in a vacant cave behind the fresh-water waterfall. There we will have pleanty of water and fruit.

Sierra Palette- The desert is so pretty. I adore all of the strange animals. I saw this giant slithering creature earlier. It was circling a plant that I believe to be its home. The desert is so pretty. The plants are exotic and unique. The desert is so pretty; it's majestic even. A vast blue sky stretches for miles and miles! Where does it stop! My eyes are trained on the sky as I run. Soon, I spy somehting peculiar about the pattern of the clouds; the edge of one is slightly pixelated. Why would it be like that? I wonder. Not long after, I spot a piece of the sky that has a purpleish hue to it. The purple sky area is also blurry and splotchy looking. Eventually, I give up on the puzzling sky and try to concentrate my wandering thoughts on catching up with Havana. I am running. I am running. I am runnning. The world appears to be a blurr as I speed by. A moving figure blocks my vision in the distance. Havana! I meet up with her and introduce myself. Then, we take off together into the forest that meets the desert's edge. We make camp in a damp cave behind a glorious waterfall in a fruit orchard. What a beautiful and magnificent place to be.

Kyler Homes- We have ran past the desert's boundaries and are now exploring a giant forest. Zanna and I are trying to find a place to stay safely. Why must Zanna be so difficult? We have such a troubling time agreeing on the best place for camp. I want a tree. She wants a burrow under roots. Where would we find lifting roots? "Look around you!" Zanna demands. I allow my eyes to dance across the forest floor. I hate to admit it, but Zanna was right. Not far from us is a bunch of tree roots that have been exposed do to eroding soil. There is a slight drop below them and the roots fall over the edge, forming a perfect hideout. Now to find water. I hear Zanna yawn beside me. "Let's wait until tomorrow for water. I'm to tired." Zanna speaks softly. I want to search but she appears to be so exhausted that I reluctantly agree for her sake.

Kenton Fuller- The desert is cruel and unforgiving....I was dashing through the desert with fear as the fuel my body uses to go. My mind is blank. I don't know where I am headed. I thrash around blindly. It crosses my mind that I may die from insanity. I am mad enough at the moment to commit suicide, but soemthing in my heart tells me to wait. Soon, my energy begins to drop. I am hot and panting. My shirt is drenched in sweat and my throat burns with thirst. I must stop and rest for a moment. I slow my pace to a walk and then to a complete halt. I need something to rest upon, so I stupidly lean on a cactus. As a concequence, I recieve several spines in my back. I yelp which seems to summon a wolf that limps into my view. He has an injured leg and my heart forces me to take action. I start towards it and it transforms into a furocious beast before my eyes. It stares at me with hatred. I instantly know that he is a mutt. No pure animal could look so vicious without being provoked. No pure animal could go from injured and weak to a bloodthirsty monster within a few seconds.This beast was designed to hate me and want me dead. He had me dead. He killed me before I could even turn to run. He crushed my skull. I am no longer a contender in these Games. Was I ever?

Allie Whittle- The desert is scorching and dehydrating, but I am determined to reach the forest. I travel on and on in the extreme heat. I begin to wonder if it is pointless to continue. Would I make it to a water source? Would I even make it to the desert? I have to. Those are the words that continuosly replay themselves in my head. I have to. I have to. I have to. Not long after, I hear leaves crunching under my feet. I have made it to the forest! I become more cautious with the thick, damp air clouding my vision. This forest, no, this jungle is unlike anything I have been in before. It must be filled with Gamemaker horrors or even natural ones! I, eventually, find a clearing to make camp. My mind tells me to find water but my exhaustion overrules and I spend the night in a tiny clearing.

Matt Treaty- Serina is dead. My friend is dead. My best friend is dead. The only one who understands me is dead. My partner is dead. I loved her. I barely make it into the desert before I collapse into sobs. I am doubled-over with my body shaking with sobs. I never thought that I could be so destroyed, but it never crossed my mind that I could lose Serina. This is my worst nightmare. Everything around me is blurred by my endless sobs. I don't want to go on. I want to die and join Serina. I am so consumed in my sorrow and desperation that I don't hear approaching footsteps. I am startled when a hand clasps around my shoulder. I spin around and come face to face with the little girl from 11 and her older brother. The brother offers me a hand and I cautiously take it. "Are-are you okay?" the little girl asks me. The tears are still spilling out of my eyes, but I have stopped the awful choking noise that I was making. "We saw what happened to her." the older one said. "We're sorry." added the girl. "I loved her." the words escape my lips in a rough whisper. My voice cracks and I am suddenly on my knees again, threatening to breakdown once again. "Come with us." the boy says. My head nods slightly and the two help me up. We walk through the desert hand in hand. The little girl's fist closes around my fingers which seems to calm me and the tears stop. We finally make it to the jungle, but we continue through it. It is nearly dark when we make camp at the foot of a mountain. The little one, Maizie, sleeps with her head on Aaron's shoulder and he has her wrapped in his arms. Maizie's hand is still closed around mine and we fall asleep that way.

Maizie Hawthorne- Aaron is running until tributes are out of sight. Then, he sits me down and we rest for a while. Then we walk the rest of the way. Aaron and I haven't spoke for a long time and I am longing to hear his voice. "Aaron?" I say. "What's up?" he answers without looking at me. I say the first thing that comes to mind "Are we going to die?" I immediately know that the question ia stupid, he will say 'yes'. "Yes," he replies. I knew it! Everyone watching knew that he would say 'yes', even though th correct answer is probably 'no'. Suddenly, Aaron stops and places his arm infront of me. I follow his gaze and see a tribute laying down with his body shaking with furious sobs. Aaron wants to sneak past him, but I know that we should help him. I push past Aaron and touch the boy's shoulder. He turns around and appears startled I try to calm him when Aaron comes and offers him a hand. The boy takes it and is helped to his feets. "Are you okay?" I ask him nervously. He doesn't reply and tears are pouring down his cheeks; I can tell that he's not okay. I glance at Aaron and see in his eyes, that he remembers something about this boy. "We saw what happened to her," Aaron says. I wonder what he is talking about. "We're sorry," I add even though I'm not sure about what. It just seemed like the right thing to say. Then, the boy talked in a cracked whisper, "I loved her." I suddenly know what Aaron was talking about; he saw what happened to the girl this boy loved. I'll bet she died at the bloodbath. Next, the boy collapses to his knees and is shaking, once more, with furious sobs. Me and Aaron help him to his feet, where he is still shaking. Aaron tells him to stay with us and the boy does. Aaron takes my hand and I take the boys. He seems to calm at my touch. Soon, we are at the foot of a towering mountain in the middle of the jungle. Matt, the boy we found, falls asleep instantly with my hand still closed around his. I sleep with my head on Aaron's shoulder. I feel safe now.

David Goutis- The desert is hot, but I don't stop running until I reach a pond. I stick my hand in it and splash my face. There is the tiny fish swimming around in it. I try to catch some for the fun of it, but when I stick my hand in a cluster of them, they begin to peck at my flesh. At first it tickles, so I don't move. Then, it burns, they dig into my flesh. They pull me into the water and drown me before they can fully eat me. I died due to these puny, pathetic fish. I am thoroughly humiliated.

End of Day 1

Day 1 Results

The Careers (Airlia, Arlen, Shamrock, and Jason) have made camp at the salt lake in the desert. They have plenty of supplies and weapons. The only thing they don't have is medicene for Shamrock's eye, cheek, or hand. Shamrock may need medicene or it could become infected and be the cause of her death.

Mallory Debut is laying on the desert in full view of mutts and tributes. She needs water so she can move to a better camp. If she doesn't get water, she needs a thick blanket because of the cold temprature at night.

Havana and Sierra are in perfect condition and don't need anything except weapons. They are defenseless.

Zanna and Kyler have formed camp under uplifting tree roots that fall over the edge of a small drop.

Allie Whittle is defenseless and has no resources. She is very thirsty and may or may not find water soon.

Matt, Maizie, and Aaron are sleeping at the foot of a mountain. They have no food, weapons, or water. They need sponsor gifts quickly.


Each user starts with $400.

Backpack: $90

Trident: $80

Sword: $60

Spear: $50

Knives: $30 each

Dart Gun: $100

12 Poisoned Darts: $90

12 Regular Darts: $60

Bow and 12 arrows: $90

Camoflauge Paint: $60 per bottle

Net: $30

Basket: $40

Tent: $180

Empty Water Bottle: $60

Full Water Bottle: $90

Soup: $80

Vegetables: $80

Medicene (works on anything, stomachs, infection, headaches etc.): $200

Rope: $70

6 Sharpened Pencils: $20

Stack of Paper: $30

Thin Blanket: $40

Thick Blanket: $60

Pillow: $40

Hairband: $10

Paint brush: $30


KNKHungerGames: $30

Mysims: $10

Happy Meadows: $400

Annamisasa: $400

Brynn1999: $230

Pendillumna: $400

Day 2

Jason Tompre- We are all up early, but Airlia and Arlen aare the first to rise. "Good morning, sleepy heads!" Airlia said in a singsong voice. This seemed to annoy Shamrock and she thrust a knife which stuck in Airlia's left shoulder. It was obvious that Shamrock didn't mean to kill, just frighten, but this pushed Arlen temper. He knocked Airlia behind him and threw his body at Shamrock. Shamrock tried to dig a knife in his back and their would be another death if I didn't step in. "Stop!" I screamed; they did. They all stared at me. "If we kill eachother now, none of us will win." Shamrock shot me a disgusted look. "I will. I don't need any of you!" she boasted. "Just watch!" Then, she took my sword and buried it in my chest. I trusted this girl and she betrayed me. I can't believe that I thought she would protect me. I have been protecting her which was the biggest mistake of my life.

Mallory Debut- I sleep late into the day and wake at near noon. I am sweating n the day's heat even though I just have been diagnosed wiht frostbite from the chilling night. I drag myself to the edge of the jungle and I am caught in the presence of the Careers. Shamrock doesn't hesitate to dive at me and kill me with her bare hands. I shouldn't have insulted her in the interview. Piper knew that she would kill me, but I was too dumb to see that I would basically commit suicide.

Arlen Odair- Airlia and I were the first ones awake. The sun had just rise and the grass at the edge of the jungle was damp. Airlia had began to comb her hair with her fingers when I said, "allow me." I ran my fingers through her perfect hair and braided wildflowers that grew at the edge of the jungle into her alrewady gorgeaus hair. Airlia looked like a princess. We locked hands just as Shamrock and Jason woke. Airlia wished them a good morning. Shamrock rolled her eyes at Airlia and before I could react, sent a knife flying into her shoulder. I was infuriated and attacked Shamrock. I was prepared to tear her in shreds when Jason interfeared. "If we kill eachother now, none of will win," he said. Shamrock insisted that she would win no matter what, and to prove her point she killed Jason with his own sword. A moment later, the girl from 3 crawled into view and Shamrock killed her as well. Shamrock is on a rampage do I wrap my arms around Airlia and we speed into the jungle. We don't look back to see if Shamrock is following, we just keep going.

Havana Io- Sierra is actually sweet and kind of funny. She has an odd sense of humor and isn't afraid to laugh at her own jokes. I can tell that she hasn't let years of being made fun of stop her from being true to who she is. I greatly admire this about her. We discuss it carefully and decide to stay in out cave. We have plenty of food and water, and we are hidden behind the waterfall. I can't believe we have found this perfect place to spend our time in the Games.

Sierra Palette- As me and Havana speak I notice how unique she looks. Havana is really quite beautiful. I become fixated on her eyelashes, "are they real?" I ask. "Are what real?" Havana asks suspiciously. I reach out and touch her eyelashes. I pull them hard and they don't come off. Havana gives a small cry of pain and I laugh at the funny noise. Havana soon joins in with me and we end up rolling on the floor with hysterical laughs. I love spending time with Havana. She is like a sister to me. I like knowing that I'm not alone.

Zanna Vinland- Kyler was up very early and forced me awake. "What?" I demand. He shushes me tells me to listen. I hear footsteps approaching; human footsteps. Suddenly, the Careers burst through the trees with weapons poised to attack. I pray that they can't see us through the roots, but almost immediately a head peeks through the roots; not a human head. Well, it could be, but it is bloody and decayed. "Zombies!" cries Kyler just before the zombie tributes slit his throat. I barely have time to call his name before another zombie kills me. District 7 is not going to have a victor in these Games.

Allie Whittle- I awoke in the middle of the night with burning thirst. That was when my instinct to survive took control. Exhaustion was suddenly not a priority as much as finding water. I decided to climb a tree and see if I can spot a water source. I looked near and far for something, anything to satisfy my worsening need for water. I soon see a stream but it is too far. I would be dead by the time I reach it. I turn and search the otherway. I see a waterfall nearby that is partially covered by trees; I am about to start that way when I see several tributes circling the area and decide to not risk it. I am losing hope until I see a pond that sits not close, but it'll have to do; it is my only chance of survival without sponsor gifts. I jump from the tree and begin my hike towards water. It is dark and freezing cold. I am not very energized, but still I go on. Suddenly I am overpowered by thirst and I am still far from my haven. All hope is vanishing. Not long after, I hear somehting falling through the trees. Is it a tribute? No, it is too small. Then, a small parachute falls to my side. Attached to it with tiny strings is a metal bottle. Water. I think. I am trying to decide whether to ration it or drink it all now, when another parachute with water falls through the trees. I immediately know what to do. I shall drink one now and ration the other. I gulp down the first bottle in just seconds. I feel reenergized and consider my odds of winning. That's when I realise that there has been no anthem with the faces of the deceased tributes. I have no idea who is left. This must be something to enlarge the fear of the tributes. Next, my energy drops, once more, and I make camp in a nearby tree. I will continue to the pond tomorrow.

Matt Treaty- I have just woken up and so have Maizie and Aaron. We almost leave our little camp but are stopped by a rustle in the leaves. Sponsor parachutes! Maizie cries out in disbelief and I look at the gifts. We have received 5 knives. Aaron snatches them from me, cutting the tip of one of my fingers. He hands only one knife to me and keeps the others to himself. I beleive that Aaron is self-absored and I can't trust him. I want to drive a knife into his back, but can't bring myself to do it, because he helped me in my time of pain. "I need something as a weapon," I hear Maizie say to him. I glance over and see Aaron reluctantly give one of his precious weapons to his sister. I am startled by more rustling and see another parachute being dropped. It holds vegetables in a plastic bag. Almost immediatey more gifts are dropped! Water! Next, we are putting away the knives and dividing the vegetables. I get squash and other stuff of the sort, Maizie gets carrots, and Aaron gets the rest. Then we search for camp long into the night, and at the tip of our mountain.

Aaron Hawthorne- Maizie, Matt, and I have just awoke are preparing to continue our search for a better camp near water. Just before we leave, a parachute falls from the sky. "We have sponsors!" Maizie cries as if she doubted the entire time that someone was looking out for us. Matt dove at the first parachute and discovered that it was bearing multiple knives that were bundled with a ribbon. I snatched the knives from Matt because I do not trust him with weapons while me and Maizie are defenseless. Then, I count the weapons; there are five. I give one to Matt so he isn't totally defenseless, and keep four to myself. As I am tucking my four knives into my belt, Maizie tugs at my shirt. "I need something as a weapon," she says. I didn't immediately hand her a knife because I was scared she'd hurt herself, but decided that if we were to be seperated, she'd need a weapon to defend herself. I cautiously hand Maizie one knife to only use during emergencies. Suddenly, another parachute is dropped. It holds a clear plastic package that is filled with carrots, beans, and so many more vegetables! Before we finish untying the package, another parachute is dropped! That parachute is attached to a metal bottle. Maizie snatches it and shakes it close to her ear, "water." We cheer, but suddenly stop, realizing where we were. Now we have plenty of food, weapons, and enough water for the day. We all tuck away our knives and try to figure out how to divide the rest. Matt has an idea of how to divide the vegetables. We use the ribbon that held the knives and tie them around carrots that we stick in Maizie's belt. Matt takes the squash and other vegetables similar, and shoves them in his belt beside his knife. I take the clear plastic that the vegetables came in along with all beans, mini tomatoes, and the rest of the smaller vegetables. Then, we continue our search for water and camp. We walk long into the night and stop at the tip of the mountain.

Day 2 Results

The Careers have split up.

Shamrock has all of the Career's supplies and won't need anything except medicene for her hand, cheek, and eye.

Airlia and Arlen are in the middle of the woods with no supplies or weapons. They dont know how to survive in the woods and nee dsponsors desperately. They need food, shelter, weapons, and any other help they can get. They may or may not be close to a water source.

Havana and Sierra are still in the same place and are feeling great, but they are still defenseless. They need weapons.

Allie Whittle is doing fine, but could use weapons.

Maizie, Matt, and Aaron are on the mountain top and don't need anything.

There is only 9 tributes left and tomorrow is the brawl. These Games could be over quick. Tributes are dying rapidly. Who will be the victor?

Day 3

Shamrock Harrison- I am alone at the edge of the jungle. Airlia and Arlen fled when they got nervous so now I have all of their supplies and plenty of weapons. I believe that I have a great chance of winning these Games. I will win. Suddenly, the firat brawl is announced. The tributes participating are me and Allianna Whittle. Allianna, what a stupid name. I smile to myself and allow a small laugh. This should be easy. Not long after the announcement, a hovercraft appeared and lifted me into the sky. I spyed through the window another hovercraft retrieving Allianna. Soon, we are deposited ontop of the plateau that used to bear the cornucopia. I can see pixelated areas in the surrounding air so I assume it is a forcefield. Allianna is standing infront of me. I am startled by a sword dropped on the ground beside me. Alliana recieves one, too. Then, the fight begins. I send my sword flying through the air and she cleverly dodges it. She grabs my sword out of the ground and runs at me with her sword and mine poised to kill. As she nears, I stretch my hands out and grab the blades of the swords to block them from piercing my heart. I keep the blades in my hands and Allianna keeps the handles in her hands. I swing tthem around and slam Allianna against the forcefield. She is knocked to her knees, breathless. She is gasping for air. The impact should have killed her! I slowly walk towards her with one sword in a defensive position and the other ready to attack. I walk slowly to taunt her; there is nothing she can do! Allianna is defenseless and I will win this battle. I will live to see another day in the arena. I smile at the thought of winning and become unfocused. That's when Allianna dives at me and throws me to the ground with a powerful force. She drives the sword into my chest. I am dead. Allianna wins the brawl.

Airlia Romaine- The first brawl has been announced with Allianna Whittle and Shamrock. Me and Arlen are considering the chances of Shamrock dying. "She didn't," says Arlen. His suggestion is probably the most realistic, but I don't want it to be true. Suddenly, we hear something falling through the trees. Sponsor gifts! There are two parachutes. One has a backpack containing one sheet of clear plastic and a box of matches. The other has a trident attached and I immediately know it's for Arlen. I throw the backpack upon my shoulders and Arlen clutches his trident, we continue into the jungle, deeper and deeper.

Havana Io- Sierra has been asleep for a long time and only awoke when the first brawl was being announced. I was terrified that it would be me or Sierra chosen for the battle. Anyway, we are happy and in great condition! We have shelter, water, and food, but it gets freezing cold during the night! We are shivering cold in the damp cave. We are still defenseless, too. Despite those few misfortunes, we are probably in much better condition than most of the other tributes.

Sierra Palette- I have been napping and having the most magnificent dreams of being back home. I fit in with everyone else and nobody made fun of me! Suddenly, I hear a loud male voice interfear and I awake with a start. He says something about a battle between two tributes. I don't comprehend what he is saying, but after two names are called, Havana gives me a giant hug and she looks so relieved. Soon, darkness falls and the cave gets freezing cold once again. We lay close together and try to keep warm.

Allianna Whittle- I just heard my name and Shamrock Harrison's name be called for the brawl. She is a vicious monster from District 2, a serious competetor. Suddenly, I am plucked from the ground by a hovercraft's large metal talon. It pulls me into the main roon where I am fed and watered like an animal. Soon, it drops me onto a plateau infront of Shamrock. Me and Shamrock stand examinating eachother, evaluating physical strength. Eventually, two swords fall form the sky at the feet of me and Shamrock. Shamrock doesn't hesitate to act. She throws her sword at me and I jump out of its way. It lands behind me so I grab it. Now have two swords and Shamrock has nothing. I charge at her with the swords blade ready to kill her. I want to destroy this girl. I feel extreme anger towards her even though she isn't why we are here. I believe it's Shamrock's mocking face that makes my anger rise to a boiling point. Right before I drive the swords into her heart, Shamrock grabs the blades and swings me towards the edge of the plateau. I slam against what feels like a wall and feel an electric current flow through me. It takes my breath away. Shamrock. then, tauntingly walks towards me. Each of her steps sounds like a cruel laughter. She is going to kill me. No, I will not die today. I'm not ready. I send myself flying through the air and push her to the ground. I fight to get the swords and pin her on her back. I get possession and control. Then, I kill Shamrock Harrison. I am sitting ontop of a motionless body. A hovercraft appears and retrieves me in its metal claw. It carries me to my old camp and places me there again. Daylight fades to evening and evening to night. The end of day 3 in the arena. Will I win the Hunger Games?

Matt Treaty- This morning I awoke with bloody gashes covering my chest. My first thought is some kind of animal, but I see Aaron's knife has blood splattered on the blade. My face twists into anger and irrational fear combined. We argued until Maizie spoke up, "Matt, you sleep walk." We needed no other explanation. Apparently. I had been sleep walking and had done this to myself. I wanted to apologize but couldn't so I just hung my head and my body went limp. Aaron's furiocity at being accused didn't die down, though. He continued yelling so I was forced to argue back. Maizie seemed to be having her temper pushed with us arguing. "Shut up!" she screached loudly. Me and Aaron shot her a look of disbelief. "...Maizie, they'll hear you!" Aaron hissed rudely. I grabbed Aaron by the shoulder's and turned him to face me. "Don't be so awful to your sister!" I shouted, "Don't hold it abover her. She so young, and do you see the situation she's been thrown into?" I gestured around me. "She doesn't have to think before acting." I paused a moment, "that's your job." I leave and let my words sink in. Soon, more sponsor gifts fall. A trident. On it says, Aaron, this is yours. Now, give Maizie your knives. Aaron has finally been called out by someone besides me; it feels good. I allow a small laugh as Aaron gives Maizie his knives. Maizie takes them and brings me the one with my blood on the blade. She insists that it is mine. Aaron dashed to the knife and threw it out of her hand. He pointed his new spear at my chest. I retracted in fear. Then, Maizie stepped into the path of the spear. She protected me. Maizie knocked the spear's tip out of my path with her hand. She wasn't going to let Aaron kill me. Then, she walked to get the knife she trying to give to me and placed it in my hand. Not long after, the first brawl was announced. None of us will be contenders today. Aaron embraces Maizie; it must have been an apology and an expression of love and to show he is glad she isn't in this brawl. Suddenly, I am painfully aware of the thirst burning my throat. "We need water," I say. "Water," Aaron repeats.

Maizie Hawthorne- This morning, Matt and Aaron got into a fight. Matt accused him of trying to kill him in his sleep. Aaron denied all of Matt's accusations. Matt argued that he awoke with several cuts on his chest and blood stains on Aaron's knife. I knew what really happened and revealed the truth, "Matt, you sleep walk." This seemed to explain everything. Matt hung his head in shame as Aaron continued yelling insults at him. I eventually had gotten tired of the two arguing. It was just making everyone miserable, "Shut up!" They both look at me in astonishment. "Maizie, you're going to atract tributes. They'll hear you!" Aaron hissed. Matt turned Aaron around and I heard Matt tell Aaron to not hold it above me. I'm young and under severe circumstances, that could cause people to not think before action. What the boys didn't know is that I thought before I yelled. The two need to learn to work as a team or one of them is going to kill the other. Suddenly, we hear the familier rustle of a sponsor parachute falling through the trees. With the parachute is a long object wrapped in silvery paper. Aaron attacks it and holds the unwrapped object in his hands. A perfectly crafted spear. It is made of sturdy metal with a golden ring spiraling up its handle. The tip is carved out of polished silver. "It's mine." Aaron breathes. "What's it say on it?" Matt asked as he pointed to something carved in the metal body of the spear. Aaron read it aloud, "Aaron, this is yours. Now, give Maizie the knives." Aaron's voice faltered in humiliation as he finished reading. Matt chuckled as Aaron handed me his three knives. I glanced at them and handed Matt the one with his blood on the blade. It was meant to be funny in a way, but it pushed Aaron's temper. He knocked it out of my hand and pointed his spear at Matt's chest. I stepped in the spear's way. I wouldn't let Aaron kill anyone so innocent. I walked to where Matt's blood-stained knife landed and handed it to him. Now Matt has two knives; I have three knives; And Aaron has his spear. Suddenly, Alexander Barry's voice booms throughout the arena, "It is time for the first brawl! I will draw the names of the tributes who will participate!" Shuffling is heard. "Shamrock Harrison!" He takes a breath that is muffled by more shuffling. "Allianna Whittle!" Then, the microphone shuts off and Aaron embraces me. I believe he was glad that is wasn't me who was chosen. "We need water," Matt says in an urgent manner. "Water," Aaron repeats. We are all so suddenly aware of our extreme thirst.

Day 3 Results

Airlia and Arlen don't have many supplies but have some. They have a backpack that contained a clear sheet of plastic and a box of matches. Arlen has a trident. They need food, shelter, and weapons mainly, but they aren't too sure of how to survive without the luxuries they had when they were with the Careers. They want shelter and more luxuries to help them in the arena. They may or may not be near a water source.

Havana and Sierra are freezing cold in a damp cave but have plenty of food and water.

Allie has just defeated one of the top competetors in the Games. The Capitol attendants in the hovercraft fed and watered her but she still is nearly defenseless incase of an attack. She has one water bottle left. She has no weapons to use to hunt food. She may get hungry soon.

Matt, Maizie, and Aaron aren't getting along too well. They have gotten many sponsor gifts, but are still far from a water source. Everyone in their group has weapons and food. They need water. Will they die of dehydration?

Day 4

Arlen Odair- Yesterday, Airlia and I pushed through the jungle until the sun began to rise this morning. When the sun just begun to show its rays, Airlia fell over in exhaustion. I was frightened but I knew that we couldn't stop moving to make an easy target for tributes or anything else. I lifted her up and carried her in my arms. I walked with her in my arms for what felt like hours. I could see the sun through the trees' thick canopy of leaves; it's about noon. That is when Airlia tried to walk again. She stumbled along beside me. I never let my arm leave her shoulder though. Now, we are on the bank of a freshwater stream. I am so thankful to have water. Now, we just need to sleep, and sleep we do. She collapses after a few gulps of the cool water and I drop asleep right beside her with my arm still around her shoulder.

Havana Io- We have frozen through several damp nights in our cave. The luxuries of the fruit and water are incredible and we are both greatly appreciative but the coldness that we experience in the cave at night could freeze us. We need a blanket. We need a blanket soon.

Sierra Palette- Havana's teeth chatter while she is asleep. I know because I don't like to sleep during the night. The starry sky is magnificent especially in the arena; the stars have an unnatural glow to them which I find so unique and beautiful. Unique and beautiful, aren't those the words Weston used to describe me while we were in training? Unique and beautiful. Suddenly, my stomach turns itself in a knot. Weston. Where is he? Is he okay? I slide down the wall of the damp cave and lay on the ground shivering. Weston.

Allie Whittle- I have been continuing towards the pond and I can see it in the distance. I am dragging my feet by the time I reach the water. Not long after, four parachutes rain down on me. A backpack with matches and a clear piece of plastic lands first. I grab it and toss it upon my back. Next, a bow is lowered to the ground. Will I have to make my own arrows? No, a quiver with 12 arrows falls. I am organizing all of my things when a knife slowly drops beside me. I have wonderful sponsors. I may never need anything that they will not present to me. I drop the knife, sideways, into a pocket ideal for holding knives. Then, I slip the full waterbottle into a holder on the left of my bag and the empty one in the right. I finally get to remove my notepad and pencil from my belt and place it in the pack. The parachutes are thrown into my bag incase they are needed. Also, the backpack has a long pocket in it that will work instead of the heavy quiver. I transfer the arrows to the pocket and drop the quiver into the pond to get it out of my way. I keep a loaded bow and one arrow in my hand at all times unless I am asleep. Once I am organized, I start to search for a camp. I jump over a small dip formed by eroded soil and find a cave with the entrance half-hidden by tree roots hanging over the tiny cliff edge. I set toss my backpack to the wall of the cave's inside and crawl in after it. While I'm inside, I drain my full bottle and refill both in the pond. I will get up early tomorrow to hunt.

Matt Treaty- Everyone is so tired, and Maizie has a sore throat. We stay in the same spot and sleep the day away.

Aaron Hawthorne- Maizie has been sick all day long. She has been sleeping as much as she can so me and Matt sleep, too. Everyone is so tired.

The Rescue

"These Games have been finishing too fast and have become boring to the viewers. The audience is tired because of your poor performance. President Ivory thinks that the tributes are dying off too fast and the ones surviving are handling the shock of the Games too well." All of the surviving tributes sit in the hovercraft in astonishment. A giant hovercraft appeared during the night and retrieved all of the remaining tributes. Arlen, Airlia, Havana, Sierra, Allie, Matt, Aaron, and Maizie are all considered victors in these Games.

Death Chart:

District Name Cause
1 Calico Shimmer Pushed off of stand and blown up by Polyester
13 Nicholas Greatuse Pushed off of stand and blownup by Polyester
1 Polyester Romano Killed by fire from explosion caused by her
12 Eileen Shade Shamrock's knife
5 Spore Io Alex's sword
13 Fern Gallows By Jason
6 Weston Lotely By Jason
3 Cale Silverado By Jason
8 Nikk Yardley Kicked by Jason and fell off of plateau
10 Serina Frostswords Kicked by Kyler off of plateau's side
9 Alex Donaque Shamrock's knife
8 Kenton Fuller Wolf mutt
12 David Goutis Minnow mutts
7 Zanna Vinland Tribute Mutts
7 Kyler Homes Tribute Mutts
3 Mallory Debut By Shamrock

Jason Tompre

By Shamrock with his own sword
2 Shamrock Harrison By Allianna

The End

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