The 226th Hunger Games

Intro: The time when Paylor was President of Panem was not long. She took over Panem in the time of the 2nd Rebellion, but as soon as everything was calm and orderly, once more, she was thrown out of office. She was replaced by President Remedy who wanted the Games to be hosted again, not once but three times, every year. She, also, demanded that the Capitol have total control as they did before. The Capitol would elect a new President every five years. President Remedy was replaced by Presidents with the same wishes. Panem was a cruel society until one woman lied about her ideas to run the nation; her name was President Leise, and she wanted everything ran as it was with President Paylor. Once President Leise took over Panem, all districts were so happy and treated equally. The citizens of the Capitol, though, did not like this at all! The Capitol residents hated being on the same equality level as the Districts! They no longer had as much money to spend on themselves! The Capitol was outraged! So, one night a group of Captol men disabled all cameras and murdered President Leise while she was asleep! The Districts could only pray that the new President would be as gracious as President Leise, but, of course, this did not happen. A strict and commanding Capitol woman, President Ivory, took over the nation of Panem! She insisted that Panem will be run as it was in President Snow's time! Therefore, the Hunger Games were held annually once again, with District 13 a Games-participating district, and each Games promised to be extra horrific and torturous to the tributes which only made the Capitol feel even more powerful.

Name, Gender, & District Age Strengths & Weapons Weaknesses Appearance & Personality Other

District 1, Female-

Brooke Xena


Knife. Learning to use a bow and arrow.

Fast, athletic, agile. Has great aim.

Can't swim. Not good at fighting mutts.

Stright blonde hair. Shiny green eyes. Skinny. Fit.

Confident. Desirable. Boastful. Charming. Girly.

She will go straight to the Careers and stand behind them so she is out of range of other tributes.

She allies with the Careers.

Most guys she allies with fall in love with her but she never likes them back. She will pretend to, but fool them in the end.

District 1, Male-

Lion Scrapes


Knows a lot about plants. Strong. Good swimmer. Prefers to use a mace in the arena. Daydreams constantly. Has a weakness for pretty girls.

Blonde hair. Green eyes. Tall. Muscular.

Very bold and not shy. Enjoys killing other tributes.

He is a Career.

He volunteered.

He has no token.

Feared by other tributes.

District 2, Female-

Thalia Combe


Knives, Archery, Speed. Short-tempered. Feels bad for some tributes who have siblings or someone they love in the arena.

Sweet and kinda funny. Short-tempered. She uses a lot of sarcasm.

Dark brown hair that is slightly curled. Very pale skin.

At the chariot parade she will wave and blow kisses.

Her mother disappeared one day and she never returned.

District 2, Male-

Axel Armstrong



Strong, fast. Good at swimming and climbing.

Always goofing off and playing jokes. Can't be serious.

Silly. Funny. Prankster. But he will kill with ease.

Blonde hair that he sweeps to the side. Emeral eyes. Tall and muscular.

In the arena he will stay and fight with the Careers.

District 3, Female-

Dimitria Pod


Axe, Spear.

Climbing. Really fast runner. Can sprint for long periods of time.

Can be emotional. Way too trusting.

Shy, smart, sweet.

Long, brown hair. Blue eyes. Tanned skin.

Prefers to be in a small alliance. She will accept anyone.

Her token is a locket wiht a picture of her brother in it.

District 3, Male-

Rickey Dean


Explosives, knives.

Knows all about all mutts.

Not good with most weapons.

Tall. Silver hair. Dresses in solid white. Pale.

Careless, cruel, rude, self-absorbed.

Wants to ally with Careers.

District 4, Female-

Perdere Casey


Tridents, Knives, and Spears.

Good at making knots and traps. She is a fast swimmer and runner. She is smart with plants.

Very particular about families. Feels very bad for families in hard situations. She won't kill anyone who has a sibling in the arena, too.

Long, light brown hair which is wavy and beautiful. Blue eyes. Sun-tanned skin.

Sweet and funny. She is very shy.

Her strategy at the cornucopia is to run in and grab supplies. Along the way to her camp she will set traps.

At the interview she appears girlish, shy, and sweet.

District 4, Male-

Thomas Quince


Uses a trident, Net, and Spear as preferred weapons.

Climbing and jumping.

Afraid of lightening and insects.

Black hair. Brown Eyes. Shorter.

Friendly, but he will kill to protect himself.

He is a Career.

During the Games, he developes the nickname Thom (Tom)

District 5, Female-

Cassidy "Cass" O' Hara


Blowgun with poision darts. Secretly intelligent. Quick reflexes. Super quiet. Fast. Good at hiding. Scared of water. Not strong at all. Doesn't have good aim. Easily startled.

Hair that has been dyed midnight black. She added blood red highlights, but adds other highlights with berries in the arena. Shining blue eyes. Slim.

Very quiet. Never makes direct eye-contact. Quick. Easily startled. she is always thinking strategically.

Will not ally. She is quiet, rarely talks.

She will put more highlights in her hair with berries found in the arena.

District 5, Male-

Chase Electro


Sword, Knife. Strength. Speed. Plant Knowledge. Quick reflexes. Good at hiding.

Not good at climbing. Can't swim. Terrified of death. He is, also, greatly affected by other tributes' deaths so he tries not to kill, just hide. Light brown hair with several blonde highlights of different shades. Crystal blue eyes. Muscular and fit.

Doesn't want allies.

He will grab supplies that are near him.

District 6, Female-

Redinda "Red" Jameson


She can tell when people are lying by their voice.

She is very logical and can get out of almost anything. She always keeps a level head.

She can make delicate and complicated traps out of the smallest resources.

Fast but her hands are even faster.

Doesn't like cars. She cares greatly about honor and pride.

She is a tomboy. She is always ready to take a risk. She's tough. She is very logical. Though, she is normally tough and loud, she becomes shy and sweet and not herself, at all, around boys.

She has long, wild, fiery red hair that appears to consume her in flames when it is shifted by a breeze or she spins.

In her interview she will appear brave and tell stories about her life in the District (she worked in the mechanics workshop which she adored).

She wants to ally with her District partner and if they can't she prefers to ally with clever and intelligent tributes.

In the arena she will set a bunch of traps.

District 6, Male-

Brann Clatch


Strong. Very Smart. Fast.

Fantastic with swords of all types.

Bad swimmer. Frightened of the dark.

Brown hair. Brown eyes. Nice smile. Muscular. Tall.

Very helpful and intelligent.

Will work with no more than 2 other tributes. Will not ally with Careers.

His sister wore a wooden necklace everyday before she died. That became a prized possesion of his, and is now his token in the Games.

District 7, Female-

Katriona Greystone


Very, very strong. Fast. Hand-to-hand combat. Kills without hesitation.

Throwing axes.

Loud. Can't control anger.

She is a girl but can beat most boys in anything. She is stronger than anyone hse has every met.

She had red, shoulder length hair. Muscular for a girl. Gray eyes.

She is threatening and frightens people but she is kind and helpful to her friends. She is loyal. But she has no problem with killing other tributes.

She is fast and capable and strong so she will run into the cornucopia and get supples. She will, then, leave to find a covered area.

In Private Training she showed off her strength and wrestled with a grown man. She then, threw axes perfectly.

District 7, Male-

Jeff Hutchson


Knives, Bow and arrow

Great swimmer. Fast. Accurate. Strong for his age.

Runs from a fight. Bad at climbing.

Small. Long black hair. Ocean blue eyes.

Quiet and sweet.

His token is a golden pin shaped as a Pine tree

In the arena he developes the nickname "Jay."

District 8, Female-

Aideen Cormick


Prefers to use a slingshot, but she is also very good with knives.

Good at camouflage. Fast.

She trusts anyone which makes her easy to lie to. that makes her an easy target. She really likes anyone who laughs at her jokes. She isn't much of a contender when there is nowhere to hide. She isn't good at being serious. Always is making jokes. Never works.

She comes across carefree and playful while in her mind she is lost inside a mental world of despare that is beyond any hope of healing. She never works and tires easily.

Small and fragile. Blonde hair. Pale. Green eyes. She always look as if she hasn't eaten in weeks and in her face you can see a hint of desperation and sorrow even though she is always smiling.

In Private Training she'll surround herself with dummies, and collect some throwing weapons. She'll tell a joke, then throw a weapon at the head of one of the dummies. It's symbolic, just because she likes a laugh, and look sweet, doesn't mean that she won't kill you without hesitation.

In her interveiw she will tell funny stories or jokes.

District 8, Male-

Logan Waterson



Fast. Can run for a long time. Good climber.

Awful with bow and arrows. Awful with Spears. Can't swim.

Dark skin, blondish brown hair.

Shy, quiet, but he is a real competetor.

He prefers not to kill but he will.

His token is a patch of fabric from his mother's wedding dress.

Wants to ally with D11 male, D8 female, and/or D7 male.

In training he will barge through the doors, decapitate the dummies and send the sword flying at the target. Then, he will head to the climbing net and finish it in record time. He will end in running out without being dismissed.

District 9, Female-

Lia Mainwaring


Speed. Plant knowedge. Escape artist.

Bow and arrow.

Hand-to-hand combat. Won't kill young tributes. Will sacrifice too much for other tributes. Hates needles.

Tall and skinny. Black hair. Brown eyes. Sun tanned skin.

She is always ready to help people. She will sacrifice for other people, but someimtes she is willing to sacrifice too much. Very friendly but can be serious.

At the cornucopia she will get a bow and arrows, and a backpack. She is so fast that she will be gone before the other tributes reach the cornucopia. In the woods she will go form tree to tree and won't stay in one area for more than an hour.

District 9, Male-

Kevin Quince


Prefers to use a trident and net.

Very talented with weapons. Good at swimming. Fast runner.

He is afraid of small spaces and can't be in tight places for a long time. Panics when he sees his brother hurt.

Black hair. Blue eyes.

Rude but if he likes someone, he can be really sweet.

He is a Career. Has no token.

He moved to District 9 from District 4 in the few years of freedom with President Leise.

He is related to Thomas (D4 Male).

District 10, Female-

Brie Pelt


Fantastic with axes.

Fast runner. Strong. Good climber.

She is very loyal and always keeps her word. She sometimes trusts the wrong person. She will do anything for her allies and,in that sense, she is very gullable.

She doesn't like blood.

She has thin, strawberry blonde hair that falls to her shoulders in a straight, formal line. In the tribute parade, her stylist dyes the bottom half a milky white and she keeps it that way in the arena. Her eyes are blue and shine like crystals. She, also, has a few freckles scattered above her nose. Her skin is flawless and very pale.

She smart, confident, and trustworthy.

Her token is a necklace with a tiny stone tree tied to the end.

Her stylist dyed the bottom half of her hair a milky white color and she kept it that way in the arena.

District 10, Male-

Mark Bull


Knife, whip.

Strong. Feared by some because of his capable appearance.

He breaks down when there is a possibility that his family could be hurt.

He falls in love and will protect pretty girls. They easily distract him and he will become, in a way, their sllave.

Auburn hair, freckles. Muscular and tall. According to girls in his district, he is attractive. His token is a silver chain with a golden bull's skull on the end.

District 11, Female-

Jone (Pronounced Yo-Neigh) Depaul


Screwdriver used for stabbing and throwing.

Fast. Hand-to-hand combat.

Bad swimmer.

Bitter but can be sweet. Uses a lot of sarcasm but she is funny.

African American with light brown highlights in her black hair that she braids.

She has no token. Prefers to have allies.

District 11, Male-

Pamline Falcone



Strong. Great climber.

Can't swim. Isn't fast.

Silent and likes to be alone.

African American. Short black hair.

He has no token. He doesn't have any allies.

District 12, Female-

Natasha Grey


Knives. Quiet.

Sneaky. Good at stealing, a skill she learned from stealing food from the wealthier residents of District 12. She is good at blending in and going unnoticed.

Doesn't like small spaces. She won't be able to kill cute, young tributes. She's not strong.

She is usually very serious and grim, but some people make her happy and she is very protective towards them. She is always analyzing everything around. She is very straight forward with what she wants.

Long black hair and gray eyes, the typical Seam look.

In her interview she will appear intelligent and sneaky.

She plans to grab stuff nearby. Then run to a covered area and head far away from the cornucopia.

Her token is a small, flat stone with a hole in the center that she wears around her ankle on a string.

District 12, Male-

Kyle Curts


Great with swords and axes. Learning to use a bow and arrow. He is a great climber. Doesn't like meeting new people and reacts dramatically to small things.

Easily angered. Never accepts apologies. Doesn't like meeting new people. Prefers to be alone. Dramatic. Smart.

Really tall and skinny. Has curly blonde hair.

His token is a silver tracker jacker pin that he had since he was two.

He will try to ally with District 7, District 10, or District 4.

District 13, Female-

Jessica "Jess" Andrea


Good at healing and making medicene out of plants. She can tell when food has been poisoned by the smell of it. Blood doesn't frighten her. She is a perfect healer. Not in the best physical condition.

She is very loud, confident, and sassy. She always has to correct people. Most people consider her obnoxious.

Super long hair that is midnight black.

In the arena, she developes the nickname "Jess".

Her token is a red cross.

She wants to ally with District 10, District 6, or District 12.

District 13, Male-

Keane Chance


Creating weapons out of natural things like rocks, sticks, etc.

Fantastic at inventing and creating objects into useful things.

Very observant.

Not having things to make into weapons. If he is about to be killed, he won't resist.

Long, black hair that he puts in a loose ponytail. Never smiles and rarely speaks.

Always miserable.

Volunteered during Reaping because he doesn't care about his own life.

Always looking for trouble.

At the interview he will never acknowledge the host or the audience.

During his Private Training session he will sit in a corner and do nothing.

{C}All escorts and stylists from the last Games were fired; they were blamed for making the tributes die off so quickly. President Ivory searched for people to blame and fire for the failure of the last Games.

Name, Gender, & District Appearance & Personality Other
District 1- Sarah "Sae" Jones (Female) She has a very long, magenta dress that has light pink roses equally spaced over her velvet dress. She has darker skin and brown eyes. She has simple hair. It is long and is just a simple play going down her back. She, also, wears a huge orange. She is young.
District 2- Penny Finkle (Female)

Pink skin with a thin, short, purple dress. Her shoulders are covered in a yellow cardigan.

She is very calm and always seems tired.

Older aged.
District 3- Kimmy Bolts (Female)

Dark black hair that is covered in shimmer. Her hair is curly and she always braids the front two pieces on either side. She is super pale. The dress that she wears is black, white, and gray and is covered in intricate patterns to represent the inner workings of technology.

Kimmy is very intelligent and speaks quietly. She can be very shy, but she is really sweet to the tributes, because she feels bad to them. Kimmy can be strict when she needs to be. She acts like a mother to the tributes.

She is 23.
District 4- Ashin Shoster (Male) He has skin that he dyed pink and he wears a gigantic, stacked wig of the color violet. He has blue eyes and he wears several layers of makeup. He is 24.
District 5- Jonny Liteuo (Male)

His skin is dyed lime green and is covered in large, orange spots. He wears a hot pink suit. His hair is colored midnight black and is done in an afro.

He is annoyingly upbeat.

District 6- Catarina Williams (Female)

Short and plump. She has extremely short blonde hair. Always wears hot pink and a giganti yellow hat.

She is funny.

25 years old.
District 7- Liam Manual (Male)

He dresses like an average person in our time. He has on dark, unripped jeans and a nice, black blazer over a baby blue shirt with a collar. His hair is cut very short.

He feels bad for the tributes, like Cinna.

He is 37-years-old.
District 8- Melanie Chang (Female) Her dress is knitted by the mayors daughter. It is bright blue and goes down to her knees. It has a knit rose on the collar. She has one bright green stocking on her left leg and a pink one on her left. She braids her black hair down her back. She has dark eyes and olive skin. Her father is Chinese.
District 9- Ken Goldman (Male)

Light green hair, brown eyes. Tall. Muscular. wears solid black clothes.

Supportive and confident in his tributes.


District 10-

Michael Thompson (Male)

He wears a blue, layered wig that each layer is a darker shade of blue. The wig has perfect curls at the bottom. He dresses himslef in a neon, green jacket with green shorts that have a small, golden watch pinned to the pocket. He has shoes that are black and have heels with a golden buckle. He has on pink and yellow, striped, stockings. He is 26.
District 11- Tara Locke (Female)

Natural black hair with artificial highlights of several red shades. Shimmering blue eyes. She wears sunshine yellow denim pants with a silken turquoise shirt.

Bubbly and is kinda crazy.


District 12- Evelyn Trink (Female)

She acts just like Effie Trinket.

She dresses just like Effie Trinket.

Effie Trinket is her idol so she does everything just like her. And their name similarity is just a coincidence.
District 13- Madeline Lynn (Female)

Short brown hair with super long bangs. She has blue eyes but she puts in colored contacts so they are solid black. She wears a navy blue suit that was made for a man.

She is very mysterious and secretive. She is a suspicious character.

She is 43-years-old.


Brooke Xena- I stepped onto my patio and was met by my boyfriend, Cole. He closed my hand in his fist and I released a high-pitched squeal. "I just got my nails done this morning!" He withdrew his hand and placed his arm around my shoulder instead. "Sorry," he replied as he leaned over to kiss my cherry red lips. I allowed him to touch them slightly, but was afraid he would ruin the lipstick. We walk side by side to the Square. I hate the heat that was radiating from the sun so I insist Cole run back to my home to get my sun umbrella. He dashes to my house and returns, in record time, with my umbrella. He holds it over me as I smoothen my hair. Not long after, we reach the Square and everyone steps aside so I can reach the Peacekeeper who pricks my finger. He forcefully stabs my finger and draws a drop of blood. Cole notices me wincing and shoots the Peacekeeper a threatening look. The Peacekeeper throws up his hands to show that he meant no harm. I don't wait for Cole to finish with the Peacekeeper before I walk to my designated area with the other 16-year-olds. The moment Cole catches up with me, I hear the escort begin the ceremony. We start by watching the pointless video about the Dark Days and then a newer one about the 2nd Rebellion. I roll my eyes; who would want to stop the Games? It is an honor to participate in them! When the videos are finished, our escort introduces herself. "Hello, District 1," she begins, "My name is Sarah, but I would prefer you all call me Sae!" she spreads her lips into a grin. "Let's start with our lovely ladies." Her hand rumages through the jar. She calls out the name, "Brooke Xena!" I react dramatically by jumping up and down in excitement. I regroup myself and take my stance on the stage beside her. I see Cole clapping for me in the audience.

Lion Scrapes- The temperature was steadily rising. We have been having an extreme heat wave in our district an it's been miserable, but today, I ignore the discomfort. I am ready for the Reaping. I finished my training for the Games last month, and I know I have reached my physical peak; I am going to do anything to get into that arena. Well, I jog the whole way to the Square without realising it. I was too busy watching for my girlfriend, Destiny, to notice I am already here. Destiny said she would meet me this morning with a surprise, but she never showed up. Suddenly, someone wraps their arms around my chest. I turn and hit heads with Destiny, "hi." She greets me with a smile as she rubs her forhead. That's when I notice her wearing glasses. "Destiny," I begin. She interupts with enthusiasm, "I know what you are going to say! Aren't they beautiful," she gestures towards them. They enlarge her emerald eyes and block the natural shine that they have. I make a face of disgust and knock her aside. I start towards the Peacekeeper to get my finger pricks but she pushes past me. "Haven't you ever heard of 'ladies first'?" She spits. I roll my eyes at her dramatics and let her go ahead. After I get my finger pricked, I notice the most gorgeaus girl I have ever seen. I keep trying to get to her, but I am cut off by other potential-tributes. I ignore the videos and the escorts introduction, trying to get to that beautful girl. Suddenly, she walks away. She goes onto stage! We will be together in the arena! Then, I send my attention to the escort as she draws the boy tribute's slip. She doesn't even open it before I lunge forward to volunteer. I shake the girl tribute, Brooke,'s hand and bend down to kiss it gently. When I look back up, she is blushing and giving me a winning smile.

Thalia Combe- I am excited about the Reaping today. I have always wanted to see the Capitol and becoming a tribute seems to be the only way. I have waited until this year to become a tribute, because just this year I finished my training. I finished it earlier than scheduled so I believe that I will be the one to beat in that arena. i walk on towards the Square and I reach it quickly. Our escort steps onto the stage as I join the other 16-year-olds. "Good morning, District 2," she begins with a wide yawn, "my, it's early isn't it?" I glance at the watch of the kid next to me; it's 11:30. "Well, since it's so early and everyone is so tired, I think we should skip the videos and go straight to drawing the names of the lucky tributes," says the escort. She walks to the girls' reaping glass, but stops herself just before she pulls a name, "Oh, my, where are my manners?" she dramatically asks. I roll my eyes at this bizarre woman, she is really annoying me today. "I forgot to introduce myself! I am Peggy Sue Matilda Roselinda Finkle, but please know me as Peggy." Then, she draws the female tributes name, "Celeste Melinda!" I grab Celeste by her arms as she is stepping into her postion beside Peggy Finkle. Celeste is thrown onto the concrete, and I take her place. The escort looks at me in shock when I grab the mic from her and say two simple words in the calmest manner possible, "I volunteer." I am proud of my stunt. It will be remembered. I want to be remembered.

Axel Armstrong- I wake up early and start to the Square. I will be there extra early, because I wanna talk to the Peacekeeper who draws the blood samples; her name is Olivia and she is always up for a good laugh. Well, I am the first to the Square, besides the Peacekeepers and the escort who is standing in a corner doing her makeup into a little, hand-held mirror. I stroll towards Olivia and try to look casual. "Ready to start?" she asks me anxiously. I nod my head enthusiastically. "Is it set up?" I whisper to her. We are being careful not to be heard. I casually glace towards the stage and see my friend, Reggie, pearing through a tiny crack in the curtains. He holds his mask at his side. Olivia turns and gives him a barely noticable thumbs-up. Suddenly, we are all doubled over with silent laughs. While we are distracted, the escort steps onto stage and begins her practice for the Reaping. The moment she removes the microphone from the stand, Reggie jumps out from behind the curtain and grabs her shoulders. She gives a yelp of surprise and turns around to scold whoever startled her, but Reggie is already back in his position behind the curtains. The escort pears through the crack and I hope Reggie is well out of view. Apparently he is, because she turns back around with a nervous smile on her face. She tries to start her speech again, but Reggie taps her shoulder. She looks through the curtains and Reggie is, again, out of her view. She produces a little humph sound to show her annoyance. Well, she begins to speak again and just before Reggie touches her, she spins around, "Aha," she begins, but her voice falters into a cry of terror. She is face to face with Reggie in his mask of a zombie with an arrow directly through his brain. It is actually a very realistic mask. It is fitted so it looks like a real face instead of one of those cheap, flimsy masks. The escort screams with her eyes bulging. She stands paralzed before him as he widens his mouth into a devious grin. She faints ridiculously onto the stage. Several Peacekeepers run to her aid. One, unusually large man catches sight of Reggie and chases him down the street. Reggie turns around periodically and honks a clown horn in the Peacekeepers face. Me and Olivia are rolling in hysterical laughter. It really was a childish and unprofessional prank, but it's the type of thing Olivia, Reggie, and I live for. Before we know it, the Head Peacekeeper guesses that me and Olivia had something to do with the prank, too. Olivia is whipped several times and I would've been, too, if I had not had another idea. "If I am a tribute in these Games, will you still have to punish me?" I say. "I guess not; starving yourself for weeks with the constant threat of death hanging over you, would be worse than any punishment I could give you." he agrees. I guess that's that. I am going to be a tribute in these Games. There is no way out. And I'm not even frightened, because I know I can win.

Dimitria Pod- The Square is filled with terrified teenagers. None of us want to be picked for tribute. Nobody wants to be sentenced to death. I am obsorbed in my own mental world of desperation when the escort begins to speak into the microphone. Her voice is soft even though it is being echoed and thrown in all directions through the several speakers strategically placed throughout the area. "I am Kimmy," she says simply. Her Capitol accent sounds funny when she said her name. "Let's start by watching the videos of Panem's dark past. These videos show what we must not repeat." Then, the video about the Dark Days plays upon a giant screen followed by the newer one about the 2nd Rebellion. I hang my head in shame as I think how I could never pull such a bold stunt as Katniss Everdeen did with the berries. When the videos come to an end, Kimmy announces the female tribute, "Dimitria Pod!" My eyes pop in disbelief and I frantically try to draw a breath. I can't breath and I drop to my knees. Hands are suffucating me; it's obvious that they are trying to help, but they are only making it harder to catch my breath. Now I am laying on my back on the concrete floor of the Square. Everything is a blurr and I am frantic. I have passed the paralyzed state and I am now thrashing like a fish out of water, trying to run from the fate that has fallen upon me. Then, I hear a bold voice yell from the croud, "Get back!" That's when, all hands release me and I start to run, only to be blocked by a solid being. I catch sight of his face; it's my best friend in the whole world, the only person I can truly tell anything. Kyler. His arms envelope me and his steady hands dry my tears. I rest my head on his reliable shoulder and calm myself. I inhale deeply and exhale loudly. "Are you okay now?" he asks me when I have stopped my hysterics. I shake my head in response and he releases a painfilled laugh, "of course you're not." Then he pushes me away and takes my hand in his, "I'm so sorry." Then, he releases me to the stage. I draw a huge breath and walk to my spot. I see the escort, Kimmy, brush away her tears. She whispers something to me, "I wish I could help you." Help me what? Help me undo the embarrasment I have bestowed upon myself? Help me get out of the Games? Help me calm down? Help me what? I am still shaking. I am going to be a tribute in these Games no matter what I want

Rickey Dean- Today is the day of the Reaping. I drag myself out of bed and slide into my clothes. Once I am dressed, I trudge to the Square. A Peacekeeper snatches my hand and painfully stabs a needle into my flesh. He holds it there longer than necessary so I raise my other hand to smack him but another Peacekeeper realizes what I am going to do and locks it behind my back. I turn around to him and hiss. He takes a step and stares at me with an odd expression on his face. Then, I jerk my hand away from the Peacekeeper with the needle before he has fully removed it. The needle cuts across the surface of my hand. Blood drips from the wound so I stick it in my mouth. Other kids look at me with disgust and I almost hiss at them, too, but the voice of the escort stops me. She has a quiet voice, but it is still audible. "I am," she begins to bore me so I tune her out. I fiddle with my bangs; I play with my silver gloves; I do anything to keep my fidgiting hands occupied. I am awokened by a male's voice yelling, "Get back!" I look around to see everyone's gaze directed to one point. A small girl has collapsed. She, suddenly, leaps to her feet and tries to run away, but the male who yelled, blocks her way. Then, she brakes down, sobbing, in his arms. She, eventually, calms and walks cautiously to the stage. Oh, now I understand why she panicked; she was picked as tribute. I rolled my eyes at her unnessecary histarics and spit in the girl infront of me's hair. She turns around to hit me but I stick my tongue out and yell, "I volunteer!" i know that the male hasn't even been called yet, but, still, I am going to be tribute.

Perdere Casey- I awake this morning to the sound of gull cries and rolling waves. I had fallen asleep upon my favorite place in the whole world: a rock cliff that hangs over the luxurious waters of the salty oceans. I have awoken just in time to see the sunrise over the water. This is my dream place for the perfect wedding. If only I wasn't so shy... I think to myself. I close my eyes and drift back into my deep sleep. Suddenly, someone calls my name, "Perdere!" It startles me, but I turn my head and find my best friend, Ainsley, running towards me. What's wrong? What does she need? What have I missed? Without a hint of warning, the realization hits me like a ton of bricks: it's Reaping day. I hang my head and she knows that I have remembered what today is. I am probably the only one in District 4 who is frightened to be a tribute, fighting to the death in that horrid arena. She grabs my hand and pulls me to the Square in my pajamas. We get our blood samples taken and we walk to our designated area. The escort begins by announcing his name, Ashin Shoster. Then, we watch the videos of our troubled past: the Dark Days and the 2nd Rebellion. Too soon, it is time to call the female tribute's name. "Ainsley Darnell!" Ashin yells into the microphone. Ainsley walks onto stage with showing excitement. I know she thinks she can win, but there is a bigger chance she won't. I can't bear to think of my best friend dead at the cruel hands of another tribute; no, dead at the cruel hands of the Capitol. Visions of her limp, unbreathing body cause me to do the unthinkable, "I volunteer!" She shoots me a venomous look and I see in her eyes that what I have done is unforgivable. Why can't she see what the Games really are?

Thomas Quince- The prettiest girl in the district has just volunteered. I would do anything to hold her hand and just stare into her eyes with no distractions. I hear the escort yell the name of the male tribute, "Thomas Quince!" Well, I guess this is my chance to create a romance with Perdere Casey. Once I am on stage, me and Perdere shake hands. At her touch, I hold my breathe. She looks at my with curiosity, but I see uncertainty in her gaze, too. "Ladies and gentleman, the tributes of District 4!" cries Ashin Shoster.

Cassidy O'Hara- The sun's rays awake me this morning. I lift my head out of bed and dress quickly. I put on blue jeans and my favorite midnight black tanktop. When I walk downstairs to our small kitchen, mother stops me. "Today is Reaping day, Cassidy! Are you going to be so disrespectful to our leaders as to go to such an important event in your average attire?" Mother has always worshipped our leaders. She says that she's just being respectful, but I know that she's scared of them. Despite my protests, I stomp back upstairs and return dressed more appropriately. I have put on my silvery dress that falls to my knees in a thick, formal line. My shoulders are showing and Mother finds that disrespectful for today's event so I put on a shortened black cover with a knot to hold the front opening closed. The cover only reaches to the middle of my ribs and has sickening puffy sleeves. I believe that this dressing Mother will find more appropriate, but she again is disappointed. She dislikes my wearing of sneakers and undone hair. I roll my eyes and start upstairs, once again, but she grabs my arm and says she will come this time. Mother removes my sneakers and, in their place, slides black flats that have the appearance of being wrapped around my feet. she, then, brushes my hair and pins it up in a elaborate updo. She hates my blood red highlights, but I got them anyway. Soon, I am all dressed stupidly and it is time for the nervous stroll to the Square. We end up being late, and we have missed the videos and the opening ceremony. We have just made the announcing of the female tribute: me! That's when my Games strategy hits me. I break down crying and appear to be a sniffling, insignificant girl who could be of no danger in that arena, but I am definately a contender.

Chase Electro- This morning I oversept and only had time to throw on a jeans and a sweatshirt over my solid white t-shirt that I use to sleep in. It is already 11:00! I have never slept this late before! I have to run 15 minutes to the Square, and I get there just in time. Everyone is getting their bloodsamples taken and heading to their designated area. A Peacekeeper takes a drop of my blood and sends me to stand with the other 15-year-olds. I get to my spot just as the escort begins the opening ceremony, "Hello, District 5! It is such a priviledge to be welcomed so graciously into your home!" I roll my eyes at how odd he talks. It is kinda hard to understand him because of his Capitol accent. "I am Jonny, with no 'h' in 'Jonny', Liteuo!" he nearly screams into the microphone. Then, we watch the necessary videos of Panem's past and the Reaping begins. A pathetic girl named Cassidy O'Hara is the female tribute. She cries all the way up to the stage. Jonny pats her on the back before calling the male tribute's name, "Chase Electro!" Me! It can't be! I cautiously walk onto the stage and Jonny sweeps me into a large hug. He grins and congratulates me and Cassidy. "The tributes of District 5!"

Redinda Jameson- The air is full of ticking and clinks and metallic bangs: the sounds of the shop. I have started work earlier this morning because I'll have to quite earlier, too. Today is Reaping day. I am fixing Grandpa Wallace's old tractor at the moment. Grandpa Wallace owns one of the only farms in town, but he can't plow his fields without his tractor that broke down last week. We don't normally work with tractors so iis taking us longer than expected. Suddenly, my boss, Ms. Chilson, pats my back and excuses me to the Reaping. I walked to the Square covered in grease and oil in my overalls, but no one seems to notice. This is how I look everyday. I get to the Square and a Peacekeepe draws a blood sample. I wince as the needle stabs into my arm. Then, I drag my feet to stand with the other 16-year-olds. The escort begins the ceremony by announcing her name, "Hi, District 6! I am Catarina Williams, and it is an absolute pleasure to be welcomed so graciously into your fabulous district!" She grins at us ridiculously, but her face twists into an expression of disgust as she catches sight of me. I put my hands on my hips and she continues to rudely stare. Everything has gone quiet. Then, I decided that I want to be a tribute so I can annoy the stupid, obnoxious woman as much as possible. Well, she soon regains her composure and we watch the videos of Panem's past. Next, she draws the female tribute's name, "Macey Donnile!" A tall, skinny girl walks onto the stage and looks out on the croud in desperation, "Do we have any volun-" "I volunteer!" The words echo throughout the Square and I take the girl's place. She embraces me tightly, letting tractor grease get all over her perfect, pale pink dress, but she doesn't seem to mind. As she is walking away, she stops and runs back to me. In my ear she whispers two words that bring forth the full realization of the horrific fate that I have bestowed upon myself by volunteering. She said, "good luck."

Brann Clatch- I layed in bed until around 10:30 this morning. When I awoke, Mother made me dress a bit more formally than usual, so I slide on my darker, unripped jeans and a dark red, plaid shirt with the front unbuttoned over a solid black v-neck. Mother was disappointed that I had chosen these clothes; she said they aren't very fit for this occassion, but I ignored her and left the house anyway. People say that I have never been the same since the death of my sister. Is that true? It must be, because most of my friends have abandoned me. I spend most of my time alone, under the willow beside the old river. Nobody visits the river anymore. There is an old watermill that has been there, unused, for ages. I see the river as a place with much potential, but at the time it is my safe haven. I normally sit under the willow beside the mill and try to picture what that place could be, but now I must go to the Square for the dreaded Reaping. I approach the Square too soon for my liking, but it is time for the ceremony to begin. The escort begins, "Hi District 6! I am Catarina Williams! It is an absolute pleasure to be welcomed so graciously into your district!" Then, we watch the videos. Now, it is time for the announcing of the male and female tributes. "Macey Donnile!" That name is followed by a cry of, "I volunteer!" A girl wearing grease-covered overalls takes Macey's place. "Now for the boys!" She plucks a slip from the boys' Reaping glass. "Brann Clatch!" Me!

Katriona Greystone- This morning has been agonizing. I have been waiting in anxiety for the clock to strike 10:00 so I could start to the Square. I am terrified of the Reapings, but, in my mind, waiting for the tributes to be called is worse than the actual moment of truth. I keep glancing at the clock on the wall. So close: 9:59! The second hand is barely moving. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. Then, the whole world comes to a complete stop. Everything and everyone is quiet. The second hand isn't moving! Time has frozen in its tracks. Suddenly....1. I throw down my axe and leave my position. I run as fast as I can to the Square. The Peacekeeper takes a bloodsample and I head to stand with the other 18-year-olds. The escort appears. He is surprising; he looks nothing like a Capitol person should. He has on dark, unripped jeans and a nice, black blazer over a baby blue shirt with a collar. There is no bold colors, no crazy hair, even no fluffy sleeves. He lacks the Capitol accent, too. "District 7, I am Liam Manual. I am here to announce the tributes and lead you all through this ceremony which must be excruciating for all of you." He exhales loudly and presses a button which projects the videos of Panem's past onto two large screens on either side of the Square. After the videos, he announces the female tribute's name, Katriona Greystone. I am going to be tribute in the 226th Annual Hunger Games. I shouldn't have rushed my time in the mill.

Jeff Hutchson- A girl named Katriona Greystone is the female tribute. I don't know it yet, but we will stand side by side on that stage. I fidget and tie a little string I have found in knots and untie it. In knots, untied. In knots, untied. I am like a machine wiht flying fingers. Suddenly, I stop playing with he string. I have heard a familier name called and echoed. "Jeff Hutchson," the escort repeats. Why does that name sound so familier? Where have I heard it before? "Jeff Hutchson?" Silence. "Is there a Jeff Hutchson?" I walk onto the stage in a robotic fashion. The escort helps me up the stairs and whispers something in my ear, "it's going to be okay." We meet eyes and he, more loudly this time, instricts me to shake Katriona's hand. I move my arm up and down is short, jerky mtoions. "Are you alright?" Katriona asks me. I shake my head, no. She releases a small laugh. That's when I realize that I am still holding her hand. I let my hand fall back to my side and give an embarassed shrug. I let myself believe she would go easy on me in that arena. I was so sadly mistaken.

Aideen Cormick- I sit with my back leaned against the wall in the Square. I am the first potential-tribute here. I whisper jokes to myself, trying to keep from crying. I am terrified that I will be picked as tribute. I am so scared to hear the escort yell, "Aideen Cormick!" But why should I care? My life already feels like an eternal nightmare. I try to put a positive spin on my life, but I just can't. Jokes feel like the only escape. I have told this so many times to my favorite doll, Becca, but I can't stop myself from imagining that she replies in a way that makes me want to collapse to my knees and cry for the rest of my life. In my mind, Becca's alternate solution is death. I can't die. I'm not ready. I am petrified of dying at this age. I want to find a way to be happy again. I want to live the rest of my life with an upbeat look, but it is so hard. I have decided to mask my pain with a positive expression. I am so lost in a mental state of desperation and sorrow, that I don't even hear the beginning of the ceremony. All I hear is the name of the female tribute. "Aideen Cormick!" There, that feels like the end of my life, but I hide it with a smile. Despite my constant smile and jokes being told in my head, a silent tear slips over the barrier of my eyelashes and slides down my cheek.

Logan Waterson- The annual Reaping is a time of festivites in the wealthier districts, but here it is when you say good-bye to your loved ones, because it may be your last glance at their face before they are forced to fight to the death in an arena filled with treacherous traps and creatures and humans called tributes. I hope that I will never have to do this. i don't want to never see the ones I love again. To try to prevent this, I train like a Career; well, I try to. All I can use expertly is sword. I have tried so many times to master the bow and arrows, but it is an impossible feat. I awoke extra early this morning and tried to learn in the few extra hours I have given myself of training. I practiced until my friend, Selma, tapped my back and warned me of the near Reaping. I dropped the bow and arrows and walked to the Square. I got my bloodsample taken and stood with the other kids my age. We watched the escort, Melanie Chang, take the stage in her ridiculous, knitted outfit, and we watched the videos. We watched the female tribute be called. We watched the female tribute cry with a smile. We watched the male tribute be called. They watched a terrified me take the stage. They watched me and Aideen shake hands. "Ladies and gentleman, the tributes of District 8!"

Lia Mainwaring- I arrive at the Square withe a nervous grin. A Peacekeeper tries to grab my hand to do a bloodsample, but I jerk it away; I hate needles. That's when I realize how awfully rude that was, so I slide my hand back to his. He was very gentle, but I winced when I felt the tip. The Peacekeeper then stuck a bandage over the injection point. I didn't see him do this for anyone else. He smiled at me and I smiled back. As I walked away, he yelled something after me, "Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!" He was imitating Effie Trinket, the District 12 escort in the time of the 2nd Rebellion. This made my smile spread wider and remain firm until it was time to announce the female tribute. The escort wet his lips slightly and drew a deep breath as he plucked the first slip his fingertips touched. "Lia Mainwaring!" I was in shock and the cheerful smile slowly dissolved while I took my place on the stage. In its place stood a sly smile that couldn't be ignored. I know what my angle will be in these Games. I am as sly as a fox.

Kevin Quince- I spent years training for the Games. I have a private training course hidden in the outskirts of the district in a willow grove. I practice archery. I practice throwing knives. I practice with swords and spears. I know how to use common and uncommon weapons, but I am unstoppable when I have a trident. A net is optional but it works of great use to capture opponents. I find myself to be very much like the bold and great, Finnick Odair. I am so amazing at swimming and with tridents and nets, because I am from District 4. I was born and raised by the sea. I moved here during the few years of freedom with President Leise. Suddenly, my eyes wandered to my watch and I ran to the Square for the Reaping. I made it just in time to hear my name called as the male tribute.

Brie Pelt- It is time for another Reaping. I awoke at my average time and try not to let the idea of the possible death sentence distract me and ruin my morning. I eat my normal, small breakfast of a half orange and tossed my other half to my little brother. He catches it and laughs nervously. I know he is extremely scared about the Reaping, but he tries to hide it for my sake, which is unecessary; I should be protecting him and calming him. His artificial smiles help me none; they just remind me of what i could lose today. Suddenly, the chimes of father's prized grandfather clock signals that is is time to head the square. My brother squuezes my hand the entire walk. We get our bloodsamples taken and are forced to seperate into age groups. The escort is wearing a blue, layered wig with each layer a darker shade of blue. The wig has pefect curls at the bottom. He dresses himself in a neon, green jacket with green shorts that have a small, golden watch pinned to the pocket. He has shoes that are black and have a golden buckle. Pink and yellow, striped stockings stretch up his legs. I don't understand Capitol fashion. Well, we quickly watch the video's of the rebellions against the Capitol and then the female tribute is called, "Brie Pelt!" When I take my place on the stage, I see the face of my brother. Tears fall freely from his eyes and he shakes continuosly. I look at him, "It's all right," i whisper to him fromt he stage. I didn't mean to, but I leaned towards the microphone and my words to my brother were applified for everyone to hear.

Mark Bull- I stayed up late last night thinking about the Reaping. That's why I slept so late this morning. Now, I am running to the square for the Reaping. I get there and the videos are playing. I get my bloodsample taken quickly and join the other 16-year-olds. I basically fall asleep until I hear my name being called. Of course, no one volunteers. I am the male tribute.

Jone Depaul- I am on my way to the dreaded Reaping. I don't want to be picked as tribute, but do I have control? No. I have no control. I have considered multiple times to just run off and hide at the far corners of the corn fields near the woods. Nobody works those areas. They are abandoned but are still full of fresh, golden corn. I just don't have the courage. I sigh at the thought. I am sweating under the sun's powerful rays. I reac the Square soon and stand at the back, under the weeping willow tree. I watch our escort introduce herself and the videos begin. Then, it is time for the female tribute to be called. I hold my breath... "Joan Depaul." This annoys me so greatly that I'm not even frightened about being a tribute yet. I stomp onto the stage and correct her mistake. I snatch the mic from the escort's hands and yell into it, "My name ain't Joan. My name's Jone; pronounced Yo-neigh!" The escort apologizes sincerely, but I'm still annoyed. I spit onto the ground at her feet and she takes a few steps back and looks at me in disgust. I give a mocking grin and cross my arms.

Pamline Falcone- A girl names Joan, no Jone, was recently picked as the female tribute. I laughed at her episode on stage. She has a fiery personality. I like that. The corners of my mouth twist themselves into an amused smile that is quickly wiped clean when I hear the male tribute's name, Pamline Falcone. I take my place on stage and shake Jone's hand. "' Sup, Pam?" she asks. I give a small laugh at her boyish manner. "Ladies and gentlemen, your tributes in the 226th Annual Hunger Games!" The croud cheers. I can tell that they beleive that me and Jone will be serious contenders in the Games.

Natasha Grey- This morning has been gray and the air has been full of misty fog. This weather sets the tone perfectly for the upcoming event, the Reaping. I am walking down a dirt trail to the Square. When I get there, a Peacekeeper draws a bloodsample. I wince at the needle's point in my flesh. "Hold still," the Peacekeeper snaps. I turn to say something back, but catch the eye of another Peacekeepr nearby. He has a look on his face, daring me to do it. His fingers drift noticeably to the whip on his belt. I lower my eyes and walk away when the needle is withdrawn. Everbody's expression is grim. The escort takes the stage, "Hello, District 12! I am Evelyn Trink!" She draws a breath as the video's of Panem's past are displayed on two giant screens placed for everyone's eyes. When the videos are finished, Evelyn sighs, "Oh, I just love that." then, she snaps her fingers and continues with the ceremony. "Well, it is time for the exciting part of today!" Eveyrone is silent even though this was an obvious que for applause. Evelyn just continues to grin and notices after a while that she will get no cheers. "Okay, then, as the glorious Effie Trinket always said, "Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!" Evelyn sauntered to the girls' Reaping class and danced her gloved fingers through the bowl. Her wrist moved in a snap as she removed a slip. Evelyn wet her lips and announced a name into the microphone, "Natasha Grey!" I took my place on stage without hesitation. I was in shock, but I was determined to look brave infront of the croud. I want to give them hop that District 12 can have another victor.

Kyle Curts- Natasha Grey was chosen as the female tribute. I think I have seen her before, but where. I wouldn't have seen her in school; we are two years apart. I search the corners of my mind for the memory of our meeting. Then, it hits me, I saw her sneaking into a house in my part of the District. Madame Silvia was at the bakery that day and I was strolling down the lane near her home. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a girl with the Seam appearance slip through a window. I followed her out of stupidity and we came face to face. She looked startled when she saw me. I threatened to turn her in to the Peacekeeper, but we both knew that I didn't have the heart. I tried to look threatening. "Natasha," she whispered to me, holding out her hand. I took it and shook it cautiously. This was a random gesture and completely inappropriate for the time being and it unnerved me a bit. Though, I softened when I saw the hungry, desperate look in her eyes. "Follow me," I said. I had the intentions of bringing her home to retrieve what food I could for her. Natasha nodded her head, but as soon as we were both outside again, she took off running down the street. I never saw Natasha again until today. The flashback played itself like a film in my eyes. I jumped when I heard the escort's voice call my name.

Jessica Andrea- I worked all night last night and I am working this morning, too. Mother and Father own the healer's quarters in the District. We get many patients with minor illnesses, but that doesn't mean we aren't able to handle medical emergencies. We all are very skilled healers. I am treating a wound in a small child's leg when Mother taps my shoulder, "It's time." I immediately know what she means. The Reaping. I drag my feet to the Square with thoughts of being in that horrid arena haunting my mind. Along the way, a group of 10th years at school block my path. I abruptly stop. "Move," I mutter. "What's that, Jessie?" they ask me mockingly. I try to push past them, but they grab my hair. I screech, and they pull harder. I turn to stomp on their feet, but they knock me to the ground. I pathetically try to crawl away. As I do, they laugh and make several jokes about my weight even though I'm not that big. I finally, get to the Square and my bloodsample is taken. The escort plays the videos and announces the female tribute, "Jessica Andrea."

Keane Chance- I spent the night on the pavement floor of the Square. I awake to trampling feet. It is time for the Reaping. People stomp my hands and legs and near my head. I don't fight them; I let them bloody my hands and arms and legs. I stand as the escort begins the videos. I pretend to watch them, but I am really fantasizing about the arena. I want to give my life to save someone else. Their life can't be as miserable as mine. There is no point in living. I hear the female tribute's name, Jessica Andrea. I feel sorry for her, because people laughed and pointed when she was chosen. Then the male's name, "Bland Ericson!" Intead of him, I walk ontot he stage. "Are you Bland?" the escort asks me. I reply in a single word, "No." The escort is puzzled. "Well what's your name?" I reply in a sorrow-filled and dreary voice, "Keane Chance." She draws a breath before speaking, "Oh, so you are a volunteer! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a volunteer!"

District, Name, & Gender Male Outfits Female Outfits
District 1- Poppy Stone (Female)

Parade- He is dressed in a metalic, gold unitard that appears to be made of golden, skeletal leaves. He has a headdress that has the same effect of being made of golden, skeletal leaves as the unitard. The headpiece makes him look as if he has a maine of those leaves. Perfectly polished amythysts are dotted down the unitard. This costume was meant to represent one of the main jobs in District 1, a goldsmith.

Interview- A golden tux with golden shimmer in his hair.

Parade- She wears a semi-transparent, wine colored gown that is strategically crinkled and folded to look wine swirling out of the bottle. The dress spreads around her, but curls up at the bottom to loook like a splash. Under the dress is a fitting, black underddress. Garnet gems are placed as a belt around her waist. Upon her head is a larger model of a cork with black netting along the bottom that falls to just before her eyes. This costume represents another duty of District 1, making Panem's wine.

Interview- A golden gown that is very loose and flowy at the skirt. The front of the skirt is open and the back drifts behind her, dragging on the ground. Is is sleeveless and is very fitted at the top.

District 2-

Rosemary Silverado (Female)

Parade- He is spraypainted silver and is wearing silver armor.

Interview- He has a snow white suit with silvery, metallic tie.

Parade- She is spraypainted silver and is dressed in full body armor.

Interview- She has on a blood red dress with her hair piled ontop of her head.

District 3- Trish Wooden (Male)

Parade- His skin is covered in a metalic body suit. Over it is a metal lightening bolt shape with sparks of electricity running through it.

Interview- He is clothed in a shocking, yellow tuxedo with shiny, golden shoes. On his pockets are flickering, yellow lights. Whenever he nears the female tribute, sparks fly form the suit.

Parade- She is wearing a metalic, silver body suit. Over it is a metal lightening bolt shape with sparks of electricty running through it.

Interview- A shimmering, golden gown. She has on yellow high heels Whenever she nears the male tribute, you see sparks fly from the costume.

District 4- Aqua Aquilla (Female)

Parade- He will proudly wear silver, glittering armor. He will showcase a metalic trident. He appears to be the king of the sea.

Interview- He will wear a suit that is the perfect combination of reds, oranges, and yellows that professionaly mimmick a setting sun over the shifting waters of the vast ocean.

Parade- She will be dressed as a gorgeaus, glimmering mermaid. She will be covered in rainbow colored glitter that bounces the light perfectly to reflect her perfect, beautiful complection and figure. A shimmering, blue tail with multi-colored glitter scattered over the surface of the fabric will be worn. She will have a bikini top created from several multi-colored shells. A tiara made, also, of multi-colored shells rests upon her perfectly curled hair.

Interview- She will wear an adorable, lacey dress that is loosely fitted and constantly moving in a current-like pattern that suggests the moving ocean.

District 5-

Clover Recipe (Male)

Parade- He has a golden unitard with light bulbs all over it. He has an upside down chandelier on his head.

Interview- His suit is brigth yellow and his black tie has little ligthening bolts all over it.

Parade- She has a golden unitard with lightbulbs scattered over it. On her head is an upside down chandellier with lit lights.

Interview- She has a really short and really fitted solid orange dress. She has knee-high leather boots that are black.

District 6- Pier Fondue (Male)

Parade- He wears a baby blue jetpack on his back and a pilot's helmat on his head. He has on a dark blue unitard.

Interview- A very dark blue suit with a baby blue tie.

Parade- She has a pale pink jetpack on her back and a pilot's hemet and goggles on her head. She has on a magenta unitard.

Interview- A baby blue dress that goes to her knees and is very bouncy. Her hair is curled. She is very pretty.

District 7- Bethia Kyndell (Female)

Parade- White tux with a rainbow of autumn leaves on his pants and shirt. He wears an intricate head-dress made of autumn leaves.

Interview- Green tux with golden shimmer all over him. Has golden highlights in hair. Has an autumn leaf peaking out of the pocket of his formal jacket.

Parade- A knee-length white gown covered in assorted autumn leaves. She has a head-piece made of leaves of the colors red, orange, and yellow.

Interview- A green dress. Her skin is covered with golden body powder. She has shining, golden highlights in her hair. She has a thick bracelet made of autumn leaves.

District 8- Sparkle Sunshine (Female)

Parade- He will have colorful glitter poured over his body. He is wearing a tightly fitted body suit that is covered is rainbow sparkles and glitter; it is multi-colored. It has long strips of neon fabric trailing from his arms and feet. He will have a golden circlet ontop his head, with ribbons flowing from it.

Interview- A teal suit with ribbons circling up his arms, in a color one shade darker than the suit. Rather than a tie, he will have rainbow ribbons braided to the shape of a tie.

Parade- She has tons of glittering make-up surrounding her eyes, to hide the dark circles caused by a lifetime of sleepless nights. She is clothed in a tight-fitting body suit that is covered in rainbow shimmer and multi-colored neon dye. It has long strips of bright fabric trailing from her arms and feet. A tiny tiara with several golden ribbons flowing beautifully with her hair is angled on the crown of her head.

Interview- Her hair is pinned off of her face and make-up covers her blemishes. A golden crown hairclip with these miniscule bells pushes the hair ontop of her head from her face. A brightly colored dress fits tightly around her torso, but the skirt is a tutu. She had ballerina flats with rainbow ribbons that circle to her knees.

District 9- Norma Drizzle (Female)

Parade- A grain-colored suit with a headpice that make sit look like his hair is made of grain.

Interview- A pale green suit.

Parade- A grain-colored dress that is knee-length and really tight. She has a headpiece, too, that makes it look like her haair is grain.

Interview- A solid black gown with puffy sleeves that makes her look like a gothic Cinderella.

District 10- Yolanda (Female)

Parade: A white headpeice, flowing up to a silver bottle shape with pearls in it. Silver eye shadow, white make up over rest of face. A thick, silky, white veil trailing from the head peace. Long billowy white robes, that flow around him, like the milk. Diamonds scattered down the veil and robes, to glisten in the light.

Interview- A white suit, with an orange flower sticking out from his pocket. White shoes. Subtle orange flecks through his suit, making it look like the orange part of the egg yolk.

Parade- Her strawberry blonde hair will be pinned up in tight braids with the bottom half dyed a milky white. A white head piece, that flows up to a silver upturned bottle shape with pearls on it sits opon her head. A white veil falls down the left side of her face, to an over-shoulder white dress that is placed elegantly on her body. Silver eye shadow, with silver lipstick highlights her full lips and glistening eyes. All of it has tiny little diamonds scattered down the veil and dress, so it sparkles snow white in the sunlight. It's meant to look, as if someone has taken a bottle of milk, and tipped it over her head, the white head peice, veil and dress symbolising the milk.

Interview- Her hair is in a ballerina bun with an egg-shaped hairclip holding it in place. The dress is colored like egg-yolk and is tight around her torso, but flows into the skirt which is loose and made of thin, flowy fabric.

District 11- Golden Hart (Male)

Parade- He has vines knotted and braided to make a solid article. They are formed in the shape of pants with the most vines, making it thicker, around his waist but less vines are used the lower down his leg it progesses. His chest and arms are left bare. A crown is resting on his head, made of leaves and fake berries.

Interview- Lighter berry colors on the suit, to give off the image of a softer kind of personality. A velvet tie, that is the same color of wild berries that was used on the girl's dress.

Parade- She will have vines strategically knotted to form a solid article around her chest; vines will also form a tiny skirt around her waist that only reaches from her hips to the top half of her thighs. Vines with leaves wrap themselves up her arms and legs. On her head is a gorgeaus headpiece made of vines, leaves, and one or two fake apples.

Interview- She beautifully showcases a velvet dress the color of wild blackberries. The dress has shoes to match. The shoes' heels are a slight wedge. Her hair is let loose, but is slightly curles giving it such a majestic quality. It is simple, but it shows how simplicity can be prettiest.

District 12- Maya Covered (Female)

Parade- A baggy, orange coal-miner's suit that is unflattering and the obvious design choice. The stylist clearly didn't want to use the flame idea, for it was overused, but this is too simple and too predictable and nonflattering to the tributes.

Interview- A traditional, black tux with a sunset orange tie.

'Parade-' A baggy, orange coal-miner's suit that is unflattering and the obvious design choice. The stylist clearly didn't want to use the flame idea, for it was overused, but this is too simple and too predictable and nonflattering to the tributes.

Interview- A sunset orange gown with gems covering her arms and legs and her neck to her chin.

District 13- Kelly Gilchrist (Male)

Parade- A silvery tux. He has on a headpiece of thin, metal discs that are constantly rotating. A bright, blue bead is being rolled along the sides of the discs.

Interview- The same silver tux he wore in the parade without the headpiece.

Parade- She has a really tight dress that she stuffed into. It is silver and she has the same headdress as the male.

Interview- The same dress she ore in the parade, but with no headpiece.

The Tribute Parade

"Hello, and welcome to the 226th Annual Tribute Parade! Tonight stylists will be acknowledged for their genuine designs and unique creativity!" The announcer, Alexander Barry, takes a breath and dramatically yells into the microphone, "Let's welcome the fabulous District 1!"

District 1: The heads of two snow white horses peer around the corner. The horses' bodies are drenched in golden shimmer; they twinkle like constellations. The horses pull a small, silvery stage behind them. Upon the stage is a large, magenta egg-shaped structure. The egg-shaped encloser slowly opens, revealing the District 1 stylist's pure talent. The first thing seen is the golden costume of the male. The lights catches the gold and radiates a glowing light. He is dressed in a metalic, gold unitard that appears to be made of golden, skeletal leaves. He has a headdress that has the same effect as the unitard. The headpiece makes him look as if he has a maine of those purely golden leaves. Perfectly polished amythysts are dotted down his unitard. It is obvious that this costume represents a main job of District 1, a goldsmith. Once the egg-shaped dome is fully opened, it is drapes over the silvery stage like a rug. The female's dress is nearly the same color as the magenta rug and it blends in perfectly, but suddenly, the color flashes to a brilliant pink; then, it darkens to a wine color. She is clothed in breathtaking fineste. She wears a semi-transparent, wine colored gown that is strategically crinkled and folded to look wine swirling out of the bottle. The dress spreads around her, but curls up at the bottom to loook like a splash. Under the dress is a fitting, black underddress. Garnet gems are placed as a belt around her waist. Upon her head is a larger model of a cork with black netting along the bottom that falls to just before her eyes. This costume represents another duty of District 1, making Panem's wine. The male and the female of District 1 showcase their costumes magnificently. They begin their time out of the egg-shaped dome by presenting their costumes. Then, the male dances to the female and lifts her high into the air. Her spinning dress gives the effect of engulfing them both in an elegant wine. Then, the chariot comes to a stop at the end of the street and the two perform a elaborate dance on their stage as the next chariot rolls around the corner.

District 2: Horses that are the color of midnight, start by running around the corner and once the tributes are in full view, they slow to a showcasing walk. Those horses are pulling a traditional solid, black chariot behind them with the two tributes proudly upon it. The tributes are clothed in the purest silver shaped into full-body armor. The female is sitting on the front of the chariot where you would normally hold on to and is waving with a brilliant smile. The male has one foot placed on the same area the female is seated and one foot on the ground. He appears to be confident and proud. The female decided to blow kisses to the croud and they went wild. White roses are being tossed at them from all directions! The male catches a flower and hands it, like a gentleman, to the female with a bow. She smiles and graciously takes it with a gesture of thanks. Then he lifts her off of the front of the chariot and they stand side by side. They turn and face eachother; then, join hands. Their expressions harden to the faces of united warriors. They look fierce. They look powerful. They look like victors.

District 3: Three robotic horses pull a giant, seemingly solid, metal square. The tributes are nowhere to be seen, but suddenly, sparks of electricity run through the metal square. Next, the tributes rise from the top. They tower above everything. They are both clothed in identical costumes. Their skin is covered in a metalic body suit. Over it is a metal lightening bolt shape with sparks of electricity running through it. They are glowing. They are stunning! Their stylist is brilliant. These costumes perfectly represent the duties of District 3. The male stands stiff and unmoving. He looks menacing while the female waves formally with one hand while the rest of her is completely still. They could possibley be, very well, contenders in these Games.

District 4: A strange head, that definately isn't the average horse, is seen coming around the corner. Everyone is on the edge of their seat, straining with anxiety to see what fabulous costumes will be showcased by the District 4 tributes. The full body of the strange animal comes around the corner. It is a giant seahorse! The tributes are seated upon its back. The male proudly wears silver, glittering armor. He showcases a metalic trident. He appears to be the king of the sea! The female is dressed as a gorgeaus, glimmering mermaid. She is covered in rainbow colored glitter that bounces the light perfectly to reflect her perfect, beautiful complection and figure. A shimmering, blue tail with multi-colored glitter scattered over the surface of the fabric will be worn. She will have a bikini top created from several multi-colored shells. A tiara made, also, of multi-colored shells rests upon her perfectly curled hair. She looks like the queen of the sea! Together, the two tributes from District 4 are the rulers of the sea! That's an incredible image created by their stylist.

District 5: District 5 is in a solid gold chariot and their costumes are all but flattering. They both are dressed alike in a gold-colored unitard with light bulbs scattered over it. They have a chandelier upon their head. This outfit was creative but not at all flattering to the tributes. This will not be played to their advantage in that arena. This will not help them get sponsors.

District 6: The District 6 tributes are riding in a miniature train with an open roof. Wen they are in view of the audience, they crawl through the top and stand upon the train's white, flawless roof. The male wears a baby blue jetpack on his back and a pilot's helmet on his head. He has on a dark blue unitard. The female wears a similar outfit; she has a pale pink jetpack on her back and a pilot's hemet and goggles on her head. She wears a magenta unitard. Their looks represent their district magnificently. It is so simple yet so intruingingly accurate.

District 7: The District 7 chariot is a giant, leafless tree! It is on tiny, unsightly wheels. The tributes stand in the branches of the tree in their wonderful costumes. They are the leaves! A white tux with a rainbow of autumn leaves on the pants and shirt is worn by the male. He wears an intricate head-dress made of autumn leaves. He looks stunning with the female equally dressed! She has on a knee-length white gown covered in assorted autumn leaves. She has a head-piece made of leaves of the colors red, orange, and yellow. Such cleverness with making the tributes the leaves! This creativity will effect sponsors! What will they think: brilliance or insanity?

District 8: District 8 is up next! Multicolored horses round the corner, pulling a circular stage that has been wrapped in a rainbow of ribbons. The male has colorful glitter poured over his body. He is wearing a tightly fitted body suit that is covered is rainbow sparkles and glitter; it is multi-colored. It has long strips of neon fabric trailing from his arms and feet. He has a golden circlet ontop his head, with ribbons flowing from it. The female is just as colorful in breathtaking designs. She has tons of glittering make-up surrounding her eyes, to hide the dark circles caused by a lifetime of sleepless nights. She is clothed in a tight-fitting body suit that is covered in rainbow shimmer and multi-colored neon dye. It has long strips of bright fabric trailing from her arms and feet. A tiny tiara with several golden ribbons flowing beautifully with her hair is angled on the crown of her head. District 8 looks amazing!

District 9: The tributes comes, walking, around the corner. The female is doing spins and swirls and leaps. She looks elegant and talented. The male follows. He walks directly behins her with both hands in the air waving to the croud on either side. Their personalities look amazing, but their outfits? Not so much. The male has a grain-colored suit and the female a dress. They both have on wigs that look as if their hair is made of grain. They look repulsive. This is an offense to all of District 9. Absolutely dreadful designing, but magnificent showcasing.

District 10: The District 10 chariot is very traditonal being the origianl shape and a solid, milky white. The tributes are clothed in the most elegant fabrics and simple, yet breathtaking, colors imaginable. The female steals the show in a milky white costume. Her strawberry blonde hair is pinned up in tight braids with the bottom half dyed a milky white. A white head piece, that flows up to a silver upturned bottle shape with pearls on it sits upon her head. A white veil falls down the left side of her face, to an over-shoulder white dress that is placed elegantly on her body. Silver eye shadow, with silver lipstick highlights her full lips and glistening eyes. Tiny, little diamonds are scattered down the veil and dress, so it sparkles snow white in the sunlight. It's meant to look, as if someone has taken a bottle of milk, and tipped it over her head, the white head peice, veil and dress symbolising the milk. The male wears a similar idea. He has on a white headpeice, flowing up to a silver bottle shape with pearls in it. Silver eye shadow and white make up cover the rest of his face. A thick, silky, white veil trails from the head piece. Long billowy white robes, that flow around him, like the milk are worn. Diamonds scatter down the veil and robes and glisten in the light. That inside look at the district's industry is marvelous. Everyone thinks of meat when they think of District 10, but this stylist looked deeper and went with a lesser known product from the district. It was a risky move, but payed off incredibley. This stylist recieves praise for creativity and sense of style and purity.

District 11: The chariot rolls around the corner, being pulled by two berry colored stallions. The tributes wear articles of vines. The male has vines knotted and braided to make a solid article. They are formed in the shape of pants with the most vines, making it thicker, around his waist but less vines are used the lower down his leg it progesses. His chest and arms are left bare. A crown is resting on his head, made of leaves and fake berries. The female's costume is constructed somewhat similarly. She will have vines strategically knotted to form a solid article around her chest; vines will also form a tiny skirt around her waist that only reaches from her hips to the top half of her thighs. Vines with leaves wrap themselves up her arms and legs. On her head is a gorgeaus headpiece made of vines, leaves, and one or two fake apples. Wow, what an amazing design. This will definately attract sponsors!

District 12: District 12 is approaching. They are both on the backs of black stallions. They both wear the same, hideous designs. A baggy, orange coal-miner's suit that is unflattering and the obvious design choice. The stylist clearly didn't want to use the flame idea, for it was overused, but this is too simple and too predictable and nonflattering on the tributes.

District 13: The tributes are standing a gigantic, white sphere that is constantly rotating but they don't fall off. Their costumes are hideous and way too simple. The male wears a silvery tux. He has on a headpiece of thin, metal discs that are constantly rotating. A bright, blue bead is being rolled along the sides of the discs. His is awful, but the female's is especially repulsive. She has a really tight dress that she stuffed into. It is silver and she has the same headdress as the male.

District Costume Ranking

1st: District 10 (Recieves $100 of sponsor money)

2nd: District 1 (Recieves $90 of sponsor money)

3rd: District 7 (Recieves $80 of sponsor money)

4th: District 2 (Recieves $70 of sponsor money)

5th: District 11 (Recieves $70 of sponsor money)

6th: District 4 (Recieves $50 of sponsor money)

7th: District 3 (Recieves $50 of sponsor money)

8th: District 6 (Recieves $50 of sponsor money)

9th: District 8 (Recieves $50 of sponsor money)

10th: District 5 (Recieves $30 of sponsor money)

11th: District 13 (Recieves $10 of sponsor money)

12th: District 12 (Recieves $10 of sponsor money)

13th: District 9 (Recieves $0 of sponsor money)

Private Training Sessions and Scores

Brooke Xena: Brooke heard her name called and stepped into the training room. She curtsied before the Gamemakers and began her session. After her curty she did several back handsprings and landed perfectly upon a balance beam. She wobbled slightly as she did her flips down the length of the beam, but recovered like a professional. When she finished her performance on the beam she did a flip off of it and landed at the foot of a climbing rope. She climbed it at high speed and rang thr bell at the top. Then, she flipped off of it and, without hesitation, scooped up a handful of knives and hurled them at the targets. Only two of the five she threw stuck, but only one hit the target. She sighed and gave up. She had atempted too much. Even thought he beginning was impressive, she finished with a flop.

Brooke Xena's Score: 7

Lion Scrapes: Lion walks into the training room with confidence that shows. He sends a quick smile to a female Gamemaker who is watching him intently. She giggles and whispers something to the man next to her. After that, Lion takes his time to walk to the sword station. It's not his best station, but he can do it. He decapitates several dummies with one sweep and throws the sword behind him. It sticks in a target set up for bow and arrows. He grins in pride and saunters to a mace that lays ornamentally on a table. It is carefully detailed and carved. The head is iron and the handle area is purely crafted of gold. He fingers the artwork before swinging the club above his head. He spins it in circles, faster and faster, until letting fly from his hand. It hurtles towards a dummy and the impact of the mace on the dummy knocks it over and leaves a dent in its chest. Then, Lion bows and exits.

Lion Scrapes' Score: 10

Thalia Combe: She enters the training while wearing an ear-to-ear grin. She waves to he Gamemakers and a few bow back. She picks up a bow and arrows and send arrows flying, rapidly, towards the target. Not one misses the target but 3 of the six arrows she shot stuck in the bullseye. She thought she did okay. Then, she gave a brief curtsy and left the room.

Thalia Combe's Score: 7

Axel Armstrong: He does a funny jig as he enters the room. The Gamemakers guffaw and suddenly stop when they hear the sound of metal hitting metal. While the Gamemakers were laughing, Axel had hurled a metal sword at a metal bowl filled with ninja stars. The ninja stars were scattered on the floor and the sword had the bowl pinned to the wall. Axel, then, grinned stupidly and bowed like a clown.

Axel Armstrong's Score: 6

Dimitria Pod: Dimitria was very nervous to begin her private training, but she took a deep breath and entered the room. She awkwardly waved to the Gamemakers and bent down to pick up an axe. Her hands gripped the axe so hard that her knuckles were white and her hands ached. She spun around, gaining momentum. The axe was swinging around and she finally released it at the target. The target fell over the the axe stuck in the wood, but not in the bullseye. Close but not quite. Dimitria panicked and felt devastated and lost so she ran out of the room without being excused.

Dimitria Pod's Score: 4

Rickey Dean: Rickey barged through the doors and didn't acknowledge the Gamemakers. He slowly made his way to the plant identification and station and ruled out every single one of the poisonous plants. He did remarkable in every station that required knowledge. Know it was time for him to show his skill with knives. He scooped up five knives and threw rapidly, one after the other, at a target. Every single one hit the target and only two missed the bullseye. Then, Rickey was excused so he held up his hand as a signal for the Gamemakers to silence. He walked to the climbing rope as slow as possible which was a sign of arrogance and he climbed it professionaly. When he finished, the Gamemakers didn't signal him out because he might not be done yet, but he was and he left without permission.

Rickey Dean's Score: 9

Perdere Casey: She enters the room, running as fast as possible to show off her speed. Then, she made a fishing hook out of every possible item in that station. Then she tied several knots as a professional. Next, she hurled a trident at target which missed, but not by much. Then, she curtsied and left the room politely.

Perdere Casey's Score: 6

Thomas Quince: Thomas entered the room with a smile upon his face. He was confident in his abilities but not overly. He picked up a spear and aimed at the light fixture hanging over the climbing station. He hurled the spear and it made contact with the light, sending a shower of sparks to fall to the floor. Then, he grabbed two spear, one in each hand, and shot them at the targets simutaniously. They both hit the bullseye and he waved to the Gamemakers as he exited.

Thomas Quince's Score: 10

Cassidy O'Hara: She knows her plan as she enters the room. She wants to appear weak and vulnerable and foolish, but surprise everyone in the arena. She first runs and trips purposely on her way to the poisonous plant section and does a few right, but tries to shove several poisonous berries into her mouth. She is stopped by the Gamemakers. They excuse her and say she is dangerously stupid. They wave nervously to her as she exits.

Cassidy O'Hara's Score: 1

Chase Electro: Chase enters the room and starts immediately with no wave or bow. He hurls ten extremely heavy weights, rapidly, at a cart across the room. They hit and slam it against the wall. The Gamemakers clap and Chase exits without exibiting his other talents.

Chase Electro's Score: 7

Redinda Jameson: Redinda enters the room with shaking confidence, but the confidence is there. She grins nervously and sends a small wave in the direction of the Gamemakers. The Head Gamemaker replies with a nod. Red assumes this is the signal to begin. She creates a bunch of delicate and complex traps out of common items and nothing but her hands. She showcases them proudly and then, exits when she was excused.

Redinda Jameson's Score: 5

Brann Clatch: Brann begins by running to the sword station. He decapitates several dummies with one kind of sword and grabs another kind form the table behind him. He tosses them in the air and catches them both in the opposite hand. Then, he does a backflip and stabs a dummy with the second sword and sends the first flying across the room. It sticks in the archery target.. Brann, then, bows and exits when the Gamemakers excuse him

Brann Clatch's Score: 10

Katriona Greystone: Katriona kicks in the doors and enters the training room. The Gamemakers stop their laughter and conversation and direct their attention towards her. She picks up four axes, two in each hand and sends two flying at one target and two flying at another. They all stick in the bullseye. She, then, she shows off her strength by tosses weights at targets where they leave a huge dent in the center. Next she stomps over to a grown man in the wrestling station and pins him down with ease. She put her foot upon his chest and smiled boldly. She let her guard down so they man grabbed her ankle and threw her down. The Gamemakers ordered his to let her go. He did and Katriona gave a quick punch and walked out in anger from being shown up by a dumb Capitol man.

Katriona Greystone's Score: 10

Jeff Hutchson: Jeff knows her wants to show off hs skill with a bow and arrow in training. He enters the room and begins immediatly with archery. He lets 12 arrows fly to the target. 8 of the 12 stick to the bullseye. 2 missed the target and the rest stuck on the outer edge of the target. He believes he did okay.

Jeff Hutchson's Score: 8

Aideen Cormick: In Private Training she surrounds herself with dummies, and collects some throwing weapons. She tells a joke that causes the Gamemakers to guffaw like idiots and then she throws a weapon at the head of one of the dummies. It's symbolic, just because she likes a laugh, and looks sweet, doesn't mean that she won't kill you without hesitation.

Aideen Cormick's Score: 6

Logan Waterson: He will barges through the doors, decapitates the dummies and sends a sword flying at the target. Then, he heads to the climbing net and finishes it in record time. He ends by running out without being dismissed.

Logan Waterson's Score: 10

Lia Mainwaring: Lia's flies into the room at her top speed and does multiple laps around the large room without slowing; she, in fact, gains speed. Then, she runs out. After training she realizes how unimpressive she looked. She felt like an idiot.

Lia Mainwaring's Score: 3

{C}Kevin Quince: Kevin walks in and bows to the Gamemakers. A few bow back and some wave, but most don't even make eye contact with him. Kevin is caught off guard by the Gamemakers' rudeness so he falters a moment before recovering. He grabs several knives and throws them at the target dummies. They all stick in the bullseye. Then, he grabs a sword an beheads a group of dummies in one swipe.

Kevin Quince's Score: 9

Brie Pelt: Brie's fingers keep twirling her milky white hair in circles until her name is called. She slowly walks into the training room and the first thing she does is climb the climbing rope. Then, she swings across the ceiling holding on to poles and ropes and anything else. She ends by releasing her grip and flipping to the ground. Then, she grabs knives and hurls them at the targets. All three knives stick in the bullseye. Then, she does backbends all the way to the door and exits.

Brie Pelt's Score: 9

Mark Bull: Mark walks in and grabs a whip that sits, unused, in the corner. This fascinates the Gamemakers because not many tributes use a whip as a weapon. Mark has a very uncommon talent. Well, Mark lifts the whip and swings it like a lasso above his head. He goes down a line and whips every dummy in the chest, leaving a large gash where their heart would be. Mark bows and exits when he is excused.

Mark Bull's Score: 8

Jone Depaul: Jone walks in and rolls her eyes at the Gamemakers. This offends them and they send her out without watching her routine. Jone will not be a Gamemaker favorite.

Jone Depaul's Score: 1

Pamline Falcone: Pamline enters the room and goes staright for an axe. He lifts and and throws it at a dummy target meant for spear practive. The sword sticks sideways right over the neck. If that was an actual dummy it would've been decapitated.

Pamline Falcone's Score: 8

Natasha Grey: When it is her turn Natasha sneaks through the window and enters that way to show how sneaky and quiet she can be. She does backbends all the way to the knife station and she throws knives at the dummy targets whenever they light up. She only misses one out of the five she throws.

Natasha Grey's Score: 8

Kyle Curts: Kyle walks in and grabs a sword. He performs no spectacular feats. He is nothing unique and remarkable. He just throws a sword a dummy that he drew a face on. The sword's blade stuck in the dummy's drawn-on eye.

Kyle Curts' Score: 6

Jessica Andrea: Jess enters and curtsies infront of the Gamemakers some smile back, but most don't acknowledge her. Jess is bothered by this, but doesn't say anything. She has an avox lay out several bowls of food, some posioned and some not. Jessica smells every one of them and eats the ones without poison. Some Gamemakers clap and the ones who didn't pay attention join in. She curtsies, once more, and exits with a proud smile.

Jessica Andrea's Score: 6

Keane Chance: During his Private Training session Keane walks in with his head down and sits silently in a corner with himself facing the wall. He does nothing but exit when he is told to leave by the one Gamemaker watching.

Keane Chance's Score: 1

The Interview Host

The interview host for these Games will be Piper Bristol. Piper is a female who was extremely sad when the Games were cancelled in President Leise's time, but she eventually saw how cruel and barbaric the Games really were. That realization made her want to be the interview host when the Games started again with President Ivory. She felt that as interview host she could help encourage the tributes and keep them as hopeful and optimistic as possible.

She tries to be as fantastic as Caeser Flickerman and she exceeds beyond expectations. She is wonderful and can coax a conversation out of almost any tribute. She only makes jokes at her own expense and puts a positive spin on anything the tribute says. She always puts on her most stunning smile while she is on stage so the tributes feel more welcome. Piper always says the right thing at the right time. She is a perfect host.

Piper has long, wavy hair that is brown and has pink, purple, and blue highlights. She is actually pretty, in a way. Her eyes are a deep blue, and she has long eyelashes with tiny butterflies scattered over them. She wears purple eyeshadow and lipstick. Piper dresses in a long, white, sleeveless gown with a purple belt around her waist.


"Hello and welcome to the tribute interviews of the 226th Annual Hunger Games!" The croud roared in anticipation. "It is time to welcome our first tribute of the night, Brooke Xena from District 1!"

Brooke Xena-

Piper: Brooke, welcome! Have seat and let us begin!

Brooke: Hello, Piper. It is an honor to be here in the Capitol! Everyone has been so welcoming and they all have such a fabulous sense of fashion and design!

Piper: That's flattering Brooke! I'm sure it is a real confidence boost for our citizens to hear such praise from a member of a wealthy and luxurious district such as District 1!

(Piper winks at Brooke to show that the Capitol citizens need no more confidence. Brooke laughs loudly.)

Piper: Well, Brooke, tell us, what went through your mind the day of the Reaping?

Brooke: Oh, let's not make this about me.

(Brooke randomly jumps up and spins, showing of her gown. then, she sits again.)

Brooke: (continuing) Let's talk about you! You must be much more interesting than I! You live here alongside so many lovely people!

Piper: I do live in a kind environment where I have everything a person could ever want, but this interview is about you!

Brooke: Piper, the audience will learn much about me in the arena, but I don't want to accidentally reveal my strategy or hints that could help the other tributes in the arena!

Piper: So it sounds like you have somehting planned! A strategy?

Brooke: Yes, a strategy.

Piper: Oh, please tell us!

Brooke: Well, if you insist! I will make everyone fall in love with me so they will act as personal body guards!

Piper: What makes you think they would give their life you?

Brooke: Why, isn't it obvious? I am beautiful and flawless and perfect!

Piper: You certainly are gorgeous and you are stunning in that gown!

Brooke: Oh, believe me, I know!

('Time's Up' buzzer sounds)

Piper: Sorry, that means out time is up. Let's give one more round of applause to Brooke Xena!

(Croud cheers and Brooke twirls off stage.)

"Now it is time to say 'hello' to the District 1 male, Lion Scrapes!" The croud is still cheering from Brooke's performance.

Lion Scrapes-

Piper: Hello, Lion! How do you like your stay in the Capitol so far?

Lion: Piper, it is almost as lovely as you.

(Piper Blushes)

Piper: Aw, how sweet. I definately hope you do well in the Games. I want to see you as the victor! How do you think you will do?

Lion: Well, I'm furocious. I'm merciless, too, unless I meet someone as sweet as you, and I'm a natural born killer. I believe I will exceed everyone's expectations and thrive in the arena. I will come out a victor. I promise you that.

Piper: You seem very bold, defiant, likeable, and, of course, strong: all the qualities of a victor.

Lion: I'm glad you think so. I hope sponsors see me the same way.

Piper: I'm sure they will.

Lion: I don't know if they will sponsor me out of all of the tributes. There is some tributes here today with definant potential. I'm not the only one capable of winning.

Piper: No, you are not the only one capable of winning.

Lion: Mmm-hmm...

Piper: (Continuing) But they don't have a bigger chance than you. I mean, look at that training score: a 10!

Lion: Yes, I did very well in training. Every tribute has the potential of winning, but I am the best. Sponsors might not see this yet (interupted by Piper).

Piper: (Interupting Lion) I am sure they do.

Lion: But if they don't. I will certainly change their mind.

('Time's Up' buzzer sounds)

Piper: Lion, I really wish you could say, but I can't stretch the time. Only the Head Gamemaker and President Ivory herself can extend your interview time.

Lion: That's quite alright, Piper. You will interview me again after the Games as a victor!

Piper: I truly hope! Good luck, Lion!

"Lion was brilliant, but now we can welcome, Thalia Combe!"

Thalia Combe-

Piper: Thalia! What a parade last night! I must know all about that!! It was magnificent!

Thalia: Oh, thanks you, Piper! I'm glad you loved it! Hopefully everyone else did, too!

(Croud roars their approval)

Piper: They must have! Anyway, I want to ask about your routine with the rose and the hands and, really, your entire performance! Was it planned, er, scripted? Or was it just something natural?

Thalia: Actually, it was something Axel wanted to do! He must have made it up during the parade because he never mentioned it before! When he first gave me the rose, I was a bit dumbfounded, but I just played along.

(She laughs sweetly)

Piper: This is a surprising answer because Axel doesn't seem like the kind to be serious!

Thalia: He normally isn't. I'm not sure what came over him that evening. I guess you'll have to ask him yourself!

Piper: That I will! I shall get the chance when your interview is over. Now, I believe we should direct the attention back to you. Remember, this interview is yours!

Thalia: That sounds like it's a dream.

Piper: What does?

Thalia: When you said 'Remember, this interview is yours!' That is what mother used to say to me (She pauses and draws a breath) When I was little, I would wake up with terrifying dreams about the Games. I was terrified of hearing my name called at the Reaping. Nothing could calm me except hearing Mother's voice reassure me, 'It is just a dream. Remember, the dream is yours. You can make it anything you want. Those were the words she would recite to me every night. I can still hear them. Um, well, one day she just, uh, disappeared. No one could find her. I missed her awfully, and I knew that I would never hear her voice again. After that, I fet the urge to be a tribute. No, that's not what I wanted. (She corrects herself) I felt the urge to a victor. That's why I waited until I finished my training until I volunteered. In the arena, I know it will be just like those dreams I used to have: with courage and reassurance, I can make it anything I want. Mother's voice will be stronger than ever.

('Time's Up' Buzzer sounds and Thalia stands without saying good-bye to Piper and leaves.)

"Poor Thalia. She had a dramatic experience that hurt her. Now, it is our turn to help her get the courage and reassurance she needs to be a victor!" (Croud chants 'Thalia, Thalia, Thalia') "Well, Thalia is backstage, now, so we can all say 'hello' to Axel Armstrong!"

Axel Armstrong-

Piper: Hi, Axel!

Axel: 'Sup, Pipes?

'Piper: (Hesitating due to Axel's remark) Uh, um, uh, sup to you?

Axel: (Laughing at how foolish and clueless Piper sounds)

Piper: (Awkwardly smoothing miniscule wrinkles in her skirt).

Axel: (Laughs harder)

Piper: (Embarassed) Well, we-

Axel: (Interupts Piper wit louder laughter)

Piper: (Offended by Axel's laughter) Leave now! (Points to the exit)

Axel: (Stands and leaves still laughing hysterically)

"Well, he was very rude and undeserving of being even close to a victor! Hopefully the next tribute will be more considering and polite! Let's welcome Dimitria Pod!"

Dimitria Pod-

Piper: Welcome, Dimitria!

Dimitria: (Shyly) Uh, hi.

Piper: Oh, sweetie, don't be shy! Everyone here will be supportive and friendly! (To the audience-) Right?

(Audience cheers loudly in agreement)

Dimitria: (A bit louder) Alright then. I trust these people. (Her fingers slide to the locket she is wearing).

Piper: What's that?

Dimitria: What?

Piper: The necklace. I noticed you wearing it on Reaping Day, too. Does it have a special meaning?

Dimitria: Yes, it has a picture of my brother in it. He is my heart. I would do anything for him and whenever it is time for the Reaping I put it on. It reminds me that I have to be strong for him. I am very ashamed of my performance at the Reaping. I acted like a fool.

Piper: Darling, you were frightened. It's okay to be frightened.

Dimitria: (Suddenly she is angry with eyes flashing in fury) How do you think my brother saw me? How do you think the rest of Panem saw me?

Piper: (In a desperate tone) Like an innocent little girl who is frightened to fight with older children!

Dimitria: And you think I'll get sponsors like of that?

Piper: (stammering) I-I-I-

Dimitria: Exactly. (Her voice calms to a tone filled with despare and sorrow) Piper, you don't understand. I need to get back to my brother and (her voice falters) Ky-

(She is interupted by the 'Time's Up' buzzer)

(Dimitria stands and exits without finishing her sentence.)

"I had no idea of how dramatic the tribute experience is for these children!" Piper looks as if she is sad and wipes a tear from her eye. "On a brighter note," Her tone brightens again, "It is time to speak to Rickey Dean!"

Rickey Dean-

Piper: Hi, Rickey! It's an honor to be able to interview you tonight!

Rickey: Well, it should be. I am, in fact, the most fascinating being in creation!

Piper: Oh, you seem rather confident.

Rickey: Some people say I am overly confident, but I say it is good thing to believe in yourself.

Piper: So you aren't worried that you appear, shall I say, stuck-up? A snob?

Rickey: Are you accusing me of being stuck-up? (He says the words 'stuck up' in a manner that suggests he is tasting the sound of them.)

Piper: No, you seem very darling.

Rickey: Oh, I know that I do.

Piper: Well, uh, why don't we discuss the mechanics of your parade presentation?

Rickey: Why don't we discuss me?

Piper: Oh, alright then...

Rickey: Well, I live in District 3 and I am the most fascinating being in creation, I do beleive.

Piper: Okay, tell us more. (She says in a way that depicts she is clearly uninterested and discusted)

Rickey: You are getting very nosy aren't you?

Piper: I just assumed you enjoy speaking about yourself.

Rickey: Well, you assumed correctly. As I said before, I am the most fascinating being in creation. (Piper rolls her eyes.)

('Time's Up' buzzer sounds, but Rickey doesn't move)

Piper: Uh, Rickey...

Rickey: Yes?

Piper: That buzzer means that your interview is over.

Rickey: I thought you would like to interview me further! Remember, I am the most- (Interupted by Piper)

Piper: (Interupting) Yes, yes, we know (mimicking Rickey's tone as she says,) you are the most fascinating being in creation.

Rickey: Why must you be so rude and mocking? You behave like a self-absorbed (Draws a breath to continue but is stopped by guards.)

(Security guards pull him off stage)

"That was Rickey Dean everyone. He was self-absorbed and obnoxious. He is exactly what you should be frightened your children will turn into!" The audience laughs. "Next, let's meet Perdere Casey!"

Perdere Casey-

Piper: Hello, Perdere!

Perdere: Piper, hi! Allow me to begin by saying that I adore your dress!

Piper: Oh, Perdere, you have clearly outdone me today! Just look at that number you are wearing it is stunning and perfectly crafted with the latest technology in design! It is a piece of art. Mine is outdated and too simple, but I wear it anyway so the attention is fully directed to the tributes and their stylists' genious!

Perdere: That is such a sweet thing to say! You certainly are a flawless host!

Piper: If I was flawless, I would not get so worked up about impolite tributes!

Perdere: Piper, with the rude people you have interviewed today anyone would be furious, probably more so than you.

Piper: What flattery. You are a genuinly sweet girl, Perdere. I appreciate people like you.

Perdere: Are you saying that because it is your job to encourage the tributes?

Piper: Heavens no! If it was my job to encourage the tributes I would be fired because of how upset and insulting I get to some! My job is to talk and direct interesting interviews! The Gamemakers don't care how I act as long as the audience is entertained.

(Perdere and Piper both laugh like good friends)

Perdere: Oh, so you must actually be a wonderful person.

Piper: Why, thank you so much, Perdere!

Perdere: You're so welcome, because you deserve it after the people you are forced to put up with!

Piper: (She grins) Oh, Perdere I wish could continue that talk forever, but we must get into other topics.

Perdere: That is perfectly fine.

('Time's Up' Buzzer sounds)

Piper: I guess we are too late! Anyway, good luck Perdere! I wish you the best!

Perdere: (Waves to Piper and the audience)

"Perdere was fabulous and such a magnificent girl! But now, I am happy to present, District 4's own, Thomas Quince!'"

Thomas Quince-

Thomas: Hi, Piper! It is an honor to be interviewed by such a wonderful woman. (He bends to kiss Piper's hand.)

Piper: Thank you Thomas! But, I have had enough compliments for me today. I feel as if the attention is focused mainly on me! We are all here for you.

Thomas: I could talk about you all day, Piper.

Piper: Oh, Thomas. There is no need to fake sincere compliments to me. I'm not allowed to sponsor!

(Piper and Thomas laugh)

Thomas: Well, I guess I'm going to compliment the audience! (He jumps off of the stage and stands at the end of the front row of the audience. He compliments each person in that row; then takes his place on the stage again.)

('Time's Up' Buzzer sounds)

Piper: Oh, no! Our time is up and we haven't discussed you yet!

Thomas: That is perfectly fine. I have no complaints about this interview. The people in the Capitol are more deserving of my compliments than I am of yours.

(Then, he exits.)

"Thomas was such a gentleman and our next tribute should be just as sweet! Let's give a warm welcome to Cassidy O'Hara!"

Cassidy O'Hara-

Piper: Cassidy, welcome!

Cassidy: (Hangs head to appear shy and she whispers,) Um, hello.

Piper: What's wrong, Darling?

Cassidy: (Shakes her head and starts crying)

Piper: Sweetheart, come here!

Cassidy: (Drags her feet to stand infront of Piper)

Piper: (Rubs Cassidy's back and whispers calming words to her that nobody else can hear.)

Cassidy: (Rubs eyes and wimpers like she is trying to stop crying)

Piper: Alright, I'm not going to force you to do the interview. You can go backstage and skip your turn if you would like.

Cassidy: (Starts fake crying again and runs offstage)

"That poor girl! She is very homesick at the moment so I am sorry to say that we will be skipping, Cassidy's turn." The croud gives cries of 'aww' and 'poor Cassidy!' and things of that sort. "I guess we can, now, speak to Chase Electro!"

Chase Electro-

Piper: Chase, welcome! Would you mind us starting by describing your thoughts the day of the Reaping?

Chase: Sure, uh, well, I was definately terrified when, I heard m name called, but I believed, and still do, in my abilitites. I think that I have a fair chance of winning. As good as anyone else, anyway.

Piper: It's fantastic that you are confident in what you can do, but be careful not to underestimate your opponents.

Chase: I would never. I know that they could all kill me easily if I let my guard down. I don't think of one tribute as incapable of killing their way to the top.

Piper: I wouldn't give them so much credit, because overestimating can be just as deadly as underestimating. You must find balance.

Chase: How would I know the balance?

Piper: (Pushing her headset against her ear so she can hear something being said from it)

Chase: Is everything alright?

Piper: (Now taking her hand from the earpiece and talking to Chase) I'm sorry, but apparentally our descussion is to similar to me giving you arena advice and that's you mentor's job.

Chase: Okay, then what should we talk about?

Piper: How about your District partner, Cassidy?

Chase: What about her?

Piper: I don't know. Maybe, uh, your relationship? Her personality? Anything.

Chase: Well, Cassidy is very sweet and she sensitive. Cassidy honestly tries hard but her skills are still developing.

Piper: Are you saying she is weak and untalented?

Chase: No, not at all! Cassidy, I guess, just never embraced the possibility of her being in the Games. She never watched her physical condition until now. And she is, actually, doing incredibly well for someone who has never even thought about being in the Games.

Piper: So, she told you about never considering being a tribute.

Chase: Well no, but (He is interupted by 'Time's Up' Buzzer)

Piper: Sorry, Chase. Our time is up and it's time for the next interview.

(Chase waves 'good-bye' and walk offstage)

"Chase gave us the inside scoop on him and his partner, but now we can learn from District 6's female tribute, Redinda Jameson!"

Redinda Jameson-

Piper: Redinda, how are you!

Redinda: I prefer to be called Red.

Piper: Oh, I'm sorry!

Redinda: Whatever...

Piper: Okay, well, let's begin.

Redinda: Okay.

Piper: So, Red, what was your life like in your district?

Redinda: Well, I worked in the mechanics' shop and it soon became my most favorite place in the world.

Piper: What about did you like?

Redinda: I don't know. The people. The smell. The sounds. Working. I always try to keep my hands busy doing something. I'm always into some kinda project. (Laughs quietly like she remembers a funny story)

Piper: That's so neat! Tell us more!

Redinda: Oh, well, there was one time in the shop when Ms. Chilson, she's my boss, gave me the assignment to fix Mr. Oliver's cart and I got the wrench stuck on a bolt that was too big for it. Well, I kept pullin' it real hard and I had no idea that my co-worker, Park, was right behind me. So, when I finally pulled the wrench free it hit Park right in the nose. His reaction was really funny, because he didn't seem hurt. He just had some funny comment; I can't remember what it was.

Piper: Uh-hu (She said that in a tone that suggests the story isn't funny)

Redinda: (Noticing Piper's tone) I guess you had to be there for it to be funny.

('Time's Up Buzzer Sounds and Redinda leaves)

"Red was charming and she is definately a likeable girl, but I can't wait to meet Brann Clatch!"

Brann Clatch-

Piper: Hi, Brann! Why don't we start by discussing what you think of the Capitol?

Brann: Alright. What about the Capitol?

Piper: How do you like it? What's your favorite thing about it so far?

Brann: Definately the food.

(He laughs heartily)

Piper: The food? Give us an example.

Brann: Okay, well I love that frothy rasberry soup.

Piper: The one with the mint leaves, too?

Brann: Yes, yes.

Piper: Oh, I love it! Sometimes i don't even use a spoon; I just slurp it down! That drives my fiance' insane!

(They both laugh loudly)

Brann: I also like the turkey with the pumpkin sauce.

Piper: Oh, that one isn't my favorite. I wish they would do it in the blackberry glaze.

Brann: That sounds good.

Piper: It definately is, but I can't find it in any resteraunts or stores. My fiance' buys the glaze and does it himself.

Brann: Wow, that is marvelous. I bet they will serve it here now, just because you said that.

Piper: I certainly hope so.

('Time's Up Buzzer sounds)

Piper: Good-bye, Brann! Good luck!

'Wasn't Brann just lovely? Well, now, it is time to give a warm welcome to Katriona Greystone!"

Katriona Greystone-

Piper: Hi, Katriona! How are you? Is the Capitol treating you well?

Katriona: (Whispering) Whatever...

Piper: What did you say, Dear?

Katriona: (She is now louder and she snaps at Piper,) I said, 'whatever'!

Piper: I'm sorry. I don't have the best hearing. I keep meaning to get that fixed.

Katriona: Did I ask for your life story?

Piper: No, uh, I-I-I just, uh...

Katriona: That's what I thought thought. (Katriona gets up and leaves.)

"Hopefully our next tribute will have better manners and knows how to carry himself politely. Please welcome, Jeff Hutchson!"

Jeff Hutchson-

Piper: Hello, Jeff!

Jeff: (Sweetly) Hi.

Piper: You seem nervous.

Jeff: Not really. Just a bit.

Piper: Well, everyone here will be very supportive. We are all very friendly and accepting.

Jeff: I'm sure you are!

Piper: Great. Anyway, let's discuss your preperation for the Games!

Jeff: Alright. Well, I worked really hard in training. I didn't try to hide my skills like most tributes do. I mean, why should I? I'm not afraid of the other tributes. We're all equals. No one is better than the other so there will be no difference if they know my skills or not. Plus, since I showed off in training, sponsors know what I can do.

Piper: Wow, you have an amazing inside look on things!

Jeff: Thanks!

Piper: Is there anything you , personally, want to discuss?

Jeff: Well, there, actually, is! I wanted to talk about the other tributes.

Piper: Okay,

Jeff: So, what do you think of them?

Piper: Every one of them has much potential and very different personalities.

Jeff: Who, in your opinion, would be the best contender in the Games?

Piper: I'm not sure. They've all got an equal chance, like you said before.

('Time's Up' buzzer sounds)

"Jeff seems very clever and sneaky. He looked like he was analyzing each word I said! He will be a tricky tribute this year!" The croud agrees. "Anyway, I would like to welcome Aideen Cormick!"

Aideen Cormick-

Piper: Hello, Aideen!

Aideen: Hi, Piper! I have a question for you.

Piper: Yes?

Aideen: What do you give your wife when she asks for a present that goes from 0 to 200 in 6 seconds?

Piper: A car?

Aideen: A scale!

(Audience laughs)

Piper: That's funny, Aideen.

Aideen: Oh, i have more. Did you know that my blonde neighbor spent twenty minutes staring at an orange juice carton because it said concentrate?'

(Audience laughs loudly again)

Piper: Let us hear more!

Aideen: I got a call from my boyfriend once. He was calling to ask for my phone number!

(Audiance is rolling with laughter)

Aideen: My best friend slept with a ruler, once. She said she trying to find out how long she slept!

Piper: (Laughing with the audiance)

Aideen: Oh, I know a girl who is so dumb that when I asked her what the capital of Panem was, she said P!

(everyone is laughing hysterically when the 'Time's Up' buzzer sounds)

(Aideen walks off stage laughing)

"My word, Aideen certainly was entertaining!" The audiance agrees. "Well, now it is time for us to talk with Logan Waterson!"

Logan Waterson-

Piper: Hiya!

Logan: Hey...

Piper: How do you think you will do in the Games? Based on your training score you will thrive! What are your thoughts?

Logan: I, uh, I did pretty well in training, but I don't know if anyone can actually thrive in the arena. I mean, you are always faced with the threat of a painful death and there is always some kind of trap meant to push you closer to death. Would you be able to thrive in the arena?

Piper: No, of course I couldn't! I wouldn't thrive in District 1! I am so used to the luxuries of the Capitol that nothing could compare.

Logan: Yea. You have a good point. Anyway, I think I will do better in the arena than most. I should make it very far in the Games. I could easily become a victor.

Piper: It's good that you think proudly of yourself.

Logan: But one can be too proud.

Piper: Yes, true.

Logan: Like that Rickey Dean kid... from what District?

Piper: 3?

Logan: Yes. That's it.

('Time's Up' buzzer sounds)

Logan: Good-bye Piper!

Piper: Good- bye! Good luck in the arena!

"I loved talking to Logan, but now we can have a fantastic time with Lia Mainwaring!"

Somebody yells from offstage "Lia refuses to do the interview she isn't feeling well!"

"Oh, that's a shame. I guess we will talk to Kevin Quince!"

The same person yells from backstage, "He's ill, too!"

"What about Brie Pelt?"

"Brie is ready!" Calls the person from backstage.

"Okay, we will now speak with Brie Pelt!"

Brie Pelt-

Piper: Hi, Brie! I'm glad you are feeling well!

Brie: Oh, yes! Even if I wasn't, I wouldn't skip this interview! I wouldn't let down the lovely members of our audiance tonight!

Piper: That's sweet Brie!

Brie: So are our Capitol friends!

(Suddenly, Brie jumps out of her seat and runs backstage. She gets back there and vomits repeatedly. She tries several times to retake the stage, but can't stand for more than one minute)

"I am so sorry about all of our sick contestants tonight! What bad timing! Anyway, Brie should get points for her strength and consistance! She tried to get back out to us, but the poor darling was miserabley ill. Brie appears too be persistant and sweet: the perfect qualities of a tribute with many sponsors! I think you all should help out the darling, because she could very well be our victor! Just look at her determination!" The croud cheers for Brie and Brie's pale face is shown on a screen. She is smiling, but her skin has a green tint and she bends back down to vomit again. "I guess, we can now interview the District 10 male, Mark Bull!"

Mark Bull-

Piper: Mark, what do you make of all of the ill tributes tonight?

Mark: I think someone must have posinoned them so they have a better chance in the arena!

(Him and Piper laugh)

Piper: Oh, Mark, please tell me what your actual theory is.

Mark: Okay, well it must just be a virus. i hope they are well before the actual Games begin.

Piper: Oh my, I just remembered! There has been a single day stomach illness being spread through the Capitol at the moment. That must be it!

Mark: Yes, it must. I'm just glad that they should be better by the Games' beginning.

Piper: Definately. Mark, when you get backstage would you mind wising them all luck for me?

Mark: I certainly will, Piper. I'd bet they will all appreciate it greatly.

Piper: My, I hope so.

Mark: I bet your words will help them get better soon. Encouragement and care can be more affective than any medicene.

Piper: That is so true.

Mark: Yes.

('Time's Up' buzzer sounds)

"Mark seems genuinely caring and concerned about others' well-being. He is a very sweet kid. I wish him and all of the sickened tributes luck. I hope he will deliver my message to them!" Croud cheers for Mark. "Now, let's all say 'hello' to Jone Depaul!"

Jone Depaul-

Piper: Jone, welcome! I hope you are well.

Jone: Piper, I know you don't really care. You don't have to flatter me.

Piper: But I do care!

Jone: (Mimicking Piper in a mocking tone) But I do care!

Piper: I do! The tributes are put in a tough position and I took this job so I could encourage them and help them adjust to this major change!

Jone: You mean their death?

Piper: No! I mean their transition from their district's to the Capitol!

Jone: Sure you do...

Piper: I want you off stage, now! I have never had to skip so many interviews, because of rude children! This group is positively dreadful! If this just their angles that they are trying to play or are they really awful?

Jone (Leaves the stage)

"I would love to speak to Pamline Falcone. I expect him to be more polite."

Pamline Falcone-

Piper: Hi, Pamline! I hope you are more polite than Jone. I am dreadfully disappointed in her additude. You'd think she'd want to appear likeable to get sponsors!

Pamline: (Sits silently)

Piper: Can you speak, Dear?

Pamline: (Makes eye contact with Piper, but still doesn't speak.)

Piper: (Yelling to someone backstage) Is he mute?

The Person Backstage: We don't think so! There is no record of it, but he hasn't spoken a full word yet.

Piper: (Talking to Pamline again) Pamline, honey, will you please speak to us. We crave to hear your voice.

Pamline: (Shakes head and shifts his gaze to the floor and his expressions deepens)

Piper: What are you thinking?

Pamline: (Whispering very quietly) Jone.

Piper: Excuse me? What was that?

Pamline: (Still extremely quiet) Jone.

Piper: (Just catching his word) What about her?

Pamline: (Stretches his hand out and closes Piper's eyes gently and makes and 'X' over her heart with his fingers.)

Piper: (She realizes that Pamline means Jone's death, but nobody else understands) Oh, I'm so sorry Pamline. I wish I could do something.

Pamline: (Rests head in hands and sits unmoving until buzzer sounds when he gets up and leaves)

"Ladies and gentlemen, Pamline is very nervous and is afraid to speak. He is frightened about this major transition and will need much support in the arena. Please, help him!" Croud cries out "I will!" and "Poor Pamline!" "I know, I know... but let's, now, interview Natasha Grey!"

Natasha Grey-

Piper:​Welcome, Natasha!

Natasha: Hello. It's an honor to be in the presence of you!

Piper: Thank you, Natasha. I am excited to be speaking to one of Panem's possible celebrities!

Natasha: Celebrity?

Piper: Yes, you could be a victor and, therefor, a celebrity!

Natasha: Oh, of course... yes.

Piper: You don't seem so happy.

Natasha: It's just that I'm not sure if I want to win. I don't want to live only because so many other children died.

Piper: I understand, but it really seems like an honor. Being a victor means you are the most intelligent, fittest, and strongest mentally and physically.

Natasha: Yes, I can understand that theory, too, but that is only a point of view in the Career districts and the Capitol.

Piper: Career districts?

Natasha: Yes, Districts 1, 2, and 4 are the main ones.

Piper: Why are they called Career Districts? I'm not quite following.

Natasha: Career Districts are the wealthiest districts that most of the Careers are from.

Piper: I'm sorry, but what are Careers?

('Time's Up Buzzer sounds)

Natasha: Sorry, you should ask the next tribute. Everyone in the districts is familiar with the term Careers.

"Natasha seems very intelligent. I am, actually, very curious about these 'Careers'! Are you?" Croud agrees. "Well, then, we should ask the next tribute, Kyle Curts!"

Kyle Curts-

Piper: Hi, Kyle! Natasha was telling us about the 'Careers', but we still don't comprehend. Would you mind explaining to us all?

Kyle: It you would like to know, a 'Career' is a shortened term for 'Career Tribute.' They tend to be the strongest, most agile players in Games, having been prepared and trained since birth. Even though training tributes before the Games begin is technically illegal, the Career districts do this anyway and get away with it. The willingness to kill their opponents before the Games even start, cultivated from years of preparation and the support of their families and fellow district citizens, also gives Careers a tremendous mental and psychological advantage over other tributes.

Piper: Oh, none of us here have been aware of this.

Kyler: I'm sure you weren't. Just don't worry about it. They normally aren't the victors anyway. They are overly confident and stupid. They are never prepared for disasters and get too comfortable around their allies, the other Careers.

('Time's Up' buzzer sounds)

"Well, you learn something new everyday! Now, we can learn from Jessica Andrea!"

Jessica Andrea-

Jessica: Hi! Your queen has arrived.

Piper: Hello, Jessica.

Jessica: I would prefer to be adressed as Ms. Jessica.

Piper: Don't become arrogant. I have had plenty of people like that tonight.

Jessica: Oh, don't worry Piper. I am flawless and would never become arrogant even thought here is nothing wrong with being confident.

Piper: Darling, I think are adorable, but don't be obnoxious.

Jessica: Piper! How can you have this job when all you do is insult the tributes?

Piper: I don't insult tributes unless they behave rudely like you. I am keeping calm while you are sitting across from me screaming and calling yourself perfect.

Jessica: (Stands up to leave)

Piper: Jessica, sit-

(Jessica holds up her hand to stop Piper from talking)

"I am very disappointed in this group of tributes. Most are obnoxious and rudely behaved. I hope to be impressed by Keane Chance, a volunteer from District 13!"

Keane Chance-

(Throughout his entire interview, Keane plays with a rubber band and doesn't even acknowledge Piper who continuously tries to start a conversation until the buzzer sounds.)

Head Gamemaker

The Head Gamemaker for these Games is a 23-year-old, Jennifer Ellie. She is easily offended, and when she is angry she can be murderous. She is very harsh and demanding, and if you catch her in a good mood, you've obviously been extremely nice to her or you know her very well. Also, she will do anything to make the Games as bloody as possible. She adores mutts and will contribute as many deadly additions to the Games as possible. And because of her love of a tribute's bloody death, she will make the arena extra harsh, dangerous, and, of course, deadly

The Games Announcer

Alexander Barry is the Announcer for the 226th annual Hunger Games! His phrase that announces the beginning of the Games is, "Tributes, welcome to the 226th Annual Hunger Games! Remember, only one tribute may be crowned victor! So, best of luck, and let the Games begin!"


The tributes will begin scattered throughout the arena to avoid the initial bloodbath. Last Games, the tributes died out too fast and the Games were receiving poor ratings. Without the Bloodbath, the Games will be longer. The arena is placed on a a giant plateau. The overall shape is a square and it is surrounded by cliffs. In the desert area there is a giant rock that has multiple entances/exits and would be a perfect hideout if it wasn't so easy to spot. Near the rock cave is a pond that look luxurious and fresh, but it disappears when a tribute nears it. When, the tribute steps away it reappaers and then disappears when they get close again. At the other end of the desert is a giant, fresh body of water that has a current pushing the water to a waterfall over the edge of the cliff. Most of the arena is a desert. There is an area, though, that is forest. The tips of the trees can't be seen from the desert, because there is a steep drop before them so they are in form of a basin. The forest's overall shape is sort of like a horn that juts into to scorching desert. At the far left corner of the forest is a giant circle-shaped body of salt water. In the center of the water circle is a tiny circle of land. Upon that land is a cornucopia that is seperated into two catagories: weapons and supplies. The mouth of the cornucopia is covered by two doors. In one of the doors is weapons, in the other is supplies. Beyond the forest and the cornucopia's island is another stretch of desert. Past that is, once again, a steep drop that conceals the tree-tops of a forest. In that forest is a small, fresh-water stream with both ends of it dropping over the edges of cliffs, forming a waterfall. There is no designated areas for certain mutts. The mutts roam freely into any area they want.


Capitol Name: Zagle

Appearance: Half horse and half lizard with eagle wings.

Attacks: Trampling victim. Clawing victim until their death. Venomous bite.

Abilities: It is very fast; it can fly; it is amazing at camouflage; It has incredible climbing skills.

Other: Lives in dens dug under uplifting tree roots.

Capitol Name: Krister

Appearance: It looks like an ordinary rabbit but it has longer ears and much longer teeth. It will change from white to black before it attacks.

Attacks: It bites its victims and inserts venom that stops their victim's heart.

Abilities: It is very fast and kills its prey with its venomous bite. It appears to be a normal rabbit until it turns to the color black before it attacks.

Capitol Name: Ranger

Appearance: It appears to be a human crossed with a hyena. It is normally a male. Will have on clothes: a Peacekeeper uniform without the helmet so you can see its vicious hyena face. Stands on hind legs.

Attacks: Claw, kick, tackle, and choke

Abilities: Very good climber. Fast. Can slide into small spaces.

Other: Lives in caves.


Alliance 2: Thalia Combe, Axel Armstrong and Aideen Cormick and Keane Chance.

Alliance 3: Mark Bull

Alliance 4: Thomas Quince, Kevin Quince, and Perdere Casey

Alliance 5: Brann Clatch, Redinda Jameson, and Lia Mainwaring

Alliance 7: Jeff Hutchson, Jessica Andrea, Logan Waterson

Alliance 8: Brie Pelt

Tributes Who Are Alone: Cassidy O'Hara, Chase Electro, Pamline Falcone, Dimitria Pod, Natasha Grey, Katriona Greystone, Jone Depaul, Kyle Curts, Lion Scrapes, and Rickey Dean.


"Tributes, welcome to the 226th Annual Hunger Games! Remember, only one tribute may be crowned victor! So, best of luck, and let the Games begin!"

Day 1

Brooke Xena: All other tributes are out of sight except Lion. He stands several yards to my left. He is bent over in a position that suggests he is ready to spring off of his stand. I don't seee the point in this becuase there is nothing to run from or to; unless he is frightened of me, that is. The countdown is still going on with the numbers decreasing. 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11. I sigh at the wait. It seems so unnecessary. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. GONG! Lion grabs my hand and we run. We don't know what to, but we run. We don't stop until we meet Rickey. He is panting and pouring sweat. I am disgusted with his poor posture and heavy breathing. He looks like an animal! I roll my eyes... boys. Well, we disguss what we want to do. "I say we look for other tributes. Let's lower the numbers now. That idiot from 5 seems like an easy kill." Then, as if on que, Cassidy skips out of a gian cave and waves at them with a clueless grin on her face. Lion raises his brow and the Careers charge at Cassidy. She squeels and turns to run, but is stopped when I jump ontop of her. I grabs her by the neck and slam her head repeatedly against a rock. Cassidy goes limp. BOOM! Then, we hear another cannon. BOOM! It was faint so it must have been far away. We run towards the sound and run right into Brie. "Who was it?" she asks us. "Brooke killed the girl from 5." replied Rickey. "Oh, I got the girl form 13." said Brie. Lion grins. That's two down. With the Careers united, they walk on. They come to a lake that falls over over the edge of a cliff. I jump right in and starts scrubbing the filth from under my nails.

Lion Scrapes: I can only see Brooke. The tributes have been spread throughout the arena with only the two tributes who originated in the same district are in sight of one another. I am ready for the gong to sound. I have a nagging feeling that something is going to happen at the end of the countdown. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. GONG! I grab Brooke by the arm and start running. I'm trying to get away from our stands. I don't know why, but I feel like we need to be far from there. Soon, we bump into Rickey. He seems to have been running his hardest the whole time. Did he have the same feeling as me? Rickey suggests that we hunt down the female from 5 and kill her. She looks like an easy target. Just then, the girl skips out of a cave and waves at us. I lift my brow and we charge at her. Brooke knocks her the ground and dents her skull against a rock. BOOM! Suddenly, we hear another cannon in the distance. We run and after a while, bump into Brie. "Who was it?" she asks. Rickey tells her about the girl from 5 and Brie claims the death of the girl from 13. I feel the corners of my lips twist themselves into a partial smile. Two tributes dead. Now, our allaince is joined and we walk to find water. We soon come to a lake with a current pushing it over the cliff's edge, forming a waterfall. Brooke doens't hesitate to dive in and scrub her nails clean.

Thalia Combe: I stand waiting through the countdown. The numbers are low: 3, 2, 1! GONG! I turn towards Axel. He takes my hand and pulls me behind him. He is faster than me so he liffts me up and he runs with me in his arms. I kepp screaming for him to put me down becuase I am in a very uncomfortable position, but e ignores me. I see a serious expression on his face and never thought her could go so long without some kind of joke or smile. We pass a lake which I think should be a place for us stay, but Axel keeps running. That's when it hits me. i know why he is so serious. He wants to get to Aideen. Axel runs with me thrown over his should for such a long time. His facial expression is rock and suddenly softens. "Aideen!" he shouts. He sits me down and runs very fastly. He picks up Aideen and spins her. "Are you alright? I heard two cannons!" Aideen doesn't speak and lets Axel hold her tight. That's when we decide that we can't stay in the same place for a while. I lost track of direction and have no idea where the lake is. So, we just rotate between jogging and walking until we come to a cliff. We deicide to climb down with Axel first incase there is a forcefield at the bottom. Axel refused to chance Aideen or me getting hurt. We decend very carefully and finally reach the bottom. We are now surrounded by trees and a clearing is just visable in the distance. We run the rest of the way and make camp in that clearing beside a tiny pond.

Axel Armstrong: I am standing on my platform beside Thalia. I keep looking at her. I am terrified that something will happen to her or Aideen. I don't know why, but I love both of those girls like family. I want to protect them. That is why when the gong rings, I grab Thalia and toss her over my shoulder. I run for the longest time, fueled by the need to get to Aideen. Then, I see her. I put down Thalia and run to get to Aideen. I scoop Aideen in my arms and spin her in circles. I am so thankful that she is still breathing and is unharmed. Thalia is at my side again. I grab both of their hands and we jog and walk until we find a place for camp. We meet a cliff's edge that we climb down into a forest where we make camp in a clearing beside a pond.

Dimitria Pod: The countdown finishes. GONG! I turn and run from Rickey. I know that he doesn't want to protect me. Nobody will get in his way to becoming a victor. He is ruthless and cruel. I turn and look over my shoulder and don't see Rickey. Apparently, he thought I wasn't much of a threat. His mistake. Anyway, I run and come face to face with Mark. We look at each other for a moment before joining hands and running. I am not paying much attention and don't see Chase Electro come up behind me. He has a sharpened rock closed in his fist and the tip is about to dig into my temple, when Mark throws him off of me. Mark attacks with fury making his eyes flash like flickering flames. Mark grabs Chase's throat and Chase freezes. Mark takes advantage of this chance and snatches the pointed rock from his hand and plunges it into Chase's temple. BOOM! Mark killed Chase the same way Chase was about to kill me. Mark wraps his arms around me and I have to asssure him that I'm alright. Then, we run faster than we were before Chase's attack. Mark holds out his arm to stop me. We both nearly stumble over the edge of a cliff. Below the the rock cliff is a forest. It is green and luxurious. We climb down quickly and run into the forest. We try to find water. We search until we are both tired and about to fall over in exhaustion. That's when we stop with dry mouths and burning throats. We will continue the search for water tomorrow. Despite my burning thirst, that isn't what is haunting my mind. I keep thinking about Brie with the Careers. Even though she betrayed us, I still feel friendly to her. I don't want her dead. She is my friend and I just don't trust the Careers with her life. I know that she isn't safe.

Rickey Dean: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! GONG! The Games have begun and I am prepared. I run and try to find the other Careers. It's not long before I see Brooke and Lion. I have the brilliant idea to target the clueless girl from 5. She seems easy enough to kill. Then, she, conveniantly, skips out from behind a rock. We charge at her and she turns to run, but id too late. Brooke is ontop of her and slams Cassidy's head against a rock. BOOM! One tribute dead. Suddenly, another cannon sounds, but it's far away. We run towards it, hoping for another tribute to take out. The more tributes we kill today, the less we have to worry about later. Well, when we get near the area the cannon sounded, we run into Brie, another one of us. I explain about the girl from 5 and she reveals that she caused the death of the girl from 13. I see Lion smile. We all assume that we are safe so we walk to a pond that we saw nearby. Brooke jumps in, fully clothed and scrubs the dirt from her nails. We make camp at that pond. We will look for supplies tomorrow. There has to be some. Right? Somewhere?

Perdere Casey: The numbers are getting lower and my heart beat is getting faster. I feel the pounding in my chest. I glance over at Thom for reassurance. He nods his head and gestures for me to calm down. I am taking deep breaths. GONG! My heart rises to my throat and I feel paralyzed. Thom grabs my wrist and pulls me behind him. We come face to face with the boy from 7. Thom shoves me behind him and locks his arms in a defensive possision. The boy's eyes widen and he slowly back up. Thom lunges forward to scare him off and the boy turns and runs. Thom pulls me closer and tightens his grip on my wrist. We run faster to get to somewhere safe and hidden. After hours of nonstop running, we reach a cliff with a lush, green forest at the bottom. "We have to get there. It's safer in there than here with no place to hide." I reluctantly agree and we decend down the rock face of the cliff. It doesn't take long for us to get to the bottom. Then, we decide that it's safe to slow our pace to a steady jog. We go deep into the forest and jog into nightfall. That's when we both drop in exhaustion. We have to force ourselves up a tree. We fall asleep, embraced in branches and sweet-smelling leaves.

Thomas Quince: 13, 12, 11, 10, 9. Perdere turns and looks at me. I see in her expression that she is frightened and panicking. I calm her and tell her to take deep breaths. She takes my advice. 4, 3, 2, 1! GONG! Perdere freezes. I start to run, but see her still frozen on her stand. I turn back and grab her wrist. I pull her behind me. We, soon, meet up with the boy from 7. I instinctively knock Perdere behind me. I cross my arms infront of me. The boy doesn't make a move. We stand before eachother, frozen. Both of us are too anxious to move. We both are worried about the other making a move. I come to the conclusion that we can't stay her longer or someone else might catch us. I jump forward like I'm about to attack. This sudden movement sends the District 7 boy flying in the other direction. I try to move faster to get to cover quicker. Me and Perdere run, without stop, for hours. We, finally, stop at the top of a cliff. We both see the life-filled forest at its foot. We decide to climb down, because we can hide in the protection of the trees and underbrush. The moment we touch the bottom we run on, but soon slow to a jog. We go deeper and deeper into the forest's heart until neither of us have the energy to move another step. We sit for a moment, but we both know that we'll be safer in a tree. We climb one and drift asleep in it's inticately woven branches.

Cassidy O'Hara: GONG! I stumble off of my stand. I look like a foolish child wandering around the desert. I find a cave nearby and lay down in it. I expected the temperature to be cooler in its shade, but the heat is sweltering in the cave's shade. I don't understand, but, then, I remember that this is the Hunger Games. The Gamemakers can do whatever they want. I know that they are trying to drive me out of this cave for some reason. I know that I should resist, but if I stay any longer in the cave, I will die anyway of the extreme heat. I get out of the cave and I am met by the Careers. They run at me and I react with little hesitation. Suddenly, the girl from 1 is ontop of me. I guess I hesitated a moment to long because she has time to throw me to ground and crush my skull against a rock. I close eyes and regret my stupid plan. I regret taking the plan to far. If I wasn't playing the foolish girl act, I would've ran in the opposite direction of the Careers. Why didn't I do that anyway? I may actually be just a clueless, idiotic child who never had any chance of winning the Games.

Chase Electro: 3, 2, 1. GONG! I run start to run off of my stand but trip as I step off. Cassidy stupidly wanders into the open desert so I know I don't have to worry about her killing me now. I regain my footing and then run into the desert. I never walk until I get to a small basin where I can sit. There are no tributes nearby and if they are far away, I will be concealed by the walls of the basin. I find a rock and scrape it against another until the tip is sharpened and can be used as a weapon. When I finish the rick knife, I run back into the open desert. Soon, I see two tributes running with their back turned to me. I sneak up behind the girl and wrap my arm around her throat. I am just about to kill her with my sharpened knife, when the male catches sight of me. He runs at me at his full speed. I brace for impact. His hit knocks the breath out of me and I fall over. His hands grab my neck with threatening force. I hesitate and the boy sees his chance. He takes the rock from me and kills me mercilessly. Well, I guess I was cruel, too, when I tried to kill his companion. What have the Games turned us all into? My eyes close and I draw my last breath.

Redinda Jameson: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. GONG! I immediately turn to Jeff and swing my arm at him. He dodges it and takes my momentary hesitation before I attack again to run away from me. He darts through the desert's boiling air at top speed. I don't waste the energy to chase him. I turn and jog in the opposite direction. As I travel, I gather items that most tributes would ignore, to make traps. I get three rocks that are shaped like Native American arrow heads. I use one of the sharp rocks to cut away an end of cactus limb. The inside of the limb is hollow so the limb's tip is shaped like a bowl. I cut away the spines so its smooth and sit the arrow heads in it. As I walk on, I see something shiny barely sticking out of the sand. I go over there and dig it out. It is a square of metal. I remove the rope that is tied around my waist (the rope is part of the tribute outfits) and slip it through a slit in the metal. Then. I loop it around and tie it to my belt loop. That's when I notice something under where the metal square used to be. I see a giant square of plastic. I use it to wrap the cactus limb bowl so the arrow heads don't fall out. Next, I tie that to my belt loop, too. I must be the one who noticed the supplies burried under the sand. I search under the sand for more items, but find none. So, I travel deeper into the desert. Soon, I come to a cliff. I consider climbing down it, but, instead, force myself to jump down it. I land at the bottom on my feet and run into the forest. I make camp in a cave that I camouflaged the mouth of.

Brann Clatch: GONG! I jump off of my platform and run faster and faster. My head is spinning and my heart is racing. My feet are moving faster than a speeding bullet. I come to a steep cliff that drops before me. I don't even slow down at the obstacle. I leap over it and land at the bottom with the instinct to keep running. I want to run and run and never ever stop. I feel invinsible while I'm running. No one will ever catch me. And if they can't catch me, they can't kill me. I am safe. For now. Suddenly, I reach a a circle of water with an island that bears the cornucopia in the middle. I freeze in my tracks... water. I can barely stay afloat. I am terrified of drowning. That's when I hear a stick crack behind me. The sharp cracking sound is enough to make me lunge into the water. The water is freezing and it chills my entire body. I bob all the way to the island with the cornucopia. I am the first to reach the cornucopia! I grin and jump up and down like an excited child. I skip over to the cornucopia and see two doors: one labeled supplies and the other weapons. I throw open the one that says weapons and throw thirteen knives in a pile beside me. I grab four swords and a holder for them. I throw the holder over my shoulder and put the four swords in an X formation over my back. Then, i notice it has twenty coveniant pockets that go across my chest in a sash. I put all of my knives in the pockets and then, decide to grab seven more. I have all twenty knife pockets filled and the four sword holders filled. Then. I grab one more of the holders for Red and a bow and a quiver for Lia. I hope they're okay. Anyway, I fill Red's holder with twenty knives and Lia's quiver with twenty five arrows. Then, I grab one spear for Red. I thought she might need it. Next, I throw open the supply door. I grab three large back packs and sit on the sand and empty them. Then, I take supplies that I want the most, even from other backpacks, and put them in my one bag. I get one large medikit filled with bandages, ointment, headache medicene, stomach medicene, burn cream, infection killer, and sleep syrup. I, also, get two full water bottles and put them in the two bottle holders in my bag. I get a thick, military grade rope that I tie to my belt loop. I get five metal bowls filled with soup. I get a sleeping bag. I get a pillow. Then, I start filling Red's backpack. In hers I put two full water botlles in both of her bottle holders. I put a large medikit with the same contents as mine. I put a sleeping bag. I put a folded tent. I put a pack of vegetables and two containers of soup. I put five apples and three pears. I get her a pillow, too. Now, I'm doing Lia's bag. I put a large medikit in hers. I put three bowls of soup. I put a bag of apples. I put a sleeping bag. I put a pillow. Then, at the last minute, I grab an inflatable raft and row over the water in it. Once I'm on the other side, I let it float away from me. Then, I head out to find Red and Lia. I come across Red soon and give her the supplies of hers. We make camp in a camoflauged cave.

Katriona Greystone: 10, 9, 8. I stand with my eyes squinted so I can see in the distance. There is no sign of any other tributes besides my District partner beside me. I don't want to waste energy on him so I stay focused on the countdown and finding water and weapons. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. GONG! I don't hesitate to jump of of my platform. When, I run into the desert, a cute, little rabbit blocks my path. I ignore it and and run on. Suddenly, another is in my way! This one turns black when I near and lunges onto me. I catch it in my hands and hurl it away from me. Then, I run faster than I have ever ran before. I run into dark and fall asleep beside a cactus.

Jeff Hutchson: GONG! I run as fast as I can away from my platform and keep glancing back to see if the other tribute is gone. When she is finally out of view I turn back and sleep with my head on my platform.

Aideen Cormick: 10, 9, 8. I need to get to Axel and Thalia. 7, 6, 5. I need to get to Axel and Thalia. 4, 3, 2, 1. GONG! I must get to Axel and Thalia. I run away from Logan and then wander aimlessly until I see Axel running towards me with Thalia behind him. I yelp out of surprise and then rocognize my saviers. "Axel!" She scoops me in a hug and spins me around. For the first time in a long time, I felt true joy. My spirits were high until he out me down and stone cold reality hit me hard, once again, and I stumbled backwards. "Did you find Keane?" I ask them. "I'm so sorry, Sweetie" says Thalia. My eyes grow big as I consider what could've happened to him. "No, we don't know he's dead. We just haven't found him." I exhale loudly with relief. Axel isists that we can't talk more here. We have to get to somewhere safer. We jog into the desert and come to a cliff. We climb down with Axel closest to the bottom and reach the bottom after a short while. Then, we make camp in a clearing beside a pond.

Logan Waterson: I run when the gong sounds. I run and run and run. I jump over a cliff and make camp in a tree near the cliff. I just hope no one finds me before I can find my allies.

Lia Mainwaring: I leap from my stand and walk to save my energy. Suddenly, a large beast falls from the sky and lands right infront of me. I don't even have time to scream before it's venomous bite stops my heart and I drop dead. Red or Brann must win.

Kevin Quince: I fumble around when the gong sounds. I always thought I'd be ready when the Games begun. I never thought that I'd feel so frightened and my head would be spinning. All I do is instinctively run when the gong sounds. I run and son't stop. My legs carry me far. I'm not watching my feet so I don't see the cliff that I'm about to run over the edge of. I'm running and suddenly the ground feels like it dropped from under me. I am falling and hit the ground on my back. I start to roll and hit every possible rock and log and stump as I go down. I get to the bottom and try to stand up immediately. This makes me wobble and I feel like I'm about to faint. My arms sting and the scratches burn. My head aches unbearabley and my legs are tired. I might die right now. I feel my dry mouth and wipe the sweat from my brow. Then, I fall to my hands and knees and realise that I'm half blind. Everything is spinning and the ground is moving in waves under my feet. I am about to vomit and I feel the acid coming up. I fight the nausea and crawl into a cave in the side of the cliff. I get in and immediately black out. My last thoughts before I fall asleep are, I'm not dead yet.

Brie Pelt: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,1. GONG! I jump off of my plate and catch the girl from 13's arm. I pull her close and twist her head around at an odd angle. BOOM! The girl drops to the ground, but she's still breathing. That must not have been her cannon. She is still resisting, but barely. She's weakened so I just slam her head against the ground one hard time and she goes limp. BOOM! That was her. I turn and run away from my murder scene. The entire way I run to the Careers I am thinking about Dimitria and Mark. Then, I bump into my allies and shake Dimitria and Mark from my head. If I want to win, I have to forget them. Rickey explains about the girl from 5 and I tell about my kill. Lion smiles and we make camp at a lake. Brooke doesn't even consider the traps in the water before she jumps in and scrubs the filth from her hands.

Mark Bull: The countdown finishes. GONG! I turn and run to find Dimitria. I run through the sweltering heat. I am sweating buckets and I'm becoming light headed from the heat. Soon, I see Dimitria. I run to her and she runs to me. We look at each other for a moment before joining hands. Then we run together. Me and Dimitria are both distracted and focused on moving forward. Neither of us noticed Chase Electro sneak up behind us. He grabs Dimitria from behind and is about to dig the tip of a pointed rock into her temple, when I throw him off of her. I am furious that ge would try to harm her. I become stronger than I have ever felt before. I feel powerful and dominate. I have to protect Dimitria. I grab Chase's throat and Chase freezes. I snatche the sharpened stone and use it to kill Chase. BOOM! I wraps my arms around Dimitria. My heart is pounding and my burst of unexplained energy had drained. Dimitria has to asssure him that I'm alright. Then, we run quickly. Suddenly, I stick out my arm to stop Dimitria. We both nearly stumble over the edge of a cliff. Below the the rock cliff is a lush forest. I see plants that I can't identify. I search the corners of my mind and most of the plants are foreign to me. Anyway, we climb down quickly and run into the forest. We try to find water. We search until we are both too tired to go on. We stop and make camp. We are both thirsty and plan to search for water tomorrow.

Jone Depaul: GONG! I leap off of my platform. I want to look for Katriona, but I feel like I won't be of any use to either of us if I'm weak. I decide to look for water. I run so I can get the location of water and then search for Katriona. I run fast. I feel very carefree. I guess you could say that I feel safe, but it seems so odd to feel safe in the Games. Anyway, I run and before I know it, I am at a saltwater body of water with an island in the middle. Upon the island is the cornucopia! I smile. I hope I'm first one to it. I hope I get choice supplies. Wait, but first I'd have to swim across the water. I shutter, but then I dive right in. Everything seems to scream "STAY OUT OF THE WATER!" I ignore my insticts and swim harder than I ever had. I finally reach the island and see that someone has already gotten supplies. I sigh, but I still get some good supples. I grab a bag that has a full bottle of water, a bag of apples, a plastic bag filled with carrots, a blanket, a small medikit with bandages and some cream that should draw the infection from minor wounds. I also get a compass. I also grab a bag with the same contents for Katriona. Then, I open the door with weapons and tools. I get a tool belt that that I put around my waist. I put three knives in it and then go through a tool box and get my choice tools. I gather ten screw drivers and put them in my belt. I get two wrenches. I get a tape measurer. I get two hammers. I get a package with twenty nails and tie it to my belt. Then, I get two axes for Katriona. I put them on a hook on her bag. Then, I toss our bags over my shoulder and swim slowly back through the water. I still have a lot of energy so I run to the edge of the big rock cliff. I make camp in a tiny, tiny, special emphasis on tiny, cave. In the moring I will find Katriona.

Pamline Falcone: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. GONG! I run through the desert as fast as I can. I am running. My eyes are looking ahead, not at the ground, so I don't see the giant pit close at hand. I run right into it and plummit to its bottom. I hit hard and it gives me a headache and makes my back sore. I feel miserable and lost. I see that the walls are slick and smooth so there will be no use trying to climb up. I will die in the stupid hole. I close my eyes and exhale deeply. Then, I drift into a painfilled sleep.

Natasha Grey: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. A gust of wind blows me off of my platform and I inhale sharply. GONG! I expected to be blown to bits, but I guess I stepped onto the ground just in time. My feet hit at the exact moment the gong began to ring. My body was still tense and I was still nervous from that close call. I was so sickened by my near death, that I forgot all about Kyle. I was astonished when he tackled me. He seemed so sweet and kind. I didn't think he would attack anyone, but I guess having your life on the line is enough to change even him. Kyle throws me to the ground. He's ontop of me and his fist is clenching the collar of my shirt. I thrash around like a fish out of water and hiss menacing threats. I insult him and rapidly spit swears in his face. His expression twists into one of rock hard anger and desperation. He, then, bangs my head against the ground. I gasp and the world darkens. I thought I was dead, but everything comes into focus once more. I am laying on the desert floor with sand in my hair and I large lump on the back of my head. My fingers tenderly rub the lump and on contact, I get a blinding pain through my head. I stand and wobble once I'm on my feet. I walk a few steps, then collapse again. I decide to just lay with my head on the stand. I close my eyes and accept the enlarging possibility of my death. I know that I'll die soon. Nobody likes me so I probably don't have any sponsors. I'm going to need medicene or I'll definately die of brain damage. I am in a situation with little or no resolve.

Kyle Curts: 3, 2, 1. I notice Natasha wobble off of her stand. She panics and is frazzled, but she hit the ground right as the gong sounded. She seemed stunned and momentarily paralyzed from her close call. I saw my chance. I dove ontop of her and slammed her to the ground. She whispered and yelled. She shot curses and insults that I had never heard before. Her words hurt me. I am ready to kill her, but memories flood my mind. I recieve painfilled memories of her. I don't want to kill her. We were friends, sort of. So I just bang her head down hard enough to slow her down. I knew I couldn't kill her. I hit her head hard so that she blacks out. I run away as soon as her eyes close. I don't know if I killed her; well, I hope that I didn't. Wait, what am I saying? It's her alive or me. How can I just let her live like that? I am so frustrated! I hate having a conscience! I curse myself for letting Natasha live. I could've greatened my chances of living, but I let the opportunity slip away.

Jessica Andrea: GONG! I'm not even off of my platform before Brie Pelt snatches my arm. She jerks my arm and pulls me near her. I struggle to get away, but she holds her ground. She snaps my neck into an odd angle. I hear a cannon. Was that mine? No, it couldn't have been mine if I heard it. I start weakly kicking and fighting again. I'm praying for a sudden burst of energy, but nothing happens. I try to resist, but I am an easy kill. Brie mercilessly slams my head to the ground. The world goes out of focus and I know that even my advanced healing talents can't save me now. An old song that my mother used to sing to me begins playing in my head. The words are so strong. Mother's voice is singing me to sleep. The wind's chilling breath is far away. The dark, cloudy sky has been blown to day. Watch the birds sing. Here I will bring- Her words stop and everything is silent.

Keane Chance: 60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51. I hear the wind. It threatens to throw me off of my stand. I consider just jumping off of it. I mean, it will kill me. I sigh, but do I want to give up yet? Do I want to pointlessly die? I have a fragment of a heart left. I decide to only purposely die for another one in need. I shut my eyes as the numbers near the end. 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3. I make a promise to myself to only die to save another tribute. I will die for a good cause. But that doesn't mean I'm going to try to survive. I don't hear the final numbers. GONG! I sit down on my platform and watch the murder around me. I consider saving Jessica, but she'd always annoyed me so I ignore her cries for help. Nobody seems to notice me. Nobody attacks me. I just sit on my platform through the sweltering heat and chilling night cold. I shiver and never close my eyes to sleep. I stare directly ahead with a blank mind.


Day 1 Results

The Careers are at a lake where they made camp. They are pretty sure that there are supplies, but they don't know where. The Careers don't have many survival skills. They never considered the possibility of their deaths at the hands of nature. Remember, the desert night is freezing and the day is sweltering. They may need resources and quick. Will they survive the night?

Thalia, Axel, and Aideen have made camp in a clearing by a lake. they are doing fairly well, but they wouldn't turn down a blanket, canteens, or other supplies.

Dimitria and Mark need water desperately. They may or may not be near a source. They have made camp at the foot af a large oak tree in the forest. They will get very cold during the night. they have no food or resources, but aren't suffering to badly yet except for their need for water.

Perdere and Thom are camping in a tree in the woods. They are very comfortable, but will be hungry or thirst soon. They haven't found Kevin and will look for him in the morning. Will they find him? And will they find him alive?

Red made camp in a cave that she camoflauged. She feels miserable and is secretly very frightened. She can't find her allies so she feels defenseless despite the three rocks that are shaped like Native American arrow heads, the cactus limb bowl, the square of metal, and the square of plastic. Those items she found buried under the sand. Brann is looking for her and he is loaded with a bunch of supplies. The only question is, will he find her?

Katriona is asleep beside a cactus in the desert. She is freezing during the night. She is super thirsty.

Jeff has nothing and he has made no progress. He is sleeping on his starting platform. Jeff didn't have a very well strategy. He will definately need sponsor help.

Logan is alone and defenseless and resourceless. He has made a temporary camp in a tree near the cliff. He will search for his allies. He is frightened to be alone.

Kevin is in a cave on the side of the cliff. he is very sick and bloody and thirsty and defenseless. Kevin needs help fast. He is hidden from his allies in that cave so they may or may not find him. KEvin is very, very sick. He is super weak and probably won't survive without sponsor help.

Jone has a bunch of supplies and has made camp in a tiny, tiny cave on the side of the cliff. She has a bag that has a full bottle of water, a bag of apples, a plastic bag filled with carrots, a blanket, a small medikit with bandages and some cream that should draw the infection from minor wounds, and a compass. She also has a bag with the same contents for Katriona. She has a tool belt with three knives in it, ten screw drivers, two wrenches, two hammers and a tape measurer. She has a package with twenty nails tied to her belt. She has two axes for Katriona. She plans to find Katriona in the morning.

Pamline is bruised and sore. He is defenseless and resourceless. He is stuck in a pit with no way to climb out.

Natasha is passed out on the desert floor. She is in awful condition. She has a huge knot on the back of her head. She is thirsty and freezing during the night and melting during the day. Natasha is very bruised. She is in the open and has no means of self-defense if another attack occurs.

Kyle is wondering the desert all night. He is defenseless and is at war with his emotions. Should he kill? Should he not? What should he do? What's his strategy? Kyle is so emotionally traumatized that he is an easy target at the moment with no weapons or resources.

Keane is still on his stand. He is awake and never slept during the night. His mind is blank. He is defenseless and resourceless. Keane needs help to figure himself out and the Games. What will Keane do? Honestly, he won't do anything without a sponsor gift to give him hope. Keane may totally change his attitude and become a competetor. It totally depends on what happens inside of him. Will Keane change?

Day 2

Lion Scrapes: "Lion. Lion. Lion!" Brooke is shaking my arm and whispering my name. She has a hint of urgency in her voice that makes me jump up with my arms in a defensive position. I see something charging toward us. It doesn't appear to be human. It gets closer and I can tell that it runs on four legs. As it nears I can tell that it's some kind of horse. Then, I notice something swinging behind it. What is it? I squint my eyes and I can see that's it is... a lizard tail! This is a mutt. I yell for Rickey to awake and he jumps up and is immediately ready to fight. My voice also woke up Brie. I tell her and Brooke to get behind us. Brooke does without question, but Brie wants to fight, too. I tell her no, but she retorts that a boy won't tell her what to do. "Get behind me NOW!" I hiss at her. She shakes her head so I grab her by the wrist and slam her to the ground behind me. Why don't I just kill that stubborn idiot now? Then, I realise that I want to protect her! Why? I'm not supposed to show any mercy. I'm a Career. I'm here to win, not to give my heart and life to a stupid girl who's that much younger than me. I, suddenly, remember what a kid said to me. He was about seventeen, just a year younger than me, and was in love with a girl that was only twelve. He would do anything for her and, one day, I asked him why he loved her if she was only twelve. His reply was, "age is just a number." That's when the mutt slams into me and knocks away my flashbacks. I scream and see Brie hopelessly trying to tear it off of me. Rickey stands back and watches me get trampled with a look of disgust on his face. Brooke is sitting at the edge of the lake with an expression of horror. I scream and Brie has silent tears running down her cheeks. Brie's face is red and she is crying, but she doesn't stop trying to save me. She, in fact, pulls harder. Suddenly, there is a whistle and the horse spreads its wings and flies away. It disappears into the sky. I am left on the ground, clutching my ribs. Every struggled breath I take sends a heart-stopping pain that seems to be severing my entire body. I yell. Brie does whatever she can. She lifts my shirt and examines the bruises on my torso. Even with Brie's gentle fingers, any contact with my body hurts. She realises this and lowers my shirt back down. I flinch at the smallest movement. I guess that the only thing she could think to do was try to calm me. She held my hand and stroked my forehead. Her fingers weave in and out of my hair and she caresses my face gently. Brie kisses my forhead lightly and then continues to stroke my hair. She sat like that all day and all night while the others were asleep. I stay awake with her. That night I noticed how beautiful her eyes were; how beautiful she was. I love her. Suddenly, it's about midnight, we recieve sponsor gifts! A parachute falls and in it is a tiny container. Brie opens it and poors its contents in her hand. It is a single pill. "It must be to help you," she whispers. Brie drops it into my mouth and I swallow it without water. Brie gingerly lifts my shirt again. The pain seems to be withdrawing and I feel my ribs mending. The bruises are disappearing and the next thing we know, I am fully recovered. Brie then says somethig that catches me totally of gaurd, "we need to run away." I feel my expression shift into one of shock, but I agree with her and we run, hand and hand, into a forest and make camp in the upper canopy of trees. She falls asleep with her head in my lap and her hand in mine. Right before we fall asleep again, an axe land directly in Brie's hand. She takes it and smiles. We may have a chance at this thing. Then, we fall asleep and sleep deeply until morning.

Thalia Combe: I am the first awake and I tap Axel. He wakes with a start. "We have to move on. I'm hearing soemthing in the woods nearby. He doesn't try to wake Aideen. He just throws her on his back and we trudge on. We go on and on and soon we find a body of water with an island in the middle. Axel swims to the island and the moment his hand touches the cornucopia upon the island, it disappears. He stomps the ground and we make camp in another cave that I spotted. The cave is damp and cold. Suddenly, we hear a single, metallic tap on the outside of the cave. Axel cautiously peers around the cave's edge and he sees a blanket attatched to a metal parachute! Sponsor gifts! the sound the parachute made against the cave, awoke Aidden. She stretches and yawns, "what's going on?" "Aideen, look what sponsors got for you!" whispers Axel. That's when I notice how his nonserious, goofing-off personality has totally disappeared into a responsible, protective, tribute. The Games have totally changed Axel. He opens the bag and inside is six bottles that are full of water and three belts with holding pockets and hooks. I snatch up mine and put it on. I stick both of my water bottles in the two bottle pockets on each side. Axel does his the same and helps Aideen with hers. Axel folds up the sleeping bag as another bang is heard on the top of the cave. Aideen looks outside and sees a backpack attatched to a metal parachute! She looks inside, empty. then, Axel has an idea. He puts the sleeping bag in the backpack and puts it on me. He says that if we're seperated that I deserve it. I shyly smile. that's when I tell them what I wanted to do all along. I want to hunt down the Careers. "No!" Axel yells too loudly. "Why not?" I demand, "It's it's...," his voice falters, "it's do dangerous!" He finished his sentance with defiance. I sigh and we just go looking for a new camp. We find another clearing with a perfect hide-out cave and set up camp in there. Suddenly, I hear stop. I hear moaning coming from the woods. Is it a mutt? I tap Axel who is talking to Aideen. He tenses when he hears it too. We see a head peer around the corner of the cave and then freeze in terror. "Keane!" Aideen yells. "Who?" asks Axel. But it is too late, Aideen is already dragging Keane into the cave and gives him one of her bottles. He gulps it down thirstily and she spoon feeds him broth that he had attatched to a belt.

Dimitria Pod: It's still dark when I wake Mark. I heard something nearby. He checks and he sees two jugs of water and two plastic cups attatched to metal parachutes. They are laying in a bush right infront of us. We both lunge at them. I grab one jug and he grabs the other. We smiile at eachother and then shove the souts down our mouths. We guzzle the water until neither of us can hold another sip. Even then we have half of both jugs left. We toss the cups to the side and take one more sip of the water. We feel so much better so we climb the tree and set up comfortabley up there. We sleep the rest of the day away.

Rickey Dean: I am sound asleep when that idiot, Lion shouts my name. I, instictively, jump up to fight. There is something running ttowards us; I believe the term for it is a Zagle. Lion realises this, too and shouts for the girls to get behind us. Brie resists and doesn't listen to Lion's warnings. He grabs her by the arm and knocks her against the ground. The, Lion gets distracted and the mutt slams into him. He shouts in surprise. The animal tramples him and rips at his flesh. Brie screams, too and tries to pull it off of him. I always knew that they were both stupid and useless. I just stare at Brie's fruitless atempts. I am disgusted by his childish, idiotic, cluless actions. Brie is cries like a helpless baby and makes these unattractive hiccuping sounds, like she's chocking; she's and idiot, too. Oh, maybe they are a perfect couple. I mean, besides the age difference. Well, they're both proably so stupid that they can't count how far apart in age they are. Suddenly, there is a whistle and the horse spreads its wings and flies away. It disappears into the sky. I roll my eyes and lay down. I watch the clouds and eventually fall asleep.

Thomas Quince: Perdere keeps begging to move on, but I can't go without my brother. We were just reunited in the Capitol and I can't leave him behind again. She says that we should look for him, but I just can't do this. I know in my heart that he is probably dead. That is when I hear a nearby cannon. I immediately know that it was Kevin. I don't know how, but it just seemed definate. I break down in sobs and Perdere rubs my back and whispers words to me that I can't understand, but they calm me. Then she starts singing softly in a luxurious, high voice. "Day is done, gone the sun. From the lakes, from the hills, from the sky. All is well, safely rest; your heart is mine." She inhales and continues as if she is speaking to a small child, "Golden slumbers kiss your eyes, smiles await you when you rise. Sleep, golden slumbers. Do not cry, and I will sing a lullaby." I close my eyes and the tears dry, but she still sings, though, her voice grows softer and softer. I drift into a dream. It starts out with me, Perdere, and Kevin. We are all in the tree together, but then the tree vanishes and we drop to the ground. Perdere screams that she can't move. Something grabs me and holds me still with strong arms that won't budge. Kevin runs back to Perdere to save her on the black shadow that is suffocating her. As he nears, the shadow switches targets. It attacks Kevin and covers him and dims his light with shadows. I go limp like helpless pray as I watch myself die the same helpless way. Suddenly, i awake from the nightmare. I am sweating and tears streak my face. Perdere has to sing me back to sleep.

Red Jameson: I slide myself out of my cave, planning to look for Brann. I am worried about him and don't know what I can do wihtout him. I immediately see a bloody mass under a tree. I pray that it's not Brann. I run over to the twitching mess and see Brann's unforgetable eyes. I pick him up and he practically dissolves. I gasp and he inhales sharply. I know then that he is still alive and suffering. I have to force myself to end his life. I don't want him to suffer. I slam his head against the tree truck and I sware, i saw him smile as he closed his eyes for the last time. He is holding my wrist and I don't take his fingers off yet. I sit with im and play in the supplies he left. Suddenly, I hear a howl. A genetically engineered coyote leaps from behind a bush like something out of a horror movie. I try to pry Brann's fingers from my arm, but he has an iron grip. I just squeeze my eyes shut and let the same beast that killed Brann, kill me.

Katriona Greystone: I am fumbling through the desert heat. I am digging and searching for water. Then, I seee something in the distance: another tribute. I fight to them and gain my confidence. I get to my feeta nd run at them. It's Jeff. I attack him and beat his head against his platform. BOOM! He's dead and I'm closer to being the victor. I am suddenly drained of energy so I sleep with my head on his platform.

Logan Waterson: I am sitting in my tree. i am still so tired that I can barely move. I fidgit with my bangs with my head whirling and spinning with thoughts and strategies and feats that I just can't perform. I know how to win an dwhat i should do, but I can't do it. I feel like a three year old, being cradled in the branches of this tree like my mother used to cradle me in her arms. Suddenly, I feel a fire ignight inside of me. I storm through the forest and a mutt charges at me. I grab it by the neck and hurl it out of my way. It scampers off like a wounded pup. I snarl when another enters my path. It jumps on me and rips at my face. I catch it's nose in my teeth and bite down ahrd. It, too, runs off squeeling. I feel my face twist into a wicked grin. These Games have changed. I MUST win them.

Kevin Quince: I sleep a restless sleep filled with horrid nightmares and dreams of dying. Dreams of never waking up. Then, everything goes black and my dreams come true, I can't wake up. The world turns white and my eyes and the rest of my body refuses to move. I hear a very, very, very faint cannon. I know that I am dead. Thomas must win. My brother has to survive. Good luck, Thom, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Mark Bull: It's dark when Dimitria starts tapping my shoulder. At first it is small, gently peck, but them she starts to hit me hard in worried, jerky punches. I can tell somehting is wrong so I sit up straight and tense. We heard something nearby. I cautiously check for the source and I find two jugs of water and two plastic cups attatched to metal parachutes. They are laying in a bush right infront of us. We both lunge at them. I grab one jug and she grabs the other. We grin at eachtoher and then shove the spouts down our throats. We drink thirstily nd thank God for sponsors. When we finish, we still have half of both jugs left. We toss the cups to the side and take one more long sip of water. We feel so much better so we climb the tree and set up comfortably up there. We sleep peacefully the rest of the day.

Jone Depaul: I have a bunch of supplies and a camp made in an itsy bitsy cave on the side of the cliff. I have a bag that has a full bottle of water, a bag of apples, a plastic bag filled with carrots, a blanket, a small medikit with bandages and some cream that should draw the infection from minor wounds, and a compass. I also have a bag with the same contents that I planned to give to Katriona. I have a tool belt with three knives in it, ten screw drivers, two wrenches, two hammers and a tape measurer. I have a package with twenty nails tied to my belt. I even have two axes for Katriona. I was planning on finding Katriona today, but she seems to be millions of miles away. I know that I will do better all alone with all of these supplies for me. I eat every bit of the food. I gulp both of our water bottles. I devour every square inch of edible anything within a large radius. Then, I seem to weak to move. I vomit all of the food I had just ate.I guess my stomach can't take that much even though it has only been three or four days since my last big meal. I sigh when I am done vomiting. All of a suddden, the walls of my cave expand and the entrance closes. I am trapped, but at least I have more room. I was startled by the sudden shift, but I soon calm down, but my calm attitude doesn't last long. The cave heats itself up until it reaches a peak of around 140 degrees (Fahrenheit). I am sweating buckets and the heat is making me dizzy. I am about to pass out when the temperature suddenly drops to way below zero and with the temperature, the floor drops, too. I just catch a root that has been exposed and hang on for life. All of my supplies are gone and I am freezing. My hand is slipping. No, no, no! I am falling and hit somehting hard. The impact knocks the breath from me. I am gasping for air. My head is spinning. Then, another unnatural event occurs: the floor rises and the cave walls close and the entrance opens and the temperature goes back to normal. I drag myself out of the cave and lay at its mouth, too weak to go anywhere.

Natasha Grey: I can't bring myself to move. I am dizzy and have no control. My vision is distorted and fuzzy. I see movement in the distance. Whatever it is, is getting closer. I want to move and I try to move, but my body won't let me. My vision clears right before the tribute (the boy from 11) ends my life.

End Of Day 2

Day 3

Brooke: Me and Rickey wake with a start. We heard a cannon nearby. I instictively look for Lion to consult, but he's gone. Could that have been his cannon? "He probably ran off with that stupid girl. I always knew that he was an idiot, too. He put a target on his back," says Rickey. I laugh. I'm thinking about winning. About showing everyone what I can do. I jump on Rickey and attack him. I caught him off guard so I pin him down easily. Well, I underestimated Rickey. He's been training longer and harder than I have. He takes my head in his hands and jerks them to the side. Me neck cracks and I go limp. I see darkness swallow me and light replace the darkness. Then, I am dead. I am dead. I am dead. I won't be returning home. I am weaker than I thought.

Axel: Aideen stayed up all night without me knowing. She stayed up all night telling jokes to Keane. By the time I awoke, he was a totally different person. He was holding Aideen's hand protectively and was smiling constantly. He even spontaneausly laughed. I decided that I could calm down a bit and joined in. Aideen tells us several jokes and me and Keane guffaw. Our idiotic laughter woke Thalia, "Y'all shut up! The Careers could be right outside of the cave!" I can't believe I had let my guard down like that. I put Thalia and Aideen in danger. I am so, so, so ashamed. I colllapse, suddenly, in tears. I ,all of a sudden, feel so weak! I want to die right not. I throw myself out of the cave and take a handful of berries. Aideen is screaming for me to stop. She is screaming and Keane is telling her to be quiet. Thalia is running at me to take the berries away, but she is too late. I have already swallowed them and I will die any second. The world is fading. Oh no, what have I done! I need to protect Aideen and Thalia. I can't believe I did this. They still need me. The last thing I see is Mark and Dimitria attacking and killing Keane, Thalia, and poor Aideen. I can't believe I let this happen. I hate myself.

Dimitria: Mark and I are sleeping. Both totally absorbed in our dreams. Suddenly, our eyes snap open. Someone was screaming. Mark says, "we need to find who that is. If we kill them we will have a better chance of winning." I agree and we jump from our tree and race towards the sound of the scream. Suddenly, the screams stop, but we keep running. We need that girl dead. As we get there, we see someone laying in the grass. We kill three people in a cave crying for him and see the hovercrafts lift all of their bodies away. Me and Mark make camp in their shallow cave.

Perdere: Me and Kevin are too tired to move. So we stay in our tree all day long until I start smelling soething. I tap Thom. It smells like something burning, like a forest fire. He awakes and smells the smoke, too. We have to go he says. I don't get why he is so scared until I catch sight of a purple fog seeping from the ground. He run with the fog lapping at our heels. We soon get to a body of water. We don't hesitate to jump in. The current is stronger than we expected. It pushes us over a waterfall and we drop. Down, down, down. Before we know it, we hit something hard and the whole world freezes. Then, I am electricuted and a heart-stopping electric current shocks my body. My heart instantly stops and I know that there's no way Thom could've survived that either.

Katriona: I wake up and force myself through the desert. I ee a cliff in the distance and jump over it into the forest below. I land on my feet and see a Native American arrow head laying beside me. I pick it up and finger that sharpened point. How did it get there? Who cares. I know have a weapon. I am vicious and i have the will to survive. I know I can win. I run and soon find Logan Waterson. I run past him and stab his chest with the arrow head. I make camp in a tree right above his dead, limp body. I will win these Games.

Logan Waterson: I am still stomping through the forest. I have been repeating each stomp exactly the same all night long. The fire inside of me has died out and I no longer have any desire to live. I give up. When Katriona runs at me, I drop to my knees let her pierce my heart with a sharpened stone.

Brie Pelt: I wake up and expect to feel Lion beside me. I blindly search for his hand and find nothing. I peer over and see him trying to chop down a tree. "For a fire. To cook food," he says. then, he shows me a fish in his hand. "Where?" I ask him. Lion gestures for me to come closer and I do. I run to him stupidly and fall into a camoflauged pit. In the bottom it is wet and I feel soemthing wrap around my legs. I start sinking in the quick sand. I am up to my shoulders now. I scream at Lion. "I trusted you!" Tears streak my face. "I loved you!" I dissolve into tears. "How could you be so cruel. I loved you!" His expression softens and he reaches to pull me out, only he is to late. By the time our hands meet, I am already covered in the damp sand. The pressure is crushing me and I am being suffocated. I try to breath, but oxygen can't find it's way throught he quick mud. I hate Lion. I hate what I did for him. I hate myself for trusting him. I hear a faint cannon. I must be dead. My heart has stopped and I am surrounded in a white light. My life is over.

Jone Depaul: I am still sitting at the mouth of the cave. I hate these Games. I hate the Capitol. I just lay there. I am vomiting again. My throat is raw and it burns. My hope is faltering. My self confidence is gone. I want to die. Right here, right now. I close my eyes. No one can save me now. It takes too much to keep someone's heart beating when they have lost the will to survive. I die at the mouth of the cave.

Kyle Curts: I have spent so much time thinking about not killing Natasha. I am infuriated with myself, still. I am now a hunter. i am a murderer. I am a killer. I haven't weakened despite my lack of food and drink. I don't need it. I storm through the forest in search of my next victim. Suddenly, I see Mark. I'm not sure of his district or last name. i just know him by Mark. I approach the cave where he is sleeping and then see a girl sleeping behind him. I slit his throat with a sharpened rock that I found. He wakes up and shouts, but just for a second. Apparently his scream was enough to wake Dimitria. She jumps up and runs at me. She charges at me and knocks me to the ground. I hit my head on something and black out right after i hear Mark's cannon. I am dead, too. I am such an idiot.


Day 4

Lion Scrapes: I killed Brie. She saved me. It was becuase of her sympathy that I got the medicene from sponsors. I killed her. I killed her. I killed her. She probably doesn't want me to win. I can't go on knowing that I killed osmeone who loved me. I betrayed someone I loved. I am a monster. I dive, head first, into the pit that Brie fell into. I kill myself the same way I killed her. I'm sorry Brie. Now we can be together forever. Please forgive me. It was my biggest mistake. I am so so so sorry. I regret it.

Dimitria Pod: Last night I awoke to a heart-stopping scream from Mark. I stumbled out of the cave when I saw his dead body. I remember pushing over his murderer, Kyle Curts. I think he hit his head. Kyle and Mark died. I heard both of their cannons. Now, I am hiding in the tippy top branches of a tree. I sit there for the rest of the day. I am jumping at every sound and I am always ready to move. Untill I fall asleep...

Rickey Dean: I have made my way to the forest. I am alone, finally. I'm glad that all of those other idiots are gone. I grin wickedly. I feel vicious and powerful. My grin has shifted to a devious smirk. I will win these. I start laughing. I want to attract other tributes. I am ready to fight. "Come get me!" I scream into the air. "I have no weapons." I start to laugh insanely. "I am defenseless!" I may be going mad, but I don't care. I know I can win, mad or not. Suddenly, Katriona bursts through the trees and tackles me. I am struggling, but she is overpowering. I start to kick so she shifts her position to cover my legs. As she moves, she loses her focus on my hands. I see my chance and remove them from her grasp. I lock my hands around her neck. She slams her head down on my mind. I black out. She hit me hard. this must have slowed her down to. I don't know why, but my body refuses to move. My heart pounds. I am totally defensless. I will die at the hand sof an idiotic girl. I curse my own stupidity. And die with wishful thoughts of her bloody, unmoving body flooding my mind. I want that stupid Katriona dead.

Katriona Greystone: I hear yelling nearby. Someone calling for a fight. They must be going mad, an easy target. I smile at this easy kill and charge at him. I struggle to pin him down. I momentarily let my guard down and he takes this opportunity to grab my neck. I slam my head down on his and end his life. BOOM! Two tributes left to kill. I know in my heart that I will be the victor. I can take down those last two tributes.

Pamline Falcone: I have been in this pit for days. I have given up all hope when water starts pouring through the sides. My mind tells me that I will drown. I am prepared to die when a floatation jacket is thrown over the side. I grab it and float to the top of the pit as the water slowl fills it. Soon, the water over flows. BOOM! I jump at the sound of a cannon. This causes me to run as fast as I can. I dart through the desert and come to a cliff which I jump over. I hit the bottom hard and my knees buckle, but I get right back up and keep running. I soon tire out and make camp in a cave near a crystal clear pond. I gulp down water even though I had just swallowed gallons of it when the water filled that pit. The sweltering heat of the desert had burned my throat and I had become dehydrated. The water was cool and refreshing. My stomach wouldn't hold anymore so I just lay down in the dirt and close my eyes. Am I becoming too comfortable in the arena?


Day 5

Dimitria Pod: I am in a deep sleep. I have nightmares about killing so many people. I am a murderer. I am hunting for my next victims. My body is covered in blood and I am weakened, but my injuries make me feel that much more vicious. I have turned into a killing monster. Suddenly, out of the conrer of my eye, I see a tribute move. I turn slowly and get draw closer with drawn out, thundering steps. He can't move so he will be my easiest kill. I move like a snail as if to taunt im. I am closing in. Right as my fists clos around his neck, I get a sharp pain in my back.i fall over, blacking out. Then, my eyes open. I am drenched in sweat. I guess while I was asleep, i was moving and fell out of the tree, because I am at the foot of my tree. I roll my eyes at myself and try to shake the dream form my mind. I wander aimlessly through the woods until I find a cave near a body of water. I drink all the water I can. Then, I crawl into the cave. Suddenly, I hear snoring. I inhale and hold my breath. I see another tribute, Pamline Falcone, asleep in a dark corner of the cave. I slowly approach and kill him. He didn't do anything about it, because i caught him by surprise. That's when I realise that my dream has come true. I am a monster. I am vicious. I have killed an innocent, defenseless person. I brake down into tears. I nearly drown myself. 'Wait a second,' I think.The rest of my dream has come true. What is going to kill me. Then, I feel the sharp pain in my back. I drop to the ground and black out just as in my dream. All I know is that I'm not dead yet.

Katriona Greystone: I feel powerful and I am still hunting for the last two tributes. BOOM! i hear a cannon. Only one? I smile. The cannon was nearby so I know where to look for the killer. I wonder who's left? I storm through the woods until I come to a perfect clearing with with a tiny, clear pond in its center. This must be where they are. I scout around and see a cave. I notice someone crying in a corner. I roll my eyes. these tributes are so weak and pathetic. They are just too easy to kill. I throw a rock as hard as I can at her back. She drops to the ground. She's probably dead. I run into tthe clearing and listen for the announcement of my victory and her cannon, but all I hear is thundering footsteps. I see a massive creature burst through the trees. I don't know what it is. It jumps on my and pins me down. I don't scream, because I know nobody will come. I stop fighting and close my eyes. I accept my fate. I am dead.


Death Chart
Name and District What/ Who Caused Death
Cassidy O'Hara Brooke
Jessica Andrea Brie
Chase Electro Mark
Lia Mainwaring Mutt
Kevin Quince Sickness, Exhaustion, Head Injuries
Brann Mutt
Red Mutt
Jeff Katriona
Natasha Pamline
Brooke Xena Rickey
Axel Killed himself with nightlock
Aideen Dimitria & Mark
Keane Dimitria & Mark
Thalia Dimitria & Mark
Thom Forcefield
Perdere Forcefield
Logan Katriona
Brie Pelt Lion's Trap
Jone Depaul Exhaustion, Sickness, Internal Injuries
Mark Bull Kyle Curts
Kyle Curts Pushed by Dimitria and Hit Head
Lion Scrapes Suffocated Himself in a Quicksand Trap
Rickey Dean Head Injuries Caused by Katriona
Pamline Falcone Dimitria
Katriona Greystone Mutt

Congratulatons to our victor, Dimitria Pod and her creator!

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