The 227th Annual Hunger Games:

Intro: The time when Paylor was President of Panem was not long. She took over Panem in the time of the 2nd Rebellion, but as soon as everything was calm and orderly, once more, she was thrown out of office. She was replaced by President Remedy who wanted the Games to be hosted again, not once but three times, every year. She, also, demanded that the Capitol have total control as they did before. The Capitol would elect a new President every five years. President Remedy was replaced by Presidents with the same wishes. Panem was a cruel society until one woman lied about her ideas to run the nation; her name was President Leise, and she wanted everything ran as it was with President Paylor. Once President Leise took over Panem, all districts were so happy and treated equally. The citizens of the Capitol, though, did not like this at all! The Capitol residents hated being on the same equality level as the Districts! They no longer had as much money to spend on themselves! The Capitol was outraged! So, one night a group of Captol men disabled all cameras and murdered President Leise while she was asleep! The Districts could only pray that the new President would be as gracious as President Leise, but, of course, this did not happen. A strict and commanding Capitol woman, President Ivory, took over the nation of Panem! She insisted that Panem will be run as it was in President Snow's time! Therefore, the Hunger Games were held annually once again, with District 13 a Games-participating district, and each Games promised to be extra horrific and torturous to the tributes which only made the Capitol feel even more powerful.

District, Gender, & Name Age Appearance & Personality Strengths & Weapons Weaknesses Creator
D1 Female: Jade Gemstone 15

Sly and girly. Very sneaky and confident. She is sexy and has a sneaky grin.

Strawberry blonde hair with teal highlights. Her hair is very shiny and straight. Her eyes are teal just like her highlights.


Fast, killer instincts, people find it hard to kill her because of her beauty. People are drawn to her, becuase of her popularity and intriguing attitude.

Can't climb or swim. Not strong. Can't go long without food. Won't work for long periods of time. Tires easily.

Overly confident.


D1 Male: Blake Monror


Tall and skinny.


Doesn't flirt with girls.

He's a Career.

Overly confident.



Not very strong.

Not a quick thinker.

Doens't come up with very clever plans or strategies.

D2 Female: Cody Pepper 17

Easily angered. Rarely calls people by their actual name. She'll normally refer to them as an insulting nickname. Quick to fight. Secretely clever and very mischevous. Bossy.

Leader of the Careers.

Brutally honest.

Naturally, midnight black hair with blood red highlights in it. Her eyes are crystal blue and shine like gems.

Incredible fighter. agile. Strong (mentally and physically). Climbing.

Knives. Bow and arrow.

When she is angry, she focuses only on her target and forgets her surroundings.

Her attitude, not many people like her so she doesn't get sponsors exept when they like her for her skills.

Brutally honest.


D2 Male: Caleb Rickzz 17

Blonde hair, blue eyes. tan skin, and really muscular.

Acts like a typical 'bad boy'. Arrogant.

Hand-to-hand combat. Strong. People easily fall for him.


Depends completely on sponsors for food and most supplies. Cloveygal
D3 Female: Megan "Meg" Bolts 14 Sweet and Gentle


Fast and can run for a long time.

Not a good climbing


D3 Male: Cyber Byte 18

Shy. Loves making things. Isn't very social. Likes to be by himself. Very creative. An inventer.

Sword and Mace.


Intelligent. Knows alot about technology. Strong. Fast.

Terrified of water. Won't touch or drink it. The water he drinks must be dyed to look like something else. Terrible climber. Bad with long distance weapons. The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
D4 Female: Aqua Mirabilis 16

Straight, fiery red hair. Crystal blue eys that continuously seem to have movement in the iris that mimmicks the ocean's rolling waves. Fair skin and slim. Smaller for her age. Very pretty.

Really kind and loyal. Like a mother to anyone, younger or older.


Great swimmer. Quick thinker.

Not fast. Has trouble killing. ShimmeringFire
D4 Male: Stephen Midland 18


Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Tall.

Overly confident.

Bow and arrow. Hand-to-hand-combat. Good runner.

Falls in love easily. Not strong.

Not good at working alone.

D5 Female: Dysterin Braine 15

Quiet, appears gentle, not very social.


Surprisingly fast.

Very intelligent and clever.

Incredible fighter.


Not strong.

Doesn't know how to use any weapons as a specialty.

D5 Male: Luke Stephens 18

Charming. Everybody loves him.

Spikey, brown hair. Blue eyes. Muscular.


Loved by everyone.

Spear. Bow.

Scared of water and heights. Leapkit
D6 Female: Vanessa Cote 17 Very curious and observant. Very caring and friendly to her allies. Sword, wire. Snares. Scared of the dark. Not good when it comes to fighting. Clove the best
D6 Male: Asper Bell 15

Unsocial. Strategic. Very attentive. Sees even the smallest flaws.

Red hair with yellow bangs. Green eyes. Small and thin.

Axe and Blowgun.

Accuracy. Stamina.

Lacks agility. No physical wonder. Gets hungry quickly. Doesn't like socializing.
D7 Female: Pine Cherry 16

Shy and Sweet.

Very stright strawberry-blonde hair, flawless skin that is extremely pale, very small in size.

Axes and Daggers.

Agility, Running, Climbing, Hand-to-Hand Combat

Can't swim and is terrified of water Ranger1434
D7 Male: Tyson Ashford 18

Really country. Constantly remembers his home. Sometimes emotional, but still strong.

Brown hair. Tan. Muscular. Tall. Attractive.

Axe and knives.

Strong. Fast. Loved by nearly everyone.

Sometimes can be emotional. Lightening always startles him. Leapkit
D8 Female: Jane Sky 15

Clever, shy, sneaky.

Quiet and stealthy.

Long, wavy, brown hair. Violet eyes. Soft facial features.

Sword and hiding. Refuses to purposely kill someone and hates using the sword despite her talent with it. ShimmeringFire
D8 Male: John Madrick 17

Mean to most.

Short, dirty blonde hair. Skinny.

Machete and club. Scared of Careers. And not good with axes. Theman77
D9 Female: Quinoa Soal 16

Arrogant. Loves to be the center of attention. Annoys most people.

Dyed, bright red hair with hot pink highlights. Her hair is always really messy. Bigger in size (fairly plump, but not fat). Has a scar on her check. She wears really dark lip-stick and eye shadow of the same color.


Strong. Good with weapons.

Not a good climber and she is generally unliked. She is really annoying to most. The Boy With the Pikachu Tatoo
D9 Male: Denver Mayor 13

Gives up easily. Wants to die at bloodbath. Black hair. Small, thin.


Big imagination. Good at story telling. Not good at anything that will help him in the arena. Me
D10 Female: Kayleigh Pigtunia 12

Long, dirty blonde hair. Blue-gray eyes. Freckles. Small.

Sneaky. Sweet to most. She can trick you easily, becuase of her cuteness, but if it comes down to it, she will kill her allies.

Acts tough, but is easily scared.

Bow and arrows, but can use virtually any weapon with skill.

Climbing. Agility. Dodging. Fast. Healer. Sneaky.

Over confidence. Easily scared. Kikieverdeen reed523
D10 Male: Cow Massett 18

Short blonde hair, blue eyes, tan skin, muscular, perfect teeth.

Kind unless he or someone he loves is threatened. Very passionate. Sorta like Thresh in personality.


Hunting, climbing. Dodging attacks.

Someone he loves getting hurt. Will do anything to protect Kayleigh Pigtunia. Kikieverdeen reed523
D11 Female: Bayleaf Magnolia 15

Very quiet and likes to be alone. Smart.

Small. African American. Stick straight hair that is thin. Her eyes are green.

Slingshot. Dart gun.

Knows a lot about plants. Good at hiding. Can hop from tree to tree. Quick.

Not a good fighter. The Boy With the Pikachu Tatoo
D11 Male: Fabeae Vicia 14

Very, very skinny and thin and small. He has big, puppy eyes and an adorable expression.

He is really, really sweet and quick.

Whip and lasso.

Fast. clever. Quick instincts. Good at climbing trees.

Isn't strong and isn't a great leader. Not good at hand-to-hand combat. The Boy With the Pikachu Tatoo
D12 Female: Layla Cypress 17

Knows what she wants and stays very focused. Will never let her guard down. .

Observant and capable of noticing small details that others would overlook.

Climbing, Hand-to-Hand Combat, and a very skilled swimmer.

Doesn't want any weapons. Just her bare hands and the traps she sets.

Cats make her nervous; she a bit frightened of them. Despite her fear of cats, they are attracted to her.

D12 Male: Griffin Crone 17

Wild sandy colored hair, large blue eyes, tan skin

Compassionate, attracted to girls who dont like him back

Survival skills. Fast.

Spear and knives.

Not good at traps. Sometimes a bit too ignorant. Falls in love easily. Brynn1999
D13 Female: Serena Armstrong 14

Talkative and a bit rude.

Blue eyes, tanned skin, long blonde hair.

Spear (but not very good at it)

Not very good with weapons. No killer instincts. Not fast. Not strong. Overall, not a good competetor. ~Pop Tart~
D13 Male: Drake Mordan 16

Cold and calculating, Ruthless. A killing machine.

Black hair with gray bangs. A pale, slim face. Green snake-like eyes. A voice as rough and raspy as sandpaper.

Like a Career.


Hand-to-hand combat. Like a Career.

Not fast. Bad aim. Theman77


Jade Gemstone: I wake up and grin in the mirror. Reaping Day! I dance to my closet and throw it open. I grab my pinkest sundress and my favorite, teal high heels with the ribbons that wrap up my perfect legs like vines. I tie my hair up in a perfect ballerina bun ontop of my head. A small bow is angled near the bun. My hair is shiny and smooth. I put on my makeup. I look incredible. I feel confident and as light as a feather. I twirl and hum all the way to the Reaping. I watch the videos of Panem's past without complain. I feel so incredible today, almost as incredible as I look! I listen for the female's name, "Lacey Silvermist!" My mood changes and I stomp onto the stage. I knock Lacey to the side and snatch the mic from the escort. "I am Jade Gemstone and I am your female tribute! It's an honor to represent my district in the 227th Annual Hunger Games!" I shift back into my normal, smiley self and do an elegant twirl to show off my silky sundress.

Blake Monror: Our escort takes the stage in a ridiculus panda costume. I laugh to myself at her ridiculus get-up, but I make it unnoticable. I don't want to mock the Capitol. I immediatley wipe the smirk from my face and bite my nails. We watch the videos about the Dark Days and the 2nd Rebellion and a few clips form the last Games. There has been so much romance in the last few Games. Romance and affection can be fatal. I sware to myself that I will not sink to that level. I will not get distracted by a lover. My eyes will stay on the prize. I am fantasizing about being bathed in riches of all kinds, when I hear my name ring out through the crouds. I waltz to the stage and bow like a gentleman. As I bend down, I kiss the escorts hand. It's hard not to spit and I wipe my tongue to get the taste of her hand out of my mouth. It tastes like perfume and soap. I nearly gag, but restrain the urge and maintain my polite posture.

Cody Pepper: I got to the Reaping really early and sat with my back to a brick wall while my fingers played with the skeleton key on my necklace. I must have momentarily fell asleep, because before I know it, my name is called as the female tribute. I roll my eyes and stomp onto the stage. The escort started to congratulate me, but I interupted, "Blah, blah, blah, now onto the guys. I wanna meet the other Career!" The escort seemed puzzled, "What's a Career?" Oh, that's right the Capitol people don't know about the whole Career thing; it's illegal. I play it off, "It's none of your business!" I scream the words in her face and I"m tempted to knock her over. I cross my arms and scowl at the audience from the stage. I hate all of these people.

Caleb Rickzz: I strut into the Square, shwoing off my new ear piercings. I pass a girl and she waves at me with a flirty maner. I nod my head at her, and see in her eyes that she nearly faints. I shoot her a little sly, side grin and lift my eyebrows. I walk on. I get to the Square late, fashionably late. I get there just in time to hear some guys' name called. "Cody Pepper!" I thought I had missed the girls' Reaping, until a small, goth chick takes the stage. Oh, she's Cody Pepper. I laugh to myself. I listen to her little 'announcement' and shout "I volunteer!" before the escort even made it to the guys' Reaping glass. I swag up to the stage and send Cody a little look. She's seems very capable and vicious, the traits of a Career. I take her hand in mine and, before she can say no, and hold it in the air. "Ladies and gentlemen, District 2's tributes for the 227th Annual Hunger Games!"

Megan Bolts: I am at the Reaping, watching the Capitol videos and trying to hold myself together. I am so scared that my name will be called, but I must be strong. As soon as the videos are over, I take a deep bretah, time for the girls' Reaping. The escort teasingly touches a card and puts it back. I nearly burst with anxiety. Finally, she plucks one up and reads it, "Megan Bolts!" My eyes get big and tears slide down my cheecks. I am a tribute. When I get onto the stage, the escort stops me, "I don't like your name," she says, "I'm gonna call you Meg." I am in to much shock to register what she said, so I just nod. Well, the nickname kinda stuck. Everyone now calls me Meg.

Cyber Byte: My fingers play with a paper clip that I have straightened completely out. I wonder what I can make with this? I get distracted and only the sound of my naem called at the Reaping snaps me back into reality. I shiver, but there was no breeze. I walk to the stage in stiff, robotic motions. I want to look confident, but can't hold it together. I cry infront of everyone. I am collapsing inside and no part of me will move except for my fingers on the paper clip.

Aqua Mirabilis: I am watching the same videos we always watch. The ones about the Dark Days and the 2nd Rebellion. I know this so well that I mouth out the words as they are said on the screen, "War, terrible war. Widows, orphans, a motherless child..." It begins the same as it has for years upon years. "Ladies first!" yells the escort. I laugh a little bit. What if it's me? If it's me, I will win. I listen closely to the name, "Aqua Mirabilis!"

Stephen Midland: I have my eyes fixated on a beautful girl ahead of me. I can't help, but stare. I examine her and fall in love with her cut-off jeans and tube top. Wow. I approach her slowly. When she sees me, I nod at her and flip my hair off of my face. "Hi," she says to me. "Hey," I reply, "I'm Stephen, uh, I've seen you around and finally got up the nerve to talk to you." That statement was entirely untrue (exept for me name), but it's kinda my signature conversation starter. "Oh, is that so?" she said that with a sexy grin and a gleam in her eyes. Wow. All I can say is, "Yea." I momentarily become entranced and just stare at her. "Are you alright?" she asks me with sincere consern. "Yea," I repeat. Then, I am back to my normal self, "So, uh, I was wonderin' if you wanted to go out sometime." She ponders for a moment, but then replies, "If you volunteer and win these Games, I will definately go out with you. I'd love to date a victor." I laugh and try to grab her hands. "Not yet. You have to be a victor," she stops me. My smile widens and I go to my designated section. She is two years older than me, so she is already safe from the Games. Blah, blah, blah, the videos. Blah, blah, blah, the girls. Finally, "Colby Whitmer!" A tan, muscualr guy takes the stage, but I volunteer before he can shake the female's hand. When I get on stage, I meet the girl's eye. Wait a minute! I don't know her name! I need to find out before I go into the arena so I take the microphone from the escort. "It will be such an honor to represent my district, but such a tragedy to be away from my girl. I fell in love with her today, actually. The moment I saw her, I knew she was the one for me. I was tripping, head over heels, without even knowing her name. I almost left without finding it out." I drew a breath so she could have a moment to see how romantic I was, "So, darling, please reveal your identity so I can keep your name with me always." She walked onto the stage and whispered her name in my ear, "Lacy Silverado." I smile and peck her cheeck with my lips, which is all she will allow. I have to get back to her. I'll miss her cut-off jeans and sexy, blood-red tube top.

Dysterin Braine: I pay close attention to the videos, even though they are the same every year. I don't want to be punished for ignorance. I don't want to be punished for causing trouble. I will stick to the rules. When the videos are over, I wait in patience for the female tribute's name. The escort slips her gloved had into the Reaping glass, "Dysterin Braine!" I nearly faint, but refuse to embrass myself like that. "Come on, darling" The escort waves her ahnd at me. I am falling apart on the inside, but the tears just won't come. As soon as I am by myself, I will burst and throw a secret tantrum. I just can't do that now. I may get in trouble.

Luke Stephens: I listen to the videos without watching them. My eyes and hands are focused on the golden ring on my finger. I twirl it around and around until suddenly, "Luke Stephens!" I will be a tribute. I know the best way for me to survive is to ally with the Careers; if only they'll accept me. Wait, what am I thinking? Of course, they'll accept me! I'm the best! I have the most potential to be a victor. And when I am, I will come right back home and ask out Felicity McDevon, the most beautiful girl in Panem and my future lover.

Vanessa Cote: I watch a butterfly flutter past. I smile and try to catch it, but, of course, miss. My smile fades when I, again, realise where I am, The Reaping. "Vanessa Cote!" I was too lost in my imaginary safe place to hear the rest of the speech and videos.

Asper Bell: I was watching the escort call the female names. I was watching her lips move, but her voice wasn't my main focus. I was looking at her eyes. There was something not right about them. I strained my vision and then saw it. She had a glass eye! It shined unnaturally like glass and rolled off to the side momentarily. I wonder how many people in the Capitol have glass eyes. Is it a thing of fashion or something necessary? "Asper Bell!" The shouting of my name interupted my train of thoughts.

Pine Cherry: I stood at the edge of the tiny pond. I had built a tree house with my friends in a tree's branches that hang high above it. My clothes sat on a log behind me. I drew a breath. I need to get over my fear of water. I mean, what I'm picked for the Games and it's a bunch of islands that you need to swim back and forth from? I exhaled. I sucked in one more time and held it in. I plunged into the icy water. I felt something wrap around my leg. I could barely get my head back above the water. I felt a searing pain and the water turned red around me. I screamed underwater, silent to everyone above the surfance, but ear shattering to me. Please, someone come. Please, anyone! I got my face above water for a split second and wasted my chance for breath screaming. I was underwater. I was done fighting. I was gonna drown. Suddenly, two strong arms wrapped around me and seized me. They lifted me out of the water and untangled me. I was limp and it was all I could do to keep my heart beating. Whoever it was started pumping my chest and giving me mouth to mouth. Then, I coughed and the water spurted out. My vision cleared up and I saw who it was. Clay! My best friend in the whole world! I got a burst of energy and threw myself at him. I greatfully embraced him; he had saved my life! My leg was still burning and stinging and the cut wass severe, but I am alive. I bent down and picked out the sliver of glass and then I started making these little insane noises. I laughed and cried at the same time. I was terrified inside, but so happy to still be alive. Suddenly, I was aware of my bare body. My eyes got big and I retreated. I ran and ducked behind the log. Clay laughed and smiled a little bit. He's such an idiot! "Well, turn around!" I shout. He covers his eyes and spins away. I pull on my clothes and then tell him he can look again. He stretches his arms apart. Why? Then, I remember; it's Reaping Day. He's worried about me. I am even more terrified of being a tribute than water. I run to him and let him squeeze me again. Then, we go to the Square, hand in hand. I get there just in time to hear my name. I am a tribute.

Tyson Ashford: The escort rambles on and on. I run my fingers along the brim of my cowboy hat over and over again. Then, the world seems to freeze when my name is called. I am momentarily stunned, but don't let it slow me down. I am cool and confident. Cool and confident. I'm not scared. I'm not scared. I take the stage, "Howdy," I say into the microphone. I hear my voice amplified, "Wow, do I really sound that southern?" Everyone laughs, exactly what I was gooin' for. Charm. Anyway, I remove my hat and bow to the escort. I hate her, but I need sponsors. I want to show her some real Southern hospitality. I can win these. I've learned a lot in this District. I can win. I can win. I can win. Charm.

Jane Sky: I sigh. Time for the female tribute's name. "Jane Sky!" My knees tremble. Suddenly, I lift my head and stick my shoulders out. I need an image and it can't be weak and vulnerable. I am sneaky, sharp, and a troublemaker. I am a victor. I will win. I will win. I will win.

John Madrick: I make faces at the escort. He keeps getting distracted and stumbling with his words. I pop up all throughout the croud and make a little duck noise, just loud enough to make him look at me. Suddnely, he yells into the mic. "You! I need your name!" I march to the stage boldy and spit in the crowd. Then, I say my name. The escort snarls, "Well, John Madrick, you're the tribute!" I laugh and push the Reaping glasses over. I am a tribute and the Capitol now hates me. Could I be in a better position?

Quinoa Soal: The Reaping has started. I can't bear to fully explain it in detail, but I will say that I was drawn as the female tribute and I nearly fell into hysterics, but I played it off strongly. I won't be that bad of a a tribute... I don't think.

Denver Mayor: I watch an 18 year old called as tribute. He had to be rolled up on a wheel chair, because he was paralyzed from waist down. I felt too bad for him and decided to, besically, commit suicide in his place. I volunteered for him.

Kayleigh Pigtunia: The Peacekeepers and Escort looked at me with pity as I took the stage as the female tribute. Nobody volunteered and I don't care. If I got such pity from Capitol people, I can't imagine how hard it would be for even Careers to kill me in the arena! I hold in my laugh and push out tears instead.

Cow Massett: That poor little girl. I can't believe nobody volunteered for her. I know she has older sisters that could volunteer, but apparently they don't enough about her. I barely know her, but already I would give my life for her. I take the stage as the male tribute. I volunteered so I could protect her.

Bayleaf Magnolia: I didn't try to hide my tears when I was picked as tribute. I was devasted and broken beyond repair when my name was called. I dropped to my knees on stage and went mad. I sobbed and threw a tantrum. I tried to shove the escort off stage so the Peacekeepers carried me away. I am in a locked room until I am to be brought to the Capitol under total survelance.

Fabeae Vicia: I run backstage when my name is called as tribute. I didn't want anyone to see my face or know I cried.

Layla Cypress: I awoke early to fix food for my brothers. I was startled when I got into the kitchen and saw someone already there. I gasped and then realised it was my older brother, Sam. Mother is helping Widow Lauren wash clothes and Father is already in the mines. "Where's the others?" Logan and Darren left with their girlfriends early this morning and the rest are still in bed. I'm the only one in the age group to enter the Reapings so I'm the only one who goes. Sam looked at me, "You do so much for us and you're taking all the tesserae today, so I thought I'd do breakfast this morning." Our family really doesn't need tesserae, but Sam and I rotated years of who would take tesserae so we could give it to the poorer people of the district. They loved it and we refused reward. This year and every year after would be my year for tesserae, because Sam is now 19 and can't sign up anymore. and I won't let my younger brothers increase their chance of death. I grab simply and orange from the big feast Sam prepared and call the rest of my brothers to breakfast. I leave once they're all dressed. I hug each of them as they walk past. I like to be at the Square early so I can help clean up for the Reaping. Sam stops me at the door and demands one more hug just incase. I accept and let him pick me up and spin me. Then, I head to the Square. I get there and help set up for about two hours and then get my bloodsample taken and I stand in my designated area. I watch the videos and then listen for the female tribute's name. "Layla Cypress!" I gasp and my eyes get big. I become momentarily frozen with fear. The Peacekeepers are ordered to get me on stage, but don't do it roughly, because they are rather fond of me. All I can think is, 'Sam, take care of them. You're the only one who is able to always be there for them. It'll be okay.' I repeat those sentences over and over.

Griffin Crone: At the Reaping, I made eye contact with a stuck-up snob from my year at school. She hates me and that's why I like her I am flirting with her the entire time until my name is called as tribute. I blow her a kiss as I take the stage and yell, "I will win for you Veroncia!" Of course, I know I can't win, but i had to throw that int here.

Serena Armstrong: I mocked the videos, the Peacekeepers, the other potential tributes,a nd the escort. I got so caught up in my own rude jokes that I was caught off guard when my name was called as tribute.

Drake Mordan: I watched Serena Armstrong mock everything and it was actually kinda funny. She looked startled when they called her name. I laughed out loud. Then my name was called, too and the grin was wiped right off of my face.

District, Name, & Gender Parade Costumes Interview Costumes

District 1-

Poppy Stone (Female)

Male: A hot pink unitard. He has a dark purple blazer. White angel wings with purple glitter. He has diamonds glued to his face and a bright blue, feathery headdress. He wears a golden choker and matching belt with amythysts dotting it.

Female: A super skinny dress that touches the floor. It id the same shade of pink as the male's unitard. She has a dark purple blazer. On her back are white angel wings with purple glitter. There are diamonds decorating her face. A bright blue, feathery headdress sits upon her head. She has on a golden choker and a matching belt with amythiysts dottting it.

Male: Dressy jeans with a hot pink dress jacket.

Female: A dark, purple dress that is fairly fitted. She has on the same golden belt and choker as the one she wore on in the parade.

District 2-

Rosemary Silverado (Female)

The tributes stand proudly on the chariot, clad in the finest golden armor and helmet fit for the Greek god of masonry himself, Hephaestus. Each carrying a sword high, proudly. Both proud of their district.

Male: A warm red tux.

Female: A short, red, mini dress that shows off her fiery nature.

District 3-

Trish Wooden (Male)

Male: A mask on his face that is black with glowing green wires. He has on a solid black unitard that radiates a blue light.

Female: Her hair in a ponytail. A mask that is black with glowing pink wires. She has on a solid black unitard that radiates a purple light.

Male: A solid black tux with a glowing, green tie.

Female: A solid black dress that is super short. She has a pink ribbon ties around her neck.

District 4-

Aqua Aquilla (Female)

Male: A dark blue full body suit that flows and changes colors like light under the ocean. He looks just like an area of water deep under the ocean.

Female: An identical outfit to the male except she has giant hoop earringts that are silver.

Male: An ocean blue suit with a crisp, white undershirt and bowtie

Female: A short, layered, flowy dress that is coral blue and is covered in sparkles.

District 5-

Clover Recipe (Male)

Male: Pants and a shirt that meet with a giant, thick, purple. The entire outfit starts a dull gray color, but as the chariot gets further down the runway, the color shifts to green, to pink, to blue, to purple, to yellow.

Female: Same as the male, but instead of pants, a long and flowy skirt.

Male: A navy blue tuxedo. A tie patterned with lightening bolts that glow.

Female: A simple, uniform dress that is very, very thick and formal. It goes just past her knees in a perfect line. She has her hair up in a curly updo ontop of her head.

District 6- Pier Fondue (Male)

Male: A skin-tight, baby blue unitard with pictures of trains, planes, cars, trucks, etc. decorating it.

Female: Exact same outfit as male.

Male: A baby blue suit with the same color undershirt and bowtie.

Female: A pale pink ball gown with faded purple ruffles.

District 7-

Bethia Kyndell (Female)

Male: A long, white tunic (like Greek gods wear) with a golden rope belt. He wears dark green sandels. His hair is covered in golden glitter. He has vines wrapping up his arms and legs and neck. He has a leafy headdress on.

Female: A short, wrapped dress that looks similar to the tunic on the male. She has a golden belt and vines with pink flowers wrapping up her arms, legs, and neck. She has a leafy headdres with small, multi-colored flowers. Her hair is full of pink and purple glitter.

Male: Black dress pants and a nice shirt with green shapes that change shades magically.

Female: A dress with a fitted and ruffly top, but a flowy, layered bottom. Her dress changes shades of green like the sun shining through a shifting canopy of tree leaves. Her hair is in an elaborate, braided updo.

District 8-

Sparkle Sunshine (Female)

Male: Red, velvet pants and a denimn jacket with golden polkadots on the pockets.

Female: A red, velvet, strapless dress that goes to her ankles. It has golden ruffles at the top

Male: A denimn suit.

Female: A denimn dress with gems decorating her skin.

District 9-

Norma Drizzle (Female)

Male: A grain colored suit with the District 9 seal stamped all over it.

Female: The same as the male, but in a really long dress.

Male: A grain colored suit.

Female: A grain colored gown with her hair tied up in ribbons that look like stalks of grain.

District 10-

Yolanda (Female)

Male: A rancher's outfit and with flaming accents.

Female: Rancher's outfit with flaming accents. Hair is braided with wheat weaved through it.

Male:A silver tux and 10 earrings in one ear. Hair tips have glittery, silver dye.

Female: A silver dress and on each finger a ring with a different gemstone on it. Hair is straightened with silver streaks.

District 11-

Golden Hart (Male)

Male: A dark green dress-like costume. The bottom of it stretches all around him and cornstalks come from the bottom and hide all of him from chin down.

Female: Same as the male.

Male: A dark green tux with a sky blue tie.

Female: A dress that is dark green at the bottom and slowly fades to sky blue, the further up you get.

District 12-

Maya Covered (Female)

Male: A baker's outfit with an apron.

Female: Knee-length. leather boots. Ripped jeans. A navy blue v-neck t-shirt. A replica of Katniss' father's hunting jacket

Male: A black suit with flaming accents just like Peeta's.

Female: A long red dress. Her hair is done like Katniss' was. Fiery gems decorate her shoulders. When she spins, artificial flames engulf the bottom of her dress.

District 13-

Kelly Gilchrist (Male)

Male: A black unitard with longsleeves. Rhinestones cover the ankles of the suit and the arms.

Female: A skinny, long-sleeve dress that is very short. Rhinestones are scattered over the neck and shoulders of the dress. She has onsilver wedge-heels with straps that wrap up her arms.

Male: A black tuxedo with a glittery, silver bowtie.

Female: A glittery, silver dress that is strapless and really short.

Tribute Parade

District 1: "Wow, look at District 1! The male, Blake Monror looks fashionable hot pink unitard. He has a dark purple blazer. White angel wings with purple glitter. He has diamonds glued to his face and a bright blue, feathery headdress. He wears a golden choker and matching belt with amythysts dotting it. I love this! Such a luxurius costume for the luxury district! This outfit definately creates emphasis on the magesty of the district and their products. The incredible products, beverages, food, furniture, gems! Oh my goodness! Look at the female's! She is attractive in her fitted gown! Yes, yes! She has on an incredibley skinny dress that touches the floor. It is the same shade of pink as the male's unitard! I love the coordination with the two's costumes! She has a dark purple blazer and on her back is white angel wings with purple glitter. There are glistening diamonds decorating her face. A bright blue, feathery headdress sits upon her perfectly curled hair. She has on a golden choker, like the male's, and a matching belt with amythysts dotting it. Their stylist is genious! She might have to design my clothes some time!"

District 2: Not too bad on the stylists part. I love the personality! Such cleverness on the idea of basing their costumes on the god of masonry. Ooh, I love it! Creative and clever, exactly the kinda thing that attracts sponsors! Just delightful! They look so storng and fierce as the District 2 tributes always do! Marvelous!

District 3: Both tributes style a mask with glowing wires, pink on the female and green on the male. Oh, again! Both tributes in identical unitards, but with different colored glowing wires! Oh, I just adore how clearly this outfits represents the duties of District 3! I love how the wires are so intricately crossed to show the complexity of what the people do in District 3! Simply stunning!

District 4: More matching! Both tributes wear dark blue full body suits with large, thin, coral streamers and that flow and changes colors like light under the ocean. An eery blue spotlight is following them. Oh my goodness. I am in total awe. My eyes will not leave them. I just wish I could accurately describe the beauty of these costumes. Even the matching isn't bad in this case. Since they are standing so close together, they look like one area in the ocean near a coral reef. This is just stunning. I can't believe what I am seeing! How clearly this represents the ocean and its currents! I must say it again, they look just like an area of water deep under the ocean! Incredible!

District 5: The male wears trousers and a shirt that meet with a giant, thick, purple belt. The female has on a similar outfit, but instead of trousers, she has a long, flowy skirt that dances in the slight breeze that follows their chariot. The design is very flattering, but the color is a disgrace! It is so dull! So, so,..gray! It's one, solid gray color, except for their bekts which are, actually, a stunning splash of color. Oh.. oh! Wait a moment! The color of their costume is shifting! The color is changing! It's green! Now, it's pink! Now, it's blue! Now purple! Oh, my goodness! It's a rainbow! The beginning was rather slow, but now I am seeing the true, shall I say, true colors of their district!

District 6: Oh, oh, oh no! No, no, no, no! I can't believe how hideous this is. Oh, my. Please. Shut off the camera! I can't stand another second of this fashion disgrace! They both are clothes in a skin-tight, baby blue unitard with pictures of trains, planes, cars, trucks, and other transportation methods scattered over it in an unflattering patter. This is awful.

District 7: Wow, this is rather unique. It is definately better than District 6's costumes. The male dresses in a long, white tunic, like Greek gods were said to where, with a golden rope belt. He wears dark green sandels that shift to a lighter shade of green, back to the original dark gren.. His hair is covered in a fabulous golden glitter. He has vines wrapping up his arms and legs and neck. He has a leafy headdress on. He looks like a tree god. I can definately see where the stylist was going with this. Ooh, I almost forgot the female! How could I? She has a short, wrapped dress that looks similar to the tunic on the male. She has a golden belt around her waist and vines with pink flowers wrapping up her arms, legs, and neck. She has a leafy headdres with small, multi-colored flowers. Her hair is full of pink and purple glitter. This might be one of my favorite costumes so far...maybe.

District 8: Oh, look at all of those different fabrics. The costume designs are so simple, but the fabrics are complex and varied to such perfection! The male has on velvet pants and a denim jacket with golden polkadots on the pockets.The gorgeus female has a red, velvet, strapless dress that goes to her ankles. It has golden ruffles at the top. They are both beautiful in the simple designs, but different fabrics. I love this!

District 9: Oh, this may be too simple. I'm not sure this was the best choice by their stylist. Oh, oh, no. The male has on a grain colored suit with the District 9 seal stamped all over it. These almost look like 21st century pajamas! Oh, my goodness, no! The female has on a really long dress that is made of a thick, grain colored fabric. It, too, has the District 9 seal all over it.

District 10: This outfit may be over doing it again in simplicity. They both wear a rancher's outfit and with flaming accents. The only difference is the female's hair has glittery grain weaved through it. I must admit, the grain in her hair is very creative and attractive and the flames do look very realistic. Almost like something from Cinna.

District 11: Oh, wow! Where are the tributes? All I see is corn stalks rising from the floor of the chariot. Wait a moemnt, what is that? Is that them? The cornstalks are shortening and they are peeking over the top of them. Goodness, this is very advanced! This is just so astonishing! How was this made? I am in total awe. I know this is the most complex, fascinating costume I have EVER seen!

District 12: Ooh, this is going to hurt them greatly. I can't beleive the stylist did this. They are going to be in big trouble with President Ivory! The male wears baker's outfit with an apron, like Peeta wore when he worked in the bakery. The female has on knee-length, leather boots, ripped jeans, and a navy blue v-neck t-shirt. She, also, has on a replica of Katniss' fatehr's hunting jacket. Why would there stylist dress them like two of the Capitol's greatest enemies? This can't be good for them in the arena. This is my least favorite costume, it reminds me of Panem's darkest times.

District 13: Oh, this is better! The male has on a black unitard with long sleeves. Rhinestones cover the ankles of the suit and the arms of the suit. The female wears a skinny, long-sleeve dress that is very short. Rhinestones are scattered over the neck and shoulders of the dress. She has on silver wedge-heels with straps that wrap up her arms. Pretty!

Private Training Sessions and Scores

Jade Gemstone: She strut into the room when her name was called. she wasn't wearing the assigned outfit. Instead, she dressed in a mid-thigh length dress that was really fitted and was sleevless. It was cherry red and she had golden earrings. She did a runway walk the length of the room and waved like a princess. She twirled a few times and finally, she picked up a few knives. She threw them and they all stuck on the target. Two of the three stuck on the bullseye. Then, she grabbed more and threw them with the exact same outcome. Next, she did her super model/princess walk out of the training room.

Score: 6

Blake Monror: He walked into the room and gave a confident nod to the Gamemakers. He smiled as he picked up a spear. He played with it and twirled it for a moment. Then, he carefully weighed it and hurled it at the target. He grabbed another instantly and threw that one as well. Then, another, Then, another. He was in rapid fire mode. He shot about seven of them before he stopped. He had barely broken a sweat. He looked at where the spears landed. Five hit the bullseye, but the other two totally missed it and stuck the the wall right below the Gamemaker's platform. He cursed under his breath. He thinks he could do so much better. He nearly killed the Gamemakers, and therefor, he nearly killed himself.

Score: 8

Cody Pepper: She flipped and back bent into the room, all the way to the bow and arrow station. Then, she fingered across each bow and picked the one with the tightest string and wooden frame. She knew she could dominate with this one. Cody set up with a quiver on her back. She took just a moment to aim and shot it. As soon as the arrow was released. she stuck her hand and grabbed it's side. She did that three more times to show her quick reflexes. Then, she shot for real. She took a deep breath and let the arrow fly. It missed. Her stomach tied itself in a knot, but she was determined to get a high score. She aimed again and took a microsecond longer to aim. Then, she released. You couldn't even see it in the air. You just heard the THWACK of it hitting the target. It hit in the middle of the middle. She grinned and didn't hesitate to load and shoot six more. Every single on stuck in the bullseye. A few arrows were so spot on that they split the wood in another arrow. Cody decided to shoot some more difficult targets. She told the Avox to throw some tiny, rubber balls into the air. She aimed and shot three of the four out of the air. Cody knew she did incredible. She knew she was 0.001 of a point from perfect. Of course, she did incredible now, but this wouldn't happen in the arena. She would't be able to do this when her life depended on it; she would be too nervous and jittery. Cody knew she wouldn't be as exeptional in the arena, but that was a few days ahead; she needed to focis on know.

Score: 12

Caleb Rickzz: I walk in with a confident half-grin on my face. It's the face eevryone falls for. I lift my eyebrows when the Gamemakers stare at me. I close both of my eyes and turn around with a sword in my hand. I throw it over my shoulder. I gran another and throw it. I can't see them, but I hear them sticking in soemthing. I repeat this about seven times, before I turn around and look at my results. None of them stuck! I snarl and stomp out. I can't beleive I did that. IDIOT!

Score: 3

Meg Bolts: I walk in and can't wipe the nervous smile form my face. I really don't wanna mess up. I decide to play it safe. I go to the camo station and paint my entire body into a perfect tree. Then, I leave. The paint is hardening so I am stiff, but I am still able to backbend all the way out the door.

Score: 4

Cyber Bytes: I walk in and see a pile of old parts on a table. Oh, this is perfect! I build a gun that shoots metal bullets. I built it in record time. Then, I hand it to a Peacekeeper and walk out.

Score: 11

Aqua Mirabilis: I go in and see a pool in the corner. I do a bunch of laps in much less than a minute. Much less than a minute. That must've been impressive. Then, I grab a trident and throw it. It sticks perfect in the head of a dummy. AWESOME! I totally rocked that! I walk out confidently.

Score: 5

Stephen Midland: I swagger in and give a charming nod in the direction of a lady gamemaker. She swoons. I know my eyes just sparkled, the way they always do when I get a lady's attention. I pretend to become mesmerized by her. Then, shake my head as if finally remembering what I am here for. She sighs as she stares at me with a lovey dovey, stupid expression. I laugh in my charming way and then grab a knife. I purposely cut my finger a little and sharply inhale. "Oh!" the woman cries. She flies down to me and looks at my finger. She rushes me out of the room and gets immediate attention. My finger is fully healed within the hour. I know she will persuade them to give me a decent score. And I was right.

Score: 10

Dysterin Braine: The first thing I see is weapons. Weapons, weapons, weapons. Weapons, which I'm not good with. Then, I see a plant identification quiz. Perfect! I smile and finish the station really quickly. They excuse me. I leave. I don't seem to impressive. Do I?

Score: 4

Luke Stephens: I strut in and politely curtsy to the Gamemakers. I viciously charge at an unsuspecting Peacekeeper and wrestly him to the ground. then, I pick up a bow and shot six arrows at once. They hit the bullseye. every single one of them.

Score: 12

Vanessa Cote: When I go in, I set a very complicated snare that is powered by a chain reaction. I order them to release a small animal, a squirrel. They do and the squirrel is trapped and unharmed within five seconds. Then, I start a fire very quickly and cartwheel out of the room. I hope I'm remembered.

Score: 7

Asper Bell: I walk in and notice a stain on the Head Gamemaker's shirt. I fight the urge to point it out, but my insticts overrule. I try to point it out as politely as possible, but she's still offended. I am harshly excused and shoved out of the room.

Score: 1

Pine Cherry: I walk in and a see a pool in the corner of the room. I hold my breath and jump in. I need to prove to myself that I can do it. I start paddling and suddenly... I sink. My eyes are open and I'm only under for a moment, before Peacekeepers lift me out. They give me a towel and shove me out of the room. I collapse right outside of the door and cry. I had to try ti. I'm just an idiot. I knew I couldn't do it, but I tried anyway. I basically killed myself right there. I will have absolutely no sponsors and my mentor will probably give up on me. I am dead.

Score: 2

Tyson Ashford: I walk in and clumsily trip. "Sorry, I'm just a bit, uh, nervous." I say to the Gamemakers. "It's all okay son, we saw your Reaping, we know your not usually like that. We know how you'll do." I smile, glade they know my actutal potential. I can do better when my life depends on it. Everyone does, right? I smile and grab two axes, one in each hand. I throw them at the same time and they both stick right in the chests f two dummies. I smile and tip my hat to the Gamemakers.

Score: 10

Jane Sky: I sneak in while they aren't paying attention. I hide in the shadows. "Jane Sky!" I yell. They all look around i hear mumbles and "Where is she"'s. I laugh and step out. They all laugh and excuse me before I even got to show my skills with swords. I sigh and drag my feet as I walk out. At least they didn't look offended. Well, one of them did: the Head Gamemaker.

Score: 6

John Madrick: I go in and see a line of fancy, metal clubs. I grab one and throw it. It decapitates one dummy and then the one behind it, too! I laugh and bow. Then, I line four dummies, one behind the other. And throw another club. It decapitates all of them. I exit. Wow, that impressed even me.

Score: 8

Quinoa Soal: I dance intot he room, just to be sure they noticed me and then do a really cool flip that my best friend taught me to do. I laugh and then do several more. then, I dance and flip some more. I got a little carried away and the Gamemakers got annoyed. "Get out!" The Head Gamemaker yelled. I nervously crawled out the door into the hallway where I cursed out a bunch of Peacekeepers.

Score: 2

Denver Mayor: I walk in and sit in a corner. I see a really neat wire on a table. It's really long so I can reach it form where I am sitting. I get it and bend it into a bunch of different shapes. I laugh and a bunch of big men come and carry me out. I guess my time is over.

Score: 1

Kayleigh Pigtunia: She walked in with confidence, but not enough to make her seem arrogant. She looked at an avox, "Throw a few knives at me. Don't hold back. I can dodge them." The avox reared back and shot about fourteen of them at her wihtout hesitation. Kayleigh was a bit surprised at the avox's quick arm. Kayleigh dodged 13 knives. Here comes the 14th. She jumped out of the way, but is skinned her arm. "Ow!" A Peacekeeper came and ushered her out of the room and the avox sunk back into the shadows.

Score: 10

Cow Massett: He walked in the room with his head down. He isn't usually this nervous and doubting, but he was extremely anxious about his Private Training. He knows he's decent, but he's never been tested by anyone but himself. Anyway, he goes all the way to the spear station and picks two up in each hand. He throws it as hard as he can. Then, he throws them simotaneausly and three of the four hit the bullseye. the other falls short. This embarasses him and his emotions have had enough. He darts out of the room and waits impatiantly for his score.

Score: 7

Bayleaf Magnolia: She walks in and nervously waves at the Gamemakers. Nobody waves back and she nearly cries. She's not normally this emotional, but ever since the Reapings she's been really sensitive. She is suddenly angry and the anger lights somehting inside of her. She needs a high score. She needs to show them everything. Bayleaf grabs a dart gun and aims it at the Peacekeeper. She hears footsteps behind her and knows there are more guards behind her. She picks up another and aims it over her shoulder. the footsteps stop and she looks. They have layed down their weapons and are staring at her wide-eyed. She nearly laughs. She shoots the dart gun at the single Peacekeeper and he falls over, not dead only stunned. He should be fine, but the others fight up enough courage to pull he rout of the room. I know the Gamemakers will give me a high score. It'll attract sponsors, but make me a target in the arena

Score: 11

Fabeae Vicia: He walks in and grabs a whip. He knows what he's going to do ,but he hopes it's enough to impress the Gamemakers. He picks up the whip and cracks it a few times to get the Gamemaker's attention. He pulls a pack of raw, hard noodles from his pocket. He knew what he was going to do, so he had come prepared. Fabeae throws a single noodle in the air and cracks it in perfect halves with his whip. He repeated this until the pack was empty. Then he looked at the Gamemakers and he had lost all of their attention.

Score: 5

Layla Cypress: I planned to stick to things like, climbing, maybe show off my Cypress family brawl earned skills by wrestling a dummy. I'll probably show how well I can swim. Then spend the last of my time, working on the edible plants station. Those were my plans and I did just that.

Score: 7

Griffin Crone: I go in and grab a bunch of knives. I don't want to attract too much attention from other tributes, but I want sponsors. I'm going for something like a 8. I throw the first three knives and they stick in the heart. I purposely miss the dummy with the second two. Then I aim for a perfect throw. I aim for a nanosecond and then let it fly. I close my eyes so I'm surprised. I hear THWACK! That didn't sound like a dummy! I open them and see it lodged in the wall right beside a Peacekeeper's neck. He is staring at it wide-eyed. I am excused. Please don't hate me. Please don't hate me.

Score: 6

Serina Armstrong: I immediately go to a spear station. It's my best weapon, though I'm still not incredible with it. Then, the Gamemakers stop me and tell me to try with a trident. I grab it and throw it the best I can. I completely misses the dummy. I hear disappointed sighs from the Gamemakers, but I try again. This time, it pins the dummies neck to the wall. I move faster. I do this over and over again. I think I did very well until I see the results. Some of the ones I thought I did perfectly on, weren't the best. The anxiety and nerves are messing up my focus.

Score: 6

Drake Mordan: I expected to impress everyone. I thought the Careers would accept me, but they turned me down, because the boy from 5 was better. I am so depressed that I don't even try to do well in Private Training.

Score: 2

The Interview Host

The interview host for these Games will be Piper Bristol. Piper is a female who was extremely sad when the Games were cancelled in President Leise's time, but she eventually saw how cruel and barbaric the Games really were. That realization made her want to be the interview host when the Games started again with President Ivory. She felt that as interview host she could help encourage the tributes and keep them as hopeful and optimistic as possible.

She tries to be as fantastic as Caeser Flickerman and she exceeds beyond expectations. She is wonderful and can coax a conversation out of almost any tribute. She only makes jokes at her own expense and puts a positive spin on anything the tribute says. She always puts on her most stunning smile while she is on stage so the tributes feel more welcome. Piper always says the right thing at the right time. She is a perfect host.

Piper has long, wavy hair that is brown and has pink, purple, and blue highlights. She is actually pretty, in a way. Her eyes are a deep blue, and she has long eyelashes with tiny butterflies scattered over them. She wears purple eyeshadow and lipstick. Piper dresses in a long, white, sleeveless gown with a purple belt around her waist.


Jade Gemstone: I walk onto the stage, showcasing the brilliance of my stylist and of course myself. The dress is, definately, simpler than I'm used to, but it is very flattering and displays my body magnificently! Oh, I'm just incredible in anything. I princess wave to the croud. "Hello!" cries Piper, "Don't you look just stunning in your dress!" "Oh, I know I'm gorgeaus!" Piper agrees with sincere compassion. "Oh, I just adore your shoes! Are they Silver Swan Boutique?" I'm not to sure what that is! It must be some big Capitol brand. I can't believe there is a shoe brand I don't know about! I suddenly start to sob into my hands and when I come up for air, my mascara is smeared! The audience is staring at me with sympathy. They must understand the embarassment of being so fabulous like me and not knowing a popular brand! Suddenly, a man from the audience steps onto the stage with a tissue. I dry my eyes and wipe the mascara from them. I'm beautiful again. Piper ignores what just happened and tries to carry on the interview, but she is interupted by the buzzer. Oh no, time's up and I didn't do anything, but sob and- and- and- appear to be incredibley sweet and fashion revolving... just like them! Oh, this'll get me sponsors! They now see me as one of them!

Blake Monror: "Welcome, Blake!" says Piper as she pats my leg. "You know, I have a son named Blake and a daughter named Lilliana." I smile. She's made a connection with me! If she likes me, she'll male me look good and then sponsors will like me! I reply in the best way I can think of, "That's incredible. I bet they are beautiful children if they resemble you in the slightest way! Piper laughs and puts her hand to her chest, "You're so sweet." I smile and thank her. "So, Blake, are you prepared for the arena?" "Yes, Piper, I am very prepared!" Oh, I just realised that I responded the same way that idiot District 1 chick did in the 74th Games. I add, "I'm prepared, I'm vicious, I'm ready to go." There, that was how that Cato kid responded. He was incredible. He was loved by sponsors and he was a serious competetor. "Of course you are physically ready, but how are you emotionally?" I have to consider this before answering. I start of thoughtully, "I think I am prepared." I stop myself. that sounded weak so I correct myself, "No, I know I'm prepared." She smiles. "Physically and emotionally," I add. "Incredible!" she says. I can't wait to see you in action when you're in the arena. She asks me more about what I'll do when I get home (if I win, of course), and we go on about that until thhe buzzer sounds. I kiss her hand before leaving the stage.

Cody Pepper: I stand, waiting with the other morons that I will have to share an arena with. I'm not scared, just twenty five people that have to die, for me to become a victor. That's when I hear my name, "From District 2, Cody Pepper!" I walk out in the little red dress that Rosemary chose out for me. I feel like a fool. I've never worn a dress in my life, and she puts this hideous thing on me. As soon as I'm on the stage - careful not to fall and break my neck in these stupid shoes, I sit down on the chair beside Piper. She smiles at me, I do not smile back. "How was it to be chosen as a tribute, and get to come here - this fine city," Piper said, gesturing big at 'this fine city.' I shrug. "Eh, I guess it's better than staying at home." Some of the audience laugh. I shoot a glare in their direction, because I'm not here to be funny. "Since you scored so highly in the training, I bet you're already for the arena," Piper said. "Piper, I was born ready for this areana. I don't care what's in there. The place could be plastered with nightlock for all I care," I informed her. "That winner, is going to be me." "So eager!" Piper said, surprised. "Oi, perky, I ain't finished," I snapped. Piper giggled. "You think I'm perky? Thank you!" "It wasn't a compliment," I say. She doesn't take any notice. I look right at the camera. "District 2, see you soon. Get that house in Victor's Village ready for me." "Well, that is all we have time for! Good luck in the games," Piper said. "I don't need luck," I say, before I walk off the stage.

Caleb Rickzz: I use the same swagger to take the stage as I did when I walked into Private Training. I was hoping everyone would forget my pathetic score, but Piper rememeber and she brought it up, "Caleb, what happened in Private Training! You seem so capable and strong and steady! But a 3! Please, Caleb, tell us what happened!" I scowl at her. I can't believe she brought that up "Oh, I see. A touchy subject?" I continue to stare, but my expression relaxes a bit. "Alright, I'm sorry, I'm here to help you, not embarass you infront of everyone. 'Ya think!' That was my thought, but I didn't say it out loud, though. I've already dug my grave with the training score and that would be throwing myself in. Losing the Games would be tossing the dirt ontop. I sigh and apoligize for my rude reaction. She forgives me and we continue the interview with small talk. Nothing complicated and jaw-dropping like I had hoped, but it wasn't a disaster either.

Meg Bolts: Piper greets me warmly and I take a seat beside her. "Alright, Meg, uh, that is what you go by now, right?" "Yes Ma'am." "First, I simply must say how much I love your knew nickname, not that I didn't like your first name." I laughed, "Yea, I like it, too." Piper smiled, "Anyway, can you tell us if you are planning on having any allies and if so, who are they?" I have thought about this alot, but consider if I should answer. I decide to, I mean, how could it possibley hurt me in the arena, "No, Piper, I'm not having any allies." "Why on Earth not!" I grin at her shocked expression, "Because I'm just nervous. It is a fight to the death. If the numbers get low, they could easily kill me and I wouldn't be able to fight back, because I can't kill someone I was, or thought I was, close to." "Oh..." Her expression changes and she appears to be lost in her own mental word. I wonder what she's thinking. "Piper?" "Oh," she says again, but in a different tone. "Are you alright?" I ask her. "Sorry, I'm fine." She hesitates and then she's back to her regular self and seems to forget that entire awkward moment. "So, when you said they would just attack you when the tributes numbers are low, did you mean you don't trust anyone here?" "I guess I am..." Then, the buzzer rang and I ran off stage. I knew I had just put a target on my back. I hope I hadn't offended anyone too greatly.

Cyber Byte: I get onto the stage and Piper looks at me. My throat is dry and burning, and I try not to make it noticible how uncomfortable I am, but it's hard. As soon as I sit down, Piper sends an Avox to get me a cup of water, without even asking me. I watch the Avox run off stage and come back moments later with an iceless cup of water in hand. I start to shake and push the chair back as she nears me. My eyes get big when she reaches to hand it to me and I tense up. "What's the matter?" asks Piper. I am too terrified to speak so I just shake my head and lean away from the water. Piper instructs the Avox to take the water back and I finally relax when the cup is out of sight. "What was that about?" I take a deep breath and tell her about my irrational, but deadly fear of water. She tries to hold in a laugh and just when she's about to burst, the buzzer rings.

Aqua Mirabilis: I go out and sit down beside Piper. I smooth my dress and twirl a loose strand of hair around my finger. "Oh, I just adore your hair! It's just gorgeous!" Piper cried. I laugh and feel my cheecks turn red. "It's nothing compared to yours." I reply. Yeah, that was a decent reply. "No, definately not! Your's is so much better! It's fabulous!" I blush a deeper red. "Is it dyed or is that your natural color?" "It's my natural color. Neither of my parents have red hair. I'm not quite sure where the red came from." Piper is grinning from ear to ear. She reaches out pushes the strand of hair behind my ear. My face is burning hot with her comments and motherlike gesture. "So, what skills do you have that you think will help you in the arena?" "Well I'm pretty good with a trident and I can swim faster than anyone." I tried not to sound arrogant. "Oh, is that so?" I reply, "Yes, in fact, my mother used to call me Fish." She laughed and put her hand on my shoulder. She was about to say something, but was interupted by the buzzer.

Stephen Midland: I go onto the stage and freeze in my tracks. Oh, my God. I truly am impressed by the beauty of Piper. I never thought a Capitol woman could be attractive. "Hey," I say and I give her one of my dashing smiles that drive every woman crazy. I expect her to be speechless, but she waved back and intriduced herself. She told me how charming I was and then she asked me about Lacy Silverado. Who? "Who is she?" I ask. I immediately know that I shouldn't have said that by the expression of pure shock and disgust on her face. (incomplete)

Dysterin Braine: "So, Dysterin," Piper begins, "Everyone knows that you and Cyber Byte are inventors, correct?" "Yeah," I reply. "Wonderful, well, because of the personality similarity, are you two going to ally?" I nod my hair. "Oh, well, if you find yourself in a situation of where you must abandon him and, er, think about yourself, would you do it? How would you kill him... would you?" I am shocked. Why would she ask me this question? I lie when I reply, "I don't know if I personaly could kill him. I'd come up with some reason we would have to seperate." "Oh, so you wouldn't use any invention to take him out?" Honestly, I probably would, but that would sound cruel. I would lose his trust and I need it. I can't be alone unless I need too. "As I said before, I wouldn't be able to kill him, but I would know better than to kill myself." Piper nods. I add another sentence(s), "I hope he undrestands that I couldn't give my life for him. I hope he doesn't hate me. I'm sorry Cyber. It's just... it's just... the Games." I fake cry until the buzzer sounds. That was the best I could do.

Luke Stephens: I can tell by the look in Piper's eye that she is in awe. I know, I know. I'm beautiful! I smile and show my white and shining teeth. "Hey," I say in a boyish way, that drives every girl insane. Piper smooths her hair and grins at me. She just stares at me the whole time and she shakes off my attempts at conversation. When the buzzer rings, it throws her out fo daze and she jumps. "Oh, sorry, we're out of time! I'm so sorry! I would love to talk to you more!" We didn't even talk, I think. Anyway, I bend down and kiss her hand before leaving and she sharply inhaled as my lips brushed her hand. I walk of thinking, If Piper was impressed, everyone was impressed.

Vanessa Cote: The entire interview, I am trying to find that safe place in my head that I was in during the Reaping. I want to go back. It was warm and sunny and it was bright. All times seems to stand still. The sun never sits over my land. It's the place that is jolly no matter what is going on. Suddenly, the buzzer sounds and I am, sadly, back in the miserable and sorrowful piece of time we call today.

Asper Bell: Piper smiles at me and welcomes me to the stage. Her teeth are pearly white and flawless except for a bit of cherry red lipstick on her front tooth. It's not a lot, but it's enough to bother me. Oh, my God! What is it with these Capitol people and their minor flaws that are just so annoying! Uggh!

Pine Cherry: Piper welcomes me and I join her smiles. I avoid eye contact. "What's wrong?" I shake my head as if to say, 'Nothing.' She smiles and tells me she understands. I look up slowly and smile back. "So, Pine Cherry," she grins, "what a fascinatig name! It is so unique and matches your district!" I smile. Piper pauses and looks at me as if she expected a reply, but I don't know how to reply. Suddenly, I get really dizzy and sick on my stomach, so I run offstage and end up vomiting all over the escort.

Tyson Ashford: I slowly approached the chair next to Piper Bristol. She smiled at me and welcomed me to the Games. She smiled. "So Tyson, how was it?" She pauses and then adds, "Being chosen as a tribute that is." I smoothly answered. "It was great. I believe I can win and bring pride to my district, and to the Capitol for setting up such a wonderful Games." She laughed. "Such a wonderful young man." I smiled, and in a southern accent I replied. "And such a darlin' young woman to be seen with." She smiled and blushed, "Why, thank you." I winked and continued my accent but with a deeper exaggeration, "My pleasure." I pretend to hesitate and then say, "You're just prettier than one of them there bundles of roses. I simply am speechless!" She smiled again. We continued ramling on compliments back and forth and the occasional one from me to the audience. Soon, she said to the, "Such a charming young man, but I am afraid that his time is up." I thanked her and the Capitol once more, and then I exited the stage.

Jane Sky: Piper grins stupidly (like all Capitol people do) and I give her a quick smile with just my lips. Piper comments on how incredible I look. "It's very flattering," she says. I ignore her comments. I just smile and answer her questions as simply as posssible. I know that the sponsors already know I am a troublemaker... or so they think.

John Madrick: "Are you going to do your interview?" I whisper to Drake. He shakes his head, "Naw, it's just another chance to embarass the tirbutes. That means I'm not doing it either. When the Peacekeepers start trying to push me on stage, I kick and fight and cuss in their face. They look taken aback and step away slowly. They send more people to drag me back to my room, but I scream and shout and fight and curse even more. Even they step back. That's when I notice the cameras on my and a replay of what just happened on a screen. Apparently, I did do my interview, but without the host. That was actually better than what I could do onstage. It showed the sponsors that I'm independent and can definately put up a fight.

Quinoa Soal: Man, I hate publicly speaking. It's so embarassing. I try to be simple in my responses, but stil lsound string. I beleive that I succeeded.

Denver Mayor: I play with my bracelet the entire interview and don't even acknowledge Piper. Her voice was like a distant rattling in the back of my head.

Kayleigh Pigtunia: "Hi darling!" Piper squeeled as I walked on stage. "How cute!" she said. I roll my eyes and try to keep my cool. But, then she continues to call me 'Sweetie' and I lose it. I scream in her face and stomp offstage. She can't make eveyrone think I am weak, dependant on others, and vulnerable. I will not be an easy target.

Cow Massett: I saw Kayleigh's interview. Oh, she just basically killed herself in the arena. Now, the Gamemakers will hate her. She flipped off their precious host. My only idea is too take the attention off of Kayleigh. I stomp onstage like I'm drunk and spat in Piper's hair. She seems revolted. I laugh and slap my leg. She stares at me with an expression that suggests a bad taste in her mouth. I laugh harder until tears sprout. Then, I take the bag that sits at her side and toss it to the audience. As the buzzer rings, I flip a chair and skip offstage. There, that should do it.

Bayleaf Magnolia: Piper is cleaning spit out of her hair with a handkerchief when I take the stage. She just raves on and on about how rude Cow and Kayleigh were. Finally, she cools off and starightens out, but the buzzer has already rang.

Fabeae Vicia: It's so hard to appear strong and competetive when Piper keeps saying how adorable I am and won't stop hugging me. I eventually give up trying to look like the one to beat and start playing up the cute little, innocent baby angle. It works pretty well, because by the time, I leave the stage, half of the audience and Piper is crying for me.

Layla Cypress: I stand, waiting, watching, wondering. So many others have gone before me. All that's left, is me, Griffin and boy and girl from 13. I don't know their names. I feel stunningly beautiful. The dress is amazing, most likely worth more than the whole seam. For a moment, I feel guilty that my family is probably at home, crying for me, and I'm stood there looking amazing. I hope that I won't be punished by the game keepers, for wearing the same dress as the legendary Katniss Everdeen.I hear my name, "Next is Layla Cypress!" I walked onto the stage, Piper's smiling face is reassuring. I sit down in the seat, with a smile on my face, hoping that seeing me healthy and well fed will give my family comfort. "Welcome, Layla... and must I say, you look beautiful in that dress," Piper says. I blushed. "Thank you..." I mutter. "About your reaping," Piper continues, taking my hand in her own reassuringly. "You looked almost heart broken. Were you leaving someone important behind?" "Yes..." I reply, fighting back the tears. "My family, it was Lyle's second reaping, Vaughn's first," I say. I wanted to add 'my last' but if I did, I knew that I would break down in tears. I don't want my family to see that."Do you have any other siblings?" Piper asked."Seven... three are older than me, four are younger," I reply. I feel like I'm just going through the motions, just answering questions, not taking them in."Why don't you say a little something to them now? I bet your words would help them, too," Piper suggests."To my mother and father, Felicia and Kallen... I love you both," I say into the camera. "Thank you for raising me. To Logan, good luck with your girlfriend... I hope you get married. Darren, I know we didn't see eye to eye, but I don't hold a grudge, not anymore. Sam... I wish you all the happiness in the world, I'm glad you never had to experience this. Lyle and Vaughn, I hope that you never get reaped, that you get to live long and happy lives. Peter... just one year until you have to stand in the square... I hope it never happens. Leon... you're too young to understand, but one day, I hope Mom and Dad tell you about me... if I don't make it. I want all of you to know, I'll do whatever it takes to come back to you. If I succeed... start choosing a house in Victor's Village." I almost choke on my own words, near the end. Piper finishes up the interview, and I leave the stage. I feel good, like I just might have made a difference.

Griffin Crone: I smile and nod whenever Piper says something to me. I've been really sick and don't really want to talk, but I don't want to seem rude or anything so I do respond to her questions. Eventually, after 3 long minutes, the buzzer sounds and I leave the audience shouting my name. I don't know what I did, but they liked me.

Serena Armstrong: Piper compliments my dress and says I look fabulous in it. I smile and thank her. I'm about to compliment her dress, but I notice how ugly it is and I'm a very good lier (I'm good at everything), but I just couldn't compliment her dress with a staright face. When I try and fail, she stares at me with an expression that suggests she just ate soemthing sour. She stares at me a moment before she speaks to me again, "You're too pretty to be that rude. I believe you are just a waste of a pretty face." I know what she said was meant to be an insult, but all I heard was her telling me I am beautiful. "Thank you so much!" I said that with a sweet voice that I knew annoyed her. Piper rolled her eyes, but tried her hardest to maintain a positive conversation, "So, Serena, tell us about yourself." I smile and then tell her all about my childhood and where I grew up in the District. She occasionally tried to ask a question, but I felt that she was being rude so I stopped her and continued talking. Finally, the buzzer rang. I wish I had more time to tell them all about me!

Drake Mordan: Peacekeepers keep trying to shove me onstage, but I resist. I don't feel like doing an interview today! They can't force me to do somehting I don't wanna do!

Head Gamemaker

The Head Gamemaker for these Games is Jennifer Ellie. She is easily offended, and when she is angry she can be murderous. She is very harsh and demanding, and if you catch her in a good mood, you've obviously been extremely nice to her or you know her very well. Also, she will do anything to make the Games as bloody as possible. She adores mutts and will contribute as many deadly additions to the Games as possible. And because of her love of a tribute's bloody death, she will make the arena extra harsh, dangerous, and, of course, deadly.

The Games Announcer

Alexander Barry is the Announcer for the 227th annual Hunger Games! His phrase that announces the beginning of the Games is, "Tributes, welcome to the 227th Annual Hunger Games! Remember, only one tribute may be crowned victor! So, best of luck, and let the Games begin!"


A long, skinny canyon with a skinny, shallow river running all the way through it. On quarter of the canyon is a Capitol junkyard full of old cars, machinery, and trash. Dog mutts roam the junkyard. There will be many avalanches. It'll be hot during the day and it will snow and get icy every night.


Alliance #1: John Madrick & Drake Mordan

Tributes Who Are Alone: Aqua Mirabilis, Cody Pepper, Layla Cypress, Cow Massett, Kayleigh Pigtunia, & Caleb Rickzz


"Tributes, welcome to the 227th Annual Hunger Games! Remember, only one tribute may be crowned victor! So, best of luck, and let the Games begin!"


Jade Gemstone: I look at every other tribute. I'm sizing up my opponents. Ha, it's funny how much better than them I am. I smirk and eventually fall into hysterical laughter. A ton of people are distracted by me when the gong sounds. I have thrown myself off, but a bunch of other too. I still meet the toher Careers, though. We slice through the D6 female, the little boy from 11, the 6 girl, and the 9 guy. I am still laughing at how little of a fight the others put on. It's almost sad, but the funny and pathetic kind of sad. Well, me and the rest of the Careers, pretty much wipe the cornucopia clean and then set up camp around it once everyone else has cleared out.

Blake Monror: We kill several kids at the bloodbath. It feels like a ton, but then I realise it was only four. Wow, we really suck. That's just pathetic and what's really awful is that I made none of the kills.

Cody Pepper: I order the other Careers to guard the mouth of the cornucopia. We start off perfectly and after one vicious kill by me, no one else dares step near. Well, that causes the others to let down their gaurd. Blake climbs and stands ontop of the Corncuopia and everyone else thinks its a good idea and climbs up, too, but I know that they're all idiots. Why don't I just kill them all now? They're just gonna be trouble later on, if they aren't already trouble now.

Caleb Rickzz: I get two kills BOOM! BOOM! and Cody gets two BOOM! BOOM! That's all the Careers got at the bloodbath. It almost makes me ashamed to be a Career.

Meg Bolts: I sigh and I try to escape the thought of dying. I am nearly calm until the gong rings. My mind goes foggy and I stupidly follow the Careers to the cornucopia. They kill me mercilessly and I barely have time to scream. BOOM!

Cyber Byte: GONG! My eyes search for Dysterin. Finally, I see her, but I was a moment too late. The guy from 13 is swinging his sword at my head. I lean backwards and hope I had dodged the attack. But, I hadn't. His sword slashes across my face. I have a gash running from just below my temple to my other cheek. The blood is blinding my eye. I feel defensless. My body is numb and I am too stunned to move. Suddenly, hands grab me from behind and throw me to the ground. Drake's friend from 8 has tossed me down is about to finish me off when a girl grabs him by the neck and swings him into Drake. I see my chance and turn and run blindly. I am flying, faster than I ever knew I could. Then, Dysterin takes my arm and pulles me behind her. Who knew she was so fast? That's when I realise that she was the one who beat Drake and John. Wow, she was so lying when she said she wouldn't be much of a contender. She brilliant, clever, fast, and a fighter! She just might be the one to beat. Wait, can I trust her? We all heard her interview. Is she just setting me up for slaughter?

Aqua Mirabilis: I don't have any supplies near me so I just turn and look for Kayleigh, Cow, and Vanessa when the gong rings. Vanessa runs towards the cornucopia. She steps right into the Career's trajectory and suffers a knife through the heart. BOOM! I am mortified, but it only makes me run faster. I stay out of everyone's way. I am still searching for Kayleigh and Cow. Then, I see them way infront of me, already diving into a car in the junkyard. I catch up and beat on the door for them to let me in. I don't notice a tribute sneaking up behind me with a rope about to wrap around my neck. Cow and Kayleigh don't try to help me. They jump out of the other side of the car and run. They left me. Wow, I guess I can't trust anyone. I hope they both die. Anyway, the next thing that happens is miraculous. A dog mutt jumps ontop of the tirbute who was behind me. The mutt knocks her over. As soon as she hits the ground, the mutt attacks her and her cannon sounds. BOOM!

Stephen Midland: I race to meet up with the others. Blake gets ontop of the corncuopia for a better view of the tohers. I think he's got a pretty good idea so I get up beside him. I aim my bow, and am about to shoot several others, but either Caleb or Cody kills them first. I consider shooting them in the back of the head, but know that if I do, the other Careers will immediately target me. BOOM! That would be my cannon, but it's only Vanessa Cote's.

Dysterin Braine: I leap off of my platform. There is a backpack infront of me. I lunge for it and then turn to run. I am stopped by the sight of Cyber on the ground at the mercy of John and Drake. I know they are both crual and won't take pity on him. My first reflex is to run and fend for myself, but Cyber might be of good use later and those two bozos seem pretty oblivious to the other tributes. I figure they will be pretty easy to take down now so I charge at John and squeeze his neck. Then, I throw him over onto Drake and they fall to the ground, scrambling like beetles flipped over on their backs. Ha, pathetic!

Luke Stephens: Surprisingly, I am really hesitant to kill anyone. I guess it's just the shock of the beginning of the Games. You know what I mean? I know I'm a Career and all, but it's really startling seeing the arrows and blades flying everyone. Finally, I regain my cool, but by then, the bloodbath is already over. God, I missed my chance.

Vanessa Cote: GONG! I race against the others that dare to risk a trip to the corncuopia. I feel brave and daring. I dip and dodge arrows and swords and spears and tridents, but then, a knife ends my life. BOOM! I was idiot and felt to proud. I was overly confident and arrogance can be deadly.

Asper Bell: It's pretty easy to see flaws in the forcefield above us. There are distorted areas above us that are really easy to see. I laugh at the Gamemakers ignorance. Stupid... I must have missed the gong, because I am caught off gaurd when the girl from 9's sword drives into my back. BOOM!

Pine Cherry: GONG! My heart catches in my throat and my mind is spinning. I am experianceing that horrific drowning sensation from the day of the Reaping. Only this time, Clay isn't there to save me, but Tyson is. His arms wrap around me and he basically drags me across the rocky floor. Layla is running beside him. Her face is rock hard and she keeps looking at Tyson and me. I'm not sure what she's thinking and her expression refuses to reveal it.

Tyson Ashford: I hear the gong and immediatley search for Layla and Pine. Layla is off of her platform and is about to charge for the cornucopia. She is focused on a backpack loaded with supplies that lies in its mouth. She doesn't see the boy from 12 preparing to throw his knife. I madly run at her and throw myself over her. His knife lodges in my shoulder blade and I want to collapse in pain and tears, but I am stronger than that. Layla quickly shakes off the shock and I grab Pine who's still on her platform and we run. We run on and on and on, faster than anyone.

Jane Sky: I am madly running once the gong sounds. I feel like I must get supplies or I won't make it. The whole time I stay focused on the weapons and supplies in the mouth of the cornucopia. I try to get it, but someone tackles me and drives a blade into the back of my neck. BOOM!

John Madrick: Me and Drake beat the Careers ot the cornucopia. I follow Drake's lead and grab as many weapons as I can stash and make a point of showing off with them. I slash through the other 8 tribute. BOOM! I attack Cyber Byte and then let my guard down. I become entirely focused on him. Dysterin Braine wraps around my neck and fiercly throws me into Drake. We stumble and he curses at me. They get away, but at least we are still alive.

Quinoa Soal: I kill Asper Bell immediatley and then run after Aqua Mirabilis. She seems frantic and really unfocused so she should be an easy kill. I finally get to her and see a rope at her feet. I grab it and just before I wrap it around her neck and pull it tight, a mutt jumps onto me. I guess the Gamemakers didn't want her gone yet. The mutt rips and tears at my flesh until I bleed out. BOOM!

Denver Mayor: I don't want to fight. I just sit and accept my death. BOOM! There's my cannon. The one that haunted my dreams for years. My nightmare has been brought to life by the cruel, merciless hearts of the Capitol. I guess I would rather die than suffer another day with the constant threat of a target on my back.

Kayleigh Pigtunia: I am prepared to fight with the others at the cornucopia. I am prepared to win the Games at the bloodbath. GONG! I leap off of my platform only to be stopped by Cow. He throws me on his shoulder and flies to the junkyard. Someone is chasing us! Cow throws me into an abandoned car and locks the doors. The inside of the car reeks. I see Aqua trying to get in, but we can't open it for her, because Quinoa Soal is right behind her, ready to attack. We're trying to warm her, but she's oblivious to out hand signals. Finally, when we think Aqua is doomed, Cow wraps around me and carries me out of the car. I hear several cannons. Was one of them Aqua's?

Cow Masset: I hate how arrogant and risky and stubborn Kayleigh can be sometimes. I wonder why I protect her when it's such a hastle that could cost me my life. Anyway, I notice Kayleigh about to join the bloodbath. GONG! I stop her and run with her in my arms. I won't sit her down despite her protests. I hear footsteps gaining on us. I toss Kayleigh into a car and I dive in after her. I lock the doors and then notice Aqua trying to get in. I would let her in if Quinoa Soal wasn't right behind her. I was scared she could be a threat to Kayleigh. I try to get Aqua to turn around, but she doest. When, I think Aqua has no chance anymore, I shield Kayleigh. I can't have her tramautized by the sight of a death. We run out of the other side of the car.

Bayleaf Magnolia: GONG! I dart away from the cries and shouts of the bloodbath. I won't die on the first day. I'm not that stupid.

Fabeae Vicia: I want supplies. I know that the Careers have all the sponsors and I'll probably get none. I need supplies formt eh cornucopia if I'm going to last at least a week. I hear the gong. That's my signal to charge. My heart is pounding. It's beating fatser and faster. And then suddenly it's stopped. My life was ended by the Careers. I'm was just another easy target to them. Another merciless kill.

Layla Cypress: GONG! During the countdown, I have had my eye on a backpack that lies in the mouth of the cornucopia. I am racing for it. It's loaded with supplies. I need it now. Now, nothing else matters. I am focused on survival supplies. Suddenly, I am knocked to the ground. Tyson has dove onto me. I fall and squeeze my eyes shut. Tyson grunts and one hand flies to his shoulder blade. He has saved my life. Without him, that knife would be lodged in my back and my life would be over. I want to thank him, but I know I don't have time right now. I must keep moving. Next, we leave the bloodbath and Tyson is dragging Pine behind him.

Griffin Crone: I race away from the bloodbath. I smirk at all the idiots who are stupid enough to participate. But I have to admit, it is tempting. Anyway, I meet up with Serena and we run off wihtout Quinoa. She's probably dead and it's probably for the best. She would just hold me, I mean us, back. It's kinda difficult to wrap my mind that I am part of a team. Everyone says that a team is like family, but I would give my life for family... maybe, but I would run and leave Serena at the first sign of danger.

Serena Armstrong: God, I hate the Games. They're so stupid and full of idiots. I mean, who dies on the first day? Idiots, that's who. Well, I catch up with Griffin and we run off. I'm not sure where we're going, but he seemed to have somewhere in mind.

Drake Mordan: We grab a ton of weapons and supplies. Then, we target the guy from three. We're about to make the kill when John is thrown into me. We tumble to the ground and struggle to get back up. The guy who we were attacking and the one who pushed John both get away. I smack John in the head and stomp off. His stupidity could cost me the game. Why don't I just kill him?

For the rest of the Games, I will be rotating POV's, because it takes too much time to write everday from each tribute's POV. Sorry, guys, but I hope you still enjoy my Games!

The Rest of Day 1

Jade Gemstone: I wonder why I haven't gotten any sponsor gifts yet. The Careers normally do on the first day, right? I mean, we don't need them, because of what we got at the cornucopia, but it's still nice to see tha people are cheering for us and want us to win! I need some connection iwht the outside world! Ugh, I'm going insane! I know the arena is huge and everything, but I hate feeling so trapped and confined! Plus, they're's no stores or luxuries at all... except being trapped and confined with Caleb Rickzz. Wink. Wink.

Cody Pepper: We set up the supplies we gathered on the stands that used to be filled to the max that were in the cornucopia. I can't believe we let so many people get away with supplies. It's not a good day to be a Career. BOOM! It came form behind the corncopia where Luke was. He's on his stomach, dead. We catch up with his murderer and mercilessly punish him for killing one of our members. BOOMS! Two more deaths.

Cyber Byte: Me and Dysterin travel through the junkyard setting traps as we go. We are walking through, not saying a word until suddenly. BOOM! We turn to see one of our traps unset. The trap was a trip wire running across the pathway and when broken, it released a tall, metal post with a long, sharp nail on the end. It is really easy to make. Anyway, we saw the girl from 11 on the ground in a pool of blood with the nail dug into her head. The sight frightened Dysterin so we ran as far away as we could. We ended up making camp between two broken cars with a huge piece of metal making a roof and walls around us. Suddenly, BOOM! We figure another one of our traps worked, because of the metalic, nearby clank we heard. Dysterin looks at me and smiles proudly. We recieve a medikit from sponsors and Dysterin bandages the wound on my face. It must not have been as deep as I had thought, because the bleeding had stopped a while ago, but the bandages, she feels, are still necessary. Dysterin is concerned about me, but I tell her I'm alright. I grab her cold hand and warm it between mine. "Oh!" she says. She reaches behind her and grabs the backpack she got. She opens it carefully. She yells out in frustration, "empty!" She crawls out of out shelter and slings it really far. I hope nobody heard us.

Aqua Mirabilis: I am still raging from the betrayal of my "allies". I storm through the junkyard and knock over everything I pass. Finally, I realise how loud I've been. I'm surprised no one has found me yet. Then, I spot a little box that is part of a mountain of junk and garbage. I climb to it, curl up in it, and close the lid. I cry myself to sleep. I'm really, really scared.

Luke Stephens: I am on the other side of the cornucopia, away from the others. I got sick about an hour ago and can't catch my breath. I didn't want anyone to see me like this. Suddenly, I lean over again and the vomit comes back. I am surprised when a knife digs into my back. BOOM! My cannon... This can't be happening. Who killed me? I hope the others kill 'em.

Tyson Ashford: Pine, Layla, and I had ran in a big circle. We knew the Careers would let their guard down once, they thought, the other tributes had cleared out. We were right. I spot Luke Stephens hunched over, sick and I know I ahve to kill him. I grab a knife that was sitting beside him and stab his back. Blood soaks his shirt. BOOM! The other Careers jump up and I can't outrun them. Layla and Pine get away, but they attack me. BOOM!

Kayleigh Pigtunia: Cow jumps up. We had fallen asleep in a hollow in the junk mountain. I get up, too, but her shoves me back down. He grabs a glass shard that is sorta shaped like a knife and gets is ready. He jumps on Griffin Crone and Serena Armstrong. He kills them. BOOM! BOOM! Wow, Cow is a really good fighter. I didn't know that.

Layla Cypress: Tyson insisted tha we attack the Careers. Me and Pine didn't agree. Pine tried to stop him, but eventually she knew it was useless. She looked at me with a helpless look in her eye. I shook my head. Tears slip down her eyes. I didn't know she cared about him so much. Tyson kills Luke Stephens and when the cannon sounds, the other Careers come running. When they jump on Tyson I have to pull Pine away before she gave away our position with her loud sobs. BOOM! We hear Tyson's cannon. Pine bursts into furious tears and we are forced to stop. I have to carry her to a cave in the canyon's walls.

Drake Mordan: We have made camp in a tinsy cave. It's as far as we got. John couldn't get any farther. He got himself all choked up about his mistakes at the bloodbath; he's made himself sick. It really scared him. I almost feel bad for him. I sigh. Alright, I no longer feel bad for him. I am now really, really annoyed. I grab the back of his neck and knock him into the corner. I would never kill him, I just needed to scare him enough to make him shut up. John got the point and stuck the collar of his shirt in his mouth and sucked on it like a little kid. Should I comfort him?

Day 2

Caleb Rickzz: We notice that Blake is ill. He looks flat out miserable and I say soemthing to the others once he goes to sleep, of course. "We should just kill him?" "Who?" asks Jade. She's an idiot, but I explain to her, "Blake is really ill. He's suffering, his weak and puny reaction to his minor setback will drive away sponsors-" "Not that we need them," says Stephen, interupting me. "Not that we need them," I agree. Jade replies, "But it is nice to have sponsors. I mean, I like having a connection with people outside of the arena. It's sorta comforting." Then, sponsor gifts fall. We get a wicked looking knife. I've never seen anything like it before. There is 3 blades: the normal one, and one on either side of the handle. I guess it kinda looks like a ninja star. The edge is jagged on the bottom two, but the top one is curved and polished to a sharp point. Cody snatches it and runs her finger along the blade. She slits her thumb, but seems not to notice. She's in love and she says, "Yeah, we should kill him." She seems to be hypnotized by the unique weapon that is surely very deadly. I continue listing reasons to be sure Jade and Stephen are convinced, "He will slow us down, we'll lose sponsors, he's useless, must I go on?" Jade sighs, "I guess not." Stephen doesn't respons, but Cody stands up with the knife in her hand. Her expression is twisted and mad. She leans over Blake and wakes him gently. When his eyes flutter open she slides the blade of the knife slowly across his neck. His eyes squeeze closed and he grits his teeth. Cody is merciless. She draws a smile on his mouth with his blood that drips from her knife blade. Finally, she finishes him with a cruel slice across his chest. BOOM! I kinda liked the thrill of that. I laugh. I wasn't even doing the killing, but my eyes lit up and I was on the edge of my seat. Simply thrilling. I am hungry for more.

Blake Monror:Last night, we lost a Career. I don't know why, but that bothered me. Don't get me wrong, I didn't go all pouting around or anything. It just felt, how should I say this? just felt wrong, I guess. I sighed. I suddenly, didn't feel very well. I fell asleep to the whispers of the other Careers. I am awoken by the near presence of Cody. She's looking at me with a wicked gleam in her eye. I know what she's about to do. I am about to yell out for help when she slowly, painfully slits my throat. It wasn't deep, she didn't kill me, but I know that she intends to. Cody draws a smile on my face with the blood on the tip of her knife. I squeeze my eyes. I won't scream or struggle. It shows weakness. Cody finishes me off. BOOM! Cyber Byte: Dysterin was furious about the empty bag, but I had calmed her down. She slept on my arm and it fell asleep. It was numb, but I couldn't move it; she just looked so adorable when she was asleep. I didn't sleep at all last night. I kept watch over her. Nothing will happen to her; I won't let anything hurt her. I know that she's probably planning to kill me, but I still feel the need to watch over her. I sigh. A person isn't an angel, but she's the closest I've ever seen. I know that doesn't make ay sense, but I don't know what else to say. She wakes up and grins at me. dysterin unwraps the bandages around my head. Her expression hardens. "It's worse" she whispers. My heart sinks. It never occured to my that I wouldn't survive that. It's not bleeding; i thought it was fine. I tried to persuade Dysterin that we had to change camps, but she didn't want me to be put under the pressure of walking yet. I tried later that day and passed out. she had to drag me back in to out pathetic shelter. I feel so guilty about keeping her in this cramped place. She's probably miserable.

Dysterin Braine: I slept through my watch last night and Cyber didn't wake me. I feel really bad. I am annoyed, though, that he didn't wake me. I exhale loudly to show my annoyance, but I unwrap the bandages on his head. The cut's worse. I hope it's not infected. I go through the medicene kit and pull out the cleansing rub. I put it on a sanitary pad and apply it to his head. It's looks a little better once it's cleaned up, but this is clearly beyond my ability to heal. I'm not sure what to do. I really care about him. I know what you are thinking, why is she so concerned about him when she was planning to dispose of him later? Well, there is a simple answer to that, my mind changed. I didn't change my mind. My mind changed on its own. I get that I sound insane and maybe I am, but I really feel like I should, no, I feel like I must keep him well and alive. God, I'm not falling in love am I?

Pine Cherry: It's been hard dealing with the horrid truth that Tyson is dead. He reminded me of Clay, from home. I felt safe with him. He was reliable. I sat, in a ball, pressed against the corner of the cave. I felt so crippled and destroyed. I haven't even known him for that long! God, I'm so emotional, but I can't help it. I finally gather myself and meet Layla outside. She said that she would be looking for food. I find her laying on the ground near the canyon's walls. She is breathing heavily and appears to be unconsious. Her face is flushed and hot. She's sweating, but is shivering. I drag her into the cave and pray for something that could help her. I just can't be alone. CLANK! Something hit a rock at the mouth of the cave. SPONSOR GIFTS! We got a mini cooler, a few cloths, a bottle of fever pills, bandages, and a small bag. I dip one of the clothes into the ice in the cooler and then place it on her forehead. I tie the other two around her wrists. I drop a fever pill into her mouth and pour some of the melted ice form the cooler into her mouth. I keep her rags cool and her fever down until she awakens, sputtering. "Forcefield" she says vaguely. I suddenly understand what happened. She hit the forcefield. I don't let her speak anymore and lay her head down. Then, I go and get food: fish from a nearby stream, edible bark, and a part of the cactus that I saw a bird eating. I figured it must be safe enough if we only eat a little bit. I fill the cooler with water form the stream and put the fish we don't eat inside of it. I load what we have left of supplies and food intot he little pack. We sleep soundly for the rest of the night. I guess we're in decent condition for the Games.

John Madrick: I know that I'm annoying Drake. I try to regain my confidence and we move on. We walk until we reach the junkyard. Wow, there's so much here and most of it is still in okay condition. We set up in car with the doors locked. When we settle down on the leather seats and are about to drift off to sleep, we become aware of our burning thirst.

Kayleigh Pigtunia: "Cow, that was so cool how you killed those guys!" Cow smiles and laughs a little, but he says, "I didn't like it that much, myself." His face shifted to a frown. I kept talking about it though. I finish with, ".., but I would've done it so much better." To prove it, I jump from the car and try to find my first victim. Cow is running behind me and pleading for me to stop, but I don't until dark when I still haven't found anyone.

Layla Cypress: Pine has been a bit annoying with her little "pitiful me" act so I decide to go look for food. I figure there must be soemthing out here. Well, I see a wierd tree thing with little fruits on it placed all the way at the top of the canyon. I start to climb it, but about halfway up something feels like it was thrown into me. I lose my grip and fall to the ground unconcious. When, I wake up again, I am covered in cool rags and Pine has left to get food. She comes back wiht more than I ever would've found. Wow, maybe she's not so pitiful after all.

Day 3

Cody Pepper: There wasn't any action today and, honestly, I'm sorta glad. I need a day of rest and I get that today. I don't think there was much action with anyone today. Tomorrow, I will definately create some...

Aqua Mirabilis: I start to consider moving. I eventually crawl out of my box and run through the junkyard. I reach the other end of it and find this weird tree with a ton of leaves for cover and branches for perching. I climb to top of it and notice how starving I am, and how dry my mouth is. I hope I have sponsors.

Dysterin Braine: I'm really conserned about Cyber's cut. I tend to it all day and I eventually get some medicene for it. "Thanks you!" I yell into the sky. I can see the smile on my sponsors' and mentor's face. What would we do without them?

Pine Cherry: Layla still looked a little weak from her fall yesterday and she was really sore so I let her sleep all day while I kept my hands busy making a basket. I'm not sure what we'd use it for, but they're fun to make...sort of. Suddenly, I hear a clank. Sposnor gifts! We get two bananas and a tiny pack of dried meat. I open it and eat all of it. It is a game and only one of use gets to survive. I have to play strategically.

John Madrick: I sigh loudly. "What's the matter?!?" yells Drake. Wow, he's really a jerk, I think. I sigh still louder and then he recieves ear muffs from sponsors. Haha, very funny. Our mentor is really an idiot. He's just adding fuel to the fire. Suddenly, we recieve more gifts: two gallons of water. Drake gets them before I can touch them and dumps one over my head. I know he was just ebing a jerk, but it really felt good because of the heat of the air. I even drank some of it as it dripped down my face. Then, I look back over at Drake and he's chugging a whole gallon of water on his own while I only got what I could catch on my tongue. I'm still thirsty... and a bit hungry.

Kayleigh Pigtunia: Really not much happened today. I sat and Cow played with my hair. He put it in a really cool braid that starts at both of my ears and wraps along my head and then comes down in one braid down my back. He also wove flowers in it. I never thought I wouldn't mind someone messing with my hair, but I kinda like it. It feels really good. Suddenly, we recieve sponsor gifts! We got a knife, a spear, dried meat, and a gallon of water! Wow, a ton of people must be must be pulling for us! I took the knife and Cow got the spear. We ate all of the dried meat. Cow didn't eat much of it. He said I would need it more. I agreed reluctantly. We drank all of the water, too. When, I'm drifting off to sleep, I realize that we probably should've saved some of that food and water.

Layla Cypress: CLANK! I was sleeping all day and I was awoken when something hit the stone ground. I knew it was sponsor gifts, but Pine told me I must have been dreaming. We haven't recieved any gifts, she says. Can I trust her?

Drake Mordan: Tommorrow, I plan to move to a better location, but for today, I need to rest... Suddenly, I hear a clank. WATER! I get it dump one gallon over John's head and drink the rest. What? He was annoying me!

Day 4

Cody Pepper: Remember how yesterday I said I was gonna cause some trouble? Well, I kept my promise. Everyone is sitting around the fire while I'm selecting my weapons. I sneak up on Stephen and drive it into his back. He coughs warm, sticky blood onto Jade's face. BOOM! He's dead and Jade is squealing like an idiot. I smile and slash across her face. She staggers backwards and when she falls I finish her with a knife in the neck. BOOM! Caleb is staring at me, wide-eyed. I snarl at him and jump forward. He turns and runs like a deer into the desert. I laugh. The cornucopia is all mine. There's no threat anymore (like there ever was). I sleep soundly tonight, confident that I will win.

Caleb Rickzz: Cody got up while we were talking and thought nothing much of it until I saw Stephen fall forward with the back of his shirt blood stained. Then, I saw Jade's murder follow. I was horrified. I was sure that I was next and I wonder why I wasn't. Cody growls like a vicious animal and starts toward me, but I get up and run. I'm not sure if she's following me or not because the pounding of my heart in my ears overpowers everything else. Finally, when I am out of breath, I crawl down in a dent in the sand near a spineless cactus-like plant and sleep. Sand is pouring in my clothes, but I don't notice until morning when my skin is raw from the rubbing skin.

Cyber Byte: We are still in our little shelter that we made on our first day. Our lips our dry and burning and our throats are parched. Our stomachs are growling and hunger makes our heads ache. I guess they spent all of their money on my medicene. Well, the Capitol must have gotten tired of us just sitting in our camp dying so they decided to speed the process. Dogs mutts tear down our camp and shred Dysterin. She can't do anything because she is so weak. I try to yell out, but no sound comes. I can't find my voice. I start to crawl away. BOOM: Dysterin's cannon. BOOM! That was mine.

Aqua Mirabilis: I don't recieve any food or water and I'm still a bit suspicious of the mystery fruit on the tree so I stick it out another day and try to sleep away the need.

Pine Cherry: We heard four cannons today. Each one of them woke Layla, but she didn't stay awake for long. Her eyes snapped open and then closed just as forcefully. Her head would fall and bang the rocks. I'm not sure if she'll survive the shock of the forcefield. I can't believe she hasn't recovered yet. Should I just kill her and end her suffering?

Cow Massett: Me and Kayleigh woke up this morning and all of our weapons were gone. Is there another tribute nearby who took them? Kayleigh said she didn't sleep much last night and she didn't see anyone. I sigh, it must have been some kind of cruel Gamemaker trick. I guess, they're not pulling for us. I insist that we switch camps (I'm still a little bit nervous that someone might know where out hideout is). We find another car way far away and camp in it. Kayleigh falls instantly asleep. She really must not have slept much. My eyes are closing, too, but they are stopped in their tracks by a clank like metal hitting metal. Kayleigh jumps right up and puts her hand on my chest. She is a defensive position like the silly ninjas in the plays we seldomly watched in the district. "It's alright", I assured her while I laughed a little, "It's just sponsor gifts." "More?" she asks. I nod my head and open the container. Inside is some dried fruit that I eat and a bowl of broth for Kayleigh. We eat every bite of it again just incase the Gamemakers took it again.

Layla Cypress: I hear several cannons today. I started at each one of them and Pine forcefully told me to go back to sleep. I see a suspicious look in her eye. I'm not sure I can take another day with her... Would I even survive another day?

Drake Mordan: John is panting today. I just can't figure out what's his problem! He's driving me insane. He's sounds like this guy, Darth Vader, that I saw in a movie when we were in the Capitol. I heard that is was a really old movie, but I liked it. Anyway, John's breathing is louder and louder until it's unbearable. I strip his shirt off and tie it around his mouth. Now I have a message to my sponsor: I need a knife!

Day 5

Caleb Rickzz: It's hard to believe that I was stolen from the luxuries of being a Career to face the cruel, challenging odds and reality of what it means to be a real tribute. I've never trained to be on my own like this. I've never trained to survive. I've been trained and programed to kill. What else can I do?

Aqua Mirabilis: I sit in the highest branches of the tree and let my feet swing like a little kid. I am desperate now. I reach out and pluck a fruit from the limb. A spider crawls out from the fruit and I feel a pinch in my hand where it bit me. I don't pay much attention to it. I start to bite into the odd pear-shaped fruit when a sponsor gift falls and stops me. WATER! Then another. FOOD! I thank my sponsors, God, and my mentor. I know now that I will survive longer in these Games. Well, at least I won't die from dehydration or starvation. The bite from the spider is burning to the touch, but it feels ice cold. It is purple on the lump, but it's redhot all around it. And it's swelling. Something starts to ooze from the bite and eventually half of my arm is fiery red and the lower half is deep purple. All of my confidence is gone. I will probably die from this bite? I'm not so sure I'll survive the night anymore.

John Madrick: I've been having some kind of on and off severe asthma thing. I can tell that my weezing, heavy, constant breathing is annoying Drake. I keep trying to tell him that I need water, but he won't listen. He just keeps muttering something about a human sheild. CLANK! A gallon of water tied to a parachute falls from a sponsor. I lunge for it and get it before Drake. I feel really proud, but then turn and see that he didn't even try. I sigh which isn't really noticable, because of my already abnormal breathing. I take a sip of water and try to swallow it. My throat is swollen so I can't swallow it all at once. I spit most of it back out and then sip it a little at a time. Eventually, my breathing has calmed down, but I still have minor attacks. During each one, Drake clenches his fists and squeezes his eyes shut. What's his problem? Well, Drake gets heat sick and we decide to move some place cooler. We start to head towards the farthest part of the arena where it is alll icey and the cold is biting. The entire time, Drake holds me infront of him. This must be what he meant by a human shield. I would leave him, but, secretly, I can't be alone. We reach the icey part of the arena in the middle of the night. I wanted to stop and sleep, but he insisted that we keep on. Drake seems to like it a lot here. I just know that there isn't any other tribute in this part of the arena. I sorta get the sense that the Gamemakers don't want us here.

Kayleigh Pigtunia: This time the Gamemakers didn't take our stuff, but we didn't recieve anymore either. Cow has been really jumpy, too, and he's acting weird. His sudden outbursts are startig to scare me And he constantly moves his hands. He's really sweating and won't stop mumbling things that I can understand. Somehting's not right. I think I should leave. Maybe tomorrow...

Layla Cypress: Clank. I was awakened y the familiar sound of sponsor gifts, but the sound was softer this time. It didn't even wake Pine. I crawl over to it. A scarf? I try to think what this is for. Then, I get it. I tie it around Pine's head so she can't hear anything. "Now what?" I ask. Down falls a knife. Kill her. I sneak over to Pine and drive the knife through the scarf. BOOM! I untie the scarf and the inside is blood splattered. I tie it back quickly and try to erase the gruesome image form my mind. I stand up and try to leave the cave. I feel like I can't stay there anymore, not like somebody else is making me, but because I just feel like I should. Like there's someone inside of me telling me to leave. I take a step outside. The sand burns my ankles where it spilled inside of my boots, but I trudge through the sand. It all seemed to blow to our camp. I travel on a little and then I get really dizzy. I think it's from hunger or thirst. I haven't had anything for a long time.

Day 6

Cody Pepper: I sit, spread out, ontop of the cornucopia. The metal hasn't gotten hot yet; it is still cool from the freezing night air. It feels so good! I smile until my cheeks ache and even then, I don't stop. I don't think I've been this happy in a long, long time. My confidence level has risen to overload today.

Aqua Mirabilis: My arm is aching and throbbing and burning and freezing. I hate this. I move my arm to reposition and it hurts so bad that tears start to slide down my cheeks. I ca't believ the pain. Suddenly, a trident drops form the sky and sticks in the branch below me. I slowly bend down to get it, careful to not move my arm. I pull it up. It's silver, pure silver. My fingers trace it and they feel something carved into it's handle. I pull them back and gaze at elegantly carved letters: we're praying for you. I feel the corners of my lips tug until my face breaks into a smile. I momentarily forget the pain in my arm and hand, but I quickly remember it. I look and silently pray for some medicene. Down falls fever pills and a cream to rub on it. I do a cheer and basically dump the entire jar on my arm. It almost instantly sink in and the redness around the lump fades away. Then, the purple colow on it dissolves. The swelling goes down and the burning stops. It doesn't hurt anymore. My arm feels, like, a cooling sensation. It feels refreshed and clean and luxuriously cool. I love this. The lump is still there, but it is a ton smaller. I don't even need the pills. I fling them far away and lean back, relaxed, in the branches of this tree.

Cow Massett: I feel like I'm slowly going insane. It's only been a few days in the arena, but my mind tells me it's a year. My mind is foggy and something else entirely is controlling me. I don't know what to do! I can tell that I'm scaring Kayleigh and don't mean to, but I can't stop. I have a feeling that every camera is on me, the crazed 11 kid. I'm losing it: my mind and my sanity and my grip on everything that is real. My vision blurrs and is replaced by imaginary pictures of my life back home and every tribute that I saw in the sky during the anthem. Everyone is expecting me to do something today, but I use every it of control I can muster and resist my powering and growing urge to kill either myself or Kayleigh. I want to tell her to run before I do something.

Layla Cypress: I wake up in the middle of the desert with sand stuck to the side of my face. Did I pass out? I try to stand, but my head is throbbing and I'm really dizzy. I stumble on. I just can't stay in the open. I can't be so vulnerable. I get about a mile and then vomit every last thing that was on my stomach left from the Capitol's feasts. I drop to my knees again. My stomach muscles are sore and tired and my throat burns form the acid. I lay back down and unintentianally let my eyes close. Right before I close them I think, I'm not going to make it out alive... BEEP... BEEP... I sit straight up. An odd beeping causes me to start. It's so faint. How did it wake me from such a deep sleep? I guess it just wasn't as deep as I thought. I don't know why, but I start to giggle. God, I guess I'm just going mad. Then, I hear a faint movement in the sand beside me. A sponsor gift! That's what the beeping was! I use the last of my energy to cry out a thank you and then I dive for the parachute. Food and water! I start to cram it into my mouth and then I choke. All of it that I just ate splats onto the ground infront of me. I drag myself away from it. Then, I eat more slowly and drink some, too. Soon, I'm able to get to my feet, but I still have a sickening pain in my stomach and my head is throbbing. I make it to the foot of this random willow tree and fall asleep, camoflauged by it's limbs. I start to cry; I don't know why, but I do. I cry like a defensless child. Well, I guess that's all I am, a defensless child.

Drake Mordan: Stupid John got a stupid inhaler to stop his stupid breathing. I guess that's a good thing. His loud, unnecessary breathing can't give us away, not that I think antone is even near us. It feels like we are totally safe. Wait, there was no deaths today. The Capitol might be bored. God, something's gonna happen soon and we need to be ready. I really need some supplies like ropes, nets, and anything that could help us with whatever the Gamemakers are gonna do. i never thought I'd say this, but Help!

Day 7

Cody Pepper: I was still laying on the cornucopia. It got hot yesterday so I had to lay a blanket down so my back didn't burn, but I was still comfortable all day. I even slept up there. Well, about halfway through today a thought stormed my brain. I couldn't shake it so I embrased it. This is what I thought: there hasn't been any deaths in a while. The Capitol must be getting bored unless there's something really good being planned. And if there's not, well, something is going to happen. and whatever it is will happen soon. I leap from my place ontop of the cornucopia and grab fifteen or so knives. I put them all in the jacket with the hooks inside. I start to consider removing the jacket, because of how hot is is, but at that moment the temperature drops to about 5 degrees celsius. It's not nearly as cold as its been during the night, but I still shiver. The jacket seems fit now. I also get a backpack and fill it with food and three water bottles. I grab two spears and lay them where I will sit guard. Next I grab a rope that I tie around my belt, just in case. Then, I get a large medikit and sit it with the spears. Finally, I get a big blanket plus the one I already had before. I put it all up on the cornucopia. I set it up so it will be ready when I'm back. I take a shovel and bury everything else at least six feet down. I got everything I need and can't risk anyone else getting weapons. As I'm walking away, I notice a hatchet and a box of matches that I didn't bury. Okay, I guess I'll just keep them. I pull myself ontop of the cornucopia with everything else and set up my camp with a view. I lay out the thinner blanket and sit on it. I attatch the medikit to the backpack and place it beside me. The two spears sit on the opposite side of me. The matches are in the pocket of my pants and the rope and hatchet are attatched to my belt. I am already wearing the jacket with knives so I don't need to worry about that. Now, I fold the thick blanket neatly and sit it in my lap just incase I need it later.

Supplies I Have: Thin blanket, large medikit, backpack full of food and three water bottles, two spears, matches, rope, hatchet, jacket with about fifteen knives, and a thick blanket.

Anyway, I sit up, watching, all night, but nothing happens... to me anyway. I'm not sure about anyone else.

Caleb Rickzz: The temperature dropped today and I wasn't prepared. I had nothing so I had to urry myself in sand to preserve some heat. It doesn't take long for me to start to shiver. There's some kind of eery feeling in the air. Everything is so tense like if I make one wrong movement, a string would snap and the entire sky would fall. I feel like something will happen and second. I need to prepare, but I can't. I have no idea what to do.

Aqua Mirabilis: Something just doesn't feel right. It got really cold today and everything is really tense. I get this weird, nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach and I am wringing my hands. I decide to climb up higher on the tree, my arm doesn't hurt as bad so I can manage to get into it's top branches. There's a slight breeze up here so I am FREEZING, but I feel safer.

John Madrick: I could tell that yesterday Drake was really nervous. He kept pacing and today he's trying to make weapons. After numerous attempts, he finally makes a spear. He throws it and it breaks against the canyon's wall. I never knew that people really relly pull out there hir and fall to the ground in frustration and anger. I thought it was just an expression. Soon, something falls form the sky. The familier sponsor gifts. We get a sled, net, spear and rope. John yells into the sky in thankfullness. I guess he's talking to his mentor and his sponsors, but he seems overcome wth gratitude. I've never seen him like this; it's really nice.

Kayleigh Pigtunia: Cow is trying to put a distance between us, but he keeps coming back. I got really cold and nervous. It was hard being alone, but I knew it was for the best. He's endangering my life, but I can't kill him. Maybe whatever the gamemakers are planning will.

Layla Cypress: I wake up with dried tears and my eyes still swollen. I curse myself for showing weakness and getting no pity. None, no pity from sponsors or the Gamemakers or anyone. I spit into the limbs of the willow and watch it stick. It does for a moment and then drops back down onto my shoe. Eew! I am disgusted at first and then remember that this wasn't the first time (and it won't be the last); I live with a bunch of boys. I have calmed myself and cleaned my shoe so I get well enough to climb up a limb onto the tree. I can't get up high, because of the thin branches and lims, but at least I'm not on the floor. I start to close my eyes to rest when a am hit with an uncomfortable and nerve racking sensation that nearly knocks me from my perch. It is so strong and the feeling is nausiating. I know, in my mind and heart and gut and everything else, that something is going to happen and soon.

Day 7 Night

Cody Pepper: I slept on and off all night. Not very good, I know, but I just couldn't sleep.

Caleb Rickzz: I recieved two swords and earmuffs. They were leopard print and looked really girly, but they are warm, so I don't really care. Then, I get gloves. They are solid black. I slide them on and wiggle my fingers as a new pair of earmuffs, silver colored, and a blanket falls. I smile and silently thank my sponsors. then, I lay my head down and go to sleep with a sword in each hand.

Aqua Mirabilis: I am asleep, dreaming. I dream about tracker jackers and hallucinations. I dream about erupting volcanoes. I dream about muttation attacks. I dream about forest fires. I dream up every possible Gamemaker trap. I can be expecting one of them soon. In the middle of me dreaming about being trapped for another bloodbath, I am awakened by something falling beside me. My sponsors have provided me with an insulated sleeping bag and gloves. I smile and then sleep warmly.

John Madrick: Drake's smile from the gifts eventually faded and he was left with a stone hard scowl that occasionally shifted into an expression of severe pain. He didn't sleep at all last night. He was pacing back and forth, back and forth. He jumped at every little noise. I watched him do this all nigth long.

Cow Massett: I have left and come back several times. I know I can't stay around Kayleigh. I could kill her. I finally, give in and sleep beside Kayleigh. All night I dream about killing her and her screaming for mercy. There's just nothing I can do... I jump up and Kayleigh is gone. Thank God, she left me.

Layla Cypress: It took me a really long time to fall asleep, but I eventually managed.

Drake Mordan: I walked in circles all night. Every little noise startled me. The supplies and spear never left my hand. I was ready to zip down the hill on that sled at any sign of a threat. I just hope that, when the time comes, I remember John. He's so quiet and my insticts would take over. It will be hard, but I promise myself that I won't leave him. It's not that I care about him, it's just that he's my sheild and I need his protection if I'm gonna win this thing.

Day 8

Cody Pepper: Heat is conducting all the way up the cornucopia. It burns the backs of my legs that have slid off the blanket. I have big burns on them and they burn severely, but I have to ignore them. I try and try and try, but eventually give in and use eveyrh bit of burn cream in the medikit on them. The burn ointment is gone. I hope I don't need it later. Anyway, the lava around the cornucopia is getting higher, but the lava ontop is starting to harden. Finally the wall of lava turns to stone and the heat is drained form the corncuopia. CRACK! CRACK! The lava rock splits into eight sections and each one turns into a vicious wolf mutt like Katniss, Peeta, and Cato fought. Each one of them has the face and, worst of all, the eyes of every fallent ribute. The awful part of it is, I killed most of them. I am momentarily stunned, but recover and kill all eight of them with eight knives. I exhale with relief, but then their lifeless bodies start to stirr. The shake and jerk and jump and then fly into one, giant, anaconda snake. My scream catches in my throat and I feel paralyzed. It wraps around my legs and pulls me down, off of the corncuopia. I almost get the spear, but I drop it. IT halfway hangs over hte cornucopia. I pray for wind to blow it off. The snake is strangling me and squeezing me and my ribs are cracking. It tightens and lossens it grip. I go on like this for hours until I finally black out. I need every to know that even though I appear dead, I am not. I am still, remotely, breathing. My heart is still, faintly, beating. My body is still, barely, alive. My cannon hasn't sounded. I am not dead. I am not dead. I am not dead. I still have a fighting chance. I am not dead.

Caleb Rickzz: Dawn had barely come, the sky was still pink and only the very tip of the sun was visible. I had been awoken by something freezing engulfing my body. The land within a twelve foot radius of me had turned to ice. I stop every movement. Very muscle in my body was tense. My heart rose to my throat when I heard a cracking. I knew what that meant. I fell into the freezing water under the ice. I could feel something large beneath me. I kept trying to open my eyes, but the salt water burned them. I sank, down, down, down. I heard a low, singing noise. It took me a long time to understand, but I eventually put all the pieces together. A whale was just below me. I start thrashing and trying to swim back upwards, but I was in panic mode and barely had control. My movements frightened the whale and it's tail swung upward. It sweeped me into the ice above. I expected it to break, but it didn't. I just beat against it. I heard a pop that was echoed underwater. I was paralyzed by the impact. The whale's tail swung again and that impact against the ice finished me. BOOM! Only I didn't hear the cannon. I just knew it had sounded.

Aqua Mirabilis: I felt tiny, hairy things climbing all over me. I felt the familier bite of that venomous spider. I couldn't get myself to open my eyes. They were everywhere. The bites, their legs, them. I was reliving that horrible pain in my arm, but this time it was eveyrwhere and multiplied by fifty. I was relieved when I was put out of my misery. BOOM!

John Madrick: Drake yelled and the next thing I knew, he was zipping past me on the sled. His arms were waving and he was screaming like a maniac. He had left me. I don't know why, but I kinda expected it... Suddenly, a gigantic white wolf leaps ontop of me and its fangs are bared. A wicked gleam fills his blood red eyes and he's foaming at the mouth. I don't even bother fighting. I go limp and hope that this will be quick. But, of course, it's not. The mutt tears at my flesh and claws my body. Blood is pouring from everywhere. I keep hoping that I would bleed out. If only Drake had left a spear. If only he hadn't had left me. If only the wolf would've chased him. If only I wouldn't have been seen. If only I hadn't been Reaped. If only I didn't live in Panem. If only the Games didn't exist. If only, if only, if only. BOOM!

Kayleigh Pigtunia: I am all alone. No Cow, at least that's what I thought... It's midday when I see someone staggering aroung with a knife ready to attack. At first I think it's some kind of mutt, but as it nears I see it's Cow! I start to scream, but he silences me with his knife.

Cow Massett: I went mad. I couldn't hold it back anymore. A knife fell and I burst. I had no control over my body anymore. Something had possessed me and I was a monster. I rememer, grabbing the knife and slicing all the way up my arm. Then, I blacked out. The whole world was black. I was staggering around, I knew that, but I had no idea where I was going. I could see absolutely nothing and I was oblivious to everything. A ringing in my ears is giving me a headache until evrything goes absolutely silent. The momentary silence is shattered by a dreaded scream, Kayleigh's scream. I die to the sound of her terrified and final sound.

Layla Cypress: I heard cannon after cannon, after cannon. I cried all day. I cried until every tear was gone. I cried until I was dizzy and passed out. I was so dehydrated. I was so lost and I didn't no what to do. I was, again, that helpless child that was totally lost and defenseless. I've really lost all hope of winning. Then, a giant gust of wind makes every branch of the tree move. Next, the limbs and vines of the willow wrap around me and lift me up. They hold me in the sky and don't do anything else. This is really strange, but the oddity of it makes it that more terrifying.

Drake Mordan: I have left John behind. I knew I would do it. God, I knew this would happen. I am scolding myself until I fall into a giant pit. When I hit the bottom, the walls start to close in. The crush me. BOOM!

Day 8 Night

Cody Pepper: I was in severe pain all night. I have trained for something like this. I have trained myself to survive. Just when my grasp on life strats to slip, the snake drops me and slides into a hold that magically appeared and closed ontop of it. I lay there, motionless, sure I was dead. My blood created a pool around me. I wasn't going to make it. But then, a hovercraft plucked me up. My movement hurt me so bad tha I howled in pain. I was dying from the paina nd blood loss.

Layla Cypress: I fall asleep in the branches of that willow. I knew something was out of the ordinary, but my eyes got so heavy and I wasn't in any pain so it wasn't hard to fall asleep. I dreamed that the willow strangled me and squeezed me. I dreamed that I died in its clutches. Welll, I thought it was a dream. The thing that told me it wasn't was that I never woke up.

In the Hovercraft

When I awoke, I was told that I had won and I would never be thrown back into that dreadful place. I tried to sit up, but my neck couldn't hold the weight of my head. It snapped and I fell back down onto the pillow. that tiny bump made me black out again. I'm not so sure they'll be able to save me...


I survived the surgery, but when I could finally stand to see myself in a mirror, I saw that my stomach and chest were stitched and scarred so badly. My arms had scars and stitches going up and down them. I ha dlost all of the color in my legs and they were white. None of this ever recovered, but it stopped hurting after several months. I guess my injuries were beyond even the Capitol's power to fully heal. My hair grew back, too. When I wore long pants and sleeves, and when my hair covered my neck and face, you couldn't even tell anything was wrong with me. I was told that's what I should do, but I hated feeling so restricted and covered. Everyday I wore my cut-off jeans and tank-top. I never wore shoes. I never had to go to school. I was totally free. I took medicene evryday that was supposed to make me forget everything. I couldn't remember it during the day. I couldn't remember anything during the day. But at night, I had nightamres about the people i killed and those final hours. I saw myself all bruned and scarred and stitched and irrepairable.

Death Chart
Tribute What/ Who Caused Death
Vanessa Cote Cody/ Caleb
Fabeae Vicia Cody/ Caleb
Meg Bolts Cody/ Caleb
Denver Mayor Cody/ Caleb
Asper Bell Quinoa Soal
Quinoa Soal Dog Mutt
Jane Sky John Madrick
Bayleaf Magnolia Dysterin and Cyber's Snare
Luke Stephens Tyson Ashford
Tyson Ashford Careers
Serena Armstrong Cow Massett
Griffin Crone Cow Massett
Blake Monror Cody Pepper
Stephen Midland Cody Pepper
Jade Gemstone Cody Pepper
Dysterin Braine Dog Mutts
Cyber Byte Dog Mutts
Pine Cherry Layla Cypress
Caleb Rickzz Whale/ Drown/ Internal Injuries
Aqua Mirabilis Spider Mutts
John Madrick Wolf Mutt
Kayleigh Pigtunia Cow Massett
Cow Massett Mental Issues/ Blood Loss Due To Cutting Himself
Drake Mordan Crushed By Gamemaker Trap
Layla Cypress Strangled By Tree Mutt

Ladies and Gentlemen, please congratulate the victor of the 227th Annual Hunger Games: Cody Pepper!

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