The 228th Annual Hunger Games:

Intro: The time when Paylor was President of Panem was not long. She took over Panem in the time of the 2nd Rebellion, but as soon as everything was calm and orderly, once more, she was thrown out of office. She was replaced by President Remedy who wanted the Games to be hosted again, not once, but three times, every year. She, also, demanded that the Capitol have total control as they did before. The Capitol would elect a new President every five years. President Remedy was replaced by Presidents with the same wishes. Panem was a cruel society until one woman lied about her ideas to run the nation; her name was President Leise, and she wanted everything ran as it was with President Paylor. Once President Leise took over Panem, all districts were so happy and treated equally with the Games promised to never be held again. The citizens of the Capitol, though, did not like this at all! The Capitol residents hated being on the same equality level as the Districts! They no longer had as much money to spend on themselves! The Capitol was outraged! So, one night a group of Capitol men disabled all cameras and murdered President Leise while she was asleep. The Districts could only pray that the new President would be as gracious as President Leise, but, of course, this did not happen. A strict and commanding Capitol woman, President Ivory, took over the nation of Panem. She insisted that Panem will be run as it was in young President Snow's time. Therefore, the Hunger Games were held annually once again, with District 13 a Games-participating district, and each Games promised to be extra horrific and torturous to the tributes which only made the Capitol feel even more powerful.

District, Gender, & Name Age Appearance & Personality Strengths & Weapons Weaknesses Creator
D1 Female: Sovereignty Song 18

Deadly, Mean, Coldhearted, Doesn't like bossy people. Self-absorbed. Smart, sneaky. Calculating.

Nothing like most D1 tributes.

Red hair, grey eyes, tall skinny, white skin

Knives and Axes

Fighting, Killing, Fast, Smart, Flexible, and Quick-Instincts, Dodging, too

Not a good climber. Not much upper-body strength. Can't swim. Not a good artist so she's not good at camoflauge. IHGWiki
D1 Male: Brayden Leo 18

Bold, Showy, acts like he's a movie star or something.

Blonde hair, muscualr, athletic, shining blue eyes. Extremely handsome

Sword and Hand-to-hand combat.


Overly confident. Not good at dodging. Self-absorbed.


D2 Female: Kiki Roc 12

Rude, Bossy, Strong, Brave, Refuses to be Scared

Layered, rown hair that she folds and does up ontop of her head. Her eys are lue and her eyelashes are long. She wears a ton of black eye makeup.

Skilled in all, but mainly knives.

Fasy. Dodging. Climbing. Aim

Wants to be a leader.

Doesn't follow instructions. Refuses to follow.

Hates being treated like a kid.

Kiki White
D2 Male: Axel Golden 18

Funny, cool, manipulative. Arrogant.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, tan, handsome


Fast, smart, strong,

Arrogant like any Career. Has never practiced climbing. Frequent Migranes. Nhtomahawks22
D3 Female: Laura Dewote 17

Funny and attractive

Long, carmel-colored hair. Hazel eyes. Creamy skin. Gorgeous.

Lying, running, aim, guys love her and are attracted to her.

Knows no survival techniques.

Knows nothing about plants.

D3 Male: Scythe Winters 16

Silent, Smart

Black hair, brown eyes, black glasses, tall, skinny, white skin

Traps, Nature

Strengths: Running, Climbing, Camofluage, plants, Machines,

Physical, Swimming, Fist to Fist combat, Dodging, Suprise Attacks IHGWiki
D4 Female: Peral Jaca 15

Very Sexy and bold. Likes black, but isn't goth. Pitiless. Ruthless.

Short, spikes black hair that she pulls to one side. Green eyes. Tan skin. Flawless skin.

Great with knives, but can use any weapon (except spears)

Good instincts. Good character judgement. Judges people by appearance.

Strong. Good liar,

Not good with spears.

Judges people by appearance.

Lies too much.


D4 Male: Jag Aqua


Bleach blonde hair. Crystal Blue eyes. Ears that he altered to look like fish fins. Wears blue lipstick

His token is his blue lipstick.

Nice, Charming, Oddly normal despite his appearance

Trident, net, harpoon gun.

Swimming, holding breath, fishing.

Fish seem to do what he says. He can control marine animals.

Land-based weapons. Running. Climbing. Not strong Theman77
D5 Female: Flora Vengsant 14

Long reddish hair, bright hazel eyes, tan skin, very attractive

Shy, quiet, stealthy

Lying, Sprinting, Hiding, Climbing, Swimming, Plants, Healing, Hunting

Throwing knives, Throwing axes,

Trust Issues. KNKHungerGames
D5 Male: Lucas Heyk 17

Carefully combed, blonde, hair. His eyes are a gray color with purple specks.

Charming, Funny, Will Kill

Not afraid to kill anyone. Can Swim.

Mace, Sword, Sickle

Fast-ish, but couldn't outrun a Career.

Bad at hand-to-hand combat.

Freezes when he's scared.

Easily surprised.

Raven HG
D6 Female: Carolyn Maven 15

Happy, Perky, Nice

Dyed, Red hair (just like Hadix's). Pale, blue eys. Porcelain skin. Looks a lot like her brother.



Awful climber. Weak. Scared to try to swim. Overly protective of her older borther. Raven HG
D6 Male: Hadix Maven 16

Aggresive. Friendly to allies and loves his sister.

Dyed, bright, red hair. Blue eyes. Porcelain skin.

Knife, Mace.

Climbing. Smart.

Bad instincts. Clumsy and ignorant when he's angry.

Will do anything for Carolyn.

Raven HG
D7 Female: Lila Greene 12

Short and thin, light brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin

Fun, outgoing, and really friendly

plants, healing, stealing, hunting, lying, and small Small and weak KNKHungerGames
D7 Male: Hawk 18

Vicious. Scary. Merciless. Cruel. Taunting. Manipulative.

Likes pranks (escpecially harmful ones)

Large, solid black eyes. Messy, light brown hair. Tan.

Blades. Hand-to-hand combat.

Fast. A hunter.

Survival Instincts.

Has much surviving practice and skill.

Fears Wolfs.

Scared of the water.

Raven HG
D8 Female: Helen Dugsky 17

Hateful, mean, bratty

Brown hair, slim red eyes, fit, pale skin

Knives Not good with swords or axes, and can't fight mutts Theman77
D8 Male: Alan DeGenari 17 Brown Hair, freckles, skinny. Tall


He's Tall. Fast.

A little clumsy. Has trouble being quiet.

D9 Female: Cassandra Karatine 16

Funny and kind, but can kill when the time comes.

Striaght blonde hair (always in a ponytail) light blue eyes.

Short sword and will make a sheild


Can be emotional. Can't go long wihtout food. Can't swim. FoxfaceFan32825
D9 Male: Zeph Nile 13

Black, Spiked hair. Tan. Gray eyes.

Conceited and arrogant.

Strong. Close combat. Swimming.

Mace and Axe.

Won't run away, becuase he thinks it is cowardly.

Near sighted.

Bad with long-distance weapons. Not a good climber.

The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
D10 Female: Veinna Tall 17

Mean, Suicidal, Hates the world

Asian: Black hair, black eyes, white skin, short, skinny


Slicing, Running, Hiding, Makes no noise, Nature, Climbing

Physically demanding things, Swimming, Fist to Fist combat,Camofluage IHGWiki
D10 Male: Canal Italy 14

Silent, Awkward, Smart, Pretends to be mental

Dark brown hair, blue eyes, white skin, short, skinny

Knives, Running, climbing.



Not strong. Can't swim. IHGWiki
D11 Female: Venice Rae 12

African American. Light Brown hair, eyes, skin. Short, Skinny.

Nice and Trustworthy


Running, climbing, Camoflauge, Plants, Flexibility

Swimming, Hand-to-hand combat. Not strong IHGWiki
D11 Male: Rye Fletcher 16

Survival is his game, and after a lifetime out in the orchard, that is his speciality.

Wavy, midnight black hair that touches his eyebrows. Black freckles on his dark brown skin. Muscular.

Strong, great instincts,learned camping techniques as a child.

Not easy to frighten.


Stubborn. Always seems to fall out of tall trees. Can't swim. Cares too much about little tributes.

Fears his family or someone he cares about being injured.

D12 Female: Ann Reed 12

Sweet, Giving, Perservance, Determined

Doesn't crack under pressure

Red hair with blonde streaks. Freckles. Small and skinny

Bow and Arrow. Fast. Plants. climbing. Sneaky. Escape Artist.

Rude to boys and most older people.

Cries a lot even when she's not really upset.

Kiki White
D12 Male: Aang Airs 13

Nice, Smart, Clever, Witty

Pale, mesys black hair. Green eyes. Short, skinny.


Running, Climbing, plants, flexibility, Dodging

Weak, scared of close combat. Doens't want to fight.

D13 Female: Vallita Fecil 18

Bossy and harsh. Always wanted to enter Games. Devoted. Cruel.

Dark purple ponytail with pale, violet bangs. She wears purple contacts, purple lipstick, and purple eyeshadow.

Accuracy. Great throwing arm. Strong.

Bow and arrow. A spear.

Slow. Slow instincts. She relies on her fighting to get her out of situations, becuase she can't outrun anything or anyone. The Boy with The Pikachu Tattoo
D13 Male: Battleaxe Ridge 14 Blonde, curly hair. Green eyes. Pale.

Hatchet and axe.


He will always stay and fight, becuase he isn't good at escaping.

Not a good climber. Isn't fast.

The Boy with The Pikachu Tattoo

  • Alan DeGenari
  • Ann Reed
  • Carolyn Maven
  • Cassandra Karatine
  • Hadix Maven
  • Hawk
  • Helen Dugsky
  • Jag Aqua
  • Kiki Roc
  • Lucas Heyk
  • Peral Jaca
  • Rye Fletcher
  • Sovereignty Song
  • Brayden Leo
  • Axel Golden
  • Venice Rae
  • Battleaxe Ridge
  • Vallita
  • Zeph Nile
  • Flora Vengsant
  • Laura Dewote
  • Lila Greene
  • Aang Airs
  • Canal Italy
  • Veinna Tall
  • Scythe Winters


Sovereignty Song: My final Reaping and now my skills are at their peak. I'm ready. I drone out the entire ceremony, but instictively shout out when the escort says, "Ladies First!" I yell my name and follow it by, "I am your tribute!" Her eyes get big, but she regains her posture and waves me onto the stage with her gloved hand. I get up there and start searching for my coworker in the Games. My eyes come across a big, muscular athletic guy. He's gorgeous! I grin and jump off stage. I run to the back of the croud and grab him by the arm. "He's the male tribute!" This annoys the escort so she throws her arms in the air, knocking off her wig. She squeels, grabs her wig, and then rushes offstage. When she's gone, the guy says his name, "Brayden Leo." Then, smiles at me with a sparkle in his blue eyes. I scowl at him, "Don't try to impress me," I snap. His face sags which is not as attractive, I must say, but he makes it work.

Brayden Leo: I had to get up early this morning. What time was it? 10 AM? God, I hate the Reaping, not cause of the Games though, but because I have to wake up before noon. I slide on my clothes and drag myself to the Square. I listen to the videos and wish they would make new ones, becuas eI have memorized every word of these. Then, the Girls Reaping. A bold girl says she is the tribute before the escort een get stot he Reaping glass. then, she cans the audience for her partner in crime. It's me!

Kiki Roc: It was my first Reaping and I was planning to volunteer. I ignore the beginning annd twirl a piece of hair that fell onto my face around and around my finger. "Celeste Miracle!" A big, muscular, giant chick with oily black hair takes the stage. Eew, I think. She looks strong and fierce, but she would be a big target. Not just because he, I mean, she's, a threat, but because it would be hard to mis such a giant target. I know I am so much better thna anyone so I volunteer.

Axel Golden: I was prepared to volunteer. My chest was out, my chin was high. I looked like a victor, until the escort tapped the microphone. The sound hurt my ears and a painful vibration ran through my neck and head. I clasped my hand over my ears and fell to my knees. It was reallly hard to fight past the pain, but I pulled it together long enough to volunteer. I gathered my senses and everyone forgot about that little scene of mine. It will never, ever happen again. Ever.

Laura Dewote: My boyfriend, Liam, waas throwing stones at my window this morning. I dressed and then went down to meet him. We walked to the Reaping together. "If you're drawn, I'd volunteer to go in with you," he says. I smile and tell him, honestly, that I'd do the same. We get our bloodsamples taken and then listen to the escort's squeaky voice and the videos that we watch every year. Then, "Laura Dewote!" I gasp and then look over at Liam. His mouth is open and he's stammering. "Help!" I mouth out the words as the Peacekeepers ushe rme upstage. When the boy's Reaping is held, Liam doesn't volunteer. I thought he cared about me... Tears leak down my cheeks, not because of the games, but because of what I would've done for him and I what I thought he would do for me.

Scythe Winters: I stand in the Square. I've been sick for weeks and this is the first day I could actually stand up straight wihtout passing out. As soon as I process that thought, I get a terrible headache. I clutch my forhead and breath deeply to keep form crying out. Then, my name is called. I can't fight like this...

Peral Jaca: The Reaping was the same as it is every year. The idiot Capitol escort woman and a weirdo video about Panem's history. God, this ceremony thing is getting really annoying! They need to change it up a bit. I'm think something like, uh, black... A giant, black stage and, I guess, (for the Capitol's sake) they could do rainbow lights. The escort should dress in solid black and the videos should be editted so they appeal more to the modern generation. Everything here is so outdated. "Peral Jaca!" Perfect...

Jag Aqua: I open my eyes this morning and rolling waves greet the rising sun and sing the same sweet tune as they did when they played the lullaby I slept to. I can't stop the smile that stretches across my face. Today is Reaping Day and I'm not scared. I'm really not. I get to the scare and direct all of my attention to the escort and videos. I finally hear the male's name: "Jag Aqua!" The odds are definately in my favor. I take the stage, my fingers rub across a scale and fold on my modified ear.

Flora Vengsant: I was the first to the Square and just leaned against a wall the entire time. I was dazed until I heard my name called as tribute.

Lucas Heyk: The intorduction, the videos, the girls, now it's my turn. "Kirk-" "-I VOLUNTEER!" My voice overpowers the escort's even through the mic. I smirk while I swagger onto the stage. "What's your-" I interuot again, "Lucas Heyk" She rolls her eyes. Then, she grabs the girl's hand and raises it saying, "Your female tribute!" Then, she grabs mine and says, "Your-" You know that I interupted again, "-Victor of the 228th Annual Hunge Games!" This sends the croud into a roar and they chant my name and my name only. I guess, they're excited to have someone this great to represent them.

Caroline Maven: Hadix shakes me softly to wake me. I open my eys and he's there. Hadix is still in his sleeping shorts and he's shirtless. I smile a little. He's always shirtless when he wakes me in the morning. He waits until after he gets me up to dress, because it's kinda a joke; I used to be grossed out whenever he showed his belly and we got in arguments about it all the time. Now it doens't bother me. It takes me a minute to see that he's teary-eyed. My expression shifts. Whenever he's scared or sad, I am, too. I look into his eyes and I soon realise what happened. Father has been sick for months now and we couldn't afford to help him. I know that he's gone. I start to cry loudly, but Hadix stops me. We are orphans now. Mother passed away when I was five and now I've lost Father. Hadix wraps me in his dependable arms around me and I fall into hysterics. After a momet, he pulls me away, "Stop..." He dries my eyes and touches his lips against my forhead. I pull the covers over my face and expect to sleep eternity away, but he draws me bakc out, "We have to go; it's Reaping Day." I nod my head and slip on my pale, yellow dress while he puts on his unripped jeans and baby-blue t-shirt. He ties my dress and helps me braid my hair. We stand, side-by-side, in the mirror, me and my best friend. Then, we drag our feet to the Square. During the Reaping, I completely ignore everything and lose myself in my imaginary world. It's a place inside my head. In there, it's cool and damp. You float like a cloud and lullabies are on a continuous loop. I am rudely awokened by my name being yelled. Then, Peacekeeper arms push me forward, "Hadix!" "Hadix!" I frantically scream for him. I hear him respond, "Carol! No!" "No!" He's fighting a Peacekeeper to get to me. The Peacekeeper punches his nose and he stumbles backwards with blood dripping down his face. I start to cry and desperately thrash like a fish out of water.

Hadix Maven: Father died this morning. That's it. It hurts to much to go into full detail. The cold, merciless hand of reality has killed this family; there's only two of left. I get up Caroline and try as hard as I can to be strong, for her sake. Then, we go to the dreaded Repaing. We get our bloodsamples taken, and then we are seperated into our age groups. My eyes stay on her the whole time, but she never looks up to make eye contact. I missed the entire opening ceremony and videos, but I definately hear her name called. She looks up like she has been slapped. She yells my nama. Again and again. The croud gives way and I figth to her. I am tripping over everyhting and it feels like eternity before I am even within ten feet of her. Arms catch me form behind and I try to knock them off. The hand hits me in the face and my nose starts to bleed and my lip is busted. They drag me, away from Caroline, to the back of the croud, where I wait for the boy's Reaping. My name is called...

Lila Greene: I can normally put a positive spin on things, but hw can I with the Reaping? "Lila Greene!" My worst nightmare has become reality.

Hawk: Peacekeepers chased me out of another house early this morning. It was around 2 AM. I spent the rest of the dark period in the woods. I climbed high in a tree and spit on squirrels as they scampered by. Then, I heard the clock; it is Reaping time. I run so fast that I'm flying. I go in laps around the lake and then stop, winded, and make my way to the Reaping. I get there and listen to the videos and intro. I am in awe. It's incredible how big these screens are. Wow... "Hawk..." the escort yells my name and then falters, I guess she was looking for a last name. Ha, I don't have one! I changed it to just Hawk, the second I was old enough (when I was 13). The escort says, "Well, I guess it's just Hawk!" I crawl up the stepd of the stage like an ape and then bark at the escort just to Freak her out. Ha, her reaction was priceless.

Helen Dugsky: This whole thing is stupid. God, I don't even wanna talk about that idiotic woman and the squeling, crying girls and all the other dramatic peasants. Someone walks past me and, I think, they purposely bumped into my arm. I turn and clench my fist around her hair. It's bleached blonde. Ugh, stupid blondes, I guess I can't blame her; she was born that stupid. I heard the escort call my name so I stomped onto the stage. I waited for a volunteer, but nobody did. "What? No volunteers?" No reply. "Well, fine! I can win myself!" I huffed and then stormed offstage, raging.

Alan DeGenari: The Reaping: The videos, the speech, the girls, and then... me! My eyes bulge and I feel all the blood drain form my face. Please, please. Someone help me. I catch my bestfried's eye and he looks like he's devasted and helpless. I know he could volunteer, but that's too much to ask. Help me, please.

Cassandra Karatine: I can't stand the Reaping. It's all I cna do to hold in my fear and anxiety during the opening ceremony. The suspense is killing me! Finally, the pick a female tribute... and I am her.

Zeph Nile: I mocked the escort and was caugth by Peacekeepers. Those idiots forced me to volunteer, but what they didn't know was that I was going to volunteer anyway. Ha!

Veinna Tall: I woke up and picked up the knife that I keep beside my bed, the nurse walks in and screams. Her high-pitched squeal makes me laughe very morning. Mr. Norris runs in and snatches the weapon form me. He knows that I was trying to commit suicide again. why don't they just let? I sigh and they lead me to the Reaping! "Veinna Tall!" Finally, I'll certainly die there.

Canal Italy: I drag my feet to the Reaping and I'm purposelly late. I get there and hear, "Italy!" that's my last name... It's not! "Canal Italy!" the escort repeated the name and, yes, it was me.

Venice Rae: I gulp as the escort plays around in the female Reaping bowl. It's big and glass. They've been using the same one for years, and there isn't a single crakc in it. The escort, finally, after ten long minutes, draws a name. she clears her throat and says clearly into the microphone, "Venice Rae!" My heart stops. The whole world freezes and my life flashes before my eyes. No one can save me now.

Rye Fletcher: I went to the orchards early this morning so I could get in a few extra hours of work. I climbed to the highest branches of an apple tree to get that perfect, red fruit that begged to be picked. As soon as my hand touched it, a huge gust of wind blew, knocking me from the branches. I hit the ground hard, but the fruit was in my hand. I started to bite into it, but a Peackeeper shot me a look. I stopped and tried to play it off like I was just cleaning it. I wiped the apple on my shirt and then put it in the bucket. I hauled the full bucket to the drop-off station and then dragged my feet to the Reaping. I ended up being a little late and got there just in time to hear my name called. What?!? Me?!? I walk onto the stage in a daze. Wow.

Ann Reed: I made my daily rounds of delivering fruit to the low income families of the district. I have a bit more food to spare, because of the fruit trees in my yard so I give three apples, oranges, or pears to half of the poorer families on one day and to the other half, the next day. After all the food is delivered, I make my way to the Square. I get there and sit through the torturous videos and speeches. Finally, the Reaping. The escort teasingly picks up slips and drops them back. I bend over to slap a mosquito that landed on my leg and just as I do, I hear my name called. I am District 12's female tribute in the 228th Annual Hunger Games.

Aang Airs: I smirk as a kid int he back of the croud is dragged away by Peacekeepers to be whipped after he cursed about the President. Ha, typical. Hes does it every year. At first I felt bad for him, but now I'm used to it. The escort picks the female's name: Ann Reed. And now the boy's: Aang Airs!

Vallita Fecil: I shove through the croud so I can get front row. I can't wait to see the sucker who's thrown in the arena this year! The escort, after the video, clears her throat and into the microphone says, "Vallita Fecil!" ME?!?

Battleaxe Ridge: The Reaping... Blah, blah, blah. The females, blah, blah, blah! Finally, what I've been waiting for. "No for the boys'!" He digs tot he bottom of the bowl and draws a pice of paper. "Battleaxe Ridge!" He smiles and I walk up onstage. "Ooh, I love your name!" he says, but I just nod. I'm too depressed to respond.

Tribute Parades

District 1: Ooh! Matching in District 1! The female and male both wear a dazzling yellow outfit with scattered sunset jewels reflected the light and sending off rainbow rays. The female's suit has a bit of a skirt flowing from the back, if I'm not mistaken. It goes over her shoulder and shows of her gorgeous figure! Ooh la la!

District 2: Look at Kiki and Axel! They are wearing gold, silver, and bronze armor. Their boots appear to be golden. They look so strong, wearing that silken cape of fiery red fabric. Their crown is made of a black iron pole that bent to form a circlet around their highlighted hair.

District 3: Look at Scythe rocking a lime green tuxedo! Rock it, Bro! Haha! Yes! Haha! I love the 3 dimensional metal gears and wires and trinkets that cleverly represent technology of District 3! It looks great. and it looks like the female's dress follows that lead, too. It's hot pink witht he same gears and metal trinkets decorating it! I love this! Very creative!

District 4: This looks pretty cool! The chariot is definately interesting. I like the rolling waves and leaping dolphins. the white horses complete the whole thing! Wow, and look at their costumes! They are both dressed as merpeople. Seaweed is weaved into the female's braids. She doesn't seem to fond of the smell! Haha!

District 5: They are both painted gold with red stripes and stars like the Panem flag. I'm not sure what this has to do with power, but look how it made President Ivory smile!

District 6: Hadix is wearing this cool silver mesh suit that says 'We Keep It Moving'. There are crystals sticking out of his purposely messy hair. A neat, mesh (same as the whole suit) cape sorta thing goes down his left side and says 'Hadix The King'. Carolyn wears gold dress with diamonds sticking out in various, scattered places. Her hair is piked up and it is dyed gold. A golden cape trails over her right side and says 'Carolyn The Queen'. Not sure how this came from transportation, but it's cool.

District 7: They have made the chariot look like the top of a tree and look at Hawk! He's a Hawk! and the female is dressed as a jabberjay. Clever! I LOVE it! Yes!

District 8: They are both wearing these humongous balls of fabric. The fabrics are polka-dot and striped and plaid and multicolor; anything you could imagine! I wonder how much fabric it took to make this?

District 9: This clearly represents District 9's industry: grain! The female is eleboratley clothed in wheat colored gown with various leaves as deco. She has a veil of wheat that covers her face. The male had a wheat-colored tuxedo, that is very flattering, I must say! Hehe, and a crown and gloves made of wheat! I wonder how that was made. Hmm...

District 10: Oh, hahaha! District 10's outfits are most amuzing! Yes, their stylist told me that Veinna selected these outfits! I'm glad that poor girl has found somehting that she, partially, enjoys! She wears a classic cowboy hat, boots, and their old faded blue jeans! What's that in her belt? It's a machete! She's not supposed to have that. (Someone whispers in his ear) Oh, it's plastic! Ha! Wait another moment! I think her shirt says: KILL THE COWS! Goodness! Hehehe. Oh, Canal is wearing somehting similar, but instead of a machete, he has a pitchfork! His shirt doens't say KILL THE COWS,either. It says: FARMER'S DAY! That shoes a personality difference, I do believe!

District 11: In District 11, I see a floral sorta thng going! Oh, yes! Venice Rae is working a short, yellow wrap. It's decorated in these glistening, metal flowers! Beee-utiful! Oh, my, check out Rye Fletcher! There's that smile we didn't see at the Repaing! Haha! He looks great in baby blue overalls with yellow dye in his hair! Oh, I see those metal flowers on him, too! Yes, District 11 looks simply delightful this year!

District 12: Man, District 12 is back on their old miners' suits, so it appears. The female and male look identical. Oh, wait a second! Hold on! The suits are on fire! I mena, it's nothing new. Ever since Cinna, fire has been District 12's signature. Ann Reed has, on her back, a bow and arrows. Another refeerence to Katniss and the 2nd Rebellion. President Ivory's not going to like this!

District 13: Look at these miners! They look almost identical to District 12's exept they are silver and lime green instead of orange and black. And... they aren't on fire, that is. they are glowing a green light that illuminates everything within a ten foot radius. Not that impressive, but decent.

Private Training Scores

Sovereignty Song: 10

Brayden Leo: 7

Kiki Roc: 10

Axel Golden: 9

Laura Dewote: 6

Scythe Winters: 4

Peral Jaca: 9

Jag Aqua: 7

Flora Vengsant: 7

Lucas Heyk: 8

Caroline Maven: 9

Hadix Maven: 8

Lila Greene: 4

Hawk: 9

Helen Dugsky: 6

Alan DeGenari: 6

Cassandra Karatine: 8

Zeph Nile: 6

Vienna Tall: 3

Canal Italy: 5

Venice Rae: 6

Rye Fletcher: 7

Ann Reed: 7

Aang Airs: 6

Vallita Fecil: 9

Battleaxe Ridge: 9

The Interview Host

The interview host for these Games will be Piper Bristol. Piper is a female who was extremely sad when the Games were cancelled in President Leise's time, but she eventually saw how cruel and barbaric the Games really were. That realization made her want to be the interview host when the Games started again with President Ivory. She felt that as interview host she could help encourage the tributes and keep them as hopeful and optimistic as possible.

She tries to be as fantastic as Caeser Flickerman and she exceeds beyond expectations. She is wonderful and can coax a conversation out of almost any tribute. She only makes jokes at her own expense and puts a positive spin on anything the tribute says. She always puts on her most stunning smile while she is on stage so the tributes feel more welcome. Piper always says the right thing at the right time. She is a perfect host.

Piper has long, wavy hair that is brown and has pink, purple, and blue highlights. She is actually pretty, in a way. Her eyes are a deep blue, and she has long eyelashes with tiny butterflies scattered over them. She wears purple eyeshadow and lipstick. Piper dresses in a long, white, sleeveless gown with a purple belt around her waist.



Sovereignty Song: Piper greeted her, but avoided saying Sovereignty's name. Then she says, "Okay, let me just ask. How do you say your name? I can't figure out how to prounounce it. Sovereignty rolled her eys and said her name slowly. Piper still didn't understand sp she said, "Do you have a middle name?" She sighed and told Piper that her middle name was Kay. Piper liked it and from then on, she became known as Kay. "You know-" Piper interupted her with questions about why she volunteered. She answered and then started again, "I-" Piper interupted her again and Sovereignty was irritated, but she held a smile. Finally she got to say what she wanted, "YOu know, I really don't like my middle name..." Piper looked taken aback, but then said, "It's beautiful and easier to say!" Sovereignty said she agreed, but she never did really go by Kay.

Brayden Leo: "SO, Brayden, how did you feel when Kay selected you to be her "partner in crime", so to speak. He smiled harder. His smile was so wide that his cheeks started to twitch until he looked really strange. "Darling," Piper said, "You really don't have to smiel like that. Your mouth must be tired!" Brayden's smile didn't falter, though. In fact, he maintained it the entire interview!

Kiki Roc: Piper told me to sit down. I started to roll my eys, but caught myself. She smiled and I tried to smile back, but the audience laughed at me! Why? Piper leaned in and said soemthing like, "Darling, I believe your stylist's hand shook. There's a bit of that purple lipstick on your tooth!" I frowned as she grabbed a tissue from an avox who brought a box up onto stage. My lips were squeezed tightly shut and I scowled for the rest of the interview. She purposely embarassed me!

Axel Golden: Me and Piper spent the entire time talking about strategies. The startgeies of past Games. My strategy. What is the worst strategy. Stuff like that. Well, at the end. Piper announces that I have much potential to be a victor. I don't know why, but this excites me and I start a chant of my name! Incredible audience... and they are totally cheering and betting on the right tribute!

Laura Dewote: I laughed and told Piper funny stories from the District and right in the middle of my made-up story about the time Dad rewired our neighbor's television to show, whenever he turned it on, the face of the President came on and it showed her saying, "I know what you did at the factory!" I got to the part where he came, supposedly, crying to our doorstep, begging to know what she was talking about. I can't believe Piper believed that!

Scythe Winteres: Piper's fake grin started to annoy me after a while. I finally told her she could relax and this made ehr laugh. She told me that she was genuinley happy to see me and that was exactly what she told an earlier tribute. She didn't stop ridiculously smiling. She, in fact, seemed to smile harder. Wow, are all Capitol people like this?

Peral Jaca: I can tell Piper is surprised about my outfit. I'm just wearing a black, tied net that you can clearly see through. At first, she didn't notice the black swimsuit sorta thing I wore under it and she made the comment, "What do your parents think of their young lady wearing this on national television?" I laughed and then pointed out the clothing under the net. She didn't look too satisfied. I guess it's still too revealing for her which I find odd considering what Finnick Odair wore in the Quarter Quell!

Jag Aqua: Piper grabbed me by my arm as I sat down. She said in a voice that was oddly awe-filled, "Jag, you are the most true-to-yourself, original, unqique tribute I have ever interviewed. I just must tell you that." I was kinda startled. Something about the way she said this made me feel wierd. I instictively reached up to my ear and rubbed the pointed tip of it between my index finger and my thumb. She smiled and looked as if she expected me to reply, but I just smiled and laughed nervously. Then she said, "You'd fit right in wiht us here!" I inhale sharply because her heel just stomped on my foot. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" she squeels. I assure her that I'm okay, but she still calls for ice.

Flora Vengsant: "Flora," Piper begins, "YOu're name, it means flower in some language, correct?" She said in such a way that made me think she was about to say something meaningful, but I was hugely mistaken. I mean what was I thinking? I should've known that it would be another hollow, thoughtless comment from a air-headed Capitol citizen. I doubt she even knows that I'll be dead in a few days. I listen to her make comments and remarks like this for a whole three minutes!

Lucas Heyk: Piper starts to welcome me, but I stop her and tell her what an honor it is to be in her presence. She seems flattered, as I knew she would, by the comment. I fix my tie after I sit down. then, I prop my foot up oin my knee as she crosses her legs. "So, Lucas, you seemed widely loved at your Reaping. You might just be the fan favorite this year!" "I sure hope so, Piper." Then, I remember how my mentor said to constantly compliment her an dthe Capitol and the President so I add, "And I have to ask: Am I your favorite? I would so, so delighted to know that a gorgeous, young woman was pulling for me." She starts to speak, but I interupt, "I mean, I'd be honored to know any of these incredible people want me to win," I stand up and address an elderly woman in the front, "I mean, ma'am, please tell me that you will cheer for me." I go to the women on either side of her and say to them, "Such lovely ladies as you two, I would honored and delighted and proud, and let me just say: I'd have bragging rights, if I, and everyone, knew you wanted me to win!" I go back up onto the stage and the interview is finished. My mentor was mad at me backstage, becaus eI complimented only a few memers of the audience and rudely ignored the rest."

Caroline Maven: Hadix was trying to teach me how to hold my emotions togeter so I don't break down ons tage. I know, I know, I'm aggresive and furoucious and a competetor (so most people think), but it's a lot to deal with and face at first. I'm still having trouble facing the cold reality of the Game. That is exactly what I say in the interview.

Hadix Maven: Caroline had everyone's undivided attention when she told everyone hwo she was strong and aggresive, but she's just had a hard time adjusting and taking in what will happen in a few days. I decided to go a little bit similar and describe how Papa died on Reaping day and how mother passed away and how our life was in the District. A few women in the audience and Piper cried, but a man i the back row was in hysterics. It's funny (and dramatic, but it happened) his crying triggered soemthing inside of me and I broke down how I told Caroline not to.

Lila Greene: I went onstage laughing and spent the entire interview telling jokes. I tried my hardest to get the whole audience involved. I even showed a few magic tricks I knew! I asked for volunteers and everything! I think I got the favorite of a few people, at least! I'm proud of that performance!

Hawk: I went onstage, shirtless, and Piper looked taken aback. She simply instricted me offstage and I never even got to do my interview... and I'm okay with that.

Helen Dugsky: I stomp onstage and cross my arms when I sit down. "Umm..." Piper said it in a tone that I found rude. I turn my nose up at her and raise my eyenrows to show that I'm not pleased. She tries again, "Darling," she begins in a voice that is as oily as the bacon grease on my mentor's chin. So I say back in a tone even slicker than hers, "How's your son?" She looks a little surprised by my question, "How do you know I have a son?" I repsond, "Oh, pu-lease, he's right backstage and he looks just like you!" I said it like it was meant to be a compliment and she "graciously" thaked me, but I said, "Oh, that wasn't a compliment, honey! Ha!" I'm amused by my joke, but she doens't seemed to be. She looks at me and starts to say soemthing very unlady like, but the buzzer interupts her.

Alan DeGenari: I go onto the stage and Piper looks up at me, "Wow, you're a tall monster, i see!" then, she puts her hand over her mouth as if to push back in what she just siad, but ti's too late. I've noticed that she's screwing up a lot this year. She will totally be fired!

Cassandra Karatine: I go onstage and Piper asks me about life in the district. what do I like to do? I start to tell her about all the sports I played. Football, soccer, softball, volleyball. She doesn't seem to understand anything and nobody in the audience does so I change the topic, "I really think I have a good Hunger Games strategy." Piper sits up again and is suddenly attentive. She sat so upstraight so fast, that it looked like somone stuck a pin in her butt.

Zeph Nile: I turn my nose up at the simplicity of Piper's dress. I sya, "Shouldn't you be wearing something fancier for this occasion? I mena, I'm in your presence!" She raises her eyebrows and sniffs. "Umm, I don't think there's anything wrong with my dress!" I repond, " No, I didn't say it looked like soemthing from the 21st century!" I pause then add, "Oh, I just did..." She gasps and so does the audience. You'd think I just murdered someone!

Vienna Tall: Peackeepers have to litterally throw me onto the stage. I was so insistant that I didn't want to go, but they made me! They made me! Isn't this a free country? Wait, that was America. I live in it's evil twin, Panem. Anyway, when I'm onstage Piper looks at me, "Why did't you want to be interviewed, darling?" I don't even lie when I tell her my answer. I plainly say, "because you annoy me; I find you a neusance. And every one in this audience who is excited for these Games (and every man that's wearing pink) is either drunk or retarded." Everyone stares at me, eyes bulging and jaw dropped to the floor. They stare just like that for the remaining of the interview. Their faces? PRICELESS!

Canal Italy: I get onstage and lower myself awkwardly onto the too squishy chair. I sink right in. I fidgit uncomfortably for the entire interview.

Venice Rae: I smile stupidly at Piper for three minutes. I get offstage and beat myself up for freezing out there. What's wrong with me?!?

Rye Fletcher: Others had gone before me, then it was my turn. I heard my name. I walked onto the stage, and was instantly blinded by the lights. There were people. Too many people. Their hair, clothes... even skin... it was all too bright. Even the host was a mess of bright colours. "Rye! Come sit down," said the host. Piper or something. I had seen her before, when I'd watched the Games. But, it was different in person. I walked over to the chair set out for me, and sat down. "How are you finding the capitol?" asked Piper. "It's a bright wasteful mess," I said, bluntly. The audience laughed. I frowned, because I wasn't even telling a joke. "What do you like most about your time here?" asked Piper. "Nothing. It's not home, so I don't feel the need to pretend it otherwise," I replied. "Tell me about home," said Piper. I closed my eyes, and tried to imagine it. "Nothing beats the sunrise, as the sun shines through the orchards." I could feel it, like I was actually there. "My sister and I, working together gathering the fruits." I went on, talking about home and Leaf, until my time was up. I didn't regret a single thing, about what I chose to talk about. It was the captiol's chance to get to know me, and that is me.

Ann Reed: I go up onto the stage and the corud's cheers are just a ringign in my ears. I am stunned by the bright lights and crying, and screaming, and talking, and questions. What do I say? "What?" That's when I realise how much I was just like Katniss and the costume how it was rleated to her. God, President Ivory's gonna kill me if I survive the Gamemakers.

Aang Airs: Piper keeps asking me questions and I think of a witty response to all of them. The audience was laughing so hard they were in tears and some guy actually fell out of his chair. They loved me.

Vallita Fecil: I did my interview, but at the end Piper gave me this idiotic, rude look so I spit in her hair. Is that bad?

Battleaxe Ridge: The wierdest thing happened. Some girl out of the audience randomly walke dup onstage, kissed my cheek and left. Then, another girl came up and asked if she could feel my muscles. The whole thing was kinda awkward, but I think I enoyed it!

Head Gamemaker

The Head Gamemaker for these Games is Jennifer Ellie. She is easily offended, and when she is angry she can be murderous. She is very harsh and demanding, and if you catch her in a good mood, you've obviously been extremely nice to her or you know her very well. Also, she will do anything to make the Games as bloody as possible. She adores mutts and will contribute as many deadly additions to the Games as possible. And because of her love of a tribute's bloody death, she will make the arena extra harsh, dangerous, and, of course, deadly.

The Games Announcer

Alexander Barry is the Announcer for the 228th annual Hunger Games! His phrase that announces the beginning of the Games is, "Tributes, welcome to the 228th Annual Hunger Games! Remember, only one tribute may be crowned victor! So, best of luck, and let the Games begin!"


An island surrounded by the ocean. On the island is the ruins of a destroyed Hawaiin city. There are wild hogs and mutts roaming through the arena. The ocean is FULL of deadly creatures, but the tributes don't know that.


Alliance #1: Scythe Winters & Peral Jaca

Lone Tribute: Hawk


"Tributes, welcome to the 228th Annual Hunger Games! Remember, only one tribute may be crowned victor! So, best of luck, and let the Games begin!"


Sovereignty Song: GONG! I leaped off of my platform and shoved several kids to the ground. I think I broke a few of them's neck! BOOM! Well, I broke one of them's neck! Then, I meet the rest of my alliance at the cornucopia. We wipe out most of the good weapons and I chase after a few of the tributes who tried to avoid the bloodbath. I litterally slice through the girl from 7. My eyes catch sight of my next fleeing victim. I start towards her and raise my axe above my head. Right before I bright it down the guy from 6 grabs the handle and throws it from my grasp. I gasp as he slings it towards my head. His finegrs release and I duck. The axe misses, but his fist and foot make direct contact. He punches me repeatedly in my nose and he kicks my gut wiht all his power. My breath is knocked out of me and I drop to my knees as he runs away. He will die at my hands.

Brayden Leo: I go to the cornucopia, taking my time. I see an easy kill and, of course, I go for her. She's sitting on a suitcase in the middle of a fight and she is chewing on her finger nails. I kill her effortlessly. I miss every other kill.

Kiki Roc: I spot a target grabbing a bag. I throw knives ad they stick in the bag. He survived that, but he's running wiht my knives! I charge at him and throw him to the ground. I get the knives, but an arrow is fired a my head. It just misses. But she has still made my target. I throw knives as she shoots her arrow. The knives stick in her kneck and she topples over. One arrow misses, but the other lodges itself in my arm. I pull it out and the pain is unbearable. I grba my arm and try to stop the blood flow. The other guy with the bag runs away when my hand leaves his chest.

Axel Golden: I missed every single one of my targets...

Laura Dewote: I run when the gong sounds and see Rye Fletcher with his back tured to me. I run up and have the knife gripped so tightly that my knuckles are white. I plunge it downwards, but his instincts are better than I thought. He's quick enough to grab a board and block the blade. There's a moment when the entire world freezes and I feel nothing except a sudden pain in my back. Before I know what happened, I drop dead.

Scythe Winters: I ran from the horrid deaths behind me.

Peral Jaca: GONG! That's my signal to kill. I beat everyone to the cornucopia and stuff knives in every slot in a belt that I found. Then, I see some Alan kid leaving the cornucopia with a spear and a messenger bag. I throw the first thing at him that my hand grabs. It's a trident that was rested against the cornucopia's wall. He falls over and his shirt is stained with blood. Next, I target that Lucas Heyk boy who annoyed the crap out of us, begging to join the Careers. I swear I nearly killed him in training. This is my chance. Just as he finishes Helen Dugsky, I throw a spear. It would've missed, but he ran right into it by mistake! Score! I knew he was careless! I run back to the cornucopia and survey the fighting tributes. Then, I see another easy kill. Her back is turned and I through the knife. Antoher tribute gone! I throw a trident at the boy she was after, but he outruns the weapon.

Jag Aqua: Me and that Flora girl are fighting back and forth. I had caught her trying to sneak away with supplies and, I'm not sure why, but this irritated me. I tackled her to the ground and we rolled around like idiots. Finally, I caught her with her eyes shut and plunged an arrow I found laying right beside her, into her eye. BOOM!

Flora Vengsant: I crawled underneath everyone and was about to get away with supplies, but some jacked-up Career dude knocks me over and sits on me while he drives the knife down to either side of my head. I roll over and now I'm on him. Before I know it, he's on me. Then, an arrow head is being driven down towards my face. Then, I'm blind. BOOM!

Lucas Heyk: At the bloodbath, I grab the first thing I get and it's a dagger. I use it to murder Helen Dugsky. My strategy is to knock out as many tributes as possible now so I don't have to deal with them later. Well, when I leave Helen, someone hits me with a spear. It drives through my chest and I rush my last few seconds by pulling out the head and leaving the wound to bleed out.

Caroline Maven: I am trying to run from the bloodbath. Just when I think I am safe, though, Sovereigty Song charge sat me with her axe ready to kill. She has a mad look in her eys. At first, I am frightened, but then, I see Hadix behind her. I have learned to trust his abilities. I know he won't let me die. He grabs the axe right before she brings it down ontop of me and he takes it from her. He's never used an axe, but I he's got her in an inescapable position. She starts to get away but he throws the axe. It is aimed directly for her face, but she moves out of its trajectory not a moment too soon. It misses. Hadix doesn't hesitate to fight her hand-to-hand though. Finally, he leaves her bloody and breathless. I know he made himself a target. As we run away, I grab the axe.

Hadix Maven: I heard the gong and ran forward to the cornucopia. I got a bag. It was unusually light and that's when I knew it was empty. I didn't have time to grab anything else because four knives are darting towards me. I lift the bag up and hold it in their path. It stops them, but barely. The blades stick all the way through. I keep the bag, because It must be useful. I put it on my back after I pull out the knives. They are in my hand until Kiki, the girl who threw them tackles me and steals them. She's about to use them to finish me when an arrow (fired by Ann Reed) nearly finishes her. She turns and throws the knives at Ann just as another two arrows are fire. One arrow misses, but the other hits Kiki's arm. She dislodges it and grabs the wound. BOOM! Ann took the knives. Kiki's attetion is momentarily not on me so I take the opportunity and run away from her. Then, I see Carolyn about to be split in hlaf by the District 1 girl's axe. I take the axe and try to kill her, but I miss. I skids across the ground, creating a cloud of dust. The girl turns to me and Carolyn stands with a haorrified expression on her face. I am capable of knocking the breath out of the girl and she falls to her knees. We race to get away from her and Carolyn grabs the axe as we escape.

Lila Greene: My feet fly and my heart races. I'm going to escape this gruesome scene at the cornucopia. I was sure that I wouldn't die today. I was sure I would live until An axe goes through my stomach and I drop. Dead.

Hawk: I get to the cornucopia. It's amazing that no one killed me, but Zeph Nile came close twice. I was screaming and beating my chest. But, I got to the cornucopia just fine and killed off Cassandra.

Helen Dugsky: I instinctively run towards the cornucopia, because that's what I see most people doing. I get there and then my eyes catch sight of all the tributes falling around me. I turn back to get away, but Lucas Heyk gets to me before I escape. BOOM!

Alan DeGenari: I grab a spear and a bag form the cornucopia. I turn to leave, but a trident thrown by a Career stops me in my tracks.

Cassandra Karatine: Hawk is screaming and drumming and making this odd animal like noise form the back of his throat. I turn around and just as I do, he drives a blade into my face. BOOM!

Zeph Nile: Hawk was flying and screaming and beating on his chest. He agitates me to a point beyond belief. I try to get him, and come close several times for that matter, but he always ends up outrunning me. Eventually, I give up and start fighting Battleaxe. Canal breaks between us and is beheaded by him. Then, I take out Battleaxe in his tenth of a second of unfocused attention. I get a belt with weapons. Then, Ieave the bloodbath.

Vienna Tall: I walk to the cornucopia and relax, stretched out on a case. People are fighting and dying all around me. I know that what they are doing is pointless. They're most likely going to die in the end. Suddenly, BOOM: my cannon. Thanks, Brayden.

Canal Italy: I was sick the night before and I was so dizzy. I had lost the will to go on. I stagger into the middle of a figth between Zeph Nile and Battleaxe Ridge. Battleaxe swings his blade and decapitates me. The last thing I see is Battleaxe dropping, too.

Venice Rae: I see a bag filled with supplies. It's not far so I decide to go for it. But before I wrap my fingers around its handle, someone wraps there fingers around my neck. What happened next was just a blurr of dust and a sharp pain in my neck and back of my head. The next thing I know, everything goes still and I faintly hear a cannon. I am engulfed in a brilliant white light that grows brighter and brighter until it finally, altogether, disappears.

Rye Fletcher: I spot my choice weapon in the mouth of the cornucopia. I know I can get it! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. GONG! I jump from my platform and fly to the corucopia. I dive and weave in out of and between people. Under the really tall ones. Finally, I touch the scythe. Then, I grab a backpack that is stuffed with supplies. My eyes search for anythig else. I grab a water bottle and a bag of apples, too. I, then, see a medikit and begin to grab it, but Laura Dewote catches my arm. She tries to dig her blade into the back of my neck, but I turn and stop it with a board that sat by my feet. She seemed startled. Suddnely, she caughs and blood splatters my face. I am disgusted by the warm, sticky spray and leave the bloodbath loaded with things I need.

Ann Reed: I'm like Katniss and she could've gotten somehting from the bloodbath so I try. I get there and grab a bow. Good. When I'm turning to leave, I see a Career with her back turned and her attention on soemone else. I shoot at her, but I miss. She turns and slings knives at me just as I shoot more arrows. The knives silence me before I find out if I killed her.

Aang Airs:? I grabbed a bag near me and took off, my heart beating 100 times per second. I sped through the sand and rock and along the rocly shorelines until I couldn't go on.

Vallita Fecil:? The other guys insisted to fight in the bloodbath. Zeph did pretty well and returned with supplies, but Helen was stupid and was an easy kill to an idiotic tribute.

Battleaxe Ridge: I ran into the bloodbath. I thought I could get in and get out, but I was mistaken. I went in ad had my choice weapon at the tip of my fingers. Then, Zeph attacks and I'm fighting, harder than I ever thought I could. Zeph is a worthy opponent and takes me out with one swift movement as soon as I behead Canal Italy. I hate that I know his name, but how would I feel if I didn't? Boom, his cannon. Boom, my cannon.

Weapons Collected/ Supplies Collected

Peral Jaca: Two backpacks with two full waterbottles, a compass, a small medikit, duct tape, matches, dried fruit, three pairs of socks, a sleeping bag, a jacket, a bag of frozen vegetables (the bag is designed by the Capitol to keep the vegetables frozen despite heat), and a bunch of apples. Peral has a belt of knives.

Hawk: Stake

The Rest of Day 1

Scythe Winters: I got to my camp. I made my own hut out of ruins of another. It is sturdy, somewhat camoflauged and comfortable. I can only hope that it isn't too obvious. I finish is rather quickly and then curl up inside on what's left of a blanket I found. I am just dozing off when I THUD makes me start. I, out of instincts, jump out of my shelter and prepare to run. I stop when I see a parachute on a plank of wood. Oh, that's what made the thud! I grab it and open the container. Inside is two knives. Now, I hear a second thud. Landed right beside the first, is a second parachute. I got a package of dried fruit. THUD! antoher gift! I am overjoyed when I see a full waterbottle. I unscrew the lid and drink about a quarter of it. The temperature has sky rocketed since the bloodbath.

Peral Aqua: I was laying in the hot sand that reminded me of my district. Sovereignty sat beside me while Jag and Kiki sorted the weapons into one pile and food in another and so on. Axel was cutting down palm trees and using their leaves and such to make a shelter. I close my eyes and take in the warm sunlight. The rays start to make me sweat so I get up and splash cool ocean water on my face. Sovereignty follows behind me silenty. We had previously been engrossed in a conversation about life in out districts, but it eventually died out. The moment I sit back down, a parachute falls. What could we possibley need? I pop it open and see a black, pearl charm braclet. On it, I see the words To My Daughter And Victor, Peral. I smile and rub my fingers gently along the pearl's smooth surface. Sovereignty laughs a little. "What," I ask. She smiles, "There's a pearl." I don't understand so I agle my head to the side a little. She says, "like your name." I get it, but it's really not funny. I lay back down.  

Carolyn Maven: I've considered searching for an individual to take Lucas' place in this alliance, but Hadix isn't fully convinsed yet. We found a grove of palm trees, each loaded with cocunuts and some with bananas. Hawk is talking about attacking the Careers and Hadix agrees this is a good idea, btu we should wait until we outnumber them. Ha, so we can't gain another alliance member, but we ca attack the tributes who have trained since they were two! Hadix starts to exlain his thoughts, but I ignore him and chew my finger nails. Then, we fall asleep in the leaves of out trees.

Zeph Nile: My belt hits against my side with its knives and hatchets attatched. It's funny how proud I am of myself for getting supplies. I even killed off a few at the bloodbath. A half smile creeps onto my face as we run and Vallita, who is clutching her side due to a cramp, shoots me a venomous look that dissolves only to be replaced by one of suspicion. Finally, we reach the ruins of three huts. I climb in and Vallita cautiously follows with her hand pressed firmly against my back. I think I hear a hint of anxiety and nerves in her deep, shaking breaths. We get in and have to crawl around on our stomachs because of the fallen roof. There is this tiny, tiny little area with an itsy bitsy hole in the roof 6 cm above it. I see a pile of wood siting there and some matches. I think we'll put a fire there in the morning. We'll draw tributes to this place tomorrow and they'll only find that we've deserted. It'll tire 'em out some.

Rye Fletcher: I put together a shelter at the knee a mountain. A waterfall flows right beside me so I was able to drink the entire bottle of water and refill it. I drank at least four bottles of water and about the fifth time, the pull of the water jerked it from my hand. I cursed under my breath and sat dow. I opened the apples and ate two of them. My shelter did a greta job at protecting me from the strong rays of the sun. As it set, I unrolled my sleeping bag and dirfted into a restless sleep full of horrid, bloodbath dreams. I awoke several time during the night, screaming, sweating, convinsed someone or something was over me and about to slit my throat.

Aang Airs: I throw my empty backpack over the cliff I had come to. It falls, down ,down, down until SPLASH! It hits the salty, ocean water and sinks into the depths. I sigh and then crawl under a palm tree. There I sleep for the rest of today and tomorrow.

Day 2

Sovereignty Song: I'm glad Peral got a token from her district. She seems to really like it. I never expected to see her genuinly smile like that. Her face lit up when she read the inscription. I guess the really misses her fmaily. I hope she gets to go back to them. Wait a second! What's worng with me! I'm turning soft. I'm, I'm, I'm acting with emotions not out of the will to survive which is how I must play these games. I slap my forhead, "Stupid!" Peral turns and looks a me with a quizzical look on her face. I shrug to show her that it's no big deal. Then, I pick up the beads I carved and the string I pulled off of a jacket. I stick the string through the beads. I work on the anklet all day. It was really quiet today.

Kiki Roc: Today, we finished sorting out supplies. Me and Jag filled all six of the knife belts to the maximum with blades. Those were clipped around the trunk of the tree. We stuffed six backpacks. Each one has two full waterbottles, a compass, a small medikit, duct tape, matches, dried fruit, three pairs of socks, a sleeping bag, a jacket, a bag of frozen vegetables (the bag is designed by the Capitol to keep the vegetables frozen despite heat), and a bunch of apples. Those were propped against the shelter wall that was made by Axel. The shelter has a roof that is made from a tarp and a slighty elevated bamboo floor that is covered in palm leaves. The walls are strudy and made of bamboo. There is actually a wall that seperates two areas in the thing: one for boys and one for girls. Suitcases are stacked up along one wall and they are filled with ropes, ductape, and other repairing tools like hammers and nails. Everybody has their choce weapon under their bed. Axel, Jag, and I did a pretty good job organizing this thing while Sovereignty and Peral just sunned on the beach like bums.

Jag Aqua: Our shelter and everything was completed today and I fell right onto my bed. I closed my eyes and slept the night away. Good, I'd need my energy for tomorrow.

Hawk: When will we attack the Careers? Will it ever happen? I get really jittery today and run laps around our area until I can't take another step. the, I drop at the foot of my tree and snooze until morning.

Vallita Fecil: There was nothing today. That could be bad. What are the Gamemakers planning to get some action?

Day 3

Axel Golden: I was sleeping and something woke me up. I jumped right up and drew a sword. My years of training have drilled instincts into my brain. I automatically whip out weapons and get in a position ready to fight whenever I start. Then, I drop my sword and something is pulling me towards the water, voices. They're myterious yet beautiful. Confusing yet entrancing. I am draw, in awe, toawrds the crystal clear ocean. I am met by the women with tails of fish. I don't hesitate to run at them. They wrap their hands aroud my ankles. I am in the water and under the water. At first, the stroke my hair and run their sharpened nails aroud my face, barely touching it. Then, one of them slices across my eye. I realise I need air ad try to get back up, but a pain in my chest makes me go limp. I sink into the ocean's depths. And sand from the bottom engulfs me, in my mouth and nose and everywhere. BOOM! I think I faintly hear my cannon.

Jag Aqua: I stood at the edge of the ocean. I heard the sirens wailing. At first it was sweet and calm and I was entranced by their voices, but a sudden sour note snapped me out of the state of mind and I caught myself just as their fingertips brushed my ankles. I have leared about these creatures before. I slowly back away and out of the corner of my eye, I see Axel Golden pulled in. I watched anxiously to see if he would come back up, btu all that resurfaced was blood-reddened water and bubbles as the sirens disappeared with no trace except air bubbles they left behind.

Hadix Maven: I slept throughout the day, but my dreams were haunted by voices of beautiful maidens from the sea. They were unnatural like evrything else in the dream. I twisted and turned. Suddenly, I awoke because of the impact of thr ground against my chest. I had fallen out of the tree while I was asleep. Carolyna nd awk woke up. Hawk jumped down right form his perch and offered me a hand. I took it and looked up a Carolyn who was staring at me wide-eyed. "I'm alright," I nearly laughed. She's sweet, but she may be a little over-protective.

Rye Fletcher: I sat up all night last night and today. I couldn't take my eyes off of my surroundings. My dream from a few nights ago was still fresh in my mind. I coudn't forget the masked face of killer. I shudder when I feel his cold breath again. The freezing, papery hands wrap around me. Then, I sware I can see a knife. I squeeze my eyes shut and shake the vision. I hope I can forget it.

Vallita Fecil: We woke up and all of our weapons were gone. I scrambled around and insisted we move our position. My heart is beating a million times a second and sweat drips diw my brow partially due to heat, but mainly from the probable threat of an attack. Suddenly, Zeph freezes. "What?" I hiss, but he holds up his hand to silence me. "What?" I demand louder. "SHUT UP!" He souts. My gaze turnes dow and I twiddle my thumbs. That's when I hear it: a soft, beautiful singing. It's so gentle. It's almost uhumanlike, but soemthing tells me it's a humanoid making the sound. Zeph's face goes blak. Not like an expression of confusion, but one of absolutely nothing like his brain is totally empty. It scares me a little. The, he starts to walk towards it. I see these evil creatures at the edge of shore. They are sirens. I read about them once. They use their voices to attract and kill young men. My heart catches in my throat and I grab Zeph's arm. He's in a trance now and I ca't stop him. He ignores my cries and drags me along with him. Into the water. Into the sirens' cold, scaly hands. Into death's way. We are pulled out into the ocean where slimy, fishy hands threaten to choke us. The blood is filled with Zeph's blood. One of the sirens have scratched him with their deadly claws and there's huge gash along his face. My lungs feel like they are going to burst. I am figthing to hang on to life, but Zeph looks like he has already. We're both goners.

Day 4

Brayden Leo: Kiki and everyone were sitting around the fire. They were laughing and smiling at Kiki's stories. She was talking about the time she set up a prank for her training teacher. I know it was all a lie, but the tohers seemed not too. I find Kiki obnoxious. I want her to die at my hands. Everyone started to lay down. Kiki stayed up forever staring at the stars, but the moment I was sure she was asleep, I drew my sword. I showingly swung it around ym head; then brought it down, hard, across her face. BOOM! Jag screamed at me and I didn't hold back. I told them exactly why I had done it, "Her spotlight should've been mine!" Peral and Sovereignty scowl at me, but Jag freaks out. He grabs a sickle that was laying besid ehim and furiously swings it. He missed me several times, but one time he got lucky and caught the blade on my neck. BOOM!

Kiki Roc: Everyone was warm and happy and hopeful. Peral was sharpening her knife. Jag was sitting beside me and smiled along with Sovereignty about my fake story about pranking my teacher. They were really amused. I was the center of attention as I love to be. Finally, the fire started to die out so we headed off to our beds. The moment I shut my eyes, a sword was ending my life. 

Scythe Winters: All the cannons today and tonight make me bring my knees in to my chest. I sit there, froze in place for what feels like eternity.

Peral Jaca: My hands were idle and I had nothing to do so I found something. I grabbed a knife and sharpened it the best I could. It wasn't long before out fire died out. All of us went to sleep. My eys snapped open at the sound of Kiki's heart-stopping scream. Then, I saw Brayden finish her. BOOM! I soemhow knew this would happen. Then, Jag loses it, right on que. I just sit there glaring at them both. Ah, drama: the very source at which the Capitol thrives. I think Jag expects me and Sovereignty to be upset, but frankly, I didn't care for either of them.

Hawk: Cannon after cannon. I think we'll be good for tomorrow, too. I'm fairly sure there was some kind of Career drama today. I'd bet we can expect some lone Careers soon.

Aang Airs: I heard three cannons yesterday. I jumpe dout of my skin at each one of them, but it never took long for me to go back to sleep. It's surprising how effortless this whole thing has been for me. I'm still alive and have a feeling that I'll be alive for a long time.

Day 5

Sovereignty Song: There was an uncomfortable, awkward mood today in the Career camp. Me and Peral worked out a system. The moment something happens, we run off, find Scythe, and ally with him. We each grabbed a pack plus an extra one for Scythe. I put on a belt and stuffed it with knives. We had a plan devised and I don't even think Jag noticed.

Scythe Winters: Today it was so silent. Nothing but the crickets towards evening made any sound. I maade shaped out of the clouds.

Carolyn Maven: Nothing happened to us today or yesterday, but I know soemthing happened yesterday, probably to the Careers.

Hadix Maven: Carolyn looked so at ease today. I was, too. The only one of us who lef tour perches today was Hawk and I think he just went to the bathroom.

Rye Fletcher: The vision, I don't know why or how, but I just forgot it and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remember what happened.

Day 6

Peral Jaca: I heard a branch crack. I knew soemthignw as about to happen. I woke Soverignty and told her to look. I saw that Carolyn girl running up on Jag who was leaning over a fire. She grabs a sword and at the same time, me and Sovereignty are grabbing the supplies we prepared. Carolyn in torturing Jag. She won't just end it and go. she watches him suffer. He's laying, hugging his knees to his chest, in a pool of blood. He's making a sound of pain and Sovereignty goes to end it. She's too late, but she does get to kill of Carolyn. Sovereignty runs back to my side, "ready?" I nod and we run off, on our own, in the rain that starting when Jag fell. I know that only one of us can win, but I don't like to think about that now.

Jag Aqua: The fire had died low when I awoke so I tried to coax a larger, warmer flame out of the low burn and smoldering ashes. I layed out pine straw and wood. Then, I struck a match. It died out. I tried several times. One match after another failed until, Finally! I had triumphed and just as I started to smile, a blade sliced across my neck. I dropped to the ground. I screamed. I yelled. Peral and Sovereignty were just watching. The girl was cackling cruelly and her blade dripped red with my blood. A single rain drop fell onto my forhead. I was tortured. I was in pain. I was crying. I showed weakness. Blackness. Cannon. Gone. My entire death scene played it's self in slow, single word sentences that only amplified my failure and torture. My brutal ending.

Carolyn Maven: It's early morning and I'm sleeping to the sound of birds and sizzling, humid air. It's quiet and I can sleep until I hear Hadix's pain-filled scream! I jolt of electricity runs through me. I see him at Hawk's mercy and I can't do anything to save my last family member. A single tear drips down my cheeck, but I brush it away at Hadix's cry to get away. I know he's strong. I know he can escape. I run hard and hope Hadix can find me.. I crawl under uplifting tree roots and hide there, waiting for Hadix. When he walks by like he's bound to, I'll stop him and then it'll be us. BOOM! I freeze for a moment. I don't know what to do. There was no guarantee that that was his cannon, but I, somehow, knew that he was gone. A lump formed in my throat and a knot twisted in my stomach; I felt my heart splitting in two. The worst has happened: I have lost my brother, my last family member, my protector, my savior, my only friend, my best friend. At first, I am destroyed and helpless. I cried until every tear was gone and I was dehydrated with no water to drink. Once my last tear fell, I leaned back against the earthen wall of my hideout. A new feeling replaced the sensation of sorrow: desire, strength... fire. I crawled out of the safe haven and stomped through the woods. I grabbed a large stick and gripped it until my hands hurt. I stormed like a wild creature through the ruins. There it is, I think. The Career camp... I lunge foraward and grab a jagged, sharpened sword that was leaning against there shelter. I swing it at that freakish 4 boy. He makes an unnatural, whale-sounding screaming noise. I laugh at his pain. He laying down, holidng the gash I caused on his neck. He's twitching and curled up like a wounded, fawn. I laugh and rain drops start to fall. I bring down the final blow and the moment his cannon sounds, mine does, too.

Hawk: The days are shorter and I'm ready to end this. I know that by killing off Hadix, I can make a chain reaction. Hadix didn't trust me enough to ever give me weapons and that's understandable. While he was asleep, though, I took one of the knives and carved a point on a stick. Now I have a stake and I think it'll do. I wipe a bit of dirt off the end and pull back my arm. 1, 2, 3. I breath the countdown. And then, my arm plunges down at one hundred miles an hour. I catches right below HAdix's eye. It would've killed him, but my and was shaking too much for a shot right in the eye. He yells and Carolyn sits strieght up. She, at first, is frozen like a deer caught in headlights. "Run!" Hadix is screaming for her to go. She practically falls out of the tree and then runs away with Hadix shouting behind her, "I'll catch up with you!" She runs off. Hadix is my kill now. I drive the stake again. He grabs my wrist and pushes me back. I beat him with my free fist. His face is bloodied and he's crying for mercy, btu I have to finish what I started. I push down the stake to hurt Hadix for the last time. I got his eye, dead on now. The stake is driven deep and his cannon sounds. I kick him out of his tree, then, stretch out where he used to be.

Rye Fletcher: Today I started hunting. I heard a bunch of cannons and knew I could either fight or die. This is what the Games are. They are a brutal fight to the death and I have to cooperate with what they want. Don't I? I could be like Katniss and rebel, but where would that get me? Dead; that's where I would be. Dead. I sigh and clutch my scythe close to my body. I found no one today and it's really no surprise. It is a big arena with not many tributes in it. I climb up in a willow tree and lay there. Listenign tot he night sounds and shifting ruins. I wonder if there ever really was people here.

Aang Airs: I slept. I slept. I slept. It was a dreamless sleep with nothing, but heavy, cold, colorless air and a hollow breathing sound, I think it was mine. The dream was endless like I was caught between two dementions with noe escape. I don't even know what happened; I just never woke up.

Day 7

Sovereignty Song: We trucked through the smoldering ruins and sizzling air until, finally, we foud Scythe. We leaped up and tried to run, btut Peral jumped ontop of him and caught his leg. He tried to scamper away until I yelled his name. He went limp and laughed nervously. "You found me. The Careers split up?" "Yeah," I replied. He grinned. Our plan from training had fallen perfectly into place. I start to laugh and Peral joins in. Scythe laughs a little to hard and falls to the ground, clutching his side. We're all physcos and that's cool! We snuggle into the camp Scythe made in the ruins.

Scythe Winters: Footsteps. I get really scared at first and can't move. I see tributes rouding the corner and I scramble out the side of my shelter. I get up and run, but soemone throws themselves ontop of me. I almost get away, btu they catch hold of my leg. My heart skips a beat. And then, "Scythe!" That was Sovereignty's raspy voice. I'd recognize it anywhere. I know that the Careers have broken up like she thought and now she and her friend Peral have found me jus like they said they would. Sovereignty tosses me the bag she got and we climb into my camp for the night.

Hawk: I really wish Hadix wasn't wearing all the weapons on his belt. He's left me nothing to work with building this hut. Anyway, why didn't I take them off him? I don't know. I was under pressure. I put together the shelter ontop of the tree. It would easily be blown or knocked over, but it's really good for having no tools. It's got a roof structure made of palm trunks tied together with these really thick, strong vines. Then, I layed palm leaves over top of it. I made the walls and a bed-ish thing, too. I smile and admire my ahndi-work. This should last until I'm the last one standing, I think.

Rye Fletcher: I was up in the tree and the wind started to pick up. I lost my balance and fell. IT wasn't a long fall, but it knocked the breath out of me when my back hit the ground. I struggled to get myself back up and tied in with a vine around ym waist. I slept until late whe I hunted until my feet ached. Then, I foud another camp (a cave) where I rested. I was up early tomorrow.

Day 8

Scythe Winters: The heavy silence in the air today was torturous. I didn't hear anything. It was entirely silent until Sovereignty started to scream. She clamped her hands over her ears and she squeezed her eyes shut. Tears spilled over her lashes and she yelled for whatever she was hearing to stop. I'm afraid the Games are too much for her. Finally, she quieted, but not for long. She yelled and screamed and shouted and cried. When, she fell asleep, her hands never left her ears and her eyes never opened and the tears never stopped. She was muttering something and couldn't silence. All I could do is pull her in close and hold her while she suffers. It's horrible to see soemone you care about in so much pain and it be completely out of your ability to help.

Hawk: An ear-piercing scream woke me this morning. I grabbed the stake and considered going after the source, but I still wasn't recovered form my brutal kill of Hadix. I'll never forget Carolyn's face when she saw her brother like that. What did I do? Wait, I can't become weak. I'm a figther. I'm a survivor. I will be a victor.

Rye Fletcher: I smiled wickedly and just couldn't wipe the smirk form my face. I snuck the forest as swift as a deer, as silent as a mouse, as smoothly as a snake, as deadly as the Games themselves.

Day 9

Sovereignty Song: The voices in ym head were deafeing. They were overpowering and torturous. I couldn't shake them! I scream and cry. Eventually, it's too much. I eye the cliff's edge that's not far from the camp. It's still dark and Peral and Scythe are awake because of me. I tried to stay strong for and with them, but I just can't. I get up and charge to the edge. I let myself fall over the dge. I fall down, down, down. When I splash into the freezing ocean water. I see the, supposedly extinct, megalodon shark. I crunches my arm and I slide down it's throat while bleeding out. I suffer until my cannon sounds and my heart stops.

Peral Jaca: My best friend commited suicide and I'm alone with Scythe. Not that he's a bad partner, but I'm not sure I trust him. I sigh and watch him set traps. I guess he doens't feel as safe with SOvereignty gone either. Suddenly, another cannon. I see the trap he just set has been triggered and under the stake he carved and attatched is Rye Fletcher. He walked right into his own death.

Rye Fletcher: I am hunting again today and I finally spot my victim. There's Scythe Winters working on his shelter (I think that's what he's doing) and he's oblivious to me sneaking up to him. I duck behind a bush and pull ready my scythe. I sneak towards him, but I am caugth by a severe pain in my head. Something fell and knocked me over. I was knocked onto my back and then soemthing plunges into my abdomen. I don't know what it punctured, but I lose my grip on life pretty quickly. BOOM!

Beggining of Day 10

Peral Jaca: I woke up, knowing there was only three of us left. I grabbed my knife. Scythe knew what was coming, judging by the look in his eye. He froze in his tracks and the scream barely had time to escape his lips before I drove the knife into his heart. I held his hand until his very last breath. A shed tears over his death, but each one I wiped away at appearance. I wish I had some way to avenge his death. I pondered the possibilities for hours. I stayed overtop of him so they couldn't take him away. I needed someone to hold onto. I lay my head down on his lifeless body. I planed to stay their until my death day, too, but something made me run. A mutt leaped out of the rins and nearly landed on me. I was out of its way, but it landed its claws in Scythe's skull. I wanted to stay wiht him, but my instinct to survive took over. I ran, fast, to the area where the Career camp was. I wonder where all the weapons went?

Hawk: I heard a howl at the foot of my tree. It was such an extreme pitch that should've been too high for human hearing, but I wasn't so it basically shattered my eardrum. My hands clasped over my ears and I staggered to get a view of the source. Mutts surrounded my tree. I was trapped up their, but I thought I was safe. I doubt they can climb. I wasn't wrong, but they definately could jump! The leader of the pack of muttation coyotes leaped to the top of my tree. I stepped backwards and then took the seventeen (at least) foot plunge to the Earth. Something broke my fall when I hit. I survived with nothing but bruises. I ran off, because I was now face to face with one of the deadliest creatures in the world. I, surprisingly, could outrun the beasts, but not by much. The barking and howling and trample of feet behind me stopped, but I didn't pause to look back. I wasn't going to take the chance. Finally, I saw Peral. She was under this palm tree and I saw a perfect opportunity. I slid up the tree with a quietness and sneakiness and swiftness that you wouldn't believ if you hadn't seen it.

Final Battle (Peral's POV)

Every sound made me start. My knife was squeezed so tight in my fist that my knuckles were white. I heard a rustle in the palm leaves overhead so I cautiously looked upwards, expecting the worst.

I screamed as Hawk fell from the tree directly above me. His teeth were bared and there was a crazed gleam in his eye. Hawks hands were curling and uncurling themselves as if they were simply itching to close around my neck. I was just able to avoid a head-on clash, but I wasn't saved yet. He pulled a stake out of his pocket and repeatedly stuck it in my leg. I howled with pain. That was the first, severe, physical pain I had felt in the  Games. I fire ignited in side of me. 

I kicked him in the chest and he backed off of me. I threw myself at him with a knif ein each hand. He easily stepped out of my way and the way he mockingly, shakes me off angers me beyond belief. I snarl at him like a creature gone mad. I was a Capitol-trained animal who has finally broken free of the cage. I throw a knife and it catches above his eyebrow. He is, now, on his hands and knees. I walk toawrds him, knowing that his only hope is the faint hint of mercy or pity left in my tortured heart, but he can't dig deep enough to reach it before I finish him. BOOM!


Peral murdered President Ivory at the Capitol-hosted party that concludes the Victory Tour before her district. Peral tried to take over, but was overcome by Peacekeepers. They didn't kill Peral, but threw her back into District 4.

Read my next Games to hear the rest of the story. The next Games I write will be the 250th and it will a Greek God/Goddess Games. I know, it sounds corny, but I thought it would be fun to write! 

Here's the link:

Death Chart
Death Who/What Caused
Venice Rae Sovereignty Song
Lila Greene Sovereignty's Axe
Ann Reed Kiki's Knives
Laura Dewote Peral Jaca
Alan DeGenari Peral Jaca
Helen Dugsky Lucas Heyk
Lucas Heyk Peral Jaca
Veinna Tall Brayden Leo
Canal Italy Battleaxe Ridge
Battleaxe Ridge Zeph Nile
Flora Vengsant Jag Aqua
Cassandra Karatine Hawk
Zeph Nile Sirens
Vallita Fecil


Axel Golden Sirens
Kiki Roc Brayden Leo
Brayden Leo Jag Aqua
Hadix Maven Hawk
Jag Aqua Carolyn Maven
Carolyn Maven Sovereignty Song
Aang Airs Never Woke Up   WHY ? ? ?
Sovereignty Song Shark
Rye Fletcher Scythe's Trap
Scythe Winters Peral Jaca
Hawk Peral Jaca
President Ivory Peral Jaca

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