The 300th Annual Hunger Games (The 12th Quarter Quell)

History: The time when Paylor was President of Panem was not long. She took over Panem in the time of the 2nd Rebellion, but as soon as everything was calm and orderly, once more, she was thrown out of office. She was replaced by President Remedy who wanted the Games to be hosted again, not once, but three times, every year. She, also, demanded that the Capitol have total control as they did before. She did make another alteration, too; the Capitol would elect a new President every five years. President Remedy was replaced by Presidents with the same wishes. Panem was a cruel society until one woman lied about her ideas to run the nation; her name was President Leise, and she wanted everything ran as it was with President Paylor. 

Once President Leise took over Panem, all districts were so happy and treated equally with the Games promised to never be held again. The citizens of the Capitol, though, did not like this at all! The Capitol residents hated being on the same equality level as the Districts. 

So, one night, a group of Capitol men disabled all cameras and murdered President Leise while she was asleep. The Districts could only pray that the new President would be as gracious as President Leise, but, of course, this did not happen. A strict and commanding Capitol woman, President Ivory, took over the nation of Panem. She insisted that Panem will be run as it was in young President Snow's time. Therefore, the Hunger Games were held annually once again, with District 13 a Games-participating district, and each Games promised to be extra horrific and torturous to the tributes which only made the Capitol feel even more powerful.

Years later, 25 children were missing along with President Ivory, who was replaced by, equally cruel, President Costmary. Also every citizen of Panem had no memory of the previous week. Parts of Panem were destroyed, but this did not stop the Games or even phase them. They were still held annually and they were all filled with the murderous deaths of 25 children.












District, Gender, & Name Age Appearance & Personality Strengths & Weapons Weaknesses Creator
District 1 Female: Sami Dublin 17

Long  curly brown hair, dark green eyes, freckles.

Sami is very shy, but also kind and sweet. She is a fighter and will protect anyone she is close to. Sami is also smart and friendly.

She is not only smart, but she is fast and strong

Spear and knife.

She is very small, doesn't like killing, and can't swim. Ducky35
District 1 Male: Reserved for Ducky35 Ducky35
District 2 Female: Chrysanthemum (Chrissy) Emerald 16

Appears Sweet and Defensless, but can be ruthless. She is sneaky and cunning.

Shining, green eyes. Skin with a deep, deep tan. Curly, bleach blonde hair that is really, really long.

Fast, Plant Knowledge, Traps and Snares, Intelligence, Cunningness.

Knives. Poison. Daggers.

Not strong. Can't climb or swim. Cloveygal
District 2 Male: Darekk Mormal 18

Funny and Charming. Passionate.

Flipped, brown hair. Tan. Gray, Seam-looking eyes.

Super strong. Tracker. Fast. Great with all weapons Not the sharpest being. Bad at swimming. Not incredibley intelligent. Cloveygal
District 3 Female:
District 3 Male:
District 4 Female:
District 4 Male:
District 5 Female:
District 5 Male:
District 6 Female:
District 6 Male:
District 7 Female: Krys Calcite 17

Not super generous and sweet, although she isn't blood-thirsty and malicious, either. Trustworthy. 

Strawberry blonde hair that is tied high in a ponytail. Her eyes are ice blue and she constantly smiles and giggles.

Anything that she can throw from a distance.

Strong swimmer, great climber, far distance combat, plant recognition.

Bad when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. She can run fast but only for a limited distance.

She fears the death of people she cares about.

District1 Obsessed
District 7 Male:
District 8 Female:
District 8 Male:
District 9 Female:
District 9 Male:
District 10 Female: Reserved for District1 Obsessed District1 Obsessed
District 10 Male:
DIstrict 11 Female:
District 11 Male:
District 12 Female: 
DIstrict 12 Male: Volcanic "Vol" Activity 17

Long, dark red hair that he usually has it tied back in a ponytail. Deep, red eyes. Always wears an emotionless expression.

Dark, intelligent, and violent. Nonsocial.

Daggers. Sword.

Clever, cunning. Intelligent. Plant knowledge. Strong. Hiding.

Not good at making allies. Can't swim. Rebellious. Not a good hunter. District1 Obsessed
District 13 Female: Sally Culk  13

Long, dark, brown braid. Freckles. Blue eyes.

Cheerful, obnoxious a bit, clever, stealthy, smart.

Small spears, knives.

Smart. Climbing.

Running, swimming, and is too quick to act.

A little obnoxious.

DIstrict 13 Male: Reserved for Ducky35 Ducky35


Sami Dublin: My entire memory of the Reaping consists of a blurr of crying, screams, bloodshed, and more tears. I remember getting to the Square with my boyfriend. The next thing I knew, I felt a pain in the side of my head and a terrible, piercing sensation in my side. My view was fading behind a wall of fog as he ran away, several gun shots were heard, screams pounded my eardrums, and something wet dripped onto my cheek. What happened? Chrysanthemum Emerald: I've trained. I'm as good as the older kids. I'm better than the older kids. I am tired of waiting. My patience is wearing thin. The list of reasons why I would volunteer goes on and on. Papa begs me not to risk myself, but Mother says there is no risk. She says that I can win. Everytime this escapes her surgically altered lips, father shoots her a venomous look, followed by a glance at me and near tears. I always slowly back out of the awkward moment and the tension evaporates once I escape a five foot radius. Well, today, I have to decide whether to listen to Mother or Papa. Both tried to reason with me before the Reaping and I avoided eye contact with both. I drag my feet when I hear the bell chime that signals the Reaping's beginning. Who do I listen to? I ignore everything, as always, until the female tribute's name is called. I guess I have no choice. I sigh at the Capitol for deciding for me. I make my way to the stage and just catch Mother's eye. She grins and gives me a thumbs-up. I let my eyes flutter back to the escort on the stage. I don't even want to see Papa. Dread spreads throughout me. The fear of hsir eaction when he says his good-bye's is overwhelming. Aren't parents supposed to make you stronger? Shouldn't they be confident and reassure you? Later, that's when I saw Darekk volunteer in place of another kid. I instantly believ that he was doing this to save him. 

Darekk Mormal: I swing an axe around my head in the field infront of my house. We live on the outskirts of the district where we have plenty of space to train. Father couldn't afford to send me to the Academy, so I got old stuff that I found scattered around town. I'm not going to be at a disadvantage. The axe spun faster, faster until my fingers released their grip and the weapon was sent hurtling towards a paper target stapled to a tree at the edge of the pasture. The impact sounds throughout the air and travels in waves to hit my eardrum. I let a proud smile display upon my face and just as I grab the second axe, I hear the bell that signifies the Reaping. I kick my weapons back into their hidden position and start towards the Square. I will volunteer. I get there and watch two videos: one about the Dark Days and one about the 2nd Rebellion. I shutter when images of bloodied bodies littering the ground fill the screen. A purple glow surrounds the few living and the millions dead and causes blood to pour from noses, eyes, mouths, ears. I see several younger kids covering ther eyes even though we see it ever year. I finally watch the glow vanish and the few, previous survivors, lay, twitching on the ground. Eventually, they all still- limp, pale, dead. I see a 16-year-old girl selected as our female tribute. She was younger than me, but whenever she caught my eye, I saw something. Something that told me she would be mine. Then, I hear a boy's name. I don't know the kid, but I volunteer not only to protect Chrissy, but to bring pride and honor to my district if she can't be the one to do it, but she will, I think. She will be the one coming home.

Krystal Calcite: The Reaping haunted my dreams last night. The jagged blade of a knife, a perfectly pointed arrow, a dull axe, a spear with a shining tip, weapons, weapos, weapons. The numerous forms of weaponry that could pierce my heart, penetrate my skull, drive into my back, slit my throat. I shuddered as each one flashed before my eyes in a a slideshow. I awoke panting and sweating. Even once my eyes were open, my heart still poinded and I could still feel that little girl's cold fist clinging to my hand as a lifeline. I don't know who she is was, but she was beautifully innocent and she wouldn't leave me be. Eventually, I accepted her as an ally. I tried to push the dream away, but it ressurfaced all throughout the Reaping. That's when I saw her. The little girl. She was drawn and the world freezed. She took the stage and I threw myself at her. So beautifully innocent. I knocked her off of the stage and curled up in a ball where she once stood. She stepped back up beside me and whispered something to me in a singsong voice. It was high and so beautiful that tears crept in to blur my vision. The next thing I know is that I blacked-out, probably from fear. Her ice blue eys were huge and swam before my eyelids. Volcanic Activity:

Private Training Score:



Alliances (These are not final)


Alliance 1: Chrissy Emerald, Darekk Mormal, Sally Culk

Alliance 2: Krys Calcite, Sami Dublin

Lone Tributes: Vol Activity

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