District13 Tribute

  • I live in District 7... so ya my username makes no sense i know...
  • My occupation is Wiki Editor
  • I am Hello? The Tribute from District 13!
  • District13 Tribute

    So guys as we all know Catching Fire doesn't come out for a while..Actually it comes out November 22, 2013..

    Thats a long time so i was wondering how we very classy:) wiki users will handle all this excitement and make Catching Fire even bigger and better than the first one concerning how we diehard fans react..

    I thot we should do this by editing the Catching Fire Page here and making everything in the wiki about the preparation for the movie.AND we should edit the 2nd Quarter Quell here and the 3rd Quarter Quell here or just make them bigger and better!

    Lets be the good wiki members we are and make this movie the BEST.EVER!

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  • District13 Tribute

    ROBERT PATTINSON OF ALL PEOPLE IS IN LINE TO B FINNICK ODAIR!!! NO NO NO N O N O N O N !!!!!!! I HATE HIM NO LOATHING IS STRONGER THAN HATE I LOATHE HIM IF HE GETS THE ROLE IM ACTUALLY GONNA KILL THAT CASTING CREW AND I WILL HUNT U DOWN SUZANNE COLLINS IF U ALLOW IT!!! i personally think hes not going to do it...but still rumors can seriously get me going...and no im not screaming nut im upset that someone could even metion it i mean come on!

    So vote here on weather or not he should play Finnick...

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