Diamond Manchesco

Diamond Manchusco of D1



Put the information for your tribute, and I will try to use them in my game






Family Life:

Markus Brown


Jayn Evans


John Doherty




District Male Female
1 Granier Woodlust Diamond Manchusco
2 John Doherty Jayn Evans
3 Digit Starr Lucky Dawn
4 Edward Teach Iris Miracle
5 Peter Smith Joan Smith
6 Acorn Fields Aurora Rose
7 Sener Jones Sinu Kniy
8 Darrel Smithic Cynthia Temberton
9 Markus Brown Sheila Swift
10 Gergor Virnog Sarah Fleter
11 Forrest Shadows Anabel Tinder
12 Jason Kai Sky Everett


The area is in the shape of a circle split into four sections, with a lake in the middle. One is a forest, about four square miles in area. Second is a large field, the same size as the forest. Third is a swampy area where most of the mutts are like snakes, frogs, and birds. Lastly is a section made up of mostly rocks with mountain in the middle of the four mile area. In the center of the lake is an island that has the cornucopia on it. The lake is fresh water and in the forest there are a couple ponds with fresh water. The rocky area, swamp, and plains have water but the are not good to drink.


Granier Woodlust, Dictrict 1: I woke up with my sister sitting on top of me. " Its reaping day," she said in her cheery voice. " Get off me, you freak," I said shoving her off me . She hit the ground with a thud. I stepped over her making to kick her as I walked down stairs. My mom sat at the kitchen table drinking her coffee, black. My Dad was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. "Dad," I said. " Yes Granier," said without turning his head to look at me. "Morning," I said. Why didn't I tell him, why didn't i tell him that I am going to be in The Hunger Games this year. Not like last year when I force Joey Ventio to go in for me. Did I do that out of fear or did i just not want to die. Whats wrong with me.

Diamond Manchusco, District 1: I let Ruby put my hair up in braids. I stepped back and looked at myself in the mirror. Ah, my dress. Blue silk. My favorite. I step out of the front door onto the walk. I grabbed Turk's hand, his first year. He will be fine there is like a one out of a thousand chace he will be picked. Even if he was he could win, he would win. He is the strongest boy I've ever seen. I let go of his hand as he walk over to his roped off area. I walked over to the fifteens. The Mayor walked up on stage and did his speach thingy, then the anthem, then the Mentors. Blah, Blah, Blah. I noticed something, well more someone Granier, his blonde hair, jade-green eyes. Hot. I looked back up at the stage. " Now it is time for the Reaping. First up the male. Granier Woodlust." He slowly walked up to the stage as though waiting for someone to call out. Only clapping and girls falling over with joy." Next the female. S," I wasn't D it was S. " I volunteer," I shouted. I walked quickly up to the stage. My turn this year.

John Doherty, District 2: I ran out of the house. I was late. Norah had hid my shoes, and I taken to long praying for Des and Dad. I race to town center. Head down I had three minutes to the name. Bam. I ran into something well someone. " I'm sorry," I said. It was a girl, and a pretty one at that. " Hi I'm Jayn, Jayn Evans." I mumbled something that sounded like "Jello my blame in Pawn Howhearty" and took off. " And now the tributes, Male first. John Doherty." What I ran to the stage. I didn't even have time to stop at my roped of are before I was force on stage. " Female. Jayn Evans." That was the female the girl I bumped into. Well good luck Jayn. Jack Doherty is here to win.

Lucky Dawn, District 3: I walked toward the square. I slipped under the rope for the Eighteens. My final year. A year to beat my brother and win the the games. It will make us even no more favorites in the family. He walked on stage, the mentor. My brother, the mentor, winner of the Hunger Games, the pride and joy of the family. " Now it is time for the drawing. Male first. Digit Starr." Digit Starr, the person my parents work for. I hope she doesn't die then my parents could be out of work. " And the Female. My own sister. Lucky Dawn. I walk up to the stage to stand next to my, stupid, brother.

Iris Miracle, District 4: I stood at the town center. Staring at my trainer, who is also a mentor. "Its time for the drawing. Edward Teach. Good Luck. Sally Petersonton." What, she is only twelve. "I VOLUNTEER," I screamed at the top of my lungs, as i ran up to the stage. "I don't care if I die so thats why I volunteered," I whispered into the mentors ear. " What is wrong with you. Are you saying you want to die. Whatever." We walked into City Hall.

Peter Smith, District 5: I walked up onto the stage. My name. They had called my name for The Hunger Games. And my sisters name as well. Oh no. She's going to die. So am I. I am going to die. " I am going to DIE," I yelled into the microphone. " Death is waiting. The Hunger Games is so.." A hand flew over my mouth. I am going to die.

Acorn Fields, District 6: I walked to the center of town. My stragy all planed out in my head. Act quiet and scared, then BAM. Kill everyone. My name. The one I want to be called today. The name Acorn Fields. The best Hunger Games tribute ever. Is the name that is called by the Mentor. Mine and Aurora's. Wow we are the tributes from heaven. I think. I hope. I know. One of us will win. And it is a one out of twenty-four chace it will be me.

Sinu Kniy, District 7: "I am beautiful. Not to brag but I am. I am the prettest person ever to walk the streets of District 7. I am the prettest thing ever. I am the strongest person ever. I am the strongest person to walk the streets of District 7. I will not let you down my district. I will not let you down." I had just cut my Mentor off to start my speach. But who cares my Dad is a Peacekeeper. He will shoot anyone or thing that doesn't like me including my mom. But he doesn't have to do that cause he already did.

Cynthia Timberton, District 8: I looked at my Daddy in stage. The best mayor ever. I looked to my right. There was Vince. Ahh, Vince. My dream husband. Cynthia Smithic. Doesn't that just role off the mouth. I love him. I love him so much. But he doesn't know I am alive. Darn. I wish he did. His brother had just been called to be in the games. I feel bad for him, he only has one leg. I feel bad for Vince. Maybe I can comfort him and then he will like me and.. " Cynthia Timberton." Well there goes my dreams of comforting him. And my dreams of marriage.

Markus Brown, District 9: " Mom I will make you proud. And Dad I love you even though I barely know you." I kept saying this to myself as i stood in front of all the memebrs of District 9. My home town. "I have so much money, my parents will give me ever weapon I need. They love me." I said this as well. I said so many things to stop myself from crying. " Shelia Swift," The mentor said. One of the poorest people in town. She will die an di will win. SHE MUST DIE SO I CAN WIN.

Gergor Virnog, District 10: I have been called three times in the Hunger Games and have never been in them because one of my siblings volunteered. They all won. So winning must run in the family. I look at every boy in the crowd. I will volunteer at no cost. " Gergor Virnog." I ran up to the stage so fast no one could volunteer. " Call the next one," I said to the Mentor. " Jessi Fleter." A pause. " I volunteer." That girl now knows how I've felt three times. " What is your name." The mayor said. " Sarah Fleter." Oh now Jessi knows how i feel.

Anabel Tinder, District 11: " Anabel Tinder." I froze. Me! Me? Oh no. What about school, what about the field, what about the kids. The kids. The kids! Someone volunteer. Volunteer. Two simple words. Two words that can save so many. Just say it someone please. I beg of you. I beg. " Forrest Shadows" There goes there chances of survival. Death for me, and for them. I have to win. I have to win for them. I can't die. They can't die.

Jason Kai, District 12: Walked past the twelves. That was it one spot. Two areas. That was it the two area i hade been in before I was called. Thirteen, Twelve, stage, arena. That is how life goes for a thirteen year old going into the Hunger Games. Jor, and Mom are probably crying. My uncle and Father are standing proud. I am waiting for the next name. " Sky Everett" The orphan. No one is crying for her. She had a longer life. Fifteen, Fourteen, Thriteen, Twelve, stage, arena. Lucky her. Unlucky Me.

Chariot Rides

District 1: This Chariot was pulled by to white horses. They both had glitter in there hair, and diamonds over there eyes. Diamond was dressed in a white dress. Her dress was covered from head to toe in different shorts of gems. Granier was whering a white tuxedo, very much like Diamonds dress in tuxedo form. The chariot its self was a diamond panelled enclosed chariot. It was made to reflect the lights of the Capitol on to the tributes. The tributes where holding hand, but that was it no kissing or hugging. The people enjoyed of the Capitol liked it.

District 2: This chariot was pulled by horses with marble looking hair. The tributes sat on two marble throwns on a granite chariot. Jayn was wearing a blue and white granite looking dress. Her hair was colored the same color and pattern. She had a grey marble tiara on her head. John was wearing a green and grey granite looking tuxedo. His hair was also died green and grey in the same pattern. He had grey crown on his head just like Jayn. They both seemed uncomfortable in the seat so they where moving around alot. The people enjoyed the chariot and the tributes.

District 3: The horses of this chariot had lighted strips in their hair to look like microchips. The chariot was made of lighted panels to look like microchips. Lucky was whering a multicolored lighted dress, with a multicolored lighted head band. Digit was wearing a lighted tuxedo much like Lucky's dress. Lucky was trying to hold hands with Digit but he kept pulling a way. As the tributes made it to the center on the route both Digit and Lucky took thing out of there pockets and threw them in the air. At first they looked liked microchips then they turn into fireworks that said " Lucky and Digit. District 3. May the odds be ever in their favor." The crowd went nuts.

District 4: The horses of this chariot had hair that looked like scales. The chariot was made glass made to look like water. The tributes sat on chairs made of glass. Iris was wearing a very plain white dress. Edward was wearing the same color tuxedo. When they got to the center of the route all of the sudden the dress and tuxedo seemed to turn into water. Everyone loved them, Iris kissed Edward on the forehead. They loved them even more.

District 5: The horse are brown horse, plain and simple. The chariot is formed to look like the justice Building of 5. Both tributes are wearing their reaping clothes. There is nothing special about them in any way and no one pays attention.

District 6: The horses of this chariot are white horses with their hair died red. The chariot is red and orange. Acorn and Aurora are both wearing a shirt and pants the same color as the chariot. Their faces, skin, and hair blend in with the chariot as well. Most people don't even realize they are there untill they start to shoot off fireworks and sparkles are all over their body. This is an unforgetable chariot.

District 7: The horses look like stained wood brown, black and yellow. The chariot looks the same. In the middle you see Sener and Sinu are both in work clothes and are cutting away at a tree. After awhile you notice that the tree is about to fall over. Both of the tributes yell " TIMBER" and fall to the ground. Before the tree hits the ground it turns into fireworks saying. " District 7."

District 8: The horses of the chariot are white. The tributes are sitting on a chariot made to look like a factory. They are both slaving away on sewing machines making something. Darrel is wearing a purple tuxedo and Cynthia is wearing a purple dress. Both look at each other alot but it does not seem like any romace is going on. Suddenly they both pop out of their seats. They both pick up what they were working on, a picture of their familys made out string, and throw them into the crowd. But as they fall the pictures seem to come alive and it looks like the familys are walking across the crowd. It is very touching and most everyone crys.

District 9: The horses of this chariot are a grey color. The chariot its self is grey. The tributes are wearing grey jumpsuits and working on something. All of the sudden the grey suits appear to explode and both the tributes are wearing silver tuxedos. They both hold up something and throw it in the crowd. It explodes and turns into the parchutes that you recive gifts from in the cames. They all have the faces of both tributes on them and their district.

District 10: This chariot was being pulled my four oxen. The tributes seem to be riding on a chariot that looks like the wagon of the Oregon Trail. Gergor is holding the riens and is wearing a cow spoted tuxedo. Sarah is sitting beside him and is wearing a pig colored dress. Overall they look stupid and no one cares at all. Then sudden Sarah does something unexpect she kisses gergor on the lips and give a big hug. The crowd loves that.

District 11: At the front of the chariot are two strong horses. The chariot looks like a field of grain. Hanging from the top of the chariot in wooden swings are Forrest and Anabel. Forrest is wearing a shirt and shorts he looks very relax as if it was after work. Anabel is wearing the same thing. They both look like they are enjoying what they are doing. The crowds loves them.

District 12: The horses of this chariot are black horse the same color as coal. The tributes are on a chariot made of what looks like coal. It seems as like both tributes a naked, with only black powder to look like coal dust. Once at the center of the route the coal of the chariot seems to light on fire. Then the black powder on the tributes does the same. Then you notice that Jason and Sky are holding hands in a special way. In the way that they are holding their hand it looks like the fire is forming the number 12. The crowds loves it.

Training Scores

District 1:

Granier Woodlust: 10

Diamond Manchusco: 10

District 2:

John Doherty: 9

Jayn Evans: 10

District 3:

Digit Starr: 6

Lucky Dawn: 9

District 4:

Edward Teach: 10

Iris Miracle: 11

District 5:

Peter Smith: 3

Joan Smith: 7

District 6:

Acorn Fields: 4

Aurora Rose: 7

District 7:

Sener Jones: 6

Sinu Kniy: 8

District 8:

Darrel Smithic: 7

Cynthia Timberton: 7

District 9:

Markus Brown: 9

Shelia Swift: 10

District 10:

Gergor Virnog: 8

Sarah Fleter: 2

District 11:

Forrest Shadows: 11

Anabel Tinder: 6

District 12:

Jason Kai: 7

Sky Everett: 4

The Games: Day 1

John’s POV:

I watched as the grass blew in the wind. It seem like a normal day. Too normal. Too simple. I took in a deep breath. The smell of grass and water entered my airways. To my left stood the District 12 male. What was his name again? Johnathon, no Jason. Whatever who really cares he will probably end up dead. I look to the cornucopia. It sat on an island in the middle of a lake. Simple, I swim out there grab some knifes and team up with Granier, Diamond, Iris and Edward. I not too sure if I want to get into a alliance with Jayn. I barely know anything about her. Whatever, when’s the gong gonna sound?

Darrel Simthic’s POV:

How am I going to get out there. This is strange that know one volunteered for a kid with one leg. I need an alliance. I need someone who can get me to the end or at least the final four. I can’t let my family down. I looked to my left. Peter Smith. The kid that yelled about the Hunger Games. A rebel. No way I will team up with him. Who knows what they have in store for him. I looked to my right. Sinu Kniy. The girl that thinks that she is all that. I will take a risk and run away.

Sinu Kniy’s POV:

Ugh, Green shirt. The worst color on me. And black shorts with high knee socks. Ugh. Do they have any style. What is that over there. Ugh marshland. Wet, sticky and bugs. Yuck. Oh, wait forest. Home turf. Now that’s good. Ugh the cripple kid is to my left. And too my right, Joan Smith. Ah, two easy kills right off the bat. Now, where is the gong.

Jayn Evans’s POV:

I am scared. I needed an alliance and the kid from my district doesn’t even want to look at me. Everyone from District 2 wants too look at me. Why not him? Why of all people from 2 did it have to be him? Why? He’s gonna be my first kill. I feel bad for the cripple kid. Should I help him? No, what are you think about. You can’t help anyone in the Hunger Games. But maybe him. Maybe.

Forrest Shadows’ POV:

An eleven. They gave me an eleven. A score better than most of the careers. Why? Was it something I did in District 11. I did nothing wrong. So did I really do that good? Everyone probably wants me dead. Hopefully the kids I was going to be in a alliance with still want to be with me. Ananbel, Joan, and Sarah. But I got better scores then any of them. What should I do? This is so difficult.


John Doherty’s POV:

I ran toward the lake as soon as the gong sounded. I hit the water. SPLASH! Clear, crisp, almost fake. Capitol water. Something I hoped to feel since the day I was born. SPLASH! My popped up above the water. I saw I was being fallowed by Iris, Edward, Diamond, Granier, both 9’s and the 7’s. I ran to the cornucopia. Grabbed two knifes, a pack, and a spear. Both of the 4’s came up at the same time. I handed Edward a trident and pack. Iris grabbed a knife and a trident. Diamond grabbed a knife and a spear.

“ Granier isn’t the best swimmer he decided to swim toward the forest. I will grab a pack then we should go.”

The female 9 came up next. Diamond grabbed her knife and threw it right in between her forehead. The male came up next and jumped on Diamonds back, covering her face with his hands and started kicking her in the back. Diamond was throwing her arms around trying to hit him but nothing worked. She lost balance and fell into the water. Splash.

“ Grab the stuff, she’ll meet up with us later,” I said. Now the 3’s, 6’s and the male from 12 jumped in. We all hit the water and swam to are right towards the forest.

Jayn Evans’ POV:

“ Come on,” I said to Darrel as I pulled him toward the forest.

“ Why should I come, I will just hold you back.” He replied, letting me drag him with me.

“ I want to help you.” I said.

“ What about weapons and food. How will we survive,” He asked me.

I didn’t answer. He used my back as support and he hopped after me into the forest. I looked at his face. He seem mad. He seemed mad that he couldn’t help himself. That he needed me. A girl, younger then he was, to help him. We broke the forest line to hear three cannons go off.

“ We have to keep going,” he said, “ we need to find water.”

“No,” I told him, “ we will camp close by. Later tonight I will go to the cornucopia and see if anything is left then we will continue walking.”

Cynthia Timberton’s POV:

Where did he go? How could he get out of here so fast, he only have one leg? I have to find him. I have to tell about how I feel about his brother. His sweet , kind brother. Ah, Vince. The love oh my…. SMACK. Something hit me on the back of my head. I turned around. The girl from 11.

“ Do you want to be in an alliance. My district partner, Forrest, is going for supplies. He said to meet him in the rocky area. Come on, you can trust me. I promise I will not hurt you.” She said, reaching out her hand toward me.

“ Ok,” I said grabbing at her hand, “ Lets go.”

Diamond Manchusco’s POV:

I almost died. The kid on top of me weight a lot. But I was stronger, more skilled, I flipped him off my back and pushed him under water covering his mouth.


His cannon sounded. I popped up out of the water. I was staring right in the face of the 12 male. SLICE. I cut him across the forehead. Blood running down his face into his eyes. He tried to jump at me but was pulled back by the Male from 3. Digit. I kicked the 12 in the face. Dislocating his jaw. Digit pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the back.


His cannon sounded.

“ Alliance,” Digit said.

“ Yeah, my alliance will take you in I bet. Hey, where’s your district partner?”

“She is still at the cornucopia she was fighting with the 7 male.”

“Ok, come on. We are meeting by the forest.”

Gergor Virnog’s POV:

The moment I say the lake I almost died. I have no idea how to swim.


Someone died that quickly. I did a quick three-sixty and saw the field. I’ll go there. Maybe later I will come back out for an alliance.


Another one.


I got to get out of here.

Acorn Fields, POV:

&nbsp I raced over to Aurora. We will be allies. She has to be. I grabbed her hand.

“ We are,”

“Allies, I know, I wanted you as an ally.”

“Really, cause I just need an ally to survive.”

“ I know your trick, with the whole act weak then kill people. I’ve seen what you do in 6. It’s fine I will still be your ally.”

“ Lets go get some weapons.”

Digit Star’s POV:

We popped up out of the water.

“ They’re over there,” Diamond said pointing to her right. We walked over to them.


Another cannon. How many have died?


Another? Wow.

“ Hey guys, this is Digit, he’s from 3. He’s in our alliance. Ok.” She said the last thing forcefully.

“ Hi, did any of guys see my partner. She’s about this tall. Has ginger – red hair. Pale skin,” I asked.

“ I am sorry, she umm. Well she is umm,” one of the boys said.

I knew what he meant. Dead. “ How. How did it happen?”

“She was fighting with the 7 male when the 7 and 12 females came up and started fighting with her. She stabbed the 12 in the back then the 7 female slit her throat. She kept fighting, but then 7 male cut her back then the female kicked her in the face and then hit her with a mace.”

“ Oh, at least she put up a fight,” I said.

“ Lets keep going into the forest,” said a boy with an eye patch.

Jayn Evans’ POV:

I sat next to Darrel. Even with out a leg he was still pretty cute his dark black eyes, his shaved brown-blonde.

“ Hey,” I said, “ do you want me to get you something that you can use as a crutch, I understand why they took that away. Will you be fine?” I asked.

“ Yeah, I will. Just get a branch. I will defend myself.” He said.

I walked into the forest. For being in the games the forest was very peaceful. I hunted around for a little bit and found something I though he could use. I walked back it was getting close to dusk. The perfect time for me to go to the cornucopia to see what I can get use.

“ Hey,” I said, “ I found something you can use as a crutch.” He turned around.

“ Perfect,” he said, “ You better go to the cornucopia. Every one left. I don’t know what’s left, but there has to be something.”

“ Are you gonna be ok,” I asked him.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” He replied.

I walked away from our spot toward the lake. I dove in. It was cool water. Nice. I swam quietly, praying no one would see me. I reached the island and looked around. Splats of blood every where, nothing on the perimeter. I went inside to find something I could use to survive. A small pack, some strips of meat and dried fruits, a small knife, and a blowgun. A walked back toward the edge of the island and strapped the pack to my back, put the knife and gun on my belt and dove in. I swam over to spot where I left Darrel. He was sitting there looking at the sky.

“ I got some stuff that can be useful.” I put everything in front of him.

“ What’s in the pack?” he asked.

“ I don’t know I didn’t open it,” I responded.

He reached for the pack and unzipped it. Some poison, darts and some first aid stuff.

“ The poison is for the darts. I will take the darts and gun and you can take the knife. Unless you want the gun. Lets have a little bit of the meat tonight. I will take first watch cause you did so much today.” He said.

“ Ok thanks, the knife is fine. Just wake me up when the anthem plays.” I said

&nbsp Darrel Smithic’s POV:

I am mad. I’m mad because I only made it this far because of Jayn. I don’t know what I should do. Run away and try to survive. Or stay here and use Jayn to get me farther in the games. I will use Jayn. The anthem started playing.

“ Wake up,” I said shaking her.

“ Huh what, oh is it time for the deaths,” she said.

“ Yup,” I replied. We both looked up at the sky. The nine’s, the twelve’s, the female from three, Peter Smith, Sarah Fleter. That was it seven. Seven dead seventeen left.

“ I thought of something,” Jayn said, “ you realize we never left from our spot. I will let you rest and then at dawn we will move. Ok.”

“ Yeah,” I said and fell asleep.


Deaths: Shelia Swift, District 9

Markus Brown, District 9

Jason Kai, District 12

Sky Everett, District 12

Lucky Dawn, District 3

Peter Smith, District 5

Sarah Fleter, District 10

“May the odds be ever in your favor.”

Day 2: “ A death, A kill, and a split.”

Aurora Rose’s POV:

“Why did we come to the swamp,” I asked Acorn, “ We could of gone any where else but the swamp? Was there a reason you wanted to be here.”

“ It was I smart choice, no one will come to the swamp.” He said

“ Why? Why did you think we should come here? Because it poses more of a risk. So we have a better chance to die. Do you want to be dead?”

“ We have a better chance of hiding from people in here then out in the forest or in the field. “ We walked quietly.

“ Did you hear something,” Acorn said.

“ We’re in a swamp, you probably a bug or something. Stop making a big deal out of nothing,” I said.


“ Ok so there is something here. Take out your knife.” I said.

I grabbed my bow and place an arrow.


“ Its coming closer,” Acorn whispered.



“ Ahhh!” Acorn yelled at the top of his lungs.

I looked at him. A snake had chomped down on his neck. I grabbed my knife.


I cut the snake in half. The top of it went limp at fell of his neck.

“ Acorn,” I said.

“ Aurora, do something, I don’t want to die like this please.”

I cut a piece of my shirt with my knife. I turned around. Acorn’s neck was cover with bugs.

“ What are they doing to you Acorn? What’s on your neck?” I asked

“ I don’t know Aurora, just do something,” he responded.

“ I don’t know how to get them off you.” The blood had totally drained from his face.

“ There sucking the blood from your body. There is no I can help. I’m sorry.” I said.

“ It’s fine, just make district six proud, tell my partners I love them. I love you Aurora. Not as a friend. But more than that. I bet it’s too late to tell you this but its true.”

I looked into his sorry eyes.

“ I love you too Acorn.”

I kissed him on the forehead.

“ Goodbye Aurora, love you.”

“ Love you too Acorn.”


I ran towards the lake. I couldn’t see the hovercraft that would carry the boy I had just lied to in his last moments of life. I didn’t love him. I would never love him. He was nothing to me, other than a neighbor. I started to cry. I cried because i had watched a boy die a boy I had seen grow. I looked up to the sky. A silver parachute fluttered down in front of me. I ripped open the package. “For all your lose,” The note read. A bottle of poison rolled out followed by a dart gun.

Gergor Virnog’s POV:

I sat at the side of the field. Waiting. Watching. Seeing if anyone would walk by. Anyone who I could ally with. I went threw the list of survivors. Most of the careers. No. I can’t deal with them. Maybe the guy with one leg. No. Why him? He would hold me back.


What was that? A bird? A tribute? A mutt? I hid between the high stacks of wheat. I held the rock with a sharp tip in my left hand and the throwing ones in the right. Please let it be another tribute. Please.


Again? What is it. I threw my rock toward the lake. Maybes its out there and I shocked it and it ran way. Or maybe I just gave away my location.


I gave myself away. I ran towards my left. WOOSH

They are following me.


This time I saw what they were doing. Darts. Poison I bet had touched the tips.


How many did they get? I took a sharp left and dove to the ground. I started pulling myself by my hands.


I stopped. Waiting for the sound Nothing. They ran out. I continued on my hands and knees.


They’re hunting for me now.


A small puddle. They did this. They knew I was in the field and they want the person trying to kill me to get farther then me. Well that is not going to happen.


They are right behind me now.


They shot another dart. This one falling right next to me. I picked it up. A thought popped into my head. I stood up. Dart in my right hand,

“ Do you want to be in an…”


It hit me in the forehead. I felt the effects of the poison before I could realize what had happened. I go dizzy. It felt like my heart had slowed down.

“ Ha,” they said, “ That was for you Acorn.”

Aurora. That was her name. She was the one who had shot me. I fell over. I could not feel my legs and a pins and needles feeling was running up my spine. I have died. I was going to die. I could not fight back.


My cannon. The joy of a killer. Aurora. She must not win.

John Doherty’s POV:

Stupid Diamond a 3. Really? She had to bring Digit along because he saved her life. She is a career, she should be able to save her own life.


We all look to where we think the noise is from. Weapons out. Knife in one hand, spear in the other.


More than one person, most likely two. I flick my nose with the back of my hand. The symbol to say split into our three groups of attack. Grainer and Iris, Diamond and Digit, and Edward and Me. Me and Edward stay in place as the other fan out making a triangle. Edward spots them first. It’s that Sinu girl and her district partner. She has a bow, and he has an axe. I look at Edward we both nod. Then another sound comes from behind us.

Diamond Manshusco’s POV:

The moment Digit and I saw the tributes he ran toward them.

“ They are the ones that killed Lucky. They will pay.”

I raced after him. Trying to keep up. We ran past where Granier and Iris were standing.

“ Come on,” I said mostly to Granier, “ We have to kill them.”

He followed behind. He had his knife in one hand and his mace in the other.

Granier Woodlust’’s POV:

When I saw Diamond running I knew I had to go with her. Ever since I told her in the training center that no matter what I would do as she said, I knew something like this would happen

. I look to my right and I saw Edward and John with their weapons out and ready for a fight, but they did not move. What did Digit look like when he was running by that scared them? Could he have had an evil look in his eyes? Or was he shouting something?

I saw the 7’s ahead. They were pretty fast and hard to catch.

John Doherty’s POV:

When Iris came to our spot she was out of breath.

“ The…7’s… and… Digit… running… Granier…. And…Diamond...and…We got to leave.”

We all nodded. We knew that we didn’t want to be around them with Digit in that state.

“ If we leave now,” Edward said, “ we should probably head deeper into the forest and hunt for some water. All we have is one bottles worth cause Diamond has the rest.”


One kill. “ That was probably one of the 7’s, it was probably Digit who killed them…”


Two kills “ We’ve got to move,” Iris said, “ They will be on our tails.”


Three Kills. “What? That means either Diamond, Granier and Digit died or the 7’s and someone else.” I was me this time.\

We walked, it was getting close to dusk.

“ Should we eat now,” Edward asked, “ We can eat some of the meat. And drink a little water.”

We all agreed. We climbed up a tree to get some height over the forest. I took the highest branch. Edward and Iris sat below. Edward hand up the meat to me.

“Cut it,” he said.

I did. Evenly.

“ I will take first watch, and wake you up at the Deaths,” I said. . . . . The Anthem played at full blast. Edward woke up and shook Iris.

The face of Acorn Fields appeared first.

Gergor came next.

We all awaited the next three faces.

Sinu’s face appeared first.

Then Seners.

We all looked up. Watching. Are jaws open wide.

Jayn Evans’ POV:

Granier Woodlust.

The final face in the sky. Darrel slept peacefully beside me. I must be hard walking a mile over logs, threw bushes, and up a steep hill with only one leg. I looked at him. Sad eyes. Even with his eyes closed you could tell they where sad. He cares about me, but it hurts him to do this. Why? Do I love him? Do I feel bad for him? Or is it something else? I sat next to him. I grabbed his hand. Softly. Just like the way I love him. Softly, in the back of my heart.


Acorn Fields, District 6

Gergor Virnog, District 10

Sinu Kniy, District 7

Sener Jones, District 7

Granier Woodlust, District 1

“ May the odds be ever in your favor.”

Day 3: Finding the Lost.

Forrest Shadows’ POV:

Where was Joan? We said we would have an alliance. But now all we have is this Cynthia person. Great. I waited for the sun to rise on the horizon. We hid between two large rocks. I had my knife in my hand, and my pack slung over my back.

Should I wake them, and we can go look for Joan? Or should I just leave?

The sun rose and Cynthia rolled over in her sleep. Anabel woke up.

“ Morning Forrest. Any ideas on what we should do?’ she asked.

I handed her a piece of dried fruit and a little water, “ No not yet. I think we should look for Joan though. We were going to help her but now she is lost.”

Cynthia rose from her sleep.

“ Yeah we should but where do we start.”

I stood up and handed Cynthia her food.

“ Thanks,” she said, “ what are we planning on doing?”

“ We think we want to go look for Joan,” I said.


“What was that?” Cynthia asked.


Anabel grabbed her bow, and Cythia grabbed her spear. I took out my knife.


We all looked around. What, or who, was coming.

“Over here,” Cynthia said, “ What is that?”

We all looked up.

“ Rocks,” I said, “ And they’re moving. AVALANCHE.”

We all took off running away from the rocks.


“Cannons,” I thought but it wasn’t the same sound and they were going off too fast.


The sound was right next to me.

“ BOMBS!” I yelled

Land mines.


“Forrest,” it was Cynthia, “ Help, I’m stuck.”

I turned around. I saw her and ran towards her. I pushed at the rock her foot was stuck under.


The land mines where going off because of the rocks.

I ripped her leg free.

“Come on,” I shouted.

She got up and ran towards me.


“ Where’s Anabel,” Cynthia asked as we ran. “ I think she’s ahead of us. Come on.”


We broke threw to where the lake was

“Did you hear the third sound. It sounded like a cannon, not a mine,” Cynthia said.

“ Anabel,” we both said at the same time. The bombs had stopped. We raced back into the rocks. Where was she?

Jayn Evans’ POV: We walked slowly in the forest.

“ You ok?” I asked Darrel for the hundredth time.

“ Yes,” he said panting and out of breath.

He acts strong, even though he knows he isn’t. Well, he isn’t strong on his lower body.

“ Can we rest,” he said.

“ Yeah we walked for like a mile I bet,” I turned around, “ There is a nice set of bushes back there, we can camp there.”

We walked back five hundred feet. I sat down and Darrel follow me.

“ Hey,” he said, “ what do you think that sound was before.”

“Which one?” I asked.

“ The ones that sounded like bombs,” he replied.

“ Bombs,” I said in a matter-of-fact voice.

We both laughed.


“ Weapons out,” he said.


“ Darrel, Darrel, Darrel,” a voice said.


“ Darrel it’s me Cynthia. Please. Where are you?”

He stood up first. Then I did.

“ Darrel, there is another tribute behind you look out!”

I looked at him.

“ No, Cynthia. That is my ally.”

“ I want to be your ally too,” said Cynthia.

“ I thought you were in an alliance,” I said, “ With those people from 11, and that Smith person.”

“ No,” she said, “ they…well…they…”

She started crying.

“ I can’t do this anymore,” she said, “ I can’t kill people, or watch them get killed. I want to die.”

“ Cynthia,” Darrel said in a kind voice, “ Calm down, this is hard for all of us.”

She walked over to him and hugged him.

“ I love your brother,” she whispered, “ I love him so much.”

Cynthia Timberton’s Dream:

Forrest ran ahead. I looked around.

“ANABEL,” we yelled.

I saw her and ran.

Her head lay limp against the rock.

“ She’s…” I said.

“ NO!” Forrest yelled. Blood spilled out of her arm where it was cut off at her hand.

“ Ha,” someone said.

“ Who’s there,” Forrest said.

“ She was still alive when I cut off her hand,” it was a girls voice.

“ Where are you? Come out!” Forrest shouted. He ripped the spear out of my hand.

A girl walked out from behind a rock.

“ Throw it,” she said.

Forrest pulled back his hand and threw them both at the same time.

The girl whipped out a dart gun and shot.

The dart hit Forrest as the knife hit the girl.

The dart hit Forrest in the side of his neck and he fell backwards hitting his head on a rock.

The knife hit the girl in the middle of her in the arm. The spear fell next to her. She fell against a rock.

Blood was everywhere.

I cried. I cried for both of them. I ran over to Forrest. Dead. Anabel. Dead. The girl. Dead. No, moving.

“ Ahh,” she yelled. Coming back from being pasted out.

“Do you want to die, leave! Leave! I am out of darts I can’t kill you.”

She reached for the knife.

I ran. The knife hit a rock next to me. I ran faster.

Where’s Darrel.

“Darrel.” I yelled my voice cracked.

Darrel Smithic’s POV:

Cynthia looked like a mental person as she lay there. Thrashing around. Smaking the bushes. Running in place.

Jayn woke up from all the noise.

“ I’ll wake her.” I said.

“Wake up Cynthia,” I said shaking her.

The anthem played.

We all looked up at the sky.

Forrest Shadows face appered first.

Then Anabel’s.

We watched for the next faces.

John Doherty’s POV (Early Today):

Granier. Granier? It kept me up all night. He had died. I knew it could be him I just didn’t think he would die.

“ Iris,” I said, “ Can we stop for a drink?”

“ Yeah sure,” she replied.

She handed me the bottle.

“ Three second sip,” Edward said.

One, Two, Three.

Ah, so refreshing.

We continued walking.

“ Guys,” Edward said, “ Do you hear that.”

We all went silent.


“ No,” I said.

“ AHH,” he shouted, “ It hurts so bad.”

“ AHH,” Iris said, “ I hear it too.”

Nothing I heard nothing.


Now I heard it. The high pitched e sound.


“ What is it?” I asked.

“ I HAVE NO IDEA,” Edward shouted.

We all ran back the way we came. It had stopped.

“ Does anyone have any ideas what that was?”

“ No,” Iris and Edward said at the same time.

“ We should stay here for the rest of the day and every one in a while check if the noise is still there.” I said.

Joan Smith POV ( Night Time):

I am scared. I have been scared these last days. And these last nights. The field is scary. Why did I come here. Peter is dead. What are the people of my district thinking. “ Oh we have no hope.” “ What a loser.” I am scared. So very scared.

Darrel Smithic POV:

Nothing. No more faces. Two deaths that’s it. I am so close to winning.


Forrest Shadows, District 11.

Anabel Tinder, District 11.

“ May the odds be ever in your favor.”

Day 4: The plan.

President of Capitol, Hidden Location:

“ Mr. President,” A voice called down the hall for me.

“ Yes,” I responed, “ Who is it?”

“ Head Gamemaker sir. May I come in?”

“ Yes, You may enter.”

The two peacekeepers at the door opened them. A short, round man walked in,

“ The plan is working,” he said, “ soon they will all be forced together.”

“ Any other news,” I said.

“ Yes…well…it is…well…ummm, I had this idea, what if we, well what if we took all the tributes food, so then they will be starving and…”


He ran out of the room. I looked at the screens in front of me. I saw Darrel, Jayn, and what’s her name, umm is it Carrol.

“ Mr. President,” Abraham Jones walked in. “ The mutts are coming along well. But us in the mutations department have something to say. We wish to kill off someone. Well its not just because we feel like it, it is because of her brother. Peter Smith. We are afraid that if Joan wins she will start a rebellion. So we where thinking that if we put some mutations into the field where she is she will die.”

“ Smart idea. Not today.”

“ Why sir?” Abraham asked.

“ For them to rest, now please leave I need some rest.”

Abraham closed the door and walked away. The peacekeepers followed and waited outside. I looked down at the images of the tributes. Ten left. Ten. I looked at the buttons in front of me. I reached over and pushed the red one.

“ Yes sir,” called a voice.

“ I believe it is time.”

Anabel Tinder’s POV:

The pain in my head hurts so bad. I use my one of my socks to wrap my head. The other sock for my arm.


Thunder. Dark clouds rolled in across the arena.

I looked around. There was only one rock I could use as a shelter. I walked over to it. The rain start almost at the exact moment I sat down. The cover from the over hang of the rock was just enough so my head, torso, and my legs up to my feet. I cupped my hand and stuck it out into the rain. I the water was cool, crisp, and clean. Something the rain back home never was. BOOM

More thunder. I thought of Acorn. Why did he have to die? Why? The questions always trouble me every night.


I need rest. I need rest so I can kill someone. I need food, the one berry I had today is not enough.


I must go to sleep.

End of day 4 Deaths: None

“ May the odd be ever in your favor”

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