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  • I was born on November 9
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  • District1MarvelRules!

    Hi Guys, I love submitting tributes to peoples hunger games but now I am making my own, so if you want to make a tribute an application should look like this:





    WOC(weapon of choice):


    Physical Description:

    Bloodbath Plan:

    Wanted Allies:

    What did he/she do in their Private Session:

    I will make the POVs,

    You may sponsor only one tribute,

    Multiple sponsoring is allowed,

    The alliances may change if the creator of a living tribute wants to,

    So have fun and enjoy!

    District 1 Female: Emma Dazzle: Age: 16

    District 1 Male: Ralph Lauren: Age: 17

    District 2: Female: Saffron Ventura: Age: 15

    District 2 Male: Troy Ventura: Age: 17

    District 3 Female: Taylor Twilla: Age: 17

    District 3 Male: Joel Sharp: Age: 15

    District 4 Female: Kayla Wa…

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  • District1MarvelRules!

    I have great ideas for characters and settings as well as stories that you may want to crate for a hunger games and I will help you if you ask me :D thanks!

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