11th Annual Hunger Games

Hi Guys, I love submitting tributes to peoples hunger games but now I am making my own, so if you want to make a tribute an application should look like this:





WOC(weapon of choice):


Physical Description:

Bloodbath Plan:

Wanted Allies:

What did he/she do in their Private Session:

I will make the POVs,

You may sponsor only one tribute,

Multiple sponsoring is allowed,

The alliances may change if the creator of a living tribute wants to,

So have fun and enjoy!


District 1 Female: Emma Dazzle: Age: 16

District 1 Male: Ralph Lauren: Age: 17

District 2: Female: Saffron Ventura: Age: 15

District 2 Male: Troy Ventura: Age: 17

District 3 Female: Taylor Twilla: Age: 17

District 3 Male: Joel Sharp: Age: 15

District 4 Female: Kayla Waver: Age: 16

District 4 Male: Nicholas Davenport Age: 17

District 5 Female: Detria Glace: Age: 14

District 5 Male: Mickey Mcalister: Age: 17

District 6 Female: Patty Cofrinene: Age: 15

District 6 Male: Xavier Woods: Age: 17

District 7 Female: Teresa Backe: Age: 15

District 7 Male: Wally Bentley: Age: 17

District 8 Female: Annie Belle: Age: 15

District 8 Male: Gabriel DiPablo: Age: 13

District 9 Female: Alliana 'Allie' Whittle: Age: 16

District 9 Male: Alex Donaque: Age: 12

District 10 Female: Demi Campbell: Age: 14

District 10 Male: Gunner Pann: Age: 15

District 11 Female: May Morningleafs: Age: 14

District 11 Male: Zac Milo: Age: 15

District 12 Female: Eileen Shade: Age: 18

District 12 Male: Mason Chance: Age: 16






D4: LittleRedCrazyHood




D8: HKTLovesGlimmer












D7: MasterofMutts





D12: HKTLovesGlimmer


"Greetings to all of my ever faithful fans in the capitol! We have been hinted that this years Hunger Games will be set with grassy plains, Caves, Streams (fresh & drinkable), Rolling hills & of course.... THE CORNUCOPIA!

Thanks to all of my fans in the capitol once again,

And this is Cassandra Nightly, your host, signing out."

Coverage on the Reapings

"Salutations my fellow capitol citizens, The reapings were on today, as I'm sure you saw on television, and weren't they exciting this year, the tributes from 1, 2 and 4 certainly were enthusiastic, I liked Nicholas Davenport, that strapping young boy from four, wasn't he a dashing lad! I think District 4 is my favourite now, I certainly love seafood that it provides, anyways, enough bicker, let's get on to the the coverage of the reapings! So District 1, Emma Dazzle, quite enthusiastic with volunteering wasn't she, same with Ralph, although not as enthusiastic, but nevermind, all volunteers from 1, now what about 2, well for Saffron, she was reaped, and suprisingly enough no one volunteered, well thats something new for 2... but how lovely to see her brother volunteering to save her, how heartbreaking, because there can only be one! No vounteers for 3, both volunteers from 4, none from any other district so yeah, noone else really exciting apart from that poor young boy from 9, Alex Donaque, I just feel sorry for 12 year olds, but he seemed cofident ennough so yeah, thats it for now folks!

Cassandra Nightly, signing out"

And Finally, Happy Hunger Games!

DAY 1: Xavier's POV: As I step into the tube that will carry me to what ever awaits the tributes above, I can't help thinking about who will die today... The tube is rising now, up, up, and ARGH, the sun, so blinding considering the fact that we've just spent the last hour in the dark with petty artificial lights, as I look around me the others have all risen up in a ring of 24 tributes, and this years arena looks pretty hopeful, there are plenty of safe places, such as caves, hills and tall grass. The water looks pretty drinkable, so now for the Cornucopia... weapons, supply bags, supply crates and sleeping bags. Nothing out of the ordinary I suppose, I can see a supply bag about 15m out from me, and I can see the weapon rack that is closest to me, about 35m out with a spear that I need, so I will grab these and make a run for it. Damn, thinking about what to do i've lost track of time, the countdown is now 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 GONG!! the gong blows and us tributes rush forwards, to whatever fates lie ahead of us.

Taylor's POV: As i'm running a take a quick glance as to whom is to my left and right, on my left is is Mickey, and to my right is Xavier. I see a small bag on the ground and start cutting in towards it, but it seems Xavier had the same idea, so we end up glancing each other. I completely fall to the ground and Xavier stumbles two steps but can't keep his balance and sprawls into a weapon rack. He picks himself up instantly, this time with a spear in his hand and the way he's looking at me is a good sign of what he will put that spear to use on, impaling me, before I get up I grab a curved sword and parry his strike with the spear, unfortunately, I drop my sword and have to resort to grabbing his collar in one hand, head in the other, and I shove his head down as I bring my knee up, Bang! his head makes clear impact with my knee and Xavier recoils backwards instantly, groaning in pain, but he still has time to swipe his spear at me, which glances my side, luckily not very deeply but enough to cause a trickle of blood. This time it is my turn to fall to the ground, and when I look up, Xavier is standing over me with his spear. Just when I think all is lost sombody yanks him back, Joel, but Xavier just shrugs him off and advances on me, but by this time i'm on my feet and running, when I look back, Joel is following me but limping, blood coming from a gash on his thigh. There is no time to find Kayla, I don't really know what happened to her, I didn't see her, she must have been on the other side of the Cornucopia. Oh well, Joel & I will find her later.

Kayla's POV: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BONG!! the gong sounds and everyone begins the mad rush for supplies, luckily I grab a bag straight away, I stop to examine it and it is full of food. I see 3 water satchels and stuff them in the bag. I see a knocked over rack of weapons with spears & ... TRIDENTS! I rush over in amazing speed and rip one of the rack, and as I turn around, the boy from 5 I think, stands over me and says to me, "give me the trident if you want to live girl". I'm to scared to move so he grabs my collar, heaves me up, and when I think he is going to kill me, he just rips the trident from my hand and says, "run girl, I'll spare you for now". So I do, and I choose to follow a blood trail that leads to the stream. Just when I think the trail ends, a voice says,"who's there"? "Joel, is that you"? I say. "Kayla! quick, over here", so I follow the voice and find Taylor & Joel at the stream, bandaging up the wound on Joel's leg, so, I've been reunited with my allies, which is good, then, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM... and so on, as more and more tributes die, I wonder who they are.

Alex's POV: 3,2,1 BONG!! What do I do, there are people everywhere, Running in all directions, ok now i'm starting to panick, what if I am not concentrating and someone comes upand kills me, in fact, I don't even know what i'm doing, I've been running into the middle like every one else, but I think I will be a target, because I'm the youngest, Oh well, best to grab supplies and a weapon, and look what I nearly ran past, a sword, so I grab it, here someone sprinting up to me from behind, and take a huge sweep at them, and I am greeted by a shrill scream, as someone jumps back in horror, who is it? Oh, and I am soo glad I missed her, it's Annie! "Hi Annie"!!! I say, "ALEX!!, You could have killed me!!" Annie says.

Annie's POV: I run in, as the bloodbath has started, and grab a bag, now where are my allies, ummm, there! I see Alex scouring over some supply bags and run over to him to get him to help me find the others, and just as I am about to say his name and tap his shoulder, he swings a sword back that I didn't see and I only just flick my head back in time as it surely would've decapitated me oterwise, my death may be avoidable in this instance, but I can't stop my self from letting out a short, shrill scream. Alex turns around with a look of horror on his face, which quickly turns to a huge grin and he says, "Hi Annie!", All I say is "ALEX!!, You could have killed me!!". "Sorry, anyway let's get moving, we need to find the others k" Alex says, So thats what we do, and Alex is already starting to become the leader of our group, which is fine, he's a good leader and I don't mind, nor does anyone in this alliance, because so far Alex has recovered Alliana, I have got Gabriel so, now there is four of us, this is good, because there is always strength in numbers.

Teresa's POV: I am sooo screwed, the boy from 1 sits on top of me whist I lay underneath him, and he is brandishing a particularly gruesome knife, which I suppose is for me, and just as he goes to drive it into my head, he is yanked off me by Gabriel, Alex & Wally and Alex preceeds to stab him through the chest with a sword 1,2,3,4,5,6 times! BOOM!, theres the cannon for him, I would feel bad for him, if he wasn't trying to kill me, and how very lucky for me, to be saved by my allies!

Patty's POV: I look around, awed at the mayhem, then realise that I am heading away from the Cornucopia, no I need to go back! So I turn around and make a beeline for the nearest bag and I see a curved sword next to it with some blood on its hilt. Nevermind that I have a weapon! If only I had time to use it on the girl behind me, as she hacks into my back, and the last thing I see as I drop to the ground is a bow, damnit...BOOM!

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