aka Andrew

  • I live in District 1
  • I was born on December 7
  • My occupation is Career Tribute,Blogger,Writer
  • I am Male
  • District1er

    I wake up to my mom calling me"Patniss Mverdern!Wake up you little dirt bag!"She yelled."I'm up I'm up!"I yelled back.My sister Rose was up and coming her hair.I come from District 12 the district that loses the most at The Nose Games.All the twelve districts bring two tributes to compete where they put their finger on their nose until they can't do it anymore.The person that wins will get to live in The Nose the place that makes us do it.And the other tributes that lost have to fight to the death then go against the winner of The Nose Games.Whoever wins still gets to live is The Nose.The other person has to live in the richest district.It's called district 1 and it's industry is Gold.The nose games are horrible.Not if you lose but you se …

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  • District1er

    Hunger Games Tribute test

    September 30, 2012 by District1er

    What color would your jacket be.

    Green Red Tan Gray Black

    Go to number 2 Go to number 3 Go to number 4 Go to number 5 Go to number 8

    Which number do you like the most

    1:Go to Number 6 4:Go to number 7 9:Go to number 9

    Which number do you like the most

    2 5 6

    Go to number 10 Go to number11 Go to number12

    Which number do you like the most

    3 7 8

    Go to number13 Go to number 14 Go to number 15

    What Gender are you

    Male Go to number 16 Female:Go to number 17

    What Gender Are you

    Male:Go to number 18 Female:Go to number 19

    What Gender are you

    Male:Go to #20 Female:Go to #21

    What Gender are you

    Male:Go to #22 Female:Go to #23

    What Gender are you

    Male:Go to #24 Female:Go to #25

    What Gender Are you

    Male:Go to #26 Female:Go to #27

    What Gender are you

    Male:Go to #28 Female:Go t…

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  • District1er

    The Orignal Games

    September 29, 2012 by District1er

    so in "Guidw to the Hunger Games" it says that The Author was inspired by a type of game where tributes would be hunted down by a mintour idk if anyone won it but they will this time

    They may have weapons.

    And districts.

    no spamming

    do swearing

    only one may live unless the minotaur is killed.

    And there are only 16 contestants.

    a 1 male,2female,3male,4female,5male,6female,7male,8female,9male,10female,11male,12female and then 4 more random tributes.Any district.Name.Age.Weapon

    And if there are one of the 4 type RT plz. Thank you.







    District 1 male- Weapon- Age-

    District 1 female-

    District 2 female-

    District 2 male-

    District 3 male

    District 3 female

    District 4 male-Luke Odair Weapon- Trident,Bow Age-17

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  • District1er

    The Classroom Games

    September 28, 2012 by District1er

    this is for my entertainmaent not urs so if u dont like i dont care

    And all of my closest friends will compete.There are all the same aage!

    District 1 male:Me(Andrew Higley)

    District 1 female:Karissa Kidd

    District 2:Austin Anderton

    District 2:Sydni(unknown last name)

    District 3:Tyler Schuldberg

    District 3:Shawntelle

    District 4:Carson Moncur

    District 4:Anisha

    District 5:Tyler R.

    District 5:Brooklyn

    District 6:Dlyan Glimore

    District 6:Jessica Bell

    District 7:Quinn Ward

    District 7:Baylee

    District 8:Gage

    District 8:Teleese

    District 9:Brandon John

    District 9:Alivia

    District 10:David

    District 10:Jennifer Kidd

    forgot some other so here they are only missing 4

    no need to enter tributes




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  • District1er

    24th-District 5 male,stabbed to death by Glimmer

    23rd-District 4 male,neck slashed by Cato with a sword

    22nd-District 3 female,stabbed to death by Marvel

    21st-District 10 male,sword to the stmach by Cato

    20th-District 7 female,stabbed to death by Marvel

    19th-District 6 male,killed by district 4 female

    19th-District 7 male,killed by Clove

    18th-District 4 female,killed by Cato

    17th-District 8 male,stabbed to death by Marvel

    16th-District 6 female-stabbed to death by Glimmer

    15th-District 9 male,killed by Cato

    14th-District 9 female,stabbed to death by Marvel

    13th-District 10 female,stabbed to death by Glimmer

    Comment what you think the placings should be or make your own blog

    Cato?Storm?Natural Causes?

    Cato Thunder Storm Natural Causes

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