Each person from the 74th and 75th hunger games that got the farthest in there district will be revived and fight in the 100th hunger games.It has the same arena as the 75th hunger games.(no allies)


D1:Male:Marvel Female:Cashmere

D2:Male:Cato Female:Enobaria


D4:Male:Finnick Female:D4Female(74)

D5:Female:FoxFace Female:D5Female(75)

D6:Male:MaleMorphling Female:D6Female(74)

D7:Female:Johanna Female:D7Female(74)

D8:Female:Cecelia Female:D8Female(74)

D9:Male:D9Male(75) Female:D9Female(74)

D10:Male:D10Male(75) Male:D10Male(74)

D11:Male:Chaff Male:Thresh

D12:Male:Peeta Female:Katniss

The Games

Finnick's POV

I swim to the cornucopia.Katniss is right behind me.I grab a Trident.I throw it at her.Boom.I pick it up.I see Cashmere run by.I try to hit her but it misses and hits the boy from 3.Boom.All of the sudden fire lights up on the Templates.Peeta dies first.Then the girl frm 8.Then Johanna.Everyone else jumps off there template. Boom.Boom.Boom.I run away.I hide behind some bushes and watch the bloodbath.The girl from 6 grabs a bow.She aims it and hits Cato in the side of the head.Boom.Marvel grabs a spear.Another deadly at a distant person.He spears Thresh.Boom.I jump out of the bushes and throw my Trident at him.Boom.Cashmere sees me.She grabs an axe from the cornucopia.She throws it at me.Everything goes black.Boom.

The Fallen Day 1

D12:Katniss D3:Male D12:Peeta D8:Female D7:Johanna D2:Cato D11:Thresh D1Marvel D4Finnick.

Day 2

Cashmere's POV

Volcano!I climb the highest mountain.I see the younger boy from 10(74).He gets hit in the back by a rock.Lava runs over him.Boom.The girl from 4 is running.A rock hits her in the head.Boom.The girl from 8 climbs up a tree.It falls over.Her legs burn off.She falls back.Boom.The male morphling from 6 hides in a cave.Lava pours in.I hear a Boom.The older boy from 9(75),and the girl from 10(75)allied.They run away.The girl trips.Boom.The boy can't outrun it.Boom.The girl from 6(74) looks back at the lava.She hits a tree,knocking her out.Lava covered her face.Boom.The girl from 7(74) just stops running.Boom.The girl from 9(74)can't run anymore.Boom.Noonne else died from that volcano.

Day 2 Fallen

D10:Male(74) D4:Female D8:Female D6:Morphling D10:Female(75) D9:Male D6:Female D7:Female D9:Female

Tributes Status(Alive people)








Day 3

Chaff's POV

The feast!!! my favorite time for the hunger games.Foxface gets her backpack.The woman from 5(75) came out looking for her backpack.Enobaria chucked a knife at her.Boom.Then she grabbed her backpack.And ran.I run out to get my backpack.Beetee comes out and slashes my neck with a wire.Boom.

Beetee's POV

I grab Chaff's and my backpack.I run.Cecelia is chasing me.She falls.Boom.An axe in her back.Cashmere!!! Enobaria attacks Cashmere.Cashmere has a knife in her back.Boom.

Tribute Status(Alive)





Day 3 Fallen

D5Female(75) D11:Chaff D1Cashmere

Day 4

Enobaria's POV

Beetee,Cecelia and me were in a fight.Cecelia tackles Beetee,he slashes her neck.Boom.I run up to Beetee.A grab him.He struggles.I bite his neck.Boom.2 deaths.

Day 4 Fallen

D8:Cecelia D3:Beetee

Day 5

Foxface's POV

I've been hiding in the cornucopia since after the feast.It's like district 1!!!I get up.Enobaria throws a knife at me.I drop an apple.Boom.

Enobaria Wins!!!

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