Your from District 9.You got reaped for the 75th hunger games.You are a boy.Goodluck.You raise to the staduim.Go to Chapter 1.Hit hide to save time from scrolling down.

Chapter 1

You can't swim.

Do you try to:Go to chapter 2

Do you stay there:Go to chapter 3

Chapter 2

You jump off.Swim to the cornucopia.The purple stuff makes you float.You see the careers and Katniss who do you go to.

Ally with careers:Chapter 4

ally with Katniss:Chapter 5

Chapter 3

You stay there.Finnick kills the guy from 5.Boom.He aims for you next.Boom.

Go back to chapter 1

Chapter 4

You go and ask the careers for allies.They say yes.Katniss shoots at the careers.She knows you allied with them.She shoots you.Boom.

Go back to chapter 1

Chapter 5

You ally with katniss.Finnick kills the guy from 5.Peeta is leading the way.Do you follow him.

go behind Peeta:Go to chapter 6

don't:Go to chapter 7

Chapter 6

You go behind peeta.He runs into the forcefield.You try to stop but it's to late

Go back to chapter 1

Chapter 7

You don't follow peeta.He runs into the forcefield.Finnick does mouthtomouth.Lightning goe hits trees everywhere.Do you follow katniss.or try to survive by yourself

Follow katniss:Chapter 8

Go your own way:Chapter 9

Chapter 8

you follow katniss.Bloodrain goes throughoutthe arena.Same chose as last you ditch katniss or go by yourself.

Ditch katniss:Go to chapter 10

Stay with katniss:Chapter 11

Chapter 9

You leave the group.A tree falls on you.

Go back to chapter 1

Chapter 10

You ditch katniss.Bloodrain pours on you.The last thing you hear is your cannon.

Go back to Chapter 1

Chapter 11

You stay with katniss.3 more disasters will you go or stay with katniss.

go with katniss:Go to chapter 12

Ditch katniss:Go to chapter 13

Chapter 12

You stay with katniss.The careers attack you.What do you do.

Stay behind Katniss:Go to Chapter 14

Decide to attack the careers:Go to Chapter 15

Chapter 13

You ditch katniss.You suffer through a posionous fog.Ripped apart by Monkey Mutts.Your barley alive.You have enough energy to do one thing.

Climb a tree:Go to chapter 22

Run away:Go to chapter 23

Chapter 14

You stay behnd katniss.They kill the careers from 1.Brutus gets away.Enobaria allies with you.Later they escape the arena.Do you stay and win or go with them.

Go with:Go to chapter 16

Stay and win:Go to chapter 19

Chapter 15

You attack the careers.Gloss kills you.

Go back to chapter 1

Chapter 16

You go with them.They split into to groups. which group will you be going to.

Peeta,Enobaria,Johanna:Go to chapter 17

Katniss,Beetee,Finnick:Go to Chapter 18

Chapter 17

You go with them.The capitol takes you captive.You see Cinna get killed.Then you next.

Go back to chapter 1

Chapter 18

You go with them.Many months later.

You live.You win!!!

Chapter 19

The helicarrier picks you up.Fixes your injuries.You won.But later you hear about some kind of purge.Do you sneak out and find katniss or stay with luxury.

Escape:Go to chapter 20

Luxury:go to chapter 21

Chapter 20

You escape and find katniss.You win!!You live!!!

Chapter 21

You stay.Luxury until.The purge!! A VICTOR PURGE!!!.you die.

go back to chapter 1

Chapter 22

You climb up the tree a tidal wave passes by.They pick you up.Fix your injuries.

Go to chapter 19

Chapter 23

You die in pain while drowning in a tidal wave.

If you won comment what chapter you won in.

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