Everyone from the 74th Hunger Games was invited to a party in the Capitol.And they don't know only one comes out alive...

Chapter 1 The Dark Odds

Cato held Glimmer as lights went out.A cannon went off.Boom.The boy from 9 had died.A dark voice came into the room,"You all will vote who will die next,the choses are the girl from 3,the kids from 4,the boy from 5,the kids from 6,the kids from 7,the girl from 9 or the girl from 10,vote children."Everyone screamed as 13 pices of paper appeared and a box appeared.Everyone voted.The kids from 6 were the victim.A bullet wound came out of nowhere.Boom."Now another person will be voted off and the contestants are,the girl from 8,Glimmer,the boys from 3 and 10,Marvel and Rue,Foxface and Thresh,or Katniss,Peeta and Cato,Good luck and May The odds Be Ever In Your Favor",10 pieces of paper and a box appeared.Everyone voted.The boys from 10 and 3 got hung from nowhere. The voice came up again,"Now for a challenge,the challenge is climb up the stairs one by one without dying.",First up Marvel went,spears started coming out the floor but only 2 at a time,Marvel made it up safe.Glimmer got a knife to the foot at the begining.Then Tracker Jackers came from nowhere and stung her to death.Cato was next.So many weapons popped up he eventually died from mutts.Clove made it up safe with a whole bunch of knives popping out.The girl from 3 made it.The boy from 4 fell through the stairs.The girl from 4 made it.The guy from 5 tripped and fell through the stairs.Foxface had a hrad time getting past the mines but did it.The boy from 7 got hit with blowguns.The girl from 7 made it.The boy from 8 didn't make it.The girl from 8 made it.The kids from 9 didn't make it.The girl from 10 didn't make it.Thresh didn't make it.Rue made it.Katniss didn't make it.Peeta made it.It started to show the fallen.

D3Male D4Male D5male D6Male and Female D7Male D8male D9Male and Female D10Male and Female Thresh Katniss

Tribute Status (whos alive)










Chapter 2 The Second Day

Tributes Make it through this maze and you will be rewarded.Only 5 people may live.Good luck.The tributes are put in the maze.And are given weapons.Marvel and clove find eacth other and allie.The boy from 8 runs into the girl from 9.He throws his spear at her.It hits her in the leg.He goes up to her and steals her knife and stabs her repeatedly.Boom.The boy from 8 grabs the spear from her leg.Mutts are released throughout the Maze.The girls from 3 and 7 get killed before they are called off.Boom.Boom.Rue gets a spear and she runs into Peeta.Peeta stares at her.rue coughs up blood.Boom.Clove stood behind the dead body.Peeta ran he found the end of the maze.A helicopter picked up Clove,Marvel,Peeta,and the boy from 8.

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