Tributes and Age:All tributes taken

D1:Male:Skar Saber-17 Female:Saphire Justine-16

D2:Male:Damien Prism-17Female:Nova Star:-16

D3:Male:Liir Fluor-12 Female:Breeze Mere-15

D4:Male:Trent Vehn-17Female:Quiley Glade-16

D5:Male:Flaire Power-15 Female:Cassandra Castle-15

D6:Male:Amizon Parfum-18 Female:Lauren Jones-16

D7:Male:Jerome James-14 Female:Priscilla Grimoire-17

D8:Male:Liam Charned-18 Female:Veronica Moon-15

D9:Male:Francis Frof-14Female:Artimis Hunt-18

D10:Male:Lance Thrust-16 Female:Myristal Haze-14

D11:Male:Jona Vert-18 Female:Debbie Rye-16

D12:Male:Drake Dust-17Female:Ardis Blaze-14

Private Training Session:


I walk into the room.I see the gamemakers are interested in me.

I behead a dummy with a spear,do a backflip and throw the spear straight at the heart of the dummy.

Boom.I think."I'm gonna win this thing" I whisper to myself.

I see I get a training score of 11.This is why District 1 picked me.I am the best.

More coming soon

Training:Odds of winning:

Skar:11 3-1

Saphire:11 3-1

Damien:12 2-1

Nova:12 2-1

Liir:5 10-1

Breeze:8 8-1

Trent:8 4-1

Quiley:7 5-1

Flaire:6 6-1

Cassandra:7 5-1

Amizon:10 4-1

Lauren:7 6-1

Jerome:9 11-1

Priscilla:12 2-1

Liam:9 8-1

Veronica:9 5-1

Francis:6 19-1

Artimis:8 4-1

Lance:7 6-1

Myristal:5 8-1

Jona:9 4-1

Debbie:6 12-1

Drake:7 10-1

Ardis:5 5-1



No Chariot rides or interviews Bloodbath:

(Nova's POV)I grab a knife.I see Liir hit Jerome in the head with a club.Boom.I chuck a knife at Liir.Boom.Francis

stabs Ardis with a sword.Boom.I chuck a knife at him Boom.4 down 19 to go!(Saphires POV)I stab Myristal repeatedly.Boom.(Flaires POV)I slash Breeze's neck.Boom.Just then Amizon beheads Cassandra.Boom.I run at him and slash his neck.Boom.Veronica runs at me.She tries to behead me with an axe.I snap her neck.Boom.Looks like everyone here is good only 9 deaths!

The Fallen:Day 1

D7:Jerome D3:Liir D12Ardis D9Francis D10Myistra D3Breeze D5Cassandra D6Amizon D8Veronica


Careers:Skar Damien Trent Quiley Liam

Day 2:

(Nova's POV)I see the stupid careers I didn't ally with them.Skar see's me.I sent a knife into Damien's skull.Boom.Skar throws a spear at me.It hits my leg.I scream.I aim a knife at Skar but it hits Quiley.Boom.The last thing I see is a spear in my stomach.Boom.(Skar's POV)3 careers dead and its already day 2.Saphire laughs at Nova's death.I smile.Lauren see's us she runs away.Then she gets stabbed by Artimis.Boom.I was hoping there would be more deaths.Saphire volunteers to go hunting for people.We here a Boom.(Priscilla's POV) Stupid career thinks she can kill me.I spit on Saphire's grave.

The Fallen:Day 2

D2Damien D4Quiley D2Nova D6Lauren D1Saphire

Day 3:

(Priscilla's POV)A flood!!! I see Drake hit his head on a rock.Boom.Lance drowned.Boom.I see Liam strangle Artimis to death.Boom.Then Shark Mutts eat Liam.Boom.My whole life is flashing before my eyes.

The Fallen:Day 3

D12Drake D11Lance D9Artimis D8Liam

Day 4

(Skar's POV)I see Flaire snap Trents neck.Boom.I can barely float this belt is a cheap sponsor gift.

TheFallen:Day 4


Day 5(Final Day)

(Priscilla's POV)The water is a 3 feet deep.Flair had a sponsor gift,Waterproof tape.He runs at me.He tapes me down.I see Skar over me he stabs me in the stomach I'm still alive but I'll die soon.He tares at me.Flaire tackles him.I would tell you the rest but everything went black.Boom.(Flaire's POV)This guy puts up a fight but I'll still win.I stab him repeatedly.Boom.I have won this wacked out joint.

Congratulation to Dedejacob for his tribute winning!!!

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