District 14

District 14 is the unknown district that the Capitol drops the fallen tributes bodys.It is located off the coast of District 12.It is the biggest district out of all 15.15?You ask?Yes 15.District 0 is right next to District 14.It is the second largest district.District 14 has about 2000 bodys from all the hunger games.

District 0

District 0 is the place where the tributes go to play in the arena.It has a hi-tech machine making it into any arena you could think of.They connect it to the machine to the Capitol so the Gamemakers can control it.

The Districts

District 0-Arenas

District 1-Luxury

District 2-Masonry

District 3-Technology

District 4-Fishing

District 5-Power

Dsitrict 6-Transportation

District 7-Lumber

District 8-Textiles

District 9-Grain

District 10-Livestock

District 11-Agriculture

District 12-Mining

District 13-Graphite Nuclear

District 14-Fallen

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