Deaths(Movie)(My way)

24th-District 5 male,stabbed to death by Glimmer

23rd-District 4 male,neck slashed by Cato with a sword

22nd-District 3 female,stabbed to death by Marvel

21st-District 10 male,sword to the stmach by Cato

20th-District 7 female,stabbed to death by Marvel

19th-District 6 male,killed by district 4 female

19th-District 7 male,killed by Clove

18th-District 4 female,killed by Cato

17th-District 8 male,stabbed to death by Marvel

16th-District 6 female-stabbed to death by Glimmer

15th-District 9 male,killed by Cato

14th-District 9 female,stabbed to death by Marvel

13th-District 10 female,stabbed to death by Glimmer

Comment what you think the placings should be or make your own blog

Who or what killed Thresh

Cato?Storm?Natural Causes? <poll>

Cato Thunder Storm Natural Causes

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