Unnamed tributes


Unnamed tributes





The games

Katniss's POV

7 6 5 4 3 2 1Gong.I run for a neon backpack.The boy from 9 trys to get it to.He coughs up blood onto me.I froze staring at the girl from 10 being stabbed repeatedly by Glimmer.And the girl from 3 being slashed down by the boy from 5.The girl from 4 cutting off the boy from 6's legs.Then Cato going up to him and snapping his neck.The girl from 6 being stabbed by Glimmer.I start to run away.I trip on a rock.Marvel spears the girl from 9.The boy from 7 comes up to me with an axe.He falls over.I see Clove.I'm her next target.I block with my backpack and run.I see the boy from 8 smashing the boy from 5's head against a crate.Then the boy from 8 confronts Thresh.Thresh hit his sword against the boy from 8's neck.The boy from 8 hits his head on the cornucopia and snaps his neck.I run away and climb a tree.I can see the cornucopia from up here.After everyone left the bloodbath,I can see the boy from 4 hiding in the cornucopia.Cato see's him and slashes his neck.Then the careers see the girl from 7.They chase her.She trys to climb the tree I'm in.But Marvel Spears her.I hear 11 Booms.

Day 1 Fallen

D9Male D10female D3female D6male D6female D9female D7male D5male D8Male D4male D7female

Day 2

Peeta's POV

I allie with the careers.Cato told us to follow him.We found a fire.Cato let me kill her after he beat her up for several minutes.Boom.I see katniss in a tree she doesn't see me.Cato saw her too.The careers laughed.It showed the Fallen.(I skipped day 2 fallen)

Day 5

I woke up to Tracker Jackers!!!Glimmer and the girl from 4 got killed but we made it out alive.Boom.Boom.The boy from 3 allies up with us.(skipping fallen again)(I'll just skip fallen for the whole time.)I unallied with the careers and Cato killed me.Boom.

Day 8

Marvel's POV

We see a fire.We follow it.All of the sudden are supplies explode.Cato goes and snaps the boy from 3's neck.Boom.I stay here and set up a trap.Rue runs into it.Katniss tries cutting her out but I spear Katniss.Boom. Rue screams but I spear her. Boom. We break up the alliance.

Day 9:Feast

Foxface's POV

I'm the first out there.I grab it and run.I hide in the bushes.I see the boy from 10 run and get his backpack.Marvel and Clove come out.Marvel spears the boy from 10.Boom.Clove is about to kill Marvel when Thresh comes out behind her and hits her head on a rock.Boom.I hurry and get the boy from 10's backpack.Marvel grabs his backpack and runs.Thresh grabs his and Clove and Cato's backpack.Cato comes out and see's Thresh.Cato somehow has a spear.Cato spears Thresh.Boom.So that leaves me, Cato,and Marvel.I see Mutts!!!I run to the cornucopia.Marvel gets on.Cato gets on wearing armor.Cato is so tired,Marvel hit him in the face with his spear.Boom.He looks at me.I jump off the cornucopia and climb up a tree.Marvels yelling at me.

Day 10:Final Day

Marvel's POV

I grab an axe that survived when Katniss blew up the supplies.I start to cut down the tree.It falls.I see her falling.

Foxface's POV

I grab the knife I stole from the careers.And as I'm falling I stab Marvel in the eye.He screams.I cut open his stomache.Boom.The last tribute has fallen I have won.

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