Chapter 1 (No Reaping):The Games Begin(Movie Version)

Marvel's POV

I look to my right and to my left.Give the other tributes the face so they know I'm deadly.!Chaos ran through the arena.Jason the male from 5 grabbed a sickle and ran after the girl from 3.Lots of people go inside the mouth of the cornucopia.Cato grabs a machete by the cornucopia.Arnold,the boy from 4 was Cato's victim.Then Cato slashed open the girl from 4's stomache.He pushed her into a crate killing her.Frank,the guy from 6 grabbed Jason.He strangled Jason to death.Cato is still in his killing spree.He snaps the Frank's neck.

Glimmer's POV

I go up to the girl from 6 and stab her repeatedly.I look back and see Clove knife the boy from 7, he pulls out the knife and confronts Thresh.Thresh kills him by slashing his neck.Then she goes for "The girl on fire".She hits Katniss's backpack instead.I see another 2 allies of mine.The boy from 3,Alex and Marvel work to kill the girl from 7.Alex pushes her down.Marvel spears her.Marvel grabs a knife and lunges himself at the boy from 8.Marvel stabs him reapetedly.I look and see the girl from 9 dead.then the boy from nine trys to get out of there but Cato cuts open his stomach with his machete.The girl from 10 runs past me.I stab her in the back then start stabbing her in the forehead and chest.Later that day after the bloodbath we run into little miss please don't kill me.Rose from 8.Cato hands me his machete.I kill her.Boom.

Chapter 2 Death of the Story(Yes only 2 chapters)

Marvel's POV

I wake up to tracker jackers.I jump into the lake along with Cato and Clove.Glimmer must have died.Boom.Boom.That night we saw Glimmer and the guy from 10,Kean.He must of been near.I see Peeta has abanded us for Katniss.A few days later Katniss blows up are stuff.Cato kills the Alex.Me and Clove calm Cato down.I set up a trap and wait.The next day Rue gets trapped in it.I spear her.Katniss shoots an arrow through my heart.I fall on the ground.1.2.2 seconds it took me to die.Boom.

The End (srry its short)Comment what you liked about it.

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