Chapter 1

I wake up to my mom calling me"Patniss Mverdern!Wake up you little dirt bag!"She yelled."I'm up I'm up!"I yelled back.My sister Rose was up and coming her hair.I come from District 12 the district that loses the most at The Nose Games.All the twelve districts bring two tributes to compete where they put their finger on their nose until they can't do it anymore.The person that wins will get to live in The Nose the place that makes us do it.And the other tributes that lost have to fight to the death then go against the winner of The Nose Games.Whoever wins still gets to live is The Nose.The other person has to live in the richest district.It's called district 1 and it's industry is Gold.The nose games are horrible.Not if you lose but you se what I mean.

Chapter 2 The reapings

"Time for the reapings",Mom called.This was my 4th year.It was Rose's first year.Rose was 12 I was 16.The age group for The Nose Games is 12-18.Me and Rose started walking.She looked baffled.There was not that many people there.She started to cry."Look Rose here's my plastic nose,It makes it so you won't be picked".I told her.She grabbed it and stopped crieng.Are escort,Treffey Inket said"Ladies first"."Honey Mareke!""Oh wait I know her nevermind."She picked out another name"Rose Mmmmm. srry. Rose Mverdern!",Rose walked up."I volunteer!".I tell.Treffey said"I bet my face that was your sister!""Yeah"I said."Now for the boys!Keeta Ealark!"Keeta walked up.I knew I was going to die.

Chapter 3 The hovercraft room

After we walked into the hovercraft the Anti'violentkeepers put blind folds on us.They walked us into a room.They unblindfolded us.I looked around and saw the other tributes.I watched the reapings so I knew who there are.The boy from 2 asked the girl from 1"Hey you ready to drop out know Light?"The girl from 1 said"No not yet Mine"she said to the boy from 2.I looked around no tribute had taken their finger off yet.Finally the boy from 1 looked at Mine and they both dropped out.The girl from 2 and Light dropped out after that.Being from the career districts they drop out early District 2 the second richest district.It's industry was Picking.The boy from 3 whispered to his partner"Abigal keep going.".Abigail nodded.The guy from 4 gave up.The guy from 5 gave up.The kids from 6 gave up.The kids from 7 gave up.The boy from 8 gave up.The kids from 9 gave up.The girl from 10 gave up.About half the people gone.Then when I thought it couldn't get harder the floor started rotating.

Chapter 4 Rotating

Once it started rotating the girl from 8 fell.After a few hours the girl from 4 gave up.I was hungry I could tell everyone else was.A voice came up"You may choose when to have your meal,raise your hand",the boy from 3 raised his hand."Good luck Cody",Abigal whispered to the boy from 3.The rotating got faster.The boy from 10 fell.The girl from 11 fell.The boy from 11 looked stressed.The boy from 11 purpposley fell.The girl from 5 fell.Just me Keeta,and the kids from 3.All of the sudden I fell over.

Chapter 5

I woke up in a room that had a tube in it.A sign said to get into the tube.I got in.It raised me up into a arena.I looked at the other tributes.Everyone was there except Keeta,Abigal,and Cody.Suddenly Cody rose up next to me.Then Abigal.I was glad that Keeta won but I have to fight to my death right now.Now let's see the Nose games placings were:

24th-District 1 male


22nd-District 2 female


20th-District 4 male

19th-District 5 male

18th-District 6 male

17th-District 6 efmale

16th-District 7 male

15thth-District 7 female

14th-District 8 male

13th-District 9 male

12th-District 9 female

11th-District 10 female

10th-District 8 female

9th-District 10 male

8th-District 11 female

7th-District 11 male

6th-District 5 female




Winner Keeta Earlark

So now I have to fight to my death.The 60 seconds were over and the Gong went off.I ran to the cornucopia.

Chapter 6 Surviving the bloodbath

The first kill was the District 6 male slamming the District 5 male's head against a crate.The girl from 4 hit the girl from 7 in the neck with an axe.I got to get out of here.Mine confronted me with a sword.He swung at me I ducked.I picked up a red backpack and ran for life.I kept looking back.The guy from 1 was slashing the girl frrom 9.The boy from 4 chased me with a spaer in his hand.The boy from 7 slashed his throat from behind.The girl from 4 came up to the boy from 7 and beheaded him with an axe.I ran as the girl from 4 chased me.Oh my gosh I'm going to die!

Chapter 7 The fallen

I watched the sky light up with fallen tributes faces.First was the boy from 4 then the boy from 5 then the girl from 6 then the tributes from 7 then the tributes from 9 then the female from 10 then the male from 11.How many kills umm...9.9 kills in the bloodbath.The careers walked by my campout."So Awe what you going to do if you win theses games?"Mine asked."Probably be a mentor watch the games and you know",The boy from 1 responded."Look over there!Look!Look!"The girl from 2 screamed.She pointed to a fire up ahead.I saw the tributes from 8 camped out there.They rushed to them.The girl from 8 made a run for it.But the careers killed her partner.That night it showed the boy from 8 in the sky.

Chapter 8 Trapped

I climbed up a tree as the careers chased me.There all looked up.I searched my backpack for anything good.I fund a knife,My weapon of choose.I threw it at Awe",It hit him in the neck.He fell to his knees.The other careers started aiding him.But it was too late Awe died."Her!"The girl from 1 screamed.She took her bow and arrows and shot at me.Luckily a dodged them.The careers decided to leave me alone.I watched the girl from 8 run by.A knife appeared in her back.She fell over dead.Since it wasn't a sword or a bow that killed her it must be the girl from 2 that's her weapon!It's only day 6 and so many dead.


23rd-District 5 male

22nd-District 7 female

21st-District 9 female

20th-District 4 male

19th-District 7 male

18th-District 6 female

17th-District 9 male

16th-District 10 female

15th-District 11 male

Day 2

14th-District 8 male

Day 6


12th-District 8 female

Chapter 9 The Feast

Day 7

"A voice came up time for the bloodbath go to the cornucopia",I walked there.I saw the kids from 3 run and get theirs.the girl from 4 get hers.Then the careers from in sight.The boy from 6 rushes towards them.Mine slashes him down.The careers took the 11 backpack and my backpack.The girl from 4 came out of nowhere and attacked the careers.She managed to kill Mine but The girl from 2 killed her.Wow only three deaths thats alot.So the people left are:Me,the kids from 3,Light,District 2 female,District 11 female,and the District 10 male.That's good.Maybe not.The careers took the 10 backpack.

Day 8

I hear a scream.The boy from 10's face lights up.Then the girl from 11's.Only me the female careers and the kids from 3.

Chapter 10 The day before the final day

Day 10

I look around I hurry and run onto the cornucopia.The careers were chasing me.Cody beheads the girl from 2.Light shoots an arrow into Cody's neck.Light searches for Abigal.I hurry and go get the girl from 2's knives.I find her token.A picture of her and it says Marybell Loley.That's a weird last name.I run run run.

Chapter 11 The final day

Day 11

I watch Abigal get onto the cornucopia.Then light.All of are weapons drawn.Abigal has Cody's sword.Light shoots at Me.I duck.Abigal lunges her self at Light.Light pulls out a knife from her pocket and stabs Abigal.I throw a knife at light.It hit's her in the stomache.She dies.I see Abigal dieng slowly.I get a knife and stab her to end her suffering.I won a crazed games that kills 22 people.

Chapter 12 The Victory tour

On my victory tour I started at district 11.I made a speech."I didn't know their names but I knew there care for eachother.When that little girl fell.The boy fell with her.Even though the boy died in the bloodbath I still respected him.And that 12 year old girl died in the hands of a careers that I tried hard to kill.Just know this,I am touched by howmuch this district cares for other people.Goodby District 11",I looked aroung I could tell the thing was Plucking.I moved on to District 10."I know I didn't know your tributes names.."I was interrupted by a male voice call"Lola and Steve"I kept talking."Lola and Steve probably great kids but they died and I am sad for all of you whom had their children die in this game."I moved to District 9.I gave my speech"They were great children the 14 year old boy and the 13 year old girl.They were strong but not strong enough.They died in other teenagers hands.I think that is stinkish".I moved on to District 8 they booed me but I still gave a speech."They were great kids killed by Careers and I killed 2 of those careers."A woman called"It should of been you not Little Sammy!",Everyoneagreed and we moved on to District 7.They booed so much that I just skipped them.District 6 booed too but I still gave a speech"The boy died in the hands of the careers the careers that I,The girl from 4 and Cody killed.The girl might of died in their hands but I don't know.There were other children that wee strong like yours."I moved on to District 5."I knew the girl made it far and the boy died first and I respected them for that.And their courage",We moved on to District 4."The girl was amazing.The boy tried to kill me.But with the girl's help we killed the careers and she killed the boy from 7."I moved on to District 3"Cody and Abigal were close.I could tbecause th made it to the end together. respected them and their wits",District 2"Even though I didn't kill the tribute from you district Mine and Marybell still know you must hate me.District 1 "You must hate me fo killing your daughter and son.I still hope you respesct me for whom I am"District 12"Both of the tributes from District 12 have lived and you can too if your reaped be strong",District 12 cheered.I had to get into the hovercraft one last time with my familie and Keeta's too.

Chapter 13 The Hovercraft room part 2

Me and Keeta were facing head to head.The floor started rotating.After an hour or so I fell.Keeta won again.The hovercraft dropped Keeta's family at the Capitol.There was a victor's village at the capitol and one at District 1.Now we headed to District 1.When the hovercraft dropped us off.idk if I have revealed this but that was the 49th annual Nose Games.The next one would be a quarter quell.I wonder what it will be.

Chapter 14 The Revealing

One year later...President Pow came out."Last quarter quell we had 48 tributes fight to the death 4 from each district.The winners were Venger the male from 1 and Renold the male from 7.Are previs game was won the by the tributes from District 12 Patniss and Earlark.Next year it will be the 51st Nose games.This year will have the past winners be reaped and compete in this year's annual Nose Games."He left the stage.I turned off the T.V."Well must go to the reaping Mom".I said

Chapter 15 The reapings part 2

I looked around me and Keeta were the only people there.I stepped into the hovercraft.Keeta followed from behind.Then Treffey followed Keeta."Good luck children she said",I walked into the room for the third time.I looked around the only people I reconized were Venger from the thing President Pow had told us and Renold also what President Pow told us.We started.

Chapter 16 The Hovercraft room part 3

First up the man from 5 gave up on purpose to go into the other games.Then the man from 2."Goodluck Brule"Venger whispered to the man from 2.Brule walked out.The woman from 2 walked out.So did Venger and his district partner.The man from 10 and the woman from 5 walked out.The adults from 3 walked out so did the adautls from 4.

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