all the tributes will be prefered to Kansas or Oregon.ok??And they all are 18.And i will skip to the games.You can sponsor 1 thing of your choice in the comment box.And i am picking random deaths from pieces of paper.The tributes can be any gender u want.sorry if i spell wrong.

The Games

Connecticut's POV!!! I grab a mace near the cornucopia.I hit Texas.Boom.Georgia grabs a sword and beheads Maryland.All of the sudden a wave hits and everything goes black.I wake up only to see the fallen.

Day 1 Fallen











42th-South Dakota

41th-North Dakota







34th-West Virgina

The screen went black.

Tribute Status

Washington-Washed up in the woods

California-Washed up in the woods

Oregon-Washed up in the woods

Arizona-Washed up in the desert

New Mexico-Washed up in the desert

Lousiania-Washed up in a swamp

Mississpi-Washed up on a beach.

Alabama-Washed up in the Desert

Flordia-Washed up on beach

Georgia-Washed up in the woods

South Carolina-Washed up on beach

North Carolina-Washed up in a cave

Virgina-Washed up in a wheat field

Delaware-Washed up in a abandend town

New Jersey-Washed up in abandend town

Rhode Island-Washed up on beach

Massa-washed up in abandend town

New Hamp-Washed up in abendend town

Maine-Washed up on beach

New york-Washed up in abandend town

Mich-Washed up at a lake

Wisconsin-Washed up in abandend town

Minn-Washed up at a lake

Connecticut-Washed up at Cornucopia

Day 2

Massa-I'm in a anbandend town.I see someone i go up to them and knife them.Boom.I turned them over.It was the kid from Delaware.4 people had allied and chased me.I didn't have time to look to see who they are.I run past Mich.He gets mauled by them giving me time.Boom.I breathe hard as I take a short break.My neck is in pain.The 4 people get me in a corner.All of the sudden someone jumps out of a cave and kills New Jersey.the other 3 people are New Hamp,New York,and wisconsin,attack North Carolina.North Carolina kills New york.Boom.and the other 2 run off.North Carolina asks me for allies I say yes.

Florida-I run into Lousina.We fight for a while then I slash their neck.Boom.Maine attacks me.A huge wave sends us flying.Rhode Island shows up and lunges himself at Maine.I run.I look back when I hear a cannon.Maine stands over Rhode Island.I run even faster.

Day 2 Fallen



31st-New Jersey

30th-New York


28th-Rhode Island

Tribute Status

Washington-In the woods

California-In the woods

Oreogon-In the woods

Arizona-In the desert

New Mexico-in the desert

Mississippi-On the beach

Alabama-In the desert

Flordia-At the cornucopia

Georgia-In the woods

South Carolina-On beach

North Carolina-At cornucopia

Virigina-In wheat field

Massa-at cornucopia

New Hamp-Abandend town

Maine-On beach

Wisconsin-In abandend town

Minn-On lake

Connecticut-at cornucopia

Day 3

The vice President's voice came up due to the tidal wave at the bloodbath we will be hosting a feast.If you cannot find the cornucopia,stinks for you.'And it will begin in an hour.

North Carolina-The fight begins between me and Massa against,Florida,Connecticut.Only one person will come out besides if me and Massa come then two.I slash Flordia's neck.Boom.Connecticut kills Massa.Boom.I snap Connecticut's neck.Boom.I hide behind some bushes.In an hour I'm the first one to get my backpack.Minn comes out.I knock him out with my backpack.Then choke him to death.Boom.A pain runs throughout my head.I hear my cannon.boom.

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