This is the 36th Hunger Games and 6 people can win from any distrcit.If your tribute dies im sorry but its the Hunger Games.May the odds ever be in your favors .

Tribute Template









If you make a tank they will die in the bloodbath.Ill do scores I also reserve tributes spots for 2 days


You get 200 dollar

Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 100 dollars

Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

Axe: 80 dollars

Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

Trident: 120 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Mace: 80 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars

Machete: 60 dollars

Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars

Medicine (treats burns cuts and tracker jacker):100

Matches(10) 20 dollars

Random Pack:50 Dollars


Woods all around and small streams a meadow and mountains but the arena has some deadly tricks.

Mutations-Tracker Jackers A large Beast Animal (like in the 75th Hunger Games)  White Wolf (when thier fur touches you it freezes that spot)


Capitol Louis Haymond Male 17 Throwing Knives Training Score 7

Capitol Icy Snow Female 17 Knife Sword Training Score 8

Capitol Moon Ander Male 14 Strength Training Score 7

Capitol Velveta Female 15 Knives Training Score 8

1Gray Daniel Male 17 Scythe Axe Spear Sword Training Score 10

1Ava Winter Female 15 Bow and Arrow Sword Dagger Training Score 10

2Cadberry Male 16 Sword Teeth Training Score 10

2Rasberry Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 10

3Jacob Theradol Male 18 Mines Training Score 9

3Leanna Female 16 Wire Short Sword Training Score 7

4Blackwell Morson Male 18 Spear Training Score 10

4Jennifer Female 17 Axe Spear Training Score 10

5Harrison Davidson Male 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 7

5Cassia Slyara Female 15 Stealth Bow and Arrow Training Score 7

6Logan Tores Male Sword Training Score 6

6Ivy Willik Female 17 Bow and Arrow Training Score 9

7Nick Male Male 18 Sword Axe Knife Training Score 8

7Aveara Copley Female 15 Throwing Knives Training Score 8

8Jason Lewis Male 14 Mace Training Score 7

8Mia Female 16 Throwing Knives Stealth Training Score 7

9Marcus Male 16 Wire Sword Training Score 7

9Briana Cruz Female 12 Dagger Bow and Arrow Training Score 7

10Peter Renix Male 18 Bow and Arrow Training Score 7

10Emerald Firia Female 17 Knives Training Score 8

11Alexander Lumoon Male 16 Stealth Training Score 7

11Vilolette Meadow Female 12 Slingshot Bow and Arrow Training Score 6

12Aiden Male 18 Sword Throwing Knives Training Score 8

12Kelly Female 14 Spear Dagger Short Sword Training Score 7


Rasberry POV

Im standing on my platform looking at everyone.I next to the girl from 12 and one of the boys from the capitol.I look around for Cadberry when I notice the girl from 7 holding her token.I tilt my head when I see her look at the boy from 10s platform.She quickly looks at the clock 20 seconds and then throws her token.It hit the ground and the boy from 10s platform ignites.The mines actavted and blood and flesh cover the girl from the capitol and she screams as the blood soaks her body.I notice the girl from 7 running so I take off after her.Noone is running but me the girl from 7 the boy from 7 and the girl from 8.I grab a knife vest off a crate and grab a long serrated combat knife.I find the girl from 7 and throw my knife at her.She swings her pack and deflects my knife.I begin running at her when I see the girl from 8 duck behind a crate.I grab a knife and throw it into her neck.Her neck opens up and blood flies over the supply crate.I look around more when I see the girl from 9 running to a crate.I grab a knife and throw it into her back.Her arms fail as she hits the ground.I begin running around looking for more knives.

Cadberry POV

I make it to the cornucopia and grab a machete off the ground.I look for tributes when I see the boy from 6 running out with a sleeping bag.I swing my machete into his neck and blood flies onto a supplies crate and onto me.I look around when I see the boy from the capitol running toward me.I grib my machete and swing it into his chest.He rams into it and falls to the ground.He tries to crawl away so I ram my machete into his chest.Blood smears on the blade and him.I slam it into his chest one more time and I walk away to go look for a sword.

Blackwell POV

Im running to the cornucopia when I see girls from the capitol fighting.I look at them while I run.I make it to the cornucopia and grab a spear.Without hesation as soon as I grab it I throw it into the boy from 9.Its lands in his chest and he stumble to the ground.I look for more spear when I see the girl from capitol pulling the other capitol girls hair and slitting her throat.Blood pours over me and the survoir starres at me.Then runs off.I grab my spear and plunge it into the girl from 10s heart.I get up and begin grabbing spears and other supplies.


I grab a dagger off the ground and begin running after the girl from 5.I grib my dagger and pull her hair.She screams and grabs my hands.I take my dagger and push it against her throat.She croaks as I slit her throat.As my knife glides arcoss her neck I feel the warm sticky blood get on my hands and her body.She begins to gasp and cough as the blood fills her throat cutting off her air supplies.I push her down and race toward the girl from 11 as Gray sinks an axe into the boy from 11.I tackle the girl from 11 and dig my dagger into her abdomen.She screams in pain as my knife sinks into her abdomen and face.It reaches her throat and her cries are cut short.I get up and see Jennifer holding an axe over the bloody girl from 6.

Summary of the Bloodbath

The male tributes from 6,9,10,11 and Louis from the Capitol are dead.The female tributes from 5,6,8,9,10,11,and Velveta are dead.


Aveara POV

I got a backpack from the cornucopia and a knife from the girl from 2.My backpack has 2 appples a bottle of water and 12 machetes.I put all the stuff in my pack and lay against a tree in the woods covered by bushes.

Aiden POV

I got a sword and a pack from the cornucopia while Kelly got a dagger and a pack.Both off our packs have food and water.Mine has matches while Kellys has rope.We are hiding in the mountains.Im on watch and I see the cornucopia and nothing is really happening.

Nick POV

I got an axe from the cornucopia along with a pack with medicine food water matches and rope.Im hiding in the woods by a tree and im decide if I should stay or go for a cave in the mountains.


Im hiding in the meadow with a knife and a small pack of food and little water.I did kill Velveta though and that will be the highlight of these games.I smile as I think of what I will say on my victory tour.How hard it was but im managed through.I look and see the faces of all the tributes.12 tributes that must off been a sight to see back home.I love the long brutal blood baths and by the size of that one it must of been bloody.I wish I could of seen it all.

Summary of DAY 2

Everyone is doing fine.


Harrison POV

I got 2 knives at the cornucopia and a pack full of food and water.Im hiding in the meadow trying to decide what to do.Im thinking I need an alliace to help with taking out the careers but I dont know.I slip into a ditch and ponder the thought of an alliance.

Jason POV

I got a mace and thats pretty much it.I just grabbed a mace and left.Im walking around the woods when I see a flicker of white light.I race toward it when a wolf jumps out of nowwhere.I hit it in the face and its face collaspes and blood goes everywhere.I go to run but another gribs onto my arm and begins to rip open my arm.I scream in pain I hear a crack and see the boy from the capitol smashing a wolf with a rock.He gets up and grabs the wolf holding onto my arm and throws it against a tree.He begins to scream as his palms freeze over.I try to help but thier is nothing I can do.He soon passes out from the pain.


Jenifer and I are going hunting tommorow in the meadow.But now we are all gathering weapons.I have a bow and 2 quivers of arrows and 2 daggers.Gray has 6 spears a sword and an axe.Cadberry has a sword and Rasberry has an extra knive pack.Blackwell has 10 spears and Jenifer has 2 axes.I lay down and drift into sleep while Gray is on watch.

Nick POV

I decided to stay in the woods for today then tommorow im finding a cave and staying in the mountains for the rest of the games.

Summary of DAY 3

Moon and Jason need medicine.



Jenifier and me split up to cover more ground.Im taking a break and crouch over the hard gold dirt.Im humming alittle when a knive flys through the air and lands into the dirt behind me.I look up and see the boy from 5 going to throw another knife.I grab an arrow and load it into my bow.I aim for the boy and let my arrow go.It travels toward him and digs into his throat.He falls back and lands on his head and pull out my arrow.He begins to gasp and choke on his own blood.I walk over and grab his knives and my arrow and walk away while his gong rings out.

Jenifer POV

I meet up with Ava and she tells me about the boy from 8.We decide to head back to camp where she give the knives from the boy from 8 to Rasberry and they start talking.

Leanna POV

Im with the careers and they want my to set up a trap to protect thier supplies.The boy from 1 keeps watching me twirling a knife with a blank look on his face.I keep my head low as I search for supplies.


I dont have anymore supplies.Im know sitting on a log decideing what to do.I decideing what to do.I just cant think of what to do.I only watch the careers kill others and if I walk to the careers camp I will get slaughterd.Ill go to sleep to think of an idea then act tommorow.It would be much easier with a note though.

Summary of DAY 4

Harrison Died.Icy needs supplies and advice.



Im sitting in the woods when a sponsor gifts come down.I open the first and its a pack of throwing knives.I put on the vest and look at it.Then I open the other gift and its a steak.I begin digging into the meat ripping chucks out and splashing juice all over my face.I smile when im full.I then just lay down and fall asleep.

Leanna POV

Im searching for supplies when I see them bring Jacob into the camp with a cut on his leg.They throw him toward the platform where he begins digging up the mines.I keep searching for wires and supplies when the boy from 1 grabs me and instructs me to dig up mines with Jacob.We both are digging up mines when he says ill get us out of this.I nodd and by night we have all the mines dug up and we are setting them up tommorow.

Nick POV

I have been in a cave everysince yesterday.Its opening is coverd by vines and dirt.I sitting away from the opening when I just decide to fall asleep.

Aiden POV

The careers have the tributes from 3 around the cornucopia.I wonder what they are planning.We decide to stay and watch to see if we get any hints off what they could be doing.Im watching Kelly study the careers without blinking mumbling ideas.I look back and see that the tributes from 3 have stopped working and are now packing packs.I wonder what the careers have them up to.

Summary of DAY 5

Leanna and Jacobs trap will be done tommorow.


Leanna POV

Me and Jacob have are packs filled full of supplies.Hes is telling me that when he is done with the trap he will tell me and I need to run and that he will set of the mines behind me.I grab my pack and look at Jacob he nodds and I look around the careers are rounding up supplies so I but my pack on and run away.I hear Jacob running behind me so when I get to the outskirts I watch him.He is running for his pack when the girl from 2 notices.She begins running after him.I see as she pulls out a serated combat knife and throws it into his back.I watch in horror as his body falls to the ground and blood begins to drip from his mouth.Then the boy form 2 rips the pack from Jacobs hand and they all walk back to thier camp.

Aiden POV

The girl from 2 just killed the boy from 3.I know what they are planning the cornucopia is proctected by mines.I cant believe they would think of that.I grab Kelly as she notices and we both run away into our cave.

Cadberry POV

With the boy from 3 dead we need the girl back.Rasberry and I are going hunting tommorow in the woods.Now we are just gather supplies to see what the girl took.

Moon POV

My hands have gotten worse they are still frozen and the blood is start to build up and seep through my iced palms.Jason and me dont have anything to fix my hands I need medicine.I from the capitol how are my family not giving me sponsors.

Summary of DAY 6

Jacob Died.Moon still needs medicine.


Rasberry POV

Cadberry and I are walking through the woods when we hear stick breaking and people talking.We both begin to run to the sounds when we see the boy from the capitol and the boy from 8.I grab a knife and throw it into the boy from 8s leg as he tries to run.My knife digs into his thigh and rips open his flesh.He screams to the floor.I turn to the captiol boy and he tries to shove me down.I grab the back of his head and swing my body and knock us both to the ground.He is strong shoving me of him.He gets up and I kick him in the nose.It starts to drip blood and then I see Cadberry sliting the boy from 8s.I watch as the blood slowly begins to drip from his throat and his face turns pale.I smile and go back to my fight with the boy from 8.He goes to punch me and I block it and kick him in the rips then elbow him in the face.He goes to attack me but Cadberry holds his sword to his throat and says your going to join our alliance.

Moon POV

The tributes from 2 are bringing me back to their camp.Im thrown to the floor when a canister of medicine is throw to me.I open it and apply the cool balm to my hands.They begin to heal right up and I sigh with relief.The boy from 1 gives me me a spear and they tell me im now in the alliance and I need to be on watch.

Aveara POV

Im walking around the woods when im tackled to the floor.I roll over and pull the knife in my belt and look at my attacker.Its the girl from 3 she throws her hands up and ask for an alliance.I think and nod my head.She gets up and we find a cave a discuss stragetys.

Aiden POV

Kelly walks into the cave and says that the carrers now have the boy from the capitol.I shake my head and ponder at what skills a capitol tribute could have.I mean thier are 2 left they must have some speacial skill.But they arent ready for the games a capitol girl did kill another girl.I shake my head and take a nap on Kellys watch.

Summary of DAY 7

Jason Died.Moon is with the careers.



So far today all I have done is throw knives into a tree for pracitce.Nothing has really happened and I dont know whats going to happen.I mean one death in the past day the capitol must be getting bored.I dont really do anything beside sleep today.

Nick POV

Im holding axe and sitting on the cave floor.Im decideing whether to go out or not.Im looking around and see the careers pack have grown since yesterday.I sit and lean back and look at all my options.


Moon and me are going hunting tommorow in the meadow.Im looking at all my arrows and my bow and im watching Moon trying to learn to throw a spear from Gray and learning to wield knives with Rasberry.I shake my head and leaning back and watch the sky.

Moon POV

Rasberry and Gray are trying to teach me how to wield knives and throw spears.Im going through the supplies while Cadberry watches me.I grab 2 long combat knives that I stick in my belt and I grab a spear that I hold in my hands.Im on watch with Rasberry as she is practice throwing knives by throwing them in a lizard that was annoying her.

Summary of DAY 8

Everyone is fine.



Moon and I are walking around the woods when we see the boy and girl from 12.I load my bow before they have time to notice us and I launch an arrow into the boys cheek.It digs into his flesh and breaks some of his teeth.I go to load another when im throw to the floor.I get up and feel warm blood coming from my shoulder.I see a massive wound on my shoulder.I launch an arrow into a tree inches from the girls head as they run.I get up and dont see anyone around me.I get up and begin running back to camp.

Aiden POV

Kelly and me are running through the woods and as I rip out the arrow from my cheek an annoucer comes on and says that tommorow at the cornucopia thier will be a feast.I hold onto my cheek as Kelly decideds that she will run to the feast and come back.I agree im losing alot of blood and I can barely stand.

Cadberry POV

Rasberry Ava and I will stay at the cornucopia and kill anyone that comes near while Gray Blackwell and Jenifer go hunting in the woods mountains and meadow.We all sleep while Blackwell is on watch so we have energy for the feast.

Moon POV

I ran away from Ava and now im heading deep into the woods when I see Icy.I run up to her and I ask for an alliance.She agrees saying that the capitol tributes will win this game by killing everyone.

Summary of DAY 9

Aiden needs medicine.The feast is tommorow.

DAY 10

Cadberry POV

Rasberry and I are hiding in the cornucopia where all the bags are.We are watching Ava head to the outskirts of the woods when we see Moon and the girl from the capitol.I run out to the mouth when I block a spear from Moon.I pull out my sword when I see somthing coming at my face I put up my arm and feel a sharp pain in my forearm.I look at it and see a knife sticking out of it.I grib the knife and rip it out.I start running to the capitol girl when Moon tries to tackle me.I grib his neck and throw him into the cornucopia.He bounce back and nocks my sword away.I grib his throat and begin to slam him into the cornucopia.I finaly just grib the back of his head and twist his neck sharply.I hear a crack and he falls to the ground.I grab my sword and see the girl from the capitol running away with a bloody eye and limp.

Kelly POV

Im hiding in the cornucopia watching the tributes from 2 look around for more people to slaughter.I have our bag and just decide to run.They can barely see me as I slip into the woods.I make it to are cave.I give Aiden his medicine and we both fall asleep.

Nick POV

Im running into the feast and I grab my bag.I start running into the woods where I hear someone.I quickly swing my axe and see blood fly over a tree.I look at the ground and see the girl from 4 lying on the ground with a slit throat.I quickly run away and find 2 knives in my bag which I slip into my belt.

Aveara POV

As me and Lenna are running to the feast.I get into the cornucopia and grab our bags and run.We both start running when the girl from 2 throws Leanna to the floor.I keep running but I drop her bag and just keep running.I have a set of knives in my bag.

Summary of DAY 10

Moon and Jenifier Died.

DAY 11

Leanna POV

Aveara left me as I was tackled to the ground.I got up but the boy from 2 quickly pinned my arms behind his back.They shoved me into thier camp where they watched as I set up the final conpontet of the trap.Now if anyone touches the ground away from the camp gaint explosion with kill them.Im sitting on the ground while the girl from 2 watches my every move.

Aveara POV

I feel terrible about leaving Leanna but I had to do it so I could survive.Im sitting on the ground inside a small cave.Im watching the opening with a knife in my hand I cant afford to die not now.


All I can think about is Moon.I watched him die and all I did was run.I open my bag and find several rolls of bread.I begin to devour the bread as I listen for careers.I keep moving my head from side to side I cant sleep and I dont know where I could hide.I just need help from a sponsor or a mentor..

Blackwell POV

Im leaving the career pack tommorow.I begin gathering supplies for when iI leave.I have a pack full of food water and medicine.I have 6 spears and the capitol armor all the careers got.Im sitting by the fire while we all talk while Leanna sits alone on a black crate.

Summary of DAY 11

Icy needs adivce.Blackwell is leaving the careers tommorow.

DAY 12

Aiden POV

Kelly and I are in our cave when all the sudden it becomes really cold.We both walk out to see whats going on when we see the moutain looks dark that usaul.As Kelly goes back for her bag the moutain begins to erucpt with ice.It begins haling down.I hear got Kelly and begin racing down the mountain.I fell the icy air tingle behind me when I hear a scream.I look and see Kelly on the ground screaming for me.I try to move but the ice pushes me down.I see Kelly stop moving and an icy film covers her.I turn back and slip on the ice and fall down.I feel a hard impact followed by a cannon before I pass out.

Aveara POV

I narely escaped the ice volcano.I saw the boy from 12 fall and the girl die.Part of my thigh got frozen by the ice.So im currently resting on a rock resting.I hobble over to a tree and lean against it to take a nap.

Blackwell POV

As everyone was starring at the moutain I grabbed my supplies and ran into the meadow.I look back and see everyone didnt realise I was gone.I hear a shatter and see the moutain face caving in.Now it is just a bowl of rock and ice.Im sitting on the floor in the meadow watching the mountain collaspe.


I watched the mountain collaspe and marvel at what a site that would of been at home.I wish I could see everyone and go back to the capitol where thier is more than enough food and I can go back to bright colors and not arena wear.But I fell these games might be over soon.

Summary of DAY 12

Kelly Died.Aveara needs medicine.Blackwell left the careers pack.

DAY 13


Im walking in the woods hunting for tributes while Gray goes to the meadow.I pass by a row tree with covering branches when something heavy tobbles on top of me.I let out a grunt and ram my head backward I get up and go for my bow when a sword it placed against my throat from behind.I pull close into somones body.I quickly grab thier leg a feel ice where I should feel flesh and an agonizing scream lets out.I grab my bow and pull back my string when a sword is rammed into my bow and I drop my bow letting an arrow into a tree and I see my attacker on top of me with a sword to my throat.Its the boy from 8.I quickly remember his leg and say that I can get him medicine if we ally.He gets up and lets me up.He agrees and I go to grab my bow when he grabs it and says that I get it back when I bring him the medicine.I nod and go off to the camp to get the medicine.


Im walking in the meadow when I see the boy from 1 throw something at me.I quickly dodge the spear flying toward my body.I land on the ground and throw a knife at him.It scrapes his arm.He quickly grabs a another spear and before I have time to move it slices my rips.I grip my rips and feel the warm blood drip from my wounds.I grab another knife and throw it at his chest.His arm quickly takes the hit.My knife digs into his forearm leaving a knife stuck into his arm.As he rips it out I run at me.I tackle him as the knife hits the ground.I begin trying to stab his head with a curved knife.My eyes move at his hand where he is gribbing something.I then feel a hard impact with my eye and a rock.Im flung backward and I feel my bones crack.I dont worry about my eye and just try to fight on.I grab another knife and throw it at him as his spear flies toward me.I see my knife land in his heart as his spear knocks my hand to the ground and rips my palm open.I hear his cannon and try to gather his supplies but I just pass out onto his spears and pack.

Aiden POV

Im sitting against a tree when Ava appears out of the woods.She hands me a canister and I apply the cool medicine to my leg.Its begins to heal right up and I give her her bow back and we form our alliance.

Nick POV

Im currently hiding in small enclosed rock bed covered by trees.Im sitting here my pack is empty all I have left is my blood stainned axe and the two knives from the feast.I havent eaten in 2 days or drank any water and im starting to get dehydrated.I needs what more than anything.I try to forge for water but im to weak.

Summary of DAY 13

Gray died.Icy needs medicine.Nick needs water.

DAY 14


Im wake up to find my face and the ground and everything is covered in my sticky blood.I sit up and go through the boy from 1s pack.I open and find a can of medicine.I quickly use it on my rips.It begins to heal up amazingly.I feel my eye and I can tell the damage.My eye bones have caved inward and completely busted.My eye is shut for what I can tell and I dont have any medicine that will fix it the medicine in my hands wont work.I quickly try to count my supplies but I just pass out.

Cadberry POV

Ava hasnt come back to camp since yesterday she is probaly trying to find Grays killer.Rasberry and I are looking around and we are going hunting tommorow.The girl from 3 is coming with us so she doesnt try to run off again.

Nick POV

I small stream of water near me.I am to weak to walk so I just crawl my way to it.I land my body in thier and begin to slurp up the cold delicous water.I feel the strenght regain in my body.I begin to sit up and I forge for for food.Im sitting picking purple berries with red juice and placing them on my pack to eat.

Aveara POV

Im watching the boy from 7.I look closely at the berries and notice thier nightlock.Before I have a chance to think I jump out and scream thier name.He quickly looks up and throws the berries.I ask for an alliance and say that it will keep us both alive longer.He agrees and we begin to pick edible berries.

Summary of DAY 14

Icy needs medicine.Nick and Aveara are in an alliance.

DAY 15

Aiden POV

Im sitting on a rock when a sponsor gift hails from the sky.I quickly run and snatch it up.I open the canister and pull out a large black pack.I unzip it and open it up it, it has food an empty bottle and medicine in it.I quickly put the pack on and me and Ava begin walking to a small stream covered by trees.I open the bottle and begin filling it with cool water while Ava cleans her arms and legs in the water.Once im finished me and Ava begin cleaning off our weapons in the stream.Once our weapons are cleaned of blood we head into a small opening between to mounds of dirt.I lay down while Ava has her bow loaded watching for tributes.

Aveara POV

Mine and Nicks alliance is doing good but I always have my hand on a knife just incase things get rocky in the alliance.We pretty much just lounge around today trying to regain our energy.I have been throwing knives into a tree while Nick sleeps.I have decided that if push comes to shove it would be better to kill him while hes not watching since he is stronger and can probaly kill me faster.


I have been trying to stop the bleeding in my eye.I decide that I have to steal from the careers.I begin walking to thier camp and see the girl from 3 just sitting on a crate.I grab a knife and throw it at a sickle to distract her.She quickly jumps out her crate and looks around.I quickly run for the a pile of packs.I start ripping them open till I find a can of medicine.I finally find one when I hear heavy footsteps behind me.I get up when the girl from 3 screams.I try to run but she tackles me to the floor.I jerk up hard and elbow her in the jaw.I quickly try to run when she takes out my legs and is on top of me.I scream and say that ill come back for her.I tell her if she gives me supplies ill distract the careers and she can escape.

Leanna POV

Im top of the girl from the capitol.She says she will distract them while I run.Untill I tell her about the mines.She quickly says that she will start a fire and then I can set the mines killing the careers.I tell her tommorow to start the fire in the late afternoon and then ill meet her in the meadow.She agrees and I give her a pack and she runs away.

Summary of DAY 15

Icy and Leanna are in an alliance.

DAY 16


The sun is beating directly above me so I begin to start the fire.Its smoke is buffing up and I hear some commotion by the careers I quickly blitz toward the meadow to watch Leanna.I duck donw low and I can see everything Leanna is standing around waiting for the tributes from 2 to leave when...

Rasberry POV

I go to grab a pack when the ground rumbles and a loud bang happens and im blown back.Im rammed into the cornucopia wall and my head slams against it.I try to get up when a crate comes barrling toward me.I jump out of the way and when I land I feel an intense pain run through my body.I get up and feel warm sticky blood creep down my leg.I look down and I see the knife sticking out of my leg.I quickly look and see Leanna running away.I quickly rip the knife out of my leg and let out a yell.I sprint toward her and swing my arm and let the knife race toward her.It slice her knee open and she screams and tries to run.I quickly tackle her to the ground and rip a knife out of my vest and ram it into her stomach.I rip out my knife and stab her in the throat and she begins to scream spitting blood all over me.I keep stabbing her while blood flies after every stab.I get up when I see Cadberry.He has cuts over his body and legs.I quickly search and find medicine for his legs but they are still cut up along with his body.We lay and rest int the cornucopia trying to regain out energy.


I felt the ground shake and a boom so Aiden and I have been hiding all day waiting for a terrible game maker trap.Mutts water fire we dont know but we are just going to stay hidden for today.

Nick POV

Once that bang happen me and Aveara ran straight into the deepest part of the woods.We are sitting ina tree lined area and you cant see us.We are going to hide till we know what is going on.

Summary of DAY 16

Leanaa Died.The mines exploded. 

DAY 17

Aiden POV

Ava and me are climbing the mountains since they are thawing out and they are the safest place to be.As we climb we try not to slip since water is pouring everywhere turning the area into a marshing wastleland.I grab a rock when it slips out.I quickly grab another when a knife lands where my head would be.I quickly look down and see the girl from capitol.She begins to grab another when Ava shoots at her.She quickly jumps but the arrow digs into her shoulder.We quickly begin running when Ava trips on water.She quickly grabs my hand and we both fall down.When a knife lands in the ground we keep running splashing water everywhere.

Rasberry POV

Cadberry and I are walking when we hear loud footsteps.We both get ready to fight when the boy from 12 jumps out of nowhere.I quickly pull out a knife and go to throw it when a arrow slices my fingers.I look up and Ava is running and her and the boy from 12 both begin running.We begin chasing after them when we see the girl from the capitol.We all begin racing toward eachother when the boy from 12 falls.He has a knife sticking out of his back.I look at the girl from the capitol and she is to far and so is Ava.So Cadberry and I just go back to camp.


I keep running not wanting to meet up with the girl from the capitol or Cadberry and Rasberry.I have 6 arrows left and thats it I will have to use them sparingly.I have to make sure my aim is dead on and insure the kill.I quickly hide in a crevis in the woods.

Aveara POV

Another cannon one more till we get to go home.I should just kill Nick and get it overwith but I cant in the time I spent with him I heard his story and he has heard mine I just cant kill him.But if it comes to me and my life I wont hesitate to send a knife into his heart.

Summary of DAY 17

Adien Died.

DAY 18

Nick POV

Aveara and I have moved closer to the cornucopia since the careers have left.We watch and see what supplies are thier I dont know how long these games are going to last so we think about stealing supplies.Right now we are going to sleep on it.

Cadberry POV

Rasberry and I are walking through the meadow.When Rasberry throws a knife and I notice Blackwell.The knife bounces off his armor and he throws a spear.It lands into her leg.I quickly pull out my sword and race at him.I quickly tackle him and we begin to fight.I try to slit his throat but he nocks my sword away.I grab his spear as he tries to kill me.I throw it to the ground and he shoves me off him.I get up and elbow him in the jaw and he knees me in the stomach.I lash up and kick him in the rips.He grab my arm as I go to punch and he flips me over.I grab his head and roll him over my shoulder.I grab his jaw and raise it and sink my teeth into his throat.I taste blood and I bite harder and rip my jaw up.His blood sprays out of my mouth and onto everything.I spit out the blood and flesh in my mouth when Rasberry hugs me and we listen to the annoucnement.


Congradulations to the victors of the 36th Hunger Games rings through the arena.I smile as the hovercraft comes.


As the hovercraft picks me up I thing of all the praise I will get from my district and the fame I will have.

Summary of DAY 18

Blackwell Died.

Congradulations to the victors of the 36th Hunger Games

Icy Snow Female 17 Captiol

Ava Winter Female 15 District 1

Cadberry Male 16 District 2

Rasberry Female 16 District 2

Nick Male 18 District 7

Aveara Copley 15 District 7                          

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