This is the 42nd Hunger Games and 6 people can win from any distrcit.If your tribute dies im sorry but its the Hunger Games.May the odds ever be in your favors .

Tribute Template









If you make a tank they will die in the bloodbath.Ill do scores I also reserve tributes spots for 2 days


You get 200 dollar

Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 100 dollars

Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

Axe: 80 dollars

Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

Trident: 120 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Mace: 80 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars

Machete: 60 dollars

Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars

Medicine (treats burns cuts and tracker jacker):100

Matches(10) 20 dollars


Woods all around a mountains a meadow and a beach but the arena has some deadly tricks.The tributes platforms are in an fresh water ocean.

Mutations-Tracker Jackers Black Cheetah (with spikes out of its back)Large Gray and White Cats(they mob someone and devour them.)


Capitol Sox Male 14 Axe Stealth Training Score 6

Capitol Sharlett Female 15 Dagger Training Score 6

1Aiden Male 18 Sword Throwing Knives Training Score 10

1Kelly Female 14 Spear Dagger Short Sword Training Score 10

2Saw Wire Male 18 Machete Sword Dagger Training Score 10

2Blair Demetria Female 15 Throwing Knives Axe Sword Training Score 10

3Seth Blaque Male 16 Sword Snares Hand to Hand Combat Camoflauge Training Score 8

3Aveara Copely Female 15 Throwing Knives Hand to Hand Combat Training Score 8

4Connor Male 16 Trident Spear Net Knives Training Score 10

4Brittany Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 10

5Jordan Male 14 Mace Axe Spear Training Score 6

5Ivy Female 15 Axe Throwing Knives Training Score 6

6Hadix Maven Male 17 Mace Knife Training Score 7

6Rachel Female 17 Axe Short Sword Training Score 9

7Alex Male 18 Axe Spear Strength Training Score 8

7Dani Graphite Female 17 Axe Throwing Axes Throwing Knives Training Score 9

8Lace Male 18 Mace Training Score 7

8Amber Female 17 Blowgun Hand to Hand Combat Training Score 7

9Fizzel Male 16 Mace Training Score 7

9Annebell Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 7

10Silver Male 16 Sword Mace Training Score 7

10Sparkle Female 16 Throwing Knives Dagger Training Score 7

11Elliot Male 13 Bow and Arrow Axe Training Score 6

11Jessica Diamond Female 18 Bow and Arrow Dagger Training Score 9

12Brick Hein Male 18 Spear Knives Training Score 9

12Bailee Female 18 Blowgun Slingshot Crossbow Axe Dagger Bow and Arrow Training Score 9


Brittany POV

Im standing on my platform surroned in water,I look around for Connor.I turn my head to the left and next to me in the girl from 8 she volenteered and looks ready to try to kill.I smile and look to my right and see the boy from 12 he is huge and looks likes a real threat.I look farther and see Connor I look at him he is so focused but he sees me and smile.I mouth I love you and he smiles and and mouths you to and shakes his head toward the clock.I have 20 seconds I see the girl from 3 holding her token I stare at her when she throws it at the girl from 10s platform.The girl from 10s face sinks in a scared look and when the token gets close she atempts to catch and it and she barely does.I look at the clock and it hits zero I instanly jump into the water to feel an icy chill run threw my body.I swim straight for the cornucopia and run into it.I whip my head around searching for a throwing knife pack,I quickly spot one on a supply crate,I whip my head around and start running for it.I make it to it and grab it when I see the girl from 10 running into the cornucopia.I put my knife pack on and run after her,I make it to the cornucopia and she is searching through a supply crate.I grab a knife and throw it into her rips killing her.I turn my head and begin running out the cornucopia to look for tributes.

Connor POV

I jump into the chilly water and swim for the cornucopia,I make it to it and begins looking for tributes.I grab a machete off the ground and begin hunting for tributes.I see the boy from 9 running toward me so I put my machete into off me.He turns his head toward me and rams into my machete,and he falls backward on his back.I look down and he is trying to get up but he cant and then he just stops moving.I look around for more tributes when I see the boy from 10 looking through a supply crate.I drop the machete in my hand and grab a spear.I run up to him and push him to the floor,he raises his hands in the air.I take my spear and kneal down sending my spear into his heart.His arms go limb and he gets a blank expression,I pull out the spear and see Brittany throwing a knife into the girl from 9s neck sending her to her back.


I swam to the cornucopia and am now looking for a a sword.I begin searching through a supply crate when I find one.I grab it and whip around and see the boy from 6 running.I quickly grib my sword and slam it into into his stomach,I grab the back of his neck and throw him over a crate.I run around the crate and look at him.His stomach is cut open and blood is draining from him.I smile and grib my sword and slice open his neck and blood pours out of his neck.I smile and begin looking for more supplies.

Blair POV

I grab an axe and begin looking for tribues.I see the girl from 8 running around and looking with an look on her face.I run toward her and she grabs a knife off a crate,I run at her and swing my axe into her leg.It bends inward and she screams in pain.I raise my axe and cut open her rips and she spits blood out.I smile and raise my axe and slam it into her chest and she falls on the ground.I look and see the girl from 7 swing her axe into the girl from 12s throat.I smile she must be in our allaince and I turn and see Kelly stabbing the girl from the capitol in the chest.

Summary of the Bloodbath

The male tributes from 6,9,10 and the female from Capitol,8,9,10,12 are dead.


Connor POV

Me and Brittany are setting nets and snares up to catch tribues so we can kill them.These games are going to be easy and fun. Jordan POV

Me and Ivy both got packs and a weapon.I got a pack with little food and a bottle of water,and an axe.Ivy got a matches and food and a small pack of 6 knives.We are in the mountains in a cave and Ivy is on watch so im going to go to sleep to get some energy.

Lace POV

Im going to kill the girl from 2 for what she did to Amber.Im leaning against a tree with a mace a pack full of food and medicine.Im going deep into the woods so I can sleep and gain the energy so I can kill the girl from 2.

Brick POV

Noone came up to me at the bloodbath because they think im a threat.I got 2 knives and a spear and a pack with water food medicine and rope.Im set for awhile in the arena im in the meadow and im going to go to sleep for some energy even though noone will try to come at me.


Im hiding in a cave in the mountains away from everyone.I got a pack of food and water,I was far away from the cornucopia so I didnt get that far.Im going to hide from everyone and hope they forget about me so I can be forgotten.Im starting to drift in and out of sleep im so tired I try to get to my pack when I just pass out.

Summary of DAY 2

Everyone is fine.


Connor POV

Im laying next to Brittany when I feel little drops of cold on my body.I shake my head and then just sit up and I notice that the arena is snowing.Brittany quickly jumps up and looks around her eyes dancing around looking at the snow falling with a smile on her face then she looks down at the ground and I notice sponsors.I begin waking everyone up so they can have their gifts.I go to the gift closes to us and open them inside mine is a beautiful trident and in Brittanys their is a set of throwing knives.I smile and go and sit by her and hug her while everyone opens thier gifts.


Im opening my sponsor gift and pull out an all black machete I smile as I look at it.I flip it around and stab it into the ground and rip it out.It flings dirt and grass over a supply crate where Dani is sleeping and lands on her.I laugh as she jumps up,I look at her anger filled face and she walk over to me.I stand up and she begins yelling at me I smile and laugh at her.But she tries to push me then I just grab her shoulders and shove her over a supply crate.I grab my machete as she grabs a small throwing axe.She looks at me and runs at me and I go to slash her but she jumps on me.I try to throw her off when she pushes me in the jaw.I shake my head and throw her over a supply and her a crack when she lands.I look at her and her eye is busted open I smile and walk closer to her when she throws her axe at me.Im thrown back onto my back and look around for Dani,I dont see her so I swing up and feel my face.Its covered in blood,I feel my cheek and its missing all I feel is bone.I look around and begin searching for medicine and I only found alittle.It wont help much but it will help some,I need a sponsor.

Jessica POV

Im in a cave and I light a fire with matches I got from the bloodbath and some food and water I have been eating.I also got a dagger from the bloodbath.Im trying to sleep when I see a large silver canister,I smile and quickly run and grab it.I open it to find a beautiful silver bow with 12 arrows I hug my new weapon and fall alseep with it in my arms.

Aiden POV

Im with Kelly and the rest of the careers and were opening our sponsor gifts I got medicine and so did Kelly.We both stuff ours in our packs while Rachel swings around her sword.I smile and fall asleep while Rachel is on gaurd.

Summary of DAY 3

Everyone got there sponsor gift.Dani and Saw need medicine.


Connor POV

Brittany and I are walking around the woods hunting for tribues with our new weapons.Were walking around when we hear a tribute screaming.I turn my head and we begin running looking for whoever got trapped I jump out for beside a tree and see the boy from 7.Without even thinking I take my trident and throw it into his abdomen and he stops moving and gasp for air.I walk over and pull my trident out and his gong rings out.I turn around with Brittany and we walk back to camp.

Dani POV

Im running through the woods when I ram into a tribute.I grab my axe and quickly jump up and see that its Blair,apperently she ran when me and Saw fought.I hug her and she hands me a small pack that I slip on my shoulder.We both walk into a set of woods where its mostly vines and we both fall asleep.

Jordan POV

Me and Ivy both got sponsors I got a mace and she got a dagger.Im really glad we got sponsored,we both are deciding to stay where we are and hide for the rest of these games.Im find with that and we both fall asleep.


For a capitol tribute im doing really good.I havent seen anyone and I hope I dont im going to move deep into my cave and hope everyone forgets about me.I cant wait for these to be over.

Summary of DAY 4

Dani and Blair are in an alliance.Dani and Saw needs medicine still


Seth POV

Me and Aveara are hiding in the meadow away from tributes.I got a pack full of food and water and a sword while Aveara got a 4 knives matches and water.We are going to stay away from everyone and only attack if someone comes near us or attacks us.Im standing look around while Aveara is asleep.I decide we are well hidden so im going to sleep.

Dani POV

Im holding my eye when a sponsor gift comes.I get up and race toward it but I have lost alot of blood and soon get dizzy and fall.I crawl to the canister and open it  and apply the cold thick medicine to my eye.It instanly begins to heal up.I smile and grab my axe and Blair grabs hers too and we begin heading to the career camp.We finally make it to the cornucopia and see Saw with his face still torn up.We both smile and see the tributes from 4 are asleep and the rest are gone.We begin racing for the cornucopia when Saw sees us and grabs his machete.


I grab my machete when Dani jumps ontop of me.I begin shaking a stick my machete between us and push it and Dani flips over.She lands on her stomach and she jumps up and swings her axe and me cutting my rips.I jump back and swing my machete toward her stomach and she swings back so I just shove her over a supply crate.She quickly gets up and looks dazed I step on the supply crate and slice at her face.Her body bends and blood clashes to the ground.She looks up and her cheek is cut,I smile and raise my machete when I hear footsteps behind me and turn to see Blair coming at me.I dont even realist whats happening when a knife enters her throat and blood flies out of her mouth.I look to see Brittany and Connor awake standing together.I whip around and see Dani running away in fear.

Aiden POV

Me Kelly and Rachel just came back to camp to see Blair dead and Saw injuried more.We are all asking what happen when Connor and Brittany tell us what happen.Saw is sitting in the cornucopia looking for medicine and he found some and but it on his cuts.We all decide to stay up all night and gaurd camp.

Summary of DAY 5

Blair Died.Dani is on her own.


Brick POV

Im still in the meadow and im going to hunt tommorow unless anything happens.I still have all my supplies and im not worried about not getting any sponsors since I can just kill for them.

Connor POV

Every since the attack on our camp Saw has been volient to everyone.He keeps giving Brittany death stares.I mean if she didnt kill Blair he would of been dead.I dont really trust him right now so im going to stay close to Brittany and stay on gaurd with my trident in my hands.

Lace POV

The girl from 2 is dead guess someone did me a favor just wish I could of done it myself.Oh well.I can always find a new target.


A career died yesterday that means these games just got alittle easier.Im still going to hide I dont know what im going to hide keep doing.I need help with what to do id the feast comes and I need help for a better stragety.

Summary of DAY 6

Saw is hostile to all the careers.



Im on gaurd and its still dark in the arena.We have a fire going and im looking around when I see a silver canister in the background.I get up and run for it.I make it to it and open it with a note saying kill them all then run with Jessica".I smile and take out the medicine and walk over to Jessica and she smiles and gets up.I take my machete and look around the closes person to me is Kelly.I grib my machete and step over her.She barely wakes up when I raise my machete when Im tackled to the ground by Aiden.I try to grab my machete but its to far away.I look up and Aiden and head up him.His head goes back so I push him off of me and grab my machete and pack and run away.

Aiden POV

Saw tried to kill Kelly.I stay close to Kelly and Rachel since were are leaving after the feast.I look around and begin gathering supplies for our packs.When I hear an annoucer comes on and says that tommorow at the cornucopia we will have a feast at the cornucopia.I volunteer for me Rachel and Kelly to kill people around the arena.

Brick POV

Perfect a feast at the cornucopia.I will try to kill every tribute in my way and take their bags.Im going to rest so I can have alot of energy for the feast.

Jordan POV

Me and Ivy are some of the youngest tribues in these games we are going to be viewed as meals during the feast.I dont want to go but Ivy said we need what is ever in our bag.I agree I mean she is my ally I need her to be on my side.We have a plan to go toward the end so everyone is out of energy.

Summary of DAY 7

The feast is tommorow.


Brittany POV

Im hiding on the side of the cornucopia next to Connor waiting for tributes.We are just talking about what we are going to do after the arena when he says look.I whip around and see Jessica blindly running to the cornucopia looking left and right.I quickly run out from the side and throw a knife at her and it cuts her above the eye.I start running at her when she fires and arrow at me.I barely dogde it when im shoved to the ground.I turn and see Saw knealing over me with his machete to my throat.I hear somone coming and I see Connor running for me when an arrow enters his leg.I look up and Saw is smiling he says that he should of came after me.I grab the knife on my leg and put it against his leg.He cant feel it untill I slice open his leg,he gets on his knees.So I tackle him and try to stab him,but he keeps moving.I stab the ground right next to his throat when he grips my throat and sqeezes.I can barely breath so I rip my knife of and slice open his face.He releases his grip and I get up his face is full of blood then I see I got his eye.He looks around and grabs his bag and leaves Jessica.She gets up and goes to load and arrow but I throw a knife into her heart.She stumbles when I run for Connor he is against the cornucopia and he ripped out the arrow.He looks around for tributes and then says we should move back to the side of the cornucopia.

Connor POV

Me and Brittany are still standing on the side of the cornucopia when I see the boy from 8 running for his bag.I smile and run for him he looks up and tries to run back but I grib my trident and throw it into his chest before he turns around.I walk over and rip out my trident and throw Brittany are bag and we but on the armor inside it.

Jordan POV

When the tributes from 4 were fighting the boy from 2 and the girl from 11 we grab our bag.In it was some medicine that I stuffed in my pack.We are in our cave still hiding from everyone.

Seth POV

Me and Aveara are looking at the cornucopia its a bloodbath everyone came at once.We look at eachother and just run for it.We made it out the first time why not now.We are dodging everyone in sight I get ahead of Aveara and grab our bag and we run away back into the meadow.We open up our bag and inside is some camoflauge paint and throwing knives.I spend the rest of the day camoflaugeing me and Aveara up.

Brick POV

I came as soon as the bloodbath started.I quickly run up and throw my spear into the boy from 11.I run past everyone and grab his and my bag and head into the meadow.I open my bag that had armor in it and then I opened the 11 bag which had an axe that I just shove in my pack.

Summary of DAY 8

Lace Jessica and Elliot Died.


Aiden POV

Me Rachel and Kelly are in the meadow and in our bags we all got armor.We but on our armor and we are treaking around to look for more tributes.We are deciding to go through the woods tommorow and to kill anyone in our way of victory.We are resting in the woods when we see a pack of 12 black cheetahs running into the woods.We get up and get as far away from the woods as possible those cheetahs will devour anyone or anything in sight.

Jordan POV

Im standing away from the entrance of our cave with a spear in my hand when Ivy is thrown to the floor.I get up when I feel a sharp pain in my ribs I swing my spear around and he a yelp.I look around and see 3 cheetahs,one is the dead the other is attacking me and Ivy.I grib my spear and stab it into ones throat then the others chest.i toss it aside and look at Ivy.She is covered in blood the animals rips her open.She is soaked in her own blood they cut her stomach and throat open.She gribs my hand and begins to sinking down with tears in her eyes,then she goes limb and her gong rings out.I begin to sob over her death.She was my only friend in these games,and I couldnt save her.I grab my pack and apply the medicine before I pass out.

Brick POV

Im walking around the woods when im tackled to the floor by a cheetah.I kick it off and grab my spear and throw it into the animals spine and killing it.I hear more coming so I rip out my spear and run away I cant fend off more.

Dani POV

Im in the mountains when I see a cheetah trying to run up the side but it cant.I take my axe and throw it into its face severing it.I shake my head and slide into a cave for the night.

Summary of DAY 9

Ivy Died.

DAY 10

Brick POV

I barely made it passed the cheetahs when I see the boy from 2.He is cut up everyway,his legs,stomach,arms,face.He is starggering untill her sees me.I grip my spear as her runs at me I take the end and hit him in the eye.He gets knocked back and he uses his machete to swing my spear out of my hands.I grab a knife and sink it into his forearm.He looks dazed at his arm so I take my chance and sink my last knife into his shoulder and shove him down.I grab my spear off the ground and throw it into his chest.He gasp for air but his gong rings out.I grab my spear and rip it out along with the knives,I walk over and pick his machete of the ground and stuff it into my pack.

Aveara POV

Im gripping one of my knives while Seth walks away.When I hear a stick break I whip around and I feel a rip into my shoulder.I bend down and feel blood coming from my shoulder.So I lash out and grab the girl from 6s arm.I turn my body into her like were dancing and ram my knife across her eyebrow.I swing out and stab my knife into her kneecap.I take out another knife and slice open her throat.She falls to the ground and I run away with Seth into meadow.

Aiden POV

The girl from 3 just killed Rachel and Kelly is promising revenage.I smile we will make sure to kill her at all cost we will have her blood on our hands.


I got out of my cave when I see the girl from 7 peering over a legde.I look at her she hasnt noticed me yet.I silently walk over to her and raise my axe.I quickly slam it into her back and she slams against the ground.I rip out trhe axe sending blood all over me and her.I bring down my axe one more time and its against her neck sending blood pouring out of her neck.I get up realisesing what I did and I run away deep into the mountains.

Summary of DAY 10

Saw Rachel and Dani Died.

DAY 11

Brick POV

Im walking around the woods looking for tribues when I see the girl from 1 standing alone looking around.She looks at me and in seconds my spear digs its self into her stomach sending her to the ground.She is bleeding badly as she pulls the spear out.I grab my spear and walk away as I hear her gong ring out.

Jordan POV

I dont know what to do anymore.Ivy died and I still cant get over it.Every time I close my eyes I can see her dieing in my arms.I cant get her out of my head I slump into a cave and close my eyes and try to forget your memories.

Connor POV

Im walking around the woods with Brittany when I see the boy from 3 making a snare.He looks up as I throw my trident and he barely dodges it.It sinks into the ground and I run up to him.He swings his sword at me and I grab his wrist and push his sword to the ground.He looks up as I elbow him in the eye and it started to bleed.I grab his jaw and pull it up and it cracks and he goes limb and his gong rings out.I grab my trident and we head back to the camp.

Adien POV

I will win these games for Rachel and Kelly.I will kill everyone in my way of victory.I need to win these and bring pride to my district and for Kelly and Rachel.

Summary of DAY 11

Seth Died.

DAY 12

Connor POV

Me and Brittany are hunting for the last kill of the games.We are walking in the meadow when we see the boy from the capitol rambling and walking around randomly.I look at Brittany she pulls out a knife and throws it into his back killing him.I kiss her as the anouncer annouces our victory.

Jordan POV

I get to go home and see everyone.I cant move as the hovercraft picks me up.

Aiden POV

I won these games and I cant wait to get moved into the victors village with my family.

Brick POV

I cant wait to get home these games were easy and I cant wait to see the recap of all my kills and everyone dieing.The smile creeps on my face as im lifted into the air.

Summary of DAY 12

Sox Died,

Congradulations to the victors of the 42nd Hunger Games

Adien Male 18 District 1

Aveara Copley Female 15 District 3

Connor Male 16 District 4

Brittany Female 16 District 4

Jordan Male 14 District 5

Brick Hein Male 18 District 12

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