This is the 44th Hunger Games and 6 people can win from any distrcit.If your tribute dies im sorry but its the Hunger Games.May the odds ever be in your favors .

Tribute Template









If you make a tank they will die in the bloodbath.Ill do scores I also reserve tributes spots for 2 days


You get 200 dollar

Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 100 dollars

Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

Axe: 80 dollars

Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

Trident: 120 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Mace: 80 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars

Machete: 60 dollars

Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars

Medicine (treats burns cuts and tracker jacker):100

Matches(10) 20 dollars

Random Pack:50 Dollars


Woods all around and small streams a meadow and mountains but the arena has some deadly tricks.

Mutations-Tracker Jackers A large Beast Animal (like in the 75th Hunger Games) Wolf Mutts (like in the 74th Hunger Games) Black Cheetas (with spiked on thier back) Gray and white cats (they mob and devour you)


Capitol Maco Male Throwing Axes Bow and Arrow Knife Machete Training Score 7

Capitol Malia Female 18 Axe Throwing Knives Machete Rope Training Score 6

1Jacob Fox Male 18 Blades Training Score 10

1Glitter Dye Female 16 Bow and Arrow Axe Sword Training Score 10

2Pomagranite Male 16 Throwing Axes Training Score 10

2Danelle Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 10

3Seth Blaque Male 16 Sword Snares Hand to Hand Combat Camoflauge Training Score 8

3Aveara Copley Female 15 Throwing Knives Hand to Hand Combat Snares Deception Training Score 8

4Luke Odair Male 17 Trident Bow and Arrow Training Score 10

4Stacey Female 17 Fish Hook Trident Training Score 9

5Moon Ander Male 14 Strength Training Score 7

5Topaz Brillant Female 15 Bow and Arrow Training Score 7

6Logan Trores Male 12 Sword Training Score 7

6Lillain Spray Female 17 Knife Hand to Hand Combat Training Score 7

7Joeseph Lome Male 17 Stealth Training Score 6

7Dynamite Whirls Female 17 Axe Throwing Axes Throwing Knives Training Score 9

8Aiden Male 18 Sword Throwing Knives Training Score 8

8Kelly Female 14 Spear Dagger Short Sword Training Score 7

9Jordan Male 16 Mace Axe Spear Training Score 7

9Harely Female 15 Axe Throwing Knives Training Score 7

10Alex Male 18 Throwing Axes Sword Sickle Training Score 10

10Bree Female 13 Dagger Blowgun Axe Training Score 7

11Sam Male 18 Sword Spear Training Score 8

11Alexandra Female 18 Sword Axe Training Score 7

12Lohan Treas Male 12 Axe Training Score 6

12Jenny Female 14 Slingshot Training Score 7


Danelle POV

Im standing on my platform looking at the tribues next to me.To the right of me its Jacob who gives me a quick smile.I shake my head and turn to the left its the girl from 10,she is one of the youngest tributes but she has the strongest partner.I look at the cornucopia its stocked full of weapons I see a few bags in the cornucopia and a few very close to us.The rest is all weapons.I begin look for Pomgranite and he is starring at an axe pack in the middle of the cornucopia,I whip my head and see a knife pack resting on a supply crate.I look at the clock and I have ten seconds.10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.I jump off my plate and blitz for the pack.I make it to it and see weapons clashing.I turn my body and see the boy from 12 running away.I run after him and throw a knife into his back.He twist around and falls down.I look for more tributes and see the girl from 5 running for a bow.She grabs it and begins to run as soon as she turns her head toward me I throw a knife into her nose.She falls down on the bow still gribbing it.I run into the cornucopia to grab supplies.

Pomagranite POV

Im running to the cornucopia when the boy from 7 runs out of the cornucopia.I stand infront of him and shove him back into the cornucopia.He falls on the ground and tries to run to I grab his waist and slam him against the cornucopia wall.I take his head and ram it into a supply crate,he nose starts to bleed so I do it again.He twist around and tries to escape so I grab his throat and begin to choke him.His face is turning red so i squeeze harder and then I hear a crack.He goes blank and falls to the ground.I begin looking around around when I see the boy from 5 running away with a large pack.I race toward him and tackle him to the ground.He begins trying to escape he is strong for a four-teen year old.I begin reaching around for a axe and I find a small one.I drag the axe across his throat and he begins to choke on his own blood.I get up and grab his pack and head into the cornucopia with Danelle.

Jacob POV

I ran to the cornucopia and grabbed a spear.I look around and see the boy from 11 looking for a pack.I grib my spear and throw it at him.He turn to me and the spear enters his heart.I smile and pick up a throwing axe off the ground.I look around and see the girl from 9 running with a pack under her arm.I throw my axe into he leg and it rips open her leg and sends her to the ground.I run up to her with a spear and kneal down sending it into her heart.I rip it out and around.I see Luke grabbing a bow off the girl from 5 and sending an arrow into the boy from 6s neck.His neck opens up sending blood onto a crate.I look for Glitter and see her sending an axe into the girl from 12s neck.

Dynamite POV

Im running to the cornucopia when im tackled to the ground.I get up and its the boy from the capitol.I get ready and kick him in the rips.He bends over so but snaps up and tries to punch me.I grab his wrist and kick him in the nose and flip him over my shoulder.I kick him in the jaw breaking it and cutting his mouth.I grab a knife and stab it into his face and he dies.I take my knife and chuck it at the girl from 10s heart.She falls on the floor and the cornucopia is still.I look around and everyone is soaked in blood or dead.Noone is left everyone is just running away.We begin look for weapons and supplies.

Summary of the Bloodbath

The male tributes from Capitol,5,6,7,11,12  and the females from 5,9,10,12 died.


Alex POV

Me and Jordan are in an alliance with only a pack.Bree and Harley died at the bloodbath.Jordan is torn up over it how he couldnt save them.I look through are pack it has medicine food water matches and a blanket.Their werent many packs at the cornucopia but they ones thier were full.I got a sword and Jordan got a mace. We are in the meadow resting thinking about what to do.

Aiden POV

I got a sword and Kelly got a dagger.We got 2 packs with food water matches medicine a knife and rope.We are hiding in the woods deciding what to do next.

Seth POV

I got sword Aveara got 12 knives and we got a pack with matches wire food water and some paint.We are in the meadow and im painting me and Aveara to look like grain so we can hide and devise a plan to set a trap to kill the other tributes.

Alexandra POV

All I got from the cornucopia was an axe.I couldnt get a pack because the careers gaurded all of them when I ran for one.I had to get out so I wouldnt die.Im in the mountains spying on everyone.I need to know when the careers are gone so I can try to steal food and supplies from them.

Summary of DAY 2

Alexandra needs a pack and tribues in advice for what to do.


Alexandra POV

I got a big black backpack from a sponsor.I sit hugging it not opening it just being memorized that I have a wonderful sponsor fighting to keep me alive.I finally shake my head and open my pack.In it is matches food water and medicine.I grip the supplies and but them in my pack and begin to spy on the careers to see when they are hunting so I can hide.

Luke POV

All of us have been searching the cornucopia for supplies.I found a gold trident and a silver bow and 12 arrows.Stacey found a set of fish hooks and a trident.Glitter got a short sword and 2 small axes,Pomgranite got 4 throwing axes in a pack with 2 extra throwing axes and Danelle got a set of 12 throwing knives on a vest.Jacob got a combat knife an array of spears while Dynamite got an axe a pack of knives and a throwing axe.We all got packs with our own supplies and we are stacking the other supplies together.Me Stacey and Glitter are going hunting in the mountains tommorow.

Seth POV

I just got down painting me and Aveara to look like grain and we are just lying on the ground camofluaging ourselves so we can sneak up on people.We are going to stay in the meadow since I dont have much paint left and I cant repaint both of us.I put my paint away and we just stay perfectly still waiting for someone to come along.

Malia POV

I didnt go far into the bloodbath.All I got was some rope and a small pack of dried fruit.I have been lurking around the woods never staying still.I watched games where if you make a camp you get slaughterd I cant let that happen to me.I need to keep moving I decide a hiding hole in a dirt mound is fine for tonight.

Summary of DAY 3

The careers are stacking an gaurding thier supplies.


Luke POV

I grab my trident and Stacey grabs a hook and Glitter grabs her axe and we go hunting.We begin climbing the mountian when rocks begin falling.I begin climbing faster when I see a shadow moving.I get to a walk way and see the girl from 6.She looks back and begins running away,Glitter sprints after her and swings her axe at her,It digs into her pack and she falls to the ground.She takes it off to use as a shield to delfect the vicouis attacks from Glitter.Her pack is shredd so Glitter stops to look at the kill when she kicks her in the leg.Glitter falls to the floor and Lillain runs away when Stacey throws her hook and it digs into her shoulder and she fall off.I pull Glitter up with her swollen leg and say she bleed out soon.

Lillain POV

I have a shredd pack with only wet food from my water bottle and and 6 dry matches.I gently take the hook out off my shoulder feel the blood rush out of my shoulder.I jilt my head to stay awake but I cant I feel darkness covering over me.

Alexandra POV

The girl from 6 took a nasty hit.I saw her pack she must need something.An ally would be nice in these games and now she has a weapon.I ponder the idea of her being my ally and I just cant decide I woner what I should do.

Aiden POV

Me and Kelly have decided that we should stay and make up a camp we found a cave with a fresh supply of water and its covered by vines.I climb in and we make a fire to keep us warm and we fill our water supplies and we sleep to regain our energy.

Summary of DAY 4

Lillain needs medicine.Alexandra needs advice.


Pomgranite POV

I get up Danelle and Jacob and we start heading for the meadow.I begin looking around when I see the meadow move like the wind is blowing.I begin looking and feeling the air and its not moving.I pull out an axe when I see lines chasing in zig zags for us.Danelle gribs a throwing knife and Jacob grips his spear.When black cheetahs lung at us.I swing my axe and it cuts into its throat and Danelle throws a knife into ones throat.I see Jacob throwing a spear into ones chest.I snap pack and ram my axe into ones face,I hear a scream and see Danelle on the ground kicking her feet to get away from the mutt.I grib my axe and throw it into the mutts neck pinning it to the ground.She gets up and we all circle eachother.Its an all out battle blood pouring and spraying.Its finally over and I look over Danelle she okay but Jacob took a nasty bite on the leg.I hand his spear to Danelle and I carry him back to camp to apply medicine to his leg.

Alexandra POV

I walk down to the girl from 6 and she can barely move and she says make it quick please.I hand her the medicine and she smiles.I take off the lid and dip my fingers into it and apply it to her shoulder.It begins healing up instantly and she smiles at me.I ask her what she has in her pack and she tells me.Its not much so I tell her if we are allies we can share and she happily agrees.I grab my pack and we head into a cave to rest and make a stragety.

Seth POV

Its been 2 days of laying and only sitting up and talking it eat and drink.I sit up and say I have enough to camofluage us if we find natural things in the forrest.She looks at me and agrees and we begin stripping of are paint.We get it all off and walk into the woods,we both keep looking around and hearing snarling.We both begin running and climb into a cave.I cover it with rocks and vines and we both stay on watch.

Aiden POV

From our cave me and Kelly keep hearing snarls and howls.It sounds like the gamemarkers are going to spring a trap for a bloodbath.I grab my pack and keep sword in my hand and what for the bloodbath.

Summary of DAY 5

Alexandra and Lillain are allies.


Danelle POV

Jacob Glitter and Dynamite are going hunting in the woods.Im sitting on a supply crate next to Pomgranite throwing knives into the ground.I walk over to them and begin placing them when I hear faint yelling.I have a knife in my hand and I see Jacob Glitter and Dynamite running for their lives screaming.I see in the background 8 gaint dogs running toward us.I grab my pack and Pomgranite grab his,while look hands his trident to me and grabs a bow and begins shooting at the dogs.He hits one in the chest and it rams into the ground.Luke runs with us to the cornucopia and we begin climbing.The others grab thier backs and climb up the cornucopia.3 mutts ran into the woods and meadow the other 4 are circling the cornucopia.I begin looking around when a mutt jumps up and tries to grab me when an axe enters its paw.They arent moving so we decide to stay up here and try not to kill them becuase they will kill us first.

Alex POV

Me and Jordan are sitting on the ledge when I see a gaint dog.Me and Jordan get back into our cave and hide out.

Adien POV

Me and Kelly heard the dogs we are still in our cave and the hole is to small so the dogs cant get in.Im still holding onto my sword and im not going to let me or Kelly die.

Aveara POV

Me and Seth are still hiding and not letting the dogs catch a sniff so they can maul us.We are covered in berry juice and plant remains.Seth said he cant us his paint becuase the dogs cant smell it.I sigh and lay my head down and listen for dogs.

Summary of DAY 6

Wolf mutts are going around the arena.


Dynamite POV

I swing my axe and it clashes into a mutts jaw and it severes.But as soon as my arm get back to my chest a mutt comes and tries to bite me.I look around and Danelle says we need a distraction.She ask Luke if he can kill a mutt so they all go to it them then she will take care of the rest.Luke grabs his bow and barely get the mutt in the eye and all the mutts begin running after it.Then I see Danelle slide down the cornucopia and run to are stack of supplies and grabs a small pack and screams at the mutts and begins running into the woods.The mutts quickly follow and Pomgranite has a blank scared look.Luke comes over and say she can outrun and hide we will go find her tommorow.Pomagranite acts like a zombie around camp not even speaking just starring into the woods.

Danelle POV

The mutts are still chasing me when I slide into a small cave and see 3 mutts ripping the ground.I keep a knife in my hand waiting for them to ram in and devour me.I sit and wait for the moment to happen.

Seth POV

Me and Aveara havent heard anything and we cant decide if we should move to a cave in the mountains our stay where we are.I say when no mutts are around we run and head into a cave but she doesnt know.We are laying side by side when she leans in and kisses me.I smile this is the only time we have showed an attraction to each other.I hold her hand and drift into a wary sleep.

Alex POV

The mutts are still roaming around I killed one when it tries to climb up the mountains so their is only 3 left and those chased after the girl from 2.I head back into the cave where Jordan is eating and I join him.I then sleep while he is on watch.

Summary of DAY 7

Seth and Aveara need advice.


Luke POV

Me and Pomagranite are walking around the woods he hasnt ate drank or even talked since Danelle ran away to save us.We're in the woods when I look and see a mutt before I have a chance to raise my trident 2 axes fly through the air and land into their throats.I throw my trident into the last one and Pomagranite slides into a cave.I crawl inside and Danelle and Pomgranite are hugging.I smiles and we head outside where Pomgranite rips out the axes and place them in his vest.We head back to camp and we all begin making a stragety.

Malia POV

I am completely out of supplies all I have is my rope.I need a weapon and supplies I hope I have a sponsor in the capitol thats willing to save one of thier own.I want to live I want to go home,I need to go home.I sit on a bed of grass and remember how I was never hungry and now you can see all my rips and my stomach has shrunken.I need sponsors.

Aiden POV

Im sitting in the meadow with Kelly we are going to walk around the arena and try to over throw the careers and slaughter them all.We need to get tribues we walk around the mountains and see the boys from 9 and 10.We explain our plan and they agree that if we kill a common enemy that the games will get easier.They tell us about the allaince from the girls from 6,11.We say we will try to ally with them tommorow.We all split all are supplies evenly and place them in our pack and sleep.

Seth POV

Me and Aveara are moving into a cave tommorow.We are getting up at dark and staying low and making a beeline to the nearest cave we can find.We both sleep just incase we meet anything unexpected.

Summary of DAY 8

Aiden Kelly Alex and Jordan are trying to over throw the careers with other tributes.


Dynamite POV

Im walking through the meadow with Glitter and Jacob.We are walking around when Glitter spots the girl from 6 and 12.She begin sprinting toward them when they turn and try to run.As soon as the girl from 6 gets up Glitter slices her leg open and she lets out a blood curtling shriek and falls on the floor.She screams for her ally but she keeps running.She tries to crawl away but she cant move.Glitter swings her axe into her back and cuts it wide open.When she screams she kick her on her back.Glitter then jabs the end of her axe into her jaw and then raise the axe abover her head and slams it through her cheeks and into the ground.The girl tries to scream but and only grunt since the blow cut her tongue off.Glitter then whips around and rips a knife out off my pack and get ontop off the girl.She begins stabbing her everywhere her gong rings out and we head back to camp.

Alexandra POV

Im running to the mountain when I ram into the girl from 8.We both both jump up when her partner jumps infront of us and says alliance.I accept and they take me to a cave where I meet Jordan and Alex the tributes from 9 and 10.We split are stuff up and they tell me the plan to overthrow the careers.I agree and me and Kelly head to where the cornucopia is to spy on the careers from their we will light a fire and then we all attack.

Kelly POV

The careers are all on gaurd looking gaurding thier few supplies.We decide to watch them and light the fire and we will attack tommorow.I nestle in a tree and fall asleep with Alexandra on watch.

Seth POV

Me and Aveara are going hunting tommorow and we are going to try to kill some tributes.Aveara snugs up next and I kiss her on the head and we begin to fall alseep to the drip of water.

Summary of DAY 9

Lillain Died.

DAY 10

Danelle POV

Me and Pomgranite are sitting on two supply crates when water begins pouring out of the woods.I grab my pack and everyone grabs their and we climb the cornucopia.I look around I have my knife pack Pomgranite has his axe pack,Glitter has an axe,Luke has a bow with 12 arrows Jacob has 2 spears and a knife ,Dyanmite has a knife pack stacey has 2 fishhooks.Me Pomgranite Jacob and Luke all have are packs and we look at are supplies.The water crashes into them and carries all of them away.I sit and look at the arena flooding and carry are supplies away.

Kelly POV

When it starts to flood me and Alexandra run to the cave and see everyone.I run into the cave when I Alexandra scream.I head out and she falls off the the ledge and she dives into the water.She begins yelling and thrashing in the water and she starts to sink then bubbles come up.She leaps out of the water and gasp but noone can save her and she quickly sinks and drowns.I hear a cannon and then Aiden pulls me into the cave.

Seth POV

The water cant get into our cave but if we try to leave we will drown.So right now we are stuck in a cave but atleast its dry warm and comfortible.

Alex POV

Its pitch black in the arena but the water is still flooding the arena.The lay my head back and try to fall asleep and think about our plan to attack the careers.I still dont know what we are going to do.

Summary of DAY 10

Alexandra died.The arena flooded.

DAY 11

Alex POV

Me and Aiden get out of the cave and look over the arena.The meadow is now just grayish hard ground and most of the trees have fallen down.No doubt to draw us together.Aiden and I head back to the cave where we devise a plan.The plan is for Kelly to run all around the cornucopia woods and make loud noise like a tributes.Then Jordan will run to the back of the cornucopia and wait for Aiden and I to run straight in and we are going to attack.We are agree and we all begin to sleep so we have alot of energy for tommorow.

Malia POV

I got ramed agaist a tree when the arena flooded and my leg is swollen and full of blood.I can barely move,I tried to crawl but my leg just hurts to much.I lean against a tree and pass out from the pain.

Seth POV

Aveara and I are safe and still in the cave.I grib her tight and beg her to move camp tommorow.I have never felt closer to her then in theses games.We spend the rest of the day cuddling and falling in and out of peacful sleep.

Jacob POV

We took a hard hit with the flood we dont have much food water or supplies.We ate half what we have we need sponsors.Are food will barely make it to tommorow night.

Summary of DAY 11

Aiden allaince is attacking tommorow.The careers need supplies.Mailia needs medicine.

DAY 12

Aiden POV

Kelly has started making her way and so has Jordan.Alex and I begin walking into postition and when we get thier.I see Kelly and nod and she begins thrashing the trees and throwing rocks.The careers all get up and the girl from 1 and 7 begin running to Kelly.Jordan gets ready and me and Alex charge.

Danelle POV

Im watching Glitter and Dynamite run toward the thrashing when I see 2 tribues running toward us.I face them and grab a long knife off my belt and throw it at the boy from 8s chest.He glides across his chest knocking him to the ground and leaving a nasty blood filled cut across his chest.I begin looking for Pomagranite when I see him fighting the boy from 10.I go for the boy from 8 when Jacob yells behind you.I whip around and see the boy from 9 coming at me with a mace.I lift my leg and kick him in the nose.He head lashes back and I grab his jacket and knee him in the ribs and push him to Jacob.

Jacob POV

When Danelle pushes the boy from 9 to me I grab my spear but he moves at the last second.He grabs my spear and kicks me in my lower stomach and I bend over and he runs away.He heads into the woods.I feel a tight grab on my shoulder and I whip around and see its stacey with a huge slit across her stomach.She begins to fall and I catch her and see the tears in her eyes.I begin to stroke her hair and she begins tearing more.I smile and remark how beutiful she is and she smiles and I hear a cannon.I lay her down and go try to find Luke.

Kelly POV

Im running from the girl from 1 and 7.I head around the cornucopia and see the girl from 7 standing posied to throw a knife.I duck and the knife rebounds against the cornucopia wall.I try to run but the girl from 1 blocks my path.I look at both and then start running for the girl from 1.She raises her axe and I throw my knife toward her face.It sinks into her eye and she falls on the floor.I keep running and see Alex with a nasty cut and Aiden in his hands.The girl from 7 is still following me though.I begin running harder and climb up the mountains.The girl from 7 quickly loses track of me and runs back to camp.

Summary of DAY 12

Glitter and Stacey died.Aiden is hurt.

DAY 13

Kelly POV

I havent slept since our attack.I have been up caring for Adien trying to stop the blood.I hear a faint chime so I pull out the knife tucked into Aidens belt and begin walking outside.I find to canisters and open them both up,both of them are medicine.I smile and begin running back to Adien.I lift up his shirt and see the cut has gotten worse I dip my fingers in the medicine and apply it to his chest and Alex does the say to his face.The wounds begins to heal up and I fall asleep against Aiden.

Danelle POV

We are still trying to figure out how they all attacked us when Luke just snaps.He begins yelling and throwing things.I step away and go by Pomagranite,when look grabs his bow and arrows and begins walking awak.Jacob tries to interviene saying that we will go hunting for them later when Luke pushes him down and begins walking away.My ears begin to perk when I hear an annoucer say that tommorow at the cornucopia thier will be a feast.I smile knowing that the feast always has food and since we havent gotten any sponsors that means we get the whole cornucopia to ourselves.I lay on the ground and think of a stragety for the feast.

Seth POV

Me and Aveara are looking for a place to camp so we have a new spot for after the feast.We find a place near the mountains coverd by trees and the rocks.We get in and fall asleep so we have energy for the feast.

Malia POV

I need the feast,I havent eaten in days.I need the food at the feast to stay alive.I lay down and begin to fall asleep,

Summary of DAY 13

The feast is tommorow.

DAY 14

Danelle POV

Me and Pomagranite are in the cornucopia hiding from tributes.We are staying straight outward when the plate arises.Its full of food bright red apples,golden bread,ripe grapes and pomagranites.Its stock with some meat but I look past it and see bags with our district numbers on them.I smile food and a surprise,I look at Pomagranite when I see a gray flicker out of my eyes.I see the tribues from 3 running.I run out the cornucopia and see the girl from 3 her eyes shake me and im frozen.I just cant move I shake it off when I see the boy coming at me with a sword.I swing around and grab a knife from my vest and throw it at him.It grazes his shoulder as he tries to dodge it.I go back to the girl and aim for her eye.I throw a knife from inside my vest and it embeds itslef into her cheek and the roof of her mouth.Her head retches backward and she falls to the ground.I begin running at her when I feel somone tackle me to the floor.Its the girl from the capitol.I grab her neck and begin to squeeze,as her face turns red I roll her over.I take out a knife attached to my hip and push it against her neck.He cant move I turn to see if anyone is attacking me.I see Pomgranite swinging his axe into the boy from 3s arm.I turn back to the girl from the capitol say how does it feel to lose and I drag my knife and silt her throat and blood begins to flow out.I turn and her Pomagranite yell.I look at his leg and I knife is sticking out of it.I see the tributes from 3 running away with an apple and some bread.I run to Pomagranite and I see all but ours Jacobs Luke and Dynamites are gone.

Jordan POV

I grabbed everyones bag at th feast.In Aidens and Kellys thier was a dagger in mine thier was an axe and in Alexs thier was armor.I fall asleep while everyone eyes thier gifts.

Luke POV

I walk to the cornucopia and grab my bag.In it thier is armor,I slip it on and see Pomagranites hurt.I load my bow and begin walking away.I need to find the person who killed Stacey.

Jacob POV

Me and Dynamite are walking through the forrest when we see the tributes from 3 trying to get in a cave.I grab my spear and throw it at the boy but he moves at the last second and it enters the girl from 3s abdomen.She gasp and falls back gribbing the spear.I go to take another out when Dynamite throws a knife into the boys foot.He throws a large rock at us and runs and disapears.I walk to the girl and she pulls my spear out and seconds later her gong rings out.I grab my spear and we walk back to camp.

Summary of DAY 14

Aveara and Malia Died.

DAY 15

Aiden POV

I wake up in the cave and I see Kelly watching over me.A smile creeps up on her face when I wake up she boltz toward me and gives me a hug.I smile and see Jordan walking away.I ask him where he is going and he says to look around and get some air and that he will be right back.I shake my head and talk to everyone waiting for Jordan to come back.

Jordan POV

Im walking around when I hear sticks cracking for behind me.I instantly grab my spear and throw it into the woods where the sticks were breaking and I hear someone scream.I get my mace out and begin running after them.I make it past the woods when I see the boy from 3.I run after him when he chucks a knife into my shoulder.I scream and grab my shoulder.I get up and run back into the cave for help.

Seth POV

Im just threw a knife into the boy from 9.Im running away when I see a sponsor gift.I hobble over to it and see a sword.I put it on a lay against a tree and fall asleep.

Dynamite POV

Me and Jacob are hunting tommorow.I grab my axes and begin counting I have 3 axes.That means 3 tributes are going to die tommorow.I fall asleep thinking of ways to kill people.

Summary of DAY 15

Jordan need medicine.

DAY 16

Dynamite POV

Me and Jacob are walking around the mountains when we see someone running above us.I begin running up the side when I see its the girl from 8.The same girl who killed Stacey and Glitter.I pull out an axe and throw it straight into her chest.She gasp and plummits to the floor.I walk over and rip out my axe when I see the boy from 8 running toward us.I throw the axe and he dodges it.I begin running away with Jacob.

Aiden POV

I grip Kellys hand as she can barely breath.She begs it cry.I tell her it will be okay and she stops.I then grib her hand one last time and say goodbye and her gong rings out.

Luke POV

I see the girl from 8.The one that killed Stacey.I guess somone beat me to killing her.I will kill anyone I see now.Since I dont know who killed her I will just kill anyone I see.

Pomagranite POV

When Dynamite and Jacob come back me and Danelle decide to hunt tommorow.I begin to fall asleep near to Danelle.I can wait to get out and kill tribues tommorow.

Summary of DAY 16

Kelly Died.

DAY 17

Pomagranite POV

Danelle and I are walking around when I see the boy from 10.I look at him and he runs at me.I quickly grab my axe and throw it at his throat.He stops dead in his tracks as the axe decapitates him.His head rolls on the floor and the axe goes into a tree.I smile and go for my axe when a mace lands close to me.I look up and the boy from 9 threw his mace at me.I see the boy from 8 stocked with weapons so me and Pomagranite walk back to camp.

Seth POV

Another one down another to go.I smile and think it will be easier to get back to 3 with everyone dieing all the time.I smile and lay my head against a tree a smile waiting for cannons to go off.

Aiden POV

With Kelly and Alex dead our alliace is now only me and Jordan.We walked down and grabbed his mace and we are going to attack the careers tommorow.

Jacob POV

Im going to go hunting tommorow in the woods.I walk around gather the last of the spears and knives and wait for tommorow to come.

Summary of DAY 17

Alex Died.

DAY 18

Jacob POV

I grab my spears and knives and begin walking to the wood when I see the boy from 9 in the outskirts.I grib my spear and he runs at me.I take my spear and throw it directly at him.He tries to dodge it but the spear enters his chest.He falls to the ground gripping my spear with blood coming out of his mouth.I walk over and grab my spear when I hear his cannon.

Luke POV

Im walking through the woods when I see the boy from 8.I load my bow and launch an arrow at his head.It grazes right above his eye.I run at him when he raise his sword to deflect another arrow from me and his sword flies out of his hand I run at him with a knife ready to kill...

Aiden POV

I rip out my knife out of my belt and put the boy from 4 in a head lock.I press my knife agianst his neck and twist me arms around.His neck spews out blood and he gasp for breath.But shortly he dies adn his cannon fires.

Danelle POV

I hear a cannon and then a hover craft comes to pick us up.We just won the 44th Hunger Games.

Summary of DAY 18

Luke Died

Congradulations to the Victors of the 44th Hunger Games

Jacob Fox Male 18 District 1

Pomagranite Male 16 District 2

Danelle Female 16 Distrcit 2

Seth Blaque Male 16 District 3

Dynamite Whirls Female 17 District 7

Aiden Male 18 District 8

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