This is the 46th Hunger Games and 4 people can win from any distrcit.If your tribute dies im sorry but its the Hunger Games.May the odds ever be in your favors .

Tribute Template









If you make a tank they will die in the bloodbath.Ill do scores I also reserve tributes spots for 2 days


You get 200 dollar

Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 100 dollars

Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

Axe: 80 dollars

Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

Trident: 120 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Mace: 80 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars

Machete: 60 dollars

Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars

Medicine (treats burns cuts and tracker jacker):100

Matches(10) 20 dollars


Woods all around and small streams a meadow and mountains but the arena has some deadly tricks.The tributes platforms are in an fresh water ocean.

Mutations-Tracker Jackers A large Beast Animal (like in the 75th Hunger Games) Wolf Mutts (like in the 74th Hunger Games)


1Marinte Male 12 None Training Score 2

1Honey Female 18 Bow and Arrow Knife Training Score 9

2Garrett Male 17 Sword Throwing Knives Training Score 11

2Leanna Female 18 Spear Blowgun Snares Training Score 10

3Aiden Male 17 Spear Throwing Knives Training Score 9

3Tela Female 18 Throwing Knives Axe Training Score 6

4Connor Male 16 Trident Spear Net Knives Training Score 10

4Brittany Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 10

5Timmy Male 18 Hand to Hand Combat Training Score 8

5Ava Female 12 Slingshot Training Score 6

6Auroa Male 16 Dagger Hand to Hand Combat Training Score 7

6Josey Female 15 Sword Training Score 6

7Tyson Hale Male 16 Sword Blade Training Score 7

7Peanut Female 15 Sword Knife Spear Bow and Arrow Training Score 8

8Persius Male 16 Electrocution Blade Bow and Arrow Training Score 8

8Winter Female 14 Mace Slingshot Bow and Arrow Net Blowgun Training Score 9

9Gordan Male 12 Blowgun Training Score 7

9Kelly Female 13 Spear Dagger Training Score 7

10John Male 18 Blowgun Slingshot Blade Net Training Score 9

10Annebelle Female 17 Dagger Slingshot Blade Net Training Score 8

11Mike Male 13 Dagger Throwing Knives Training Score 7

11Haleigh Female 13 Dagger Net Training Score 7

12Wyatt Male 18 Slingshot Blowgun Dagger Training Score 9

12April Female 16 Throwing Axe Knife Bow and Arrow Training Score 7


Brittany POV

Im standing on my plate next to the tributes from 3 I have 60 senconds till the bloodbath.I scan the bloodbath for a pack of throwing knives I quikcly find one in the middle on a supply crate.I move my finger back and forth on my thighs I turn and see Connor next to the tributes from 10.I mouth I love you and he smile and slowly mounths it back.I smile and look and the clock 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2  1 I jump of my plate and blitz for the knife pack.I grab it and before I have time to put it on the girl from 3 comes running at me.I pull out a combat knife and throw it into her chest.She flips on her back and gasp for air I put on the knife pack and look for Connor.

Connor POV

I ran to the cornucopia and push the boy from 6 down and grab a machete and slice open knee almost severing it.I push him down and grip the machete he tries to push up from the ground so I slam my machete into his back slashing and throwing blood everywhere.I do it again and he stops moving I look around when the boy from 1 tries to tackle me.I grab his neck and throw him down he lashes at me so I slice open his neck spurting blood onto a near by supply crate and sending him down.I turn and Brittany throws a knife into the girl from 10s neck sending her falling over a supply crate.I run into the cornucopia to find a trident.

Garett POV

I ran to the cornucopia and grabbed a knife from the ground and threw it into the boy from 7s rips.I run up and grab the sword he was running away with and head toward the boy from 9 who is looking through a black supply crate.He gets up after find a blowgun and runs right into my sword.He gasp and spits blood onto my face I pull out my sword and he falls to the ground.

Leanna POV

I grabbed a blowgun off the boy from 9 and look for a tribute.I see the Honey stabbing the girl from 7 with a knife blood is going everywhere I look at the last tribute leaving the boy from 10.I smile and shoot him in the back with a dart and he falls to the floor.

Summary of DAY 1

The male tributes from 1,6,7,9,10 and the females from 3,7,10, are dead.


Mike POV

I escaped the bloodbath with Haleigh I only got a pack with food and water.I didnt get a weapon but she got a dagger and food and medicine.She keeps looking at me and smiling and it makes me like her even more.I want to just hold her but we are in the Hunger Games and I dont want her or me to get distracted and get us killed.We are hiding in a small cave in the mountains.We are going to hide in here till are supplies are gone.

Percy POV

Im with Winter April and Wyatt and were all hiding in the woods.I have a bow winter has a blowgun April has 2 throwing axes and Wyatt has a dagger.All together we have 4 packs of food 3 water bottles matches and a canister of medicine.We are going to keep a part of the woods ours a kill anyone that comes in or near it.


Me and Timmy are hiding in the meadow I have slingshot and he has his hands.I got a small pack from the cornucopia it only had some food but Timmy got a pack that was inside the cornucopia and it had medince food water matches and rope.We are going to hide in the meadow for now.Timmy said he was going to protect me he thinks of me as his sister.

Aiden POV

Me and Kelly are in the woods I got a spear and a small pack of 6 throwing knives but no supplies Kelly got a dagger with food and water.We are going to hide out in the woods till the feast then we are going to try to kill some careers.

Summary of DAY 2

Mike needs a weapon.


Mike POV

Me and Haleigh are sitting in are cave still we have been just talking all day.We have a day left of food and water we are going to steal some supplies from the cornucopia while the careers are gone.Haleigh leans in close and rest her head on my shoulder and grips my stomach and starts to fall asleep.I lean my head agianst the cave wall and drift into a quiet sleep with a smile on my face.


Me and Timmy are still in the meadow my little pack of food is gone.But Timmy gave me the medicine and matches to hold onto.I put them in my pack and we walk farther into the meadow we decide to camp here and only leave if somthing happens.

Winter POV

Percy had a dream about his brother and freaked out.I gave him a hug and he told me how his brother died he said that the girl from 4 shot him in the heart with an arrow and he plans on killing the girl from 4.I agree with him are pack is still holding up are area of the woods.Wyatt keeps wanting to go away from the area saying its stupid and we should move.No of us agree with him and I dont know what he is going to do.I sit with Percy on a stump and we just talk the whole day.

Garrett POV

Me and Leanna are going home tommorow.We are all just relaxing today then tommorow  we are going hunting.

Summary of DAY 3

Mike still needs a weapon.


Garret POV

I have sword and Leanna has a blowgun.We are walking in the mountains when we see the girl from 6 we both run up to her and Leanna shoots her in the leg.She goes to shoot her but I put my hand on her blowgun I walk over to her a slash open her leg then I ram my sword into her heart.Her gong rings out and me and Leanna go back to camp.

Mike POV

A gong rang out and Haleigh gripped me tight.She lift her head up and I couldnt help it I leaned down and kissed her.We held it and she backed her head back I look at her  and she looks and me with confusion.She doesnt even speak she grabs her pack and dagger and runs away I look for her and she is gone.

Haleigh POV

Me and Mike kissed I dont know why I freaked but I did.Im in the woods I left him alone with only some supplies I feel awful.I hide in a thing of bushes and fall sleep.


Timmy got all concered and we moved deeper into the woods I wonder what he isnt telling me I shrugg it of and go to sleep.

Summary of DAY 4

Josey Died.


Mike POV

When Haleigh left she took her pack and the water which I put in there.I need supplies and a weapon I grab my pack and walk outside of the cave and see a silver case.I run to it and grab it I open it and its a knife.I throw the case down and hold the knife I look at the cornucopia and the careers from 2 and 4 are gone.I decide to attack and steal some supplies.Im climb down and see the girl from 1 with her back turned I run to the cornucopia and she turns around.She goes to stab me put I grab both her hands in the air and push her down I quicly grab a knife vest and pack and run.When I feel a sharp pain in my leg and I fall down I look down and an arrow is in my thigh.I grab a knife and throw it at the girl from 1 hitting her in the shoulder.I get up and run into the woods I sit down and pull out the arrow I throw it and open my pack.It has food water rope and matches.I fall asleep thinking of where Haleigh could be.

Connor POV

Me and Brittany are walking around the woods setting up snares and nets.We are just talking and setting snares.We decide we have set enough and we head back to camp when Honey tells us the boy from 11 attacked her.Brittany looks around and tells me that they took the last knife pack she tells me she will kill him.I tell her we will go looking for them tommorow.

Winter POV

Wyatt told me he was going to leave tommorow.I told him do it if he feels like he should.I dont know why but I feel that he thinks he is slowing us down and he doesnt like to be in one place.

Aiden POV

Me and Kelly are still in the woods.We are walking through when we see the tributes from 8 and 12.They all look and getting ready to kill is when we smile and tell them we want to ally.Me and Kelly with stick with them till the feast then we will steal there supplies and run.Me and her are on watch for today.

Timmy POV

I look down at Ava she is so inocent and shouldnt of been forced to be in these games.I feel bad and pity her we move farther into the meadow.I want us to come out alive.

Summary of DAY 5

Kelly and Aiden are in the alliance from 8 and 12.


Connor POV

Me and Brittany are looking for the boy from 11 when we hear a scream in the woods calling to someone named April.We both begin running to the noise I look where my net trap was set and the boy from 12 is trapped in it.I quickly grab my spear and throw it into his abdomen.His gong rings out and I walk over to him and pull it out I cut the net and we decide to take it back to camp.Me and Brittany sit on supply crates while I fix the net.

Mike POV

Im walking around the meadow when I see Haleigh I quickly run over to her and hug her.She gets up and apologizes for leaving and I tell her its okay.She ask where I got the knife pack and the extra pack I tell her from the cornucopia.She smile and hugs me and we head back to the mountains to find a cave.

Percy POV

I have been in the arena for 6 days and I havent found the girl from 4 yet.I need to find her and I will make her death slow and painful.We are low on food and water we are going to either attack tributes for there packs or we are going to over power the careers.Aprill and Winter say its a bad idea they said that the careers took control of the bloodbath they will think its another time to make the games easier.But me Aiden and Kelly think its good we have more tributes then them.We can over power them we decide we will attack tommorow.

Honey POV

Me and Lenna are going hunting tommorow.We have decided that we are going to the mountains and we will kill anyone we see.

Summayr of DAY 6

Wyatt died.



Yay we got sponsors me and Timmy got matches and medicine.I put them in my pack and we keep walking deeper into the meadow when an annoucer comes on and says there will be a feast tommorow at the cornucopia.Timmy desided that he will go early in the morning and go and I need to stay hidden.I agree and we both fall asleep we both need energy tommorow.

Percy POV

We were going to attack the careers but we decided that we will attack them during the feast.We plan to all run in and kill anyone we see.All of us grab are packs and head to the outskirts of the woods.So we can be the first ones there.

Mike POV

Me and Haleigh are going to the feast.We dont need anything but we dont know what will be in our bag so we decide to go and see what they give us.

Garett POV

Me and Leanna are going hunting during the feast in the woods while Honey goes in the mountains and Connor and Brittany will be at the feast.We all get ready and rest for the feast tommorow its sure to be a fun one.

Summary of DAY 7

The feast is tommorow.


Mike POV

Haleigh is going to watch for tributes while I run to the cornucopia and grab our bag.The pedistal just rose up I see are bag.I look left and right and run straight for the feast I keep looking around when the girl from 4 appears out of nowhere.I go to grab a knife when she throws a knife and it cuts open my shoulder.

Brittany POV

I ran out of the cornucopia when I saw the boy from 11.I grabbed a knife and threw it into his shoulder he doesnt go down she I throw another and it cuts right above his eye I run after him and tackle him to the ground.I pull out a knife and try to stab in in the throat but he moves.I cut open his arm and I put my knife against his neck I pull out a small knife.I turn it around and go to stab him in the cheek when the girl from 11 tackles me.We roll around and I pull out another knife and raise it in the air.I tell her she would lived if she didnt help I hear her partner say he loves her before I stab her in the heart and he gong rings out.

Connor POV

I ran out when the girl from 11 attacks Brittany the boy from 11 raise a knife but I grab his shoulder and push him around and while he is still confused I grab his jaw and the back of his neck and twist it around.He falls on the floor and his gong rings out.I help Brittany up and we go into the cornucopia and hide to sneak up on tributes.

Percy POV

Me Aiden Kelly Winter and April all run to the cornucopia and look for the careers.We dont know where they are till Winter screams in pain.She has a knife sticking out of her leg I grab an arrow out shoot it at the girl from 4 while she is running at us.It cuts above her right eye she falls on he side and when she sits up she throws a serrated knife into Aprils stomach.I shoot an arrow at the tributes from 4 when I see Winter running away with all our bag except for Kellys and Aidens.I grab April and we run away into the woods I turn back and Aiden and Kelly dispeard.In all our bags there was medicine April and Winter apply it and we head into our hiding spot again.

Aiden POV

The boy from 4 almost killed us until I told him I could help them.I told them that I could tell them where the alliance is that attacked them and I could set come traps using the mines from the pedistals.They let me and Kelly stay with them while im working.I took our bags in Kellys there was a dagger and in mine there was food.

Summary of DAY 8

Mike and Haleigh died.


April POV

Im thinking about leaving our group the feast was terrible.I got a knife in my stomach I look around im going to take all the supplies we have and leave tommorow.I lay my head on my pack and begin making my plans to leave im going to go deeper into the woods where noone can find me.

Aiden POV

Me and Kelly have been looking for supplies to use the mines we are barely finding any.We need some so we can set the mines and detonate them so the careers blow up.We havent found enough wires and we are stopping for today but we need to do it soon.


Timmy has been freaking out ever since the feast we got some food and water.I have it in my pack and we are walking deeper into the meadow I dont get why though he wont tell me.I really hope he is okay im getting worried about him.

Honey POV

Im going to go hunting tommorow with Leanna again.We are going to go through the woods and kill anyone we see.I go inside and grab a pack and rest my head against it and fall asleep dreaming of killing tributes.

Summary of DAY 9

April is leaving the pack.Timmy is freaking out.

DAY 10

April POV

I got up early when it was barely light and I grabbed everyones pack and my throwing axes.Percy keeps yelling Derek must be having another dream about his brother.He gets startled up and looks at me I run away when an arrow goes flying into a tree.I run up a hill and hide in a ditch I hear Percy walking around and I get deeper in the ditch and hide.

Aiden POV

Me and Kelly found all our supplies and are setting up our trap.We set it all around there camp and wait for all of them to come back.I grab a pack from the cornucopia and but it on and wait.


Im resting on Timmys arm trying to fall asleep he keeps moving his fingers and leg.I lay my head on the ground and fall asleep.

Honey POV

Me and Leanna are in the woods we are looking around its dark outside but you can still see. when we see the girl from 12.We both start blitzing toward her when she swings her arm.I keeping run at her when I fall on my back.There is a pain running threw my face I feel water coming down my face I touch it and realise its not water its blood.I look around and see Leanna freaking out I get up and feel my face.I feel across my eye and I feel one of my eyes its bleeding shut.I get up and run toward the cornucopia we Leanna is looking for medicine while I hold my eye shut.I try to get up but I feel dizzy and pass out.

Summary of DAY 10

April left.Honey is missing an eye.

DAY 11

Adien POV

The girl from 2 just found medicine for the girl from 1 they are all spread out and we decide to blow up the mines.I stab a knife and connect the wire and the mines explode.Me and Kelly are sent backward we both get up and run into the meadow.

Connor POV

Me and Brittany are talking when their is a big explosion.I get up and pieces of supply crates and packs and weapons fly everywhere.I am launched backward with Brittany over some crates.We both are knocked out when we are sent backward.

Honey POV

Leanna just handed me the medicine when the mines exploded.I jumped to the ground and looked up I see a sword fly into her leg.She gets pinned to ground and is screaming I look around when I try to get up and pass out.

Timmy POV

I look at Ava when the grounf shakes I turn and see the cornucopia is covered in dust and the pedastrals dug up.I pick up Ava and her supplies and carry her to the edge of the meadow in between the meadow and the mountain.We both are going to hide here for the rest of the games.

Garret POV

I crawl around and try to get up but im to weak I see a canister of medicine and get up and stumble toward it.I grab it and carry it to Leanna but I pass out before I can open it.

Summary of DAY 11

The mines in the cornucopia exploded and hurt the careers.

DAY 12

Connor POV

I wake up and Brittany hugs me.I feel my face and I have 3 cuts in my right cheek from the mines.I look around and see Garret applying medicine to Leanna.Our supplies are all gone there are some packs and weapons in the cornucopia but none have medicine only some food and water and matches.I sit on the ground with Brittany and we decide to all rest and regain our strength.

Aiden POV

We are in the woods hiding from the careers.We in some vines and we keep hearing people talking in the distance we decide we will attack them at night when they cant see.

Timmy POV

Me and Ava are resting.We are going to mocing deeper tommorow.We both pull out some food and water and begin gaining back all our strength we need to win this.

Winter POV

We hear people coming toward us so we grab our weapons.I raise my blowgun when I feel a sharp pain in my leg.I swing around and pull out the dagger from my leg.I slash it forward and I hear a gong a someone running away.I look at who I killed and its Kelly.I toss the dagger on her chest and we move deeper into the woods.

Summary of DAY 12

Kelly Died. The careers need medicine.

DAY 13

Garret POV

All of us are searching the cornucopia for supplies.We havent found much only alittle food and water and the weapons we had are the only things we have left.I have a sword Leanna has a blowgun with 12 darts Connor has a trident and a spear Brittany has 6 knives and Honey has a bow and 12 arrows.We are going to rest Honeys eye is still bad and Connor is still hurt we need supplies and weapons.

Aiden POV

Are plan of killing other tributes is gone Kelly died and im looking for the girl from 8.I will kill her she killed Kelly my bestfriend im in the woods looking for her its hard to find her the arena is to big I decide to hide for today.We a sponsor gift comes down.I run toward it and open it a machete I smile I have so many weapons to choose from.

April POV

The girl from 1 hasnt been looking for me I need to stay hidden.Percy and Winter havent found me yet I decide if I see them I wont go near them they probaly want to kill me.Im heading toward the mountains so noone can find me im close by and I see a cave I get low and crawl into it.Its hidden so its my best chance to win these games and stay safe.


Timmy hasnt freaked out since we moved.He is calmer and less worried I dont know why though I just shake it off and he tells me to go to sleep.I lay down on a pack and fall into a deep sleep.

Summary of DAY 13

April is hidding and Timmy is not freaking out anymore.

DAY 14

Connor POV

Me and Brittany are going hunting in the woods.We are sitting on a stump when we see the boy from 3 we both blitz toward him we keep running when he gets caught in my snare.I keep running and I throw my trident it lands in his chest and he stops moving.I grab it and rip it out and blood falls out of his mouth I grab his pack it has a machete and 6 throwing knives I grab his spear off the ground and we head back to camp.

Percy POV

Im still with Winter were looking for April and the girl from 4.I grab our packs and we head into the mountains and rest in a cave to hide.I will kill them both and me and Winter will go home we have to.


Timmy and I are going to stay where we are Timmy promised he will protect me at all cost im scared of what he might do.I grab my slingshot and shoot the mountain for target practice.But Timmy yells at me to stop I rest my head on a rock and fall asleep.

Honey POV

I wake up and its dark outside and Leanna is awake.I ask her what happen and she says the boy from 3 and girl from 9.I look around all our supplies are gone I look around they were all blown up.I dont know what to do im still bleeding I try to look for medicine but I quickly fall down I try to get up but I cant I then slam into the ground.Surronded by blackness.

Summary of DAY 14

Adien Died.

DAY 15

Garret POV

Me and Leanna are awake keeping gaurd when a sponsor gift comes down I open the canister and its medicine and a not saying You and leanna might want to use it wisely.I shove it in my pack and we wake up Connor and Brittany so we can get some rest.

Honey POV

Im setting off to find the girl from 12 so I can kill her.I grab my bow and a knife and I head into the mountains to look for her.I sit on a stump when I see her looking around I grab my bow and shoot at her she dogdes it and runs at me.

April POV

I run up to the girl from 1 and tackled her and she lost her bow.She grab a knife and lashes at me I take my axe and try to kill her but it lands in the ground.I get up and she grabs my axe.I run at her and she rams it into my stomach.I push her down and run away holding my stomach I run up the mountain and she follows me.She looks at me and throws her axe I duck and it rebounds of the hard rock and send the axe into her skull.I grab my pack and apply the medicine that was in it and my stomached healed.Then I grab my axe and rips it out of her head I slip into a cave and pass out.

Timmy POV

A tribute just died close to us it was the girl from 1.I keep Ava close to me and dont let her go to far from me.I decide to sleep and gain some rest.

Summary of DAY 15

Honey died.

DAY 16

Connor POV

Me and Brittany are going hunting in the meadow.We are both looking around when we see movement.We both begin running to it when we see the tributes from 5.I throw my trident and it lands into the boys chest and he falls on his back and his partner runs away out of sight.


The tributes from 4 just killed Timmy.Im scared I wish he was here he would calm me down I begin crying.I want him back we were suppose to win together there is no chance for me none now.I hide in a crack in the mountains so noone can find me.

Percy POV

Me and Winter are going to attack the careers tommorow and try to kill them.We hide on the outskirts and sleep to gain our strength.

Garret POV

Me and Leanna are going to hunt in the woods tommorow.We arent on watch so we decide to rest to gain energy.

Summary of DAY 16

Timmy died.

DAY 17

Winter POV

Me and Percy are both walking around the woods when a sponsor gift comes down in it are medicine and a dagger.Percy take the dagger and I apply the medicine to my leg and we walk deep into the woods.When we see the tributes from 2.We both run up to them and Percy stabs the boy in the leg with his dagger I grab my pack and ram it into the girls face.She falls backward and I grab my bow and when she tries to get up I shoot her in the throat.

Garret POV

I pushed the boy from 8 down a hill when his partner shoots Leanna.I bend down and she pulls the arrow from her throat and I scream no she begins spitting up blood.I hold her hand and her gong rings out.I turn to the girl who is running down a hill.I throw her pack and her and she trips I run down the hill and grab her neck.I begin strangling her when I just pick her up and slam her into a tree.I slam her head again and her neck cracks and her gong rings out.

Connor POV

Garret returned back to camp without Leanna and he isnt talking to anyone.Me and Brittany decide to leave him alone for today.We are going hunting tommorow for the last of the tributes so we can go home.

Percy POV

I will kill the whole career pack I grab my bow and hide in the outskirts of the woods im going to ambush them early in the morning.

Summary of DAY 17

Leanna and Winter Died.

DAY 18

Brittany POV POV

Me and Connor are in the woods hunting for tributes its still early in the morning and kinda dark.We both are walking around the woods when we see the girl from 12.I quickly grab a knife and throw it into her leg she falls on the floor and I grab another knife and throw it into her heart.Me and Connor return to camp since we hear a loud noise.

Garret POV

Im looking out and I see the boy from 8 running at me.I grab my sword and run at him when he tackles me and stabs the ground.I push him off when he runs away I go to kill him when a trident enters his chest sending him to his back.I look and its Connor and Brittany then the annoucer comes on and says congradulations for winning the 46th Hunger Games.

Connor POV

We were just annouced as victors I turn to Brittany and grab her waist I bend down and kiss her.When I do a hovercraft comes down and picks us up.


Yes I just won the Hunger Games.If only Timmy was still here if only.

Summary of DAY 18

April and Percy Died.

Congradulations for the Victors of the 46th Hunger Games

Garret Male 17 District 2

Connor Male 16 District 4

Brittany Female 16 District 4

Ava Female 12 District 5

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