This is the 46th Hunger Games and 4 people can win from any distrcit.If your tribute dies im sorry but its the Hunger Games.May the odds ever be in your favors .

Tribute Template









If you make a tank they will die in the bloodbath.Ill do scores I also reserve tributes spots for 2 days


You get 200 dollar

Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 100 dollars

Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

Axe: 80 dollars

Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

Trident: 120 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Mace: 80 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars

Machete: 60 dollars

Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars

Medicine (treats burns cuts and tracker jacker):100

Matches(10) 20 dollars


Woods all around a mountains a meadow and a beach but the arena has some deadly tricks.The tributes platforms are in an fresh water ocean.

Mutations-Tracker Jackers A large Beast Animal (like in the 75th Hunger Games) Wolf Mutts (like in the 74th Hunger Games) Black Cheetah (with spikes out of its back)Large Gray and White Cats(they mob someone and devour them.)


Capitol Edest Male 16 Blowgun Mace Spear Training Score 7

Capitol Catberry Female 16 Dagger and Teeth Training Score 6

1Arron Swan Male 18 Hand to Hand Combat Dagger Training Score 10

1Rachel Female 17 Throwing Axes Short Sword Training Score 10

2Pomgranite Male 16 Throwing Axes Training Score 10

2Danelle Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 10

3Zane Male 17 Sword Throwing Knives Axe Training Score 8

3Kaitlynn Female 15 Bow and Arrow Knife Spear Training Score 7

4Adien Male 18 Sword Throwing Knives Training Score 10

4Kelly Female 14 Spear Dagger Short Sword Training Score 9

5Dylan Male 17 Sword Camoflauge Spear Training Score 9

5Lizzy Female 15 Bow and Arrow Throwing Knives Training Score 7

6Wolf Male 16 Sword Hand to Hand Combat Training Score 9

6Marissa Jones Female Sword Training Score 7

7Trenton Male 16 Spear Sword Throwing Knives Axe Training Score 8

7Tracy Female 15 Axe Spear Sword Training Score 7

8Nelson Male 13 Axe Training Score 6

8Kyrie Twist Female 12 Machete Training Score 6

9Fizx Male 16 Axe Training Score 7

9Furrier Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 8

10Roman Male 16 Spear Hand to Hand Combat Training Score 9

10Tristan Ryce Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 8

11Dince Male 16 Bow and Arrow Training Score 8

11Aquamarina Tide Female 14 Spear Training Score 7

12Karl Male 17 Throwing Axes Training Score 6

12Sequin Brair Female 16 Spear Training Score 6


Danelle POV

Im standing on my plateform its in the middle of a beach the water with 20 seconds till the bloodbath.I look to my right and I see the boy from 7 and to my left the girl from 8.I look for Pomgranite and I see him he is far away he is standing by the boy from 10 and the boy from 5.I smile at him and he looks at me and smiles back I turn toward the cornucopia I see a knife pack laying on a black supply crate.10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1  I jump into the water and it fiils my body with an icy feeling.I swim to the cornucopia and bend over the water to get up I look around before I run for the knife pack.I grab the knife back when the girl from 9 tries to fight me for it.She pulls it toward her and I grab a knife off a crate and push the pack toward her.We both fall on the floor I take my knife and slice open her sides blood and pours out.She take my hair and pulls it down and I fall on the floor.I stab her in the stomach and blood spirts out of her mouth.I look back when the boy from 9 comes up to me raising an axe and then falls with an axe sticking out of his back.I look up and its Pomgranite I get up and go to kill more tributes.I look around and see the girl from 6 running into the cornucopia.I pull on my knife pack and run after her I get in the cornucopia and see her grabbing a sword off the wall.I smile and grab a knife and throw my knife into her back and she falls on a supply crate and spits blood out of her mouth.

Pomgranite POV

As soon as the gong ran I jumped into the cold water.I swim to shore and run into the cornucopia I look around the ground and see an axe pack.I quickly run to it and grab it I put it on and see the boy from 9 going to Danelle with an axe.I take an axe and throw it into his back and he falls on the ground and I see Danelle she smile and I turn to go kill more tributes.I see the boy from the capitol running out of the cornucopia with a spear he looks around like he doesnt know what going on.I smile and grab my axe and swing it into his throat blood pours out of his neck and onto a supply crate.I look around and see his partner holding a dagger staring at him with blood on her body.I see Danelle looking for supplies and I run at her to help her find supplies.

Arron POV

I swim to the shore and look at everyone running around.I smile and run to the battle I look around for a dagger when I see the girl from the capitol with one.I grab her arm and throw her down I look at her face when she slams her dagger into my leg.I grab it and feel the blood come down I turn to her and she is gone I rip out the dagger and head to the middle of the fighting.The boy from 6 just pushed the boy from 12 down and ran I take my dagger and stab it into his heart.He gasp for his last breath of air before I rip out the dagger.I smile when the boy from 11 tries to tackle me.I grab his leg and throw him over my shoulder I get up and stab him in the stomach.He grab the dagger and I rip it out and stab him again.I stab him 6 more times before he finally stops moving I get up and look for medicine for my leg.

Rachel POV

I ran into the cornucopia and found a wall filled with swords and axes.I grab a sword and go to find some tributes I run out of the cornucopia and see Pomgranite slicing the boy from 6s knee open then shoving him to the floor.He raise his axe and slams it into her chest.I look around and see the girl from 8 coming at me trying to take my sword.I push her against a supply crate and swing my sword at her and it cuts her leg open.She grabs it and I stab it into her stomach she gribs my hands and I stab it in more.She goes limb and falls out of my grib and onto the floor.I look around to make sure noone is coming at me when I knock into the boy from 10.He speaks a few words at me and I fall in a trance state he is a good speaker.I let him go when he falls on his back with a knife sticking out of his heart I look up and see Danelle.

Tracy POV

I swam to the cornucopia and am now hiding in it behind a crate.I look for Trenton he is running for a pack I grab an axe off the wall and run to him.I turn and see the boy from 1 stabbing the boy from 8 to death.I drop my axe at the sight off the 13 year old have blood fly from his body and the boy from 1 stabbing him so many times.I grab my axe and run for a pack and meet with Trenton and we run into the woods.I grab my pack and open it up inside of it there is a small pack of food a bottle of water and matches.Trenton opens his and it has food and water we both grab are pack and walk deeper into the woods.Trenton is holding his spear while I go to sleep and try to forget the bloodbath.

Summary of DAY 1

The male tributes from Capitol,6,8,9,10,11,12 and the female from 6,8,9.


Zane POV

Im in the woods hiding from tributes I grab my pack and head to a place where the tree branchs hang low providing a hiding spot.I got a sword and a pack with food and water and a wire in it.Im going to stay in here for there games and hide out.

Tristan POV

Im hiding in the meadow with a pack with water and medicine in it.I got a set of 12 throwing knives I have the pack on and am hiding.Im going to try to ally with some of the stronger tributes to help with my survival.If the careers are alone I might join them and then protray them for suppies.I lay my head on my pack and fall into a deep sleep.

Sequin POV

I got a pack of food and matches and thats it.I didnt have time to get to the cornucopia and pick out weapons or great supplies.I hope a sponsor will send me a spear so I can kill tributes.I lay my head againt a tree and decide if I sleep the gift might come faster.

Danelle POV

Me and Pomgranite are going hunting tommorow we are going to go into the woods.Arron got medicine for his leg I guess some capitol kids can fight.Im looking for more knives and Pomgranite is looking for throwing axes.Arron seems to of claimed himself as the career pack leader since he is ordering me and Pomgranite to make a fire.I shake it off and go to sleep on a pack.

Summary of DAY 2

Sequin needs a weapon.


Sequin POV

Im walking around the woods I need a weapon.I jump over a stream when I run into the boy from 5 I quickly ask for an allaince.He smiles and says sure I smile back as he hands me a spear.We are walking toward the mountinans to find a cave to sleep.

Pomgranite POV

Me and Danelle are walking around the woods when we see the girl from 12 and the boy from 5.I see Danelle grab a knife from her back and throw it into the girl from 12s lower back.She falls to the ground and I run up to the boy from 5.I pull out an axe and put him in a headlock with my axe to his throat he tries to get out but I pull my axe and blood spills out of his neck.I smiles as I feel his blood against my hands take my axe and place it in my pack and we head back to camp.

Lizzy POV

Im in the meadow I got some water and matches I also got a gleaming silver bow and matching arrows.Im staying low and hiding from all the tributes I can die.I need to go and see everyone I will win these games.

Arron POV

Me and Rachel are going hunting tommorow in the woods.Im going to find and kill the girl from the capitol for what she did to me.I will make her death long and painful.

Summary of DAY 3

Sequin and Dylan Died.


Arron POV

Me and Rachel are walking through the meaodw we I see a girl running away from us.I smile and quickly begin running after her.I get close and grab her hair and yank it back her body slams against me and I take mmy dagger and drg it across her throat.She begins to cough and choke on the blood filling her mouth I smile and shove her down showing her face.Its the girl from 3 her face is pale white the blood has drain out of it and onto the ground.We go back to camp I need to rethink where did the girl from the capitol go.

Tristan POV

I have decided I will show the careers how good I am and they will let me join them.I grab my knives and head to the ouskirt so I can go early in the morning.

Trenton POV

Tracy woke up screaming I quickly ran up to her and covered her mouth.When she stops I let go and she begins to cry about the bloodbath.I give her a hug and we move deeper into the into the woods we are moving into the mountains tommorow.

Aquamarina POV

Im standing in the middle of the woods with a spear in my hand.Im walking around not knowing where to go or what to do.I begin just sitting there and starring into space.I need advice ot what to I need help I just want to go home and see my family.

Summary of DAY 4

Kaitynn Died.Aquamarina doesnt know what to do and needs advice.


Adien POV

I got a sword and Kelly got a dagger from the bloodbath.I got a pack that has matches and food in it and Kelly got a some food and and medicine.We are walking around the meadow looking tributes,we dont see anyone so we decide to rest for today and hunt all day tommorow.

Zane POV

Im still hiding from everyone.Im going to try to electricy the arena around me so noone can come near me.I need some more wires,im going to take them tonight from the careers.

Tracy POV

Me and Trenton are walking to the mountains to look for a cave.We both walk up the side and begin searching for a cave.We quickly find one and climb inside,and eat some to regain some energy.Im going to go to sleep so I can try to forget everything.

Tristan POV

I decide that tommorow I will join the career and show them my skills.I watch them and see that I should go up to the tributes from 2.I lean against a tree and fall asleep so I can have all the strength I need to impress them.

Summary of DAY 5

Zane is going to steal from the careers.


Pomgranite POV

Me and Danelle are walking around the mountains when we hear some screaming.We look up and see a group of 6 large cats attacking the girl for 7 and sending her over the edge.She screams till her body hits the rocks and her blood goes onto the cats and the rocks.I look up and see her partners horrified look in his eyes,I grab an axe and throw it into his throat.He spits blood onto the rocks and then falls off the edge.I walk over to him he is couching and drowning in his own blood.I grib my axe in his throat and rip it out his blood splashes over the rocks and me.I put the axe back in my pack and we go back to camp.

Zane POV

Im looking at the careers the tributes from 2 are gone and the tributes from 1 are in the cornucopia.I look around at all the packs.I dont really know which one has wires,I decide just to run in there and look in them.I quickly run to the cornucopia and begin ripping open packs.I look in all of them untill I find a pack containing wires and circuits.I look around and see the tributes from 1 coming out of the cornucopia.I get up and run straight into the woods no even looking back.I sit in the area where I was and start electricy everthing so im protected.

Danelle POV

Me and Pomgranite are walking back to camp when the girl from 10 appears from and ask for an alliance.I ask her what she has to offer and she throws a knife into a tree dead on.I look at her and Pomgranite and tell her sure and we take her back to camp.

Aquamarina POV

Im moving into the meadow that is the only thing I can think to do.I grab my pack and head straight into the woods.I lay my head down and fall asleep.

Summary of DAY 6

Trenton and Tracy Died.


Adien POV

Me and Kelly are walking throught the meadow when a annoucer comes on and says that tommorow at the cornucopia their will be a feast.Me and Kelly grab are packs and head to the outskirts of the meadow when we see the girl from 11.She whips around and looks confused and dazed like she doesnt know what to do I quickly swing my sword and it slices her throat open.Spilling blood all over the ground and herself.We both walk over to the edge of the meadow and wait for the feast.

Tristan POV

Im with the careers and they tell me im with the tributes from 1 to hunt with them and I need to show them my skills.I start searching around the cornucopia for supplies I find a pack and fill it full of water food medicine matches and knives.

Pomgranite POV

Me and Danelle are staying at the cornucopia while Rachel Arron and Tristan go hunting in the meadow.I lay my head on a pack near Danelle who is fast asleep and fall asleep.


Im going to run straight into the feast and gra my pack and leave.I really hope its somthing good in my bag like armor or medicine.

Summary of DAY 7

Aquarmarina Died.The feast is tommorow.


Zane POV

Im looking around the cornucopia I dont see anyone so I just run for my bag.I look left and right when I get their and I dont see anyone so I turn to run where I see the girl from the capiol.She is starring at when she snaps and tries to attack me.I grab her dagger and shove her down and fall on top of her.She looks at me and tries to grab her dagger but she cant.Then she looks at me with a black stare and bites me nose I feel the close going down my face and hers.I rip up and a splash of blood goes everywhere.I run away trying to avoid her in my bag thier is an axe.I need medicine my nose keeps bleeding.I try to get up but I just pass out.

Danelle POV

Me and Pomgranite run to the fight where the girl from the capitol and boy from 3 were fighting.I see the girl from the capitol with her back to us.I grab a knife and throw it into her back.She falls on her side and I look at her face she has blood on her whiskers.I hear her gong ring out and we go back to edge of the cornucopia.

Tristan POV

Im with Rachel and Arron and were in the meadow.We are just walking around when we see the girl from 5.We are start running toward her but Arron gets to her first and stabs her in the side,and pushes her down.He tells me to kill her I grab knife and throw it into her heart.We decide to head back to camp.

Kelly POV

Me and Adien grabbed your bag when Danelle and Pomgranite were walking away from the girl from the capitol.In are bag there was armor which Adien and me but on.

Summary of DAY 8

Catberry and Lizzy Died.Zane needs medicine.In the careers bag there was armor and in Tristans there was armor.


Tristan POV

Im on watch and all the careers are asleep.I quietly grab 2 packs full of supplies and my knife pack and dash into the woods.I now have enough to last me awhile I head into the woods and hide in a group of bushes it Im going to stay here till dark im only go to move at night.

Danelle POV

I wake up for my shift and I quickly whip my head around and see that Tristan isnt there.I shake Pomgranite awake and Arron take it abown himself to kill her.I hear low lying growling and me and Pomgranite whip around and see large slender cats.I pull out a knife and wait for them to attack I look at Pomgranite and he so focused he doesnt notice me.I whip my head around and they attack I throw my knife into one throat and it tumbles to the ground.I see Pomgranite throw an axe into ones face and it falls.I turn and pull out another knife and throw it into its spine,I hear a grunt and see a slender cat on Pomgranite.I look as he slits its throat and slam his axe into its body he yells and I throw a knife into a slender cat attacking Arron.She is on the floor stabbing it but it soon dies and he doesnt get up.The cats are all gone and I walk over to him he got slit open and disembowed.I look up and Pomgranite has an axe in his hand and I shake my head no and pull out a knife and ram it into his heart.

Zane POV

I feel my nose and its still bleeding im walking around woods when I get a sponsor gift.I open it and its full of medicine.I begin smearing it all over my nose and it begins it heal up.I go to sleep on the ground and then quickly wake up.I feel my nose and it ends with a short snout great I get to go home with a snout.

Adien POV

The boy from 1 is dead that just means the games got easier for Kelly and me.I smile and fall asleep with my pack tucked under me.

Summary of DAY 9

Arron Died.

DAY 10

Rachel POV

Im going to go hunt in the woods by myself.I dont need or want help from the others.I grib my sword and begin walking deep into the woods.

Kelly POV

Im walking around the wood with Adien when we see the girl from 1.I look up at him and he nodds yes I begin creeping over to her and when I behind her I grib my dagger and slice open her leg.I take my dagger and stab it into her chest and she dies will blood coming out of her mouth.

Tristan POV

Im moving tommorow into tehe mountains.I my going to wait untill dark so I can sneak around.

Zane POV

Im going to move deep in the woods tommorow im going to hide from careers.

Summary of DAY 10

Rachel Died.

DAY 11

Pomgranite POV

Me and Danelle are going to the woods to hunt for tributes.We are walking around questioning when we think these games are going to end.We both look around for tributes when we see the boy from 3 I smile at him and we begin running after him.He gets up and tries to run but I grab his pack and take out an axe and slice open his knee almost severing it.His knee twist around and he falls to the floor but manages to get up I take my axe and throw it at his throat.When we see his head roll on the ground and my axe in a tree.I walk over to my axe and rip it out and we walk back to camp.

Tristan POV

I just watched the boy from 3 get decapitated by Pomagranite.I grab my packs and run straight for the mountains.I look around for a cave when I find one I pull out a knife and begin to search it.I look and see 6 gray and white cat I quickly run out when the all pounce on me.I slit ones throat and try to push them off they are biting me and stratching they are all over.I try to stay balance but I cant I trip on a rock and fall of the edge killing 2 cats and the others run.I try to get up but I soon pass out.

Adien POV

Kelly is acting strange ever since she killed the girl from 1.I dont know whats up with her I shake it off and fall asleep on her watch.

Kelly POV

I killed somone why did I do it why did I kill her she deseverd to live their could be 4 victors and she could of been one but I just had to kill her.

Summary of DAY 11

Zane Died.Tristan is hurt.

DAY 12

Danelle POV

Me and Pomgranite are walking around a stream in the woods when we see the tributes from 4.I grab a knife and throw it at the girl but the boy jumps infront of her and takes the knife he isnt dead though.I girl looks at me and runs after me.I pull out a knife and quickly swing it a her throat slicing it open.She lands in the stream and blood begins flowing out of her neck I smile when an announcer comes on and says Congradulations for winning the 48th Hunger Games.

Pomagranite POV

I hug Danelle with an axe in my hand and see Tristan.She looks horrible she is soaked in blood and cut up.I smile she shouldnt of left.

Aiden POV

Kelly is dead and I have to go home knowing this I push it to the back of my mind and be happy for my victors statice.

Tristan POV

Yes I get to gome home and forget these games.

Summary of DAY 12

Kelly Died.

Congradulations to the Victors of the 48th Hunger Games

Pomgranite Male 16 District 2

Danelle Female 16 District 2

Aiden Male 18 District 4

Tristan Ryce Female 16 District 10

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