This is the 52nd Hunger Games and 4 people can win from any distrcit.If your tribute dies im sorry but its the Hunger Games.May the odds ever be in your favors

Tribute Template









If you make a tank they will die in the bloodbath.Ill do scores I also reserve tributes spots for 2 days


You get 200 dollars

Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 100 dollars

Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

Axe: 80 dollars

Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

Trident: 120 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Mace: 80 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars

Machete: 60 dollars

Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars

Medicine (treats burns cuts and tracker jacker):100

Matches(10) 20 dollars


Woods all around and small streams a meadow and mountains but everthing is poisionus(like in the 50th Hunger Games) and the arena has some deadly tricks

Mutations-Tracker Jackers Candy Pink Birds (like in the 50th Hunger Games) Golden Carnivorus Squirels(like in the 50th Hunger Games) A large Beast Animal (like in the 75th Hunger Games)


1Dylan Kane Male 17 Spear Training Score 9

1Strawberry Lavone Female 14 Bow and Arrow Training Score 9

2Alexander Averin Male 18 Sword Spear Training Score 10

2Fox Averin Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 10

3Jabin Volts Male 13 Electricity Knife Training Score 6

3Kachang Mindi Female 12 Electricity Axe Training Score 6

4Jason Oceanwater Male 14 Throwing Axes Training Score 9

4Lia Rimia Female 18 Trident Net Training Score 9

5Tyler Clifton Male 16 Bow and Arrow Knife Training Score 7

5Tammy Daisy Female 15 Blowgun Training Score 6

6Carter Crow Male 15 Spear Mace Bow and Arrow Training Score 8

6Grape Female 16 Axe Training Score 4

7Avacado Male 18 Throwing and Regular Axes Training Score 7

7Lexie Storm Female 16 Sword Training Score 6

8Iza Male 16 Knife Training Score 7

8Sunny Female 16 Blowgun Training Score 6

9Ryder Blask Male 16 Sword Throwing Knives Spear Hand to Hand Combat Training Score 9

9Jules Vanity Female 17 Bear Trap Training Score 7

10Tyson Ashford Male 17 Knife Sword Bow and Arrow Training Score 8

10Lauren Huntley Female 15 Traps Bow and Arrow Training Score 6

11Ben Witover Male 18 Spear Training Score 9

11Mondi Bakerman Female 18 None Training Scrore 4

12Nick Lovizio Male 12 Bow and Arrow Knives Training Score 8

12Kayleigh Abernathy Female 12 Bow and Arrow Rocks Training Score 8


Kayleigh POV

Im standing on my plateform 60 seconds to go and Im looking at all my tributes.I see my district partner Nick eyeing at the cornucopia and I shake my head yes and I look at the clock 30 seconds left I look around when I see a bow towards the front.I look around and theres a big backpack close to it I look around almost everyone is distracted at the beautiful arena besides me and the careers from 2 I get ready to run.10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 I run toward the cornucopia and grab the bow and pack and run away in the meadow before most the tributes arrive.


I look around and see the girl from 5 running toward a pack so I run over to her and grab her by the hair and throw her over a supply crate.I jump ontop of her and grab a knife off the ground and stab it into her stomach and when I pull it out blood spurts and she is screaming so loud so I stab her in the stomach 6 more times and twice in the neck and face.I run inside the corncuopia to grab a knife pack.

Alexander POV

I run at the cornucopia when I see Fox getting pushed over a supply crate by the boy from 8 so I run after him when he swings his knife at me I grab his wrist and swing him around and grab put him in a headlock and break his neck when I grab a sword and see his partner coming after me I grab her shoulder and slam her axe into her stomach and throw her over a supply crate.

Dylan POV

I grab a spear and look for tributes when I the girl form 3 get pushed to the ground by Strawberry for a pack.So take my spear and stab her in the heart and rip out my spear and see the boy from 5 running away with nothing in his hands so I take my spear and throw it into his back and he falls to the ground and dies by lia who is stabbing the boy from 6 with a trident

Strawberry POV

I run and grab a bow from the cornucopia I missed most of the killing I was distracted by the arena.I load an arrow and see the girl from 11 crawling around by her parnter so I shoot her in the head.He turn his hand and an axe rams into his head from Jason and he falls to the ground blood dripping from his mouth.I turn and see Fox throw a knife into the girl from 6 back while I shoot hte boy from 3 in the neck and blood comes out of his neck and mouth after he pulls it out.

Summary of DAY 1

The male tributes from 3,5,6,8 and 11 and the female tributes from 3,5,6,8 and 11.

Everyone else has a weapon of choice and some supplies


Kayleigh POV

Im walking around the meadow when I see Nick with some knives in a pack when he tells me he was looking for me at the bloodbath.I ask him why and he said he wanted to ally with me so I accept his offer and we began walking through the meadow when we decide to look through are packs.I have some rope wire and a water bottle and Nick has matches and awl and spile.We deicide to rest for the day and move to the mountians tommorow.

Tyson POV

Im with Lauren I have a knife and she has a bow in my pack there is food and matches and in Laurens there is water and a sleeping bag.We are up in the mountains and I see the careers talking and then moving around.

Alexander POV

Were talking who will hunt first its me Fox and Dylan I grab my spear and we head off into the woods.Im talking with Fox when Dylan points out the girl from 7 with a sword.As soon as Fox sees her she throws a knife into her leg and blitz toward her.The girl swings her sword at Fox but she dogdes it and tackles her and pins her down and pulls out a knife and slits her throat and blood sprays onto Fox.Fox gets up and walks to us and we decide to head back to camp.

Ryder POV

Duing the bloodbath I got a spear and a pack with food water and medicine.Im keep hearing growling coming form the woods I not investicating it though just in case.So I climb a tree and wait for moring to come.

Summary of DAY 2

Lexie died. Everyone else is fine


Kayleigh POV

Me and Nick arent going into the mountain because he thinks its a trap.Were walking around when we see the careers coming though the meadow so we run awya not wanting to be spotted.

Alexander POV

Me Fox Strawberry and Dylan are all walking through the woods when we hear screaming and a gong so we run only to find the boy from 7s mutilated body he is in pieces blood gushing out of his wounds.No of us know what the animal is. We walk back to the corncucopia when we see some supplies gone and the tributes gone.

Jason POV

Me and Lia grabbed some supplies and weapons and ran from the corncuopia we are heading for the mountains.We decide to hide in a small hole in the mountain.

Tyson POV

Me and Lauren just saw the tribtues from 4 hide in a small hole in the mountain I wonder what there up to but just incase me and Lauren hide away.

Ryder POV

Im stalking the career alliance the girl form 1 is the youngest but that doesnt mean anything the boy on the otherhand looks deadly at a distance with his spears.The tributes from 2 are the most scary the girl is twirling knives and I saw her at the bloodbath she is brutal and her brother is the same he killed the boy from 8 just with his hands.Im hide by a tree near by and hear there plans

Summary of DAY 3

Avacado died.Everyone else is fine but Jules still needs a weapon.


Alexander POV

Me and Fox are hunting for tributes when see the tirbutes from 10.Fox instanly runs after the girl and I go for the boy.He swings his knife at me and I block it with and shove him to the gorund when a knife flies into his stomach and I turn and see Fox running toward the girl but her a the male run away.Then I ask why she tried to kill the boy and she told me that the girl moved at the last second.We walk back to the camp and decide to rest.

Lauren POV

Tyson is bleeding badly he needs medicine I hope we have a rich sponsor.We are in the woods hiding from tributes.


Me and Jason are out hunting when we see some strange gold squirrels then one leaps out and bites Jasons leg so he rips it out and I stab it with my trident.We decide the woods isint safe and we go to the meadow it hide out.

Ryder POV

The careers are deciding that the tributes 1 will hunt tommorow.They are egar to kill people I will keep hiding and wait to silently kill one of them with my spear.I grab my pack and hide in a tree waiting to kill one.

Summary of DAY 4

Tyson is hurt and need medicine.Julels still needs a weapon.


Tyson POV

I reciveid medicine from a sponsor so I apply it to my knife wound when we decide to walk around the woods and explore the arena when an annoucer comes on and says that there will be a feast tommorow at the cornucopia.I grab my knife and Lauren grabs her bow and we decide that we will blitz to the cornucopia together and protect eachother.

Kayleigh POV

Me and Nick are preparing for the feast we are going to hide in the meadow and as soon as it comes up we are going to snatch are bags up.We make are way to the meadow and decide to rest for the feast.

Jules POV

Maybe they will have a bear trap at the cornucopia I have to go I decide I have to get there before everyone and grap my bag and run not fight.

Alexander POV

Me and Fox will hide around the cornucopia and when tribtues come well kill them while Dylan and Strawberry run around the arena killing everyone in sight.

Summary of DAY 5

The feast is tommorow and noone needs anything


Kayleigh POV

Me and Nick are starring at the cornucopia when the table comes up and we run at it and snatch are bags and run back into the meadow.We open the bag and it has medicine so I open my bag and but it in and we decide to stay in the meadow.


Alexander is hiding around the cornucopia while im in it.Im looking around when I see the girl from 10 so I run out of the cornucopia when she shoot and arrow at me and it cuts right above my eye.So I grab a knife and throw it at her and it lands into her leg and I tackle her.I pull out a knife when I see Alexander grab the boy from 10s waist and throw him over his shoulder and slam him into the ground.I turn to the girl and tell her I promised Alexander if he let me have you, I'd give the audience a good show.".I lightly drag the knife blade around her face and then jab it into her cheek and twist it.She screams and spits blood onto my face so I take the knife in her leg and twist it.When I hear a gong so I turn and see the boy dead I turn back when the girl tries to push me off so I start stabbing her repitivly in the stomach pull splashing all over me and the ground.I get up and ask Alexander how he killed him and he says I broke his neck.

Dylan POV

Me and Strawberry are wlaking around the meadow when she throws an axe at the boy from 9 but it misses and he throws a spear into her stomach.She falls to the ground and I throw one of my spears into his heart and he falls to the ground dead.I pull the spear out and she is alive so I pick her up and quickly run to the corncuopia and give her medicine and she is alive.

Jules POV

I run to the cornucopia while the careers form 2 are killing the tributes from 10 and grab my bag and run.I open it and it has a bear trap yes now I actully have a chance at winning yes.I quickly run into the woods at set it.

Summary of DAY 6

Tyson and Lauren died.In the career packs there was armor.


Jules POV

I have my trap set when I hear a sharp clank and somone screaming I grab my pack and see who it is.Its the boy from 4.The girl quickly realese the trap and gets the boy out he is limpING and blood is spilling out and he cant move anymore so the girl quickly leaves him and takes his pack.I laugh at this action thinking the careers only care about themselves.

Dylans POV

We have decided that me and Strawberry will hunt while Fox and Alexander stay at the cornucopia.I grab 2 spears and Strawberry grabs her axes and we walk around the woods when we see the boy from 4 proped agaisnt a tree under a nest of Tracker Jackers.I tell Strawberry to throw an axe at the nest so she grabs a axe and slices the nest in half and it plumits into him.He begins screaming and crawling away but there are to many and he just lays down and dies.I smile and tell Strawberry nice job.


I left Jason and a short time after he died even through he was from my district I didnt care I need to win and ill do anything to get that.

Kayleigh POV

Another tribute down Nick and I have decided that we will attack the careers tommorow.We will win these games we have to I want to go home.

Summary of DAY 7

Jason Died.Everyone else is fine.


Kayliegh POV

Im with Nick and were hiding in the woods by the career camp and all of them are talking so I grab an arrow out of my quiver and load it into my bow and pull back then string and release the arrow straight into the boy from 2s stomach....


Me and Alexander are talking when an arrow lands in his stomach.He knees in pain but he gets up and rips the arrow out.I turn and see the girl from 12 with a bow in her hand so I grab a knife and throw it at her and it lands straight in her leg.Then the boy runs and grab her and carries her away so we all run after her.We are walking around the meadow looking for them when we decide to go back to camp.Alexander puts medicine on his wound and we sleep while Dylan is on watch.

Jules POV

Im walking around when I see the girl from 4 so I run into the mountains and hide.I see the tributes from 12 the girl is bleeding pretty badly.

Nick POV

Im looking at Kayleighs wound I applied the medicine and it heald right up



Im walking through the woods when....

Alexander POV

Me Fox Dylan and Strawberry are walking through the woods when we see a giant dog beast ripping the district 4 female to shreads we all start running away when it disapears into the woods.

Kayleigh POV

Me and Nick are walking around when the arena sky starts turning black I look up at the sky wondering what it is till blood starts raining down I begin screaming and running away me and Nick run to the mountains and hide in a cave away from the blood.


I grab my pack when the sky begins haling down blood me and Alexander aqre taking are time not caring blood is splashing all over us while Strawberry and Dylan blitz into the corncuopia.Me and Alexander begin talking to them while wipping the blood off of us.

Jules POV

The blood rain started and I hide in a tree I wonder when it will stop and wait will come next,

Summary of DAY 9

Lia is dead.Blood is still raining.

DAY 10

Kayleigh POV

The blood rain finally stopped and me and Nick are running to the career camp I want this to be over.I hop over a tree pull out an arrow and shoot it into the girl from 1s heart.She blumts to the ground and we begin running into the woods the careers arent following us I wonder why.

Dylan POV

The girl from 12 just killed my district partner I will kill them both.I pick up Strawberry and place her in the cornucopia.

Jules POV

Im hiding in the meadow when the girl from 1 goes down I turn and see the girl from 12 killed her.The games just got easy the boy with kill her and then the boy all I have to do is stay out of the way.I climb the mountains and hide not wanting to die.

Nick POV

The boy 1 is going to come looking for us so I hide up in the mountains with Kayleigh.

Summary of DAY 10

Strawberry Died.Everyone else is fine.

DAY 11

Alexander POV

We are all going hunting to finish the last tibutes I grab a spear and we head into the mountains.When we see the tribtues from 12 we chase them into the woods when Dylan throws a spear and it lands into the boy from 12s back and he falls to the ground blood pulling out of his mouth.The girl gets away so we decide to head back to the cornucopia.

Kayliegh POV

Nick is dead and im deep in the woods hiding from the careers Nick had all the supplies and hes dead Im in the woods with 6 arrows and no supplies.I really hope I come out of this alive.

Jules POV

Im hiding away from everyone I cant die I have to get home.


I plan on getting the last kill of these games and I wonder who it will be I ponder if it will be simply or torture the possibiltys I guess Ill know when there in my grip.

Summary of DAY 11

Nick died.Everyone else is fine.

DAY 12

Kayleigh POV

Im hiding in the woods when I hear fighting and screaming I stay hidden just incase they dont die.


Im sitting on a black supply crate when I see the girl from 9 runnning on the skirt of the woods so I jump up and race after her.I chase her into the woods when she trips on a branch and falls.I pull out a knife and stab her in the leg when she kicks me she lets out a blood curtling scream when I get on top of her.I pull out another knife and I start stabbing her to death blood is flying everywhere when the annoucer comes on a says congradulations to the winner of the 52nd Hunger Games. I run to the cornucopia and hug Alexander.

Alexander POV

Me and Fox just hugged and we get to go home together.

Kayleigh POV

I go to the corncuopia and say to myself I get to go home.

Congradulations to the Victors of the 52nd Hunger Games

Dylan Kane 17 Male District 1

Alexander Averin 18 Male District 2

Fox Averin 16 Female District 2

Kayleigh Abernathy 12 Female District 12

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