This is the 54th Hunger Games and 6 people can win from any distrcit.If your tribute dies im sorry but its the Hunger Games.May the odds ever be in your favors .

Tribute Template









If you make a tank they will die in the bloodbath.Ill do scores I also reserve tributes spots for 2 days


You get 200 dollar

Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 100 dollars

Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

Axe: 80 dollars

Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

Trident: 120 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Mace: 80 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars

Machete: 60 dollars

Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars

Medicine (treats burns cuts and tracker jacker):100

Matches(10) 20 dollars


Woods all around and small streams a meadow and mountains but the arena has some deadly tricks

Mutations-Tracker Jackers A large Beast Animal (like in the 75th Hunger Games) Wolf Mutts (like in the 74th Hunger Games)


1Onyx Blight Male 18 Knife Teeth Training Score 10

1Diamond Pearl Female 17 Knife Axe Training Score 9

1Warren Male 15 Sword Knives Training Score 9

1Kelly Female 13 Spear Dagger Training Score 8

2Connor Male 16 Spear Nets Knives Training Score 10

2Brittany Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 10

2Raven MockingJay Male 16 Sythe Throwing Knives Mace Training Score 10

2Venus MockingJay Female 15 Bow and Arrow Teeth Training Score 10

3Kronice Hayes Male 12 Sword Wires Training Score 6

3Jennel Garcia Female 14 Throwing Knives Training Score 6

3Marcus Male 18 Spear Sword Dagger Net Training Score 9

3Sonar Flight Female 13 Throwing Knives Training Score 8

4Jaydo Tsunmai Male 18 Sword Trident Dagger Training Score 10

4Jane Light Female 17 Bow and Arrow Training Score 9

4Huck Odair Male 18 Trident Net Spear Knives Training Score 10

4Voliet Yoder Female 16 Spear Rock Training Score 9

5Lucas Heyk Male 17 Sickle Mace Axe Training Score 7

5Kelly Female 15 Spear Training Score 3

5Adien Male 17 Throwing Knives Sword Bow and Arrow Training Score 8

5Slena Heart Female 18 Bow and Arrow Training Score 8

6Haydix Maven 17 Mace Knife Training Score 7

6Carolyn Maven 15 Dagger Training Score 7

6Colton Male 18 Spear Mace Strength Sword Training Score 9

6Willow Female 17 Spear Dagger Camoflauge Training Score 6

7Nathan Schwartz Male 16 Axe Slingshot Training Score 7

7Persepony Female 16 Throwing Axes Training Score 2

7Ethan Axe Male 17 Axe Mace Spear Training Score 8

7Erica Female 13 Spear Axe Knife Slinghsot Training Score 5

8Derek Male 18 Mace Sword Bow and Arrow Training Score 8

8Katie Female 18 Spear Sword Training Score 7

8Hawk Male 15 Hand to Hand Combat Blades Training Score 9

8Zazzels Female 16 Bow and Arrow Training Score 7

9Scott Male 14 Throwing Axe Net Training Score 5

9Avery Female 14 Bow and Arrow Knife Net Snares Training Score 7

9Chex Male 16 Mace Training Score 8

9Ginger Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 8

10Darmen Case 18 Stealth Training Score 5

10Raini Female 15 Stealth Knives Training Score 6

10Plum Male 16 Spear Training Score 8

10Milzark Female 16 Dagger Camofluage Training Score 7

11Peach Male 18 Axe Hand to Hand Training Score 9

11Rose Female 14 Blowgun Knife Training Score 8

11Milt Male 18 Sickle Sword Training Score 9

11Ellen Female 18 Net Training Score 4

12Crisp Male 16 Knife Spear Training Score 8

12Azel Female 16 Blowgun Training Score 7

12Danue Male 18 Axe Training Score 8

12Cix Female 14 Blowgun Training Score 7


Brittany POV

60 seconds till the bloodbath begins.I open and close my hands I turn and see all the tribtues to my right is the girl from 12 and to my left is the boy from 11. I look at the cornucopia I see a knife back towards the middle.I turn and see Connor I smile at him and get ready to run.10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.I jump off my plate and head toward the pack I put it on and see the girl from 9 running at me I run at her and tackle her.I pull out a knife and stab her in the stomach she screams to somone named Chex.I stab her 2 more times both in the throat I get up and see the 10 running for a bag.I pull out a knife and throw it at her but she blocks it she tries to run but I grab another knife and throw it into her stomach. she falls on the floor and spits blood onto the ground.I turn and see Connor standing over the boy from 10.

Connor POV

I run off my plate looking for Brittany when the boy from 10 jabs a spear at me I block it with a pack and I push him down.I grab a machete and ram it into his stomach then I pull it out and blood is smeared on it I ram it into his chest again and he dies.I put down the machete and grab a spear.I look around when I see the boy from 12 grab a pack.I grab his neck and throw him on the ground and spear him in the heart.I whip around and see Raven hacking the boy form 3 with a axe.His sister runs up and takes it and throws it into the girl from 10s face.I run over to the cornucopia when the boy from 9 swings a mace at me,I dodge it and slam his face into the edge of the cornucopia half of it comes off.He falls to the ground screaming I grab his jaw and twist it up and he dies.

Onyx POV

I grab a knife and see the girl from 8 I push her down and stab her in the heart.I get up and see Diamond grab the girl from 11 and slit her throat.I see the boy from bending over a supply crate I stab him in the back and snap his neck.I head into the mouth where Venus and slice the girl from 12s chest open I bend over and start looking for supplies when Raven stabs the girl from 12s face and chest and blood goes everywhere.I find another knife so I throw it into the boy from 9s neck it splits it in half and blood goes everywhere.

Huck POV

I grab a trident and ram it into the boy from 12s face I look around and see Connor snapping the boy from 6s neck.I turn to see the girl from 8 running toward the bloodbath it looks like she just got off her plate I throw my trident into her heart.I run up to her blood is trickling down her mouth.I look at the bloodbath and see the boy from 11 swinging his sword into the girl from 9s neck.I grab my trident and see the last to tributes die the girl from 7 is being stabbed by Jaydo and the five girl got her neck snapped by Raven.

Summary of DAY 1

Marcus Katie Raini Plum Milzark Colton Avery Crisp Azel Danue Kelly Erica Scott Ginger Cix Chex Ellen and Zazzels died.


Connor POV

Me Brittany Raven Venus Onyx and Diamond are all walking around the woods when we see the boy from 3.We all start running after him when Brittany throws knife into his back and he falls to the ground dead.I grab the knife and rip it out of his back and give it to Brittany she smiles at me.We walk back to camp and let the other team go hunt.

Huck POV

Me Voliet Jane Jaydo are all walking around the meadow when we see the boy from 8.I get ready to kill him but Jane shoots him with an arrow in the heart.We decide we shall hunt all day tommorow.

Peach POV

I with Rose and she got a blowgun and I have some food and an axe .We are decing to sleep in the woods since you can hide.

Haydix POV

Im with Carolyn we both got food and water I got a knife and she got a dagger we are walking around the woods when we hear large barks coming from deeper into the woods we decide to run away.We hide high in the mountains so we can spy on the careers.

Milt POV

Im walking around the meadow.I have rope food and water and a sickle sword.I decide to hide and spy on the careers so I can spot the weakest and kill them

Summary of DAY 2

Kronice and Derek Died.


Connor POV

Me Brittany Raven and Venus are all walking around the woods when Brittany points out the girl from 11 singing.We all begin running at her when the boy from 11 throws Raven against a tree I grab his arm and kick his leg and pull out a knife but he flips me over.I look up and see him with a consern and glazed over look I turn and see an arrow in his district partners heart.I get up and see Venus with a smile on her face he quickly runs up to his partner and grips her tightly and runs away.

Ethan POV

I have an axe medicine and water Im walking around the meadow when I see the boy from 6 and the girl.I start to slowly creep on the boy when he quickly turns around.I raise my axe and slash his face open he grips it and his partner comes at me I grab her throat and push her down.Her brother comes at me and I slam my axe into his side and rip it out hitting his partner in the jaw.He look up at me with his hand in the air I slam my arm into his throat blood oozing from his neck.I steal his knife and pack but when I turn his sister stabs her dagger into my side I push her down and run away apply the medicine when im hiden.

Lucas POV

Im walking around the mountains I have a mace food and water when I see Aiden.I quickly run up to him he has a sword.I ask for an allinace and he agrees he has rope and matches, we find a small cave in the mountains and decide to sleep in it.

Kelly POV

Im with Warren we couldnt find Adien so we decide to leave him.We are in the woods walking around I have a dagger food water and medicine and Warren has a sword and matches rope and water.We both keep walking when we decide to sleep.

Summary of DAY 3

Rose Haydix died.


Jennel POV

Im resting in the mountains I saw the boys from 5 so im hiding.The mountain is lightly buzzing I shake it off and decide to just sleep it off.

Huck POV

Me Jaydo Jane and Voliet are all up high in the mountains the mountains are starting rapidly buzz and vibrate.We keep walking when my shoes start to get wet I look down and up the moutain is starting to pour water.We all begin running down when a gaint wave crashes on up.I fly up in the air and see Voliet being slammed against a rock her body is all twisted up.I land on the ground I hold my head to stop the blood when I see the girl from 3 being swallowed by the water.Me Jane and Jaydo all run back to the cornucopia I apply medicine when 2 gongs ring out.

Lucas POV

Me and Adien barely escaped from the waves.We are in the woods I got cut from a rock in the water.We deicde to sleep high in the mountains just incase the arena floods.

Hawk POV

I have a knife food and water and im hiding in the meadow from everyone.Im going to hunt tommorow and kill as many people as I can.I decide to sleep so I have energy for tommorow.

Summary of DAY 4

Jennel and Voliet died.Lucas needs medicine.


Sonar POV

I only got food and water for the cornucopia.Im in the woods hiding from tributes when I see the boy from 10 walking around.I hear some branches snap so I turn my head and see the boy from 11 running up behind the boy from 10.He raises his axe and rams it into him and push the 10 male down.The boy from 10 grabs his stomach when the boy from 11 rams his axe into the 10 male.I turn my head and look back and see the boy from 11 digging his hands into the 10 male and rip out his organs and begins to eat them.I turn around and flee into the meadow.

Kelly POV

Me Warren are hunting I have a dagger and he has sword.We see a glimse in the woods so we run after it it dispears so Warren and me begin slashing at bushes when we see it again.We chase the light deep into the woods when it disapears.Warren and me stand there looking around when he is hoisted into the air I look down and vines have wraped around my legs I scream and try to run but am quickly in the air.I look at Warren and the vines begin twisting him he is screaming bleeding.I grab my dagger and start cutting the vines around me.I turn before I cut one more and a gong rings out I cut the last vines and look at Warren he is twisted cut up and dismembered.

Carolyn POV

I dont have any weapons and barely any supplies left I need a weapon.Im in the mountains I see the girl from 3 running around.She is freaked by somthing.

Connor POV

Me Brittany Raven and Venus are all hunting tommorow.Brittany is sleeping by a fire I walk over to her and sleep against a supply crate.

Summary of DAY 5

Darmen and Warren died.Carolyn needs a weapon.


Connor POV

Me and Brittany Raven and Venus are all walking around the woods when we see the girl 8 walking around.Brittany quickly runs after her the girl from 8 starts shooting at Brittany but she dodges everyone.Brittany throws a knife at the 8 girls bow and it comes out of her hand.Brittany then tackles the girl and stabs her in the heart,she gets up and pulls the knife out and walks to me.We head back to camp where Jane Jaydo and Huck are all talking away from Onyx and Diamond.

Jaydo POV

Me Huck and Jane are all planning to leave the alliance and kill the rest of the careers.We started gathering supplies while then were gone.We are going to leave tommorow when we hunt.

Lucas POV

My arm is still bleeding I need medicine for it.Im walking around with Aidein still we are deciding to attack the careers when one group goes to hunt tributes.We begin making are way to the cornucopia to spy on them.When we get there they are all talking.I decide to sleep while Adien keeps watch.

Kelly POV

After the incident with the vines I passed out.I woke up still bleeding I need medicine for my cuts.I try to walk but im to weak.I look up and the vines still havent let go of Warren.I lean against a tree for support and pass out.

Willow POV

Im in the meadow oberserving tributes I have a dagger some food and and awl.I see the careers there all sitting around a fire talking and laughing.

Summary of DAY 6

Slena died. Kelly needs medicine.


Connor POV

Me and Brittany are sitting around with Raven and Venus while Jaydo Jane and Huck go hunting.We all talk about are families when an annoucer comes on and says that tommorow at the cornucopia there will be a feast.So we decided that Me and Brittany will stay by the cornucopia while Raven and Venus go in the woods by the cornucopia to look for tribtues.Then Onyx and Diamond will run through the arena and kill anyone in sight.

Huck POV

Me Jane and Jaydo are all in the woods when we hear about the feast.We decide to ambush the rest of the careers while they are killing tribtues.

Lucas POV

Me and Adien are going to go into the feast and kill anyone we see.I hold my mace while I sleep we need energy for the feast.

Kelly POV

Im going to the feast tommorow I need medincine.I try to get up but I can barely stand my skin is a light pale color.I begin walking to teh cornucopia till I can barely move I fall on the floor and pass out.

Nathan POV

I grab my axe and decide to hide so I dont die before the feast.

Summary of DAY 7

Everyone is fine.The Feast is tommorow.


Brittany POV

Me and Connor are looking at each other when the pedastal rises and the girl from 6 begins running for her bag.I look at Connor and I make a dash at her and tackle her to the ground.I grab her head and slam it into the ground and pin her down my foot on her hand knife to her throat.I smile at her when she pull my leg and flips me over I lose my knfie while we roll around.She is on top so I grab the back of her neck and head butt her I flip on top of her and try to grab my knife but she pushes up.I head butt her again but she gets on top my nose is bleeding and her head is to.I push up and grab her jaw and twist it and it cracks.I hear her gong I grab my knfie and Connor helps me up when the boy from 5 slams his mace into Connors leg.So Connor grabs the boy from 5s jaw and back of the head and twist it.

Adien POV

The boy from 2 just killed Lucas I quickly run around them and grab my bag.It has some throwing knives.I put them in pack and run into the mountains.

Kelly POV

I get up I can see the cornucopia I run the best I can to it and snatch my bag up.I quickly hobble into the woods and apply the medicine that was in my bag.I pass out when it starts working.

Milt POV

Im running to the cornucopia I grab my bag I make it into the woods when the tributes from 1 attack me.I grab the boy from 1s arm and slice his knee open almost taking it off.Then I slam the girl into a tree.In my bag there was food.

Ethan POV

On my way to the cornucopia I saw the tribtues from 1.I smirked at him and ran to my bag without a problem I grab my bag and run away in it is a serrated axe.

Huck POV

I grabbed are bag it had 2 peicies of armor me and Jaydo are wearing the.

Summary of DAY 8

Persepony didnt got to the feast.In Nathans bag there was a serrated axe Hawks had food.In the Careers was Armor for everyone.


Jaydo POV

Me Jane and Huck are all walking around by stream in the woods.We are going to kill the rest of the careers when it gets dark.I hear someone struggling so I turn my head and see Huck lying in the water with the boy from 11 over him.I turn to Jane and she screams I look back and the boy from 11 is eating Hucks intestines I start to run when Jane runs away screaming and crying.I run straight for the woods.

Ethan POV

Im walking around the woods I just saw the boy from 11 eating the boy from 4.I shake my head how could somone turn and snap just like that.I turn my head and head deep into the woods to hide and plan what im going to do for these games.

Nathan POV

Im walking around the woods with my axe.I decide that I should go look for tributes in the meadow tommorow.

Diamond POV

Onyx leg is still hurt the medicine didnt help that much he cant walk on his own.He passed out awhile ago I hope he makes it I really want him to go home with me.Im look around at our supplies to see if we have anything that can help.

Milt POV

Im hiding in the meadow looking for tribtues I can kill.Im stalking watching the careers to see which one I should kill.I look and see the boy from 1 his leg is still injuried I decide ill go after him.I go to sleep to save my energy for my fight tommorow.

Summary of DAY 9

Huck died.Onyx needs medicine.

DAY 10

Raven POV

Me and Venus are hunting around the woods for tributes.Im looking around when we see the boy from 7 hiding around a tree.We both dash to him I make it to him first and slam my mace into his side.I rip it out and he couchs blood onto the ground I take my mace and slam it into his back and his gong rings out.

Ethan POV

I just heared a gong go off so I head deeper into the woods.I see a small stream and decide to sleep in the tree next to it.

Milt POV

I grab my sword since I only see the tribtues from 1 at the cornucopia.I run straight for it when

Connor POV

I see the boy from 11 running toward Onyx and slashing at him.I run up to him and grab his shoulder and throw him backward he lands on a supply crate.I grab my spear and jab it into his leg and I pull him up and headbutt him.I take my spear and slice his stomach open blood begins pouring from his stomach.I push him down and ram my spear into his heart.I turn to Onyx and see a deep gash in his neck soon after his gong rings out.Diamond begins to tear up.I carry his body away from everyones sight.

Venus POV

Me and Raven went back to camp to see that the boy from 11 and Onyx are dead.I look at Connor and Brittany and they tell us what happen.I look into the cornucopia and see Diamond crying against a supply crate.

Summary of DAY 10

Milt Onyx and Nathan Died.

DAY 11

Persepony POV

I have 4 throwing axes water and food.Im walking around when I see the girl from 4 sitting on a stump.I get closer when she grabs her bow and shoots an arrow at me I dodge and she gets up so I throw an axe in her stomach.She looks down and puts her hand on it I grab another axe and throw it into her chest and she stumbles to the floor and and her gong rings out.

Sonar POV

Someone else is dead I look at my supplies I only have food let I need supplies and maybe a weapon.I head into the mountains to hide from tributes.

Carolyn POV

Im in the woods looking for tributes to kill I want to leave this arena and go home.But I know my family wont except me again I let my brother died.I look around I sit on a rock in the meadow when my world turns upside down Im getting dizzy and my mind is swirling.I get up and stumble to get away when I fall I look up and see Haydix I smile and touch his shoe but when I do its cold.I pick it up and its a rock I look up and Haydixs face is covered in blood I get up and try to run but I cant.

Jaydo POV

Im walking around the meadow I have a trident food water and medicine.I keep walking when I see Jane I run up to her and try to hug her but I fall down and cut my face on a rock.I grab my bag and try to unzip the bag but its hard.I finaly get it open and try to open the canister I open it and apply it to my wounds.I look around when my head starts spinning and I pass out.

Hawk POV

Im in the mountains I look and see the careers talking they all seem happy probaly since most of them can win.I grab my knife and pack and head higher in the mountains.I decide to sleep in a small indent in the side.

Summary of DAY 11

Jane Died. The meadow is emiting a gas much like tracker jacker venom that cause halluctions pain and fear.

DAY 12

Persepony POV

Im walking around the outskirts on the woods when I see the girl from 6 stumbling around.I grab one of my axes when she comes at me I swing my axe and her legs and cut it open.It twist around and pops out and she screams in pain.I grab my axe and send it flying into her neck she twist around and falls to the ground she is spitting blood in the air.I rip it out and her gong rings out.

Connor POV

Me and Brittany are walking around the woods when we see the boy from 11 slamming the girl from 7 against a tree we decide to watch then kill the winner.The boy is crazy he is just throwing her around she has an axe in her and he has nothing her just runs up and grabs her and slams her against a tree.Then out of nowhere he just bites her eye.She screams in pain and slam her axe in his leg and rips it out and runs away I run up to him and he tries to bites me I grab his jaw and throw him to the side.He runs at me and I grab his waist and throw him over my shoulder.I grab my spear and throw it into his throat I walk over with Brittany and rip it out and his gong rings out.

Aiden POV

I hiding from tributes and thats what im going to do I can so far and im not letting it go.I grab my stuff and go into the woods.

Sonar POV

Im in the woods when I see a large beast animal it is huge I grab my stuff and run into the meadow when I trip on a rock and fall I look up and dont see anything and then I just blank out.

Summary of DAY 12

Carolyn and Peach died.

DAY 13

Diamond POV

Me Venus and Raven are all going hunting in the mountains.We are having trouble finding tributes so we look all around when we see a glittering light we all begin running to it.I grab the ledge and try to climb my way but I cant we decide to camp if a tribtue is in there they have to come out.

Ethan POV

Im walking around the woods when I hear splashes I turn my head and see water coming straight for me I grab my stuff and quickly climb up a tree when the waves slam against all the trees.

Connor POV

Me and Brittany are sitting on supply crates when we see gaints waves coming at us we both grab packs I grab some spears and we quickly climb the cornucopia.The water is lightly splashing the cornucopia I decide to sleep.

Jaydo POV

Im in the meadow talking to Jane again when a water sweeps across the arena I grab my stuff when it washes me up.I close my eyes when I relies whats going on I shake myself and swim for a tree.I cling on and climb up it.The arean is filled with water.

Summary of DAY 13

The arena flooded.

DAY 14

Persepony POV

The water went down and I walking around I have my hand over my eye to stop the bleeding.The boy from 11 bite out my eye im glad he is dead I only wish I could do it myself.I have an axe in my hand I keep walking straight when I see the boy from 8.I smile and run at him and he turns and sees me and puts up his hands I throw my axe into his leg and he falls in pain.I smile as he tries to run away I grab another axe and throw it into his back.I walk over and rip both of my axes out.I begin walking to the outskirts of the woods.

Connor POV

Brittany and I are talking when she suddenly goes blank.She turns and I see what the girl from 7 she is missing an eye she is holding it shut.I grab my spear when Brittany begins running at her.I run after her when Brittany falls to the ground then I notice that the girl from 7 threw an axe and it cut Brittany but that doesnt stop her.Brittany get up and begins running at her and throws a knife into the girl from 7s throat.She begins coughing up blood and her gong rings out.

Ethan POV

The girl from 2 just killed my district partner I will kill her.I grab my axe and watch them I will kill her tommorow.

Aiden POV

Im hiding in the woods still when I see the boy from 4 walking around with a trident.I grab my stuff and run deeper into the woods.I dont wont to be the one he kills I find alot of bushes so I deside to sleep in them.

Summary of DAY 14

Hawk died.

DAY 15

Venus POV

Diamond tried to climb the legde again but when she makes it half way through she freezes up.She tries to move but she cant move she begins to scream I look at her hands and they are starting to look glittery.I try to grab her but I cant reach she is in alot of pain she ask us to help her but we cant then she says tell my family I loved them.Then she says kill me with tears in her eyes.I grab her axe she is still screaming and she begs please I take her axe and slam it into her back and her gong rings out and the rocks stop glittering and she falls to the ground.

Ethan POV

Im in the woods when I see the boy from 4.I ask him if he would help me kill the tributes from 2 and he accepts.We decide to kill them tommorow and gain up our strength.

Connor POV

Me and Brittany are walking around the woods when we see the boy from 5 drinking from a stream.He turn around and grabs a knife and he tries to throw it but I grab my spear and throw it into her chest.I walk over and pull it out and me and Brittany head back to camp.

Kelly POV

Im in the woods and I just saw the tributes from 2 kill the boy from 5.I quickly flee just incase they come back.I keep running and I run up to the moutains.

Summary of DAY 15

Diamond and Aiden Died.

DAY 16

Sonar POV

Im walking on the outskirts of the woods when I see the boy from 7 and 4 running toward the tributes from 2.I duck around and tree and watch them fight.

Connor POV

I turn around and see Jaydo and the boy from 7 running at us.I run up to Jaydo and tackle him we roll around he tries to grab his trident off the ground but I grab his wrist and pull it over his back and flip him over.I put my foot on his hand and put my hand on his throat and begin to choke him.He look around for a weapon or a way to get out I grip his throat harder and he begins to look around more looking for nervous.I finally just grip his neck harder and I hear a crack and his eyes glaze over.

Brittany POV

The boy from 7 tackled me and pinned me down.I push on his stomach when he grabs his axe I move my head and it sticks in the ground he raises it agian and I grab his wrist and get my leg free and kick him in the jaw.I land on top of him and pull out a knife.He jerks me off and gets up he goes for his axe when I throw a knife into his heart.Then an annoucer comes on and says Congradulations to the victors of the 54th Hunger Games.

Summary of DAY 16

Jaydo and Ethan Died.

Congradulations to the Victors of the 54th Hunger Games

Kelly Female 13 District 1

Connor Male 16 District 2

Brittany Female 16 District 2

Raven MockingJay Male 16 District 2

Venus MockingJay Female 15 District 2

Sonar Flight Female 14 District 3

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