This is the 56th Hunger Games and 4 people can win from any distrcit.If your tribute dies im sorry but its the Hunger Games.May the odds ever be in your favors

Tribute Template









If you make a tank they will die in the bloodbath.Ill do scores I also reserve tributes spots for 2 days


You get 200 dollars

Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 100 dollars

Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

Axe: 80 dollars

Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

Trident: 120 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Mace: 80 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars

Machete: 60 dollars

Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars

Medicine (treats burns cuts and tracker jacker):100

Matches(10) 20 dollars


Woods all around and small streams a meadow and mountains but the arena has some deadly tricks

Mutations-Tracker Jackers A large Beast Animal (like in the 75th Hunger Games)


1Fin Male 16 Spear Training Score 9

1Cody Pepper Female 17 Bow and Arrow Throwing Knives Training Score 9

2Pomagranite Male 16 Throwing Axes Training Score 10

2Danelle Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 10

3Iza Male 16 Electricity Knife Training Score 8

3Sunny Female 16 Electricity Blowgun Training Score 6

4Jake Seawater Male 14 Trident Training Score 9

4Kiki Ellie Female 12 Tail Trident Training Score 8

5Corey Male 18 Axe Training Score 8

5Allie Costigan Female 12 Knife Training Score 7

6Andrew Parklodge Male 13 Knives Training Score 6

6Zeebot Marshall Female 15 Axe Knives Spear Sword Training Score 8

7Ares Jones Male 18 Throwing Axes Throwing Knives Training Score 8

7Roslina-Annabeth Demeke Female 15 Dagger Training Score 7

8Nick Kobarg Male 16 Bow and Arrow Training Score 6

8Coco Joanist Female 14 None Training Score 4

9George Male 15 Throwing Axes Training Score 8

9Alicia Rabblewood Female 15 Axe Spear Throwing Knives Training Score 8

10Jigs Male 18 Axe Hand to Hand Training Score 9

10Calico Female 16 Bow and Arrow Knife Training Score 6

11Ben Witover Male 18 Spear Training Score 8

11Sally Sunshine Female 12 Bow and Arrow Training Score 7

12Nick Lovizo Male 12 Bow and Arrow Knives Training Score 7

12Layla Cypress Female 17 Knife Hand to Hand Combat Training Score 7


Danelles POV

Im standing on my plateform looking at all the tributes I see Pomagranite standing next to the tributes from 3 I look at the cornucopia I see a knife pack in the back I turn and look at the clock 20 seconds to go I get ready to run 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 I jump off my plate and run for the knife pack I put it on and see the girl from 9 grabbing an axe so I pull out a knife and throw it into her back she falls on the ground when I turn and see Pomagranite fighting the boy from 11

Pomagranite POV

I jump off my plate and run for the throwing axe pack when the boy form 11 tries to tackle me I grab him and throw him over my shoulders I grab a single throwing axe and get on top of him and slam the axe into his chest and he spits blood on my face I rip the axe out a slam it again and he dies I put on the throwing axe pack and see Danelle throwing a knife into the girl fom 7s neck


I grab a spear and look for tributes I see the girl from 12 getting pushed down by the boy from 7 I take my spear and throw it into her heart and she dies.I look and see the boy from 8 gaurding the girl from his district I grab a machete and go after his when he tries to punch me I grab his arm and trip him I ram my machete into his back then again he isnt dead yet so I slash his back 2 more times and he dies then the girl tries to attack me but Cody pushes her down and starts stabbing her.

Jake POV

I running with Kiki when the boy from 7 throws an axe at her so I take my the trident and throw it into his chest and he falls on the ground I see the Pomagranite throwing an axe into the boy from 10 and his partner screaming and running away.


Im with Sunny in the woods we are walking around when we decide to look whats in are pack I have a knife dried beef and water and in Sunnys there is wires and circuts and a blowgun with 12 darts.

Summary of DAY 1

The male tribtues from 7,8,10,11 and the female from 7,8,9,12.Everyone got a weapon of choice and some supplies.


Jake POV

Im with Kiki Nick Allie and Sally and we are in the woods when we see the girl from 10 she has a butterfly on her finger and she is starring at it she doesnt even know we are there till Sally touches her and she gets back into reallity and she looks at us all I dont like her as an ally but everyone else does so we take her in we open all are packs together we have 4 packs of dried meat 2 water bottles and rope we all have weapons except me Kiki has a trident Sally Nick and Calico have bows with 12 arrows each and Allie has a knife.We start walking around the woods when we decide to rest.

Andrew POV

Im with Zeebot we each have food and water I have some knives and Zeebot has an axe.Were in the meadow when we decide to sleep we are going to move to the mountains tommorow and spy on the careers and kill anyone we see up there.

George POV

I am in the mountains I have 2 throwing axes and some medicine but thats all I have Im hiding in a small hole in the mountains.


Im with sunny and we are making an electric trap that will electrify part of the ground in the woods.We set it up and walk away and hide in some falled trees.

Cody POV

Im taking control of the career pack we are hunting tommorow we are only going in the meadow to hunt and nowhere else.I go into the cornucopia to sleep while Pomagranite is on watch

Summary of DAY 2

Everyone is fine but Jake needs a trident.


Pomagranite POV

Me Danelle and Fin are walking around the woods when we see an alliance so Danelle pulls out a knife and throws it into the girl from 5s back and blood flies out of her mouth when she hits the ground.We begin chasing them when they climb into the mountains while the boy from 12 climbs a tree next to it.We decide to camp out and wait for them to come down.


Me and Sunny have finished are electrical trap and we are hiding in the fallen trees waiting for tributes to die by are trap.

Cody POV

Im standing in the cornucopia when the boy from 5 appears out of nowhere he has an axe he is standing there gripping his axe I look my bow is far away he looks dead into my eyes and runs at me I run to grab my bow and I shot a arrow at him and it lands in his leg then he rushes to me

Corey POV

The girl from shot me in the leg so I grab her by the throat and begin to choke her I slam her to the ground and ram my axe into her stomach and she tries to breath and scream but she cant I look into her eyes and let her go I grab a pack and walk away while she stumbles around to get to medicine

Zeebot POV

Me and Andrew are in the woods and we keep hearing rocks fall we decide to hide in cave.We are getting higher to spy on the careers tommorow.

Summary of DAY 3

Allie Died everyone else is fine


Sally POV

Im looking at Nick and he is doing something to a branch then I notice that there are tracker jackers then he smiles and let them loose.They fall on the unsupspecting careers and they all start screaming.

Pomagranite POV

All the sudden I feel sharp pains everywhere then I hear everyone screaming I jump up and its Tracker Jackers I grab Danelle while Fin is already ahead of us we both are screaming swatting at the Tracker Jackers all dive into a scream and it cools the stings .We all walk back to the cornucopia where Cody is laying on the ground gripping her healed up stomach.

George POV

Im waiting by a wall when I see the tribtues from 6 I throw one of my axes at the girl and it cuts part of her face and neck open and she falls then the boy comes at me I slam my axe into his leg and rip it out and run.

Zeebots POV

I feel my face and neck its bad I grab a hide behind a tree when I see the boy form 5 with an axe walking up to Andrew he cant move and the boy cuts his leg open then his face then he brutaly rams his axe into Andrews stomach then he sticks his hands inside and begins to eat him.I begin to cry and I run away.

Jake POV

Are alliance is hiding in the meadow the careers cant find us if we stay low.We decide to hide and only come out in nessacary.

Summary of DAY 4

Andrew died Zeebot needs medicine


Zeebot POV

My neck and face are still cut but they arent bleeding its kinda scary I still need medicine beacause its open to infection I look around and grab a tree when an annoucer comes on a says that the feast is tommorow I grab my axe and pack tell myself I have to go there.

Sunny POV

Me and Iza are going to the feast tommorow we both going to protect eachother.We are still in are hiding spot and noone has died to are trap.

Pomagranite POV

For the Feast Cody and Fin will run around killing anyone they see and me and Pomagranite will hide by the cornucopia for the feast and kill anyone we see.

Nick POV

Me Sally and Calico Jake and Kiki will run and grab are bags then we are going into the woods and hiding.

George POV

Im running into the feast I need to be the first one there and im going to grab my bag and run into the moutains.

Summary of DAY 5

The feast is tommorow and the tribtues are getting ready


Nick POV

Me Sally and Calico are walking to the cornucopia when we get there we blitz for your bag we all grab yours when Sally shed a tear and runs away into the meadow with Calico I turn and run when the boy from 5 tackles Jake and rams his axe into his chest and then Jake yells to Kiki that he loves her when the boy from 5 digs his hands into Jake and begins to eat him.We all turn and run in my bag there is some knives and in Kikis there is armor.

Sally POV

Me and Calico are in the woods in are bags there was food and water.We are moving into the woods tommorow.

Pomagranite POV

The boy from 5 just got done eating the boy from 4 I step out of the cornucopia and he lunges at me and I throw my axe and it hits him in the chest and he dies then Danelle throws a knife that lands into the girl from 6 face she screams in pain then Danelle stabs her about 6 times and she dies.


While the tribtues form 2 were distracted I stole are bags and me and Sunny ran into are hiding spot we open are bag and it has more electrical supplies we decide to electricfy the meadow tommorow.

George POV

I ran while the tribtues from 2 were in the cornucopia and opened it it has 2 throwing axes.I grab my pack and head to the mountains.

Summary of DAY 6

Corey Jake and Zeebot died.Everyone else is fine in the careers bags there was armor.


Nick POV

Im walking around the woods wondering why Sally left out alliance im eating some dried meat when I see Sally and Calico I ran up to them and we hug eachother....

Sally POV

I feel terrible that we left Nick and the feast I dont know why I did it but then I see Nick I hug him when an axe comes flying at me I close my eyes and Calico stuck her pack and it landed in the bag.I turn and see Nicks head on the ground I scream and me and Calico run deeper into the woods.

Pomagranite POV

Me Danelle and Fin are all hunting when I see the boy from 12 I grab an axe and throw it at him and it decapitates him.His head rolls on the ground and the girl from 11 is screaming her head off and runs into the woods with the girl from 10.Danelle Fin and me are all laughing and walking to the cornucopia.

Kiki POV

I left Nick and the others at the feast I wen to the woods I see Jakes face when I close my eyes and I hear him telling me he loves me I cant get it out of my head.I want to though I need to win no distractions im 12 and I can win this thing.I decide to sleep and go into the mountains tommorow.

Summary of DAY 7

Nick died.


Pomagranite POV

Fin is walking around the arena looking for tributes to kill Danelle tried talking to Cody but she wont even look at us she is arrogant and I hate her.


Im walking around the woods when I see the boy from 9 I ran after him and begin chasing him when he just stops drops all his stuff and begins shaking and moan then I look down its an electrical trap.I hear sticks breaking so I turn and see the girls from 11 and 10 I begin chasing after them when the girl from 11 trips and falls she looks and me and I throw my spear into her abdomen.

Calico POV

Im running with Sally when she trips I turn and go to get her when the boy from 1 throws a spear into her stomach I grab my bow and shoot and arrow into his neck and he falls backward and lands on his head.I look down at her and 2 gongs ring out.


Yeas finally someone has died by are trap me and Sunny keep hiding in out hide out for now.

Summary of DAY 8

George Fin and Sally died.



Im with Sunny and were in the woods when the careers start running through the woods.I look and see that a fire is raging though the woods.I turn and run away with Sunny we keep running when we get in to meadow.Were looking aorund and nothing is happening so we decide to rest.

Pomagranite POV

Im with Danelle and Cody walking through the woods looking for tributes when a fire ball racing towards Danelle and she jumps out of the way.I pick her up and begin running with her and Cody we run and climb up the mountain face.We run and see the girl from 10 racing out of the woods.

Calico POV

I was walking through the woods when I saw the last tributes all together so I lit a fire and it quickly lit up the woods.I ran straight from my fire into the careers camp.I quickly grab a pack and run away.

Kiki POV

Im so glad I was in the meadow I could never have escaped the fire.I begin crawling around when I see the tribtues from 3 I quickly hide not wanting to confront any tribtues.

Summary of DAY 9

Everyone is fine.

DAY 10

Sunny POV

Me and Iza are stalking the career camp they arent there.So me and Iza begin digging the mines up and place them in a cemi circle around there camp and having a wire run around them.We hide and wait for them to come to set them off.

Danelle POV

We are walking back to the camp when the girl from 4 appears out of nowhere.Cody goes to attack her when the mines form the pedastral explode knocking us all down and sending a black supply crate into the girl from 4 killing her.I get up and Cody comes at me with a knife.I grab the knife and flip her on her back and stab her 6 times.She is still alive when Pomagranite pulls out a axe and rams it into her.I turn and see the girl from 10s body up against the cornucopia.

Pomagranite POV

An annoucer came on a said congradulations to the victors of the 56th Hunger Games.


Yes I get to go home with Sunny.

Congradulations to the Victors of the 56th Hunger Games

Pomagranite Male 16 District 2

Danelle Pink Female 16 District 2

Iza Male 16 District 3

Sunny Female 16 District 3

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