This is the 58th Hunger Games and 4 people can win from any distrcit.If your tribute dies im sorry but its the Hunger Games.May the odds ever be in your favors

Tribute Template









If you make a tank they will die in the bloodbath.Ill do scores I also reserve tributes spots for 2 days


You get 200 dollar

Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 100 dollars

Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

Axe: 80 dollars

Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

Trident: 120 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Mace: 80 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars

Machete: 60 dollars

Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars

Medicine (treats burns cuts and tracker jacker):100

Matches(10) 20 dollars


Woods all around and small streams a meadow and mountains but the arena has some deadly tricks

Mutations-Tracker Jackers A large Beast Animal (like in the 75th Hunger Games)


1Raven Mockingjay Male 16 Sythe Throwing Knives Mace Training Score 9

1Jessica Sonar Female 18 Bow and Arrow Training Score 10

2Cadberry Male 16 Sword Teeth Training Score 10

2Rasberry Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 10

3Junip Tech Male 17 Spear Wire Training Score 7

3Zee Tech Female 14 Wire Knives Training Score 6

4Lucas Heyk Male 17 Sickle Mace Throwing Sword Axe Training Score 10

4Alina Kotoba Female 15 Knives Trident Training Score 9

5Adien Male 17 Throwing Knives Sword Bow and Arrow Training Score 8

5Kayleigh Pows Female 12 Wire Spear Knives Training Score 6

6Hadix Maven Male 17 Mace Knife Training Score 6

6Carolyn Maven Female 15 Dagger Training Score 6

7Chance Woodchuck Male 15 Spear Sword Axe Training Score 7

7Ann Flare Female 12 Axe Knives Bow and Arrow Training Score 7

8Eli Dawn Male 18 Knife Slingshot Training Score 8

8Dosh Diamondheart Female 16 Throwing Knives Bow and Arrow Training Score 7

9Randy Male 16 Spear Training Score 8

9Ansley Fenster Female 15 Bow and Arrow Training Score

10Almond Male 18 Axe Spear Training Score 10

10Mint Female 16 Dagger Training Score 7

11Ethan Axe Male 16 Axe Mace Spear Training Score 8

11Anna Female 18 Bow and Arrow Training Score 8

12Mellow Male 14 Spear Training Score 9

12Kikianna Hunter Female 12 Sword Bow and Arrow Training Score 7


Rasberry POV

Im standing on my plate looking at the cornucopia 60 seconds to go I turn and look at Cadberry he looks at me and smile I at him.Only 20 seconds to go I take a finale look at Cadberry and mouth good luck and he does the same.10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. I jump of my plate and grab a knife and see the girl from 3 I throw it into her leg and she screams and falls on the ground.I run at her grab a knife and pin her down and stab her in the stomach she begin to spit blood so I raise my knife and slash her neck and chest then stab her again.I put on a knife pack when the girl from 10 runs behind me I grab her hair and slam her into a supply crate and throw her to the ground and begin to stab her to death blood gushing out of her mouth when Cadberry tackles the boy from 10.

Cadberry POV

I run off my plate and see the boy from 10 running up to Rasberry with an axe I run and grab a machete and push him to the ground.He gets up and swings his axe and me but I block it with my machete and elbow him in the nose.I grab his arm and slam my machete into his legs.He fall to his knees and I slam my machete into his back then again blood splashing all over the ground.I look for Rasberry when the boy from 7 is running to his district partner with a sword.I take my machete and he looks at me and I slice his neck open and blood flies onto a supply crate.I go inside the cornucopia and see all the swords haning on a wall I grab one and meet Rasberry.

Raven POV

Im running to set of knives when I see the boy from 12 throwing a spear into the girl from 5.I take a knife out and throw it into his back.I turn and see Lucas stabbing the girl from 12 with his Mace I look around and see most the tirbtues running away but Jessica chased after the girl from 6 and hackes her down with an axe I see the boy from 6 running after Jessica so I pull out a knife and throw it into his leg.

Hadix POV

I have a knife in my leg and my sisters dead I grab my pack and look through it.I have some matchetes a water bottle with some water and thats it I need medicine and supplies if im going to win.

Summary of DAY 1

The males from 7,10,12 and the female from 3,5,6,10,12.Hadix needs medicine for his leg.


Anna POV

Im in the woods I decide to check my supplies I have matches food and water and a bow.Im walking around when I see the boy from 9.I shoot and him and it misses him I try again but I miss again then he stops and throws a spear at me but I hide behind a tree and he runs away.I try one last time and he yells ow and runs deeper into the woods.I turn and look around careers might be coming I quickly turn and run for the mountains.

Randy POV

The girl from 11s arrow cut my arm its no that bad but I need medcine if I dont want it to get infected.I walk around and look at my supplies.I have a spear water medcine and matches I begin walking around when I climb and tree and fall asleep.

Rasberry POV

Im walking around the meadow with Cadberry Raven and Jessica.Jessica has a bow Raven has a Mace I have a throwing knife pack and Cadberry has a sword.We are walking through when the boy from 8 tries to attack Cadberry when he tries to cut him.Cadberry grabs his arm and flips him over and slits his throat and blood pours all over his hand.We begin to laugh and head back to camp.

Junip POV

Im in the mountains hiding my sister is dead and we cant go home together I look through my pack I have an empty water bottle and a slingshot I need supplies and a weapon if im going to win.I hope I have a rich sponsor.

Ethan POV

I have an axe and thats it I need supplies im walking around the woods when I decide to sleep.I hide in some bushes and begin to sleep.

Summary of DAY 2

Eli died.Hadix Needs medicine


Aidien POV

Im sitting on a rock on the mountain when I open my pack it has rope food and water.I got lucky and grab a set of 4 throwing knives during the bloodbath.I get up and start walking to the mountains when I see a glimse of light and an arrow planting itself into a tree next to me.Iook up and see the girl from 11 she has a bow and shoots at me again I throw a knife at her and it cuts her arm and she runs off.I look around and run straight for a deep patch of trees.

Anna POV

My arm got cut open when the boy from 5 threw a knife at me I need medicine I hope I have a rich sponsor.

Rasberry POV

Im with Cadbery Jessica and Raven and were walking around the woods.We look around when the boy from 6 I grab a knife and throw it into his back and he falls on the ground.I walk up to him and pull out the knife and he gasp I roll him over and tell him he is going to bleed to death.I get up and grab his pack and walk away his breath is getting shorting so I grab a knife and throw it into his heart and his gong rings out.

AnnFlare POV

Im walking around the meadow when I open my pack it has a a knife and a water bottle I grab my axe and start walking around.I keep walking when I see a river I fill up my water bottle and beign drinking straight from the stream.I look around when I see a glow racing to me.I jump out the way and it explodes its fire.I get up and keeping run fire balls raging to me.I jump out of the way and when it explodes it burns my leg.I jump into a stream and it stops I hide away I need medicine.

Summary of DAY 3

Hadix is dead.Ann and Anna need medicine.


Lucas POV

Im with Alina Raven and Jessica and were in the mountains.Were all walking around when we see the girl from 9 she tries to shoot at me but I hit her bow with my mace and it cracks into peices.I go to kill her when she stabs me with an arrow.I grab the arrow and rip it out and throw it over the ledge.I pick her up and slam my mace into her leg and push her off the ledge.I dont hear her gong so we go searching for her but we give up saying she will bleed to death.

Ansley POV

I dont have a weapon anymore but I do have medicine and rope.I apply the medicine to my leg and go into the woods to hide.

Junip POV

I grab my slingshot I will learn how to use it.I grab a rock and shoot a rock and it breaks I grab another rock and shoot a tree I do this for an hour till I am almost dead on.I see a bird and kill it not have a way to start a fire.I just eat it raw a fall asleep.

Cadberry POV

Me and Rasberry have been at the cornucopia all day just talking and watching the supplies when Lucas comes through looking for medicine for his leg and when he finds it he applys it and sit down and we make a fire and talk about life back home.

Summary fo DAY 4

Ann and Anna still need medicine Ansley needs a weapon along with Junip



I sitting on a the ground when a sponsor gift comes has medicine I apply it to my leg and it heals up.I walk around for alittle and decide to sleep to regain some energy.

Anna POV

Im walking around when I see a silver canister I open it and i has medicine I apply it to my arma dn it heals I decide to rest in the mountains since noone seems to be up there.

Randy POV

I got medicine from a sponsor and my arm healed up.I begin walking around looking for tributes in the woods when I hear a scream so I run over to it and see the girl from 9 body its been ripped to shreads.

Adien POV

I got a machete from a sponsor so Im looking for tribtues to kill I am in the woods when I see the boy from 2 and 11 fighting.

Cadberry POV

I was walking around the woods with Rasberry when the boy from 11 attacks us I block his axe and grab his hand and kick him in the side then I hit him in the face then I slit his throat.The boy from 5 comes and tries to sneak up on Rasberry so she kicks him and cuts his nose and he runs.

Summary of DAY 5

Ethan Died.Adien needs medicine.


Randy POV

Im walking around the woods when I see the boy from 5 his face is cut open.I get closer when he run into the woods I turn and see the career pack.I run away not wanting to die.

Rasberry POV

The tension between the career pack is almost at a breaking point im ready just incase we decide to break into a bloodbath a hand always on a knife.We walk for about an hour and we dont see any tributes when we get back Lucas breaks and begin throwing supplies everywhere out of rage.

Dosh POV

Im walking around the meadow with a bow and some food and water.Im keeping walking when I see the girl from 11.She sees me and shoots and arrow at me I narrowly escape by hiding behind a tree I load and arrow and fight one at her and it hits her bow and she misses her shot.She shoots at me one more time and it cuts my cheek open.She runs into the woods barely having any arrows left.

Junip POV

I still need a weapon I not sure I can kill anyone with a slingshot only wound them I walk around the meadow before i fall asleep.

Summary of DAY 6

Adien needs medicine.


Junip POV

I got a spear and medicine from a sponsor yes.I walking around the meadow when an annoucer comes on saying that there will be a feast tommorow at the cornucopia.I walk around when I decide to sleep so I have energy from the feast.

Cadberry POV

We have decided that Lucas and Alina will go and kill anyone they see and Raven and Jessica will stay hidden in the woods suronding the cornucopia while me and Rasberry kill anyone that comes to the feast.

Anna POV

Im going to rest since the feast is tommorow I hide in a cave in the mountains and fall asleep.


I grab my axe and head close to the cornucopia so im the first one there.I dont want to get caught in the bloodbath.The other 12 year olds all died in the bloodbath I have to get there before the bloodbath.

Adien POV

I got medicine from a sponsor and it healed my face up.Im in the woods hiding from tributes I cant die before the feast.

Summary of DAY 7

The feast is tommorow and everyone is fine.


Rasberry POV

Me and Cadberry are hiding by the cornucopia when the girl from 11 runs up to her bag.I quickly run up to her and throw a knife at her and it cuts her arm.I spin around and throw another knife into her leg she falls to the ground screamin in pain.I run up to her and get on top of her and put a knife to her throat.I pull a small knife out and stab it into her cheek.and twist it around.She spits blood on my face so I pull the knife across her throat and blood pools out of her neck and onto my hands and the ground I get up and throw her bag at Cadberry and it has arrows in it.

Randy POV

I run to the cornucopia and grab my bag while the tribtues from 2 are killing the 11 girl.I open my pack it has a spear in it.


A cannon has sounded I decide not to go becuause the bloodbath has started I run into the mountains hoping for sponosors

Lucas POV

Im walking with Alina when a orange glow comes from the background we quickly move when we realise there fire balls.We both run when Alina trips I turn and she gets up when a fire ball hits her she jumps in the air screaming.I look at her she is frozen in place her body is charded but she is still alive.The woods is still on fire when another fire ball comes and I run away and her gong rings out.

Dosh POV

I run to the cornucopia and grab my bag when the boy from 3 slams me into the cornucopia.I stab him in the leg and run away I turn adn see the boy from 2 slamming the boy from 3s head into the feast plateform.In my bag there is another dagger.

Summary of Day 8

Anna Alina and Junip died.In Adiens bag there was medicine and in the careers there was armor.


Adien POV

Im walking around the woods close to the cornucopia when I see that the boy from 1 is all alone all the others are out hunting.I grab my machete and run up to him. He turns around and I cut open his arm he grab it and swings his mace at me.I dogde and grab his arm and pull it back I ram my machete into his stomach and then his back.I pull it out and he is still alive I ram my machete two more times and run away.

Jessica POV

Me Cadberry Rasberry and Lucas are all walking around.When an axe comes flying through the air and cuts me.I fall on the ground and see the girl from 7 I pull an arrow out and shoot her in the throat and she stumbles to the ground and her gong rings out.

Randy POV

Im walking around the mountains when I see the girl from 7 die.I grab my spears and pack and run into the meadow and stay low.I stay awake and alert I need to win these games.

Rasberry POV

Me and Cadberry Lucas and Jessica are walking back to the cornucopia when we see Raven dead.Jessica screams and begins to cry in Lucas arms.Cadberry picks him up and me and him carry him to the other side of the cornucopia.

Dosh POV

One more career is dead these games got alittle easier I grab my stuff when I notice the sky turning red.I hide under some fallen trees.I hope these games end soon.

Summary of DAY 9

Raven and Ann died.The sky is turning red.

DAY 10

Aiden POV

I should have took supplies from the career camp when I was there I barely have any food left.I walk along the meadow when I see the boy from 9.I run after him and he throws a spear at me and it cuts my shoulder.I get up and run away.

Dosh POV

The sky is getting darker I get up and climb into a tree.I dont know what is going to happen but I dont want to be on the ground when it does.

Rasberry POV

Me and Cadberry are talking when it starts raining.I look at his face and its blood.Jessica starts screaming and running through the camp.She tries to push me but I grab her and throw her over a supply crate.I pull out a knife and jump ontop of her I try to stab her but she keeps moving her head.I turn and see Cadberry throwing Lucas into the cornucopia and Lucas running away.Jessica tries to knock me off but I stab her in the shoulder she screams in pain and I tell her she should try being nicer.I stab her in the stomach and twist it around I pull it out and stab her two more times and let her bleed today before hiding in the cornucopia with Cadberry.

Randy POV

When the blood started pouring I hide under a tree.I cant climb up its to slippery I stay under and try my best to cover myslef from the blood.

Lucas POV

I ran after Cadberry threw me I have medicine my armor I got from the feast some food and water and a machete.I walk in the blood and go into the mountains I will kill Rasberry and Cadberry tommorow.

Summary of DAY 10

Jessica died.Lucas is no longer in the career alliance

DAY 11

Dosh POV

I walking around the woods when I hear two tributes fighting.I look around a tree and the boy from 2 and 5 are fighting I run away not wanting to get sucked in.

Cadberry POV

Im walking through the woods with Rasberry when the boy from 5 comes out of nowhere.I swing my sword at him but he dodges it I kick him in the stomach and tries to slam it into his back but he dogdes it again.He gets up and swings down at me I move out of the way but he swings it again and it cuts my nose open.I feel blood dripping down my face I elbow him in the face and swing my sword at his chest and it cuts it open.I slam it agian and it rips open his back and blood goes all over me and the ground.

Lucas POV

Im in the mountains Ill kill Rasberry and Cadberry tommorow.I walk around I have a machete medicine food water and my armor.I stay in the mountains deciding that ill sneak up on them tommorow.

Randy POV

Im walking aroud the meadow I decide that I should rest so I go to sleep.

Summary of DAY 11

Adien died.Everyone else is fine.

DAY 12

Randy POV

I woke up early and saw the boy from 4 heading to the career camp.I grab my spear and run away just incase they start hunting.I climb a tree and hide in there I want to go home.

Lucas POV

I walk into the camp and Rasberry tries to kill me I grab her hand and flip her over a supply crate when Cadberry pushes me over.

Cadberry POV

I pushed Lucas over a supply crate when he attacked Rasberry.I grab my sword and swing it at him.He dodges it and swings his machete at me.I grab him and throw him on the ground and try to stab him but he moves.I look at him and he kicks me in the face.I grab his hand and pull him up and ram him with my shoulder he swings at me and I duck and cuts his knee open and it falls sideways.He is on his knees and I lift his jaw up and bite his throat.I rip my head up sharply and blood falls on the ground Lucas and me.I spit out his blood and look at Lucas his gong rings out.Rasberry comes over and hugs me I smile and an annoucer comes on and says congradulations for winning the 58th Hunger Games.

Dosh POV

I get to go home I smile on my face when the hover craft comes to pick me up.

Summary of DAY 12

Lucas Died.

Congradulations to the Victors

Cadberry Male 16 District 2

Rasberry Female 16 District 2

Dosh Diamondheart Female 16 District 8

Randy Male 16 District 9

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