ouThis is the 60th Hunger Games and my first games so bare with me 2 people can win from any distrcit.If your tribute dies im sorry but its the Hunger Games.May the odds ever be in your favors

Tribute Template









If you make a tank they will die in the bloodbath.Ill do scores I also reserve tributes spots for 2 days


You get 200 dollars

Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 100 dollars

Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

Axe: 80 dollars

Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

Trident: 120 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Mace: 80 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars

Machete: 60 dollars

Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars

Medicine(6 doses) (treats burns cuts and tracker jacker):100

Matches(10) 20 dollars


Woods all around and small streams. thats really it for looks

Mutations-Tracker Jackers Pink birds that swarm and stabs with beak slimy lizard/salamanders that swarm and bite same as tracker jacker bites.


1Lion Scrapes Male 18 Mace Training Score 9

1Ruby Jackson Female 16 Bow and Axes Training Score 10

2Ell Male 18 Sword Spear Training Score 10

2Finch Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 10

3Woody Yen Male 18 Spear Training Score 6

3Lux Marlowe Female 17 Technology knives Training Score 6

4Thomas Quince Male 15 Trident Net Training Score 8

4Tarelia Anderson Female 17 Bow Knives Training score 9

5James Will Male 16 Spear Slingshot Training Score 6

5Picasso May 17 Female Spear Training Score 7

6Brann Clatch Male 16 Sword Training Score 8

6Brier Mason Female 17 Blowgun Training Score 6

7Dorsal Moone 18 Male Machete Training Score 7

7Ivy Pine Female 13 Axe Training Score 6

8Dake Larson Male 16 Sword Training Score 8

8Ocean Smith 16 Female Machete Axe Knives Training Score 7

9Caspian Flax 16 Male Axe Training Score 8

9Rye Bannock 15 Female Throwing Knives Training Score 7

10Woods Tong Male 17 Rock Training Score 4

10Ann Sage 15 Female Axes Swords Training Score 6

11Rowan Thyme 16 Male Throwing Hammer Training Score 5

11Demi Cores 17 Female Throwing Knives Blowgun Slingshot Training Score 6

12Reed Kale 13 Male Sword Training Score 6

12Vanessa Teter 14 Female Throwing Knives Training Score 6


Finch POV

60 seconds to go 60 before I can kill everyone.Now 50 I look to my right and see the girl from 9 Rye I hate her and I want to kill her noone interfears.To the left of me is the boy from 2 my district partner Ell I smile at him and he points to the Cornucpoia the timer says 20 seconds.I get ready to run and smile at Rye and Ell.10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.BOOM half of us run to the Cornucopia and the rest run away I see Rye run with a pack and my throwing knives!I run after her and grab her head and swiftly break her neck!BOOM yes I got the first kill I bend down and put my knife pack on...when the boy from 10 tackles me...then Ell grabs him and throws him off and then spears him in the heart.Boom!He helps me up and then the girl from 11 is running towards us with a knife.I grab a knife and throw it into her neck and she stumble and dies.BOOM!


Finch smiles at me and I run to the cornucpoia I grab a spear and look around I see the boy from 10 tackle Finch! I run up and throw him off and spear him then Finch kills the girl from 11.I say,Thanks',and she says ,Welcome. I run to the middle where I see the boy from 7 grab a machete and is running toward a pack I aim my spear and throw it.It lands in him heart and he dies BOOM! I run into the mouth and grab a knife but I look through boxes for sword.

Lion POV

I run to the Corucopia and look for a mace but the boy from 11 is coming at me with a knife. I grab him and throw him to the ground and he starts spurting out blood from his mouth.I roll him over and he landed on a mace I grab the mace and pull it out of his back.I run towards the boy from 3 he has a spear he jabs at me and I dodge I then smash his face in with the mace and his blood spurts all over the ground.

Thomas POV

I find a trident I see the girl from 5 with a spear she throws it at me I duck so it doesnt hit me.She has a nice aim to bad she wasnt in are alliance I stand up and kick her in the chest she falls to the ground I raise my trident and stab her in the chest BOOM!I Tarelia she throws a net at me a I catch it and whip around and trap the boy from 8 and stab him in the face with my trident BOOM! I see Tarelia grab a bow and shoot the girl form 10 in the neck BOOM then the girl from 12 in the heart BOOM!

Ruby POV

I grab an axe and plant it in the girl from 8s head BOOM I run to find a bow or axe pack.I see the boy from 9 running from the cornucopia with a pack I grab an axe and throw it into his temple BOOM.

Summary of day one

The boys from 3,7,8,9, 10,11 the girls from 5,8,9,10,11,12

Brier got a blowgun and pack from the corucopia.Brann got a sword and pack.Ivy ran from the cornucopia with Reed and no supplies.Lux got a pack with district related supplies hint hint.James got a spear and a small pack with little supplies.The carrers are sitting comfortly in a camp set by the cornucpoia.


The careers have decided to go hunt for tributes but Ruby and Tarelia stay behind to watch the supplies.

Lions POV

We are just walking around the woods looking for tributes when I ask who they have dibs on.Finch says she already killed who she wanted.Ell says the boy from 5 while looking at the sword he found,Thomas wants the boy from 12 I tell them I want the boy from 6 when we spot the girl from 6 she sees us and shoots her blowgun at Thomas it hits him in the shoulder.

Ells POV

The girl from 6 just shot the Thomas in the shoulder so we all run after her.Thomas tries to throw his trident at her but she dives into a stream.Thomas jumps in after her while we all chant for him to kill Finch looks at me and smiles so I smile back then we begin to chant kill her over and over.

Briers POV

I just jumped in freezing cold water to avoid a trident from the boy from 4 im trying to swim away but he is already at me trying to drown me.I grab a rock from the bottom and slam it into the boys face.He let go of me and I swim away when im sucked into a hole from the bottom of the stream.I am now somewhere in the arena in a diffrent stream.I get out and look through my pack to see if I have any firestarter.I only have some rope and a water bottle I need a fire before I freeze to death.

The careers go back to the camp.

Ivys POV

I am under a tree with Reed we have no supplies.Its getting dark and cold we decide to climb a tree and sleep there for the night.I sleep in Reeds arm its alittle warmer now.

Rubys POV

Finally your back ugg.What happen to Thomas' face he fall or somthing clutz.Haha

Thomas POV

No Ruby I got stabbed what did you do sit on your lazy ass and eat food.Shutup and go make a fire.

All the careers but Ruby start laughing.Thomas gets medicine and his head heals and ruby makes a fire.They are all in a cemi circle around a fire.

Finch POV

Its dark and I see a slimy lizard thing so I pull a small knife out and kill it for target practice.One knife in the body then one in the head.Then we all decide to sleep I go over and take the knives out of its body and put them in my vest them go to bed.I feel a tickle on my leg so I kick my leg,then a sharp pain in my leg.I wak up and a slimy lizard is on me.I pull a knife out and stab it then Ruby starts screaming.Everywhere there is lizards everyway there biting everyone.I pull out a knife and start killing them but there biting me and evryone.


I pull out my sword and start slicing and stabbing the lizards while Thomas is stomping them,Tarelia is stabbing them with an arrow.Lion is macing them I dont see Ruby though.

Ruby POV

When the lizards are attacking the others I got up and ran from them all they can die.I look down and I have 4 bites.My head starts swirling and im getting dizzy I grab a tree for support but quickly fall down my eyes are fluttering and its getting dark.

Summary of day 2

The careers killed all the lizards but there feeling the effect of the lizard venom.Ruby and Brier are near death Ruby needs the cure along with the other careers and Briers needs matches for a fire.Ivy and Reed need supplies and the others are doing okay with there lives.


Ivys POV

I wake up to a loud beeping noise.I look up and see a silver canister I think to myself we got sponsors. I wake Reed up and he says to go get it.I shuffle up to the canister and open it it has medicince and matches.I put them in my pocket and then we go look around for some food.We hear shivering and see the girl from 6 she has blood all over her.

Briers POV

I wake up near death when I see a small rabbit near me I pull up my blowgun and shoot it in the eye.I feel that its really warm then I think blood and rabbit fur is warm.I find a sharp rock fleck and skin the rabbit and put its blood on me to try to warm me up then the skin in my coat.I hear feet coming towards me and its the boy from 12 with the girl from 7.

Reeds POV

I walk with Ivy up to the girl from 6 she has rabbit meat and a blowgun.We both offer to light a fire if we can all spilt the rabbit and she agrees.We have the fire brewing and the cooked rabbit the girl from 6 is warming up and not freezeing now.We form an alliance with her for now.....

Rubys POV

I hear a chimming sound and look I see a canister I huble over still haveing effect of the lizards greatly I open it and it has 6 doses of the cure.I take one and give it to myself then I walk back to the camp.Everyone it spazing so I gloat that I have the cure Tarelia is trying to grab it but I pull away.I start laughing at everyone when....

Ells POV

Ruby is gloating that she has the cure.I get up not having been greatly affected I grab her from behind.Then Tarelia struggles to get up when she does she pulls out a axe and uses the end to knock Ruby out.I grab 2 cures and give myself one then I run over to Finch and give her the cure.Everyone has the cure and is doing better.


I have a backpack with some food and water and wire and circuts.I decide I need to make a circut that will keep me safe.I decide I should electricy the stream near the cornucopia .I make up way when I see the boy from 5 walking .I put my foot down and it breaks a branch he turns and throws his spear I dodge it by hiding behind a tree he runs at me so I run hes getting close to me.I drop my backpack and he trips on it I turn back and grab my pack then keep running I hide in a bush till the rest of the night.

Brann POV

I am walking around when I see the boy from 5 walking around with blood all over his face and a spear.I look down at my sword and decide not to go for it I walk quietly away and find a vines so I walk inside and its a mini cave so I go in and decide to camp there for the night.

Summary of day 3

Brier Ivy and Reed are in an alliance Lux plans to electricfy the stream near the career camp.Ruby is still unconcess the careers are fine Brann is in a small cave.James is bleeding and needs medicine


Briers POV

Ivy and Reed are still asleep I think to myself that I have to leave before they get me killed but I cant survive for long.I open my pack and steal the macthes from them and then tie up Ivy and Reed.I begin walking when I see 2 candy pink birds.I pull out my blowgun and shoot one then the other comes flying at me I hit it with my blowgun and then kill it then I hear screaming.

Ivys POV

I wake up and see that im tied up I wake Reed up and then a candy pink bird flyes toward us and I kick it and its beak staps through my boot.I see abuch coming towards us i roll down the hill just when they all come.Reed starts screaming and blood is everywhere.I grab a sharp rock and cut myself free.I begin to run but the screaming stops and a cannon fires and Reed is coverd in cut and blood.I run when I fall into a bush and hide there for tonight.

Rubys POV

I wake up and walk up to Lion and ask what happen.He tells me and I begin yelling at everyone when.Finch says look and point to the woods.There is tons of candy pink birds just sitting of branchs.I wlak over to my bow and put on the quiver and nock and arrow.Lion has his mace ready Ell has his sword Finch has her hand on a knife Thomas is ready with a trident and Tarelia has her hand on an axe.Then all of them coming flying at us.

Thomas POV

Everyone is ready and the birds comes flying at us I start stabbing them out of the sky while Ell is slicing them with his sword and Ruby is shooting them.Finch is throwing knives at them then she just start slicing them.

Tarelia POV

I throw an axe and slice 2 birds in half then I grab an axe and just starts slicing them.Ruby got knock down and Finch looks at her then a brid glides at her and cut her forhead put she kills it then she run over and saves Ruby.Ell gets knocked and birds start killing him Finch kills all the birds.Then she just kneels down all the birds flying everyway and just focuses like nothings happening and starts crying.All the birds are dead and then Finch gets up.

Thomas 2 POV

Finch looks at us and then just runs she looks back and Ruby shoots at her but she dodges it .I hold Tarelias arm so she doesnt throw an axe in her head.

Summary of day 4.Reed and Ell are dead.Since Ell looks like Finchs brother she thinks he is dead and goes insane she has a cut forhead and needs medicine.Ivy needs supplies.James still needs medicine.


Branns POV

I hear a chimming noise so I go outside and see a in the distance I see a silver canister put I wonder why its so far away.I begin walking towards it when I see the boy from 5 pick it up he reads a note outloud.You're doing very well! Just stay in your cave and use these matches for keeping yourself warm. You're reaching the final eight, and I send Thomas to you. Team up and Hide, You must only fight if it is neccesary. You will be both 'the Hiders'. Lion and Tarelia will be 'The Hunters.' Good luck to you! Hope I see you back in District 6! Then he muffs free supplies and the careers are coming there must be a cave around here somewhere and he begins looking around great I just lost matches.

Tarelia POV

I see a silver canister so I go pick it up and it has matches and a note saying You're doing a very good job! I sent you these matches, because of you are going to leave the Career pack tonight. You will leave them WITH Lion AND Thomas. Just kill Ruby if possible. When you are in the woods, you have to find Brann. When you find him, he's in a cave by the way, Thomas has to stay with him. They will be 'the Hiders'. You and Lion will be 'the Hunters.' You have to kill all the tributes you see. I send Lion an extra mace. I will send you an extra weapon when you are in the final five! You can do this! I hope you, and Thomas, both come back in District 4. Ow yeah, And take so many supplies as possible and drop them in Brann's Cave, you can get things if you go in there. You can sleep in his cave to, but watch out for earthquakes or something, because ROCKS are heavy!!Great I have to leaves supplies but I have to follow Thomas hes like my brother.

Thomas POV

I pen up my sponsor gift and its a trident and a note saying You're the youngest, so I hope you come back in District 4 alive. You need to find Brann in a cave. Tarelia and Lion will help you with finding him. Kill the other Careers first before you're leaving in night. Just show your, and Tarelia's, message to Lion. You will hide with Brann, while Tarelia and Lion will kill the other tributes. You have everything in Brann's cave. Good luck to you! I have to find the boy from 6 even know there is only 9 people left great then who wins.


I got a machete from a sponsor now I have 2 weapons.I finish electrifing the stream near the careers so I get my stuff and run not wanting anyone to see me.I head to a rock slegde and put my self in a corner where noone can get to me.I just wait till I hear the gongs.

Lions POV

I got a mace from a sponsor and now Ruby keeps yelling why I didnt get one so Tarelia tells her noone like her.This give everyone a execpt Ruby a laugh but then all these silver canister start pouring down there is like 20.Ruby starts screaming that the capitol loves her and us to a lesser effect.Tarelia tell her not to open them and starts walking over to her to make her not open them but Ruby opens one and there full of....Tracker Jacker there swarming everwhere.

Thomas POV

Ruby is swarmed with Tracker Jacker so we all run when Tarelia falls from the venom I run back get stung way to much adn pick her up and we run but Lion runs to the water I tell him dont but he doesnt hear as soon as he touches the water he is electricfed and his cannon fires.Tarelia is moaning from all the stings I really hope we get medicine because I left my pack at the corucopia.I decide that we should camp.

Annoucer POV

Finch runs to the cornucopia after the Tracker Jacker leave and grabs a backpack but before she runs she throws a knife into Rubys heart and her cannon fires.Then she runs away.

Summary of day 5 Loin and Ruby are dead Tarelia needs medicine.James is looking to kill the careers when they go to the cave Brann is still in the cave.


Ivys POV

I need a weapon I need to kill the Brier she almost got me killed and she killed my district partner.I find a sharp rock and decide I can us that....then I see her and she begins to run I run after her and she turns and I throw my rock and it cuts right above her eye and then she begin climbing a rock sledge.I follow her were halfway up when she shoots a dart at me and I dodge it then she shoots either.

Briers POV

Im shooting at Ivy put she keeps dodgeing them then she grabs my leg and tries to pull me down.I kick my leg and she lets go then I kick her in the jaw and she falls.When she hits the ground blood spurts out of her mouth she landed on a bed of rocks.Her cannon signals showing that she died I climb down and look at her then run.I hide in a bush of shrubs.

Thomas POV

2 canisters came and I open them one has the cure and I give it to Tarelia the other has food me and her eat it all then look for Brann we find him shortly after in a cave we settle down then an annoucer comes on saying that tommorow we will have a feast tommorow and each bag will hold what you need.We start devising a plan me and Tarelia will go and grab the bags then come back here.


I have to go to feast tommorow I mean it has something I desperatly need.I get ready to go tommorw.I decide I will grab my bag then if someone is there Ill kill them.I sleep so I have energy for tommorow.

James POV

I look at my spear and say to myself that tommorow is a change to kill everyone.I hide for tommorow and go to sleep for energy.

Tarelia POV

I look at my axes I only have 2 put then I look at Thomas and that he lost one of his tridents to save my life im glad 2 people can win these games.Thomas and me sleep so we have energy for tommorow while Brann is on watch.

Summary of day 6

Everyone is gearing up for the feast and Ivy is dead.


Briers POV

I see the district 6 bag I look for someone then I blitz toward the bag I grab it and run not seeing anyone.I then open my bag and it has food in it I eat it want I need and the rest I put back in my bag.I run saying to myself that thats all I got and I have to make it work.

Thomas POV

Me and Tarelia go and wait at the cornucopia she puts on are bag when we hear a noise come from the woods so we run thinking its a person.Tarelia has an axe out and I have my trident ready we look around and noone is there.We go back to the cave when it starts shaking I get out first the Tarelia but Brann gets tangles in the vines and the cave close and we hear his screams then I fell a backpack hit me in the head.It Tarelia and the boy from 5 has a spear to her throat.He then pulls the spear and slits her throat and 2 cannons ring out.I run from him when I turn I fell a sharp pain and I look down and his spear is in my stomach.Im barely alive and he runs away.

Annoucer POV

Finch that clever girl threw her knife to distract the District 4 tributes.Then she runs and grabs her bag but what the girl from 3 grabs her bag and runs at Finch.Finch finds a tree with little branchs and throws 2 knifes at it and uses it as limbs the girl from 3 doesnt see her and runs away.It Finchs bag it looks like knives she puts them in her vest and runs away.

Finch POV

I run back to the cornucopia and see the boy from 4.I kneal down and he say Finch kill the boy from 6 he kill Tarelia.I nod and then pull a knife out to end his suffering I stab him quickly in the heart.I run away and look for the boy from 6 and hear Thomas gong.

James POV

I run to the cornucopia and grab my bag but notice something in the cornucopia its weapons there is some swords knives and spears I take one and leave I open my bag and its spear heads.I and look for more tributes.I cant find any and its night already so I go to bed under and tree with my spear in hand.


In my pack there is my circuts and wires.I decide that I could use it to electrfy the ground near the cornucopia I begin makeing it and then I connect it to the electrfied water.I then go sleep in a bush near the cornucopia.

Summary of day 7

Tarelia Thomas and Brann are all dead noone needs anything.Lux Brier and Finch and James in the Final 5


Brier POV

Im glad I went before everyone got their thier must of been a bloodbath.I get up and look up and the sky and its about to rain I run under a tree and hide there for the day since its not letting up.

James POV

Im gonna win these games and noone is gonna stop me I start walking when the girl from 2 appears out of nowhere I throw my spear and her but she dodges it.Then

Finchs POV

I dodge the spear from the boy from 6 then I throw a knife and it slices throught his knee and he falls.Then one in his hand He tries to grab a spear with his other hand but I throw a knife and it goes straight threw his hand sticking in the ground.I pull a small knife out and prepare to cut up his face when an annoucer comes on and says that there can be four victors the captiol just loves you all.He begs me to stop and that he won I say I didnt hear it and begin cut up his face.I get up and throw the small knife in his stomach then another one in his neck and he dies.I walk to the cornucopia when the girl from 3 stops me and un electrfes the ground the 3 victors are girls.We all smile then a hovercraft comes and pick us up.


I cant belive I won yes I can go home.

Briers POV

I get to go home yes I smile and we all go home.


District 2 Finch 16 Throwing knives

District 3 Lux Marlowe 17 Electricity

District 6 Brier Mason 17 Blowgun


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