This is the 62nd Hunger Games and 6 people can win from any distrcit.If your tribute dies im sorry but its the Hunger Games.May the odds ever be in your favors

Tribute Template









If you make a tank they will die in the bloodbath.Ill do scores I also reserve tributes spots for 2 days


You get 200 dollars

Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 100 dollars

Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

Axe: 80 dollars

Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

Trident: 120 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Mace: 80 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars

Machete: 60 dollars

Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars

Medicine (treats burns cuts and tracker jacker):100

Matches(10) 20 dollars


Woods all around and small streams a meadow and mountains

Mutations-Tracker Jackers Monkey Mutts(like in the 75th Hunger Games)


1Tiger Moon Male 17 Sword Training Score 10

1Nezzie Werbass Female 16 Knife Training Score 10

1Limerade Male 16 Spear Dagger Training Score 10

1Juvel Garnet Female 17 Bow and Arrow Training Score 9

2Pomagranite Male 16 Throwing Axes Dagger Training Socre 10

2Danelle Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 10

2Malek Rath Male 17 Sword Throwing Knives Training Score 10

2Harla Stonfind Female 12 Spear Training Score 9

3Compton Onawa Male 16 Spear Training Score 7

3Ember Tantum Female 15 Wire Traps Blowgun Training Score 7

3Niell Turall Male 13 Small Knife Training Score 6

3Ruby Hryglass Female 16 Throwing Axes Katana Training Score 7

4Bruce Kyle Male 15 Trident Blowgun Training Score 10

4Ivy Wayne Female 15 Blowgun Throwing and Regaular Axes Training Score 10

4Thomas Quince Male 15 Trident Net Spears Training Score 10

4Tarelia Anderson Female 17 Bow and and Arrows Knives Training Score 10

5Shock Electer Male 18 Wire,Throwing Knives, Sword Training Score 7

5NIna Camberlit Female 15 Sword Training Score 7

5Mike Smith Male 12 Spear Training Score 4

5Kelly Green Female 15 Axe Training Score 6

6Brann Clatch Male 16 Sword Training Score 8

6Milly Clatch Female 14 Bow and Arrow Training Score 8

6Tiame Downe Male 16 Blowgun Training Score 4

6Eclar Female 16 Knives Training Score7

7Leo Dec Male 17 Blowgun Training Score 7

7Juleit Evadne Female 13 Axes Knives Training Score 7

7Dain Qrill Male 12 Knives Sword Axe Training Score 7

7Richelle Maer Female 14 Axes Knives Training Score 7

8Jason Seren Male 15 Small Knife Traps Training Score 7

8Ginger Peach Female 14 Dagger Throwing Axes Training Score 7

8John Jones Male 16 Blowgun Training Score 7

8Sliken Dimity Female 16 Bow and Arrow Knives Training Score 8

9Kevin Quince Male 12 Trident Net Training Score 9

9Feline Madir Female 12 Knives Spear Training Score 6

9Cabel Stroll Male 12 Axe Training Score 2

9Rye Bannock Female 15 Throwing Knives Training Score 7

10Lizer Male 18 Dagger Training Score 8

10Felisha Macelain Female 17 Blowgun Spear Training Score 6

10Oogre Male 15 Hand to Hand Combat Boomerang Training Score 8

10Eveyn Bornes Female 17 Knife Training Score 4

11Fern Larksong Male 16 Scythe Training Score 5

11BlueBell Daisy Female 15 Bow and Arrow Training Score 7

11Charles Blossmon Male 14 Slingshot Training Score 6

11Bella Reed Female 17 Sword Mace Spear Training Score 5

12Gober Letulyze Male 15 Spear Sword Mace Training Score 6

12Ebony Grenslev Female 16 Bow and Arrow Throwing Knives Training Score 8

12Toby Webb Male 13 Sword Spear Throwing Knives Training Score 7

12Ann Reed Female 12 Bow and Arrow Spear Throwing Axes Training Score 7


Danelles POV

I turn to my right and see the girl from 6 Eclar so I turn my head and in the distance I see Pomagrante next to the tributes from 9.The clock is down to 10 so I get ready....10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 I jump off my plate and grab a throwing knife pack and see the girl from 6 so I pull out a knife when the girl from 9 Feline running at me I grab a knife and flip her on her back then I slit her throat.I turn to kill the girl from 6 when she jumps on the boy from 10 Lizer or something and she bites his eye socket.He is bleeding badly but he wont let her go so she bites his shoulder and tears it open he grabs a knife and stabs her in the shoulder but she doesnt die I pull out a knife and throw it into her back and it kills her.Then I see an axe plant itself into the boy from 10 Lizer.Its Pomagranite.

Pomagranite POV

I run straight for an axe pack when the boy from 6 tries to tackle me.I grab him and knee him in the stomach then I snap his neck.I put on my axe back when I see Danelle I look around and see the boy from 10 Lizer so I throw my axe into his back.I look around for supplies and more weapons with Danelle while the rest are killing.I look up from a crate and see Thomas stabbing the boy from 11 in the chest with his trident and blood spurts all over him.


I grab a blowgun and start killing I see the girl from 11 and shoot her in the back and she falls over a supply crate when the boy from 11 tackles me over a supply crate.He tries to stab me but I grab his arm and put my foot on his shoulder and push him up still holding his arm then I kick his jaw and it breaks his neck.I get up and grab my blowgun and see Kelly slamming Nina into the cornucopia then ramming an axe into her back while blood spurts everywhere.

Limerade POV

I grab a dagger and grab the boy from 9 and slit his throat when I see Tiger take a sword and stab the boy from 5 in the heart then he slams it into the other boy form 5's stomach and rips his intestines out and blood spews all over the ground.I turn see Milly stabbing Silken with and arrow while Brann stabs Niell in the back.

Bruce POV

I grab a trident and throw it into the girl from 10 and blood flies out of her mouth.Then the boy from 7 runs behind me so I trip him and get on top of him and begin choking him till his eyes glaze over then I see Tarelia stab Juleit in the back with a knife.

Summary of DAY 1

Niell Shock Mike Taime Eclar Feline Cabel Lizer Eveyn Fern Bella Leo Charles Nina Silken Juleit are all dead.The rest are fine the tributes that werent said in the bloodbath all have a weapon and supplies


Pomagranite POV

The career pack is spiliting into 2 groups Me Danelle Tiger Bruce Ivy Thomas Tarelia and Kevin while Nezzie Limerade Juvel Malek Harla and Oorge are in anethor group.Are group is hunting first while the others stay and gaurd supplies.We head to the meadow part of the arena since its easier to find tributes.We walk around when we see Rye running.We all chase after her when she throws a knife at us and it hits Danelle right above the eye.I run over to her and see if she is ok when Ivy shoots a dart at her but she dodge it and disapears into the woods.We head back to the camp where I put medicine on Danelles and it heals up.

Ember POV

Me Compton and Ruby are in the woods and we have formed an alliance.We open are packs and all together we each have food and water and medicine I got some electric supplies Compton got 2 spears and Ruby got a throwing axe.They are gaurding me while I make an electricle trap.We all decide to make camp and sleep for the day.

Brann POV

Me and Milly are in the woods when we see the girl and boy from 7 I run after the boy while Milly goes for the girl.I grab the boy and slice his face open then his knee.I raise my sword and slice open his throat and blood flies all over my chest and face.I turn and see Milly shooting the girl in the throat.

Ebony POV

Im with Toby Ann and Gober in an allice I have Throwing knives Ann has a bow Toby has a sword and Gober has a spear.We dont have any supplies just weapons we are in the mountains hiding from careers and looking for tributes.We climb to a point where we can spy on the careers they are a huge group oh well they will be kill and district 12 will have all the winning spots taken.

Summary of DAY 2

Dain Richelle were killed.Everyone else is fine.


Gober POV

Me Ann Toby and Ebony are going to the cornucopia to steal from the careers since there is only 4 people and there far away.I have my spear so we head down to the cornucopia we all run and start looking at supplies when Ann screams in pain.I turn my head and see an axe sticking out of her leg and the careers coming at us.I see the girl from 2 fighting with Ebony.I look and see the boy from 2 running at me I throw my spear and it cuts his rips.

Ebony POV

I try to run over to Ann but the girl from 2 comes at me I take a small pack and hit her with it but she grabs it and throws it and grabs my arm.I grab her hand and bite it but she gets out....

Danelle POV

The girl from 12 just bite me so I get my hand out and stab her in the stomach and throw her over a supply crate.Then I take a knife out and throw it into her back and she spits blood onto the other girl from 12 and dies.I turn and see Pomagranite throw the boy from 12 onto a supply crate and slam and axe into his back.

Toby POV

I run and grab Ann with a backpack and leave the corncucopia we head into the mountains where we find a cave and hide in it.In the pack I got there is rope matches and some water.We need medicine for Anns leg I cant have her die.

Ginger POV

I look through my pack it has some food water and medicine.I got a dagger from the cornucopia so im walking around the woods.When I see the girl from 11 and see walks over to me and says im Bluebell would you like to ally its good for both of us.I tell her sure and she takes me up to the mountains.When we get to the top she pushes me.I pull out my dagger and she shoots an arrow at me so I throw my dagger and it lands in her shoulder.I run up to her and get behind her and jump on her back.I take the dagger and pull it out then I stab her i the throat and blood spurts out of her neck and she dies.

Summary of DAY 3

Ann needs medicine Gober Ebony and Bluebell died


Limerade POV

Me Nezzie Juvel Malek Harla and Oorge are going hunting for tributes were going through the mountains.I have a spear Nezzie has a knives Malek has a sword Harla has a spear and Oorge has a razor boomerrang.Were walking when we see Felisha with a blowgun and John making a trap or something.I tell Oorge he can kill one and I get the other.He gets up and throws his boomerang and it stabbs into Jasons back and he spits bloodeverywhere and dies.Felisha looks at us and runs into the mountains so I take my spear and throw it at her a it hits her rips.Blood flys out of her so I walk over there and get on top of her and stab her with my dagger blood goes all over my face and body.I get up and Harla is wlaking over to wear Jason was when she is slammed into a tree by a wire.I look at her and its peeling her skin away.I grab my spear and Oorge grabs his boomerang when it rips her into peices.

Milly POV

Im walking around with Brann when we see the boy from 8 with a blowgun.Me and Brann start running up to him when he shoots a dart into Branns leg.I quickly pull an arrow out and shoot the boy from 8 in the neck and he falls on his head and drowns in his own blood coughing and spitting blood all over him self.We both get up and look through his pack it has rope and water.We head into the mountains

Toby POV

Ann is dieing she has lost to much blood I need her to live for me I cant win without her I really hope we have a rich sponsor out there who can give us medicine.

Kelly POV

Im in the moutains with an axe and a pack full of food and rope.I walk around when I decide to sleep I go into a crack and sleep there.

Summary of DAY 4

Felisha Jason John and Harla all died today.Ann still needs medicine. Brann needs medicine.


Tarelia POV

Me Kevin Ivy and Bruce and Oorge are going hunting we are walking around the meadow when me and Kevin turn around.The others stop and ask us what is up when Kevin hits Bruce and knocks him out and I hit Ivy in head and knock her out.Oorge is looking at us when I say you arent a career and should be with us then Kevin goes to pin him and he slices his face open and runs.Me and Kevin look at Bruce and Ivy and decide to leave them I take her pack and axes and Kevin takes the extra trident and pack and we seperate from the career pack.


I wake up with Bruce and we look around where in the meadow and I only have one axe then I remember what happen with Tarelia and Bruce.I grab my axe and we head back to the cornucopia and tell everyoen what happen they are shocked by what happen.

Oorge POV

Im walking around after being attacked by Tarelia Thomas and Kevin when I see them.I slowly creep close to them and throw my boomerang at Kevin and it buries into his chest and blood spurts out his mouth and chest and he hits a stream and blood pools out of his body.Then Tarelia throws an axe at me and it hits my stomach.I run up to her a pick her up and slam her into the ground and she spits blood on my face.I get on top of her and begin choking her when she rips the axe out of my body and runs.I hold my stomach in a run to the cornucopia where I get medacine for my stomach and it heals up.

Ember POV

My trap hasnt killed anyone yet so we move into the mountains.I look around I dont have any weapons but the othes have them we all look when we hear a noise so Ruby goes to check it out.We look over the edge when we see the boy from 12 fighting with her for her pack.

Toby POV

I see the girl from 3 so I run up to her and try to grab her pack when she whips around so I shove her to the ground but she gets up I hit her in the face with the back then stab her in the chest with my sword and she dies.I see the other tributes from 3 coming so I run away and go to Ann.I open her back and find medicine so I apply it to her leg and it heals up.When an announcement comes on saying there will be feast tommorow with something we despertaly need.I tell Ann we have to get there first to avoid a bloodbath.


There is a feast tommorow so we have a plan Me Bruce Pomagranite Danelle Tiger will kill people at the cornucopia while the rest hunt in the arena.Me Ivy and Bruce will walk around the cornucopia and the rest will hide around the cornucopia

Summary of DAY 5

Kevin and Ruby died Brann needs medicine


Toby POV

Me and Ann are looking at the corncuopia there are bags everywhere there not on a table or in order there just thrown on the floor I spot on of are bag and Ann finds the other which is a diffrent color we dont see any careers so we blitz for it.I grab one and Ann grabs the other the diffrent color on.In one bag there is food and in anthor there are 2 retractible spear.I but them in my bag and we both run.


Im walking toward the conrucopia and see all the bags I run for mine.I grab it then notice the otherone sgo to grab for it when....

Danelle POV

I see the girl who threw a knife at me to I run at her and throw a knife and it cuts her right above the eye so I run after her and tackle her.I pull out a knife and try to stab her but she keps moving so I get up and throw her and and she tries to run so I throw a knife into her back and it kills her.I walk over and grab her pack and throw both into the cornucopia.

Ember POV

Me and Compton run for are bags and grab them and run away.In are bags there a 2 sets of wires one that strethces really far and 2 retractible spears.

Tarelia POV

Me and Thomas both run for are bags when an axe comes out of nowhere and plants into Thomas back.I run and grab his bags.In are bags there are wierd wire net food water and arrows that the tip expand when they hit someone.

Pomagrates POV

The other tributes got there bags when we were going to get Ivy Bruce and Tiger.But the bags have some capitol stuff Ivy and me got 2 axes that whatever the blade touches it burns I also got armor along with everyone in the alliance except Oorge.Tiger got a sword that freeze what it cuts Nezzie got knives that the blade is gold Limerade got 2 retractible spears.Juvel got diamon tipped arrows Danelle got 6 knives that when the blade is inside somthing it breaks Bruce got trident that has a hidden knife in it and Malek got somthing but he wont tells us.and Finally Oogre got medicine and a bladed boomerang.

Summary of DAY 6

Rye amd Thomas died. In Kellys bag there was food and a axe that has a seratted blade,Milly bag had food and arrows that are tipped with diamonds goes throgh almost anything Brann got a sword like Tigers and water Ginger got a diamond tip dagger and food


Ember POV

I use my wires from the feast to make more traps when Compton throws a sponsor gift at me.It is a blowgun with 24 darts.Me and Compton go hide in the forest and wait for my traps to work.

Limerade POV

Me Nezzie Juvel Malek Harla and Oorge are hunting for tributes in the woods.We are walking when we see the tributes from 3.Nezzie pushes her way to the front and starts running toward them when the girl smiles.Then Nezzie is tripped to the ground and she starts shaking. We all run over to her when we notice she is trapped and her skin is charring and melting off.I look up and the tributes from 3 are gone so we head back to the cornucopia.

Malek POV

Im looking around the careers the numbers are going down I look at my sword that I got at the feast it is serrated.I have my armor on so I go to leave the camp when Danelle comes up to me.She is asking me all these questions then she puts her hand on me I push it off and tell her to get off then she ask whats wrong and comes closer I shove her over a supply crate and walk away....

Pomagranite POV

Malek just shoved Danelle I walk over to him and ask him what his with him then he pushes me so I grab his jaw and back of his head and crank his neck and it cracks and his gong rings out.

Tarelia POV

Im walking around the meadow when I see the tributes from 6.I take my axe from the feast and throw it at the boy.It cuts right above his eye and it burns his skin.Then the girl looks at me and shoots and arrow and me it hits me in to thigh so I pull it out and run away to the mountains.

Summary of DAY 7

Nezzie and Malek are dead.Brann and Tarelia need medicine.


Pomagranite POV

Me Danelle Tiger Bruce and Ivy are going hunting we are walking around the woods when we see the tributes from 12 with the girl from 5 .We start running after them when the girl from 12 shoots at us and hits me in leg then Danelle throws a knife she got at the feast at her but the boy jumps infront of her and it lands in his side and he stumbles to the floor and couchs up blood and dies and the girls run away.We head to the cornucopia where I get medicine for my leg.When Tiger tells me that Oorge ran with supplies and he headed into the meadow

Kelly POV

Im with Ann and she is a wreck Toby meant alot to her and she keeps crying were in the woods.Im looking around when I see the tributes from 3 they are making something.I stay with Ann though and watch them

Tarelia POV

Im walking around the meadow when I see Oorge.I dont know why he is not with the careers.I grab my last axe from the feast and throw it.It skids across his side and he screams in pain then he throws his boomerang at me.

Oorge POV

Tarelia just bruned me with her axe so I throw my boomerang and it lands in her leg and she screams in pain.I run over to her and she raise her axe but I grab her hand and throw her over my shoulder and punch her in the stomach.She gets up and cuts my face with her axe so I shove her and she falls on the floor.I kick her in the stomach but she gets up and I grab her throat and begin to choke her but she rams her axe into my stomach and rips it out and my blood spurts onto the ground.I kneal down and I hold my stomach in and fall onto the ground.

Ginger POV

Im in the meadow and I hear fighting so I go to it and I see the girl form 4 running away.The boy from 10 is on the ground and his stomach is cut open.He tells me to kill the girl from 4 so I promise him I will then I take out my dagger and stab him in the heart.I get up and head to the mountains.

Summary of DAY 8

Toby and Oorge died.Tarelia needs medicine



Me and Kelly are in the mountains when we see the tribute from 2 and 4 and the boy from 1 walk into the woods we hear them scream so we both run and hide in the mountain.

Pomagranite POV

Me Danelle Bruce Ivy and Tiger are going into the woods to hunt for tributes.We are walking around when we see an orange monkey.So Ivy throws an axe at it and it lets out a scream and dies then we hear alot of noise then a gang of monkeys start coming at us.I start throwing my axe 2 into the chest and 1 in ones brain then I use my last one to slice them open.Danelle is throwing her feast knives into them and Ivy is throwing axes Bruce is stabbing them.I look at Tiger and turn and see a monkey coming at me and it tackles me then Danelle screams and throws a knife into it and we run back to camp.

Brann POV

Me and Milly run into the woods to help whoever is killing the careers and we see noone then monkeys come at us.Milly starts shooting them but she runs out and then one tackles her and bites her I stab it to death and I carry her to the meadow.I lay her down and she starts crying I tell her it will be ok but I know she wont make it.I hold her hand and tell her it will be ok.Then she kisses me on the cheek and says tell mom and dad I love them then she just stops breathing.I take her bow and lay it by her side.I get up and decide to walk toward the mountain so I can hide.

Ginger POV

Im walking around the mountains when I see the girl from 4.I run up to her and stab her in the leg and she pushes her down.I look up and she rips my dagger out and throws it over the cliff.I get up and run at her try to tackle her but I cant so I grab her hair and tug it then I slam her head into the side then I throw her to the ground.I get on top of her and grab her face and say this is for the boy from 10 and begin slamming her head into the ground blood rushes out of her skull and she begs me to stop but I keep going till her gong rings out then I get up and walk away.

Summary of DAY 9

Milly and Tarelia died.

DAY 10

Bruce POV

Me Ivy Pomagranite Danelle and Tiger are going hunting down by the streams.I have my trident ready when we see the tributes form 3 we all start running for them.The boy throws a tiny spear at Ivy and it bounces off so I thro my trident in his stomach then I walk over and pull the hidden sword out and lop off his head with it.The girl runs out of sight.I pull my trident out of his body and we walk back to the camp were Juvel and Limerade are talking to eachother.

Kelly POV

Me and Ann have promised eachother an alliance till the end.Were walking around the mountains and decide to go to sleep I take the first watch and hear some wierd nioses out of the meadow wonder what it is

Brann POV

The arena is getting darker I quickly go into the woods and climb a tree just incase anything happens.

Tiger POV

The arena is get darker I wonder why but im on alert till somthing happens.I walk over to Danelle and Pomagranite we talk about life back home when Bruce and Ivy come over and tell us that Limerade and Juvel are up to something.I wonder why and why they wouldnt include me in the plan I mean I am from there district but oh well.

Summary of DAY 10

Compton died.The arena is getting darker.

DAY 11

Danelle POV

The arena is still dark for some reason.Me Pomagranite Bruce and Ivy are all at the cornucopia while Limerade Tiger and Juvel hunt.Me and Pomagranite are talking while Bruce and Ivy are looking for more supplies when we hear a cracklying sound and a flash then it starts raining hard.I grab my a small pack of knives and run inside the cornucopia with Pomagranite Bruce and Ivy.We all all in when we see the Tiger Limerade and Juvel running for the corncucopia.

Tiger POV

Limerade and Juvel keep talking and not letting me hear.Then the is lighting but Limerade and Juvel want to keeping hunting we make it to the mountains when it begins raining hard and Juvel starts screaming its ice ran so we run back to the cornucopia.We trying to run through all the supplies and crates when Juvel trips over a supply crate and begins to scream.I turn my head and she is just laying there screaming I look away when I hear her gong ring out.

Ginger POV

Im trapped in a cave and I can climb out because its to slick.Im in a indent so I dont touch the water then the rain just stops then all the water in the cave frezzez up like complete ice.I use my dagger to stab and climb my way up when I see all the meadow is a waste land the leaves on the trees are gone.The careers camp is iced and even a career tributes yes the games just got easier.

Brann POV

I climb down my tree a see that everthing is an icy wastland.I grab my supplies and run for the mountain since its the only place to hide.I slip down into a cave and hide there for now.

Pomagranite POV

The arena turned into a ice wasteland everything frozen but its not cold it feels like nothing happen.We try to find some supplies but all that is left is waht was in the cornucopia and the weapons we had on us.

Summary of DAY 11

Juvel died the arena is a frozen wasteland.

DAY 12


I wake up early and see Limerade running from us all with a pack and his spears.I wake up Bruce and he says that he is fair game now.I go back to sleep knowing he is not in the pack anymore.

Limerade POV

I ran from the pack with 2 spears some food and water and a couple knives.Im walking around the meadow when I decide to sleep.


I think Kelly is going to turn on me so I get up and load my bow and tell her to turn around and when she does I shoot and arrow but she dodges and it only cuts her cheek...

Kelly POV

Ann just cut me with an arrow I grab my serrated axe and slice her knee open and I leave her I want her to bleed to death.Im walking around the woods now and noone is hear so I decide to sleep the arena is still an ice wasteland and it couldnt get any better.

Sumaary of DAY 12

Limerade left the career pack

DAY 13

Kelly POV

Im walking around the woods when I see the girl from 8 running towards the mountains.I think I dont have to kill an anymore.I walk tot he meadow where I see the boy from 1 I look at him he is awake so I quickly hide in the woods again.

Ginger POV

Im walking up the mountain when 2 monkey mutts start coming after me I run away from them when the girl from 12 trips me.I turn around and see that she is grabbing a arrow so I grab her arm and throw her to the ground.Then I go to stab her but she kicks me in the chest then my jaw and blood spits out of my mouth.She is coming at me so I get up and grab her hair and slam her into some ice and it shatters blood is falling from her face.I go to stab her again but she tackles me and begins straggling me I try prying her hands off but im not strong enough I start fishing around for my dagger when I grab a shard of ice and I take it and it glides across her throat and blood glides onto me and the ground.

Limerade POV

Im stalking the career pack they are all hungry since I took most of the food and most of there supplies are gone I took the last of the medicine.Im walking through the woods and decide to sleep I find a tree and climb it and sleep.

Ember POV

Im walking around the arena when I see a stream of water I have some supplies so I decide to make a trap.I connect it to the stream and ground I hope these games end soon.I have been here for to long I decide to camp by my trap.

Summary of DAY 13

Ann died.The careers need supplies and thats it.

DAY 14

Brann POV

The mountain is making a crackling sound.I run away just incase when I meet the tributes from 2.I take my sword and slice the boys leg open and push the girl down when the mountain begins to crash before us.I grab my sword and supplies and run away.

Pomagranite POV

The mountain is collapsing and Danelle got knocked out when the boy slammed her to the ground so I pick her up and run the best I can to the corncucopia where the rocks just bounce off.I am bleeding alot and we dont have any medicine then Danelle wakes up and she looks at my leg then tries to find her pack when she realises Limerade took it.Then she blitzes outside and starts looking for him.

Danelle POV

I know he took my pack so I run the mountian is still crashing and im dodging rocks when I see Limerade running.Then he trips on a rock and he spitts blood out of his mouth then tries to get up but before he can I grab a knife and throw it into his back and he falls over and I run and grab my pack when I hear his gong I run back and apply the medicine in my pack it his wounds.

Summary of DAY 14

Limerade died there is nomore mountians.

DAY 15

Ginger POV

Im walking through the remains of the mountains trying to stay alive.I keep hearing a clanking noise so I turn around and see the girl from 5.I grab my dagger and she pulls out and axe and I run up to her and grab her arm and cut her arm and she drops her axe...

Kelly POV

The girl from 8 just cut my arm open so I push her to the ground and get on top of her and start to strangle her.She tries to stab me but I grab her dagger and throw it and I start strangling her but she gets out so I grab a hunk of rock off the ground and slam it into her face and blood splatters all over me the rock and ground but she is not dead so I do it till her gong rings out.

Ember POV

Its down to the final 8 and only 2 more need to die before the victors are crowned I really hope im one of them.Im walking around a stream when I see a monkey I take out my blowgun and shoot it in the eye but it gets up and runs at me I shoot it 6 times and start running then it disapears. I start walking around when...

Danelle POV

Me and Pomagranite are walking around when we see the girl from 3 get attack by a monkey mutt it bites off her face and blood goes everywhere then it looks at us and Pomagranite throws an axe into its head.We walk back to the camp.

Brann POV

Im going to win this game I will do whatever it takes to win and get back to my family and I will win this for Milly.

Summary of DAY 15

Ginger and Ember died.

DAY 16

Kelly POV

Im walking around when I find and a stream and begin to clean all of the district 8 females blood off of me when the boy 6 starts running after me.I grab my axe and throw it at him and it slices his shoulder open.I try to get up but I trip on a run and fall.I get up but the he grabs me and puts his sword to my neck...

Danelle POV

Im walking around with Ivy when we see the boy from 6 the same boy who almost killed Pomagranite I grab a knife and throw it into his back and he coughs blood onto the girl from 5.Then the annoucer comes on a tells us congradulations for winning the 62nd Hunger Games.I get to go home.

Pomagranite POV

I get to go back to District 2


Me and Bruce get to go back home yes

Congradulations to the Victors of the 62nd Hunger Games

Tiger Moon Male 17 District 1

Pomagranite Male 16 District 2

Danelle Female 16 District 2

Bruce Kyle Male 15 District 4

Ivy Wayne Female 15 District 4

Kelly Green Female 15 District 5

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