This is the 62 Hunger Games 1 person can win from any distrcit.If your tribute dies im sorry but its the Hunger Games.May the odds ever be in your favors.

Tribute Template









If you make a tank they will die in the bloodbath.Ill do scores I also reserve tributes spots for 2 days


You get 200 dollars per tribute you enter

Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 100 dollars

Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

Axe: 80 dollars

Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

Trident: 120 dollars

Net:50 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Knife:80 dollars

Mace: 80 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars

Machete: 60 dollars

Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars

District 3 supplies(wires and circuts):120 dollars

Katana:100 dollars

Medicine(6 doses) (treats burns cuts and tracker jacker):100

Matches(10) 20 dollars

Food and water pack:40 dollars


Woods basically all around and streams but there is a meadow and hidden caves and mountain.

Mutts Tracker Jackers,Slimy Lizard/salamaner mutts (bites like tracker jackers) Wolf Mutts like in the 74th Hunger Games.Candy Pink birds with razor beaks


1Tiger Moon Male 17 Sword Training Score 10

1Allannah Cameo Female 17 Bow an arrows Throwing Knives Training Score 9

2Emmett Wood Male 18 Sword Spear Training Score 10

2Glaive Buckler Female 17 Mace Sword Spear Training Score 8

3Jizzy Pearl Male 18 Sickle Electrocution Training Score 6

3Elysia Kandle Female 16 Spear Slingshot Training Score 7

4Thomas Quince Male 15 Trident Net Spear Training Score 10

4Casade Fen Female 15 Trident Training Score 9

5Cai Ryan Male 18 Darts Training Score 4

5Alex Chirp Female 17 Sword Mace Training Score 6

6Brann Clatch Male 16 Sword Training Score 8

6Milly Clatch Female 14 Bow an Arrow Training Score 8

7Xaivier Woods Male 17 Spear Training Score 6

7Jane Skye Female 15 Axe Hiding Training Score 4

8Timothy Velvet Male 16 Swords Training Score 8

8Kaeya Li Female 12 Slingshot Training Score 6

9Kevin Quince Male Trident Training Score 10

9Ali Coal Female 12 Knives Sword Spear Training Score 7

10David Renac Male 15 Mace Bow and Arrow Sword Training Score 7

10September Rollo Female 18 Bow an Arrow Mace Training Score 7

11Joe Male 15 Throwing Knives Training Score 6

11Cherry Winter Female 17 Throwing Knives Spear Sword Training Score 8

12Bords Lorks Male 16 Sword Training Score 7

12 Indigo Cartwrigth Female 14 Awl Training Score 4


Emmets POV

60 seconds till the bloodbath I look to my right and see the boy from 7 and on the left the girl form 8.20 seconds till I can kill.10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.I run straight and I see the girl from 7 grabbing the girl form 8 by the hair and throws her down.I run over there and throw him into a supply crate and then slam his head into a black crate till he dies.I look down at her and grab a sword and tell her ill protect her.She starts running around grapping a pack and slingshot when the girl from 10 runs to her with a mace I grab face and slam her into the a black supply crate then the girl from 8 runs.

Tiger POV

I grab a sword and trip the girl from 5 and then slice her back open the ram the blade into her back then she dies and I go to mouth and look for supplies then the boy from 10 tackles me so grab him by the throat and stab him the cheek then flip on top of him and cut his throat and blood splashes everywhere

Allannah POV

I grab a pack when the girl from 2 runs and me with a mace I hit her in the face with my pack and I run grabbing a bow and quiver on the way out.While the boy from 8 stabs the girl form 3 to death then the boy from 3 slices the 8 boys neck.

Thomas POV

I grab a trident and look for my brother the girl from 11 is on his back then he jump and lands on his back and she spits out blood then he gets up and kicks her in the face and it breaks her neck.Then I try to kill the girl from 12 but she stabs me in the leg with an awl then she runs into the boy form 3 who slashes her neck with a sickle.Then I see Cascade run into the girl from 2 who kills her I run over to since the bloodbath is over and yell at her till my brother Kevin runs up and grabs her arm and she goes to kill but I snap her neck.We both flee before we get killed.

Summary of DAY 1

The male tributes from 5,7,8,10 are dead and the female tributes form 2,3,4,10,11,12

Kevin and Thomas ran with some supplies and each with a trident and the survives of the bloodbath all have choice weapons and some supplies


Milly POV

Im with my brother we both got packs and I got a bow while Brann has a Sword.We all walk around when we see the boy from 12 so I pull out an arrow and shoot him but it hits him in the calf.Brann runs up to him and they battle I turn around and see a fire blazing behind us so I call out to Brann but when I do the boy from 12 slashes his face and runs.

Brann POV

Me and Milly begin running away from the fire we make it to a mountain and begin to climb were at a summit when it stops we decide to stay since we can see the careers.They are all leaving probaly to hunt tributes.

Tiger POV

Me and Emmett decide to go hunt tributes while Joe the boy from 11 is gaurding are supplies.We walk through the forest when the girl from 7 appears out of knowwhere and stabs Emmetts leg with an axe.He grabs her by the throat and cuts her leg open but then turns around and we both walk away he says let nature takes its coaurse as he pulls the axe out of his leg and stab a tree with it.

Jizzy POV

I walk around looking at my bloody sickle when I camp in the meadow and look through my pack there is a wire food water and matches.I look around the meadow for tributes when the girls form 5 and 9 run away from me the girl from 9 throws and knife and it hits my leg so I run after then I grab the girl from 9s hair and I slash her back but her cannon doesnt go off and the girl form 5 chases me away.

Alex POV

The boy from 3 just slashed Alis back so we decide to hide in the meadow and wait for hopfully a rich sponsor.

Kaeya POV

Im hiding in a meadow in a tree I have a blanket food water and my slingshot.I curl up and my slingshot I look around trying to hide from people.

Summary of DAY 2

Brann Ali and Jane need medicine everyone else is fine


Janes POV

I grab my axe when a mutt comes out of nowhere and attacks me so I stab it in the throat and kill it.I stumble along and see a bunch of trees so I squezze myslef in there and hide.

Kevin POV

Me and Thomas are hiding on the mountain when a wolf my comes and Thomas throws his trident and kills it so I give him mine.We decide it would be best for us to stay on the mountain.

Millys POV

I wake up and use my bow to shoot down the sponsor gift Its medicnie so I apply it to Branns face and it heals then we climb up a tree and hide

Tigers POV

I wake up to see Emmett and Joe killing wolf mutts so we all climb up the cornucopia and look for Kevin and Thomas we see them on the mountain so we decide to go afte them tommorow.

Alex POV

We got medicine for Alis back and we walk through the meadow when the girl from 1 apears we all aim are weapons when she asks for an alliance we accept since she is a career and can probaly help.

Summary of DAY 3

Alex Allannah and Ali are allies and Jane is Hiding and needs medicine.


Emmetts POV

We sneak up on Kevin and Thomas and I grab Kevin by the throat and choke him then when Thomas lounges at me I drop him then I grab Thomas trident and slam it right above his eye.Then I grab him and slam him against the side.He gets up so I slam his face into the side and he gets knocked out.

Joes POV

I am holding a knife gauring the cornucopia while Tiger and Emmett hunt when the tributes from 6 appear.I quickly run up to the boy and cut his leg then I throw him of the floor.Then I I grab the girl and throw her on him but she shoots an arrow and it cuts my rips.He gets up so I throw him over my shoulder and cut his arm up then I slam the girl with my shoulder and they both run away.

Keaya POV

I stay hidden in my tree and eat and drink all my food and water and hide from tributes.I can only hope for rich sponsors for food and water.

Kevins POV

I wake up and look down at my leg it is all bloody and I cant move it.I crawl in a hole and stay and sleep there for tonight.

Summary of DAY 4

Brann needs medince and Kevin is hurt and Keaya needs food and water also Jane still needs medicine.


Kaeya POV

I wake up and climb down my tree to retrieve a sponsor gift.I quickly grab it and climb my tree and begin to eat and drink then I stay and sleep to have some energy.

Thomas POV

I wake up with blood on my hands and face then I remember Kevin I climb down the mountain when he grabs my leg.I pull him out and look at his leg its all bloody and he cant move it.I tell him we need medicine but he wont let me steal from the cornucopia.

Jizzy POV

I grab my sickle and pack and set off to kill tributes.I walk along the woods when the girls from 1 5 and 9 appear.I run up and they all run from me.I grab the girl from 9 and throw her down and tell her that now I can finish I raise my sickle and slash her chest and throat and her gong rings.

Milly POV

I see the boy from 12 walking around I tell my brother to cover me.I run up to him and stab him with an arrow in the thigh and smile.He lunges at me and tackles me and I try to grab my bow but its to far away.He sticks his fingers in my mouth when I try to call to Brann.I quickly bite them and it tears his flesh open.I grab my boy and try to shoot him but it cuts his forhead and he falls.Then Brann comes and smashes his face with a rock.

Tiger POV

Me and and Emmett are looking for tributes since there has been 2 gongs already while Joe watches.We are in the woods when and axe flies throught the air and nearly hits Emmett.Its the girl from 7.Emmett grabs his sword and says that nature didnt take its coarse.She tries to run but he grabs he arm an slams here into a tree with his shoulder twice then her slits her throat.When an annoucer comes on and says that there will be feast tommorow at the cornucopia.

Summary of DAY 5

Ali Bords and Jane all died.The feast is tommorow so the tributes are gearing up.


Alex POV

Me and Allannah are walking to the cornucopia.I get my sword ready and she gts her bow ready and we blitz for are bags when she slams against the table and spurts blood out of her mouth and falls.

Thomas POV

I wake up and kiss Kevin on the cheek telling him I have to grab are bag.I grab my trident and set off for the cornucopia.I see the girl from 1 and 5 and run after my bag I throw my trident in her back and she slams into the table.The girl from 5 runs and I grab only Kevins bag and I pull my trident out of her back and run.I make it to Kevin and pull out a metal type thing and place it on Kevins leg and it begins to move and he starts screaming so I hold his mouth and his leg heals.

Milly POV

Me and Bran run straight for the cornucopia and grab are bag then run when the girl from 8 appears I shoot an arrow at her but the boy from 2 deflects it with his sword.Me and Brann both blitz not wanting to die.I take out are bag and it had medicine I apply it to Brann and he heals up.

Kaeya POV

The boy from 2 just saved my life and he runs with me and the boy from 1 and 11 to get my bag.I grab and run back into the meadow.My bag has food and water.

Jizzy POV

I run to the cornucopia and grab my bag and run when I see the girl from 5 in the woods I get ready to kill her when she cuts my face open.I jump back and we fight I take my sickle and stab her in the cheek.But she cuts open my stomach.I slam her agaist the tree and then stab her stomach and rip up and gut her like and animal.Blood flies everywhere I grab her bag and open it it has medicine which I use on my stomach and my has some wires and curcits.

Summary of DAY 6

Kevin is healed Alex and Allannah are dead.Thomas bag is still at the cornucopa there might be a fight for it.Emmetts and Tigers bags had armor.


Joes POV

The careers are looking for Kevin and Thomas so I grab his bag and look through it.It has some type of armor so I up it on.I sit of a black box and I thow the 4 bag when the tributes from 6 come.The boy runs for the bag while the girl shoots at me.I duck behind a crate then I pop up and hit the boy in the back with a knife and his cannon goes off.The girl runs up to him so I throw and knife and it comes through her cheek into the roof of her mouth.Put she grabs it and pulls it out and throws it at me put it bounces off.Then she pulls the knife out of the boy and runs after me.I grab her hand and we fall and I kick her over my shoulder and grab the knife.I put her in a headlock and stab her in the stomach but she gets out and runs away.

Emmetts POV

Me and Tiger come back and we see the boy from 6 dead and Joe with blood on his head.I start clapping and comgradulating him for his first kill.Then I tell Tiger he is on watch while me and Joe hunt.We walk up the mountain when a trident flies the air and nearly hits me.I look and its Thomas and Kevin me and Joe run to them Joe pins Kevin agaist the side while I grab Thomas and slam him on the ground.He spits blood on my face so I tell him it will be quick and I slit his throat.Me and Joe walk away from Kevin well kill him later.

Kevin POV

They just killed my brother I will have my revenge.I grab a rock and cut are pack and place it on his wound then under his head as a pillow.I walk away tears in my eyes I have to win this for my brother.

Kaeya POV

2 gons went off today im sad there dead but I need to go home so I just stay hidden in my tree I have water so I snuggle up and fall asleep.I will venture out of my tree and see spy on everyone.

Milly POV

My mouth is full of blood and I need medicine I stay in a grove of trees and hide for the night I hope I get some sponsors.

Summary of DAY 7

Brann and Thomas are dead.Milly needs medicine and Kevin needs a weapon the rest are fine.


Joes POV

Tiger and Emmett are hunting for tributes I really want to go home.I sit on a black box and wait for someone to come I eat some dried food and drink water.I look for more knives then I just sit around and wait for them to come back.

Kayea POV

I wake up and go look for tribtues to spy on when I see the girl from 5 she is hurt.So I offer her some medicine.when.....

Milly POV

I wake up and look for some food when I find some berries put I look closer and there nightlock i decide to trick someone into eating them when I see the girl from 8 she walks over and gives me some medicine.I think easy and hand her some nightlock and she eats them she only eats 2 when she falls and her gong comes off.

Tigers POV

Im walking behind Emmett when he begins running I run after him and he picks up the girl from 6.He slmas her into a tree and screams at her and she begins crying.I see him pull out a dagger and stab her hand into the tree and she screams in pain.Then he pulls the knife out of her stomach and cuts off a finger.Then finally he pulls out his sword and decapitates her. He picks up the girl from 8 and brings her back to the cornucopia and sets her inside.

Joes POV

Emmett just brought the girl from 8 back and put he in the mouth and walks out.I hear trees breaking and I look over and the arena is flooding.We all run away Emmett and Tiger climb a tree and Emmett puts out his hand....

Emmetts POV

I try to save Joe but he gets swept up and then he gets slammed into the forcefield and his gong goes off I fell bad that he was a great help and a great person but I have to win.

Summary of DAY 8

The arena got flooded.Joe,Kaeya, and Milly died.


Kevins POV

Its down to the finale four im in a tree when I see a trident and pack.I leap into the water a grab the trident and pack .I swim around looking for tributes when I see the boy from 3 I throw my trident and it misses him but when he dodged it he fell off.I swim over to him and try to drown him but he cuts my thigh with his sickle.I grab his head and begin to drown him but he bites my finger and I let go.He grab his sickle and cuts my nose I punch him in the face hold his head under water till his gong goes off.I swim and grab my trident out of the water but the the water begins sinking.

Tiger POV

I jump out of my tree while Emmett is asleep and I run away going for the cornucopia.I grab a pack and run into the meadow and hide there till the moring.

Emmetts POV

I wake up and Tiger is gon but its dark so I decide to sleep till tommorow.I say to myself tommorow im going home.

Summary of DAY 9

Jizzy died and the arena isnt flooded anymore.Its down to the final 3.

DAY 10

Tiger POV

I walk up to the cornucopia and search for some more supplies when Emmett comes.I pull out my sword and take off my pack.Then I launge at him and cut his leg but he gets my face.I throw a pack at him and he dodges it so I try to stab him but

Emmetts POV

Tiger just tried to stab me so I grab his arm and but him in a headlock and flip him over and he lands on his side.He struggles to get out so I just take him and break his neck and his gong goes off.Then I turn around and I see Kevin.

Kevin POV

I see Emmett he just killed the boy from 1 I throw my trident and it cuts his rip.Then I run up and grab his throat and he lifts me in the air I choke him then headbutt him and we both let go.I run after him but he flips me on my back.I jump up and tackle him but I feel and sharp pain I look down and Emmett stabbed me.He pulls out his sword and I fall to the ground and shut my eyes.....


Congraudlations for winning the 62 Hunger Games

Congradulations to the Victor

Emmett Woods District 2 Age 18

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