This is the 64th Hunger Games and 4 people can win from any distrcit.If your tribute dies im sorry but its the Hunger Games.May the odds ever be in your favors .

Tribute Template









If you make a tank they will die in the bloodbath.Ill do scores I also reserve tributes spots for 2 days


You get 200 dollar

Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 100 dollars

Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

Axe: 80 dollars

Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

Trident: 120 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Mace: 80 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars

Machete: 60 dollars

Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars

Medicine (treats burns cuts and tracker jacker):100

Matches(10) 20 dollars


Woods all around and small streams a meadow and mountains but the arena has some deadly tricks

Mutations-Tracker Jackers A large Beast Animal (like in the 75th Hunger Games) Wolf Mutts (like in the 74th Hunger Games)


1Hadrien Male 17 Sword Mace Strength Training Score 10

1Kelly Female 13 Spear Dagger Training Score 8

2Pomagranite Male 16 Throwing Axes Training Score 10

2Danelle Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 10

3Cola Male 16 Electrocution Knife Hand to Hand Combat 8

3Autum Female 16 Electrocution Training Score 6

4Jackson Male 16 Knife Hand to Hand Combat Training Score 10

4Platuim Shell 17 Female Trident Net Throwing Knives Training Score 9

5Adien Male 17 Throwing Knives Sword Bow and Arrow Training Score 8

5Diamond Pearl Female 17 Knife Axe Training Score 8

6Ben Male 14 Slingshot Axe Blowgun Training Score 7

6Jasmine Female 18 Bow and Arrow Training Score 7

7Alec Male 16 Mace Spear Blowgun Strength Training Score 9

7Olivia Female 16 Axe Bow and Arrow Spear Training Score 8

8Hawk Male 18 Hand to Hand Combat Blades Training Score 9

8Voilet Female 15 Spear Slingshot Axes Knives Training Score 8

9Onyx Blight Male 18 Knife Teeth Training Score 8

9River Female 15 Throwing Knives Stealth Net Snares Training Score 7

10Lucas Heyk Male 17 Sickle Mace Throwing Sword Axe Training Score 10

10Kaden Ron Female Knives Axes Training Score 8

11Forrest Byanaty Male 12 Slingshot Blowgun Training Score 7

11Max Female 15 Spear Knives Bow and Arrow Axe Training Score 6

12Ash Male 16 Spear Training Score 8

12Mint Female 14 Throwing Knives Dagger Training Score 7


Danelle POV

Im standing on my platform I look around at all the tributes I quickly see Pomagranite he is standing in between the tributes from 3.I smile at him and he smiles back 20 seconds left I turn and see the girl from 12 and the boy from 7 next to me.I look at the cornucopia I quickly scan it and see a knife vest leaning against a black supply crate.10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.I jump off my plate and run to the cornucopia I run for the knife vest when I see the girl from 12 running toward it.I run to it and grab it when she tries to push me down I grab her shoulders and throw her down.I quickly grab a knife and throw it into her throat she begins spitting blood and coughing.I turn and see the girl from 3 trying to run from the bloodbath I grab a knfie and throw it into her leg.I start running at her when she falls down she tries to get up but I throw a knife into her back killing her.

Pomgranite POV

I jump of my plate and run straight for the cornucopia I quickly begin look for throwing axes.I run inside the cornucopia and see some hanging on the wall I grab 2 and see the boy from 6 running with a pack of throwing axes.I quickly run out of the cornucopia and see him running away and grabbing a pack I throw an axe in the back of his leg.I quickly run up to him and ram my axe it his back he is still trying to move so I ram it into his back again.I put on the throwing axe pack and turn to see the boy from 9 running at me I grab an axe and throw it into his neck.I turn and look for Danelle in the cornucopia.

Jackson POV

I run to the cornucopia and grab a knife and see the boy from 3 looking in a supply crate I run at him and slice his back open.He falls on the ground so I get on top of him and stab him in the chest I rip out my knife and stab him in the throat.I rip it out again and he spits blood onto me and the ground I get up and see the boy from 12 I run up to him and stab him in the side.He fall on his knees I rip out my knife and slice open his throat his blood gushes out of his neck onto my knife and me.I kick him to the ground and see everyone running around I smile and see Pomgranite throw an axe into the boy from 5s leg.

Hadrien POV

I look around I keep looking for a sword or mace when the girl from 10 tries to sneak up behind me I grab her head and slam her twice into a crate and I hear a crack.I get up and see Platuim throwing a knife into the girl from 11.

Forrest POV

I ran off my plate I look around I around I see a blowgun and a pack right next to it.I turn and see the girl from 7 pushing the boy from 8 for a pack.I quickly run for the blowgun and pack I stoop down to grab it and run away.I head down a hill and open my pack.I have 24 darts rope and matches and medicine.I climb a tree and fall asleep.

Summary of DAY 1

The female tributes from 3,10,11,12 and the male tributes from 3,6,9,12 died.Aidein nees medicine.


Aiden POV

I got a sword and pack from the bloodbath and an axe thanks to the boy from 2.I grab it and rip it out while Kelly looks for medicine we only have food water and rope and matches.I look down I need sponsors it isnt bleeding that much anymore.Im against a tree I see Kelly with her dagger I pass out soon enough.

Pomgranite POV

Me Danelle and Jackson are all going hunting we are in the meadow when we see the girl from 8 running away from us.Danelle grabs a knife and throws it into her knee we all begin running at her when Danelle tackles her and pulls out a knife the girl has her hands in the air.Danelle cuts them and slams her knife in to her heart she pulls it out and we take her pack and head back to camp.

Lucas POV

I got a mace and medicine and water from the cornucopia.Im in the mountains hiding from tribtues Im going to spy on the careers.

Alec POV

I got 2 spears and a pack with water and food and 12 darts.Im in the meadow resting another tribute died today Im going to hide for awhile.

Hawk POV

I got a sword matches food and water Im in the woods spy on tributes.The boy from 5 and girl from 1 are in an alliance I wonder why she isnt with the careers.

Summary of DAY 2

Voliet Died.


Jasmine POV

I was lucky I got a bow from the cornucopia I also got a pack that has water food and matches.Im in the mountains walking around staying away from careers.Im walking around when I see the girl from 9 running down the mountains I load an arrow and aim for her and shoot it.But she turns and slips down the mountain and runs into the woods.I grab my pack and climb higher into the mountains.

River POV

I didnt get much from the cornucopia I ran into the middle timing everything to where a career was busy killing.I got a small pack and some rope I found on a black supply crate in my pack there was a knife and food.Im hiding behind a tree the tributes from 7 have formed an alliance.She has an axe and they both have packs I grab a rock from the ground and throw it.It cracks against a tree and without thinking they both leave I jump from the tree when the girl comes back and grabs one then runs off when the boy yells for her.I look left and right and quickly run towards the pack.I grab it and continue running.In the pack there is food and water.

Aiden POV

The blood has started coming up again I think its infected.I need medicine if I dont get it tonight I might not make it.Kelly has been on watch for an hour I go to tell her its my turn when I pass out.

Daimond POV

I got a knife from the cornucopia and water.Im in the meadow noone has died today I look around and find a ditch in a part of the meadow thats heavily hidden.I decide to sleep in it since its hidden.

Summary of DAY 3

Adien still needs medicine.Everyone else is fine.


Pomgranite POV

Its really early in the morning it is still dark outside but you can see.Me and Danelle are going hunting in the woods we are walking around when we see the boy from 8 walking around.We both sneak up close to him I pull out an axe and grab his waist and put my axe against his throat.He tries to sqwirk put I press my axe into his neck he elbows me in the rips so I just pull my axe into his neck and blood starts to pour out.I rip my axe out and me and Danelle head back to camp.

Kelly POV

While Adien was asleep I went to the career camp.Im hiding behind a tree when I see theyre all asleep I quickly dart out and start look through packs.I look up and see the girl from 4 moving I duck behind a supply crate and she stops I look through a black bag and find medicine.I grab the canister and run away I make it to Aiden and apply the medicine.He wakes up and looks at his leg its completely healed I lean against a tree and fall asleep while hes on watch.

Alec POV

Olivias bag was stolen when we were looking for the sound.I look around we are in the woods regaining energy we plan on going into the meadow and killing anyone we see in it tommorow.

River POV

Im still in the woods im spying on the tributes from 7 they plan on attacking the meadow tommorw.I decide to watch them and see what happens at the meadow.

Summary of DAY 4

Hawk died.


Jackson POV

Me and Platnuim and Hadrien are going hunting in the meadow.We are talking when we see a rustle in the distance we all start running to it when we see the girl from 5 running away.I turn and see Platnuim grab a knife out of her pack and throw it into her leg.The girl from 5 screams and falls down we make it to where she was but she isnt ther.We dont find her anywhere so we decide to leave and go back to camp.

Adien POV

Me and Kelly are walking around the mountains looking for a cave when we see tributes from 7.I grab my sword and they run after us the boy tries to kill me but I dodge his spear and I see Kelly pushing the girl down while im distracted the boy gets on top of me.I grab my sword when Kelly stabs him in the leg he yells and rips out the dagger.He grabs Kelly and pushes her off the side I take the dagger and stab it into his throat.His blood starts pouring out of his neck and mouth I hold onto the dagger and I rip it out the girl grabs the pack on the ground and runs away.

Forrest POV

Im in the meadow I saw the careers try to kill the girl from 5.She is in a ditch with a knife in her leg she is crying.I grab my pack and run to her she swings her knife at me and I fall.She tries to get up but I tell her I have medicine I grab the canister and open it.She grabs the knife and pulls it out I apply the medicine and it heals up.

Olivia POV

Alec just died im sitting on a stump in the woods when a sponsor gift comes down.I run to it and open it up it has an axe.I put it in my pack and begin walking around the woods I find a dense part of vines so I decide to sleep in there.

Summary of DAY 5

Alec died.


Kelly POV

I open my eyes and look around im on the ground and I see blood by my leg.I sit up and look at my leg its bleeding badly I need medicine for it.I look around and I hide in a corner of the mountain.

Pomagranite POV

Me and Danelle are going hunting in the mountains we are walking around when the boy from 10 slams his mace into my leg.I grab it and rip it out and push his down he gets up and starts to run away but I grab my axe and throw it into his back.He falls down and spits blood on the side of the mountains.I look at my leg and we decide to head back to the cornucopia.

River POV

I woke up and got a sponsor gift I got a throwing knife pack.I put it on and look around the woods.I decide to hide for now I grab my pack and run deep into the woods.

Diamond POV

Me and Forrest have formed an alliance and were hiding in the meadow.We are going to move to the mountains tommorow and spy on tributes.

Summary of DAY 6

Lucas Died.Kelly needs medicine.


Forrest POV

Me and Diamond are still in the meadow we are talking and laughing when she goes blank.I begin looking around when she pushes me down a hill.I go to get up when I see the tributes from 4 and the boy from 1 I look at her hands there moving backward she is telling me to hide.I lean back when the boy from 1 grabs her and throws her down.I look at him when he slams his sword into her chest and the tributes from 4 walk away.I grab my blowgun and shoot a dart into his neck.He falls on the ground and spits blood out of his mouth I grab Diamonds hand and she tells me to run.She hands me her knife and her pack I get up and run into the mountains when her gong rings out.

River POV

Im leaning against a tree when an annoucer comes on and says that tommorow at the cornucopia there will be a feast.I grab my pack and head onto the outskirts of the woods I need to be the first one there.

Jasmines POV

I going to go in the middle of the feast so noone will notice me when I sneak up and grab my bag.I go into the meadow and sleep close to the edge so I can quickly go and get out.

Kelly POV

My leg is still injuried I need to go to the feast I hope they have medicine their.I grab my pack and hobble to the edge of the moutains.I sleep in a indent so noone can find me.

Aiden POV

I going to the feast I need to meet with Kelly again I need to protect her I grab my sword and pack and head to the edge of the of the woods.

Summary of DAY 7

Diamond and Hadrien Died.


River POV

The tributes from 2 are walking around the cornucopia and the tributes from 4 are running into the meadow.The platform rises and I grab my pack and run.I get to the cornucopia and put my bag under my arm and run to the edge of the meadow where it meets the mountains.I sit down and open my bag in it is food.

Danelle POV

Me and Pomagranite are hiding around the cornucopia the Jackson and Platuim just ran into the woods and as soon as they do the girl from 6 runs out.I ran at her when she shoot an arrow at me it glides past me and I throw a knife into her throat.She spins around and falls down she is coughing and spitting blood al over herself.

Forrest POV

I got my bag when the girl from 2 was killing the girl from 6.In my pack there was food and water.I put it in my pack and head into the woods to sleep.

Kelly POV

Everyone is distracted I run the best I can to the cornucopia and grab my pack when the girl from 2 turns around I run into the cornucopia and hide behind some supply crates.I open my pack and apply the medicine that was in it.I see the tributes from 2 walking to the otherside of the cornucopia so I run out and head into the woods where I see Adien running.He turns around and hugs me we both head to the mountains in his bag there was armor that he put on.

Olivia POV

I got some medicine from the cornucopia im in the mountains hiding from tributes im in a cave and noone can see me.I begin climb through the cave so im safe.

Summary of DAY 8

Jasmine died.In the careers bag their was armor.


Danelle POV

Me and Pomgranite are walking through the woods hunting for tributes.We are talking about life back home when Pomgranite tackles me to the floor and a fireball flys past us.I get up and we begin running away when I hear a tree falling I turn and see Pomgranite being stuck behind a tree.He yells at me to run he will meet with me at the camp I turn around and begin running when the girl from 7 tackles me.Her stomach is burned we start rolling around we tumble down a hill and we both hit a tree.We both fall back I grab a knife and put it to her throat she begins to cry and say she just wants to go back to her family.I tell her she will see them soon I put the knife to her heart and say it will be quick I ram the knife in her chest.I get up and dodge a fire ball I start to run to the edge to the woods.

Forrest POV

Im in the meadow looking at the woods its turning to complete ash animals and some tributes are escaping the woods is now just a gaint pile of burn trees and ash gray and black.Smoke is covering the sky in a dark haze.I grab my pack and blowgun and head deep into the meadow staying low.

Kelly POV

Me and Adien both watched the woods burn we were planning on going their today today im glad we didmt we wouldnt of made it.We both climb in a cave and decide to hide from everyone.

Pomgranite POV

Im sitting on a black supply crate looking around for Danelle a gong sounded and I dont know if it was hers.I turn my head and out of the corner of my eye I see a blonde glow I turn around and see Danelle with black smoke covering her.I get up and run after her I give her a gaint hug and carry her into the cornucopia.I grab food and water and feed her some so she doesnt die.

Summary of DAY 9

Olivia died.The woods burned down.

DAY 10

Jackson POV

Me and Platuim are going hunting in the meadow.We are walking around when it starts snowing so Platuim buts her hand out and smiles.We begin walking when the boy from 11 tries to run past us I grab his neck and try to pull him to me when he stabs a dart into my leg.I let go of him and grab my leg we turn to where he came from when we see a ton of snow fall down and wisk around.Me and Platuim get up and begin running away we get to the cornucopia and see the meadow it gone.It just a frozen wastland it looks dead and gray the grain and grass is gone and it looks murky.

River POV

I barely made it out of the meadow before it all frozen im on the edge of the moutain if the gamemakers want us to come togehter the next thing they take out will be the mountain.I need to stay on the very edge hidden from everyone I climb into an indent and hide.

Forrest POV

I barely made it past the tributes from 4 im in the middle of the mountains I want to stay hidden from all the tributes.i need to come out of this alive.

Adien POV

Me and Kelly dont know why they destroyed the meadow and woods we decide to sleep in are cave still away from all the tributes.

Summary of DAY 10

The meadow is gone.

DAY 11

Aidien POV

Im with Kelly in a cave when the mountain begins shaking Kelly and I both crawl out and have trouble walking.The mountain is vibrating to much we try to run away but we end up rolling down the hill.I get up we are were the meadow use to be and we dont know whats going on.

River POV

I climb out of my hiding when the mountain begins vibrating.I grab my pack and run away when a rock falls and hits me in the head.I head to were the woods use to be and pass out.

Forrest POV

The mountains began falling out I jump away from cracks and run straight from the mountains when is collaspes.I hold onto my pack as im sent to the ground.I try to get up but im to weak from the mountain sending me to the ground.

Pomgranite POV

Me and Danelle are sitting on supply crates when the mountain begins to give away rocks begins falling down creating dust.Then all the sudden and huge dark cloud of fog coves the arena we can barely see we all get in the cornucopia waiting for the fog to clear out so we can see.

Kelly POV

Aidien pass out when the fog came so im on gaurd.I cant see anything I decide if I cant see them they cant see me so I fall asleep.

Summary of DAY 11

The mountains are gone and a black fog is covering the arena.

DAY 12

Danelle POV

Me and Pomgranite are up bright and early and the fog is gone we wake Jackson and Platuim and head out.All the tributes are looking at eachother.Me and Pomgranite both look at each other and run at everyone the girl from 9 tries to run away put I grab her arm and throw her down.I pull out a knife and stab her in the stomach I rip my knife out again and stab her in the stomach again.I pull my knife out and blood flies in the air she is still screaming when I stab her twice in the throat.

Forrest POV

The girl from 2 is running to her partner when the girl from 4 throws a knife into her leg,The girl from 2 falls in pain and pulls out a knife and throws it into the girl from 4s neck sending her landing on her hand.I turn to see the girl from 1 racing at me I grab my blowgun and shoot her in the heart.She falls on the ground and spits blood all over herself.

Pomgranite POV

I try to run up to the boy from 5 when Jackson picks me up and throws me into the ground.I pull out and axe and get close to him and slice his kneecap open.I pull my axe out and slam it into the throat his pull flies all over my face I rip out my axe and head toward Danelle.I give her a gaint hug we both have blood on our faces and we just smile when the annoucer comes on and says congradulatiosn to our victors of the 64th Hunger Games.

Summary of DAY 12

River Kelly Jackson and Platuim are dead.

Congradulations to the Victors of the 64th Hunger Games

Pomgranite Male 16 District 2

Danelle Female 16 District 2

Aiden Male 17 District 5

Forrest Byanaty Male 12 District 11

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