This is the 66th Hunger Games and 2 people can win from any distrcit.If your tribute dies im sorry but its the Hunger Games.May the odds ever be in your favors

Tribute Template









If you make a tank they will die in the bloodbath.Ill do scores I also reserve tributes spots for 2 days\


You get 200 dollars

Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 100 dollars

Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

Axe: 80 dollars

Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

Trident: 120 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Mace: 80 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars

Machete: 60 dollars

Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars

Medicine(6 doses) (treats burns cuts and tracker jacker):100

Matches(10) 20 dollars


Woods all around and small streams a meadow and mountains

Mutations-Tracker Jackers Pink birds that swarm and stabs with beak Wolf mutts slimy lizard/slammanders(bites like tracker jackers).


1Loin Scrapes Male 18 Mace Training Score 10

1Vanity Glossamear Female 15 Throwing needles Training Score 10

2Ell Male 18 Sword Spear Training Score 10

2Finch Female 16 Throwing KnivesTraining Score 10

3Jasper Voltz Male 18 Electronics Spear Training Score 6

3Tillie Sunday Female 12 Axe Mace Sword Training Score 7

4Wes Quince Male 15 Trident Net Throwing Knives Training Score 10

4Trace Anderson Female 13 Blowgun Machete Training Score 8

5Donovan Fox Male 12 Axe Training Score 6

5Blaise Reddison Female 15 Machete Slingshot Axe Training Score 7

6Brann Clatch Male 16 Sword Training Score 8

6Milly Clatch Female 14 Bow and Arrow Training Score 8

7Pepperoni Male 16 Throwing Axes Training Socre 5

7Darcie Sloane Female 16 Axe Dagger Training Score 7

8Baglum Mojania Male 17 Knives Training Score 7

8Tariana Malana Female 16 Awl Training Score 4

9Kevin Quince Male 12 Trident Net Training Score 9

9Zia Berry Female 14 Throwing Axes Knife Training Score 7

10Robin Slide Male 18 Swords Training Score 7

10Natara Trace Female 16 10 Axe Sword Training Score 7

11Hailey Ricktor Female 16 Spear Sword Training Score 8

11Lacey Polder Female 17 Slingshot Bow and Arrow Training Score 8

12Josh Eagleye Male 17 Spear Sword Training Score 10

12Amanda Hawks Female 16 Knives Training Score 9


Finch POV

I look around to the left of me is the girl from 11 and to the right is Ell.I look around a see a pack of throwing knives.20 seconds till the games start I take one last glance and smile at Ell then get ready.10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.I run off my plate and grab a knife and slice the girl from 11s back open and she falls on black crate then I stab her twice in the back then slice her one more time.I turn my head and duck avoiding an axe from the boy from 7.Then Ell comes and stabs him in the heart and his cannon goes off.

Vanitys POV

I run off and grab a pack off throwing needles and I throw one into the the boy from 8s neck then I look around for more needles and supplies.


I grab a trident and net and throw it into the boy from 5s chest and his gong rings of then I rip it out and blood spurts everyway then I take it and find Trace so she doesnt die.

Loins POV

I grab a mace then I hold the girl from 3 then let go and take my mace and slam it into her back then pull it out and blood spurts everywhere I look around to find Vanity so I run into the mouth of the cornucopia where she is looking through a crate.

Trace POV

Im looking around I see the Ell stabbing the boy from 3 with a spear in the heart.I take a blowgun that was on the floor and I shoot the girl from 3 in the back and it kills here.I turn my head and see Kevin stabbing the girl from 5 in the heart.

Kevins POV

I look for Wes when I see Finch running for the girl from 7 then she tackles her and stabs her in the face neck and stomach 12 times blood is everywhere.I turn around and the girl from 5 has a throwing needle sticking out of her back must of been Vanity.

Summary of DAY 1

The boys from 3,5,7,8 and the girls from 3,5,7,11

The tributes all that didnt run got supplies and a weapon


Vanity POV

I get up and look for more throwing needles but we decide to hunt for tributes.Wes and Trace and Kevin stay behind while Me Loin Finch and Ell look for tributes.We walk through the meadow when we see the girl 8 we all start running for her but Finch gets to her first.The girl from 8 stabs Finch in the leg but Finch pulls it out and stabs her in the shoulder with it.Then she takes out a knife and slits her throat and blood spurts onto the ground.

Loins POV

Finch just killed the girl from 8 so we head back to camp were Kevin and Trace are going through supplies I take a nap while Finch and Ell eat and the rest talk.

Millys POV

Me and Brann are walking around when we see the tribure from 11.I take an arrow and shoot him in the leg then Brann runs up and stabs him in the heart.I grab his pack and throw it at Brann.Branns has water a dagger and matches.Mine has food water and rope I take the dagger and Brann takes the rope.We both fall asleep in the meadow.


Im walking around not having supplies when I start climb up a mountain and into a cave I need supplies I hope I have a rich sponsor.

Josh POV

Im with Amanda she got a small pack with knives in it whie I got a spear and backpack filled with some dried beef and water.We are in the woods part of the arena when we decide to sleep we climb in a tree and we both fall

Summary of DAY 2

Lacey died every is fine Zia needs supplies.



I wake up and go outside from my cave and grab my sponsor gift when I see the girl from 10.She throws a axe at me but I use my gift to block it.I pick up the axe and run I get into the woods and look at my gift its food and water.

Josh POV

Im with amanda and we are in the woods I have a my sword and she has her knives ready but we dont find anyone so we decide to sleep in the meadow.

Millys POV

Me and Brann are walking through the meadow when we see the boy from 10 I shoot an arrow at him but it misses.Me and Brann run after him I pull out an arrow and shoot him in the knee.Then Brann walks over and grabs him and stabs him in the back I look at him and he is still breathing so I take an arrow and shoot it in his head.

Loins POV

Me Vanity Ell and Wes are hunting tributes while Kevin Trace and Finch stay behind.We walk through the forest when we see a dog and Vanity throws a needle into its back and it dies.We decide to go back to camp and sleep while Trace is on watch.

Natara POV

I walking around the mountains for the girl from 8 so I can finsh her off.I look around when it gets really dark for some reason.I quickly hide in the mountain just incase and I fall asleep.

Summary fo DAY 3

Robin died and everyone is fine.


Trace POV

Me and Kevin are going to hunt with Wes and Loin.I grab blowgun and a pack while Kevin grabs his trident.I really want to kill him I cant wait to.We all walk around when we see 2 gaint dogs Wes take his trident and throws it into the mutt and it dies then the other runs after us.But Kevin gives his trident to Wes and he kills it.

Loins POV

Im sitting around the cornucopia with everyone when Ell ask who everyone wants to kill.i say noone really Vanity said anyone,Ell wants noone like me,and Finch said the girl from 6.We sit around when we the rest come back and we sleep while Wes is on watch.

Natara POV

I get out of my cave when I see the girl from 8 I run after he with my axe ready to kill her when she ducks and I fall over her.I get up and go to kill her but she lifts her leg in the air so I slice it....


The girl from 10 just cut open my leg so I grab my axe and slice her face.Then I grab her and throw her against a tree and she looks up and me dazed and I raise my axe and slit her throat.Blood flys onto a tree and it gushes out of her throat.I look down and grab her pack and run and climb a tree.

Amanda POV

Im with Josh and a cannon fired one more gone another 10. to go.I look at my knife while Josh is asleep.But he wakes up and I fall asleep wanting to win.

Summary of DAY 4

Natara died.Zia leg is cut The others are ok.



I wake up and fall out of my tree then crawl over to a silver canister and open it it has medicine so I put it all on my leg and it heals up.Leg and it heals up I grab my pack and axe and begin walking when an annoucer comes on a says that tommorow there will be a feast at the cornucopia it holds somthing everyone needs.I decide to hide so I dont get killed before the feast.

Trace POV

Yes the feast is tommorow I can kill more people.I walking around still with Kevin and Wes since we didnt go back to the cornucopia.


Everyone is now hunting for tributes now we are walking around the forest when a tribute comes out of nowhere so Vanity throws a needle in her back.We all look up and see Wes and Kevin horrified then we realise that it was Trace.Vanity Loin Finch and me all run away when Wes throws his trident and it misses Vanity.

Kevin POV

Vanity just killed Trace we start running after them when I see Finch turn and smile and flick her wrist and Wes flips on his back and I see a knife in his shoulder.Now Wes is hurt and its us against everyone else.

Brann POV

Another tribute down 9 left Feast tommorow a time to kill some tributes with my sister the furture victors.I walk around and we decide to sleep in a coverd spot in the forest.

Summary of DAY 5

Trace died Wes and Kevin are on thier own the rest are fine



We have decided that Loin and Vanity will go and run through the arena and kill as many as they can while me and Finch stay at the cornucopia Ill hunt for people around while Finch waits a kills by the cornucopia.


While the careers are in the woods I quickly run and grab my bag then I see the girl from 1 runnning with the boy from 1 into the meadow.I run away and open my pack by some trees it has food and water so I put them in my pack and climb a tree surving the feast.

Milly POV

I run straight for are bag when I see the girl from 2 I pull an arrow and shoot it at her but she dodges it so I shoot another but when she ducks I pull out my dagger and run at her I go to stab her but she grabs my arm and flips me over and cuts my arm open.I get up but she tackles me and puts a knife to my throat.I turn and see Brann running to me but the boy from 2 grabs him......

Finch POV

While the girl from 6 is looking away I pull my straight across her throat and blood spills all over the ground and my knife I get up and put my knife away and go into the cornucopia

Brann POV

.I walk around looking for tributes when I see Milly being attacked I run to help her when I see the boy from 2 I take my sword and cut his face but he grabs me and slices stomach I hit him with my pack and run away.I go into the meadow hiding hoping for sponsors since I cant get my bag.

Summary of DAY 6

Milly died and Brann needs medcine not being able to get to his bag


Josh POV

Mine and Amandas bags are still at the cornucopia so we look for careers the careers from 2 are alittle away so me and Amanda run she grabs the bag when I see the boy from 2 coming at us me and Amanda both run away when we are attacked by the 1 tributes she throws a needle into my leg so we climb a tree and they run....


Me and Finch are running after the tributes from 12 when we see Loin and Vanity running and a massive thing of water coming at us we both run and grab are 2 bags and climb up a tree.The water is going everyone I turn and see Finch hugging a tree and Loin and Vanity sitting on some branches.I open are bags and throws Loin and Vanity there bag ares has 2 black belts that can float Vanity and Loins has some type of armor.


I am in a tree waiting for the water to go down so I just sit and wait

Brann POV

I was walking in the meadow when the arena flooded I quickly climbed a tree I can barely hold on but I have to for my sister.


The arena is flooded im from the fishing district and Kevin was for alittle this is are time to shine and kill everyone and become victors we look around and decide to go to the woods tommorow since the water isnt going anywhere.When Kevin jumps in the water and retreives are bags.Mine has some food and Kevins has a net.

Summary fo DAY 7

The arena is flood Brann still needs medicine along with Josh.


Loin POV

The arena is still flooded I have on the armor I look around Vanity is asleep so i just sit on a branch with my mace waiting for the water to go down.

Finch POV

Im sitting talking with Ell laughing when I see a silver glitter in the water I grab a knife out when the Wes comes out of nowhere and stabs Ell in the back.Ell falls into the water and Wes swims away I jump in after him and wrap my legs around his waist and stab him in the cheek and then pull his jaw up and stab him in his neck blood pours everywhere turing the water purple.I kick him in the back and swim to Ell.I grab him and hold him he says win for him I tell him I will tears in my face.


2 more tirbutes died the water is going down and the arena has changed instead of a meadow its a beach with sand and water.I clmib down my tree and run farther into the woods hiding form everyone.

Vanity POV

Me and Loin are the career pack now but we dont have any supplies there either destroyed or washed away all I have is my pack of throwing needles and a small pack of food while Loin has only his mace.We sit in the cornucopia were going hunting tommorow were gonna win this thing.

Kevin POV

After the arena became unflooded I went straigtht for the mountain with a trident and net.

Summary of DAY 8

Wes and Ell are dead the arena is unflooded Brann and Josh need medicine


Amanda POV

Josh and me both got sponsors I got a pack of throwing knives while Josh got medicine.I take then needle out of his leg and then apply the medicine.It heals up instantly we begin walking around when we decide to climb the mountain to spy of tributes.We see the boy from 6 laying in sand on the beach and the tributes from 1 in the cornucopia we cant find the girl from 2 and the boy from 9 is walking around.

Kevin POV

Im wlaking around the beach when I see the boy from 6 I grab him by the collar and throw him into the water.He gets up and begins running away.I grab my trident and begin following him he leads me into the woods where I grab him and slam him into a tree.I get on top of him and begin slamming his head into the ground when he flips me on my back

Brann POV

I flipped the boy from 9 over and I get up and grab him and throw him in a tree and grab his head and keep slamming him.Then I grab his jaw and break his neck.I grab his pack and trident even if I dont know how to us it I still will.I walk around and open his pack it has medcine and food.I take the medicine and apply it to wounds and they heal up.I sleep in a tree so I dont get killed.

Vanity POV

Im getting restless I need to kill but Loin says no so I stay and walk around the cornucopia and kill a wierd lizard thing so I walk back and fall asleep along with Loin.When....

Loin POV

I wake up and then I see Vanity screaming and running away then I notcie the lizards I start running toward Vanity and we both make are way to the water and wash off are wound and sleep in a tree not wanting to run into them again.

Summary of DAY 9

Kevin died everyone else is fine.

DAY 10

Brann POV

I get up early and see the tributes from 12 walking through the woods he has a sword and a pack while she just has some knives.I take my trident and throw it into his back it lands straight in his lower back and his gong rings out.She throws a knife and it nearly misses my neck I run and grab his sword and pack and run away intot he woods.

Finch POV

I swim out of the water and see Loin still wearing the armor I take out a dagger and slowly walk toward him.Then I jump on his back and lift up his jaw and stab him and move my dagger and his blood spurts out of his neck on my hands and his body then I jump off dagger still in him.Then I turn and see Vanity and she throws a needle and my leg and it sticks in.I run away into the woods and hide there.

Vanity POV

I run up to Loin blood dripping from his neck onto the grass.I take his jacket and cover him up and set off to kill Finch I will torture her I walk around the woods looking for her.


The boy from 1 just died I wonder who is next.I grab my axe and sleep in a tree watching out for tributes.

Summary of DAY 10

Loin and Josh died.The rest are fine

DAY 11

Brann POV

I wake up and look and see a sponsor gift in a tree I quickly climb and grab it.It is full of medicine I put it in my pack just in case.I begin walking around when I see the girl from 1.I look and her and she throws and needle at me put I block it and run away.She doesnt follow me and I wonder why when I see the girl from 2 and she pulls out a knife.


Im watching the girl from 2 and 1 fight.The girl from 1 runs and tackles the girl from 2 and trys to choke her but the girl from 2 flips her over and begins choking her then the girl from 1 grabs the needle in the girl from 2s leg and twists it and she screams falls on her back and the girl from 1 gets on top of her and tries to choke her but the girl from 2 lifts her head up and bites her nose and blood starts spilling.I girl from 1 gets up holding her nose and calls the girl from 2 a bitch.Then she runs over and tries to stab her but the girl from 2 but she turns her around and stabs her in the heart and she falls to the ground and her gong rings out.

Amanda POV

One more down 2 to go I walk around with my knives and pack.I go to the cornucopia and sleep since noone is there.I look through the washed up supplies and there is some food water and knives.I take them all and fall asleep.

Summary of DAY 11

Vanity died

DAY 12


Im walking around and I see a small wolf mutt it starts racing toward me and jumps so I throw my axe and it dies then I take my axe and rip it out of its body and run into the mountains hiding from the wolves.

Brann POV

Im walking around in the forest when I see a mutt I take my sword and decapitate it and then run back into my tree with 2 mutts trying to get up.

Amanda POV

I see the girl from 2 and she runs at me I throw and knife and it cuts above her eye and she falls of her back then I run away.

Finch POV

The girl from 12 just cut me so I run and pull out a knife and grab her hair and pull her close to me then I slam my knife into her and slice her chest then I get on top of her and slam my knife into her and blood goes everywhere then I get up and an annoucer comes on and says congradulations for winning the 66th Hunger Games

Congradulations to the Victors of the 66th Hunger Games

Finch Female 16 District 2

Zia Berry Female 14 District 9

Brann Clatch Male 16 District 6

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