This is the 68 Hunger Games 4 people can win from any distrcit.If your tribute dies im sorry but its the Hunger Games.May the odds ever be in your favors.

Tribute Template









If you make a tank they will die in the bloodbath.Ill do scores I also reserve tributes spots for 2 days


You get 200 dollars per tribute you enter

Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 100 dollars

Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

Axe: 80 dollars

Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

Trident: 120 dollars

Net:50 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Knife:80 dollars

Mace: 80 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars

Machete: 60 dollars

Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars

District 3 supplies(wires and circuts):120 dollars

Katana:100 dollars

Medicine(6 doses) (treats burns cuts and tracker jacker):100

Matches(10) 20 dollars

Food and water pack:40 dollars


Woods basically all around and streams but there is a meadow and hidden caves and mountain. The ground around the cornucopia is snow but thats it

Mutts Tracker Jackers,Slimy Lizard/salamaner mutts (bites like tracker jackers) Wolf Mutts like in the 74th Hunger Games.Candy Pink birds with razor beaks


1Tiger Moon Male 17 Sword Training Score 9

1Rosalind Shimmer Female 15 Bow Training Score 10

2Ell Male 18 Spear Sword Training Score 10

2Finch Female 16 Throwing Knives Training Score 10

3John Male 14 Electricity Training Score 4

3Dimitria Pod 13 Female Electricity Training Score 4

4Wes Quince Male 15 Trident Net Throwing Knives Training Score 9

4Allie Lynch Female 17 Mace Training Score 10

5Tom Male Spear 17 Spear Training Score 9

5Rodney 'Sweets' Malace Female 13 Katana Training Score 8

6Avenger Male 17 Katana Training Score 6

6Milly Clatch Female 14 Bow and Arrow Training Score 7

7Beau Klinger Male 18 Axe Training Score 9

7Yessenia Root Female 14 Throwing Axe Axe Small Knives Training Score 10

8Caddis Manchester Male 14 Spear Sword Training Score 7

8Sophie Sage Female 15 Blowgun Training Score 7

9Bancak Crane Male 17 Spear Trident Training Score 8

9Feline Madir Female 12 Spear Knives Training Score 4

10Nathan Drake Male 15 Sword Throwing knives Training Score 7

10Riva Mceve Female 15 Throwing Knives Slingshot Training Score 8

11Bruno Male 18 Spear Training Score 5

11Trace Anderson Female 13 Blowgun Machete Training Score 6

12Peanut Male 16 Bow and Arrow Sword Training Score 10

12Katrina Edenor Female 17 Knives Training Score 6


Finch POV

Im looking out at the cornucopia the ground covering it is snow I wonder why. When I spot what I want in the back theres my knife vest.Then I see Ell eyeing all the spear but mostly the spears and swords in the back.I have 20 seconds till I can run I look over and see all the tributes.10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.I jump off my plate and run for the nearest tribute.I grab a knife and see the girl from 11 looking for a pack she looks up and me and I slash her throat and her blood flies all over the ground then I stab her in the chest twice then slash her once more.I run for the knife pack.

Ells POV

I grab a spear and dodge a katana attack from the boy from 6.I slice his kneecap with my spear then stab him the face.I see the boy from 8 running toward the cornucopia with a machete so I throw my spear across his neck and his neck burst with blood all over the snow coverd ground.

Rosiland POV

I run and grab a bow from the cornucopia and see the girl from 3 with a backpack I take an arrow and launch it straight in her tigh then run over a stab her in the jaw with an arrow and then the heart.Then I take that arrow a shoot her partner in the neck and his blood splats over a supply crate and the ground.


I grab a trident and run after the boy from 11 I stab him in leg and then he grabs me by the throat and begin to choke me.

Allies POV

The boy from 11 has my partner in the air I grab a spiked mace when I hear a gong I hit him in the spine then I see that he snapped my partners neck with one hand.Then i see Finch slicing the girl from 9 back open then when she falls on a crate stab her in the back twice.

Summary of DAY 1

The male tributes from 3,4,6,8,11 the female tribute from 3,9,11.

Everyone that didnt die or was a career got a weapon of choice and some supplies.


Riva POV

I wake up and unzip my bag when a bunch of berries pour out of it.I look closely at them when I notice that there nightlock.Great I have a bag for a nightlock and a knife.I through my pack out into a brush then I hear someone say ow.I see my district partner get out and we hug eachother when he pushes me and ducks beacuse an arrow hits the tree behind us.The girl from 6 shot at us we get up and run after her.

Milly POV

I just tried to kill the 10 tribute and now there after me.I run into a meadow and they follow the boy from 10 throws a rock at me and I fall.I shoot randomly toward them and it hits his kneecap I shoot another and it hits him in the side.I dont hear a gong so I just keeping running ill see them again.

Nathan POV

I just got shot twice so me and Riva are hiding in the meadow.

Yesenia POV

I got a throwing axe pack with 4 axes attached and im ready to kill.I am walking through a meadow when I see the boy from 5 with a spear.He runs to me I quickly throw an axe sidewades and it plants in his neck and he falls on his head.His gong rings out and I run and grab my axe and his pack.I decide the meadow is the safest if you stay low so I decide to sleep for the day and night.

Rodeny POV

I got a pack with some crackers water and matches but I dont have a weapon.I need one so I can kill other tributes and defend myself from them.I hope I have a rich sponsor that will help.I go a find a place to sleep which is a small cave in a large hill.It is covered by vines so its hidden.

Summary of DAY 2

Tom died.Nathan needs medince or he will die and Rodeny needs a weapon


Riva POV

I have stayed up all night to help Nathan when a sponsor gift comes its medicine.I put it on his wounds and they begin to heal.I grab my knife and he grabs his sword and we move throught he meadow trying to find tributes and a camp.

Sophies POV

I walk around with my blowgun and a pack with some beef strips and water in it.When I find another pack by a meadow it is full of nightlock.I zip it up and run looking for a place to hide I see a rock wall so I begin climbing it.I make it to the top and noone is up here so I start dipping my darts into the nightlock juice to make them lethal all my darts are dipped and I stay up there for the night.

Peanut POV

I have a sword and a pack it water,dried meat.I walk around when I see the boy from 9 with his back turned.I pull out my sword and I stab him in the back straight through his heart

Rosiland POV

Me Finch Ell and Allie are walking around hunting while Tiger watches the supplies. We walk through a meadow when we see the girl from 12 jumps up and run from us.

Finch POV

The girl from 12 is running from us so I pull out a knife and throw it in her back.She falls on her knees and then she falls face first in the ground.I walk over their and pull my knife out of her back and we all return to camp.We all sleep while Ell is on watchs.

Summary of DAY 4

Bancak and Katrina are dead.Everyone is fine


Sophie POV

I climb down from the rock ledge and walk throught the wood part of the arena when I see a small stream it run up to it a begin drinking the water when I hear somthing walking I quickly hide behind a bush.Then I see a gaint wolf mutt come out of a bush.It sniff arounds then somone screams and it runs toward the noise.

Milly POV

I walk around the arena close to the meadow when I see the tributes from 10.I smile and take out an arrow and aim it at the girl from 10 when her partner sees me and jump infront of her as soon as I let go.It goes straight in his heart.He spurts out some blood then falls his parnter is crying then she says good bye I pull out and arrow to kill her when she runs.I turn around and a mutt is chasing us.I run into the meadow and hide when it jumps it the air I shoot it in the eye and it falls.I get up and run away and hide.

Beau POV

I am on a mountain when I hear dogs barking im pretty high up so I can see whats going on.The is was 6 mutts till the girl from 6 killed one.2 are heading for the careers while 1 is running throught the meadow and the other to are running through the woods.I decide to go in a wedge in the mountain for safety with my axe then either axe or steal form the careers.


2 wold mutts come racing through to the cornucopia we all get up on the cornucopia.Rosiland shoots a mutt in the head and kills it then a small mutt circles the cornucopia so Finch throws a knife into its throat and kills it.We all get down but Tiger wont come down saying theyll come back.

Peanut POV

I see a small mutt that is a little tallier than me so I sneak up and stab it in the back to kill it.Then the other mutt just runs away I decide I need to hide so I sleep in a tree from everyone.

Summary of DAY 5

Nathan is dead an all but one wolf mutt is killed it hiding.Noone needs anything


Allies POV

We all wake up and go hunt for tributes except Roslinad.We walk though parts of the meadow and alittle of the woods when we see a wold mutt.Ell takes his spear and throws it into its heart.Finch and Ell both walk up to the mutt Ell rips his spear out of the mutt.We go back to the cornucopia and then split into groups.


Me and Finch are in a group while Allie and Rosiland are in another Tiger stays to watch supplies.Finch and I head into the mountains while Allie and Rosiland go into woods.Finch and me climb up the mountain when we get there we scorwer around for tributes when we see the boy from 7.Finch throws a knife and it lands in his shoulder and he slips off and we got to find him but we cant anymore.We keeping looking around when we hear a gong so we make are way back to the cornucopia.

Beau POV

The girl from 2 just threw a knife in my shoulder and I fell off a cliff I hide in a crack in the ground put I need sponsors to live.

Rodney POV

I get out from my hideout and see the careers are away from the cornucopia except the boy from 1.I see the katanas in the back I say I can make it threw the boy from 1 doesnt look that smart.When he goes away I run into the mouth off the cornucopia I grab a Katana and another backpack.I then run out.But the boy from 1 grabs me and holds me down with his sword to my throat.He is about to slit my throat when he pulls somthing out of his back.Then he coughs up blood and falls to the ground the snow covered in his blood.I turn and see the girl from 8

Sophies POV

I just killed the boy from 1 and saved the girl from 5.We make a alliance for now I grab a pack and we run form the cornucopia before the rest of the careers get back.

Allie POV

The careers that went hunting return and we all see Tiger on the blood stained snow.Rosiland is screaming she must of new him before the games Finch is hugging her and comforting her.Ell picks his body up and puts him away from sight.

Summary of DAY 6

Tiger is dead.Beau needs medicine.Rodney has a katana and her and Sophie are in an allaince


Beaus POV

I wake up and see a sponsor gift I crawl out and open it it has medicine.My wound heals up instantly so I decide to hunt for tributes

Yessenia POV

I wake up and decide to hunt for tributes I look up the mountain where I see Beau my partner I decide I should aly with him.I begin walking through the meadow when the girl from 10 runs through it not seeing me I duck to hide.I jump up and run after her.She sees me and throws a knife at me I duck and she keeps running.I pull an axe out and throw it into her back.Blood falls from her mouth and drips on the ground she fall backward revaling her face bloodsoaken and like a child.I shake my head and I run to my partner and aly with him.

Ells POV

I wake up and see Rosiland has stop crying so we all kept up and rest for the we just sit around while Rosialnd swears her revenge.

Sophie POV

Me and Rodney are allies and friend but we both decide to sleep in a cave with a clean supply.We talk about are stragety only 10 left we decide for the feast Rodney runs for the bags while I watch out for other tributes.

Summary of DAY 7

Riva is dead.All the tributes are fine


Beau POV

I am allies with Yessenia and we go into the woods to hunt for tributes.We walk around for hours and still see noone untill we see the boy from 12.We both start running to him when he...

Peanuts POV

The tributes from 7 are running after me the girl from 7 tries to axe me but I grab her arm and slam her into the ground.I grab the boys axe and headbutt him and then I trip him im about to kill him when the girl tackles I take the end of my sword and hit her in the head then I cut her leg then I run and climb up a rock sledge while thier hurt.

Yessenias POV

I have a cut on my leg and in medicine.Beau and I hide up in the mountains again.

Rodney POV

Me and Sophie head to the meadow looking for tributes to kill and for a camp we walk to the middle and since there isnt any we decide to sleep

Summary of DAY 8

Yessenia is hurt.The other tributes are fine


Yessenia POV

I wake up still cut on my leg I need sponsors.Beau and me deside to stay in the mountain since I can barely walk.We eat and drink of what we have then I sleep while he is on watch.

Peanuts POV

I stay on top of the rock ledge and spy on other tributes to see how theyre doing.The careers are fine but the 7 tributes are hurt.I cant find the others though.I stay up and rest.


I walk up to the cornucopia and look to see who is there the tributes from 2 and the girls from1 and 4.The boy from 2 is standing his back facing me so I take out an arrow and pull the string back I launch the arrow straight into his back.

Allies POV

Ell just went blank the he spits out blood onto the snow and Finch and falls to his knees Finch is holding him crying and holding his hand saying stay with her.Then his cannon fires she looks up and see the girl from 6 crouched down.She gets up and runs to her pulls out a knife when she runs and throws it into her leg.Then Finch just blitz into the woods.

Sophie POV

The cave is quiet when an annoucer comes on a says the feast will be tommorow and it will hold something everyone despretly needs.Me and Rodney get geared up for the feast read to suvive.

Summary of DAY 9

The feast is tommorow so the tributes are gearing up for it.Finch went insane and Milly has a knife in her leg

DAY 10

Allies POV

Me and Rosiland decide to hunt for tributes then steal there back once we kill them we head into the meadow.

Milly POV

I stuble to the the forest near the cornucopia look and see noone is there I run for from bag when....

Finch POV

I see the girl from 6 running toward the cornucopia I blitz toward her a tackle her.I pinned her down and pull an arrow out of her quiver.I lower it so its like a knife and cut her neck alittle then lightly drag it across her face then I tell her that im going to torture her and she begins to beg.I tell her its cute and cut from her eyebrow to her hair and she screams in pain and I laugh.Then I put on her cheek and sharply dig it into her cheek and twist it she spits blood at me.She is swirming and screaming so I just start stabbing her in the stomach her blood is everywhere.I get up and grab my bag and flee it has some food and water.

Yessenia POV

Me and Beau just fleed from so muttated birds and now where at the cornucopia.I see the girl from 5 running so I run after her while Beau watches out.I run up to her with an axe when she hits me with her bag and slams me into the cornucopia.

Rodeny POV

I just knocked out the girl from 7 I think then I see the boy from 7 running toward us and Sophie screaming so I flee and go back to are hiding spot waiting for her but I hear a gong.

Beau POV

The girl from 8 was going to kill Yessenia so I ran to her and she shot at me but I dodge it and grabbed her arm throat and slammed her into a tree then threw her to the ground where a swarm of candy pink birds came so I ran and took Yessenia and are backs back to the mountains where I apply the medicine to her leg.

Peanuts POV

I run not worring and grab my bag then run to the meadow my pack had food I stay hidden.

Rosiland POV

Me and Allie decide to go into the meadow and sleep since we will have a better chance of killing.

Summary of DAY 10

Milly and Sophie are dead.Millys bag is still at the cornucopia so there might be a fight for it.

DAY 11

Rodeny POV

I open up my bag and it had some food and water but in Sophies Bag there is blowgun darts and nightlock I layed the bag on the ground not wanting to even touch it.When and annoucer comes on and says that the district 6 bag is still at the cornucopia.I look at my supplies and say why not I make my way to cornucopia.

Peanuts POV

I run not worring I run and grab the bag then run to the woods where I see the girl from 5.She turns and tries to kill me and I block her attack but she got my face I grab her arm and neck and she loses her grip on the katana.I then slam her 3 times into a tree and her gongs rings out.I take her supplies and I open the bag it has medicine I put it in my pack and run.

Beau POV

We see the girl from 5s body so we begin walking looking for tributes we both walk into the cornucopia when an arrow flies through the air.Its the girl from 1 and 4 I run up to the girl from 1 while Yessenia goes for the 4 girl.I keeping dodging arrows and she tries it run but I grab her and throw her down.I take my axe and slit her throat blood flies through the air.

Yessenia POV

I run to the girl from 4 and dodge a mace to the face.I grab her hand and shove her to the ground but she kicks me in the stomach and runs.We run after her but a wolf mutts begin chasing us so we climb back to the mountain its basiclly high land or die

Summary of DAY 11

Rosiland is dead and one tributes has to die till the victor emerges

DAY 12

Peanut POV

The wolf mutts are still roaming the arena Im looking at all of them when I see the girl from 2 running.One wolf mutt bigger than the rest is running after her.She is like a cat she climbs straight up and tree and begins taunting it.Then she just jump on it and starts stabbing it till it collapses then runs off into the meadow

Allies POV

I am walking throught the forest when I see Finch only one more I say and run over to her and slam my mace into her leg.....

Peanuts 2 POV

The girl from 4 just maced the girl from 2 leg and pulled it out.Then the girl from 2 pull out a knife and dodge another attack and cut her arm.She tries to hit the girl from 2 but shes grab her arm and stabs her in the leg then when she is in paing she tackles her.They both struggle but somhow the girl from 4 got up and tries to grap her mace when the girl from 2 jumps on the girl from 4s back.Then she rips out her throat with her teeth and spits blood onto the ground an annoucer comes on saying we need to go to the corncuopia to win.I climb down and see the 7 tributes blitzing for it.

Yessenia POV

Me and Beau get there first then the girl from 2 she has blood all over her teeth and her leg.The annoucre comes back on and says congradulation for winning the 68th Hunger Games.Me and Beau and everyone is smiling.

Summary of DAY 12

Allie died

Congradulations to the Victors of the 68th Hunger Games

Finch 16 Female 2

Yessenia 14 Female 7

Beau 18 Male 7

Peanut 16 Male 12

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