This is the 80th Hunger Games 2 people can win from any distrcit.If your tribute dies im sorry but its the Hunger Games.May the odds ever be in your favors.

Tribute Template









If you make a tank they will die in the bloodbath.Ill do scores I also reserve tributes spots for 2 days


You get 200 dollars per tribute you enter

Sword: 120 dollars

Spear: 100 dollars

Bow and 12 Arrow:120 dollars

Throwing knife pack(12 knives): 100 dollars

Axe: 80 dollars

Throwing axe pack(4 axes):100

Trident: 120 dollars

Net:50 dollars

Dagger: 80 dollars

Knife:80 dollars

Mace: 80 dollars

Slingshot: 50 dollars

Machete: 60 dollars

Blowgun (12 darts): 60 dollars

District 3 supplies(wires and circuts):120 dollars

Medicine(6 doses) (treats burns cuts and tracker jacker):100

Matches(10) 20 dollars

Food and water pack:40 dollars


Woods basically all around and streams but there is hidden caves and mountain.

Mutts Tracker Jackers,Slimy Lizard/salamaner mutts (bites like tracker Jackers) minnow mutts(where you touch certain pools of water they swarm and eat you)Cany pink with razor sharp beaks Wolf mutts like in the 74 Hunger Games


1Lion Scrapes Male 18 Mace Training Score 9

1Jessa Hamilton 14 Female Spear Training Score 9

2Ell 18 Male Spear Sword Training Score 10

2Finch 16 Female Throwing Knives Training Score 10

3Dexter Volts 14 Male Technology Training Score 6

3Alice Williams 16 Female Technology Training Score 6

4Thomas Quince 15 Male Trident Net Training Score 10

4Tarelia Anderson 17 Female Bow Knives Training score 10

5Codi Marshe 15 Male Knife Training Score 4

5Amanda Belcourt 15 Female Double sided axe Training Score 7

6Brann Clatch 16 Male Sword Training Score 8

6Korey Gallaghan 14 Female Throwing knives Sword Training Score 6

7Dorsal Moone 18 Male Machete Training Score 7

7Annabelle Pffeifer 18 Female Throwing Axe Training Score 8

8Fuller Paisley 17 Male Knives Swords Training Score 7

8Daina Coleman 16 Female Knife Training Score 7

9Kevin Quince 12 Male Trident Nets Training Score 9

9Rita Pain 13 Female Axes Spears Knives and Mace Training Score 2

10Perry Downcast 15 Male None Training Score 2

10Tallbay Wist 18 Female Dagger Throwing Axes Training Score 7

11Rocky Downhills 18 Male Mace Spear Training Score 8

11Bluebell Daisy 15 Female Bow Blowgun Slingshot Training Score 8

12Doncaster Raw 16 Male Mace Training Score 7

12Eileen Shade 16 Female Knives Training Score 8


Finchs POV

60 seconds till the bloodbath I look and see the boy from 12 to the right of me and the left is the boy from 9 he is Thomas' brother and noone is aloud to kll him we smile at eachother and then we get ready to run.10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 .....1.I jump off my platform and run straight to the cornucopia I grab a knife and see the girl from 6 and grab her arm and take her down I stab her in the face neck and abdomen 10 times blood is spurty everywhere and then her gong rings out then I get up and see Ell grab the boy from 3 I start running around to look for a knife pack.


I grab the boy from 3 and break his neck BOOM.I grab a spear and look for tributes in the cornucopia.The boy from 10 runs into the cornucopia I ram him with my shoulder he falls to the ground and puts his hands in the air I ram my spear twice in his stomach and he dies.I begin looking for a sword.

Thomas POV

I see the boy from 8 run toward my brother with a sword.I grab my trident and throw it and it spears him threw the heart.I run to Kevin and hand him my net and trident and I tell him come back when its over.I run and grab another trident when the girl from 10 runs up to me with a knife when....

Tarelia POV

I grab a bow and shoot the girl from 10 in the temple.The girl from 5 is running toward me I shoot an arrow at her but she dodges it and raises her axe.I grab her wrist and throw her to the ground then pull out an arrow and stab her twice in the face then twice in the chest and she dies.

Finch 2 POV

I go through a black bag and find a knife vest.I put it on and throw a knife in the back of the girl from 7 and she falls to the ground and dies.Then I see Thomas grab the boy from 5 and stab him with his trident in the back.

Loin POV

I grab a mace and smash the boy from 11s face in and then I run and the girl from 11 tackles me screaming.I grab her and throw her off when Jessa spears her.I then see the girl from 3 and stab her in the back with my mace then Jessa spears the girl from 8 in the back.

Kevins POV

I walk up to the cornucopia and the girl from 1 is about to throw a spear at me when my brother grabs it and says thats my brother.We all sit and begin to talk everyone says there name and things to get you to know them better.

Summary of day 1

the male tributes from 3,5,8,10,11 and the female tributes from 3,5,6,7,810,11

Brann got a pack of food and water no weapon.Dorsal got only a machete.Kevin is with the carrers.Rita ran from the corncopia and has no supplies.Eileen got rope some food and a knife


Kevins POV

Jessa Tarelia Ell and Thomas are going to hunt for tributes while me and Finch stay behind. Finch and I go a hunt alittle to keep up are skills.I spear a squirrel in the stomach while.Finch hits the 2 front feet of a squirrel to keep it still and then the tail and finally the head.She puts her knives back in her vest when we go back to the corncopia.

Rita POV

I walk around all day looking for food when I spot a dog it looks at me then begins to attack me it jumps on top of me.I hold its jaws close then grab a rock.I slam it into the dogs head 4 times and it dies.I take the rock and look at the dog.I run and hide in a tree for the night.

Branns POV

I walk around when I see the boy from 6 I hide behind a tree and watch him he is making a shelter.I walk away seeing he has a weapon and I dont.I go and sleep under a tree.

Thomas POV

We are all looking for tributes to kill I have a trident and Jessa for some reason is in the front of us like she is the leader.I tell Thomas and Tarelia and he tells Lion we all shrug are shoulders and keep walking on when Jessa turns around and says we should head back.We all go to the cornucopia where Finch is twirling a knife in between her fingers and Kevin is sleeping with his trident.Then Jessa starts barking orders she tells Finch and Ell to go make a fire while the 4s as she is calling us get wood.So Finch get up and grabs matches and Ell make a pit.

Ells POV

We are all sitting next to a fire telling stories about are life.Then Finch pulls out a knife and begins twirling it in between her fingers.We all decide to sleep while Jessa is on watch.She is sitting on a black box spear in hand frowning. Kevin is still asleep since we found him,Thomas is in the cornucopia along with Tarelia sleeping on bags.Loin is agaisnt a box asleep.Finch is sleeping on the ground with a jacket as a pillow.I sleep on a pack.

Summary of DAY 2

The carrers and Kevin are doing good.Brann needs a weapon.Rita still needs supplies.Eileen made some traps


Eileen POV

I wake up bright and early and begin making my traps when a sponsor gift came.I open it up and its a vest of throwing knives.I put it on a count all the knives when I see a nest of tracker jackers close to me.I decide that if I can make a trap that uses the tracker jacker I can kill some tributes.I begin making a trap.

Branns POV

I recived a swords from sponsors.I begin walking around looking for tributes to slice. When I see a bunch of vines.I begin walking through them when I see it leads to a pool of crystal clear water.I dip my sword in to check for traps and it has none.I decide to sleep there for the night and I eat my food and water.

Rita POV

I wake up and see 2 silver canisters.I open one and it has food and water.The other has an axe yes now I can defend and kill.I eat all the food and drink almost all the water.I see a indent in a hill side so I decide to sleep there since I have to look weak.

Thomas POV

Jessa is still barking orders at us and she only calls us by are numbers like girl from 2 the 4s I cant wait for her to die.I tell Kevin to stay and Tarelia volenteers to stay behind to help Kevin watch

Finch POV

We are deciding to go hunt for tributes.Ell Thomas,Loin and me stay together while Jessa leads ahead barking at us.Noone in the pack likes her I dont get why we dont kill her yet.We all walk around for about 2 hours so we all head back Jessa stll barking at us saying we are terribile.

Summary of DAY 3

The carrer pack is still holding the cornucopia.Downcaster got a mace and Dorsal got food.Noone needs anything.


Ells POV

Me Finch Thomas Tarelia and Kevin decide to hunt for tributes while Lion and Jessa stay behind.We walk about 2 hours when we see the boy from 12.We all start running to him when he throws his mace and me.I duck and Finch throws a knife into his knee and he falls to the ground.He gets up and I lop off his head with my sword.Finch pulls her knife out of his knee.

Finch POV

Ell just decapited the boy from 12 and we all go back to camp.Jessa get up and starts deamnding we tell her what happen so we tell her and she goes crazy saying she wanted to kill him then she treatens Ell.I nearly stab her in the face till Tarelia grabs my arm and mouths later.

Tarelia POV

I cant wait for Jessa to be dead I wish I could do it myself but Ill let Finch kill her.We all decide to take naps while Ell is on watch.I hear Jessa telling Lion she cant wait to kill us.I smirking saying to myself well see about that.

Elieen POV

I wonder who just got killed I hope it was a career then the games might be alittle easier.I finsh my tracker jacker trap and walk around when.....I fall into a hole.I land on hard dirt.I cant climb back out so I just decide to follow the path.I end up finding a small little pond by some vines.I climb out and drink some water.Then I see the boy from 6 we make eye contact and I try to run when he slams me against a wall.I pull out a knife and stab him in the leg and he drops me.I try to run but he trips me and I fall.

Branns POV

The girl from 12 just stabbed me in the leg and I tripped her.I go over to kill her when she kicks me in the jaw and I fall into the water and she get away. I get out and look at my leg and its bad I pull out the knife and stick it in my pack.I cut part of the pack and try to stop the bleeding but I need medicine.

Summary of DAY 4

Brann needs medince.Downcaster is dead.The rest are fine


Branns POV

I hear the chimming of sponsors so I limb out and see what I got.I grab the canister when I see a gaint wolf mutt.I run back into the cave and it follows me.I jump in the hole where the girl from 12 came and hide there and apply my medince the dog still trying to get in.I grab my sword and crawl and stab it in the leg and it runs away but I remain in the hole just in case

Kevins POV

Thomas Tarelia Finch and Ell went to go hunt tributes while me and Jessa keep watch.I hold my trident ready to kill anyone who comes.Jessa thinking she is queen is sleeping while I watch.I hear a dog bark and think to myself target practice.I ready myself for it when I see Finch Ell Thomas and Tarelia running they say run.I get up and run and look back when I see a pack of mutts.


I climb on top of the cornucopia with Thomas and Lion we tried to get Finch Tarelia and kevin but they couldnt her us then I look over the edge and a mutt leaps up but falls being to small

Finch POV

I am running with Kevin Tarelia and Jessa when we split up Tarelia goes right and I go straight Jessa and Kevin are close together.I look and see Jessa trip Kevin and a mutt mails him.I turn and throw a knife and kill it.I stop and kneal by Kevin.He tells me one last thing saying tell hs brother that he loves him

Lion POV

Finch and Tarelia come back and Thomas hears the news about his little brother and stabs throwing remains of the wrecked supplies around.Then he looks straight at the woods and grabs his trident net and backpack and says he is going after Jessa.I try to get up but Ell holds me down. We rumage through the torn up supplies from the mutts.Once we have supplies we climb the cornucopia since it will be the safest.

Dorsals POV

I am stuck in a cave trying to find a way out.I need food and water before I die I hope I have a rich sponsors

Summary of DAY 5

Kevin is dead.Thomas is hunting Jessa.The careers not running are on the cornucopia with few supplies.Rita and Brann and elieen are hiding from mutts.Dorsal is stuck in a cave and needs food and water


Tarelia POV

Since there are few that can climb the cornucopia we all decide to hunt for tributes.Everyone is happy that Jessa isnt here barking orders.We walk for about 2 hours when we turn back and head to the cornucopia.We all are wondering why we havent seen anyone and how big the arena is.Me and Finch are on watch while Ell and Lion sleep.

Dorsals POV

I walk around the cave some more when I see a gap where I can get through.I climb through and I see a pool of water.I run over to it drinking some to fill my thrist when I feel a small pain in my hands.I try to get out but its hard.I get one hand free and turn around but I cant get the other.I fall in the water and see minnows and my blood in the water.I scream trying to get out but I cant I fall in the pool of water and i close my eyes.

Brann POV

I hear a boom singnaling a dead tribute.I decide to climb out of the hole im in and walk around.I dont see anything so I go back and eat some of the vines since they are edible.Then I sleep for the rest of the day hoping that I will win soon.

Eileen POV

I walk around a look for food when I see a small lizard so I stab it then eat t raw.I try for look materails to make a trap when I find some vines so I cut them and go into a place coverd by trees and bushes and begin making a net and trips for traps and to trip tributes.

Summary of DAY 6

Dorsal is dead.Thomas is still looking for Jessa.Brann and Rita and fine and still hiding.The careers are doing fine


Branns POV

I wake up and decide to hunt tributes for supplies.I get my pack and sword and walk around looking for tributes.I see the girl from 12.I run up to her to stab her when....

Eileens POV

The boy from 6 runs to stab me when I jump out of the way and cut his arm with a knife.He lunges at me and almost gets me.I try to stab him but he shoves me to the ground I kick him but his sword slashes my thigh.I get up and run away from him and hide in a bush trying to stob my leg from bleeding.

Ritas POV

I wake up to hear that the feast is tommorow grab my axe and look for a hiding space not wanting to get killed before the feast.I hide in a group of vines and bushes with my axe in hand and fall asleep dreaming about the feast and me winning.

Finch POV

We all decide that we shouldnt go hunting since the feast is tommorow.We make a plan to hide in the cornucopia and wait for tributes....when we see a giant fire blazing fire roaring right at us.We all get up and run.I run when Ell pushes me in water and I realise that if im in water I cant burn.


I really hope Finch lives I want her and me to win.I run when I hear a snap and a brach fall of me and pushes and holds me in water.I hold my breath as long as I can.

Loins POV

I run looking back then forward when I run head first into a cliff.I fall to the ground still alive but not able to move.I look out and see no fire just blood.Its my own then Tarelia comes over and bends down and tells me what happen.I begin to cry but Tarelia tells me not to I know I cant live I tell her if she wins on the victory tour tell my family I love them.She nodds and aim her bow at my heart I close my eyes and she shoots me.

Tarelia POV

I find Finch and Ell.Ell has a stab and cut from the tree he needs medince.We carry him back to camp but we dont have medcince.Finch is tearing up and Ell is hugging her telling her not to he'll make it.I smile becuase he knows hes not going to make it but he comforts her and is making her keep her head in the game.

Summary of DAY 7

Rita is sleeping.Brann needs medince and hopes he gets it at the feast.Thomas is still hunting Jessa.Eileen is geared for the feast.Ell died at midnight and Finch went insane and ran.


Eileen POV

I wake up and head to the cornucopia.I see noone is at the cornucopia so I run and grab my bag when an arrow comes and almost hits me its the girl from 4.I run away with her following me she keeps shooting at me.I grab a knife and throw it at her heart and it clips her shoulder.I keeping running but she gets up and then she runs at me.When the girl from 9 comes out of nowhere and stabs her in the leg then the neck and nearly decapites her with an axe then runs..I open my bag and it has rope and some knives.

Finchs POV

I run to the cornucopia and grab my bag when the girl from 9 tackles me.I grab her neck and flip on top of her when she cuts my face right above my eye and gets on top of me and tries to axe me.I grap her wrist with my left hand then her jaw with my right and jerk her head and break her neck.She falls to the ground and she is looking into space.I run and open my pack and it has some type of armor that covers my chest arms and legs.

Branns POV

I run to the cornucopia and grab my bag noone in site so I run away it has medince so I use it and my stab wound heals.I headfor my hideout and stay there for the day.

Jessa POV

I wake up still on alert for Thomas since I killed hs brother.I run to the cornucopia and grab my bag and head for the woods when I see Thomas.He throws him trident and it hits a tree.I turn and run when I fall......

Thomas POV

Jessa falls and gets up I kick her in the jaw and it breaks.She falls to the ground and I stab her in the leg then the other.she cant move.I pull out a knife and stab her in the cheek then I slit her throat her blood spurts everywhere and I smile.Pull my trident out of the ground and take my pack and run.In mine theres armor that covers my legs chest and arms.I put it on and sleep with a smile on my face avengeing my brothers death.

Summary of DAY 8

Rita and Jessa and Tarelia are dead and everyone else is fine since they lived


Eileens POV

Its down to the final four Me the girl from 2,and the boys from 6 and 4.Look at myself just 2 have to die.I grab a knife and begin looking for a person to kill when I see a swarm of 20 candy pink birds.I pull out another knife and look into there eyes to see if they move and they all fly away.Then 6 turn to me and come flying for me I slice and stab them all to death and I run.

Thomas POV

I have my trident and walk aorund looking to kill anyone I see no matter what.I see a dog mutt and I look into its eyes and its Kevin.It runs and tackles me I cant kill it its my brother.When it screams in pain and dies I get up and the boy from 6 stabbed it.He looks at me and says help me kill the girls and well win.I grab him and headbutt him he says why and I grab my trident and say that was my brother and stab him in the face.

Finchs POV

One has died today I wonder who will be the final death and 2 be crowned victors.I hold my knives and look catouisly around no wanting to be the final kill I decide to sleep and hide in a tree for the day.

Summary of DAY 9

Brann died and everyone is hiding even the careers.

DAY 10

Thomas POV

I see a sponsor gift and open it its another trident I now have 2 tridents.I begin walking to the cornucopia looking for tributes.

Finch POV

I walk around when I see nightlock berries I pick 2 hand fulls and but then in my pockets just incase.I see a swarm of lizard mutts that bite like Tracker Jackers.I run away from them and they lead me to the cornucopia then stop moving.I see Thomas and then the girl from 12 followed by a swarm of candy pink birds that stop.We are in a circle looking at eachother when Thomas says that he cant do it.He cant go back into his District or 9 if he wins he let his brother die.He says he cant win so the girl form 12 pulls out a knife and I stop her.I hand him 6 nightlock berries.He hands me a trident and says it was him brothers and to give it to his parents.

Eileens POV

The boy from 4 just gave his brothers trident to the girl from 2.Then he eats the berries and he falls to the ground and his cannon goes off.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Victors of the 80th Hunger Games

Finch and Eileen

Aftermath of the games.

Finch went on the victoring tour and gave the trident to Thomas parents

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