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    The Remnant Games

    December 13, 2015 by District3

    Hey hey! It's Joan, after over a year of leaving I want to practice my writting so I thought maybe some games would be good fun to do since I'll have time this christmas.






    Any other stuff... A picture/avatar and a short backstory is nice, maybe personality too, but I honestly don't mind. 

    Also since I don't know how active people are I'll just say three tributes per person, I also accept links.

    Reservations last 24 hours

    District Male Female
    1 Manta Li Zapphire O'Quaid
    2 Eugene Watson Valora Vista
    3 Nick Maclachlan Jayda Idylwyld
    4 Mack Waterborne Scylla Wells
    5 Solar Powers Talia Mignonette
    6 Zulfikar Zambrano Trina Maesin
    7 Boston Van Ackerton Addie Benttham
    8 Gannex Barathea Corin Greer
    9 Fjord Holt  Poppy Stalkweather …

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    The Hunt Games

    August 1, 2014 by District3

    So yesterday I watched the entire first season of Capture and I loved it. The thing is that I came up with a way I adapted it to the Hunger Games! The explanation will be bellow.

    Before the games start the tributes are divided into 12 teams of 2. This will be done by matching their skills and personalities to make them be matched up one against the other. However they will not fight but instead they will work together to attempt to survive the games as a team.

    Every two days a pair will be randomly selected as the Hunt Team. They will be given weapons and supplies while the other teams will be given nothing at all. They will have a total of 36 hours to kill one or more teams. If they kill more than one teams the corpses of whoever was killed…

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    Joan's User Games

    July 14, 2014 by District3

    So yeah... It's summer and I have free time so I decided to make these...






    District Name Gender Age Weapon
    1 Blake Male 15 Bowie Knife

    2 Tristian Male 16 Bowie Knife
    2 Octavia Female 15 Throwing Knives

    3 Jen Female 13 Blowgun
    4 Sam Male 15 Trident and Net
    4 Eden Female 13 Whip

    5 Haley Female 15 Bow
    6 Erlend Male 16 Bowknife
    6 Summer Female 15 Crossbow

    7 Bee Female 13 Bow




    10 Nick Male 14 Bowie Knife

    11 Gauis Male 16 Poison


    12 Sammy Female 15 Throwing Knives Read more >
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    Hey guys so it's a year since I did the first ever CHG and I think it's a good way of starting the summer by having a Camp Hunger Games... This one will probably be the best one yet since I have plenty of hilarious stuff on mind and it will be CHG1 level but not as kinky... Anyways sign up if you feel like doing so... You just say your name in the comments and that's it ^_^ 


    • Blake
    • Connor (Harai)
    • Eli
    • Lady
    • Bee
    • Ray
    • Rebekah
    • Erlend
    • Liza
    • Haley
    • Eden
    • Tristian
    • Nat
    • World
    • Nick
    • Zach
    • Jade
    • Jen
    • Claudia
    • Luke
    • Wesley
    • Travis
    • Justin

    I woke up feeling dizzy as hell... My head just felt like some sort of bowl filled with cereals being shaked... Shaked... All the milk pouring out. Milk... Cereal... I'm hungry... I wish I had my rainbow chockstickle... I look around and see my surrou…

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  • District3

    So I came up with this while I was bored and though that you guys would enjoy it... It's pretty simple I made this map and divided it into 12 sectors... Each person grabs a sector and they all start trying to defeat each other...

    You were asked to divide ten points and this is for what each section is used for:

    • Defense: Each time somebody attacks your kingdom I will divde their attack number by your defense number and your kingdom will recieve that amount of number.
    • Attack: This is how much harm you initially do to another kingdom.
    • Speed: Players with either 1 or 0 can only post every 24 hours however players with more than 1 speed points can post up to the number of times their speed number is (Such as if your speed number is 3 you can post 3…

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