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The arena is inspired in my recent trip to Les Angles in France.


It haves mountains with their top covered in a little bit of snow. There are dense forests that are dark and have some strange purple flowers that have a powerful smell that makes you dizy if you smell it from to near. In the arena there are 2 main lakes, one that is in the middle of a giant forest, another one is U-shaped and is next to one of the highest mountains both of them are really cold and may give a cold to a tribute if the tribute is silly enough to bath in it's water without having things to get dry after. There are also little ponds but since they don't move it's not a good idea to drink from them. Little rivers and streams can be found everywhere. They flow quickly and can even drag a tribute, they are cold and will refresh the tribute. Plains are found all around the arena they are generally about 5 kilometres long and in the biggest one there is a river between a village and the main forest in the other side.

The Village

It is a little village that haves many fountains around it. It was builded in the side of a hill so you get tired if you run up the streets. All the houses can't be entered and all the shops are locked. Tributes may also climb to the roofs of the houses.

The Secret of the Arena

The arena is toxic but just some times. The first hour in which the games have started all the plants that are normally edible are edible and the water that is normally drinkable is drinkable. But when 1 hour passes everythis is toxic not mattering if it's clean water or a stone whenever it goes enters in contact with a tributes tounge the tribute is a good as dead. The changes will continue going on and on so 1 hour the food and water are drinkable and the next hour they aren't. The cicle can be spotted if you take a close look at the water or food in the 'toxix' hour because you can notice they have darker colours.


So I guess that we need some extra info about how many victors each district haves. There will be more than 74 since one past president allowed multi-victory. 

District Number of Female Victors Number of Male Victors


1 8 7
2 7 9
3 2 3
4 7 8
5 3 4
6 2 3
7 3 4
8 2 3
9 3 2
10 4 4
11 2 4
12 2 4
13 5 4
14 3 2


Gruff should post them. I will like them to match with the arena.

For Example: They are only deadly in the toxic hours...



So please comment what tributes and victors shall die in the Blood bath. 25 will die.

The Winners!!!
Robin Smoke - Drank water in Toxic hour (Day 1)
Harley Swoop - intoxicated (Day 1)

Mary Delilah - Arrow through brain (Day 2)

Tracy Day - Knife through neck (Day 3)
Destiny Miller - Mace to the head (Day 5)
All the missing spots will die in the bloodbath :3
Icarus Swift - TBA

Way Tributes Die

Brainstorm in ways a tribute could die :3

Example: Stabbed many times in the crotch with a sharp rock. *cough*DomeCitadel*cough*


Thsi should be decided when the games starts.

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