After 63 years that the games where abolished, AnneMarrie Snow became the president of Panem promising peace and saying she was sorry for all that her great-grandfather did. When she was elected she got in controll of all Panem and she re-started the games including District 0, 13, 14 and the Capitol. But always there was a rumour of rebellion...


Narmatha Snow stepped onto the stage. She had become president just 3 years ago after her father had a heart attack. She was 28 years old but she was severe and never smiled. She opened the box and a little twist on her lips appeared, a hint of a smile, but the hint dissapeared in less than one second. Narmatha had short brown hair that sticked to her head, she had pale skin and green eyes that looked like they could melt a building if she wished.

For the sixth Quarter Quell, as a reminder that strong and weak should fear the Capitol apart from reaping a female and a male aged beween 12 and 18 2 more tributes should also be reaped from the existing pool of victors.

Narmathat twisted her lips for a second again and she left the stage not bothering to wait for the anthem.

Tributes template


Age: 12-18


District: 0-14 or Capitol


Appereance: (real life picture, description or lunaii)





Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Feast Strategy:


Past Victor Template

You may use your own victors but if the years don't match just make up the number of there games. Or you can make up the victor.


Age: 15-80 (Only 8 can be younger than 30)


District: 0-14 or Capitol


Appereance: (real life picture, description or lunaii also remember that it must be different from the one in there original games so they look older and blah blah blah)


Addiction: (only 10 tributes may remain wihout addictions)


How they won there first games:

Opinion of the Quell:



Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Feast Strategy:


The Tributes!

District Male Female Victor Female Victor Male
Capitol Storm Wind Amanda West
0 Icarus Swift Duskus Sinrood

Zia Clow

15 years old


Shine Sauris

Viola Galdy

Mary Delilah

18 years old

2 Yuki Kokyu Chloe Black

Yvonne Von DuverSchnitz

30 years old

Xerox Roult

47 years old

3 Kent Beat Jinny Billtrox

Tracy Day

30 years old

Shade Spectrus

23 years old

4 Kodai Hitogoroshi Vegh Beaux

Mariana Reef

26 years old

5 Detria Glace

Jennika Acropolis

34 years old

6 Violet Cascade
7 Destiny Miller

Evanna Shirlene

30 years old

Mist Scorchil

19 years old

8 Dome Citadel Acacia Range

Galina Kiltova

29 years old

9 Saguna Isola

Shannon Dupree

36 years old

Pamline Falcone

51 years old

10 Mercedes Robin

Serina Frostswords

18 years old

11 Casha Field

Oscar Redsonder

39 years old

12 Malek Rath

Robin Smoke

26 years old

13 Harley Swoop Piper Quinn

Wire Elec

27 years old

14 Nyx Salem

Gilda Flowrenette

36 years old


I need 1 more Gamemaker please comment if you want to be one :3

Name Takes care of
Joan (Me) Head Gamemaker (I also designed the arena)
Kekai (Hybrid Shadow) Deaths
Gruff (LeGruff) Mutts
Kaeghan (Kman) Helps with everything :3

The Arena

Will be anounced in Day 1

Quell Anouncement

Mist Scorchil's POV (D7)

I killed her... The memory is now more haunting than ever. I've been a few years haunted by the memory of having to kill my girlfriend in my games. I see how Narmatha steps into the stage. I take a deep breath since this year the games are going to be extra bloody for sure. She starts speaking with her unfriendly expression she always drags with herself.

For the sixth Quarter Quell, as a reminder that strong and weak should fear the Capitol apart from reaping a female and a male aged beween 12 and 18 2 more tributes should also be reaped from the existing pool of victors.

No... I'm not going back to the arena... District 7 haves many victors... I can't go... I'm confused...

Pamline Falcone's POV (D9)

The idea of going back to the arena... It is interisting... But still makes me shiver. District 9 doesn't haves many victors... So we are watching the anouncement together. One of the female victors a blonde woman that is 35 drops her glass of wine breaking it into pieces and the wine splashes in her shoes. I sit back n the coach and I start thinking...

The Arena

The arena is inspired in my recent trip to Les Angles in France.


It haves mountains with their top covered in a little bit of snow. There are dense forests that are dark and have some strange purple flowers that have a powerful smell that makes you dizy if you smell it from to near. In the arena there are 2 main lakes, one that is in the middle of a giant forest, another one is U-shaped and is next to one of the highest mountains both of them are really cold and may give a cold to a tribute if the tribute is silly enough to bath in it's water without having things to get dry after. There are also little ponds but since they don't move it's not a good idea to drink from them. Little rivers and streams can be found everywhere. They flow quickly and can even drag a tribute, they are cold and will refresh the tribute. Plains are found all around the arena they are generally about 5 kilometres long and in the biggest one there is a river between a village and the main forest in the other side.

The Village

It is a little village that haves many fountains around it. It was builded in the side of a hill so you get tired if you run up the streets. All the houses can't be entered and all the shops are locked. Tributes may also climb to the roofs of the houses.

The Secret of the Arena

The arena is toxic but just some times. The first hour in which the games have started all the plants that are normally edible are edible and the water that is normally drinkable is drinkable. But when 1 hour passes everythis is toxic not mattering if it's clean water or a stone whenever it goes enters in contact with a tributes tounge the tribute is a good as dead. The changes will continue going on and on so 1 hour the food and water are drinkable and the next hour they aren't. The cicle can be spotted if you take a close look at the water or food in the 'toxix' hour because you can notice they have darker colours.

The Games


Bloodbath 11:59

Ladies and gentlemen let the 150th Annual Hunger Games begin!

Nyx's POV

60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55

I stand in my plate, the cornucopia is in middle of a field, behind it in the distance stands a forest and behind the forest some mountains. I am about to cry this may be my last seconds of life...

Wire's POV

54, 53, 52, 51, 50

The air is cold, reminder to myself: grab a coat. My second time in the arena, shouldn't be that difficult.

Chloe's POV

49, 48, 47, 46, 45

I look over my shoulder to my left and I see the male victor from 6 shiver in his plate, the victors are stupid they turn to drugs and all those pain-killers to forget the games, who wants to forget? Surviving the games is a pride.

Serina's POV

44, 43, 42, 41, 40

I hate this Quell... I already fought and now what? Fight again! My crossbow is in the mouth of the cornucopia... I will grab it later...

Duskus' POV

39, 38, 37, 36, 35

I spot a white backpack a few metres away from me... I wonder if I can grab it...

Robin's POV

34, 33, 32, 31, 30

Whle trying to find a path to backpack I spotted earlier I see a stream to my right, should I follow it later?

29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1


Viola's POV

I run to the cornucopia and grab my throwing axes, I turn around seeing how the District 14 girl grabs a silver coloured backpack and runs to the forest behind her. I also how Chloe tackles the male victor from six. She haves a in her hand and she slits his throat. First kill... SHE STOLE IT FROM ME!

Amanda's POV

I grab a knife that was leaning against a green backpack with my left hand and with my other hand I grab the backpack. Im about to run away when the male victor from 1 grabs my leg, he is wielding an axe and he is about to swing it to my chest when suddenly blood fals from his neck and suddenly his head falls infront of me. I scream but then I see my District partner wielding a sword. I calm down but then he swings it towards me! I roll to my left and run away to the forest.

Xerox's POV

I see how the Capitol girl runs away from her district partner, he is insane... I turn around to see the 12 boy trying to stab me with a dagger in the back, I sidestep and grab my spear, after that I slam the side of my spear against his legs making him fall. I look around to see how Shannon is fighting with the boy from 6, and then I dig deep into 12's chest my spear. When I look again at Shannon I see that Pamline grabbing 6's jacket and jerking him away from Shannon he after raises his axe and digs it deep into the boy's abdomen.

Jinny's POV

I had made my plan for the bloodbath it basicly is ducking behind the crates so nobody sees me from here I watch as the male victor from 5 tackles the old victor from 4, the victor from 4 tries to escape but the other victor stabs him in the forehead with a knife. I then see the alcoholic victor from 4, Mariana swing a trident at him it perfectly goes to the victor's chest killing him. I run and grab the backpack that is near the victors' corpses I then run away as fast as I can to the forest.

Victim How Killer
D6M Victor Throat slit with knife Chloe Black (D2F)
D1M Victor Head choped of with sword Storm Wind (Capitol)
D12M Spear in chest Xerox (D2M Victor)
D6M Axe to abdomen Pamline (D9M Victor)


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