I enjoyed so much writting the first ones so much that I decided to make a second ones. Okey the rules are simple: This is the final 4 tributes in the final day. RESERVATIONS ARE FOR ONLY 1 HOUR


I named it:




Again I used to choose them.

Tribute Name
D1F Artemis Nightshade
D2M Salem West
D5F Drew Summertime
D8M Dome Citadel

So use this template.



Kills: (maximun 3)


Plan for the final fight:

Any allies they had:

Extra information about the games

In the blood bath the D1, D3, D5, D6, D9, D11, D12 males died and the D3, D7, D8, D10, D11 females also died.

The first night the D7 and the D10 males freezed to death and the D6 female also froze.

In Day 2 the D12 male was killed

In Day 3 the D9 female died from frostbite.

In Day 5 the D2F and the D4M were killed

In Day 6 the career alliance ended and the D4F was killed.

Day 8 is the final day.

Final Day

Drew's POV (D5)

I walk around the forest. It's freezing like every single day in the arena. It's pretty dark right now and the moon shines in the ice covered leaves. I joined the careers and ran away when the alliance ended suddenly I hear the sound of ice breaking. I turn around and see how trees start to break like they were made out of ice. I definitily don't want to be near that. I start running and I remember what my mentor told me that gamemakers usually like to make the tributes find each other when only a few remain. I arrive to a frozen lake, it's enormous I suddenly spot Artemis (D1) running out of the forest. She looks around and spots me. I start running towards her, she tries to shoot me with her bow but I duck and slide in the ice to one side. I grab her by the hair and take out my mace. I'm about to hit her in the face when Dome (D8) appears he grabs his hatchet in hand. Suddenly Salem (D2) appears behind him and grabs Dome's (D8) leg and pulled him to the floor. Artemis (D1) uses this chance to get a hunting knife and slice my hand which is holding her hair. I get to hit her leg with my mace and she screams in pain. She backs away as she prepares an arrow she fires it and it goes to my arm. I scream and take it of. Just then I look through the corner of my eye and see that Dome (D8) had hitted Salem (D2) with the butt of his hatchet in the face. I slide towards Artemis (D1) and hit her in the stomach with the mace. She yelled as she got hit and since she couldn't prepare another arrow to shoot me she directly stabbed me with an arrow under the ribs. I yell and hit her again but this time in the chest. BOOM! I see that the forest had already completly turned into a pile of different shades of white and brown ice. It's weird but it's a way of keeping us inside the lake. I hide behind one of the pieces of what once was a tree. It hides me and I can rest for I while.

Dome's POV (D8)

I slide towards where I saw Drew hide my plan is to guide Salem (D2) to her so they fight and when he kills her he will possibly be tired. As I slide near Drew she spots me and she throws me a knife to my arm. I yell and I drop the hatchet it makes a crack in the ice and when I grab it and then the ice starts breaking I start and I slide to the center of the lake. The crack is pretty big but I can possibly dodge it. I see how Salem (D2) heads towards Drew (D5) and is about to throw her a spear but then I see what I can do, If Drew (D5) dies I'm going to have a tougher fight with Salem (D2) So it's better if I kill him now so then I can easily kill Drew (D5). I slide to him and as Drew (D5) throws a knife at him I raise my hatchet and dig it deep in his back. BOOM! He falls ontop of some of the shards of tree ice that go through him. Drew meanwhile slices my leg with a knife. I after attempt to hit her with the butt of my hatchet as she gets up blood falling from her shoulder and ribs. She looks tired but still aggressive and with a movement she breaks my hatchet with her mace as she backs away I see something I don't believe her knifes and the mace turn into silver ice. The gamemakers must want a fare fight. We both think the same and grab a ice shard. mine haves the colours of a log and her's look like it must have been a rock. I charge at her and stab her just over the heart. She does the same but stabs me in the groin. Oh that hurts... I try stabbing her but I fail as she backs away. I drag myself towards her and she kicks me in the face. My moth starts bleading and I manage to make her fall. She falls in a pile of shards and yells then she suddenly she falls over me. Is she dead? No. She gets her shard and stabs me in the heart. BOOM! As I die I see how she falls unconscious.

Congratulations to Drew Summertime from District 5 for being this year's winner

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