Wes asked for this :3


So basicly the 75th HG with it's clock arena, escape and blah, blah, blah.


This are important! (I copied them from my last games 'cause I'm lazy :3) :

  • No goddmoding (it's when you make the other characters do what you want) Example: Clove: She runs towards Peeta and stab him many times. Peeta tries to punch her but he fails. Finally Clove kills Peeta in merci.
  • You may not say how a tribute is feeling that is also godmodding. I will add a chart with the stats.
  • If your tribute dies please don't go mad at me this are the HG. You may post a comment saying RIP <your tribute>. But please don't reply in the roleplay comment :3
  • I decide when the day finishes, when mutts appear and if a tribute dies. Nobody else decides that :3
  • In the bloodbath 8 people die :3 
  • In day 2 atleast 6 people die because traps :3
  • 3 people by user :3 
  • I will also take part in these 'cause the 75th HG are my favourite games :3
  • Oh and a final thing, personalities stay as the personalities in the book. 


Pick the tribute you want to role-play with :3

You also have to say there weapon in the comment

Name Weapon User
Gloss Long knives and throwing axes Jade
Cashmere Knives Zach
Brutus Knives and Axes Dustin
Enobaria Teeth and Spears Dustin
Beetee Crossbow Jade
Wiress Wire Anna
Finnick Tridents and nets Wes
Mags Tridents and nets Emma
D5 Male Sword Kekai
D5 Female Dagger Me
Male Morphling Throwing stars Emma
Female Morphling Throwing knives Erlend
Blight Bident Kaeghan
Johanna Axes Wes
Woof Long knives Emma
Cecelia Long knives and throwing knives Anna
D9 Male Throwing axes Me
D9 Female Spear Me
D10 Male Scythe Kekai
D10 Female Knifes Wes
Chaff Sword Me
Seeder Sickles Erlend
Peeta Sword Cass


Bow and arrow Cass

How to Role-play

Check it in the last games :3

Weapons found in the Cornucopia

  • Swords
  • Spears
  • Bows and arrows
  • Tridents
  • Maces
  • Knifes
  • Awls
  • Scythes
  • Throwing knifes
  • Axes
  • Battle Axes
  • Throwing Axes
  • Bidents
  • Wire
  • Daggers
  • Crossbow
  • Long knifes
  • Nets
  • Throwing stars
  • Sickles

Clock Sectors

  • 12-1: Bursts of lightning hit a single tree.
  • 1-2: Blood rains down from the sky.
  • 2-3: Corrosive fog spreads through the jungle.
  • 3-4: Orange monkey muttations attack.
  • 4-5: Jabberjays torture the tributes with their loved ones' screams.
  • 5-6: Plants come alive and try to kill all the tributes in the sector through various methods.
  • 6-7: A Beast chases down tributes and rips them apart.
  • 7-8: Replicas of the deceased tributes walk around the sector with the target of killing all the tributes that enter the sector.
  • 8-9: Every single living live form turns poisonous whenever a tribute touches something the poison travels through their skin into their organs making a slow and painfull death.
  • 9-10: Giant snake mutts follow tributes and strangle them.
  • 10-11: Tidal wave hits the beach.
  • 11-12: Insect mutts with pincers.

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