So hey guys this is a pretty fun idea I got! Each of you pick a HG character and use it to kill the others!

How it works

  • You choose a character from the list and use it as your own. 
  • When you pick a character you then post "<Character You Chose> attacks <Other Character>" and I will automatically rest a point of the Character you attacked.
  • You will not be able to post again until an hour passes or 3 other people post.
  • When the health of a tribute reaches 0/10 they are dead and the person that had picked them may pick another character that hasn't been picked yet if they want to.
  • Every certain posts a weapon can be obtained this will be explained bellow.
  • When a character is picked only the person that picked it can post as that character.
  • I wil play for lulz.


To make this more fun I decided to add weapons which will increase the damage done by the person who is using the character. This are the following weapons and how they can be obtained:

  • Knife: By posting 5 or more times. (Deals 2 points of damage)
  • Sword: By posting 15 or more times or hitting comment number 50. (Deals 3 points of damage)
  • Bow and Arrow: By posting 30 or more times or hitting comment number 200. (Deals 4 points of damage)


Name Health Owner Weapon Posts Other
Glimmer 0/10 Cas 1
Marvel 0/10 Eli 4
Clove 0/10 Blake Knife 9
Cato 0/10 Harai
Cashmere 0/10 Cas 3
Gloss 0/10 Joan Knife 9
Enobaria 0/10
Brutus 0/10 Eli Knife 7
Wiress 8/10 Lady Bow 9 Armour
Beetee 0/10 Nlby Knife 9
Mags 0/10 Ray 4 Camo.
Finnick 0/10 Liza Knife 10
Annie 0/10 Marina Sword 21
Foxface 0/10 Bee Knife 14
Female Morph. 0/10 Lux Trident 13
Male Morph. 0/10
Johanna 0/10 GianG Knife 6
Rue 0/10 Lady Knife 12
Thresh 0/10 Harai Knife 9
Seeder 0/10
Chaff 0/10
Katniss 0/10 Kaeghan Knife 6
Peeta 0/10 Gian Knife 12
Gale 0/10 Nlby

Death Chart

Place Victim Method Killer
24th Glimmer Punched Rue
23rd Seeder Punched Peeta
22nd Marvel Stabbed Beetee
21st Katniss Stabbed Rue
20th Male Morph. Stabbed Gloss
19th Rue Stabbed Peeta
18th Chaff Stabbed Annie
17th Enobaria Stabbed Thresh
16th Thresh Punched Brutus
15th Peeta Stabbed Beetee
14th Beetee Stabbed Annie
13th Cato Punched Female Morph.
12th Gloss Punched Clove
11th Gale Shot Wiress
10th Cashmere Stabbed Annie
9th Finnick Stabbed Clove
8th Foxface Sliced Annie
7th Johanna Punched Mags
6th Brutus Stabbed Female Morph.
5th Female Morph. Shot Wiress
4th Annie Shot Wiress
3rd Clove Shot Wiress
2nd Mags Shot Wiress
VICTOR! Wiress!

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