Im back after a shorter than I thought meditation and to announce it I decided to create this: Battle of Paths.

The Basics

So this is how it works:

  • A number of users are divided in two teams and placed on a giant arena divided in many sectors.
  • The two teams have to find their team monument and complete it with pieces placed at 'the heart' of each sector.
  • The team that manages to complete their monument before wins. The other dies.
  • The arena is filled with traps and monsters so they better watch out.

The Game Rules

This rules only apply on the game:

  • No killing members of your own team, if you do so you will be punished.
  • No fighting wi your teammates. Or all your enture team will be punished.
  • You may fight and kill other members from the opposite team.
  • Staying at the monument area over a day to stay safe is punished with death.

The Rules out of the Game

Follow this or you die:

  • If you don't want to be in just say it.
  • If you want to be in just say it.
  • You may suggest with who you want to be.
  • You may suggest your weapon.
  • And all the rules you know. blah blah swearing blah blah spamming blah blah


They have been decided by Jade and Dani so yell at them :3

Black Team

Dani, Kiki, Caylin, Oli, Keap, Sam (Nightlock), Jay, Mia, Cass, Justin, Claudia, Marlene, Zach, Ian.

White Team

Jade, Ryan, Anna, Wes, Emma, DBD, Berreh, Annie, Erlend, Sky, Alice, Callam, Kekai, Kaeghan

Team Grey

Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, Julia, Gutless, TAP, Anna's baby, Miley Cyrus, Shanna Malcolm, Jade's Elephant Teddy, Rachel Tice, zombie KEAP, Beelzebub, more to be announced

The Arena

A huge underground arena that consists of caves and caverns, the twist is that huge arenas are inside the caves and caverns. For example a forest can be inside a cave, but my sectors are much more complicated.

The Sectors:

Rain of Daggers

The users will start here, supplies are scattered around a maze-like cave system that haves a ceiling covered in rocks that are sharp like knifes. This zone is filled with monsters tha are human-like with white skin and long nails.

Venice of Magma

A city flooded in lava where the only way to cross from building to building is crossing unastable wood bridges. This place is filled with burning figures that leave a trail of fire and fire spirits that float around moarning.

Tower of Abbys

A set of towers that emerge from the void that are connected to each other with stone bridges. The higher you go the nearer you are to the piece.

Team Grey

A pine forest where light never enters. It haves a huge tower in the center with the piece in it. The hardcore part of this sector is that it is filled with idols, gone ones and antagonists of this wikia each of them have a target to eliminate.

Team Grey



Will summoun an army of crazy kids and sing her awesome songs while doing so :3

Target: Kiki


Nicki Minaj

Will suffocate you with her... body

Target: Callam


Will lure you to believe it's the real Julia and then kill you.

Target: Kekai


Will appear behind you and try to kill you.

Target: Jade


She will 'block' you

Tumblr mo59a3JTjt1srtosao1 400

Target: Annie

Anna's Baby

She will play with knifes

Target: Anna

Shanna Malcolm

You can guess

Target: Sam


The Odds

Name Team Weapon Hability Odds
Dani Black Sword Leadership 5-1
Jade White Double long swords Athletism 3-1
Kiki Black Katana Motivation 7-1
Ryan White Spear Smartness 18-1
Caylin Black Trident Seduction 5-1
Anna White Crossbow Healing 9-1
Oli Black Throwing knives Climbing 8-1
Wes White Sword Speed 12-1
Keap Black Double sided axe Braveness 7-1
Emma White Golok Swimming 6-1
Sam Black Tomahawk Speed 13-1
DBD White Long knives Braveness 5-1
Jay Black Barbed wire and axe Cunning 10-1
Annie White Bow and arrow Aim 4-1
Mia Black Throwing knives Seduction 9-1
Erlend White Katana Strength 6-1
Cass Black Whip Seduction 5-1
Sky White Mace Strength 13-1
Justin Black Butcher knives Larissa 12-1
Alice White Net and Spear Speed 7-1
Claudia Black Knives and traps Speed 11-1
Callam White Spear Seduction 7-1
Marlene Black Blades Cunning 10-1
Kekai White Scythe Swimming 3-1
Zach Black Sword Seduction 12-1
Kaeghan White Throwing knives Friendly 16-1
Ian Black Switch blade O no 99-1
Berry White Ninja stars Speed 12-1

Day 1

The teams rised on plates that where either A light silver colour or a metalic black. Team Black wore dark green knee length baggy trousers with many pockets and sleveless black t-shirts that perfectly marked their body. Meanwhile Team White wore long grey sport trousers and white t-shirt that is also slevless. The teens are in a huge cavern that haves noting but three tunnels to exit it. There are no supplies, no food, no medicine, there is only a dagger infront the plate of each teen. The countdown has started.

Callam's POV (White)

I look around inspecting the area; a cave, with a huge hole in the ceiling that allows light in, three tunnels, the nearest is to my left. Ok I have my plan. I look at the clock's hologram floating in the middle of the 'room'.

40 seconds and I will test my abs.

Claudia's POV (Black)

I prepare myself to run, run like a rabbit that has been eaten sugar cane for years and is now chased by a wolf with bees in the mouth. Suddenly I get lost singing on my mind beez in the trap by Nicki Minaj.

'100 mothaduckers aint tell me nothing... Cause beez in dah trap, beez beez in dah trap.'

Woot! I feel like Rue!

Oh no 20 seconds. Woot! I feel like Ian now!

Kekai's POV (White)

I am really alarmed of everything that happens around me. Every move people does. In dreams I've lost my nuts because motherfucking Head Gamemaker Joan. An arrow in the nuts, A fucking peacock bit them off. Not funny. I will grab that dagger and run away before somebody cuts my babies.


Kiki's POV (Black)

I stop looking at Emma with a sad face as it ticks to 9 seconds. She has been my secret lovah but we are in different teams... She will die.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GONG!

Berry's POV (White)

I run and grab the dagger. Just then. Notice something; a wall of rocks has emerged from the ground and blocks my way to other tributes, and their way to me. I turn around and exit the cave that formed around my plate.

I have a little body so Im fast and I run down a tunnel. I bump into Anna and we both fall to the ground. Ouch my butt... I look at her, white t-shirt. Good. She helps me up and we continue running together down the tunnel. 

Erlend's POV (White)

I nearly broke my nose with that wall, she is lucky I am nice to rock formations because if not She was screwed... Yeah...

I walk down a tunnel and reach a part that divides into two different tunnels. Which should I take? What would Larrisa choose? I miss Larrisa Fudges why dud they put her on Team Black? Maybe if I bite him in the neck he will turn into one of us... 

As I turn round a corner I see a dagger fly over my shoulder after somebody shoats like a maniac "FOR LUCIFER!" I see it's Kekai.

He notices Im in his team and his face changes into 'owo' and he starts apologising.

I have an idea. Maybe I can use Kekai to hypnotise Larrisa with his demon magic and make him believe he is White and not Black. Wait that sounded bad. Why am I thinking of Michel Jackson now? 

We continue walking and meet up with Callam who is dragging Jade and DBD who are making out.

Marlene's POV (Black)

I've meeted up with Dani, Zach and Oli. We walk through the series of tunnels. This feels like League of Legends... I wonder what the Nexus is... The Monument? Yes we need to destroy their monument. Since my teammates arent really feeling like talking I start thinking why we have all met up and haven't found any whities.

Maybe there are other dangers to worry about...

Ian's POV (Black)

Oh no, Im with Justin, Mia, Cass and Jay. Oh no, Caylin and Kiki have joined us. Oh no, we arrive to a big cavern with a tunnel that can't be reached walking. Oh no, it can be reached by climbing. Oh no, Cass has started climbing. Oh no, Caylin has joined her. Oh no, we hear a noise. Oh no, I see a really thin zombie with light skin emerging from the tunnel. Oh no, Cass doesnt notice it and when she climbs up the wall she screams as the zombie's arm grabs her hair. Oh no, she looses her grip and slips, her body hits against the rocks and I hear a crack. Oh no, blood drips from her neck. Oh no, she is dead. Oh no, I should stop. Oh no, I just witnessed her die. 

Caylin is crying and shoating as she climbs up. She locks the white man into a headlock as she swears and yells at it. The zombie lets Cass go and her corpse falls to the ground and she lays there like a doll. Caylin stabs the knife into the zombie's back. It turns around with a really fast speed and digs it's nails into the side of her chest. She screams and kicks it in the stomach. The zombie falls down the little cliff and doesnt move anymore... We start climbing up knowing what we are facing...

Jade's POV (White)

Shit we are in deep shit. If we do the wrong move we are drowning in the shit. Me, Callam, Ryan and DBD run as those things chase us. They emerged from the rocks and have human form. They want my sperm! They want my fucking sperm! 

I jump over a rock and jerk Ryan up when he falls. Those zombies are really fast! Luckly my athletic body is good for running. Callam keeps up but DBD is really struggling. 

We reach a dead end. If we where on deep shit before what is this? For god's sake we are going to die! No we aren't there is another tunnel, I can climb to it using the vines. I turn around to see how DBD sprints to one of the white rappers and slits it's throat. What the fuck is he playing? They overnumber us! I tap Callam on the shoulder and he nods. We start climbing up, I reach a height of three meters and I look down. The zombies have ripped DBD apart... Brave little moron. 

It would be nice to say he sacrified for us but thats not what happened. I sigh and continue going up. Suddenly I stop. Where is Ryan? I look down panicking to see him a few metres below me. Good. I continue climbing up until I hear him scream. I look down and see that a white rapper covered in vines has emerged from the wall. It has bitted Ryan in the shoalder and he is falling down. Shit no. I dont look down again and continue climbing up. I reach the entrance and break down and start crying I just lost the chance of a threesome... Callam hugs me and we continue our way.

Sam's POV (Black)

My team has managed to meet up at the entrance of a huge cavern with an old wooden cabin in the middle. The surroundings of the cabin is filled with the white things. Caylin told us what they did to Cass and they scare us all. I wonder how we haven't bumped into the other team all the game? Anyways we decide to divide into a small group of 5 to go and explore the cabin. The others give us their weapons and Oli, Keap, Caylin, Dani and I sprint to the cabin. 

The zombies notice us and they start chasing us. I throw one of he three daggers I have and it goes to the head of one of them. Caylin forces the door open and we all enter. The cabin is really dark and I walk next to the wall using it as a guide. I reach a closet and open it. Just then I hear the explosion.

I turn around and see darkness. Everybody is breathing hard and I notice that my arm is wet. I open the closet and touch it's inside to see if it has anything I grab a flashlight and turn it on. I scream when I see that in middle of the room Keap blown to pieces. They room haves 7 landmines scattered around the room. I grab everything else that was inside the closet; a sword, a tomahawk, a bag filled with apples and some matches. I hand the sword to Dani and keep the tomahawk. Oli grabs the apple bag and we flee the room. 

Dani's POV (Black)

I finally get a descent weapon! I smile as I slice through a zombie and reach the pack of teammates. I tell about Keap's death and everybidy stays silent, he was really good and he maybe could have been usefull in the future.

Just then Oli shows the bag of apples and we each grab one. After this hours of running we needed to eat something. The bag had 30 apples and we each grabbed two. We will decide what to do with the other ones later. I bite my apple and feel refreshed. My tounge was so sore that it hurt. The humidity of this place only made it worst.

We decide to cross the cavern and since all the zombies where busy eating Keap and blowing themselfs we managed to cross to the tunnel without trouble. When we reach the end of the tunnel my eyes widen when I read a sign that says 'Paths Divided 1' 

Infront of me Four rock bridges conected to a small island in middle of the lake that flooded this cavern. I jogged to the center of the island and looked around. Next the bridge I just crossed was a sign that said Rain of Daggers. Infront of me Team Grey. To my left Venice of Magma. To my right Tower of Abbys. I spot a little sign under Venice's and Tower's sign. Under Tower of Abbys the sign said White monument. Under Venice of Magma it said Dark monument.

Great we have our destiny.

Kaeghan's POV (White)

We've reached this place with four bridges. Before arriving all the team met up on this place with two long swords, a net and a bag filled with oranges. We take the one that says Tower of Abbys. Jade takes the lead since she haves those ninja swords. We walk in this bridge that is painted red and had this asiatic look. I neared the edge and looked down. Nothing but void. 

We reached this tower that haves a mosaic and two other bridges. We divide in two little groups of five. I go with Jade, Alice, Callam and Wes. Just as we start crossing the bridge I hear a noise coming from the other point of the bridge. The next thing I know is that Wes haves an arrow in his throat. We all scream as another arrow flies just near my head. We duck and when that thing gets near. It's a skeleton with a golden chestplate. Alice throws he net trapping it in it. She then runs to it and crushes the skull with her feet. We grab the bow and the arrows and continue our way.

Emma's POV (White)

Jade and her group come back and they tell us that Wes has died and that they've found something interesting. We run down the bridge to reach the exit of the cavern. We go through a huge tunnel for about five minutes then when we turn a corner my eyes widen. Light. Below that light standed paradise.

A great hole in the ceiling letting light in. Grass growing all over the floor and trees dotted around the place. A small lake on my left and the monument; a porch made out of wood with pedestals inside it. I run down the stairs that connect this place with the tunnel and I reach the monument. In the pedestal with a sign that said Rain of Daggers standed a small green statue of a girl. A book next to it. I open it and read the first page.

'Congratulations for finding the monument this is an example of what a piece looks like. You will find the other 19 pieces you need in buildings at the end of each sector.'

I smile and walk back to my group.

Oli's POV (Black)

This place is really hot. My hair is a mess and Im sweting. We walk down the streets of this place. Just then lava flowing from a pipe cuts our road. We decide to dive in two groups to look around this place to find the piece or the monument. Me and Mia decide to enter a house with Zach, Caylin, Marlene and Kiki.

I use my dagger to break a window and we sneak inside. Its really dark here and I can feel vapour. This is the worst thing. My skin is all sweaty and I want to puke. I use a wall as a guide as we move around and see if I reach a table or something. Suddenly I hear a strange noice made by one of the girls. I turn around and just then something sets on fire and I see it. 

Marlene is being holded by a human like thing with it's hand covering her mouth. He sets on fire and Marlene screams as she burns. More of those things set on fire. Some of them where sitting on a corner, under a table, laying on the floor. Mia screams and I grab her. I see 3 throwing knives and a spear on a table I grab them. I give Zach the spear and Mia one of the throwing knifes. Caylin throws her dagger but as soon as it touches the flames it turns to dust. What the fuck?

I order Caylin and Kiki to leave. Zach impales the fire guy laying on the floor with his spear. He somehow killed it but the dagger didn't... This seems to wake up all the fire friends and they start moving towards the us. Just then their blades turn really bright and Im blinded. 

When I can see it's all a blur. Screams, the flames are around Mia and me. Zach. I don't see him. What is perfness' name is Caylin name doing here? All goes black.

Alice's POV (White)

We all gather in the monument's hut as the sky darkens. The matches we've found a few hours ago are really usefull to make torches we've scattered around the monument. Inside the monument there were a complete set of weapons and some food.

I think I will try to fish on the lake with the net I found at Daggers. The weapons that we've found here aren't enough. Only 6 of us have descent weapons but we have planned to make some spears tomorrow. I get inside my sleeping bag and  fall asleep.

Caylin's POV (Black)

I walk really nervously around this place called monument. Most people are sleeping but I and some more are watching to see if Oli wakes up. In Venice he fell in this sort of coma as we dragged them away of that place. Zach got burnt to crisp as he tried to protect Mia. 

I look at Oli, he still is pretty bad after we have washed him in the lake. Luckly  Claudia found the a bridge that led to a tunnel that took us here.

Mia shakes me and points at Oli as he opens his eyes, ashes still giving them a shade that is between sexy and scary. Mia hugs him and explains him everything. I smile when they offer him some water and I decide to go to sleep.

Day 2

I wake up and they are all gathered in a circle, even Oli. I must have been the last to wake up. I walk up to them and we start talking what we should do. Oli says that Venice is way to dangerous and that we should try another sector. We decide to send a little group to explore and try to stalk White.

At the end we decide to send Dani, Justin, Sam, Ian and Kiki. They all have weapons and they leave.

Kekai's POV (White)

Me, Annie and Kaeghan walk around the bridges as we make sure that it's safe. We all have weapons. I have a scythe. Annie the bow from the skeleton Alice killed. Kaeghan 3 throwing knives. Suddenly we hear some screams. Kaeghan volunteers to go and see what happens. Annie tells him she will make sure nothing nears him but I know she wont since the screams come from the towers below. 

Dani's POV (Black)

Kiki points at the tower where Ian and the others are and asks "What is that?" Then I notice somebody falling and smirk.

"Oh... Kiki... It's nothing babe. Just somebody believing that he is a fucking butterfly!" I snap

After this we both burst in laughter.

Annie's POV (White)

It's been a few hours since Kaeghan went to see what happened with those screams. He must have get lost. Oh great we need to send a search party to find him. Anyways Kekai, Erlend, Sky, Emma and me have gone to try and find the piece and some more supplies. Erlend, Sky and Emma have those spear made out of branches and I think they are going to die because they are really weak weapons. Just then when we enter a tower there is this knife-sword thing and a bread on a table. Emma grabs it and says "OMG it's a Golok!" and after this she starts swinging the knife like a pro. I look away pretty sure that she will end up decapitating herself.

She doesnt and we continue our way to the piece.

Justin's POV (Black)

We have been chasing White for a while and we know where their monument is. We can attack them when they sleep! As they walk over the bridges they keep activating traps. Arrows that we barely dodge. A giant spiked ball that landed ontop of a tower. Spikes that nearly impaled me. Just then we reach a giant tower. They climb up the stairs and Dani says that we should hide under them.

We do so and when they come down with a piece Dani sneaks up the stairs like a pro without getting noticed. Ian decides to attack them and I decide to join them. Ian opens his switch blade and digs it deep into Sky's head. He falls dead and Emma turns around and orders. He then runs like and I follow him. Dani runs down the stairs with the statue and we escape through another bridge. Annie screams like she is giving birth as she fires arrows at us. One lands on my arse and I whine in pain. Dani drags me and Emma throughs her Golok at us. It sticks in the wall missing Kiki's head by centimeters. Sam throws his tomahawk and it lands on Erlend's face and he drops dead. 

After some minutes of running we are safe on Venice and we start our way to the monument

Team Odds

This may change each update

Team Members Alive Members Dead Actual Sector Odds Pieces obtained
Black 9 4 Venice of Magma 11-1 2
White 8 6 Monument 16-1 2

Death Chart

Place Name Team How Sector
27th Cass Black Ripped apart by zombies Rain of Daggers
26th DBD White Ripped apart by zombies Rain of Daggers
25th Ryan White Ripped apart by zombies Rain of Daggers
24th Keap Black Stepped on landmine Rain of Daggers
23rd Wes White Arrow in throat Tower of Abbys
22nd Marlene Black Burnt Alive Venice of Magma
21st Zach Black Burnt Alive Venice of Magma
20th Kaeghan White O no Ian pushed him off the bridge Tower of Abbys
19th Sky White Switch blade in head Tower of Abbys
18th Erlend White Tomahawk in face Tower of Abbys

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