So Yeah A new fanfic.

Chapter 1 - Le Start

The sun rised over the camp. Slowly each cabin woke up. Anna from Athena was one of the first people to wake up. Berry from Dionysus stumbles out of her cabin, drunk as always "Hey-yo motha feckers!" after this she trips and falls to the lake which turns to wine she starts twerking in the water and Emma from Poseidon cabin haves to rescue her. The Hades Cabin wake up and as always they start arguing for who showers first as they are like 100 Hades kids and the mother in only one cabin.

Wes and Cass wake up from the brother and sister sex time they had yesturday. As aphrodite kids they did whatever they wanted and charm speaked whoever said CAN U NOT to them.

As Oli divided from his Hades brothers he sneaked into Demeter's cabin where Kaeghan was doing naked yoga. He started ewing in his mind as he reached Ian's room and licked his face to wake him up. He did so and they started making out. Oli was about to serve Ian his 'breakfast'

Mia from Persephone woke up and met up with the Hades kids. "Hey guys have you seen Oli?"

"Not really." Dani replied

"I have the feeling he is cheating on me... I don't want to kill people again... like when he had an orgy with Korean bamboo nymphs and spirirts..." Mia said "So much blood... Bamboo blood..."

After this Dani couldn't handle it and started laughing her ass of.

Alice from Hecate sat on her table with Emma and Joan (Persephone). She started making 7ups levitate towards her and everybody started glaring at her daggers. "Power Abuse Bishes! Get better powers than those charmspeak and weak zombie summouning!" 

Charlie from Apolo got up and snapped his fingers "Have fun girl for two hours you have to rap like Nicki Minaj"

"I am a crazy hoe! Ryan Rah Rah like a I hate you dungeon dragon! Stop this! SUPERBASS! I got big ass big dicks fall out!"

Just then the camp director came out of his cabin "Hey new quest! Ariadne lost her spring on a maze garden. What you have to do is go to the maze and grab it. Oh yeah... The minotaur and some hellhounds where attracted to the maze by the string's power. So Oli, Ian, Mia, Charlie and Emma will go"

Chapter 2 - Ariadne is fucking retarded.

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